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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  WABC  August 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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authorities say the worker was trying to walk across a wooden walkway when he fell about four stories down an elevator shaft. >> now to that bust that took down a popular escort website. investigators say the site was just a front for what was actually a multimillion dollar prostitution ring. >> eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is near the scene with all the details. kem? >> reporter: well, liz, just moments ago, federal agents wrapped up that raid here on west 14th street. but for nearly five hours, we watched them carry out boxes and computers and evidence they say proves this company was not what it appeared to be. now the ceo of jeffrey harant. he was arrested and six of his employees this morning at their homes. despite its name this company is not involved with children. but officials maintain the evidence will show was an online brothel. a thinly veiled front again for prostitution.
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operation on twitter has more than 20,000 followers and says it's the original and world's largest male escort site promised companionship. a way to -- [ inaudible ] the company made more than $10 million. at the company's west 14th street offices, today's raid focused on the fourth floor where they operated. authorities seized six bank accounts also which contained more than $1.4 million, money they say was directly tied to this operation. also just moments ago, some of these defendants appeared in front of a federal judge in court in downtown brooklyn. much more on that part of the story coming up at 5:00. for now live in union square, death penalty death penalty, eyewitness news -- kemberly richardson, eyewitness news. right now on wall street the closing bell just rang. one day after a massive selloff the dow was up during most of the trading day but couldn't
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hold on to the gains by the closing bell. here's a look at the big board at 15,665. abc's marci gonzalez live outside the new york stock exchange with more. for a while everyone thought it was going to be an up day and then this happened. >> reporter: yeah, that's david. a last second selloff after stocks as you mentioned the first part of the day bouncing recovering from the dow's unprecedented 1,000 point drop yesterday. the office instability sparked in part by fears of a domino economy. overnight they stepped in with emergency measures including lowered interest rates but it didn't help for long. and experts say to expect more volatility in the days to to come. i will have much more on that and how all of this could affect interest rates coming up at 5:00. for now we are live at the new york stock exchange, marci news. thank you.
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and first at 4:00, a suspected case of legionnaire's disease inside one of new york city's biggest hospitals. new york presbyterian said today it identified a patient on the upper east side who is suspected of having the potentially deadly disease. the origin of the infection is unknown but it's a week after city health officials declared a separate deadly legionnaire's outbreak in the south bronx was over. new york presbyterian released a statement saying in part the hospital is taking several proactive measures including instituting precautions around water machines for medical and surgical parents. a man killed by authorities inside a house in pennsylvania today was also accused of jumping the fence at the white house. investigators say curtis smith slashed a deputy in the lobby of the court building in philadelphia earlier today. smith was then shot by another deputy. the injured officer is expected to survive. officials say smith was detained by the secret service back in march for jumping the perimeter fence at the white house.
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well, several firefighters are recovering this afternoon some resident are without a home after flames took over a house in the bronx. it happened today in the eden what would section and eyewitness news reporter aj ross has more on a family who was giving thanks they made it out okay. >> reporter: witnesses say this was a fast and furious blaze that quickly spread through the two and a half story bronx home. our chopper got the shots overhead as multiple flames shot from the roof early tuesday morning. >> i was called -- i was on my way to work and i got the phone call that the house was on fire. >> reporter: francine powell who lives on the top floor with her family says her 16-year-old son had just left the house before the flames broke out. >> my family's safe and that's all that really matters. i'm scared but we're going to get through this and we're together. >> reporter: unfortunately everyone inside the building made it out safe. however the source of the blaze is still under investigation. fire officials sate it originated in the basement or first floor and quickly spread
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throughout the wooden structure. >> we have eight firefighters -- minor nor injuries right now. -- minor injuries right now. firefighters -- it was very difficult. >> reporter: however, the intense heat and humidity also took its toll on crews with the blaze being upgraded to four alarms. >> this hot weather and all that, it's very burdensome in regards to the work that our people do. so they're being checked out for possibly minor burns. but to the neck, to the lower extremities still -- have to get clarification on that. >> reporter: again the eight hospitalized firefighters are expected to be okay and fortunately no one inside the home was hurt. the red cross is now on scene and i'm told most of the fire victims will be living with family temporarily. in the bronx, i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a police in new jersey are investigating a savvy group of thieves targeting homes when the homeowners are out of town. police in makewood say at least five burglaries there are connected. in several of the break-ins the thieves tore out security
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cameras to avoid leaving evidence. they have stolen cash, jewelry and electronics. new video of a suspect wanted for 30 car burglaries. the burglaries all happened the locations across bernards township. contact police if you have any another emotional day at the sentencing -- sentencing hearing for convicted movie theater shooter james holmes. al members of those killed and injured in the 2012 massacre in aurora, colorado took the stand. a woman whose nephew was killed spoke about the impact the tragedy has had on the family. >> i can't feel the gaping hole -- fill the gaping hole that's been dug into my brother's life and i can't do anything to alter the fact that our entire family is deprived for the rest of their lives of the jay that
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aj brought into our lives. >> tomorrow he will be formally sentenced to life in prison. police in queens have issued a ticket to the driver who may have caused a bust to crash into a building yesterday. the diver of toyota was issued a summons for making an improper turn yesterday afternoon. police say the driver turned right when the far left lane cutting in front of a casino bus in the park. six people were injured when that bus then jumped the curb and then slammed into the building. it's unclear whether the tenants will be able to return to their homes and offices there. new jersey governor chris christie today making an appeal to other new jersey politicians. don't support the iran nuclear deal. he appeared with jewish leaders today at rutgers university today. among the reasons he says, christie says the iran's leaders are not trustworthy and the nation made direct threats against the u.s. and israel. >> what we are talking about with this agreement goes well beyond the survival and the thriving of the state of israel.
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it goes to 70 years of nuclear deterrence in this world led by the united states. which is now being disposed of. >> a senator booker new jersey senator corey booker is reviewing the deal and yet to announce hoe he will vote next month. new jersey senator menendez opposes the deal. two of governor christie's rivals are sparring over immigration. former florida governor jeb bush held a meeting this morning with veterans in colorado. he hammered the obama administration for its handling of veterans' issues then turned his attention to republican front runner donald trump. saying trump's plan is unrealistic and too expensive. >> you can't build a wall and solve this. unless you build it in the middle of the -- of the rio grande -- you know river which i don't think is feasible. the cost of it is extraordinary, the terrain makes it. possible. it's a great soundbyte. but it's not defensible in terms of a practical policy.
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>> well, trump today tweeted quote -- it is not offense, it's a wall and there's a big difference. well, you trust them with your home. but police say a pair of cleaning women are anything but trustworthy. we're going to tell you what they're accused of coming up next. >> also ahead a tax on new york city subways. the disturbing new trend that is targeting the workers. plus this -- >> do you have a cop coming? >> okay. yeah. >> a terrified father begging for help as labor. we're going to tell you that operator was on the call the entire time. you're going to hear what happens next. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. part of the area is still oppressive. it's still sticky in new york city. but other parts refreshing. we'll tell you where the trend is headed as we go into the evening hours but here's your signal if you're traveling out and about. might be anitissed storm east. houston astros no problem
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it's 4:12 right now. let's check the roads on this tuesday evening and here's a look at the gowanus expressway. where it meets the prospect expressway in brooklyn. just call it the parkway now. it's just a park. >> a parking lot. >> it's a big slowdown there going westbound in particular. but no accidents to report anyway. as for the hudson river crossings, 20 minute delays outbound at the holland tunnels and ten minute delays at the and no issues to report right now at the george washington bridge. well, a man in new jersey was cleaning up in more ways than one. she's accused of stealing hundreds of pieces of jewelry from a client. dalia morales faces burglary and theft charges, police recovered five boxes of jewelry she took from a client's home in old bridge.
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she and her daughter run the cleaning service with clients in middlesex and somerset counties. police are urging other clients to check if they have also been robbed. and a former high school teacher in connecticut is now under arrest for taking videos up students' skirts. david marchetti was a languages teacher at brian mcman high school in norwalk, students told police in may that he had taken cell phone videos and -- under shorts and skirts. he's out on $25,000 bond and is due in court on friday. we're learning more about the man accused of planning an attack on a train in europe before he was stopped by four americans and a british businessman. investigators say he watched a jihadist video on his phone minutes before attempting the attack last friday. he was tackled and detained by a group of bystanders you saw there. meanwhile, u.s. airmen spencer stone is sharing more stories about the moment he charged
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him. >> this guy just kept pulling his weapons left and right. pulled out another handgun and seemed like he had pointed it backwards and -- clicked it at my head. it wasn't working either. we just kind of held him there for a couple of seconds, i'm like what is he doing? i like lean over his shoulder and i see he's got like a six inch box cutter blade. >> meanwhile the young american heroes are getting the star treatment in france. anthony sadler was invited to walk the red carpet for the movie premiere in paris of the film straight out of compton. a somber farewell today for louis stokes. among the mourners for the service today in cleveland, vice president biden. who was stokes' first -- louis stokes was ohio's first elected black member of congress. he died last week at the age of 90 after battling cancer. louis stokes is also the father of our colleague lori stokes
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and we say our thoughts and prayers are with lori today and her family and they have been with her and her family as he has ailed and been sick. >> yeah. our hearts and prayers with the entire family. miss them all. well, on a different topic some neighbors in philadelphia had a sinking feeling after a huge sinkhole opened up outside the homes. the crater surfaced at a water main break yesterday -- after a water main break yesterday and it just kept at one point, people gathered around to watch and snap pictures as water just gushed up. crews worked through the night and into this afternoon to try to get the problem fixed. and what do you do when you suffer the sinkhole that never gets fixed? some people in detroit came up with an interesting solution. they turned their hole into a fishing hole. neighbors say they've had to look at the eyesore for four years and they decided to turn it into something they could enjoy. look they stocked it with fish. this way they wouldn't have to look at the sinkhole. at some point crews started repairs but never finished.
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look into it. parts. >> a little recreational activity you know. >> that's making a good situation out of a bad one. >> a. for effort in that. >> always wonted a -- wanted a i pond. very creative. >> don't have to dig the hole. already there. i don't mean for this to be snarky or anything but are we in the comfortable snare in i think wills -- area? because i think it's lovely outside. >> it's definitely a little sticky and a little humid but that's part of the area and some of you may be watching and saying what it feels great. we have this nice breeze and i bet you're watching in northern new jersey or newburg into middletown and orange county through the mid hudson valley. but long island and connecticut and any part of new york city down the jersey shore, it's still really sticky outside. we touched 90 in new york city today. it's still hazy and that will be the difference. you will notice more of a deep blue sky. it's not by later today certainly during the day tomorrow.
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we're at 86. the humidity the still at 55%. we have a south wind at 8 and the pressure is on the fall. and again managed to touch the 90-degree mark today but look at the difference through the hudson valley. you have the 82 in newburg. 79 in monticello. so still 87 in poughkeepsie but much more comfortable air is starting do come from the north and west. belmar at 82 and long island at 82. yes lower numbers but the wind coming off the 75-degree ocean water and it's really humid out there. look at this change in direction. easy to find the front. you have all the southerly breezes from the parks east and you have the west wind and northwest out of morristown. just change in wind direction with the front and that's where it is. the dew points in the lower 70s to the east if in the mid 350s to the west. again comfort west. and very sticky off to the east. here's a planner through the evening hours. as you see that wind shift more to the west 6 to 12 miles an hour about 82. by midnight all getting into the drier air, then 689 degrees at 7:00 in the morning and really, really comfortable and tomorrow is just a glorious glorious day. radar looking like this.
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now where we have that high humidity you still have to watch out for a pop up storm around. i mean the front is still west of new york city. so anything on the right side of that front could still pop a storm but i think the way the radar is going, it's just going to be a spotty storm over long island and connecticut. as we go into the afternoon hours. and being heckled by a 3-year- old. really, really cute. rt will, so we're looking at the -- all right so we're looking at the radar and complete right now. low pressure north of the great lakes, what's happening with that is is that that's going to lift off into hudson bay. just on the southeastern edge of that. you'll notice over the next couple of days a few more puffy fair weather clouds over the catskills and poconos but that's the worst case. otherwise nice deep blue skies. only 71 in chicago feeling like fall and 68 in cleveland. but the way that that low is moving, we just get brushed biennia cooler air. so you know it's really comfortable tonight but we don't see the coolest temperatures that are upstate. we still get into the mid 80s tomorrow while it's only in the low 70s in a place like syracuse and 68 in the lake. so 85 tomorrow. dry delightful a few patchy
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clouds in the north and west. nice referabling breeze not too gusty. maybe 6, 12 miles per hour. another beauty on thursday, you can see on the futurecast how clouds are into the catskills and northwestern new jersey. partly sunny at times. becoming mostly clear on the accuweather forecast and less humid and 67. tomorrow, dry. brilliant sunshine and high in the mid 80s. then tomorrow night mainly clear and comfy. about 67 degrees. coming up at 4:30. have to watch the tropics, the remnants of danny leaving puerto rico and heading to the republic and of course what's going on with tropical storm erika and where will that storm be on the weekend? any heckler is across the street. but he had a lot to say about the forecast. >> the ice cream distracted him. >> we could hear his little voice. it was adorable. >> that is -- see you in a bit. well, caught on camera an unbelievable car chase. the troopers and the suspect driving the wrong way down the highway.
4:20 pm
an suv in utah tried to hit a trooper's car head-on and then kept going in the wrong direction. the troopers chased. the around and another trooper caught up to her and bumped the suv flipping it. and in spite of owl after this, the investigators -- all of this, the investigators say the driver put up a fight as she was being arrested and it's believed she was on drugs. and still to come, giving the gift of life. we're going to tell you how a grandmother helped bring her grandchild into the world. it's a marvel of medicine you have to see for yourself. >> and misty copeland. just hours away if her broadway -- from her broadway debut,
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well, there are new details this afternoon a federal appeals court has upheld the federal ban on sports setting. the decision is a major blow to new jersey isolatest effort to expand gambling options to help its struggling casinos and racetracks. at issue is whether a 2014 state law repealing prohibitions against sports gambling violates a 1992 federal ban in all states except nevada, oregon, montana, and delaware. the 2-1 ruling by a panel of judges does allow for an appeal. well, 17-year-old from new jersey becomes the first person known to swim through a treacherous 20 miles of the new york bite. this is a section of the coastline as you can see from this map. charlotte samuels started her journey around 7:00 saturday
4:24 pm
morning at atlantic beach only long island. and -- on long island. and hit the breach on the -- beach on the jersey shore around 5:00 this evening. samuels who is from ridgewood is already a record holder. abilities a year ago plea -- about a year ago she completed the triple crown of open water swimming. that includes crossing the english channel and competing in the -- completing the manhattan island marathon swim and catalina island swim. she made history this summer when she became the first american ballet theater -- first african-american prima ballerina. now a new frontier for misty cope land. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon has all the details. >> reporter: she is the first african-american woman to be named principal prestigious american ballet theater but going on the town is not as easy as you might think for misty cope land.
4:25 pm
>> it's definitely an extremely different form of dance, just because i'm a professional ballerina doesn't mean that i'm going to be good at this type of movement. >> reporter: copeland is at the top of her game. named this year by "time" magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in america. so why take the risk? >> as an artist, i think it's important to challenge yourself if you want to grow and stay at the top of your game. >> reporter: on the town tells the story of three sailors on leave here in the city and the three women they meet. copeland's character is like her, a dancer. >> so i don't think that i'm -- i'm doing anything that's stepping so far kind of to the left of what i'm capable of. >> reporter: but misty was not one of those who grew up singing in the shower and dreaming of broadway. >> being a shy child. i don't think i was singing nick in the -- anything in the shower. >> reporter: you were shy? >> yeah. i mean, like -- debilitatingly shy.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: she found solace in dance and even before that, in the music of mariah carey. >> being biracial which she is and so am i. there was something i was just drawn that. >> reporter: copeland lives here in the city now which only serves to make this experience more meaningful. >> it's a privilege to be a part of this world. and something i never thought i would be a part of. >> reporter: in midtown, i'm sandy ken yen, channel 7 eyewitness news -- kenon, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> break a leg. >> yeah should be great. >> fantastic. and still to come, subway train operators attacked. the search for we'll tell you how some strap hangers jumped in to help in one of the cases.
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>> it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, caught on camera. a robbery suspect taken down. >> i had the capabilities and i had -- i mean, you got to help people when you can. >> well introduce you to the hero who jumped into action.
4:30 pm
plus, new details on the baby girl born on the side of a road in new jersey. >> you have a cop coming? could you send him to me. >> hear from the new mom and the panicked call for help. and a revolutionary procedure giving hope to some women who can't have children. a woman gives birth from a transplanted womb donated by her mom. now top story this half hour, three subway train operators attacked in a span of two hours. >> the separate assaults happened saturday night in one of the attacks strap hangers actually jumped in to help the operator. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is on the lower east side with the story. a. j.? >> reporter: first of the three attacks happened right here at this essex street station and although police do not believe they're related the mta is calling them extremely disturbing. tonight i spoke with a train operator who was targeted and he says he now wants to see some changes from the mta. >> he said so what are you going to do? what are you going to do? then he came in the cabin and
4:31 pm
punched me with his right hand closed first. >> reporter: with no rhyme reason or warning, he was punched in the face by a rider. who managed to slip into his train operator room on the j. train saturday night. >> caught me right here. and for a moment i'm like -- i didn't realize what happened. i'm like did he just hit me because i felt something you know really hard. then i -- oh he just did. >> reporter: he warned the guy a couple of times before stop leaning on his door. but the guy simply lost it at essex street. 6'0" tall and about 230 pounds, it took several other riders to break up the fight. >> some other passengers were like -- telling him you know not to do that. and step away. and so he attacked them also. i'm not sure how many, maybe three or four. it was like a brawl on the train. >> reporter: police say about an hour later, another rider assaulted a different motorman aboard the c. line at uric lid avenue in east new york city. investigate investigators the -- according to investigators
4:32 pm
he struck the train operator with a can of beer. another separate attack where a suspect spit in the face of the applator on -- operator on the g. line at port square station. although police don't believe they're related. he believes that more needs to be done to protect the train operators doing their jobs. >> we work in a very hostile environment. there's all sorts of people down there and they carry weapons. i could have been easily stabbed afteryou know something worse could have happened. >> reporter: the mta released a following statement a short time ago saying quote an assault on our employees is an attack on all of us, we remain committed to the safety and security of all our employees. live in lower manhattan, this evening, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you a.j.. police are meeting with real estate agents in iowa this week after disturbing threat raised security concerns. officials say an agent in west des moines received a phone from someone claiming to be a gang member and targeting
4:33 pm
people in the real estate industry. the agent immediately called police and canceled scheduled open house appointments. >> we're out there in our numbers are accessible 24/7. so to get a phone call like that, it should always be taken seriously. every threat is definitely one we don't joke about. >> security has been a concern for real estate agents in that community after the unsolved murder of an agent in des moines four years ago. well, the children of a shooting instructor killed accidentally by a child wants to prevent the same thing from happening again. this photo shows the 9-year-old girl, from new jersey with a sub machine gun at a shooting range in northern arizona. while she was on vacation, a year ago today. instructor charles have coo is the one who is to the left of the girl. his children have launched an online petition pushing for legislation to keep children from shooting fully automailed weapons. first at 4:00, authorities
4:34 pm
on long island have plans for a new state-of-the-art emergency management center for hurricanes. >> it should be used by the police, the fire department and the office of emergency management to store emergency food rations, generators, blankets, batteries, water and other provisions. that will help our residents in the event of another destructive superstorm. >> hopefully, it won't get a lot of use. but the center will be built in free port officials say it will provide support to local residents during potential hurricanes and other potential disasters. well, demand for tickets to a free back to school concert surprisingly slow according to paterson's mayor. just 700 of the 1200 tickets available for thursday's show were handed out yesterday to the public schools. ticket distribution resumed this morning and just ended. he grew up in paterson and attended east side high school. the mystic pizza harbor,
4:35 pm
the -- parlor got a dose of reality as the owner heads to prison. he was found guilty on monday. prosecutors say he took more than $330,000 profits from the restaurant made famous in the location's 1988 name sake movie and kept them for himself and family members and then filed false tax returns to hide the income. his sentence one year in prison and three years of supervised release. well, we are learning new details about the baby girl born on the side of the road in sea bright. mom and dad got stuck in traffic coming back from the jersey shore and little baby wait. well, today we are hearing from help. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot has the story. >> you have a cop coming? a panicked father. >> sir, listen -- >> i need help. >> reporter: trevor abbud calling for help as his wife gives birth to a baby girl stuck in traffic. >> it went from likes this it
4:36 pm
to i'm going to have to deliver this baby. >> reporter: trevor and rosemary enjoying a day at the shore with their 17-month-old son when rosa's water broke unexpectedly. >> i went into labor a week early. i was actually due the 29th. >> reporter: the family, trying to drive to the hospital but trapped a traffic jam in sea bright, new jersey. >> i blasted to get people's attention. the baby is coming out. >> reporter: luckily a woman in the car ahead of the abbuds a trauma nurse trained for this type of emergency. >> her head and shoulder were already out. >> reporter: rose giving birth to a healthy 7-pound, 13-ounce girl in the front of her car. bella rose and mom are both doing just fine. >> it couldn't have worked out any better. >> i would prefer to be in the hospital. [ laughter ] >> reporter: shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> got to love them. i would prefer to be in the hospital. by the way you can hear the entire 911 call on our website. abcny7. >> i just want to warn you i get anxious every time i hear that 911 call and i hear that
4:37 pm
dad talking. >> you're not even the one in labor. well, it's a time of year when kids are often anxious about returning to school. what you can help to help alleviate the anxiety. >> a revolutionary procedure, a woman gives birth from a transplanted womb. a womb that was donated by her mom. >> plus, a stranger jumps into action to [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need. are you guys texting each other? whether it's 3 megs or 300 megs. yeah. for the right price. from $14.99 everyday low price internet, to 300 meg ultra-fast internet, we have you covered. even with wifi at home and on the go.
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plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable. enjoy better.
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well, this is the time of year and it can be tough for kids and parents when the back to school anxiety starts to ramp up. so what is the best way to handle it? from homework to social pressure, mental health experts say don't pummel your kids with questions about their feelings. it's better just to listen. also offer up ways to help solve problems. for example, if your child is worried about a bully, you can ask them to make a plan if they encounter a bully this year. by the way, we have back to school help right on our home page at abcny7 from school lunch ideas to saving money on school supplies. well, a medical marvel in sweden. a woman has given birth from a transplanted womb that was donated by her own mother. as a result three generations of the same family are now linked by a single uterus.
4:41 pm
it happened nine monthings ago but the -- months ago but family is now deciding to tell their story, the mother lost her womb to cancer when she was in her 20s. she's one of just four women in the world to have a baby using a transplanted womb. >> the medical terms special -- actually make maximum usage of the organ. has given birth and cannot be used for that womb and then it can be put another womb. in this case it's the daughter and the use again and that is actually very good. >> just incredible. s a for the new mother, she and her husband are contemplating a second child now. transplanted wombs are intended for maximum of two pregnancies before they are all removed. >> just amazing. hey, want to help your diet? researchers say eat out less and pack your lunches. new study from the journal of public health and nutrition found people who pack their lunches and who make their meals at home had overall better diets.
4:42 pm
people who ate on the run, purchased food often and used media such as the tv while eating, often identity less healthy -- ate less healthy. everyone should know this already? researchers are suggesting that -- they're getting paid money the researchers -- they're sunlighting the u.s. develop -- suggesting the u.s. develop guy tear guidelines -- dietary guidelines. meanwhile who firefighters are being honored. surveillance video from texas shows the firefighter dana gaskey tackling the man who police say was threatening the clerk with a knife. he disarmed and detained suspect until police arrived with weeks ago and assisted -- assistant chief helped stop who men who were mugging -- two men who were mugging a woman in a parking lot. both are taking all this praise in stride. >> i had the capability and i had -- i mean, you got to help people when you can. >> that's not really heroism. it's being in the right place at the right time. [ applause ] >> got to help people when you can. love that.
4:43 pm
well both men were given awards for their heroism by city officials. but wait, there's more. now to the power of a mother's love on display in this story. a mom fights off a carjacker to protect her toddler: amanda just strapped her 18-month-old daughter scarlet in the backseat when two men approached and asked for a ride. in florida. when she said no, one of the men ran off but the second dove into the car. her instincts kicked in she jumped into the car as the thief threw it into reverse and grabbed for the keys and broke them off in the ignition. >> wow. >> i stopped moving and i got this back into park. somehow fighting with him. and he kept telling me no, like no, no no. by that time the cops were here. it was no way he was going getting my child. >> wow right? police quickly arrested the two suspects they say the men had dumped another stolen car in a nearby lake. but they picked the wrong one to try and get the next time. >> don't mess with mom. >> you're not taking my car with my kid in it. forget all about that. >> definitely.
4:44 pm
a costly mistake. a big hole in a painting worth more than $1 million. we're going to have details coming up on what happened. talk about a major fail. >> and plus a 10-year-old alone and lost in the mountains. the skills he had that so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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well, season 19 of the abc talk show "the view" kicks off in just a few weeks. and they're going to be a whole bunch of new faces, jay bay
4:47 pm
what are making -- joy behar making her return. also added former sitcom star candace cameron-bure from "full house." comedian michelle colins and actress raven simon. at 11:00 in the morning followed by eyewitness news at noon. but mu buddy here. >> that's right. wishing you the view a lot of luck. a museum trying to repair a painting worth $1.5 million after oops, a boy accidentally put his fist through it. oh. we got a problem. the 350-year-old painting by paolo porpora was on display in taiwan on loan from italy. titled flowers. it was on loan. the 12-year-old boy poor thing tripped over the painting's roped barrier and accidentally -- boom, hand goes through. we got a problem. everybody's freaking out. museum administrators are not asking his family to pay for the damage. they are though hoping insurance will cover
4:48 pm
restoration costs and compensate the painting's owner but really it's done. >> you would hope that insurance would you know if you're in an art museum. that's what insurance is for. >> i suspect -- but made in taiwan? >> oh no. >> i don't like flowers. [ laughter ] that's the real story. >> can you imagine that? >> i don't want to go to sleep early. >> i did something mom. >> poor kid. i'm sure. it was an accident. meanwhile -- >> yes. >> it's really nice out there. >> you know depending on your perspective. a lot of people said it's a little humid and little uncomfortable. >> what are you talking about? >> we're loving it. >> there we go. not to jump down the throat at all. >> speaking for the massings outside. actually going to get much more confident physical you don't like the way it is right now. in a few hours. if you like the way it is right now just go outside and savor it for another few hours until the humidity drops. a lot of times we make this transition to more comfortable air via a thunderstorm. but we're just not seeing that on radar right now. that's happening over new england at this point. we're at 86 i like seeing the wind picking up a little bit right now because we're going
4:49 pm
see it shift over to the west. there was a marine statement just came out from the weather service and any boulders in new york harbor, want to be aware because a cold front is coming through and kicking up the winds. if you have a friend or loved one in a boating craft on the shore or in the new york bite. maybe send them a text or communicate to give them a message the wind might kick up briefly as the front comes through. meanwhile mainly clear skies and we'll drop to the 70s and the tomb hi will drop as well. sticky to started a at the stadium. no rain threat. mets and phillies and philadelphia. no problem there. already drying out as we go through the evening hours same idea with the humidity dropping during the day. planner for tomorrow what a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine. nice breeze out of the west- northwest. low humidity lots of sunshine. feels great. a few extra patchy clouds north and west. the remnants of danny, good soaking for puerto rico now it's onto the dominican
4:50 pm
republic and haiti continues to move eastward. erica not looking as impressive all of a sudden some thunderstorms blowing up around the storms and maintaining intensity at the winds. now actually 40-mile-per-hour winds and racing off to the west at a good clip around 20 miles per hour. this track will go just north of the danny track. taking it north of the leeward islands and north of puerto rico. hopefully still getting some rain to the area and then this one may maintain some strength. it's going to run into some resistance with dry air and wind shear over the atlantic but could be a tropical storm near the bahamas over the weekend. this far out look at the cone not that red line. because if you look at some of the computer weather charts the bahamas going to kind of be the fork in the roads. east coast has to be concerned. so does the gulf. so we'll be watching that over the next five, seven days. meanwhile, thunderstorms severe over parts of northern connecticut and western mass we missed that but a cold front is sitting right here through the area. there's still could be an isolated pop-up storm in the evening hours, 99% of the year is going to be dry. then the dry air comes in later tonight and tomorrow is
4:51 pm
gorgeous with lots of sunshine and low to mid-80s. boaters light wind out of the west northwest tomorrow the rip current back to low. it's a great beach day. the air quality will improve as well. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, this is a snooze and cruise forecast for me. low to mid-80s with low humidity into the upcoming weekend. the weekend will change a little bit because the heat will turn up and a little cirrus coming in and sunday could feel a lot like today. a spotty storm early next week but the pattern through at least the first two weeks of september continuing with summer warmth and humidity. >> snoozing and cruising for you. >> not over yet. >> that's great. all right. thanks lee. you couldn't do better than that? >> i can always do better. >> that's as good as it gets? all right. >> for today. >> you can slide today. here's what's trending on this tuesday and donald trump continuing his feud with megyn kelly. the republican candidate for president tweeted i like the kelly file much better without megyn kelly. perhaps take another 11 days
4:52 pm
unscheduled vacation and that wasn't the only antikelly tweet. it went on and on and on. no response from kelly at this point. on the latest rounds of attacks but fox news chairman called the attack unacceptable and disturbing. as we count down to the next chapter in the "star wars" story to hit the big screen in december, an artist has envisioned what some of the favorite characters would look like on vacation. artist kyle haggy selling the series of portraits featuring the names darth vader -- >> he would not stick the pinky out like that. >> yes he would. c 3 po. also a favorite. his prints are for sale on well, an amateur filmmaker turned his living room into a scene out of "jaws" with his kids battling off the man eating shark the special effects magic is trending like crazy.
4:53 pm
>> no way! >> how cool? the kid is having a blast and then the little one is like oh -- okay. >> what's going on? >> there's a shark in my living room. holy cow. >> i mean honestly when you were a kid didn't you imagine it like that? that's%ly what it was like when you're like -- dad playing monster. [ laughter ] >> is that a sinking laundry basket? >> don't worry everything is all good. clearly the kids had a blast. only just the vacuum cleaner. now to some news by the movie is donna. her boyfriend and she were shopping and the boyfriend couldn't help himself from having some fun with the scandinavian names with his products. >> buy joe? oh. have we all got what we need? you just think you're smarter than me. [ laughter ] >> wow. donna, donna. keeps on going and going. all right. i actually enjoyed this. donna not so much. check out "the trend" online at abcny7 and send us the trend ideas using the hashtag hetrend.
4:54 pm
>> never taking you here again. >> that was his plan right there. >> never taking you anywhere again. >> that was the master plan. and still to come, lost in the woods. coming up, a 10-year-old's story of survival. we're going tell you what he did overnight to stay warm and get rescuers to finally notice him. >> and here's a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossings. 20 minutes outbound at the holland and ten minutes going both ways at the lincoln.
4:55 pm
and no delays right now at th ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki.
4:56 pm
she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? you're a parent. i'm a colonel. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good. a young boy showing off survival skills. a spent a night in the utah forest. he did everything right to help
4:57 pm
rescue teams find him. >> reporter: malachi bradley is back in the arms of his family. >> how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> reporter: he was camping with his family in the remote mountains east of salt lake city when he set out to gather mushrooms but got lost. >> i didn't have anything bad happen to me other than tripping, getting a few cuts. >> reporter: the boy, just 10 years old using his survival smarts he learned from his dad. as temperatures dropped into the 30s, he used large rocks for shelter, wrapping a t-shirt around his legs and staying huddled in his jackets that he used to filter water to drink while a team of 100 searched for him and rescuers combed the mountain for any sign. >> i thought if i was in an open space maybe the helicopters and them could find me. so, i sat there most of the day looking at helicopters. >> reporter: and find him they did. a ride on a rescue chopper bringing his 28 hour ordeal to an end.
4:58 pm
>> he looks like he has been through a hard time which he has but his spirits are up. he will be okay which is the bottom line. that is super exciting. >> such a relief. >> reporter: rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can see how happy the family is. >> you can see the moms awe. "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. a man attempting to break up a fight in new jersey becoming a victim himself killed while trying to come to the rescue of his friend. they advertise themselves as a male escort service offering companionship. the popular web site called rent boy is shut down. the operator is now charged with prostitution. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa.
4:59 pm
>> i'm bill ritter in for diana tonight. we will have those stories in a moment. first, breaking news in new jersey. nypd police and u.s. coast guard converged on the ambrose channel off sandy hook. this is in new jersey right now. >> divers are about to go in the water. it's not clear what they are searching for. from newscopter 7 we have seen at least two coolers and a life ring in the water. >> we will stay with the pictures because the newsroom is being told the nypd helicopter is about to drop these divers into the water. this is the ambrose channel off sandy hook in new jersey. let's stay with this. two rings, sade, a life ring and two coolers is implying that there are people somewhere around there. we don't know yet. we have nothing confirmed what they are looking for but we are told they are about to send divers in the water. we will stay with this for a few minutes. >> at this point, we don't know what they are searching for but the divers will go in.


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