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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now serious concerns about the structural integrity of the building. let's turn the clock back 2:30 this afternoon is when it happened. the location is 63rd avenue just off wood haven boulevard. happening about 90 minutes ago. as i said a moment ago, at least seven people have been injured here, taken carefully from the wreckage of the bus and then removed to several area hospitals. i'm told there are no life life-threatening injuries but some are said to be serious. including the driver who's pinned inside the bus. one eyewitness tells us the driver was cut off by a car, swerved to avoid hitting the car, apparently lost control and plowed head-on into the building. amazingly, preliminary word here is that no one on the sidewalk was injured. all the injured were on the bus. joining us live at the scene is pj marcel.
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he's a volunteer medic with the forest hills volunteer ambulance core. and pj was one of the first on the scene. i know you weren't on duty at the time, but you heard the radio call. >> i heard the call for a multiple vehicle. >> when you got here what did you see. >> as i pulled up, the fire department was pulling up behind as well as the police department. there was the occupant driver of the bus stuck behind the wheel. he was bleeding but he was alive. >> when you saw the extent of the damage and you saw the extent of the injury, what did you think of that? >> first when i pulled up. i thought there must have been six people dead. and fortunately nobody sustained major >> from what you saw no major injuries. >> no major injuries. just the driver. >> reporter: as we know in these type of situations they have to be careful when they
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take people out of the wreckage, you know how that is. strap people to back boards. you can't be sure how seriously injured people are until they get x-rays and go through mri's. >> the people that were taken out of the bus were removed by stretcher to local area hospitals. no major injuries and everybody was conscious upon removal. >> we should reassure people that a lot of times these scenes look a lot worse than they turn out to be. >> this vehicle hit the building causing structural damage to the building. this was a very heavy accident. >> no question about it. as you said, we're very fortunate that the injuries right now do not appear to be any more serious than we're hearing that they are now. >> no life threatening injuries. this guy that had the collision walked away. he hit the jackpot.
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>> we appreciate what you did. that's it. we're going to have a news conference in a few minutes. we'll hear what happened. accident reconstruction on the scene. buildings department on the scene. we'll have more for you on eyewitness news in several minutes. for now, live, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thanks. you've been looking at news copter 7 over the scene. the traffic problems this is causing. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: you can see just how horrific this scene is. it happened at the intersection boulevard. there's a triangle that makes up that roadway there. so you need to know as you travel through this area, judging from the scene that this is going to be a prolonged operation, top to bottom of your screen. that's 63rd avenue itself. that's obviously going to be shut down. the parameters of that are street. that's not the real problem with what you are dealing with
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for the afternoon commute. because you can expect that these closures will be in place for the afternoon. here's what we want to show you. right here, left to right across the screen, that's wood haven boulevard, and this is where the closure was put in place on the northbound side, you're going to be shut down on wood haven boulevard as you come up to 63rd drive. and the delays are taking you back toward saint johns avenue. i'll have the captain turn the helicopter for me a little bit so i can show you, you see cars coming the other way on wood haven boulevard. they're getting in between the closure on the southbound side. here it is coming into your picture right here. the southbound closure on wood haven boulevard is in place at dry harper road. lots of volume through this area. not particularly difficult to get around. but wood haven boulevard is a common thoroughfare through this area. you have lots of company trying to get around this with you. allow yourself extra time as you try to get around this. and people are curious about this huge scene in front of them.
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reporting live over rego park. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you very much. following more breaking news all eyes on wall street all day for what has been a roller coaster ride to say the very least. >> the dow industrial at one point plunged 1,000 points. this happening in the first few minute of trading today. for a time a wave of buying significantly reduced the losses only to have the market plunge again. it looks like it's down over 580 points. eyewitness news reporter tim with the latest in what has been a wild ride for investors. >> reporter: it most has. this was quite a jolt if you were following the markets right after the opening bell today. dropping more than 1,000 points. it was quite a surprise for a good many investors. even for tourists in wall street. the market rebounded throughout the course of the day. let's look at the big board. the dow jones is at 586. that was down some 3.5%.
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the s&p 500 is down 77. 1893. and the nasdaq closed down 179. now financial analysts that i've talked to today say that certainly at a time like this, while it is unsettling, it's panic. you stay the course is what their advice to us at this time. but it also reminds us to stay say as to the volatility of the stocks that we have not seen in the last five or six years. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, we'll talk to that analyst and give you a sense of why this is trading and the market is fluctuating the way it is. and we'll also talk to nervous investors and some who are confident who are going to stay the course. that's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. channel 7 eyewitness news. thanks. obviously we'll stay with eyewitness news and have the very latest on wall street's roller coaster ride. you can get updates from us on your facebook and twitter feeds. and we'll send out news alerts if your smart phone. in other news today, in news room, a man who police say
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was pointing a gun at them was shot and killed by officers. sources tell eyewitnesses the weapon turned out to be fake the shooting happened outside a home last night. police were called to the scene after getting a 911 call from a man who said he was going to cause a disturbance. officers say the suspect pointed what looked like a semiautomatic gun at them and then ignored repeated orders to drop it. he was shot several times. we have new information about a toddler rescued from a burning home in brooklyn. we now know the fire was sparked by an electrical malfunction. the incident started on avenue p in marine park. just after 1:00 a.m. flames broke out in an upstairs bed room and quickly spread throughout the home. when firefighters arrived, people yelled that a baby was still inside. lieutenant victor led his team right into the fire. >> we made our way to the top of the stairs and we had zero visibility, high heat. >> very brave of them. they found the unconscious two-
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year-old by feeling around beneath a pile of clothing. chase pierre is in a medically induced coma at university hospital right now. but his dad is very hopeful and expects his boy will pull through. also in brooklyn, police are searching for several men who brutally beat a man to death. the nypd says the men beat michael brown in the crown heights section on saturday. brown headed home after words and called paramedics later that day. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. and new details this afternoon about that run way confusion that led the a deadly plane crash on long island. a preliminary accident report by the ntsb indicates that an air traffic controller directed the pilot to a landing strip that no longer exists at a closed airport. 59-year-old joseph myelo died when his single engine aircraft crashed back on august 16th. a passenger was injured. the faa has not yet commented.
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jersey. a man accused of an inappropriate relationship with rosie o'donnell's teenage court. 25-year-old steven is charged with child endangerment and distribution of materials to a minor. her parents hadn't seen or heard from her in a week. three americans took down an armed gunman who opened fire on a train headed to paris. the humble heroes received france's highest award today. marcy gonzalez with the story. >> reporter: another american hero identified today. french investors say mark is one of the brave men who stopped a violent attack on board a packed paris bound train. the gunman walked out of the bathroom with an ak 47. he managed to get the weapon
4:10 pm
away from him before the attacker took out a pistol and shot him in the back. >> alec hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> i stuck two of my fingers in the hole, found what i thought to be the artery, and pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> airman first class spencer stone, alecings and their childhood friend from sacramento, anthony sadler all given france's highest civilian award today. >> the entire world admires your bravery. >> pinned with the legion of honor medal along with a british businessman who praised the americans quick thinking. >> the first reaction was to disarm the pistol and go down the train to see if there were any other terrorists in the train. >> the attacker denies having terror links and is still being questioned by police.
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as police continue questioning him, we learned mugalion who's lung was punctured will be awarded the legion of honor medal when he's released from the hospital. a meeting with a top democrat ramping up speculation that vice president joe biden will run for president. he left vacation to return to washington for a private warren. the powerful liberal icon has yet to endorse anyone. if biden runs it could put president obama in an awkward spot deciding to endorse the vp, former secretary of state hillary clinton or neither. he refused to say if the president wanted biden to rub. >> the president indicated the decision he made to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he made in politics. that should give you some
4:12 pm
of the president's view of vice president's biden aptitude. >> biden hired a communications director who was the spokeswoman for the 2008 presidential campaign. biden is expected to make a final decision still to come on this very busy monday afternoon, a local teacher accused of sexual harassment. what she's accused of saying to her male coworkers. a couple says they were attacked by a pack of racoons. who came to the rescue? and i'm meteorologist lea goldberg. last week of august off to a warm and humid start. i'm tracking thunderstorms. we'll have the latest. if you're traveling tonight, you might have to worry about thunderstorms this evening in the western suburbs. we'll squeeze in the yankees game. out and abou so what i'm saying is, people like options.
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we return to the breaking story. a casino bus crash in rego park left at least seven people injured. shannon stone is over the scene. any updates in what it's doing to the traffic at this point? >> reporter: unfortunately, this is going to be here for a while. we have to expect the closures to be here for a while. some closures you need to know about. top to bottom of the screen. that's 63rd avenue where the accident happened. you can see cars getting on to wood haven boulevard from that point. but if you're coming at this from the other direction, you need to know wood haven boulevard is going to be shut down. and we're expecting it's going to stay that way for the afternoon rush hour. look at the line up of traffic trying to get into the closure on the northbound side. this closure in place at 63rd drive and it's a huge delay. it's taking you back towards st. johns avenue. and we're just going to show
4:16 pm
well. you need to know that the southbound side, even though most of the active is on the northbound side they're trying to keep traffic to a minimum on that area. they have a closure on the southbound side at dry harbor road. not too difficult to get around to the southeast. west. things ease up as that traffic light comes through. they're starting to let some cars through this intersection. you'll have to pack some patience this evening. channel 7 eyewitness news. there's new information in the murder of a louisiana state trooper shot in the head while trying to help a stranded driver. the suspect's roommate has also been found dead. he killed his roommate before shooting vincent last night. vincent was shot after approaching a pickup truck.
4:17 pm
he came out of the truck with a sawed off shotgun. other motorists wrestled him to the ground. he's being charged with first- degree murder. horrific, vile, evil that's the way people describe the gunman behind the colorado movie massacre during testimony in court today. today marked the beginning of impact statements. the move more symbolic. holmes is sentenced to serve life in prison without parole. he was found guilty of killing 24 people. >> my hope is that anyone listening to this or reading it in the future will remember that my father was a real man. whose love and presence in my life made me the woman i am today. >> some conflict in the courtroom after a victim's mother said it was unjust that holmes has to serve life in prison instead of a death sentence. the judge said is that the jury's decision is justice even if it's the outcome that some
4:18 pm
victim's and their families did not want. the death toll in the crash of a vintage jet fighter in southeastern england will probably rise as emergency workers go through the wreckage on the freeway where that plane went down. one official says that he would not be surprised if more than 20 people were killed in the crash. the hawker hunter jet crashed on to a highway after it failed to pull out of a loop maneuver during an aerial display on saturday and exploded into a huge fire ball. the wreckage is being removed right now. another dangerous wildfire has erupted in california. and this one is threatening hundreds of homes. the new fire is in big bear near the snow summit ski resort. the resort turned on snow cannon as a precaution as the fire continues to burn along the west coast. fire managers from australia and new zealand have arrived in washington state to battle the wildfires there that's grown to staggering 374 square
4:19 pm
miles. >> wishing best in all of that. look who's come back. welcome back. it's very good to see both of you. >> you're surrounded by beautiful weather. the way it should be on the return back. >> another beautiful day. the last week of august. i hope everyone's feeling as good as i am. let's get into the weather forecast. it's going to be really nice. we have a couple minor hurdles to get through over the next 24 hours. i mean minor. we looked outside. hazy skies. looking towards the george washington bridge. the humidity is 49%. south wind at nine. barometric pressure is holing steady. we've had clouds and showers over the east end of long island. wind off the water at 78 in east hampton. still nice. cross over to long island sound, 82 in norwalk. 82 in dan bury with plenty owe sunshine.
4:20 pm
83 over new jersey. storms over the evening hours. moderately humid. by no means oppressive. it's sticky. but lower dew points by this time tomorrow. over the next 18 hours or so it's going to be rather sticky. especially tonight. a planner for this evening, partly cloudy skies at 7:00. with that time. there could be a scattered storm over western new jersey and the catskills at midnight a shower or thunderstorm any where going into the morning commute tomorrow. not that we'll all see them if they're widespread. but that threat could last through late morning or midday from new york city west. long island, you'll so watch out for a storm in the they're going to be scattered it's not a wash out day. you notice right there. there's the line getting to scranton. pretty good looking thunderstorms there moving eastward getting ready to get into the poconos and catskills as well.
4:21 pm
you see that swirl over the great lakes, you have a low there and a low offshore. and because they're sort of having a little shoving match. fronts that are getting to the coast are struggling to clear the coast and being pinched and they can't move off the coast. that's why tomorrow's front will linger through the area through a good part of the day. the best chance of thunderstorms will be first part of the day into lunch time but during the afternoon i can't rule out there's still a firing of a storm over connecticut and long island. it'll be 86. you'll notice humidity. but around this tame tomorrow, it gets more refreshing as we inch toward the evening commute. the front will go through the entire area. that allows for dryer delightful weather on wednesday and beyond. here's the accuweather forecast, mostly cloudy and muggy, a couple showers, a thunderstorm later tonight. early evening in the western suburbs. 72. storm clouds give way to sunshine. there's a shower or thunderstorm around. more likely through midday from the city westward. and in the afternoon it's connecticut and long island.
4:22 pm
and we clear out tomorrow night. it's comfortable. the humidity drops. coming up at 4:30. we visit the remnants of danny. a tropical depression earlier in the day. and we look to a storm that has a good chance of becoming tropical storm erica. maybe tonight. maybe into tomorrow morning. we'll have that at 4:30. i'm tired after that. i'm ready for vacation. >> thanks lee. we want to let you know we're following breaking news. the fdny is holding a news conference after the accident at rego park queens. >> i don't know at this time. >> the number of injuries is. >> total of six. five on the bus. one in the building. >> where was the person in the building? >> i don't know. >> where was the bus coming from? >> i don't know. >> traveling north on wood haven boulevard. i don't know where it was going. >> the driver was buried in there. what was the situation with him? >> i don't know.
4:23 pm
in the bus he was trapped in the bus you say. >> he was sort of buried in bricks and stuff. >> yes, he was. his driver side was into the building. actually part of the building, the second floor is resting inside the bus. it was a precarious situation. our special operation command units had to go in and shore up the building to stabilize the building and search the building no life hazard other than the one person that was in the building. i don't know at this time. >> was that person taken to the hospital? >> all six people were transported to the hospital. they were transported to local hospitals. that's all we know at this time.
4:24 pm
>> any other questions? >> who was the driver of the car? that the driver was swerving to avoid. >> i don't know. i heard something to that effect. but the police are conducting an investigation now. >> there's news that the driver fell asleep can you confirm that? >> no, i can not. >> can you talk about the challenges getting people off the bus? >> there was no challenge getting people off the bus. >> it was no problem. we were told doors had been pushed in. >> i can't comment on that. >> you've been listening to a press conference from the fire department of new york on that bus crash. a casino bus crashing into a building at 63rd avenue in rego park. they moved the number of injured to six. five on the bus and one in the building.
4:25 pm
you can see how severely damaged this was. they had to pull out the driver buried in brick from that crash. a difficult situation. >> the firefighter who was speaking was saying that a good portion of the second floor of the building was actually in the bus and they had to shore up that building everyone has been pulled out. six people injured. five people on the bus. one person inside that building. we'll continue to follow all the developments there. and we'll have much more, including a frightening home invasion. a become runs out with their six-month-old baby as the toddler remains in the house with the intruder still inside.
4:26 pm
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two men will be arraigned on weapons charges in boston today after police say they made violent online threats against people attending the pokemon world championships the two men from iowa were stopped as they tried to enter the event. they allegedly made threats on social media. they say they found the men had a 12 gauge shotgun, an ar 15 rifle. several hundred round of ammunition and a hunting knife. no word yet on a motive. today's the day the mets fans. david wright expected to be back on he was initially sidelined with an ankle injury but then the team found out he was suffering from spinal stenosis. couldn't come at a better time
4:29 pm
for the mets orphans who -- or for fans who have a five-game lead. we'll have much more on his major return, coming up at 6:00. and actor mel gibson facing accusations of bad behavior again. an australian photographer says the winner accost her. she photographed him and his girlfriend outside of a movie theater in sydney. gibson's spokesperson says the actor was being harassed but denies physical contact and police are investigating. a teacher under fire accused of sexually harassing her male coworkers. information on the suspect accused of hitting a member of mayor hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you.
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. we are following several breaking stories. first we take you back to queens where a bus slammed into a building in rego park. >> david, it was shortly before
4:33 pm
2:30 this afternoon when this bus traveling north swerved to avoid a vehicle and came crashing right through this building at 87-17, 63rd avenue. firefighters had to shore up this building that houses both stores and apartments. you can see the bus went right through the first and a good portion of the second floor. but they had to shore that up before they could even look for any victims in this scene. the bus driver himself. you can see no windshield left of this vehicle. they had to pry him out of bricks and debris. and in fact, the bus came to rest against another car that was showered with debris from both the bus and the building next to it. in the end, we know that there were six people injured. five from the bus. one from the building that the bus crashed into. all of them was serious but non- life threatening injuries. reporting life, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, thanks. we continue to follow the
4:34 pm
extreme roller coaster ride on wall street today. here are the closing number, all down. roller coaster ride with the dow jones ending down more than 588 points today. the dow took an almost immediate dip of 1,000 points after the opening bell today. a global economic slow down. wall street down a little bit. but still closing at quite a drop today. >> we now have new details on the suspect accused of shooting a member of mayor de blasio's security team with a bb gun on the upper east side. >> the 19-year-old suspect has been charged in two incidents involving a bb gun. >> kimberly is in lower manhattan outside the cross with the latest. >> reporter: a troubled kid with a nasty shriek that's who those who lived in the same building with michael describe the 19-year-old.
4:35 pm
a young man set to face a judge sometime tonight. a couple hours ago he was let out of the 19 precinct in cuffs. the stone faced suspect didn't say a word. he's charged with assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. the teenager allegedly using an air gunfired a pellet at a police officer last night around 7:15. that office is partly part of mayor de blasio's detail. she was with her partner. she wasn't seriously injured. the mayor and his family were not at home. when he fired the shot, police say he was inside his family home at 170 east bend avenue inside their apartment. the building sits across the street from the mansion. he was taken into custody along with his girlfriend. she was later released. the mayor just a short time ago talked about the incident.
4:36 pm
>> i have tremendous faith in nypd. and i think my security and my family's security is being handled very well. i was concerned for the officer. i spoke to her. she's in fine shape. i guarantee the nypd will take care of that situation. >> sources say this is not his first time using this weapon. that authorities believe he fired it twice last week. two people living in his building told police their windows were shattered. hit by what appears to be pull lets. coming up later on eyewitness news, we were there today, detectives came back to the suspect's home while they were there and who left with them. we'll have that for you coming up at 5:30. lower manhattan, kim early richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. female teacher on long island accused of sexually harassing her male coworkers. two teachers filed a complaint. they claim the mother of two used her position as a
4:37 pm
department chairwoman to harass male staffers with crude remarks and unwanted come ons. one of the teachers claims the harassment got so bad he had to start seeing a psychiatrist. well a father from long island is behind bars today accused of driving drunk with three young children in the car. police pulled over 20-year-old carlos sanchez in plain view off. he was driving without a drinking. police say one of his children was also not in a safety seat. sanchez faces charges. a man from georgia speaking out for the first time after being shot trying to protect his family during a home invasion. mike heard a knock on the door of his atlanta home after coming home from vacation. he found four men on the other side with guns at the door. he held them back as his wife ran out of the back door of the house with her six-month-old in her arms. meanwhile, the couple's two-
4:38 pm
year-old was upstairs napping. one last warning from the robbers. >> right about that moment i saw him put the gun on mike. >> he warned me one last time, get out of the way. and then i felt him shoot me in my left leg. >> we really do value every moment that we have together now. >> whitney was on the phone with 911 when the shooting happened after her husband was hit. the robbers ran. one suspect was caught. three are still on the loose. her husband is recovering at home from his gunshot wounds to his leg. much happier note. hip hop star paterson native gearing up for a back to school concert in new jersey. it comes of a chaotic scene at his concert on long island. he was trying to help two females who got trapped under a fence. the rapper jumped off the stage into the audience causing the crowd to rush the stage. on thursday he's holding a back
4:39 pm
to school concert at paterson high school. everyone's excited about that. students pick up their students today. parents will lie heavily on them. a warning that a popular brand of baby wipes. causing rashes. a couple was attacked by a
4:40 pm
pack of in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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beta blockers maybe a way
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to give women a better chance to survive ovarian cancer. scientists looked at 1400 women with the cancer. women who took the beta blockers survived twice as long. drugs are usually used for blood pressure and heart issues. researchers say more studies are needed before its recommend as an add on treatment. hundreds of customers claim the popular huggies baby wipes are riddled with shards of glass. her son has had a rash ever since she started using the diapers. the company is responding individually to the people complaining about the wipes online. >> we use the natural care ones. i mean it should be natural stuff. there should be no -- anything hard in there. >> huggies doesn't plan to recall the project but it set up a page to answer questions about the issue.
4:43 pm
frightening moments for a couple who say they were attacked by a pack of radionulls. she and her husband were walking their dog in san francisco when a racoon attacked them. the couple says the struggle lasted a few seconds until the neighbor came to the rescue with his golf club to bang on garbage cans scaring off the racoons. >> i looked up to see where's my husband and i look and racoons are jumping on him. >> she suffered several bite wounds and rashes. she and her husband are going through rabies treatments. i had one stuck in my attic. >> still coming up, fans injured at baseball games. new calls to add more protection for folks in the stands. caught on camera, dangerous
4:44 pm
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there are calls for safety measures and baseball stadiums after two more people were injured by foul balls over the weekend. a woman watching the chicago cubs play yesterday was hospitalized after she was hit by a line drive foul ball. on friday, a fan in detroit was seriously hurt after that person was hit in their head by another foul ball.
4:47 pm
some of the sports biggest stars are urging baseball officials to take action. >> it seems like something happens once a game where a ball just misses a fan. inevitably it's small kids or women. >> a oakland a's fan is suing major league baseball demanding the league send protective netting to the foul lines. but fans who buy those seats don't want netting in front of them. >> i would go with the hockey, you know, in the first row, the hockey plexy glass. >> but then the sound is compromised. you see little league world series games in the netting all over the place like that. >> it's netting. you can see through the netting. >> it's going to be packed through october the way things are. you know who's playing the mets ? last place boston red sox.
4:48 pm
we have a hazy sky out there. warm on the humid sky. so far dry skies are with us for the next couple hours. we'll sea more clouds through the evening hours. and it'll be warm and more humid. the humidity actually took a temporary dip this afternoon. now it'll spike up ahead of a cold front over night. the first threat of a thunderstorm at least in new york city could arrive midnight at 1:00 a.m. this computer model showing it at 4:00. that threat still there will at that time. even in the western suburbs. 6:00 or 7:00. the astros are in town against the yankees. i think we squeeze in the ball game. if it were to go really late, maybe a thunderstorm approaches but i think the game should be dry. but if you decide to make that last minute trip down to philly to see the met, it's 83. but there are scattered storms around. there maybe an interruption or two. hopefully it stays west of philly. meanwhile the thunder threat will go through midday tomorrow. and i would even say you have to extend it into the afternoon in let's say the hudson valley, connecticut, and long island. northeast of new york city.
4:49 pm
still could be a thunderstorm around with a slow exist of a cold front. -- a slow exit of a cold front. the tropics, the remnants of danny, tropical depression, remnants during the day today. still hoping these thunderstorms will keep tracking toward puerto rico. you see a thunderstorm in the western part of the island. we need a good soaking to get here. lots of drought there. and then a candidate for erica. that could be tonight into tomorrow morning. looking more impressive with 45 miles per hour winds. here's a look at what the computer charts are suggesting over the next five days. a similar track to danny. home running meanwhile you have thunderstorms going into the poke knows and catskills right now. and these storms probably get into delaware by 6:00 or 6:30 and they slowly move york city closer to the midnight hour. but it's going to take a while for storms to come in. you see the future cast. there it is. 8:00 or 9:00. into new york city around midnight. the storms becoming more
4:50 pm
they run into a storm or two for your morning commute. and during the afternoon, primarily northeast of new york city before the dryer air comes in. south wind, 10 to 15. rip current risk is moderate tomorrow. the air quality is poor. there's still an air quality alert over new jerse until 11:00 tonight. once the humidity leaves tomorrow afternoon, it's gone the rest of the week, pleasant through friday and the last weekend of august is looking great. we may remain dry. an awesome stretch after we get through tomorrow midday. >> back to work and you can totally coast. >> feet go up again. here's what's trending on this back to work monday. and the first contestant of this season's dancing with the stars is at the top of many feeds after she was introduced on good morning america. the daughter of the late crocodile hunter steve erwin is all grown up and ready to make a name for herself. she's 17 years old now. >> charming.
4:51 pm
>> isn't that something. she was eight years old when her father died in that sting ray attack. she currently lives with her mother and brother on the grounds of the australia zoo that the family owns the rest of the stars will be introduced over the next two weeks. season 21 starts here on channel 7 september 14th. john stewart is still trending as a host. last night he was back in the wwe ring for the summer slam. he played the role of the latest wrestling villain by slamming a chair into his stomach. paving the way for seth rollins to win the bought for some reason that's trending high. to an act of good sportsmanship. a young pitchers reaction when an opposing batter hit a grand slam off of him. the young pitcher just as much in awe of the shot as anyone else in the park. look at that.
4:52 pm
man he got all of that. respect. wow. that was some home run. >> that's fantastic. >> the other players were congratulating him also. have you seen the latest commercial for madden nfl 16. they turn their favorite players and coaches into movie characters for a make believe blockbuster movie. >> gronkowski, julio jones. antonio brown as sticky bun. coach rex ryan as lil pepper. >> i threw gronkowski in there just for you. there you go. a great franchise. al pacino is represented by collin kaepernick. don't you have something trending on your own. >> charlotte goldberg trending today. >> mama goldberg. >> happy birthday mom, love you
4:53 pm
have a great day. >> charlotte happy birthday, we love ya. >> check out the trend online and send us your trend ideas using the #thetrend. still to come, video that's going crazy on social media, watch a good samaritan take driver. and we continue to follow breaking news out of queens a car slammed into a building in rego park queens.
4:54 pm
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a video is going viral on facebook for stopping a woman operating a motor vehicle under the influence. >> i was doing what i hope
4:57 pm
anybody would do. >> now grateful tragedy averted. >> thank goodness he was there. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5 begins right now. two breaking news stories. first, a sell off on wall street. stocks plunging nearly 1100 points at the opening bell, trying to recover throughout the day and ending down significantly once again. tonight we take a closer look at what this slide means for your wallet. first, a casino bus smashing through a building destroying a huge chunk of it. tonight six people are hurt some of them seriously. >> here's the newest information. firefighters say the second floor of the building is resting on top of the bus.
4:58 pm
they are checking the structural integrity of the building. >> as this as they try to figure out how the crash happened in the first place. n.j. burkett is at the scene. >> reporter: outside the crash scene here in rego park where the fdny just conducted a news briefing. the news somewhat better. six injured, not seven as first reported. one of those injured was actually inside the building. amazingly nobody on the street was injured. i say amazingly because witnesses are telling us that this all happened in an instant. the impact was severe. the bus slammed head long into the side of the building. blood and bricks everywhere and a blast of bricks, glass and dust. firefighters took no chances with any of the injured though,
4:59 pm
strapping them onto sketchers and rushing them to area hospitals. none of the gyrocopters are life-threatening. it was a casino bus taking passengers to and from the gaming sites in queens. nypd investigators are on the scene. how it happened not yet clear. the driver may be the most seriously injured of them all. the buildings department is also here as you would expect because it's not clear whether the building is structurally sound. >> five people on board the bus, one person in the house were taken to the hospital being taken care of now. >> i thought there was a medical emergency with them because traffic was flowing nice, no cars cut him off or anything and he plows right into the building. >> reporter: now, there are conflicting statements. another witness told us the bus driver was cut off by a car. the casino resorts world expressed


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