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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 22, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm michelle good morning, america. new overnight, the train takedown. we are now hearing from the young americans being called heroes this morning. >> we're very lucky that nobody got killed. >> two american servicemen risking their own lives to stop a gunman armed with an assault rifle and a knife. >> dude, i tried to shoot him. >> did they save their fellow passengers from a terror attack? >> trump's big pep rally. the donald getting a rock star reception. his stadium-style speech. >> now i know how the great billy graham felt. >> did he pass? his message to supporters and hair-raising promise. radical new measures now to fight the furious wildfires in the american west. the desperate call for civilian volunteers with high winds fueling the flames.
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this as storms brew in both the atlantic and the pacific. who is in the danger zone this morning? take me home puppy rescue, trapped in a two-inch sewer pipe for nine hours. how they finally got her out. and the happy reunion with mom after a very "ruff" day. hey, good morning. paula is off. great to have cecilia vega in with us this morning. >> great to be with you guys again. hi. >> happy to have you. >> hi, ron. >> good morning. >> everybody is chiming in. we're going to start here -- a lot more hazing of cecilia as the morning progresses. but we're going to start here with the breaking news. these two american servicemen who may have stopped a massacre on board a train in europe risking their own lives in the process. >> yeah, those two along with two other passengers leaping into action taking down a heavily armed man, who appears
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to have been planning a bloody rampage. just look at how much ammo the gunman had with him when he was taken down. >> and what's new this morning is that one of the servicemen in the hospital but we're hearing from the other men who helped him stop that gunman in his tracks, and abc's jennifer eccleston is following the overnight developments from london. jennifer, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, one of those american heroes is undergoing surgery, hand surgery at a hospital in france. it was his quick thinking and courage that may have saved hundreds of lives. >> dude, i tried to shoot him. >> reporter: an attack on a packed train from amsterdam to paris foiled by quick-thinking american passengers. this video shot by a 22-year-old army national guardsman, alek skarlatos, moments after his friend, airman, identified by police as a 26-year-old moroccan.
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stone here seen here with a bare back suffering a knife wound as he subdued the attacker. bystanders rushing in to help tie the man up and secure the scene. >> still missing the handgun. >> reporter: the two u.s. college friend stopping an attack authorities say could have been so much worse. the suspect arrested carrying an assault rifle, a knife and close to a dozen additional cartridges. overnight, skarlatos recently back from serving in afghanistan speaking out. >> spencer ran a good ten meters to get to the guy, and we didn't know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. anybody would have gotten shot, it would have been spencer for sure. >> reporter: the attack happening friday afternoon traveling from amsterdam to as the train was passing fires. the gunman arrested with no lives lost and only two suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. >> relief. >> relief that nobody actually
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got killed, and it could have been a real carnage, and there's no question about that. >> reporter: the presidents of france and the united states both joining those american heroes' families in praising their courage and quick action. >> we are both very proud of them. >> i'm grateful. i'm grateful that everything turned out okay, really. >> reporter: the french authorities are still not calling this terrorism, but local media reports the 26-year-old now in custody was known to security officials and an anti-terror operation is currently under way. cecilia. >> so courageous, jennifer, thank you. we turn now to the race for the white house. it is your voice, your vote. massive crowds packing a football stadium in alabama overnight to see not just donald trump but his airplane too. the donald promising the largest crowds of any candidate so far. but did he deliver? abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail covering it all
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and he joins us now from mobile. good morning, tom. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning to you. this was definitely one of the biggest events of this campaign season. the entire stadium wasn't filled, but there was somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 people. those numbers have not been confirmed yet but the stadium was shaking with people. some people even came in dressed as donald trump. overnight, republican front-runner donald trump drawing a massive crowd in mobile, alabama. >> i'd like to have the election tomorrow. i don't want to wait. outside the stadium, trump supporters even wearing donald wigs. we as citizens are taking it back. >> this is something that course of history. to the skies when the billionaire circled the stadium in his private jet, but later, this banner plane reminding the this race. wouldn't that be horrible?
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wouldn't that be horrible? >> reporter: trump talking about jeb bush, who announced he's heading to the border on monday. bush believes he can beat trump on immigration with real solutions. >> there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. >> reporter: and he sent this video to voters in alabama. >> i cut taxes every year. he's proposed the largest tax increase in mankind's history not just our own country's history. >> reporter: opponents aside, that didn't stop trump from putting on quite the show. >> if it rains i'll take off my hat and i'll prove -- i'll prove -- i'll prove once and for all that it's mine, okay. >> reporter: definitely an interesting moment that the crowd here loved. now, we do have some news from the other side this morning. abc news has confirmed that hillary clinton will leave her hamptons vacation in the middle of next week to get back out on the campaign trail, introduce some new policies and likely take some very tough questions about her private e-mail use that dealt with government affairs while he was secretary
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of state. dan. >> so much happening on both sides of this campaign. thank you very much, tom llamas. meanwhile, we move to the fact that investors all over america and all over the world, in fact, are licking their wounds this morning. the dow plunging more than 530 points on friday ending one of the worst weeks in years and abc news chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here. so, rebecca, is there a real fear that this slide is going to only continue when the markets re-open monday? >> there are certainly the signs here and the big issue, two keys, first off fears of a global economic slowdown and, second of all, the federal reserve for six years now, we've had 0% interest rates. that's about to change and once interest rates start going up, the training wheels come off the economy. people start to pay more for their car loans, their mortgages, their credit cards. it gets more expensive. that could slow things down. >> so worries about what's happening or what will happen with interest rates or what's
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happening in china, of course. there is a temptation when people see these numbers to get very worried. >> yes. >> put it in perspective for us. >> don't panic. anybody who tells you with certainty where the market is heading from here is trying to sell you something. but the pigger picture is what's so important. over the last five years the same stocks that have lost a lot of money in the last week are up 61%. most people's 401(k)s if you left your money there and you let it ride, it is doing a lot better than it was in the great recession. >> useful perspective. a lot of people say buy the dips. we appreciate it. >> takes a big stomach to do that, but, yes. >> and a big wallet. perhaps. rebecca, thanks. cecilia, over to you. >> don't panic. we got out west to washington where fire crews are tackling those out-of-control wildfires. resources stretched so thin, volunteers are now coming from abroad to help on those front lines. abc's kendis gibson joins us from riverside, washington, where thousands of homes are in the path of those flames. >> reporter: this morning, incredible new video showing how quickly the pfeifers in washington spread. winds gusting to 60 miles an hour fanning the flames overnight.
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the fires in washington miles. >> and i've seen the wind direction go 360 degrees in multiple locations. >> reporter: officials in washington now employing an unprecedented tactic forming a butch pierce answering the call for help. >> after watching what the firefighters did to help us the other day, i mean, you cannot want to volunteer to help. >> reporter: this weekend fire crews as far away as new zealand and australia joining the fight. this is part of the firefighting. clearing all this dry brush. one of those firefighters told me this is a perfect fuel for fires. this morning firefighters hoping improving weather conditions this weekend will help their efforts in this ongoing battle against the flames. officials telling us up to 3,000 people answered their calls for volunteers. they'll be on the front lines within days. dan. >> kendis, thank you.
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so, along with those hot, dry conditions in the american west we're also tracking the first atlantic hurricane of the season moving toward the caribbean right now. rob is on that story, as well as another tropical system threatening hawaii. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. at one point this was a category 3 storm, the strongest we have seen in this part of the atlantic in five years. it has weakened somewhat. it's about 700 miles east of the caribbean islands as a category 2. we expect it to diminish in intensity and reach some drier hear and hostile winds and they'll take a weakening storm and could use the rain. this could turn out to be a good scenario. what it does beyond that when it hits puerto rico and then cuba, we don't know so the u.s. not quite out of this. speaking of the u.s., the 50th state under the gun, hawaii, this is tropical depression kilo. weakened a little bit. we expect some strengthening. it has a lot of warm water to work with and could become a category 1 storm towards the beginning of next week and then notice the western islands, specifically kauai is getting into the cone late week next week hawaii could
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be under the gun. we'll talk more about that throughout the program and the threat for severe weather here in the lower 48. cecilia. >> all right, rob, thanks. we turn to north carolina and the white police officer on trial for killing an unarmed black man. a hung jury in that case has the victim's family outraged, and prosecutors must now decide if they will retry that officer. abc's linzie janis has more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. good morning, dan. that officer on trial for voluntary manslaughter after shooting this young man ten times. just before the court broke for lunch the judge asked the jury to give it one more try. but despite four days of deliberation they were still deadlocked. this morning, randall kerrick, the former police officer accused of gunning down an unarmed 24-year-old man, walking free after a north carolina judge declares a mistrial. >> we remain deadlocked at eight votes to four votes. >> reporter: now the family of jonathan ferrell, the slain
8:12 am
ex-college football player, speaking out. >> he was shot ten times and shot 12 times unarmed. what more do you need? >> reporter: but after four days of deliberation, the jury came back hung on friday. eight jurors for acquittal. four favoring conviction. moses wilson, juror number 11, >> we tried every method we could to come to an agreement. >> reporter: kerrick maintaining his innocence from the start pleading not guilty and testifying that he did not know ferrell was unarmed. >> he was going to assault me. me. >> reporter: in this dash cam video of the incident, ferrell is seen running toward kerrick and two other officers, shots heard off camera. but prosecutors say ferrell was just disoriented looking for help after wrecking this car that he was driving. this morning, the young man's family say they are determined to get justice. >> we are still fighting. we are still surviving. >> i'll fight for justice for my
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son. >> prosecutors say they are now considering whether to retry kerrick. they say they're going to review the trial transcripts and look at any other evidence in the case. >> big decision looming. thank you. over to ron for a look at the other stories developing overnight including that shooting in downtown manhattan. ron, good morning. >> that is right. good morning to you, dan, cecilia. good morning and welcome. good morning, everybody. we begin with that deadly shooting inside a federal office building right here in new york city. police say the 68-year-old kevin downing walked into the government building in lower manhattan then pulled out a gun and fatally shot private security guard idrissa camara and then used the weapon to take his own life, downing did. downing was a military veteran and a former federal department of labor statistic ss worker and claimed to be fired for criticizing that agency's spending but so far no clear motive. a u.s. military operation has and out isis' number two in command. the white house announcing the militant islamic group's deputy
8:14 am
leader friday fadhil ahmad al hayali was killed in a u.s. air strike in iraq earlier this week. and a possible breakthrough in the standoff between north and south korea. two high level representatives will meet along the border. tensions on the korean peninsula have been running high ever since an exchange of artillery fire earlier this week, their most serious military clash in the last five years. and more fallout from the ashley madison cheating website hacking scandal. this time implicating government workers. defense secretary ash carter confirming that the pentagon is investigating accounts linked to military e-mail addresses noting adultery could be, could be a criminal offense under military law. more than 13,000 accounts have now been linked back to government servers at the state department, defense department and homeland security. 35 million accounts of alleged married cheaters on ashley madison have been exposed. and now to a history being made in the u.s. military as the first two female soldiers
8:15 am
graduate from the army's elite ranger school. captain kristen griest and first lieutenant shaye haver were among 96 students who graduated on friday, this after a grueling 62-day course that only about a quarter of those who sign up actually make it all the way through. defense secretary carter called the two female soldiers trail blazers. and take a look at this. some scary moments on this roadway in westwood, massachusetts. watch as this empty produce truck, wow, unable to squeeze under the overpass. that's why they normally list the height. you're supposed to pay attention to that. >> how do you not see that coming? >> oops. >> not paying attention. the roof of the truck littering the road with debris. luckily, no one was seriously injured in that mishap. and finally we've all had a science or art project go awry. except sara. well, that's the kind of thing that happened in ohio. now, check this out. this is a giant 250-pound red
8:16 am
ball, part of the toledo, ohio, museum exhibit that somehow got loose and started rolling down the street there crashing into some parked cars. the cars are okay. all this -- you see people trying to chase the thing down trying to get it back. apparently strong winds from a thunderstorm, i believe, rob, caused the rubber bail to go rogue. it was eventually secured and it will be once lassoed back as part of the exhibit called the red ball project, oddly enough. >> aptly named red ball project. maybe that was all part of the -- >> you know, that's what i suspected, part of the promotion for it. we're told it really did get loose and go rogue. >> all right. >> under control. >> this just in. >> we can drop the alleged this time. >> thank you, ron. >> it's been apprehended. >> it's been apprehended, the ball has. to another big save involving a puppy. >> i love this story. the tiny thing found itself trapped with no way out and took quite the effort to save her. sara is here with this breaking puppy news. i know i'm just filling in but i
8:17 am
think we should just watch this video for the rest of the day. >> i'm telling you, this is your dose of cute. you need nothing else. working in news we see a lot of heroic rescues and always nice when we get to report on the ones that end well. nothing tugs on my heart more an animals, more specifically dogs, more specifically puppies. a puppy and her mother are back together. separated for nearly 24 hours, the newborn puppy was rescued by arizona humane society workers after a "ruff" day. towel. >> but he is alive. >> but he is alive. he's kicking. he's doing really good. >> reporter: still too tiny to open her eyes, she fell into an open sewer pipe outside a house in south phoenix. law enforcement and the humane society desperately trying to get her out, so they called a plumber. >> we had tried to make little contraptions out of coat hangers with like just making loops and hooks to snag her. >> reporter: after nine long hours, this tough little dog was free. free to come home to the
8:18 am
fur-ever love of her family. oh, my gosh. you need anything else? >> no. >> seriously. >> thank you so much for tuning in. >> -- that you're making. >> your squeals during the story one other thing that i could use which is earplugs. oh, the puppy made that sound. >> like a little what? bats squeak. >> oh, okay. a pet bat. >> zoology lessons on saturday morning. sara haines, we appreciate it. we owe you a debt of gratitude. rob, what's cooking in the weather department? >> we have some cute pictures. >> good luck topping that. >> time-lapsed video of storms in arizona. ron mentioned some art mixing with weather. these are kind of some artistic shots. you see some curtains of rain going through there. some sneaking of the blue sky, some sun-lit cumulo tops there and even some stars.
8:19 am
that is. go stuff. we'll see some showers and thunderstorms around arizona today but nothing too drastic.
8:20 am
where >> coming up in the next half an hour, we're going to show you a kayaker that's being chased by a thunderstorm. and if you're fans of "the addams family," that would be thing or in our case ron claiborne. >> just ron. >> ron, how long have you been on television? >> never gets old. >> come on. come on. >> hi, mom. >> that's for my mom. >> love it. love it. unfortunately, we have to take a break but we'll be back with more mayhem coming up on "gma." we do have this story, as well,
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the hip-hop mogul dr. dre addressing dark allegations from his past. how "straight outta compton" dredged up his old treatment of women. the scam selling his concert tickets. how you can keep yourself safe from fraudsters using mobile payment apps. hunky david beckham's next act, acting. the short film he's starring in up ahead in "pop news." >> can't wait. "good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. brand name shoes for the whole family. this isn't just the start of school, this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment.
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coming up on "good morning america," dr. dre's big apology. what he is saying about his past and the changes that he's making for the future. and the abc news fixer. how she helped out a guy who got ripped off selling his concert tickets. keep it here on "gma." we'll be right back in a few minutes. we'll be right back in a few
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minutes. good morning. it's 8:27 on this saturday, august 22nd. i'm rob nelson. a. a yonkers high school is now opened and does infected
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legionnaires'. the cooling tower tested positive for the bacteria that caused legionnaires'. investigators were on the scent last night in the 300 block of the area where a stab driver was killed. classic ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki. she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank.
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all you really want to do is jump in a ball pit. who are we kidding? this ad agency here in new york installed this ball pit in their offices, and you too can go. it's open to the public for the next month. good morning, america. awesome. >> i know. but stress relief, they say. >> look, i'm pro meditation but i'm pro other forms -- ball pit, cats and dogs, listening to sara haines do "pop news." >> puts you to sleep. >> we've got that coming up, sara haines with "pop news." we also have coming up this from the abc news fixer. how she helped a guy trying to sell his concert tickets. he got ripped off using one of those mobile payment apps and how you can learn from his experience. that is coming up, but first here the hip-hop mogul dr. dre addressing a brewing
8:31 am
controversy. as you may know, there is a hit movie in theaters right now. it's called "straight outta compton" that tells his rise from the streets. >> one expected side effect of this box office success, it is bringing out old allegations that are coming to light and that has dr. dre making a major apology. abc's aditi roy is in our los angeles bureau with more. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. dr. dre, the rapper, entrepreneur and media mogul is getting some tough questions over the n.w.a. biopic he co-produced accused of ignoring abuse allegations against dre and this morning, some of those alleged victims are speaking out. this morning, the man behind the $56 million blockbuster biopic "straight outta compton" -- >> just hit that first beat hard. you're cruising down the street. >> reporter: -- is apologize inging in "the new york times," hip-hop
8:32 am
mogul and beats headphone founder dr. dre issuing a statement to the paper saying, "25 years ago i was a young man, drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life. however, none of this is an excuse for what i did." adding, "i apologize to the women i've hurt". the decades old allegations now resurfacing on social media centered on three women accusing dr. dre of physical violence. hip-hop journalist dee barnes, singer and dr. dre's former girlfriend, michel'le and fellow rapper tairrie b. in an essay for "gawker," barnes writing, "dr. dre straddled me and beat me mercilessly on the floor of the women's restroom." dr. dre pleaded no contest to assault and battery charges stemming from the 1991 incident involving barnes. dre speaking about past mistakes in this interview with "rolling stone" magazine saying, "i would say all of the allegations aren't true, some of them are. those are some of the things that i would like to take back." >> he talked about huge
8:33 am
stupid. to me it was pretty clear that he was apologizing without using the words apology or i'm sorry. abc news, apple, which bought dre's audio company beats for $1 billion in 2014 issued a statement friday writing, "dre has apologized for the mistakes said that he's not the same person that he was 25 years ago." universal, who declined to comment. fellow rapper teary tairrieb. who has accused dr. dre of punching her twice in the face in public in 1991 telling abc news overnight she's glad to see he is finally addressing the assaults. she declined to press charges in that alleged incident. dan. >> aditi, thank you. we appreciate it. let's take another look at the morning headlines and get back over to ron. >> hi again. dan, cecilia, sara, robert. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with that heroic takedown by three americans in europe.
8:34 am
two u.s. servicemen and their friend jumping into action tackling a heavily armed man that they encountered on a high-speed train between amsterdam and paris. the suspect is now being interviewed by french counterterrorism interviewers. a big win for basketball legend michael jordan. a supermarket chain must pay jordan 8.9 million bucks. he needs more money for using his name in an ad without his permission. jordan says it was never about the money. it was about protecting his name. jordan says he will donate all of that money to charity. and a not guilty plea in the so-called slenderman case. two 13-year-old girls are being tried as adults. they are accused of luring their friend into the woods before stabbing her as a sacrifice to a fictitious or fictional internet character called slenderman. and finally, this little leaguer was at bat just as his mom and twin sister are being interviewed on television. watch what happens. maybe you can guess. we know your mom is quite the cheerleader. do you embarrass the kids with your cheering --
8:35 am
>> oh. [ screaming ] >> it is long, it is deep. it is gone. terrence just belting a monster home run over the left field fence in the top of the third of the little league world series, his team, the northwood south carolina little league beat new england. dan, they beat new england by a score of 7-1. >> watch this, mom. >> that wasn't even close. >> yeah, not even close. >> really cool. >> yeah, it was. >> everybody struggling with baseball in new england. >> you got to pile on there, rob. just because you stand next to him doesn't mean you have to take his side every time. >> you see, he puts his hand in my shot and i got to behave. >> it's a fact. >> rob is not struggling with the weather. >> thank you, cecilia. >> great segue. >> here we go. check this out. this guy last weekend, amazing video kayaking near his home, i suspect, northwest of tampa just north of hudson, florida, on the coast of the gulf of mexico and he was
8:36 am
basically instead of chasing storms, he was being chased by this thunderstorm. you see him looking nervously over his shoulder, and he is just trying to get back to shore. this is kind of a lagoon type of area, kind of an inland water area. thunder and lightning coming down, he's got the face mask on, scrambling to get back. he does eventually make it home but nervous times and that i assume gopro camera taking it
8:37 am
all in for us. >> this weather report is have a great saturday, everybody. >> thank you, rob. you're not going anywhere so -- >> there's a little more show to go. "pop news." >> "pop news." >> coming up here on "gma," music to his ears. the fan who lost his money selling his concert tickets and how the abc news fixer got it back and her words of advice about how to use those mobile pay apps safely. one of my favorite things to do behind the scenes is lightning rounds with you guys. today we have a little dan b. harris. what does the "b" dan for? >> beefcake. >> so you get a little one-on-one with dan "beefcake" harris on "gma." >> that's the first time you've ever used that line. right?
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well, we have all seen those mobile payment apps that let you send money to people in an instant through your phone but can and probably should do to protect yourself. >> after one "gma" viewer and deadhead got into a jam, if you'll forgive the pun, it was rescue. >> reporter: millions of americans use their cell phones to send and receive money. it's fast and easy, but it is not foolproof. matthew ascaridis learned this the hard way when he got scammed. he is a businessman from chicago and a longtime grateful dead fan. >> i am a deadhead, absolutely. >> reporter: matt hit up numerous grateful dead concerts over the years, so when the group's final reunion shows came to town, he and his wife went the front section for all three >> there i was probably 15, 20
8:43 am
feet from them. >> reporter: but when his wife's feet couldn't take that last to sell his seats. he put an ad on craigslist saying he would sell the tickets for $900 each. a buyer came forward offering 1800 bucks via the chase quickpay app. >> paying with your smartphone instead of cash. >> reporter: it's one of those popular mobile payment apps that allows you to transfer funds to other people with just a click but before accepting the payment matt called chase. >> they assured me that as long as i accepted the transaction, the funds would be immediately deposited into a account. >> reporter: the as grateful song dead song goes every silver lining has a touch of gray. matt met the buyer in this marking lot. they completed transactions on their phones and matt handed over the tickets. however, three days later he found out he was scammed. the $1800 had vanished from his account. >> clearly there is a loophole
8:44 am
con artists are able to exploit. >> reporter: chase said he was out of luck. transaction could take four to could anything be done here? fixer. the fixer got the bank's attention and a top official on the phone. she pressed matt's case asking why chase didn't warn him about the possibility of fraud when he first called them. after a lot of back and forth, chase made a goodwill gesture and put $1800 back into matt's account, making matt and his wife very grateful deadheads. >> both: it's fixed. thanks, abc news fixer. >> and the fixer actually has a name, it's stephanie zimmermann. good morning, stephanie. so it's kind of scary to think $1800 could vanish just like that. ourselves? especially if you're selling to something you don't know. hang on to the item until the transaction has completely cleared or insist on cash. >> insisting on cash is the safest way but these mobile programs are getting
8:45 am
increasingly popular. how big is the risk of this increasing popularity? >> well, here's the thing, with these mobile payments, it might show on your phone that the funds are available, but it could take a few days for the transaction to totally finalize, especially if the other person is using a different bank. look at the fine print to get a sense of how many days that might take. >> kind of treat it like a check. >> yes, yes, absolutely. wait till it clears. don't give them the tickets until you have that money for sure. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. do people call you the fixer in your private life too? >> they do. >> the fixer, thank you, stephanie. we appreciate it. by the way, if you have a consumer problem, maybe stephanie, aka the fixer, can help you. you can find her, she's recovered 1.7 million bucks for frustrated consumers. thanks again, we appreciate it. >> really good advice. thanks. coming up on "good morning america," soccer star david beckham's new ball of tricks. acting. sara has the beckham beat that's ahead on "pop news." no matter how they tossed the dice.
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>> later. it always is time for "pop news." it's like i mean nothing this morning. we begin with big news from never mind the "downton abbey" is finishing up the season. keep calm and keep on binge-watching. because netflix is making a brand-new show about the queen. it's called "the crown," and it will be the most expensive show streaming service shelling out more than $156 million for six the show which is due to air next year will follow the 1947 right up until today. >> i would watch that. >> yeah. >> anything with multiple seasons, i hate those one-season things where you binge it in one
8:50 am
weekend and you're like what's next so -- >> you can't go cheap on a royal production. >> right, it's royalty. if you're going to dish out the benjamins, that's the time to do it. and look out hollywood, david beckham is showing off his acting chops. the fashion star turned fashion icon, he's taking on a starring role in the short film alongside acting great harvey keitel call eded "outlaws" by liv tyler. becks worked on several belstaff campaigns and this looks to be one of their most ambitious yet. we'll see his acting skills in all his glory when it debuts september 22nd. >> his acting skills are perfect just like him. >> he doesn't need to say anything. just nod and smile. >> you don't lower the bar for him at all. not one bit. >> yeah. >> yeah, i don't lie. >> just show up. >> academy award, baby. and next up, jim carrey and hugh jackman are impersonating each other on social media and we can't get enough. jackman kicked things off with this hilarious impression from
8:51 am
who can. who can. >> the crazy eyes. >> very. >> carrey then responded with an imitation of his own writing, "nice move, hugh jackman. now watch me make a meal out of i'm giving him points for the homemade wolverine claw. >> i love how he there. it's like such a useful claw. >> what do i do next? "b" plus. >> all right. what's the grade? >> "b" plus. >> the streak is over. rough start. >> i didn't? >> the content was good but you didn't sell it. >> this will continue right after a quick break. hi! what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up...
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another edition of "gma" on a weekend morning. you made it. >> i think so. >> one show down. [sound of crickets] brii,brii,brii [male narrator] we've all heard how military veterans adjusting to the civilian world may have... certain... issues.
8:57 am
8:58 am
developing at 9:00 a.m., we in manhattan. police are searching the suspect's home for clues as to what led to the shooting. a deadly night in newark after a livery driver is shot and killed. police are searching for the suspect, and we have latest details. good morning. we give you a love look of the hudson river up to the george washington bridge, and spanning it. thank you for being with us on this saturday, august 22nd. >> a beautiful saturday, august 22nd.
8:59 am
the weather is great out there gorgeous summer weekend, and we will enjoy it after the show is over, like we like to say. >> thank you being with us. >> good to have you with us. 70degrees outside, and already nice, not humid, and perfect. >> maybe talk fast and we can get out of here at 9:30. >> i like it. >> go for it. >> i like how he is thinking. >> it doesn't work that way. >> meteorologist iowany freeze? >> i will make it last for you. the better half of the weekend is this day tomorrow, and changes are coming, and we will have more clouds and a passing shower. right now, all sunshine, and looking really good over manhattan right now, and you can seat empire state building, and the battery towards one world trade. checking the numbers, we are currently at 72 crease, and it was chilly last night north and west of the city in the inissues and northern counties,


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