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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: bill, tonight i spoke to a train operator punched in the face on the j train at the essex street station. he is home recovering. he said he loves his job but more needs to be done to prevent things happening. >> this huge guy was leaning on the door and the door came in and hit me. so, as i stopped in the station, i asked him not to lean on the door. he did it again. >> reporter: for nearly five years he has taken pride in his job as a train operator. saturday night he had no idea a brief confrontation with a rider aboard the j train would escalate into a fight. >> he said what are you going to do. he came in the punched me with his right hand, closed fist. >> reporter: he said the guy lost it and struck his jaw so hard he has a contusion. it took several other riders to hold the suspect back. >> some other passengers were like telling him not to do that and step away and so he attacked them also.
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i'm not sure how many, maybe three, four. i want was like a brawl on the train. >> about an hour later another rider assaulted a different motorman aboard the c line in east new york. this was then followed by another separate attack where a suspect spit on the face of an operator at g line. police do not believe the incidents to be related, but the subway workers union would like to see more protections in place. the union said quote transit workers are exposed to assaults daily. the police need to protect transit workers. district attorneys have to stop making excuses and not enforcing the law for assault on transit workers. there are several cameras that police are reviewing hoping for some leads. live in lower manhattan, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you. another wild and gut wrenching day for wall street. the day started with a rally. then it came to an end.
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the massive sell off in the last hour of trading. the do i down 204 points. the nasdaq down nearly 20. s&p down 25 and change. >> a major prostitution sting involving a manhattan based web site. authorities raided the headquarters of rent a today. jeffrey hern, ceo around six other employees were taken into custody. bank accounts and millions of dollars were seized. feds say the escort web site was a thinly veiled front for prostitution. >> the case involves first amendment issues and the use of technology and as a society we are constantly catching up with the technology and we see that in this case. >> federal complaint against says that between member fees and advertising, the company brought in more than $10 million between 2010 and this year. a new move tonight toward
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transparency for stop and frisk police searches. this is as controversial as the practice. the aclu says stop and frisk gives officers free rein. when an officer uses stop and frisk the citizen gets an info card about why the practice was used. it's not sitting well with the union. pba president saying it's one more item on the ever growing lift of antipublic safety that will put an end to proactive policing in this city and accelerate the increase in crime end quote. on this hot summer day making it tougher for firefighters battling a fire that destroyed a home in the bronx. newscopter 7 was overhead as flames shot through the roof of the home in edenwald this morning. a woman who lives on the top floor said her 16-year-old son had just left the house before the flames broke out. >> i was on my way to work. when i got out of the train
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station, i got the phone call the house was on fire. my family is safe. that's all that matters. i am scared but we are together. >> emotional day for them. >> everyone played it out safely -- made it out safely. the cause is under investigation. authorities in pennsylvania say the man that attacked a deputy inside a court building was accused of jumping the fence at the white house. curtis smith slashed a deputy, in the lobby of a court building outside of philadelphia. it happened this morning. he was then fatally shot by another deputy. officials say smith was charged for unlawful entry of jumping a fence perimeter in march. in the race for president, governor christie returned to new jersey to try to iran nuclear deal. he urged cory booker and the state's congressional delegation to reject the controversial agreement. political reporter dave evans is here with the story. >> reporter: the immigration fight is heading up in the
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republican primary rei and jeb bush and donald trump are the primary ones on that point. governor christie doesn't have a say so on iran agreement but he said as governor it's important for him to say what he thinks. >> iran wants to annihilate the jewish people. >> reporter: governor christie joined jewish leaders in trying to persuade cory booker to oppose the iran agreement. >> we cannot permit a treacherous, murderous, deceitful regime to possess the most dangerous weapons the world has ever invented. >> reporter: while governor christie was off the campaign trail, jeb bush has lately targeted donald trump. >> a lot of good talkers running for president. [ laughter ] one in particular that i'm thinking of. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: yesterday on the texas mexico border, bush ridiculed trumps plan to build a wall. >> the simple fact is that his proposal is unrealistic. it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it will violate people's civil liberties. >> reporter: trump is campaigning in iowa last night on fox he wasn't backing down. >> we have illegal people, people that came in illegally. you tell me about civil liberties. we have to get them out. some of these people are causing present tremendous problems. >> bush faced criticism for using the term anchor baseballs nor children born in america to illegal immigrants. he calls it ludicrous since his wife is from mexico. >> when i was 17 years old i fell in love with my wife. it will be hard to get lectured about the politics of immigration. >> bush noted that 40% of people in the u.s. illegally
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actually came in with a valid visa but overstayed their visa. bush suggested the federal government needs to improve entry and exit of millions of foreign visitors in america. >> thank you. he was raised in one of the first federal housing projects in the country and grew up to become one of the nation's biggest champions of those who would layer grow up poor and struggling for civil rights. the funeral for louis vice president biden among those be there. he was the first and only black man elected to congress from ohio. he served for 30 years. he was the father of our colleague, lori stokes. lori's daughter nikki speaking at the funeral. >> right now, i feel a tremendous loss along with the rest of our family and everyone who had the chance to know louis stokes. he was granddaddy and i was baby girl. i will miss our daily phone calls, our hugs and our kisses.
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>> our thoughts are with nikki and her mother lori and the entire stokes family. when president obama was elected he thanked lou stokes saying he couldn't have been elected president if louse we wise and -- lewis and hi brother carl not paving the way. >> he would have been so proud of his granddaughter today. a warning if you used a maid cleaning service you may have been ripped off. >> also ahead, a family battle to get something truly precious out of a building hit by a bus yesterday. >> a special afternoon at st. patrick's cathedral. they are getting ready for the pope's visit next month. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. an isolated storm but lots of heat and humidity managed to get to 90 in central park. it's incredible because east of
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the hudson, it's really humid. >> we just got these pictures in of nypd divers going in the waters off sandy hook, new jersey from newscopter 7 looking for anyone who might have been on board that 40-foot fishing vessel that another boat's captain says he saw capsized in the water. this is as we look at live pictures from newscopter 7. divers on the zodiac looking for one of their colleagues. you can see it on the far end of the boat. nothing yet. we don't know if there were people on board or how many were on board. we have seen a little bit of
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i want to return to breaking news. divers from the nypd, fdny and the coast guard off the shores of new jersey at sandy hook looking for what appears to be a capsized boat in the water right now. the divers are looking for people who might have been on board. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is on the scene with the latest. anthony? >> reporter: yeah, bill, we are outside the coast guard station here at sandy hook. we are hear the choppers not far away right above the water. as you said, those nypd divers are going into the water. this is where they first got
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word about a boat capsizing in the water. let's show you video taken a few minutes ago showing you the divers going into the water. they are looking for anything, any evidence of the capsized boat. only a few items on the surface of the water. they got a call about a boating under from another boat captain. apparently they are saying this was a 40-foot fishing vessel working in the area today. from what we can see driving up to the location, the waters out here seemed to be fairly calm today. so, there is no word on why this boat may have gone under. now, just a short while ago, we did have an opportunity to talk to a person from the coast guard who told us about the search. >> we received a credible report that a vessel described to us as a 40-foot fishing troller was in distress and later sank in the vicinity of
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the tip of sandy hook peninsula. we are on scene searching actively as we speak. nypd is out there, fdny is out there and the new jersey state police. so, it's an ongoing search at this moment. >> what we are showing you from the location here at the coast guard station, you can see that there is apparatus, emergency apparatus. this is where they believe they are staging the operation in this location. the search is taking place close to where we are. we are basically at the end of the peninsula here at sandy hook. we do understand that the boat capsized not far from this location. once again, the divers are in the water and they continued to search for the capsized boat and of course any possible survivors. that's the latest live from sandy hook, new jersey. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will cheek in with you again shortly. police in queens issued a ticket to the driver who may have caused a casino bus to crash into a building.
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the driver of a toyota received a summons for making an improper turn yesterday afternoon. the driver turned right from the far left lane cutting in front of the bus in rego park. six people were injured when the bus jumped the curb and slammed into a building. bystanders rushed to help the victims and the driver inside the bus. >> with the pressure, i thought he wouldn't be able to breathe. he was able to open his eyes. when i asked him he did that a few times. >> the bus driver is expected to survive his injuries. it's unclear when people will be allowed back in their homes and offices. a maid in new jersey is accused of creeping out hundreds of pieces of jewelry from a client. she faces burglary and theft charges. police say they recovered five boxes of jewelry.
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she and her daughter own my gal i can't services. cardinal dolan and other church officials are on hand as workers raised the galaros or cardinals hats. they restored an angel on top of an interior spire. cardinal dolan is clearly happy with how the project is progressing. >> the church's purpose is to let the grace of god's word shine forth in a colorful now look, the sun is coming through because of the radiance of the clean restored stained glass. >> sun is coming through. everyone at the cathedral is preparing for the visit by pope francis next month. >> taking the northeast by storm. >> certainly so. just ahead on eyewitness news, lee goldberg returns with what he calls and you will call
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before we get to weather, any serious chop for the fdny divers. >> 2 to 3-foot chop. the front is yet to get through the area. anthony was talking about the relatively calm winds but there were shifting winds. we are waiting for the haze to get scoured out. more blue sky and less haze. visibility is getting better. winds are shifting as the cold front moves through. more of a westerly component. a nice breeze and the pressure is on the rise. letter it will feel gorgeous. average high 82. we managed to get a 92. sunset an hour and 20 minutes. high humidity makes an exit. gorgeous weather the rest of the workweek. the heat and humidity increases over the weekend. we remain mainly dry. shifting winds, a south wind on the island down the shore and in wrightstown, northwest in morristown feeling great and same thing in newburgh with the park in the middle with the front on top of new york city
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and the wind out of the southwest and shifting. 80 through the island. hempstead 82 and norwalk 83. down to 73 in the catskills. the september feel. 82 in belmar. look at the difference. soupy stuffy on the island. feels like autumn across western new jersey and the catskills. partial sunshine gives way to clearing skies overnight. comfortable by morning. mid-80s in the afternoon. thunder threat is gone. there are a couple of specks on radar north and east of new york city. most remain dry. there is the cold front slowly inching through the area 15 miles per hour. this low is sweeping that front through. you have to watch out for the earn edge of cloud cover that may spill into parts of the northern and western suburbs during the afternoon. not a big deal. notice the according around the low. 50s in the upper great lakes. the lower humidity does get in.
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it's really the best of both world. nice thursday as well, lower 80s and another beauty t. a couple of clouds during the sank especially north and west. here is the accuweather forecast. the early storm threat is over becoming mostly clear, less humid. tomorrow 85, brilliant sunshine. clouds around west of new york city. comfy tomorrow night. more of the same on wednesday. lower 80s to finish up the workweek. here comes the heat. nice last weekend of august. a spot storm especially into monday. hot and humid into september. >> nice forecast you got going join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels.
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for more help call 1-866-ny-quits yesterday we asked how david wright's back would be doing. >> just fine. what is the encore tonight?
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no real way to know how the mets would respond. david wright was back. eight home runs. beat 16-7 increasing the first place lead to 5 1/2 games. plenty of heros in the game but how about wright. missed more than four months with spinal stenosis and knocked the third pitch in the second deck. scored three runs. made a couple of errors at third base. wright has overnight been a -- hasn't been a big part of the run but that may change. >> unbelievable. this team, you watch it on tv and you can see the look in their faces that they never believe they will lose. i got a chance to experience that firsthand tonight. >> sure was. mark teixeira back in the yankee line up. nova against kigle. jets off today. give and on the field. injuries are one of the big stories of the camp heading into the next preseason game. victor cruz out with a calf issue hoping to be ready for
6:27 pm
week one of the regular season. he won't be back on the field until he is ready to go. >> you want to make sure that out 100%. you don't want to be at your best. that's how you get injured. >> i would like to see him get out there. is. >> rutgers football opens in 11 days. head coach kyle flood saying he is disappointed in the tone of an report that says flood is the subject of a university investigation after contacting a faculty member about the academic status of one of his players. he is quoted as saying the report insults his integrity and the rutgers faculty as well. the barclays tees off this week including jordan spieth. we go inside the ropes with laura behnke. >> reporter: 22 years old, two- time major champion and the number one ranked golfer in the world.
6:28 pm
yes, a good time to be jordan spieth racking up career goals. >> i wouldn't trade it for anything. to be honest, there is more and more records to try and break. >> spieth enters the fedex cup with the most points in the history of the four player format and looks to the barclays. >> it's something that i would love to win. the names on that trophy are no fluke. so, it's something that hopefully i will get a lot of chances at. >> for spieth everything changed this season. hanging out with the favorite pro sports teams to throwing out the first pitch at a yankees red sox game in boston but the newest star sees the bigger picture. >> start to recognize that the position i am in now and with that it's a responsibility. if you are going to be one of the faces of the sport or the tour then you have to carry yourself the right way on and off the course.
6:29 pm
>> laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> top seeds this year's u.s. open, serena williams and djokovic for the men. back to the mets game. flores had two home runs. that play he made in the shift. so much going on here. think about it, in tears a couple of weeks ago and now the mets are 16-6 since then and obviously having fun, too. crazy. >> big shift. >> thanks, rob. >> before we say good night, we return to new jersey and the scene of the attempted rescue of what they believe is a capsized boat off sandy hook in new jersey. nypd, fdny, coast guard divers in the water using sonar. they have not located the vessel. they are looking for anything under water. we will have the latest tonight on "eyewitness news at 11:00".


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