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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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41-year-old vester lee flanagan once worked at a reporter at the station using the on air name bryce williams. several hours after the shooting he died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >> flanagan is accused of killing 24-year-old reporter alison parker, she was a recent college graduate who was dating one of the station's anchors, adam ward was also killed. the 27-year-old ward wasser than gauged to the morning -- was engaged to the morning news producer at the station. vicki gardner who was being interviewed at the time. she is in the hospital in stable condition. >> our shirleen allicot will have more on the victims in just a minute. but our coverage begins with eyewitness news reporter rob powers -- rob nelson. he has new details on the motive. >> reporter: vester flanagan died at a fairfax, virginia hospital. hours earlier as you know he also ended the lives of two young journalists, devastated their loved ones and their
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newsroom in a document faxed to abc news this morning after the shootings, flanagan blamed his rage on racism and on bully because he was gay. he called himself a human powder keg just waiting to go boom. it was about 6:45 this morning when 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were simply doing their jobs, conducting a live interview for the morning news for station wdbj. that's when the gunman struck, parker screaming as she tried to run and ward's camera falling to the ground but still managing to of the suspect. we have learned that flanagan was a disgruntled former reporter for the station who went by the name bryce williams. he had been fired two years ago and was described as difficult to work with. >> this is an individual who came to work for us as a reporter and about two years ago i'm thinking we had to separate him from the company. >> reporter: we have also learned this afternoon that flanagan sent a 23 page fax to
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abc news two hours after the shooting and even phoned the network as police were chasing him. in the document flanagan called the recent church massacre in charleston a tipping point for his rage, also blaming bullying that he faced as a gay black man. he also expressed admiration for the mass killers behind the virginia tech and columbine massacres. in one line from this apparent manifesto flanagan wrote, quote, why did i do it? i put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15, the church shooting in charleston happened on 6/17/15 and, quote, what set me over the top was the church shooting and my hollow point bullets had the victims' initials on them. flanagan was disturbed enough to post a facebook and twitter about the incident, including horrific video of the actual shooting which we will not show. in one tweet after the shootings he wrote, quote, alison made racist comments. meanwhile stunned colleagues left grieving this afternoon both alison and adam were in
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relationships with coworkers and they had worked closely together for about a year. a friendship forged in the grueling hours of morning tv. >> we are all in a state of shock here. you can hear people behind us in the newsroom crying. i mean, it's just really hard to -- >> we are holding it back too. >> yeah, it's really hard to even comprehend. >> reporter: without a doubt. after being spotted by police, flanagan eventually crashed his car into a median along interstate 66 in virginia. he was taken to a local hospital with that self- inflicted gunshot wound and died about 1:30 this afternoon. david. >> thank you, rob. we are learning more about the victims now. alison parker and adam ward was just starting contrary careers in journalism. parker had just moved in with her boyfriend while ward was newly engaged to the morning show producer at the station. shirleen allicot here with much more on these two young journalists. shirleen. >> two promising young lives cut short. we may never be able to make sense of their deaths, one
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thing is clear, the two were far more than just coworkers at affiliate wdbj. think worked together every morning. >> i wanted to go through a sleep study to see if my job impacts how i snooze. >> reporter: the colleagues described the exuberance the two brought to their work each day. >> she was ex-- she was smart. adam was the same way and they worked together as a team for a long time. adam was the kind of guy who, if he were on the way home and knew of something that needed to be done, he would turn around and go do it. >> in salem, adam ward, news 7 sports. >> reporter: adam had been with the station for several years working his way up from production assistant to video journalist. >> the most thrilling thing i have ever done, took a trip to the grand canyon with my family and we went horseback riding down the grand canyon. >> reporter: alison was hired full time a year ago, a 24-year-
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old chasing her dreams in tv news. >> and both of them have fallen in love -- had fallen in love with coworkers. adam was engaged to our morning producer melissa aunt. they were planning their wedding. alison and our 6:00 -- >> reporter: we were together almost nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday. alison's father andy parker sharing that pain. he issued this statement saying, in part, barbara drew an iron numb, devastated and i find my grief unbearable. alison was our bright shining light and it was cruelly extinguished by yet another crazy person with a gun. she excelled at everything she did and was loved by everyone she touched. >> alison grew up in martinsville virginia, adam started at the station in july 2011 following his graduation from virginia polytechnic institute and state university. they had their whole lives ahead of them, liz.
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>> they had so much to look forward to. shirleen. thank you. as for the third victim in the shooting, vicki gardner listed in stable condition right now after undergoing emergency surgery for her gunshot wounds. gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. she was being interviewed by parker about tourism in the area when the gun fire erupted. >> as vicki has been a champion for us for the more than a decade, we are going to be a champion for her through this and we are going to get together as a community and stay together and make it through this. >> well, gardner was called a shining light in the community. her family is with her right now at the hospital. president obama did not specifically mention the shooting during an appearance on "today" but white house press secretary josh earnest spoke about the use of guns in america. >> another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the united
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states, and while there is no peace of legislation that will end all violence in this country, there are some common sense things that only congress can do. >> and former congressman and victim of gun violence herself, gabrielle giffords had this to say on twitter, horrified to hear that two young journalists were shot and killed doing the job they loved, praying for the wdbj family. we invite you to stay with eyewitness and abc news as we learn more about the suspect and victims in the shooting. you can find more information on our website, abc7ny. turning now to the other news of the day and it is also unfortunately tragic, divers have found a sunken fishing boat off the coast of new jersey. crews found debris from a vessel this morning in the sandy hook channel. it is believed the captain, tom anderson, went out on his boat and was on board when it capsized yesterday afternoon. his family has not heard from him since the boat went under. friends and other fishermen are
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still waiting word of his fate. >> come by every day, have a cup of copy, chitchat, maybe ask me and my captain for tips and stuff like that. sad. >> happy go lucky, always smiling, nice guy and it's a shame what happened. >> well, searchers suspended the search for today because of dangerous water currents. they will resume their search tomorrow. a cabdriver and father of 10 dead this afternoon, the victim of an apparent robbery. 57-year-old ahmad picked up a passenger in new jersey a passenger that police say was after money and armed with a gun. new jersey reporter toni yates with all the details. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed, david. and now a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect in this fatal armed robbery. as you said, a father of 10, a loving husband, that family forever changed because of this. >> someone's first impression
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of my dad would think that like he's like strict and always like aggravated by something but like when you really get to know him, he had a heart, you know. >> reporter: ahmad alicemar could barely speak outside the family's home hearing his mother inside moaning, crying at the killing of her husband. the elder alicemar shot in the head last night during an attempted armed robbery. he had driven his cab to pick up a fare which turned out to be an armed gunman. alicemar's manager at station cab company says the cars have no partition and no camera but he says he knows alicemar was too strong willed to have given in to the suspect. >> we seasonal don't ever tell them to resist and a lot of times they just have to use their common sense and unfortunately some of these guys are pretty strong willed
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and they are going to do what they want to document i think that was the case last night. obviously -- >> reporter: investigators say the cab kept going down the street after he was shot, crashing into a parked car, injuring two people inside. the suspect is he scraped but his left his -- the suspect escaped but left his gun. the family torn to pieces today. >> you only get one dad, you know. >> reporter: such a tragedy, and alicemar had only about $100 on him at the time. coming up at 6:00 we are going to hear from the wife of alasmar who speaks about her husband worked 28 days out of the month to provide for his family. live in rahway, channel 7 eyewitness news. a developing story on wall street and relief for investors
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across the country. stocks on wall street today staging a remarkable rebound. u.s. stocks surged most of the day. by the close the dow posted its third biggest one day gain ever but it comes after a costly six day losing streak sparked by concerns over china's wavering economy. here's a live look right now at the big board, the dow surged a little bit more than 619 points today to close at 16,285. we have new information about a violent altercation on a plane after it landed at kennedy airport. police have charged both women involved in a fight that broke out on the plane. it happened this morning on jetblue flight from jamaica. police say 61-year-old jean valentine of brooklyn tried to climb over another passenger when that woman pushed her off, valentine, police say, punched her in the face. police also say that valentine also scratched a male passenger with an eyebrow razor. at that point the other woman pepper sprayed valentine. valentine charged with assault. both women are charged with weapons possession.
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six people were treated for pepper spray exposure in the end. a judge not hiding his disgust today as he sentenced colorado movie theater shooter james holmes to life in prison without the possibility of parole. after sentencing holmes to 12 consecutive life sentences, one for each victim who was killed in the rampage back in 2012, the judge bluntly told court officers to, quote, get the defendant out of my courtroom, end quote. courtroom which was filled with family members of the victims erupted into applause bringing to an end a grueling three-year case. >> i just want everyone to know that the trial is over and that thing will never see the light of day again and i believe justice has been served for our family. >> homes state appointed attorneys blame the massacre on his schizophrenia and dilutions, they claim holmes was obsessed with mass killings since childhood. a problem is so bad the
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city is taking drastic measures to fix it. who is stealing road signs in ridgewood? we are going to let you know about the plan to get them back. and she was out walking her dogs when a wrong turn sent her tumbling more than 100 feet down. coming up next, see the high stakes rescue that brought a woman to safety off the side of a cliff. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it is a magnificent afternoon, high and dry. maybe a little too dry. i will give you the weather maps, there is brush fire in carney, new jersey, westerly wind 10 to 25 miles an hour, the humidity is low and we have been dry. that's a danger the next couple of days. meanwhile if you're traveling open the windows. no ac necessary. it's the ultimate outdoors night for any sports and out and about comfy as can be. you will love the seven-day
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ac it's 4:16 right now. time for a check on traffic on this wednesday afternoon. this is a live picture of bqe, pretty busy near kent avenue and brooklyn. check the hudson river crossings at the holland tunnel outbound, 20 minutes at the lincoln tunnel about 15 and at the george washington bridge inbound looking at about five minutes. well, one of the men who tackled a gunman on a french train is back home here in the u.s. anthony sadler walked off a plane at sacramento international airport with his parents. sadler and two friends also from sacramento along with a fourth american helped subdue the gunman on friday. sacramento is now planning to honor its three local heroes with a parade. the surge of migrants from the war zones in the middle east continue to create big challenges for european countries. today police in hungary used
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tear gas near a refugee center close to the serbian border. they were working to control more than 2000 people who have crossed the border over the last few days. many of them are fleeing the war in syria. the hungarian government working to increase border security at this time. turning now to politics and the race for president and republican donald trump finding himself involved in yet another feud with a journalist at an iowa press conference yesterday the billionaire politician took on jorge ramos, an anchor at spanish language network univision and fusion. ramos repeatedly tried to interrupt the news conference by asking trump about immigration. after an exchange, ramos was removed from the news conference, however, he was later allowed to return. meanwhile, democratic front runner hillary clinton taking a dig at trump and this fiasco. clinton visiting a community college in iowa today saying voters should not be distracted by the republican front runner. she also said that other candidates from the party are just donald trump without the hair, her quote.
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clinton also acknowledged immigration saying that agriculture nationwide is heavily dependent on immigrants. now to a daring rescue caught on camera. coast guard crews rescued a woman and two dogs after they plunged from a cliff in north california. the woman and a man were walking the dogs when they found more than 100 -- fell more than 100 feet down a cliff in san mateo county. the man managed to climb out but the woman was trapped. rescuers had to bring workers in to help reach the woman. the helicopter hoisted her to safety and she is now being treated at the hospital. scary pictures. >> what are you usually saying to yourself, don't look down, just hold on really tight. don't look down. >> goodness. >> glad they are okay, though. >> of course. speaking of okay, lee, i have not seen you look so okay in such a long time. look at you, well rested, you've got the jacket off. >> listen, i mean, the bar for a top 10 day has been set so high now this summer because we
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have had 20 top 10 days. what do you do? today is a little breezy and the sun went in for about five minutes so not a top 10 day anymore. >> take it off the list. >> exactly. amazing, more of this to come. it's very comfortable, honk if you like the low humidity and that's what we have this afternoon. take a look at a picture as we go outside and look at our beautiful skyline and some fair weather cloudiness off to the south, a few patchy clouds come in from time to time and a couple of shadows over the empire state building, we are at 82, but that pair of threes with the humidity, it's glorious. westerly wind 17 to 25, bit of a problem with the low humidity and the breezes, we have brush fire danger and the pressure is on the fall. the high today 85 right in line with that accuweather forecast. as we look at our temperatures now, you know while we are comfortable and pretty close to average in many spots, look at the 72 in monticello, part of the area, the far northwest suburbs on the fringe of some of the coolcanadian air which has come in upstate. the dew points which were in the 70s in parts of the area yesterday have dipped down into
4:20 pm
the 50s so you're talking invigorating to pleasant. gorgeous. planner through the evening hours, mostly sunny skies, mainly clear overnight, breezy in the early even and then the wind backs off to about five to 10 miles an hour. 67 to start the day in new york city, but some 50s north and west, about 78 by noon and into the mid-80s during the afternoon and if you've noticed some fair weather clouds this afternoon, you're going to see a little bit more of that tomorrow afternoon, call it a partly sunny afternoon. you see it today, it's not a lot of cloudiness on long island, but you have some fair weather clouds over the catskills and into northwest new jersey, and just in the past hour a few fair weather clouds over the five boroughs into middlesex and monmouth county as well. it's an enormous area of low pressure which is swirling around hudson bay, over on the eastern fringe of that right now we are going to have to deal with its indirect influence over the next 48 hours so that means comfortable humidity, temperatures normal to maybe even below normal tomorrow and then that will lift out of here and the humidity will start to come back over the weekend. but look at these numbers upstate.
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i mean looking at 60 central new york, 60 in cleveland. so we are just on the fringe of that cool air but going to take the scenic route and lift to our north so we don't get too cool but the next couple of nights will be cool in the suburbs. after we go through an 83- degree day tomorrow, a fine finish to the workweek at 84. the humidity will start to increase as we go into the upcoming weekend. mostly clear and very comfortable tonight in your accuweather forecast, mid and upper 50s in suburbs north and west so open the windows, 67. tomorrow pleasant with sun and some patchy clouds. i would say a little bit more than you have seen today and about 83 degrees. tomorrow night comfy, once again, that will be our coolest night with 50s in many suburbs. now, of course the wild card in the long-range forecast. what influence if any will tropical storm erica and have there is the storm closing in on the leeward islands, looking ragged, going to run into a lot of hostile conditions for it to survive but if it does, it could be near the bahamas or florida over the weekend. we will give you the latest track and thoughts on that coming up at 4:30 because even
4:22 pm
if it doesn't come up the coast, it will have some impact on our long range weather into next week and in some cases could actually cause us to be hot and humid through next week. i'll explain the details when i come inside. >> that's interesting. >> yeah. >> okay. all right. and i believe we have the holiday weekend coming up next week, right? i believe so. >> something like that. >> all right. >> thank you, lee. >> you bet. well, they are usually doing battle with one another. fast food giants mcdonald's and burger king but they are teaming up now and we will tell you why. the hazard hidden in some some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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no antibiotics ever.
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a mormon church decided to keep its affiliation with the boy scouts despite the organization's decision to end its ban on allowing gay leaders in the scouts. the decision comes as a bit of a surprise to some after church leaders expressed concern about the policy change last month. withdrawing from the organization would have had severe consequences for the boy scouts. the mormon church is the largest sponsor in the u.s. making up nearly 20% of all boy scout troops. the washington monument is back open this afternoon after technicians repaired an elevator that had now -- that had malfunctioned. last night 63 people were stranded at the monument because of the elevator outage. two of the visitors stuck were pregnant. when they came down, they were carried out on stretchers but they are otherwise okay. officials say the elevator outage was caused by an issue with the door contacts. it has now been repaired.
4:26 pm
it is that time of the year again for one of the coolest food fights in the world. thousands of people in the streets in spain throwing tomatoes at each other, all for the 70th year of tomatina, the hour long battle taking place in a tomato producing region of the country. 20,000 people pelting each other with 175 tons of ripe tomatoes. i like that they all wear red. not that you can't tell. the town was then hosed down minutes after event. people cleaned off by using public showers. i always worry that you get hit in the head, it can hurt. >> hurt. we are a bunch of wusses. >> fun to watch. >> totally. dozens and dozens of street signs missing from a community in new jersey. coming up we will tell you why the problem is so bad, the city is now offering an amnesty program for their return. plus a teen accused of raping a free male freshman --
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hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. now channel 7 eyewitness news. it is 4:30 and we continue
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to follow the murders of two journalists gunned down on live television. this happened early this morning outside roanoke, virginia. wdbj reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward were both shot and killed. a local chamber of commerce executive vicki gardner was also shot. she is in stable condition. >> investigator say the gunman is a former wdbj reporter, 41- year-old vester flanagan who is on -- whose on air name was bryce williams. a virginia state trooper spotted the suspect and gave chase before flanagan later crashed. he later died at the hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. flanagan called abc news and faxed in a letter calling the charleston church shooting his, quote, tipping point. much more on the suspect and the victims coming up at 5:00. and our top story this half hour, it's costly and a danger to the public. dozens of street signs have been stolen in ridgewood, new jersey. >> the problem gotten so bad that the city is now offering
4:31 pm
amnesty for the return of those missing signs. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross in ridgewood with much more. a.j. >> reporter: police say this is a mysterious pattern that happens around this time every year here in ridgewood, we are talking about blank poles like this with missing street signs. they are costing taxpayers here a lot of green. >> these were just recently reported missing. >> reporter: it's a crossroads ridgewood new jersey police say they have been at before as one by one street signs throughout this community are disappearing. chief john ward estimates between 30 and 40 signs have been stolen in just the last few weeks. >> what we found in the past is sometimes these are college kids that are taking the signs with them back to college as an memorabilia and attachment to their own towns. >> reporter: while some dismiss this trend as kids being kids, the signs cost $65,000 a pop.
4:32 pm
this small town is now footing a large bill of several thousand dollars. and police say this isn't a prank. it's a crime that could have serious consequences. >> let's say a paramedic was responding from out of town who was not familiar with the streets and now is missing signs and is driving around trying to find a location, that could cause somebody their life. >> reporter: we talked with people who live nearby about the ongoing problem and their concerns. >> there is one on my street. i live on highwood and then the street next to me is high street so that seems to be taken a lot. >> costing the taxpayer. put the signs back. they are giving you an amnesty program. >> reporter: police are offering a window of amnesty and anyone can bring a sign back with no questions asked. >> if you want to do hometown pride, we are all for that but just don't take ones that are going to cost the rest of the taxpayers money. >> reporter: police say this window of amnesty will remain open until september 15th and after that, anyone caught with a sign will be prosecuted. live in ridgewood, new jersey, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you. city and state authorities
4:33 pm
in new york are cracking down on landlords who say they are violating rent rules. compliance letters gone out to 194 new york city landlords. the attorney generals said the owners got tax breaks putting their buildings under rent stabilization rules but residents haven't been given reduced rents. the letter demands landlords offered tenants rent stabilized leases. warning for college students this fall, don't be tempted to get a fake i.d. beyond the penalties you could face, they could put you at risk for identity theft. governor says dozens of people who tried to buy fake i.d.s online had their identities stolen. the victims gave their name, address, date of birth and other personal information to the scammers possessing a fake i.d. is also illegal. we want to turn now to a high profile rape case at an elite prep school in new england. a 19-year-old is accused of raping a classmate and he took the stand today. owen laborry is charged with raping a 15-year-old female
4:34 pm
student last year, two days before graduation. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: for the first time we are hearing from the teen accused of raping a 15-year-old classmate at their new hampshire prep school, owen labrie on the stand claiming he did not have sex with his accuser but that they did have consensual sexual contact. >> i would kiss her, she would kiss me in the same ways and, you know, that all seemed, you know, as if it were leading up to having sex. >> his accuser left the courtroom in tears today and testified last week that she told labrie no twice during their encounter. abc is disguising her voice to help protect her identity. >> why were you cloudy? >> i was raped. >> reporter: today labrie now 19 years old denied the allegations. >> did she say anything? >> no. >> during this time were you doing anything to cause her
4:35 pm
pain or harm or objection? >> no. >> reporter: other students testified this week that labrie was competing with friends to see how many girls they could score with before graduating from the prestigious st. paul's prep school as a part of their so-called senior salute. expert witnesses testified that labrie's dna was found on one of the girl's undergarments but he insists he is innocent. >> this case is going to come down to his credibility on the witness stand. >> reporter: and the defense team says they expect to present closing arguments tomorrow. marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. it turns out there's a down side to more jobs and less expensive gas. new analysis finds u.s. roads are more clogged than ever. motorists nationwide are stuck in traffic about 5% more than they were back in 2007. texas a&m transportation institute ranked urban areas by the average number of extra hours commuters spend in their cars due to delay. commuters in washington, d.c. suffer the most, losing an
4:36 pm
average of 82 hours a year to rush-hour slowdowns. next on the list is los angeles, san francisco, new york and then san jose. for those of you who thought the tickets would all be gone for the free fetty watch concert in paterson, some tickets still available. the musical artist hot right now. city officials worried they would be overwhelmed by teenagers looking for tickets for tomorrow's show but they just haven't seen that same demand. the city's recreation coordinator reportedly says some students may have lost their i.d.s and were unable to get tickets. hey, you still have time, folks. he grew up in paterson, attended east side high school and trying to do the right thing by giving back to his community so if you have a chance and want to go, there are still tickets available. >> nice of him to do that for the community. >> it is. first born or second born, we will tell you how birth order could impact your weight. and love taking selfies? why those snapshots could increase your chances of getting lice. and could wi-fi make you sick?
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for just $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. or double your speeds to 100 meg for just $10 more a month. call 888 get fios or go online. get out of the past. get fios. according to a new study boys born first are more likely to be overweight and taller than their younger brothers but is that the case for girls? well, researchers say in sweden, yes and no.
4:40 pm
they are not quite sure. scientists discovered first born girls tend to be heavier than second born sisters but when it comes to height, there is only a tiny difference. well, a new warning before you stop and snap a selfie. one doctor says they may be to blame for an increase in lice among older teens. pediatrician in wisconsin has dubbed it social media lice. she says she is seeing an uptick in older kids with lice than five years ago. she says teens don't usually get lice because they are not sharing hats and things and lice can't jump but as you saw from all of the pictures people put their heads next to each other as they are taking this picture and head to head contact is the most common way for people to get head lice according to the cdc. >> another reason not to do a selfie. >> just keep your heads apart. >> or just keep your heads apart. >> or wear a hat. >> wear a hat. >> don't share the hat. >> there we go. so could wi-fi make you sick? parents of one student in massachusetts say yes and they are now taking their case to court.
4:41 pm
family says the face school in south borough made their son ill when they launched their wi- fi network two years ago making it available in every classroom. in a federal lawsuit the family says the boy came down with nosebleeds, dizziness, chest pain and nausea. a doctor diagnosed him with electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome. >> i try not to think about it because i feel like it's a necessary evil in our society today, so who knows. >> i use wi-fi all the time and i never would have any reason >> school says the company checked the wi-fi and found the signal is low. they say it is within federal safety limits. >> this whole segment should go under the category believe it or not. a smart alec if you're sarcastic, may not be a bad thing. there is a link between sarcasm and smarts. people shown sarcastic cartoons performed before on a classic cognitive performance test than
4:42 pm
those who have not seen them. one researchers says when people are exposed to sarcasm by expressing it or receiving it, they become more creative. but they can't talk for some reason. and the reason this is, it flexes your mind's creativity. >> i like -- >> understand that sarcasm required you in that morning to think flexbly and it allows you to think in a more flexible way which is the foundation of creativity. >> you got it? >> i dig that. >> i don't know what he said. researchers express that -- also advise that expressing sare kim with -- sarcasm with your friends is okay but not with a stranger who might not get your jokes. >> i'm usually the target of that sarcasm. makes me very nervous. >> yes. it is a storied rivalry, burger king versus mcdonald's. the two fast food giants always battling it out but now a call for a cease fire? could it be? >> could it be?
4:43 pm
and listen, whatever you do today, you need to come to the tv, you need to see what this kid does because his reaction to getting a gift is so amazing, you will be talking
4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
sad news from the national zoo today. one of the two newborn panda cubs died. there has been concerned about the smaller one since its birth on saturday. his weight was fluctuating and he was being bottled and tube fed because his mother refusing
4:46 pm
to care for him. she is only nursing the bigger cub who appears to be healthy and behaving normally. pandas by nature won't normally nurse twins. the son of the druggers checked into rehab in the wake of a cheating scandal, his cheating scandal. the family released a statement today saying josh duggar has checked himself into a long- term treatment facility. not specifying what type of facility he has interned. the former 19 kids and counting reality star apologized last week you may recall after admitting to infidelity and addiction to pornography. tlc cancelled the show back in may when he admitted he sexually abused his sisters. burger king proposing a one day cease fire of sorts with its archrival mcdonald's in, i guess you could call a continuing publicity stunt. burger king asking mcdonald's to combine their most iconic burgers, the whopper and the big mac to create the mcwhopper. burger king says it's aimed at generating awareness for peace day on september 21st.
4:47 pm
if mcdonald's had agreed, the mcwhopper would have been sold at a pop-up store in atlanta. customers would pay for the burger, not with cash but with a declaration to end their beef with someone. see where they are going with this? mcdonald's said thanks but no thanks and it's looking to team up on something a little bigger so what could that be? yankees, red sox joining forces? i don't know where we are going with all this but i know at the end of this story i have this incredible craving for a hamburger and fries. >> who gets the sauce? >> i was about to say, you're going to go flame broiled, yes and then you got to keep the special sauce. >> you do one sauce on top and the other on the bottom. >> it's tricky. that's why they didn't work it out. >> it would have been intriguing. >> it would have been. >> a nuclear deal would be easier. >> very true. can i just say one thing? >> you can. >> since this is not a top 10 day, we have decided weatherwise. >> i don't know but all right. >> a little chilly at the bus stop this morning. >> were you really? >> a little bit. you had to put on a sweater. >> what's wrong with that statement? >> wow.
4:48 pm
>> first of all, a lot. at the bus stop this morning, that's wrong and then cooler. you start to feel that this time of year and it's temporary because we are going to go back to sticky humid nights in the long range but at least for the next couple of nights, yeah, a little light jacket -- [ no audio ] >> we've got some patchy clouds and -- >> i think you're having a mike problem. >> i think you're not. how is it now? you hear me okay now? >> i think now. >> that's better. there's a look at she had meadow right now -- sheep meadow and the hex shire ball fields. it's invigorating out there. i will come to you with my microphone if anything happens right now. we are good. our temperature right now at 82, partly sunny skies, westerly wind, 17 to 25 miles an hour. temperatures tonight go down to about 67. we will have these patchy clouds early and then the skies should clear out as we go through the overnight. a planner for tomorrow, lots of sunshine early, some patchy
4:49 pm
cumulus clouds pretty cotton ball clouds building during the afternoon. more nor and west but get some of them as we go through the evening hours they should dissolve. here overnight you've got the cool 50s north and west, even 53 in monticello, 63 belmar and 66 in islip and notice how the fair weather clouds build during the afternoon, upper 70s to low to mid-80s for your highs tomorrow, about 78 to 84- degree day. here's erika right now, couple hundred miles from leeward islands. the cluster of thunderstorms are scattered about and a storm shows strength when the center. this is lopsided. 45-mile-per-hour winds going west about 17 miles an hour. it's a track that takes it near or just north of puerto rico for the rest of the workweek, remaining a weak storm, it runs into a hostile environment where it could even dissipate through this area. if it survives, the key will be this time period through the bahamas because that's the fork in the road, does it go close to the coast? even go into the gulf of mexico? i know this is an unnerving track taking it into south florida but at this late time period it's all about the cone
4:50 pm
not about that one line and in fact, if you look at the latest computer models, look at the clusters that are now east of florida and trying to have this storm recur. then you might ask is that a bigger impact on the northeast? not necessarily, it's going to pump up this jet stream and keep it to our north and we are hot and humid, nope flee this high is coming -- hopefully this high is coming eastward early this week that would bump erika out to sea. this is all speculation but right now we know it's going to be going north of the puerto rico and north of the dominican republic. uv index tomorrow seven, pollen count very high and sea ask sand tomorrow -- and sand tomorrow, one to 3-foot chop. great beach day tomorrow. your seven-day accuweather forecast, supereasy to forecast your thursday and friday, isolated storm, better chance of a scattered storm north of the city on sunday and then next week it's dog days of summer. you won't need that sweatshirt at the bus stop. a lot of kids going back to school. 90 by day, 70 at night. >> we like that and your mike is back up and working. >> you hear me loud and clear?
4:51 pm
>> yes, we do. >> thank you, lee. here's this wednesday and it is national dog day, it is the 11th year people have been celebrating the day we honor our relationship with man's best friend, or woman's best friend. many turned to twitter to share their favorite pet pictures and to the website dedicated to the day, they urge owners to donate $5 to the local shelters to help with abandoned dog problems across the country. espn suspended baseball legend kurt schilling for something he shared on social media. the sports network removing schilling as an analyst from its little league world series broadcasts after he shared an anti-muslim mean comparing muslim extremists and hitler era nazis. he took the post down but too late and then posted an apology on his twitter account saying i understand and accept my suspension. 100% my fault. bad choices have bad consequences and this was a bad decision in every way on my part. good to see all the brain power at m.i.t. going to good use. here they have come up with beer bot, cold beer brought to
4:52 pm
you by your own personal beer butler. wait for it. get the can, we will take that, thing, yeah. there we go. you're working at your desk maybe, kind of an environment where that's okay. let's imagine it's at home. >> who wears that? >> we are showing the clip where he's loading the thing rather than the -- there's the clip i wanted to see. come and get the beer to me. >> that's cool. >> is that cool? >> you know right around the newsroom someone will walk into that thing and all of a sudden you have beer all over the carpet. >> i'm going to move on. >> just saying. this can lead to helping war zones and medical use so take that. >> not beer around the offense. >> not beer around the offense. finally a dad who is teaching his son about manners conducts an experiment to see how his boy will handle getting a ridiculous gift. i think you will be pleased with the result.
4:53 pm
>> an avocado! thanks! >> look how outwardly happy with an avocado. our producer's daughter says she wants clothes only. >> so happy. >> it's an avocado and then he just casually puts it back down. thanks. >> that's nice. as always check out the trend online at abc7ny. >> the dad must be so proud. my son loved the avocado. >> good stuff. >> awesome. so here's a question for you, are you sleeping with danger? a washing about keeping your contacts in while you sleep even if they are made to be in your eyes while you sleep. here's a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossings, 30 minutes inbound
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
to the lincoln tunnel, many people wear contact lenses to sleep thinking they are doing a good thing. >> sleeping with contacts, even though they may be made for sleeping may not be a about good thing. one man learned the hard way. >> reporter: tad has been wearing contact lenses since he was 18 years old. last year he switched to extended day and night lenses. he had no idea he was damaging his eyes while he slept. one day last month-- >> my vision was clouded over. i could not see out of it. >> reporter: he had a dangerous bacterial infection in his left eye that is damaging his cornea. his doctor says caused by sleeping in his lenses. >> for about three weeks it was
4:57 pm
like an 8-inch nail driven in my eye. there was no escaping. looking at a light hurt. >> reporter: according to the cdc, more than 41 million americans wear contact lenses. more than 50% surveyed record sleeping with their lenses in. >> 20,000 patients a year developing an infection in the united states. >> i had no idea at all that something like this could happen so quickly. >> reporter: he has 20% vision in his left eye, and he can see light and color. he may still need a cornea transplant but his doctor says his condition could have been much worse. >> if left untreated it can cause a person to lose the eye. >> reporter: to avoid infection, avoid wearing contacts in the shower or pool, change your case one to three months and take your contacts
4:58 pm
out before you sleep. >> stay with abc news. the contact lens manufacturing association says over all they are healthy. the risk of having an eye infection resulting in loss of vision, four per ten thousand wearers a year. you had special experience. >> i know what he is talking about. i had it many years ago. it's extremely painful. i do not sleep in my contacts any more at all. >> there is still more news ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. murdered live on television. a disgruntled former colleague opens fire on a reporter and photographer in virginia killing both of them then later turning the gun on himself. tonight new developments in the search for a missing boat in new jersey. crews find the sunken vessel
4:59 pm
but still no sign of the captain. williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. we begin with the shooting in virginia. two people are dead. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward. a third person, vicky gardner was injured but is recovering after surgery. >> the gunman, vester lee flanagan that went by bryce williams was a former reporter at the station. he later shot himself and died at the hospital afterwards. >> this hour of eyewitness news we will learn more about the victims and dig deeper into the gunman's past and what may have set him off. we are hearing from two former employees who both fired flanagan, one 15 years ago for what he called growing personality conflicts. >> we have two reports working on -- reporters working on the story. we begin with rob nelson.


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