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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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buddha hookah lounge on flatbush avenue and started shooting. in recent months residents say the business is more than just a restaurant but a nightclub. >> it was going to happen eventually. it was getting out of hand. everybody seen that. that spot will close down. >> reporter: one man was shot multiple times in the head and torso and pronounced dead in kings county hospital. police believe that man was the intended target of the early morning attack. >> that is not good. that is not good for our neighborhood. we are trying to be up and coming. >> reporter: three others were shot and another injured by shattered glass. all the victims are in their hospital as well. the restaurant is an active morning. police combing for evidence with shattered glass lining the sidewalk outside. at night. >> some residents were surprised by the incident. others could tell something like this was bound to happen.
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>> i could have seen that happening in due time because -- it became rowdy and more rowdy and more rowdy. >> reporter: we have learned a few more details about what happened here. we did learn that the gunman kept firing as he tried to flee the scene which is why so many target were hurt. we learned the identity of the 27-year-old man that died. we are not releasing his name because his family may not have been notified yet. he had ten prior arrests including assault and grand larceny. the gunman is still on the loose. reporting live in brooklyn, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, rob. also in brooklyn, a homeless man is under arrest accused of raping a woman. police say 28-year-old kareem david is the surveillance video. they say david attacked a woman in a stairwell. the woman lost two teeth when
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she bit the suspect on the hand. a construction accident on staten island. police say a work site about 9:30 this morning. newscopter 7 was over the scene as firefighters responded to the house which was under construction on van pelt avenue. no injuries were reported in the incident. we have new details about the stunning murder on live tv. virginia's governor just visited the station, wdbj. the medical examiner's office said the photographer and reporter killed suffered gunshot wounds to the head. we are hearing exclusive details from the only survivor of the attack, vicky gardner. abc's elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: the visible traces of that horrific morning still haunting a virginia community now gone. new wooden planking on the bridgewater plaza deck is up as businesses are reopening today. now for the first time, an eyewitness account of the deadly early on air shooting
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from the sole survivor of the attack. vicky gardner talking to her husband who spoke to abc news. >> the surgeon told me that a couple of centimeters she wouldn't be walking and she wouldn't be alive. >> she was being interviewed on live tv by reporter alison parker and her photographer adam ward when all three were caught off guard and gunned down by a former station reporter. >> did she get a feeling who was the target. >> well, alison obviously was the initial target. >> vicky told her husband alison was shot first then ward. when vicky started to run, the gunman began firing at her. >> he shot three times at my wife. she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice. then she dove to the ground. >> reporter: according to vicky, the shooter, now identified as former reporter vester flanagan tried to keep shooting her but his gun didn't work so he took off. search warrants revealing more evidence of an elaborate plan.
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in his getaway car police found a glock pistol, three license list. flanagan later shot and killed himself on the run from troopers. as for vicky, she is still in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. elizabeth hur, abc news, roanoke, virginia. >> reporter: we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage of the shooting in virginia. and tune in to 2020 tonight for an in depth look at the shooter's history of problems and hear more from the loved ones of victims. that is tonight at 10:00 on channel 7 and the watch abc app. a fire no yonkers, they are saying overloaded power strips are to blame. two people are headed to the hospital. one resident for smoke inhalation. one firefighter for elevated levels of carbon monoxide. all other injuries are minor.
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the three-alarm fire started just before 5:30 this morning inside an apartment building on valentine lane. two people were hurt inside the apartment where the fire started. a 79-year-old woman in newark is seriously hurt after being hit by an out-of-control driver who is being chased by police. the chase ended yesterday when the driver crashed through a fence on clinton street near branch brook park. during the crash the 20-year- old driver hit another car sending two people to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries before crashing into the woman walking her dog. >> she was an older woman with a slight walking problem. she used to limp a little. so, she always had her dog in a stroller. i don't think she had any other family member because i used to see the two of them alone walking. >> no word on why the police were chasing the suspect. the crash is under investigation by the professional standards bureau. another police pursuit ending with a crash, this one in fort lee. the s.u.v.
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slammed into a tree and erupted in flames near anderson avenue. the suspect took off. it's unclear why police originally tried to pull the driver over. that driver may be injured. no one else was hurt. a community in connecticut is honoring one of the massacre at newtown. a new school dedicated to the memory of victoria soto is opening today in her hometown. the victorio soto school has safety features automatically locking doors and bulletproof glass. the school teacher loved the excitement of the new school year. her mom wrote she would have been so excited to meet her kids. life is not fair. a funeral will be held for a security guard murdered at a federal building in lower manhattan. hundreds of people attended a memorial service in federal plaza last night for officer idrissa camara. he was shot and killed last week by a former federal
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employee who then shot and killed himself. camara was a native of the ivory coast with four children. turning to tropical storm erika, four people are dead and 20 missing in do mine nick kay. the prime minister posted this video on facebook. the damage is extensive. flooding and mudslides wiped out roads and swamped villages. people on the coast are stocking up. the governor warns everyone to stay tuned through the weekend prepared. for bill evans tracking the storm. >> you can tell from the pictures it's a potent system. it's moving over puerto rico and brought 4 to 8 inches of rainfall there and maybe in the higher elevations those amounts could have been up to 10 inches of rain. that is what caused the massive mud slight. when the we get a tropical system like this, all eyes point to what is the movement and what will the strength be.
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it's tropical storm status. it will leave puerto rico moving to the dominican and this cone of uncertainty, heading to the peninsula of georgia. we are watching to see what happens. the question mark here is the intensity. the storm is downgraded to winds of just 40, 45 miles per hour. there have been points where the main gusts were up to 50. it still is windy. a slow moving system, too. it's dropping a lot of rain. unfavorable today and into early tomorrow for this storm to strengthen or intensify at all t. once we get into saturday or even into sunday, there could be opportunities for the storm to really present a lot of rainfall that could spell big trouble and potential for gusty winds and it could downgrade and get out of tropical status. this is something to watch for. the reason, of course, we are swinging into an active tropical pattern. still to come, we have a couple of tropical waves off the coast
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of africa that we are watching. they have problems down there. around here, a rain free weekend and beautiful temperatures. i will have that in the full forecast in a few minutes. see you then. >> thank you, amy. stocks on wall street showing little change after a sharp two-day surge. this is a live look at the big board as the market closes out a wild week. right now the dow is down 57 points. of course that will change as we go along with the rest of the day. >> four weeks and counting until pope francis celebrates mass at madison square garden. the arena is preparing for the pontiff. a mural is being painted on 8th near 48th street. the mass will be september 26th at 6:00 p.m. a mail carrier buffed. accused of not delivering the mail. wait until you hear what cops say he was doing. >> a jet star turning into a crime fighter, what he did. >> incredible case of canine survival. a dog shot in the head.
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how did she live. we are following a developing story out of queens. a tsa agent is under arrest charged with sexually assaulting a woman at laguardia airport. investigators say the agent told the 22-year-old woman she needed to be searched in the bathroom. it happened in terminal b tuesday night. police arrested the agent last night. they have not released his name. we will keep you posted. new at noon, it looks like jets defensive lineman nick
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mangold defends his neighborhood against crime. he heard his car alarm going off at his house in chatham, new jersey. when he went to investigate, he found the vehicle door open. he called the cops and responding officers found an adult and three juveniles in the area. the group may have stolen items from dozens of cars in the community. a dog in brooklyn survived being shot during a fight over who would keep her and the bullet is still lodged in her neck. honey is a two-year old pit bull mix. police say kenneth white tried to strangle his girlfriend on sunday then stuck a gun in honey's mouth and fired. an extra shows how the bullet passed through her skull and stuck in a muscle. white is being held on bail facing a number of charges. one of the americans credited with helping stop a terror attack on a train in france is getting a hero's welcome in the united states.
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army national guardsman alex skarlatos was vacationing with his friends after a tour in afghanistan when they saw the gunman on the train last friday. they were able to disarm the suspect and detain him until police arrived. today he spoke on "good morning america" about the moment of action that probably saved lives. >> i immediately recognized what was happening. i thought there is no way. there is no way this is happening right now. i'm just not -- the odds -- that was the only thought that i had. i couldn't believe it was happening. and then we just acted and i didn't have another conscious thought for the next two minutes. >> he said the magnitude of what happened did not sink in until the train was stopped and the gunman was taken into custody. the three americans and a british man who helped were awarded france's highest honor for bravery. turning to the race for president, hillary clinton's campaign seems to be saying game on with the threat of a challenge from vice president joe biden. the associated press is
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reporting that team clinton is contacting donors who publicly expressed an interest in biden. clinton is touting several of her own high profile endorsements at fundraisers across the country. clinton and others are national committee. minneapolis. on the republican side, donald trump is talking taxes. he is promising to offer a plan tax system. trumpeted hinted it will make wealthy americans pay more. he was quoted as saying nobody knows the tax code better than he does. photos that got a local restaurant shut down. >> plus, day care horror. workers accused of drugging children. why would they do this. >> and a tv judge trades his robe for jail bars. we will tell you how judge jo brown ended up on the other side of the law. >> taking a live look outside. meteorologist amy freeze is up
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no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and now, for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card. call today. it's nice. >> we made it to friday. it's gore use. >> i don't know how we will make it to 1:00. it's so awesome outside. it's really nice. temperatures in the upper 70s. feels great outdoors. that will be the way it is the rest of the afternoon. tomorrow looks like a terrific
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day as well. last weekend of august is this. fantastic live picture over central park. everybody is heading out there. winds out of the northwest 7 miles per hour. pressure on the rise. looking to areas north and west, really incredible to see the 20-degree temperature climb that many of these areas in northwest new jersey have seen this morning starting the 70s. 77 for morristown. morning. so s the sun has done an incredible job of heating up the atmosphere, heating up the ground thermometers and we are seeing the results and temperatures coming in at this hour. we top off the numbers in the low 80s into the afternoon. sea breeze will feel nice throughout the afternoon. nothing to mess up this weather pattern. in fact, what is ahead for us in the coming days is slow building of heat and then humidity increasing as well.
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the rest of this day, we will have 70s through the sunset this evening. so, we top off early afternoon at 82. then through the evening, comfortable and pleasant. hot and humid the second half of the weekend and early next week. that's how we start the month of september with a real sizzle. erika is tracking toward florida. we pay close attention to the storm. right now not intensifying. the cohn of uncertainty is wide. as far as affecting us, we have high pressure in control. that is making it hard for clouds to form. that is suppressing it so the southeast. once it affects florida, georgia, whatever, it doesn't amount to much for us. 86 and heating up. winds out of the southwest will change for us bringing in the hot weather and increasing the humidity. letter sea and sand forecast, waves are 2 feet. top temperature is 78 on the buoys this afternoon. rip current risk is low. a reminder to check in with
12:21 pm
gorgeous, low humidity. by the second half of the change. another windows open tonight. 86 degrees. then we stair down the last few days of august with temperatures at 90 or better. it's more humid on sunday. monday humidity. tuesday and wednesday near 90 and afternoon thunderstorms are possible. we hold on to 87 in the accuweather seven-day forecast through next thursday. so, all in all, this is the most comfortable day of the stretch but if you are waiting for a little more hot, hot weather, wait no longer, just around the corner. beginning is nice here for the weekend then a nice taste of summer in late august. >> she is good. >> she is. >> i like this amy freeze. >> you are always popular when it's a good forecast. other times it's like -- >> all right, amy. thanks. >> you have a few months. thank you, amy.
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a bizarre chase caught on camera. police pursuing a car crawling through a neighborhood. wait until you see who was behind the wheel. >> trapped by a boulder. an important lesson a boy scout
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a violent case of road rage. a surprise on stage for billy joel fans. those are some of the stories attention. we start with the road rage incident. the fight started between drivers in los angeles then two men get out of their cars and they start to brawl. it looks like a third is starting to break it up when things get out of control when one of those men slams the head of another against cement which we will not show you because it's too violent. the victim is not unconscious. his injuries are serious. the lapd releasing this video because they hope somebody can find the other driver. next troopers go after a driver that can barely reach the pedals in minneapolis. why? that driver is 8 years old. grabs the keys and takes the car on a joy ride with two siblings in toe. they went 20 miles -- 20 miles -- before the 8-year-old backed the car into a trooper's vehicle. they get out of the car in
12:26 pm
their pay jerusalem mass and nobody got hurt. billy joel enjoying backup sisters during a show in chicago. jennifer lawrence and amy schumer got on stage for the show uptown girl. it was featured in schumer's movie train wreck. so joel invited her and friends on stage. >> amy schumer is having one -- >> yes. >> -- amazing year. how lucky is she in that moment. >> she is generally talented. >> to share the same stage as billy joel. that is very cool. in the next half hour, he is accused of not delivering your mail. what police found on this postal worker.
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10 years our top stories this afternoon, a gunman remains at large after a deadly shooting at a hookah lounge in brooklyn. one man was killed and three people were wounded when the gunman opened fire in ali's morning. all of florida is watching tropical storm erika as it makes its way over hispaniola. the national hurricane center state on monday. georgia and south carolina
12:30 pm
could see heavy rain in the coming days. virginia governor terry mcauliffe arrived at the station to talk to them after a live attack. >> i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm ken rosato in for david novarro. a mail carrier busted. >> they found more than one thousand pieces of mail stashed in the trunk of his car. >> darla miles is live in fair lawn with what else investigators found. tell us, darla. >> reporter: ken, this was a carrier assistant who filled in on mail routes at all three postoffices in fair lawn, new jersey. when he was picked up saturday, he had be only a t-shirt, shorts and no socks or shoes. this is dominic damiani. he faces drunk and theft charges. he was issued a citation and released.
12:31 pm
this is video of the white dodge neon where police say they found the undelivered pieces of mail. this stems from a call they got on saturday in his hometown about a domestic dispute and possible drug charges. that is what lead to the discovery of this undelivered mail. police say they also found in that white dodge neon a glass pipe, a syringe and wax bowls with heroin residue on it. for the undelivered pieces of mail, one thousand pieces, the postal inspector says they date back three months. >> basically there was drugs but with this particular individual, what he would do, if he was unable to complete his route on a particular day, not feeling well due to the drug use, he would say whatever mail he had left over and put it in the trunk of his vehicle. >> reporter: now, again, dominic damiani was issued a citation and released. as far as the undelivered
12:32 pm
pieces of mail goes, they have since been delivered. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. a motorcyclist has quite a survival story to tell after he was thrown off his bike and plunged 50 feet into the passaic river. rutherford police say 29-year- old jason mon tony was -- montoni was thrown in the river after he collided with a car. he was able to hang on to a pillar until he got a flotation device. he was taken to the hospital with leg and shoulder injuries. 10 years since hurricane katrina slammed new orleans leaving more than a thousand people dead and devastating much of the city. the man who was president at the time will visit and tomorrow former president clinton will spend time with folks as well to see the progress made all these years later. marci gonzales is live in new orleans with that story. marci? >> reporter: yeah, ken, so many people proud to share the
12:33 pm
progress made in the past decade. during his visit, president bush said new orleans is back and better than ever. the vibrant soul of this city shining on the eve of the anniversary of one of new orleans's darkest days. 10 years after hurricane katrina ravaged this community and other parts of the gulf coast, homes are still being rebuilt. a new 14 billion-dollar levee system and a resounding sense of resilience. >> this is home. >> there are wounds that are still healing. >> this is horrible. >> including memories of the more than 1,000 lives lost and the devastatingly slow response. >> i forget how all levels of government left us abandoned here. >> when i think back and i say, you know, how did they do that
12:34 pm
0 to us . >> reporter: today former president george w. bush returned to tour the school he visited on the first anniversary reflecting on the recovery and fog -- focusing on the future. >> we are the resilience of a great american city whose levees gave out but whose people never gave up. >> reporter: president obama was here yesterday. he toured the 9th ward and said he is inspired by this city. live in new orleans, marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marci, thank you. so much resilience. so much strength. what an inspiration. we want to turn to meteorologist amy freeze. >> she has the afternoon accuweather forecast. >> we have been watching the tropics with erika. this is the projected path again. i wanted to touch base after that katrina update. this time of year tropical systems are important. the cone of uncertainty, the
12:35 pm
further away we get from the storm, how far east and west. this takes us into monday and tuesday and he the effect on the florida peninsula. erika is making its way to the dominican republic. it's not that well organized. not expected to intensify. we have seen the pictures from puerto rico. and the west coast of africa captures our attention this time of year for development. we will keep you up to speed on that. beautiful day ahead for most of us. this afternoon a high of 82 is expected. i will see you in a few minutes and the weekend get way coming up next. >> thank you so much. the ceo of adultery web site ashley madison is stepping down in the wake of a massive breach of the company's computer systems. noel resigned following the
12:36 pm
leak and outing of millions of subscribers to the service. a spokesperson for the parent company was mutual. hackers breached the computer system in july and posted it online earlier this month. later after the company didn't comply with their demands to shut down. see the photos that got a local restaurant shut down. >> plus, parents horrified after a day care is accused of drugging babies. >> and a shocking delivery. a woman ordering hair care products. how did tampa get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer
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popular manhattan photos surfaced. a cockroach infestation and conducive to pests. these pictures were showed online, a rodent and cooking in an alley. the health department says one of the images was treated as a complaint. a bronx woman that ordered hair care products received an unwelcome surprise. when alison henry opened up the box from ups it contained vials of blood. they were inside a biohazard specimen kit and a blood related space station game. ups couldn't explain it so she called eyewitness news. >> more hair products or something that target actually sells you would understand but
12:40 pm
to have blood it was like -- i don't get it. everyone i speak to about this does not believe me. they are like -- blood? >> the mixup was traced this ups facility in saddle brook, new jersey. the blood belongs to a pennsylvania woman. she was sending it to trenton for testing. ups is looking into what went wrong. day care horror. workers in a center in oklahoma are accused of drugging children to go to sleep. reena ninan tells us how they got caught. >> reporter: this oklahoma day care shut down. its owner and staff accused of giving infants benadryl to make them go to sleep. parents outraged. >> my heart sunk. >> reporter: leslie mead said her 6-month-old could barry keep his eyes open after coming home from sue's day care. >> had somebody not spoke up and the worst was to happen, am -- she was messing with our lives. had something happened, it
12:41 pm
would have changed everybody's life forever. >> reporter: at least seven children were allegedly drugged. the day care owner has been in business more than 20 years. police say they were tipped off by a former employee. now more staff members are coming forward. >> they have come and confessed what was going on in the day care and all stated that they were ordered to give this by the owner. >> reporter: doctors say benadryl can cause small children to stop breathing. in this case none of the children suffered serious injury. now it's up to prosecutors to decide what charges to file. reena ninan, abc news, new york. we have learned officials at subway may have been tipped off to jarrett fogle's alleged sexual crimes years before his arrest on child pornography charges. a former subway franchise owner claims she told a subway executive in 2008 that jared fog letter commented about paying for sex with minors. a lawyer for cindy mill said the advertising exec told her that fog many was seeing a
12:42 pm
teacher about it and trying to get on the right track. subway has no record of this. authorities say fogle agreed to pay guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with girls as young as 16 and received child porn. celebrity tv judge joe brown is behind bars. he turned himself in to face a five-day sentence for a contempt of court charge. they say brown caused an outburst in the courtroom representing a client before reporting to jail, brownish shut a statement saying that he will, quote, serve the time and continue to stand up and speak out for justice. a student standing up to her school's new dress code. why she says it is just another form of body shaming. >> identical twins born with serious hearing loss get the to
12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
listen to their
12:46 pm
a 13-year-old boy being credited with saving his father's life after they were stranded in the wilderness for two days. they were hiking in an area of idaho known as the river of no return wilderness. it wasn't the river that gave them a problem. a boulder the size of a refrigerator fell on the father leaving him badly hurt and 13 miles from the nearest ranger. after his young son took care of him for more than two days he sent him to get help. >> charlie was right on top of things. we got me lowered down to the ground and got the first aid kit lowered to me. >> you got to make sure that you are calm. >> armed with a note explaining diact exactly what. now his father is recovering at home thanks to charlie's ability to keep his calm. incredible moment captured on camera. a set of twins from california born with serious hearing loss
12:47 pm
get a chance to listen to their parents voices for the first time. take a look. meet identical twin sisters kay land a kiar ahern hern. they are 6 months old. they developed their own personalities. >> he will scream at her, yell at her and she will look at her and coo and smile. >> reporter: their parents recently took the twins for a routine hearing exam. the results were heart- breaking. >> somebody is talking to them probably at this level,ing they will struggle to hear. >> it was so hard for us because i questioned had they ever heard me say that i love them. >> reporter: an audiologist found they both suffer from hearing loss. several experts told them they needed to get hearing aids for the girls rather than later. >> the younger a child is fit with hearing aids the greaterrer the success in speech, language, academic. >> reporter: fitting the girls
12:48 pm
with hearing aids would cost 12,000 dollars. to make things worse, their insurance like many private providers would not cover it because it's considered elective. >> trying to figure out how are we going to get it to them as soon as possible. where do we start. >> reporter: enter hear aid foundation. the nonprofit helps families like the hernandez afford hearing aids. the girls fitted with the brand- new hearing aids listen to their parents voices for the first time. >> mama? yeah. you hear that, don't you. they will be able to hear all the noises and sounds. so many blessings and beautiful things that -- >> wow. >> i know. if you are interested in learning more about the hear aid foundation and their mission, visit our web site, abc7ny. >> we take so much for granted, right?
12:49 pm
>> amazing. >> the technology that brings that gift to them, incredible. >> beautiful. around here another beautiful thing is the weather. a lot of people are out enjoying it already because it's spectacular. if you can get a way for lunch or cut the day short, it's gorgeous. 82 is what we are expecting. cumulus clouds are decorating the background there. looks like a postcard, so fantastic. once we get into the late afternoon, we could see a few additional clouds come in. just after sunset, everything clears out for another night where temperatures can bottom out. we have the suburbs in the 50s. even upper 40s. morristown down to 48 last night. our normal overnight low is 67. we could get close to that. the record for this date, 101. heat for the second half of the weekend but not quilt yet.
12:50 pm
morning. chilly, monticello, 48. 58 for white plains. right now temperatures are climbing quick. newark up to almost 80. all the spots that started in 60s and 70s. islip currently at 76 degrees and we will see those numbers probably top out low to mid-80s for the most part. high pressure is in control. a bit of a sea breeze developing this afternoon. looking into the weekend. the next chance for showers would be north and west late afternoon sunday and even those look isolated and don't look like they become, you know, widespread by any means. clouds for monday. heat and humidity firmly in place. afternoon thunderstorm wouldn't be a surprise early next week. catskills, ham tons and jersey shore, getting way today, nice weather. carries into tomorrow, a few degrees warmer. sunday an isolated chance of a shower in the catskills. that is the only wrinkle we can see. a fantastic weekend. last weekend of august.
12:51 pm
the low humidity will start to change up as early as saturday afternoon into the evening hours, more mugginess comes back. then humid by sunday. monday as well. hot and humid. that says with us monday, tuesday and wednesday and afternoon showers possible. once we get the instability in the atmosphere like that, hot in the afternoon, we can see the pop-up showers or thunderstorms. that's what we are looking for early next week, that type of late august, early september pattern that delivers the hot storms. first day of september, sizzle on. that will take us through the first couple of days. maybe a fact that labor day is still more than a week away. that makes some kids happy because they want the air- conditioning when they go back to school. they don't want to need the air- conditioning when they go back to school. a lot of them don't have it. they want the temperatures down a bit, so do the teachers. >> very nice. >> we will hold on to the heat
12:52 pm
cool us down. >> you got it. a student in new england is starting the school year by staying a stand. cape cod technical high school ruled that spandex, tights and yoga pants must be warn with shorts or skirt. emily connolly says she thinks there is another motive behind the ban. >> many of us think that it is because it is considered more of a distraction to boys. >> well, connelly says that is unfair. the teen and her friends launched an online petition. many plan to make a statement by wearing yoga pants on the first day of class. >> good for them. we will be right back. >> first a look at what is coming up next on "the chew."
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i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, a local beach has been closed. it was when a lot of people were planning to head there for the weekend. we will have more on what caused it. homeowners say it's like being prisoners in their own home. the legal hang up that is keeping some people from moving. 7 on your side has the simple ways to make sure this does not happen to you. those stories and more beginning on "eyewitness news first at 4:00" and happy friday, guys. >> yeah. >> happy friday. we made it. >> two great words that work together so well. >> i just love them. >> a word you can wear out. >> thank you, diana. it's a boy. >> yes, the national zoo in
12:57 pm
d.c. announced this morning that its recently born panda cub is a male. the cub is a twin. the other one did not survive. fortunately this little guy is doing well. he is the second son for the zoo's panda parents. >> cute. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
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