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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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an now new york's number one news, channel news. a teenager in critical condition struck by a taxi as he rode his bicycle in queens. but first we learn new details about the gunman who killed a federal building. a string of misfortunes but
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what made deafen kevin downing finally snap. kevin downing had been fighting to get his job back with the bureau of labor statistics. the building inside the federal yesterday. >> tonight a lawmaker revealed the suspect has struggled in recent years with the death of a fiance, financial and health problems. >> all this as -- gone down in aj. >> lauren, family and friends are still grieving over the vicious killing of -- described as a hard working father of 4 4 that was doing all he could to provide for his family. all day people have been coming and going from his home as authorities still try to
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>> he is everything and he love his job. >> it's a sudden loss that has left a tangible void in this community. he was known as a man of faith and dedicated professional working hard to provide for his wife, 4 children and extended family from the ivory coast. even his neighbors fought back tears. >> he was an incredibly hard worker, very dedicated to keeping the building safe to the point that he gave his life for it. >> according to authorities camera was picking up extra hours at a security post friday outside this federal building where kevin downing came in and shot him. downing a department of labor employee who was fired for being a whistle blower then turned the gun on himself. he fought for years to get his job back.
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wrote this job recommendation letter that stated regarding what he believed to be waste and abuse. in a more recent interview called downing's firing a raw deal and although he had recently encountered other problems he says downing never showed any signs of violence. police spent hours combing through downing's house. meanwhile --'s family is making his final arrangements. >> we are going to see what we can do for the family. >> and the commerce family hasn't said if he will be buried here or his native country. we are keeping on top of this story. you can find updates on abc 7 and look for our post on facebook and twitter.
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we are following a developing story out of queens where investigators are investigating several cases of the mumps. the agency did not release further details about the possible outbreak, however authorities say anyone who is ill or experiencing symptoms to stay home. there were about 120 cases of the mumps in the 5 bureaus last year. a teenager is in critical condition after being struck by a cab. the 17-year-old boy was hit by a green taxi just before 6:00 tonight. police are investigating the circumstances of the crash. the driver stayed at the scene and was questioned by detectives. he was not taken into custody. new details on the woman attacked with acid in queens. just moments ago police released a sketch of the suspect. the attack happened wednesday night in sunny side as 59-year-
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old -- dire entered her car. say the suspect was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts and white sneakers. also 2 sanitation workers are being called heros for coming to the aid of an elderly man who was attacked in his home in owe zone park. he led him to accomplices and then they tide up the 76-year- old man who lived there. they beat the man before taking off with his tv. the victim then managed to get out of his house. >> he was in front of the house with his hands bound and his nosebleeding. he explained to me he was just robbed. >> he told us that somebody had broken into his home and tied him up and beat him up. >> coming up at 11:30, more on this investigation and neighbors response to the brutal attack. police in newark searched
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for a gunman who shot and killed a taxi driver in the 300 block of freeze an block. a passer by found 45-year-old rod reg oh barrow unresponsive. it remains unclear what sparked the shooting but one of his friends said she has noticed an up tick in violence. >> i would say about 10, at least 10 or so drivers. we are always worried about their safety and we hope that the mayor does something to help them out. >> taxi drivers will have ribbons on their. it could have been a massacre but yesterday's efforts of a pair of americans and their french friend prevented further tragedy. tonight words from two of the
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heroes sand their reaction from the commander in chief. >> spencer stone waved when he left the hospital where he sustained injuries on speed train from amsterdam to paris. authorities say stone and two friends, one an army national guard specialist returning from duty, the other a civilian joined a british man and took down the suspect after he shot another passenger. their actions almost certainly prevented a disaster. wasn't working. >> i'm really proud of my friend. >> investigators identified the suspect as -- a 26-year-old moroccan living in france. authorities in spain where he
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previously lived describe him as an islamic extremist. they found an ak47, a handgun and a -- this video shot shows stone shirtless laying wounded on the floor of the train. on a nearby seat the gunman's automatic weapon. president obama today praised the 3 americans calling their actions her heroic. officials awarded medals to the three uninjured men. stone now expects a happy reunion with his fellow heroes. moved to france last year. he is in custody tonight as french law enforcement interrogate him. as for the heroes, they are expected to meet with france's president on monday. the man found with rosy o'donnell's 17-year-old
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daughter faces charges of child endangerment and distribution of obscenity with the minor. he allegedly connected with the teen on an app. tonight o'donnell's publicist released a statement saying he was involved with a minor and rosy's concern has been and always will be the health, safety and well being of her daughter. joe biden could throw his hat into the presidential race. he held a meeting with elizabeth warren in washington today. warren is extremely popular among democrats. the meeting is the strongest indication so far that the vice president is feeling out influential al democrats before deciding on a house. not all fun and games at
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the iowa state fair for chris kristy kristy. protesters stormed the stage yelling animals want to leave. they had some beef with kristy's bill that would have banned -- removed the protesters from the stage and christie took it all in stride. >> when something like that happens, man, i feel right at home. it's like i'm back in jersey for a couple of minutes. >> he continued on where he discussed the iran nuclear deal and touted new jersey's use of solar power. an air show disaster. a military jet crashes on a crowded road. thousands watch. also a teenager hailed as hero. how his quick thinking helped save a woman's life after she
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was kidnapped. and call it panda money yum. and the weather attraction for today, we're tracking some moisture off shore.
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it will make for . new at 11:00 a family's desperate call for justice in the murder of a grocery store owner. today marks one year since jose reef as was shot and killed.
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his body dumped several blocks away. his family returned to the crime scene tonight to renew interest in the case with an emotional plea. >> i looked up to him. he was my role model and i'm by myself now because somebody took him away from me. >> the family says they also want closure along with the justice promised by new york's mayor who attended his funeral. an afternoon air show turned to horror in england when a jet crashed on a road. the plane struck several cars driving near bright on. despite the fat alties the crash injured 15 other people. authorities say the plane did not complete a maneuver and what experts could be the cause
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of the crash coming up. tonight 3 american contractors are dead following a suicide bomber. the bomber targeted a convoy in the country's capital. the blast killed at least 12 people including those 3 americans and wounded more than 60 others. the taliban denies carrying out the attack. 73 major wild fires are burning tonight across america and one massive one is in washington state that is forcing 25,000 people out of their homes. but reinforcements are on the way. more than 3000 citizen volunteers have answered the call for help to take on the front lines tomorrow. 60 miles per hour wind gusts are fueling the fires which have now damaged power lines tonight. the newest edition to the national zoo in washington dc arrived with a healthy cry just
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a few hours ago. giant panda gave birth at about 5:30 tonight. administrators streamed the big event live on the internet. the big arrival means a big celebration for the zoo keepers as pandas are notoriously to breed in captivity. they have yet to find out the gender. coming up on eyewitness news, hawaii gets ready for a possible hurricane. >> also ahead, invasion of the body snatchers but for one grieving family, this isn't fix. and michael jordan, why he clashed with a chain. the second half of the weekend could be much
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>> that was just hanging out there, wasn't it. >> of course. >> had to do it. >> yes. >> i have thoroughly enjoyed today, no complaints but tomorrow may be not so nice. >> it was such a spectacular day today. tomorrow won't be terrible. we will have more cloud cover and there could be a shower or two around but that should be it. we're looking toward the empire state building. 74 right now. the humidity low. the wind coming from a northerly direction and that north wind has been bringing in this nice air from canada and that's why it's been so nice the last couple of days. the high on the day getting up to 86 after a morning low of 69, average high, 82 so we were above that high but it felt nice out there with the low humidity. record back in 1916.
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72 right now, 73 at newark so you have temperatures in and near the urban areas in the middle 70s but you head outside the suburbs, all the way down into the upper 50s. this is how comfy this air mass is. 63 at pick ipse. dewpoint is measuring the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, they were stuck, now they are in the invigoratring to pleasant categories and they will stay that way tonight and then humidity starts the radar is showing some low clouds steaming in from the atlantic ocean. that trends will continue overnight and some of that cloud cover will make it west to new york city. and with those clouds and that moisture a couple of showers are possible during the day tomorrow.
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we have tropical storm danny just downgraded to a tropical storm earlier this evening, expecting to pass pretty near to puerto rico. this is actually good news for the island because they need the rainfall. not much in the way of damage from that. thunderstorm around tomorrow, the high getting up to around 82. heading into monday, maybe a morning shower, 86 for a high temperature. accuweather forecast overnight, mainly clear for a then clouds increasing after midnight. could be a shower south and east of the city. in the morning maybe a shower. same deal during the day. a brief shower or two, we're down to about 72. could be a morning shower monday. it's very humid out there. maybe a shower or thunderstorm on tuesday, and then another great stretch of days, wednesday, thursday, friday.
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we'll talk beach boating weather next. >> as long as that's a possibility. beach and boating. >> yeah. >> anthony johnson next with sports. >> and boating. weekends were made for baseball and celebrating greatness. the mets going for double time in denver. plus the yankees pay their respect to a player who brought
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his lunch pail to leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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for a while i was wondering tonight who was going to score more, the mets or the giants. >> well, let's go for two of the mets looking to take the first two games in the mile high series. colorado. hit. here's the start of something good when travis shoots this double down the line. then shoots this down the left field line. you get the point. juan smacks it. making it 3-0 new york. the hits continued for new york. this went over the wall. from there the flood gates opened. kurtis randaller son gets in on the act. 2 runs scored. that's 10-3 mets.
11:27 pm
rockies fighting back. right now it's 14-9 in the 9th 9th. for the yankees, let's cheer, hard work and dedication. perfect day for honoring jorge pass add a with his family. he was joined on the field by -- his number 20 was retired. he has a plaque heading to center field. 17 years winning 4 championships. now he's legendary. >> i can honestly tell you this is one of the happiest days of my life. having a plaque and having number 20 retired is an honor and a dream come true. >> so he gets to toss out the first pitch and what an honor. his son sails it. -- his son let's him have it. in the bottom of the first
11:28 pm
giving the yankees a 2-1 edge. same inning, drives a homer to right field as the bombers -- striking out michael brantly. strikes out 6 in 6 innings. as the yankees win 6-2 on pass adda day. much more ahead on sports, the giants have their second tune up in the season looking to find focus against the
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jaguars. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy flavored coolatta and iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'.
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. welcome back. the giants wanted to work on getting their offense into gear and keeping players on the field tonight. ely manning and beckham working to get on the same -- but they were not a dynamic combination in overtime. having a good time breaking up this touchdown attempt but he would have to leave eventually with a sprain. move to the second half and the 2nd team. first td of the game came on that 8-yard pass to dwayne harris who is fighting for a
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spot on the team. they have experienced 9 injuries but they pick up the win 22-12. the jets are now preparing for the jets giants show down next week but first have concerns about their offense. starting to show signs of life. big man, looks quick. the running game also a big positive as chris ivory cut to the sideline, coming right at cameras on the sideline. they still do have some work to do. >> we definitely think it was a great start for us but definitely left a lot of meat on the bones. >> there's progress from where i was last week. tiger woods heads into the final round in 2nd place on the leader board. he started this day with a share of the lead, kept it
11:33 pm
going to the 10th hole. tiger drains the long putt and pumps his fist after that one. now trying to finish off a good day. he rams it out. he finishes the round 2 strokes off the lead. he has to finish 2nd to gain a spot in the fedex championship. >> tomorrow is going to be just like today. you can get on a run and make a tear and make a bunch of birdies. it's not a golf course that you can make a bunch of pars and expect to win. it was a big day in newark. really big. shaq was in town for some fun and basketball enjoying a 3 on 3 competition right in front of city hall with mayor. shaq still makes visits to his native city. he returned home for a believe in newark celebration. good having shaq in town. the super market versus a
11:34 pm
basketball super star. why a jury says the super market chain must pay millions to michael jordan and what the retired billionaire plans to do with the money. a senior in queens tied up and beaten by robbers. how a pair of sanitation workers came to his rescue.
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and what a
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a gunman who shot and killed a security guard in a federal building was facing foreclosure of his home. that information revealed by lawmakers who tried to help kevin downing in the past with help to get his government job back. he said downing never showed signs of of violent tendencies. police in queen released a sketch of a suspect who flew acid on a victim's case in sunny side wednesday. city health officials are investigating several cases of the mumps in queens. says it's looking into a small cluster of mumps. anyone ill is asked to stay home. we're topping our news this half hour a pair of new york's strongest come to the rescue. they saved a senior citizen
11:38 pm
who had been tied up during a home attack. the search is on for the suspects in the attack. >> aj ross has the story. >> he was in front of the truck with his hands bound and his nose was bleeding. >> 2 sanitation workers pulled over when they found this 76- year-old man running toward their truck early saturday. >> he explained to me he was just robbed. >> he told us somebody had broken into his home and tied him up and beat him up. >> according to police an armed crook used a ladder to enter the window and let in two other suspects, a male and female who helped tie and beat up the elderly veteran. they then beat the defenseless man with a firearm. >> i felt so heart broken for the poor guy seeing him like that and the situation he was in and that somebody could do that to him. >> the victim was taken to
11:39 pm
jamaica hospital for treatment. >> everybody knows everybody. here. whose face is here. if we seen a stranger we would notice it right away. >> police are reviewing surveillance cameras but they could really use your tips. anyone with information should give them a call. a connecticut man beaten, kidnapped and forced to withdraw cash from an atm. tonight bridgeport police are looking for the 2 men seen in this surveillance video who drove the man in his own car to the people's bank on park avenue after attacking him. the suspect took the man's money and then left him at the bank. one of the robbers fled in the victim's car. a suspect in the deadly stabbing outside a mcdonald's in east harlem faces new charges. he is now charged with murder,
11:40 pm
attempted murder and sought. the victim who died was homeless. another victim a 46-year-old woman remains in critical condition. he and a female -- obviously fought over an umbrella. arrested 10 drunk driving at a check point last night. investigators say 36-year-old marvin whitfield was him. with a child with there was a 7 month old child in the car. >> high level talks between north and south korea will resume tomorrow. as leaders attempt to cool rising tensions in the country. the meeting in the demill tarmilitarized zones. north korea demands the south
11:41 pm
stop propaganda from loud speakers. they accused them of planting land mines in the neutral zone, and now a devastating accident at an air show. thousands of people watched as a military jet performed a stunt and then slammed on to a busy road. 7 people died in the crash. jennifer with the story. >> the pilot at this air show performing a routine loop when suddenly the jet starts to plummet. it crashes into a busy road. >> there's nothing we can do except stay where we are. >> a cloud of smoke engulfing the area, enjoyment turning to horror for thousands of spectators south of london. >> it just plowed directly into the road and the trees. >> the casualties, at least 7 dead and 15 injured. all of the dead on the road
11:42 pm
near the air show. >> i swept off the road and literally just across the other side of the road it just went up in flames. >> the plane that crashed, a 1950s military jet. investigators say the pilot is critical and fighting for his life. >> in this case it was either a mechanical problem or the pilot failed to have enough altitude. >> lining up to evacuate the dead and wounded. >> it's too soon to say what brought down the vintage jet but investigators will be combing the wreckage to find clues as to why this turned so tragic. the hip hop star with the hip movie underfire tonight. dr. gray's big apology. how he is addressing charges. a young woman last a second time.
11:43 pm
cops are looking for the thieves who stole her corpse
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11:45 pm
from a cas tonight a grieving family forced to deal with the loss of their daughter again after a thief stole the 25-year-old women's body from a funeral home. investigators believe the remains were stolen this past saturday after her services and before the texas funeral home closed up for the night. julie died of complications with cystic fibrosis. the owner believes the thief is someone who did not agree with the fact julie was to be cremated. when 17-year-old alex saw a couple arguing he sensed something was wrong. he hung out with the pair on the bus and eventually the
11:46 pm
woman told the teen she needed help. that's when he offered to buy the couple coffee and called the police from the restroom. turned out the woman had been kidnapped by her boyfriend and needed help. >> i realized what i did, it's really awesome. i saved a life. >> police are so impressed with him they plan to nominate him for a potential bravery award. the blockbuster straight out of come ton is expected to -- records. one of the biggest names in hip hop is now apologizing. >> i've got. >> the blockbuster hit straight out of compton. the -- facing criticism for not addressing questions that the
11:47 pm
director physically abused children. dr. gray expressing regret saying 25 years ago i was a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no structure in my life. however none of this is an excuse for what i did. i apologize to the women i have hurt. >> those decades old allegations have resurfaced on social media and resolve around 3 women, hip hop journalist, fellow wrapper terry b, and singer and dr. gray's former girlfriend who spoke earlier this month about dr. drake allegedly shooting at her. >> one weekend we was arguing and he went and got the gun and he shot at me and missed me by that much. >> nearly 2 decades later the
11:48 pm
former nwa rapper reinventing himself. apple bought for $3 billion. >> drey is one of the most influential producer of all time and he acknowledges that is part of his story as well. >> abc news los angeles. a lawsuit with a lot at stake for michael jordan. a big win for him as jurors order a grocery chain to pay him more than $9 million for using his name in a steak ad. the attorney said the one time use of his name was worth. but jordan said it was never for the money. >> it was my name, i worked hard for it and i'm not just going to let someone take it. >> the beef was over this unauthorized ad featured in a 2009 sports illustrated magazine. it congratulated jordan on his
11:49 pm
hall of fame induction and had a 2-dollar coupon off a steak. jordan said he will donate the money to charity. >> i wonder how much our names would be worth. pint size heros. >> kids remember hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s
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for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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if one is good, 2 is better. we told you about the panda cub born tonight, just a few minutes ago zoo administrators announced a second panda cub was born. the second cub came into the world just after 10:00 tonight. experts say it appears healthy. >> and so small. >> and so hairless. >> that is teeny. >> we saw video of the mother earlier and i couldn't make out where the baby was and now i understand. the baby is this big. >> can you imagine more? that's amazing. bring us more of this nice weather. >> not a terrible day shaping up for tomorrow. could be a shower around but compared to today, it's a tough
11:53 pm
comparison because it was so beautiful out there today. 74, the wind coming in from the north and the beautiful weather today continuing obviously into the evening hours as we look over toward midtown. highs today got into -- temperatures were above average for this time of year but the humidity was so low that it felt nice. 84 was the high. check this out. you're down at 61 at middletown, 57 at monticello. all the way up to kinston and pick ipse and this is what happens on a clear night when you have no wind and the outer suburbs. low 70s on the island. 68 down the shore on lake mar. we have clouds already beginning to increase. there's an easterly wind coming in off the atlantic ocean and what will happen overnight
11:54 pm
these clouds will eventually migrate off to the west and they will be in our advice knowty by -- vicinity by tomorrow morning. we cannot guarantee a dry sunday. there could be a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm. here's our forecast for tonight. maybe a shower or two. it's mainly cloudy at that point from the city on east and these clouds if anything tend to increase during the course of the day as we get a deeper fetch of moisture. by 3:00 p.m. better shot of getting a shower, even into earlier parts of tomorrow evening. getting down to -- a lot of 50s north and west of the city. 59 at morris town. highs tomorrow getting back into the low 80s, if you are heading for the beach, not the best day, but not terrible. waves around 3 feet.
11:55 pm
the rip current risk is low. here's your accuweather forecast. could be a storm around tomorrow. a morning shower monday, 86 and then we clear things out. maybe a storm on tuesday, behind that front another great stretch of days, wednesday, thursday, friday. temperatures in the middle 80s. >> it's not bad. thanks, jeff. finally tonight, when you should start teaching your child those crucial numbers, 9- 1-1. >> one pint size hero perfect example. he knew exactly what to do when a family member was in trouble. >> a call comes in to 911 and it's a kid's voice. >> my papa hurts. >> how old is he. >> he is 84. >> how old are you? >> i am six years old. >> yes, 6-year-old trevor fowler and it was his grandfather having the heart attack. >> is he breathing normal? >> yes, sir.
11:56 pm
>> is he changing any color. >> no, sir, he's getting pale. please hurry. >> it was only in january that we reported on the story of a 4- year-old in michigan who called 911 when her pregnant mom started having seizures. >> she's having a baby. >> that time things ended happily. back to trevor and listen to how cool he stays. >> how long will it take. >> i can't tell you a time. >> he keeps his composure. >> it got his grandfather saved. there they all are, along with trevor's mom. >> my mom is a diabetic so she keeps telling me how to do it. >> so there's a lesson in there somewhere about what kids are capable of when they are the
11:57 pm
go trevor. >> going to have to wait for learn 911. no pressure but seems important. >> never too early. thank you. that is our news for now. thanks so much for staying up with us. for all of us here at eyewitness news. we return tomorrow at 6:00,
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make it a great night everyone. get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day.


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