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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it looks like they are now searching the water, looking to see if there is anyone there in the water. but, again, we will keep a close eye on this one. we will probably dip in and out of this coverage. the divers are about to go in the water hopefully looking for someone and we will come back to this shot in a few minutes. >> news copter is recording video. the male escort service, rent boy management tonight is charged with offering male companionship that goes beyond taking in a movie. >> the web site is taking in millions of dollars and busted tonight by local and federal authorities. >> they were in business for nearly two decades. lost of curious folks on our facebook page 1 during why they were just shut down -- wondering why they were just shut down now. >> reporter: the ceo of this company based in union square, he walked out of federal court after facing a judge. for years he billed the operation as the original and
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world's largest male escort site. he removed the middle so interested clients could connect. >> the web site matched itself as a legitimate companionship style web site. >> reporter: federal officials maintain it was anything but and today raided the west 14th street headquarters of what they say was an online brothel. pedestrian they maintain that was a thinly veiled front for male prostitution. pimp. he was arrested along with six of his employees. the 50-year-old lives in lower manhattan where agents surprised him at sunrise and took him into custody. late today the defendant's faced a judge in downtown brooklyn. >> the case involves first amendment issues and the use of technology and as a society, we are constantly catching up with the technology. >> reporter: the multimillion dollar company promised use
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ergs a chance to connect with men all over the world. officials say subscribers would pay a minimum fee of 59.95 and up to several hundred dollars to advertise sexual services. on the site, men could provide physical descriptions and post links to other web sites where prior customers had raided them. this was a profitable venture. between 2010 and 2015 it pulled in more than $10 million. the feds hope this take down sends a strong message to other similar illegal operations. >> dismantle and disrupt these organizations involved in activities that affect public safety. >> reporter: again, moments ago, the ceo of this company walked out of federal court after facing a judge. if convicted, each defendant faces up to five years in jail, in prison and up to $250,000
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fine. live in union square, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you. tragedy at a construction site in manhattan. a construction worker falling to his death in the hell's kitchen section. accident happened at 42nd and ninth avenue this afternoon. paramedics rushing a man to bellevue medical center and that is where he was pronounced dead. authorities say the worker was trying to walk across a wooden walkway when he fell about four stories down an elevator shaft. a hot day making it more difficult for firefighters battling a fire that destroyed a home in the bronx. newscopter 7 was overhead as flames shot through the roof. a woman who lives on the top floor with her family says her 16-year-old son had just left the house before the fire broke out. >> i was on my way to work. when i got out of the train station, i got the phone call that the house was on fire. my family is safe. i am scared. we will get through this. we are together.
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>> fortunately everyone inside the house made it out safely. eight firefighters suffered minor injuries. no word on the cause. the structural integrity of the building in queens badly damaged by a casino bus tonight very much in doubt. no one allowed in their office or home as inspectors try to figure out how to shore up the battered multiuse multistory building. n.j. burkett is at the scene with the latest for us. >> reporter: as you can see, the scaffolding is up and huge steel beams are being put in place. inspectors are hoping that that will be building from toppling over. until they know for sure, it's all locked down which is bad news for people here who want to get on with their lives. more than 24 hours after the crash, workers are still struggling to stabilize the building where the skidmarks tell the story. the bus slammed head long into the building in a blast of
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bricks, glass and dust. neighbors and bystanders joined firefighters to guide the stunned passengers to safety. the wreckage. >> i saw the driver covered with bricks up to his neck. >> reporter: george was the first bystander to reach the driver. >> with that pressure, i breathe. but he opened his eyes. when i asked him, he did that a few times. he was going in and out, in and out. >> reporter: investigators say the driver lost control after he was cut off by another motorist. this woman watched it happen. >> he tried to avoid it at all costs. it was not his fault at all. >> reporter: many residents say new express bus lanes make for dangerous traffic parents. the damaged building houses a law firm, a realtor and residents in upstairs apartments. >> i am calm. >> you seem calm. >> surprisingly. >> reporter: she is getting married this weekend and many
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of the clothes for the ceremony are in her mother's apartment on the third floor. >> her bedroom is above the construction worker over there. >> my father's tuxedo and, you know, all the jewelry for the wedding, everything that we were prepping plus we have visitors from earn europe so their -- eastern europe so their stuff is there, too. >> reporter: the temporary repairs should be sufficient for people like paulina and others to get their belongings but whether the building can be saved is still not clear tonight. the bus driver, i'm told, is still hospitalized with serious injuries. the only one from the accident who suffered serious injuries. the local councilwoman wants all of these bus lanes to come under dot review. live in rego park, queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in new jersey, authorities released a name of the man shot
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and killed by police over the weekend. ocean county prosecutors say 21- year-old julian hoffman appeared to have a black semi- automatic handgun when he approached two brick township officers sunday night. sources say it turned out to be a bb gun. a man, hoffman, called 911, saying he would cause a disturbance. both officers are on administrative leave. a suspected case of legionnaires inside one of new york city's biggest hospitals. new york presbyterian has identified a patient at the wild cornell campus on the upper east side suspected of having legionella. the origin is unknown at this time. it comes a week after city health officials declared a separate deadly outbreak in the south bronx was over. another volatile day on wall street. the stock market making an effort to come out of the financial trenches until the last minutes before the closing bell when the market tumbled again.
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the dow closed 205 after a stunning collapse after trading moments before. panic. tonight keep your guard up. marci gonzales is on wall street with the latest. >> reporter: keep your guard up but most experts still say it didn't quite time to worry as investors brace for the likelihood of more volatility over the next few days. a roller coaster on wall street. just minutes before the closing bell, a free-fall, the dow down after rebounding from yesterday's 1,000 point drop. monday's losses cutting $3,000 from the average american's 401(k). >> don't make any changes in your portfolio based on the last week. >> reporter: the volatility sparked on fears from the domino of effect of china's economy. >> if china's economy slows down their people will demand
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less and less of the products that we make here. that is bad for u.s. jobs. >> reporter: chinese regulators stepped in with emergency measures including lowered interest rates. it didn't stop the free-fall in chinese markets it helped send stocks soaring in europe. >> there is still uncertainty causing sell office, panic beyond what is necessary. strap in for a bit of a bumpy ride. >> reporter: but some experts say the volatility could actually be a good thing for anyone thinking about buying a home, a car or getting a credit card saying it could delay the federal reserve from increasing interest rates which would keep borrowing cheaper. live in the stock exchange, marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay. thank you. we want to go back to the scene of that breaking news off sandy hook. apparently -- at first we were unsure what the coast guard was looking for or who. apparently the captain of
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another boat in the area said he saw a 40-foot commercial fishing boat capsize. right now they are trying to search for anybody who may have possibly been on that commercial boat. we do know that there were at least two coolers and a life ring in the water. we can see that they are there on the scene. we can see that life boat right there. and, again, they are looking for anyone who may have possibly have been own that 40- foot -- been on that 40-foot commercial fishing boat. we will keep an eye on this and bring you any new information. hopefully they will be able to find anyone who may have been on that boat. bill? in new jersey, a $225 million settlement between the state of new jersey and exxon mobile tonight is a done deal. it has been approved. the judge giving the green light to the compensation of dozens of polluted sites including refineries and gas stations. the christie administration says it's the second largest of
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its kind. exxon mobile will pay a hefty price it's below the $9 billion what the garden state originally wanted. new information on violence on a train in france. authorities in paris are opening a terrorism investigation into the attack. they say the 26-year old ayoub el khazzani were on the train. three americans and a british man tackled ayoub el khazzani before police arrived. a man trying to break up a fight ends up dead in new jersey. coming up, hear from his brothers who say they aren't surprised he jumped in to help. plus, cracking down on synthetic marijuana known as k 2 and spice. what new york lawmakers are proposing today. >> a dramatic increase in citi bikes stolen out of their racks. but how are thieves able to take them. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. so far we have avoided most of
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the thunderstorms today. that's why temperatures soared into the lower 90s in a couple of spots. half the area is humid.
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citi bikes across manhattan are becoming hot wheels. thefts of the public rental bikes at new york city is way
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up, nearly 60% higher this year. the biggest increase happening in manhattan. shirleen allicot is in tribeca with more. >> reporter: >> reporter: one of these costs $1,200. if it gets lost or stolen on your watch you have to pay for it. >> this is convenient. i park it, walk away. and it's great. >> reporter: but apparently so do thieves. new numbers show thefts in new york city so far this year have soared to 476 compared to 200 last year. manhattan had the most, 296 bikes stolen this year compared to 139 last year. the problem? officials of the bike share program say riders aren't returning them properly. >> when you dock it they say it's almost impossible to take it out once it's docked. >> for the company's sake it's not a good idea to be having
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these bikessable to be taken like that. they have to do something to up braid the security. >> that coupled with leaving the bikes unattended while running errands made it easy for thieves. >> this pennsylvania man was caught red handed when port authority police pulled him over for side sweeping a police cruiser. in his truck this stolen citi bike. don't ride near the 109th precinct in queens. this tweet says it all, what happens when you steal a citi bike, do a bad job repainting it, you get caught. that's what happened to the suspect behind this botched pain job. citi bike officials say we strongly remind our customers that it is their responsibility to dock properly, waiting fort greene light to appear indicating that the bike was returned successfully. >> let's pray no one steals mine. >> no need to hope about that.
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citi bike cities say once these bikes are docked properly, it's virtually impossible to remove them. if you want to make sure you did do it properly, sign up for e-mail alerts. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. he was a civil rights activist that became a groundbreaking congressman and helped change a nation in the process. a final farewell for long time congressman louis stokes. among the mourners, vice president biden. he served 15 years, ohio's first and only black man elected to congress. he died at the age of 90. he was battling cancer. he is the father of our colleague lori stokes. lori's daughter nikki speaking during the service. >> he created every single person that recognized him and wanted to say hello to the congressman. granddaddy spent time asking about that individual's day.
5:18 pm
and someone would ask for a picture or an autograph and i would beam from behind the lens as i helped make someone's day a little better. >> and i happen to personally know that he beamed about his grandchildren as well. our thoughts are with lori and her entire family tonight. >> certainly are. well, it's a treacherous 20 miles of ocean between long island and the jersey shore called the new york bite. now the first person to every swim it, a 17-year-old girl from new jersey. charlotte samuels started her journey about 7:00 in the morning saturday on atlantic beach. she hit sea brighten hours later. samuels is no stranger to a challenge. the team from ridgewood finished the triple crown of open water swimming cross being the english channel and completing the manhattan marathon swim. >> so interesting. what a great feat. she did it in waters right near where we are looking at, the waters where the boat
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apparently was overturned. you were talking earlier that there was a guest of something blow through there not far from the timeline. >> something we mentioned at "first @4:00." a front around the area. marine statement. not that there is thunderstorms but there is a change in wind direction and gusts that could push up to 30 miles per hour. maybe a sudden change. we don't know the details yet. a challenge for small craft boaters out there this afternoon. outside we go, a hazy sky over central park. humid in new york city. we are having a battle here. this is something that we advertised yesterday. this front would run into resistance as it got into the coast. we have comfortable conditions well north and west. not in new york city yet. it will take until 9:00, 10:00 in. 90 degrees. that is because the thunderstorms are sparse. we had a cluster that went suburbs.
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we are off and running today well above average. sunset 7:40. last year about 88. look at the wind sheer. you can clearly tell where that front is westerly winds morristown, newburgh, southwest to the park. the front is almost on top of new york city. sticky and humid. you are seeing the numbers drop north and west into the 70s and lower 80s. lower 80s at the beaches because of the wind off the water. 92 in newark. look at the temperatures. sticky and stuffy, 74 montauk. 55 fallish degrees in again the dew point. that front is just west of new through. clouds basically with sunshine at 7:00 tonight. more westerly. you feel the difference before skies. and sunshine. along with the front we have seen thunderstorms, severe they are through connecticut. storms.
5:21 pm
a shower could pop up over eastern long island. the swirling air of low pressure is whipping the front through. we have to watch the eastern edge of cloudiness tomorrow. with the low north and east we get grazed by that. a few extra clouds north and west. notice the cooling with that low. 50s in the upper great lakes. we don't get the cooling. it bypasses us to the north. we get the benefit of the low humidity. drier, delightful tomorrow, 85. more of the same on thursday with a nice northwest wind. extra cloudiness north and west. another beauty at 82. accuweather forecast, a thunderstorm east. this is isolated. 99% of the area is dry. mostly clear, less humid later on. a few clouds tomorrow. low humidity. at 5:30, when we get through today, will it stay dry until september? higher humidity, will it wait until sunday and will tropical storm erika became a hurricane? bill, sade, back to you.
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>> you are the answer man and you are asking all these questions. see you in a few minutes. the view reveals its new cohost including a familiar face returning to the show. >> a crackdown on used car dealerships in our area that sell vehicles could be a danger to driver. >> what is in your meat. what disturbing amount of bacteria and super bugs are
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found. americans eat a lot of ground beef. last year 2 billion pounds of it in super markets and big box stores. lab tests conducted by "consumer reports" found there is cause for concern. harmful bacteria may be resistant to some forms of bacteria. >> reporter: the hamburger you are grilling could contain harmful bacteria. unless you cook it thoroughly, it could make you sick. "consumer reports" tested 300 packages of ground beef purchased in stores across the country.
5:26 pm
almost all contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination. it can cause 1 million caused of food poisoning annually. some contain super bugs, bacteria that are resistant to three or more antibiotics. the key reason, antibiotics on cattle farms. >> a major public health problem. if you get sick, your infection can be difficult to treat. >> reporter: the test revealed some good news. ground beef from cows grass fed and raised without antibiotics were three times less likely to have super bug bacteria. >> the study i go siff knife can't. it's among the largest to show that sustainable methods of raising cattle can produce cleaner and safer ground beef. >> reporter: which shopping, "consumer reports" recommends choosing ground beef labeled as no antibiotics, grass fed orlando began nick. better it is organic and grass feed beef which was less likely
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to contain bacteria and super bugs and comes from animals conditions. no matter what beef you buy, "consumer reports" reminds you that cooking to 160 degrees fahrenheit is the safest temperature for your meat so nina pineda, eyewitness news. a man tries to break up a himself. his family remembers what they call a good man, a good man friend. >> do you have a cop coming? >> and for the first time we hear a father's frantic call for help as his wife gives birth stuck in jersey shore traffic. >> and new york city officials now cracking down on k 2, the
5:28 pm
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synthetic marijuana. we continue to follow breaking news that we first told you about at 5:00. a search is underway in the sandy hook channel in new jersey for a capsized boat. >> chopper 7 is the first on the scene. 4:30 tonight another boat captain saw another boat go down. the coast guard and divers, nypd and fdny on the scene with others. it's unclear if anyone was on the vessel. we will bring you new details as they come in and more on "eyewitness news at 6:00." now to the top story this half hour. >> loving and caring. he was always warm.
5:31 pm
people love him. >> tonight a family in mourning and speaking out about their brother who died days after trying to break up a fight in a bar in new jersey. >> good evening, i'm bill ritter in for diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. benny was trying to keep the peace when a fight broke out in jersey city. he paid for it with his life. >> he was punched from behind. he fell and hit his head. now he is is crushed. >> new jersey reporter toni yates at the scene in jersey city. >> bill and sade, bernie's family say they want to know the facts behind the altercation that eventually took their brothers life. they hope that police will find that out for them. in the meantime, they are celebrating what he gave in life and what he gave in death. >> benny would give his life for his friends. take the shirt off his back and give it to friends.
5:32 pm
>> never gets upset. always a calm force. >> reporter: there were 16 brothers and sisters in all. benny was the youngest of the boys, declared brain dead, they made the tough decision to end life support. >> that is my last brother, my baby brother. >> reporter: say sunday, august 16th, two men got in an argument outside of palm court restaurant and sports bar at car any and west side avenues. he tried to get them to stop but he was punched and hit the ground. he never recovered. >> this incident really was about a friend and trying to help. this was the consequence. >> reporter: police charged core kneel ios rama dare withing a give vatted assault. they are reviewing security video from outside the bar. he leaves his siblings and his son on the far right.
5:33 pm
as they make funeral arrangements, they find smiles in the memory of the baby boy that came to america from guyana, the second to come with more behind him. >> he would do anything for people. he will forget himself and do things for people. that's the person he was. >> reporter: a death he gave as well. the family says their brother was an organ donor. because of that, four patients have a new chance at better lives. for now, live in jersey city, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, toni. we want to get back to the breaking news. the boat apparently capsizing. on the phone with us is a coast guard people. mr. rowe can you hear us. >> yes. >> it's bill and sade. tell us what the scene is. we did see some coast guard rescue vessels and nypd helicopter. what do you know? >> reporter: what we know is about 4:30 this afternoon we
5:34 pm
received a credible report that a vessel described to us as a 40-foot fishing troller was in distress and later sank in the vicinity of the tip of sandy hook peninsula. we are on scene searching accuweather forecast tip ofly as we speak. as you mentioned, nypd is out there, fdny is out there and the new jersey state police. it's an ongoing search at this moment. >> right now you are not noticing any individuals in the water at this point? >> we have found nothing as of yet. >> let me ask you this, meteorologist lee goldberg was telling us that there was a front that was going through sometime during the reports came in about this capsized boat. can you tell us anything about that? winds kicked up around 30 miles per hour. were you given reports about that? >> yeah, i mean, again, we had some weather reports but we have no indication that that was related in any way.
5:35 pm
we don't know at this stage. i won't speculate what might or might not have happened. >> boats don't usually capsize out of nowhere? >> say it again? >> boats don't normally capsize. >> there is a reason. >> we don't see any massive debris field. what do you know from what you have seen so far? >> what we are relying on is the credible report that we received plus the very small amount of debris that has been >> okay. well, mr. charles rowe, thank you for speaking to us. he is from the u.s. coast guard. he is the spokesperson. we will keep an eye and bring available. the children of a shooting instructor killed by a child are calling for change. vaca. it's time for a change. >> we think it's crazy that
5:36 pm
kids can legally shoot fully automatic weapons. >> the 9-year-old girl from new jersey shot charles vaca with a sub machine gun at an arizona shooting range. now one year later, vaca's children launched and online petition calling for legislation to keep children away from automatic weapons. meanwhile, a push in connecticut to crack down on used car dealers. a recent investigation by consumers for auto reliability and safety foundation at two car max dealerships found 74 cars for sale that were recalled and not repaired. now senator richard blumenthal wants the ftc to stop dealers from saying a customer car is certified when it's on a recall list and make it illegal to sell a recalled car that has not been fixed. >> what that means for the buyer is cars with deadly defects in
5:37 pm
brakes, electrical circuits. >> in a statement, car max says it provides recall information to customers before purchase and recommends buyers have open recalls fixed immediately. right now we are hearing for the first time a father's panicked call to 911 when his wife went into labor and they got stuck in traffic in new jersey. >> i need help. we are having a baby. >> as you can imagine, he was terrified. he and his wife rose march radio -- marie were enjoying a day at the shore with their son when her water broke unexpectedly. they tried to drive to the hospital but were trapped in a traffic jam in sea bright. >> i went into labor a week early. i was due the 29th. >> like this is it. i am going to have to deliver this baby. i blasted the horn to get people's attention. >> fortunately a woman in the car ahead turned out to be a trauma nurse. rose marie gave birth to a 7-
5:38 pm
pound 13-ounce girl in the frond seat. she was named bella rose. a little boy survives more a day lost in the wilderness. wait until you hear how he made it out alive. >> also ahead the view announces its new hosts and the familiar host returning to the
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5:41 pm
talk show. disturbing dash-cam video of a man using his dog as a weapon against the cop. the video shows the dog owner confronting the police officer on a street in kansas after they tried to talk to him. the man then uses his dog's leash to throw the pug at the officer. he was arrested.
5:42 pm
not clear in the dog will be raw i had need -- reunited with the owner. a young boy spent a day in the utah wilderness by himself. 10-year old malachi bradley is back in the arms of his family. he was camping in a forest 200 miles east of salt lake city when he got lost. temperatures dropped into the 30s. he used large rocks for shelter, wrapped a t-shirt around his legs and huddled in his jacket to be warm. >> i thought if i was in an open space maybe the helicopters and them could find me. so, i sat there most of the day looking at helicopters. >> smart and brave boy. >> they found him. a ride on a rescue chopper bringing his 28 hour ordeal to an end. bradley said nothing bad happened to him other than tripping a few times and getting a few cuts. some folks in the northwest in seattle can send amazon on a beer run. the company started alcohol
5:43 pm
delivery service for the prime members in that city. prime subscribers can get beer, wine and liquor within two hours. seattle is the only area where you can order such a variety of booze. in the rest of the country it's limited to wine. a growing problem in new york city, overdoses of the drug k 2. city officials reveal their plan to crack down on the sales of the drug. >> i'm lauren glassberg in what is called the pursuit burn. a high intensity interval
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training cycling class. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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a familiar face returning to the view. joy behar will join candace cameron-bure and paula faris. the new hosts will join whoopi goldberg, raven see sy mon. >> good to see joy back there. >> classic host. bring it back. >> never fails. always a winner. >> she is a neighbor of mine. she watches.
5:48 pm
>> that's a big compliment. >> he gave her a compliment. >> it's a compliment joy. that's what i meant. great compliment. we have conditions right now that are changeable in terms of wind not storms. as we have been talking about the potential of that vessel that capsized in sandy hook, i will give you the buoy readings. we have a change i believe wind. looks tranquil on the west side. you don't see tree tops here. humid conditions, warm, temperatures in the mid-80s. now we added the w to the wins. a westerly component. the cold front is inching through. you will feel it become more refleisching after maybe 7:00, 8:00 tonight and the full impact of it later on this evening. it will remain clear. i don't think we have a storm threat from new york city westward. maybe a spot shower over eastern long island. great for the yankees tonight.
5:49 pm
it will feel humid and refreshing. down to philadelphia it will be dry. 85 for the red hot mets playing. no problem there. tomorrow lots of sunshine, low humidity. you look at erika blowing up with more thunderstorms here. winds are 40 miles per hour with this storm. it will run into resistance with wind sheer and dry air as it goes into the atlantic. likely north of the leeward islands, north of danny's track. potentially over the weekend in in the bahamas. look at the cone, not the red light. the bahamas will be a fork in the road. it could go to the southeast coast of the u.s. or gulf of mexico, something we will monitor. we are not concerned about storms here any more. there is the buoy check in sandy hook. southeast wind 15 gusting to 18. the front isn't through here so it is kicking between 20 to 30
5:50 pm
miles per hour along the coast. through the evening hours, any shower threat is moving east. drier air comes in. talking about comfortable dew points, close to 60. in new york city, that is around 8:00, 9:00. it waiting all night long to get to eastern long island, feeling the comfort tomorrow. speaking of boating, west- northwest winds tomorrow will be light. water temperatures are nice. rip current risk back to low. central day forecast, a cake walk. low to middle 80s with low humidity. no rain threat. maybe until we get to late saturday or sunday a spot storm around as the humidity comes back. nice last weekend of august. we will update that at 6:00. >> thanks, lee. running and cycling could tend to be individual exercises. a new trend brings community and support into the workout. >> we introduce you to two new classes and help people get fit faster. here is lauren glassberg. >> reporter: jump on a bike and
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you are in for a whole new indoor cycling experience. >> sit down, accelerate. >> reporter: 45 minutes of intense intervals all of which you can measure on your bike and on the wall. the spinning circles represent riders. you want yours to burn brightest. it's encouraging when you do well. sometimes you are partnered with other riders. >> one person works,ing the other cheers for them. >> reporter: the person that cheers gets to recover and prepare for their next intervals. >> this takes your mind off the fact that you are excising. >> what we do are short bursts of hard an no rob bike exercises. >> reporter: it's the premise behind precision running. >> precision running is own the bite method, balanced interval training experience. we will manipulate four
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different variables, speed, incline, duration and recovery. >> we run hard, then just as hard but add in an incline. the recovery is bliss but back to a hard run then a harder run. there is something about doing this in a group that empowers you. >> you kind of lean on each other to push each other to go farther. >> reporter: in both classes you can store your metrics. the best part is what happens after the interval training. >> when you leave class your body still thinks it's working out. you have a bigger return than long steady workouts. >> reporter: lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that is a good workout. >> i do that equinox one. very competitive. >> you do quite well. i come in fourth i'm not doing quite well. it's easy to get and more
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it's a growing problem in new york city and around the country, overdoses of k 2 or spice. the synthetic marijuana is easy to buy and can have scary effects on those who abuse it. now they are taking actions to try to stop the crisis before it gets worse. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer has the details. >> reporter: purchased in colorful bags and mall packages with a street name of k 2, this dried organic plant substance sprayed with chemicals is the synthetic marijuana of choice. >> bought it in a bodega. it was $5. it was very dangerous. >> reporter: she knows the frightening results of smoking k 2. she is in a substance abuse program getting help but dangers. >> when i smoked, i was wound up in the emergency room a k 2.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: she joins brooklyn borough president eric adams and other city officials issuing a call to action. >> according to recent police reports, we are seeing an increase in the level of violent behavior, violent acts that are taking place by people that smoke. >> it is seen across the boroughs of the city. >> serious repercussions in they engage in the sale of the product. >> reporter: melissa mark viverito will introduce legislation next month calling for stronger civil penalties. caught selling the contraband could lead up to a $5,000 fine and a year in prison. subsequent violations could lead up to a $25,000 fine, loss of a business and revocation of a store owner's tobacco license. >> the city is seeing it as a real concern that is growing throughout the city. >> reporter: in the bronx, state senator jeff clean who set up an -- jeff klein who set
5:58 pm
up an undercover operation is proposing stiffer state penalties. >> they need to get it off the street. it can get in the hands of children. >> reporter: and adults. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and the latest on the search for a missing fishing boat next. "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. >> punched me. closed fist. >> he was one of three subway train operators attacked within a matter of hours. tonight the latest on the search to find the suspects before they attack again. >> first we continue to follow breaking news. a massive search is underway
5:59 pm
after a fishing boat capsizes off sandy hook. good evening at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. we don't know if anyone was on board when the boat went down and we don't know if there was may day call beforehand. >> what we know is that the captain of another boat said he saw the 40-foot commercial fishing boat go down. the coast guard, fdny, nypd helicopters are there as well as divers. you can see from live pictures and newscopter 7 they are searching the scene right now for that possible fishing boat that may have gone down. we have a crew near the scene. as soon as we establish a signal with them we will bring you a live report. now to the attacks on several subway train operators. it happened within a two-hour period. >> the mta is calling it disturbing. two were in brooklyn and one in manhattan. >> a.j.


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