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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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demolition derby. next on eyewitness news video of a driver slamming into cars in a local neighborhood.
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two women and a toddler with nowhere to run. into a family. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. it started when one car blew through a red light. it happened in the richmond hills section of queens. >> josh einiger is there with details. >> reporter: we're talking about a two-year-old girl, her mom and her awrnghts minding their own business here at the bus stop waiting for their bus to come when all of a sudden in that intersection police say one car ran a red light and slammed into a second car, then jumped the curb and plowed into that family. tonight highly trained investigators inspected the
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cars involved in this collision that sent this white suv hurdling onto the sidewalk to the very spot where a family of three, including a toddler, happened to be waiting for a bus. and then came the screams of an older family member who tried to shove the little girl out of the way. >> people here heard her screaming. she saved the baby's life. >> i seen a little girl under the car, and rate after that, the other woman hit the wall of the building and stopped. you could see the tire marks on her stomach. >> reporter: paramedics rushed all three family members to the hospital where the older relative was pronounced dead. the two others, including the little girl, critically hurt. the drivers of both cars stayed at the scene as cops searched for eyewitnesses and surveillance video to help figure out what had happened. but their answers came quickly. >> i was at the red light for three second, then the car passed me.
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so it was definitely a red light. >> reporter: the best witnesses turned out to be two of their own. a sergeant and officer who had been at this very intersection and watched the crash unfold. in the end police determined the suv's driver had run a red light, shattering a family as they stood at that time bus stop, minding their own business. >> the woman that ran the red light, she came out, she was very shocked. she just said i'm sorry, that's it. >> reporter: back live, you are looking now at one of the traffic lights that is facing the direction from which that white suv was coming. you can see that it's sort of off kilter. it's somewhat at a diagonal. the driver had told investigators she did not see the red light and the d.o.t. is looking into whether that light might have played some sort of role. she also said she was looking into sun glare from the setting sun. at this point no charges filed just yet but the investigation
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the girl's aunt was pronounced dead at the hospital. her mom and she herself both listed in critical condition but expected to survive. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that signal does look crooked. dramatic new video, a violent game of bumper cars. one car after another slammed. dashboard cameras recording the whole thing. a mile long hit-and-run. at least a dozen cars. the driver finally stopped at a dead-end street. the driver is now facing dwi charge. new at 11:00 the first night of freedom for a man what spent 25 years in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. the cheers and hugs from his mother greeted him as he walked out of court tonight free on bail just hours before a judge threw out his conviction and granted bail while prosecutors decide if
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they will retry him. he was one of seven young men convicted for the murder of a tourist in 1990. >> the first thing they do is whatever comes in front of them they want to prosecute. and that's wrong. that's not doing justice. and if you are really going to ascertain information from the beginning to the end, you want to do it correctly and thoroughly. >> a retrial was granted based on new evidence including testimony from a codefendant who says the man is innocent. we have new video of the man police say was part of a gang of men in brooklyn chased by good samaritans who saw them breaking into cars. that's when the suspects started shooting. dead tonight is a 53-year-old. two others are wounded including a young girl. a.j. ross is talking to one of the survivors. she is outside the hospital in queens. a.j.
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man killed while two others were wounded. i did speak with the coworker as police continue to hunt for the gunman. this is one of several surveillance videos police are now reviewing as they try to identify a trio of bold thieves scoping out vehicles here in east williamsburg early tuesday. investigators say the suspect stole several items from several cars before they set their sights on this white van but workers there caught two of them inside the vehicle, and a deadly confrontation followed. speaking with us by phone from the hospital, derek robinson relays the details of what happened next when he and three of his coworkers decided to follow the three thieves. in a matter of moments he said one pulled out a gun unleashing a spray of gunfire in broad daylight, and when the commotion settled,
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the ear and side along with an innocent 13-year-old girl. his coworker didn't make it. >> he was one of the nicest guys i ever come across. >> he was loving and caring. he wanted to marry me. >> reporter: michael's grief stricken fiancee said they had been together for three years and he adored his two daughters. they also released this video of a man wanted for questioning. >> that was wrong. you didn't have to kill him. you injured him. you didn't have to kill him. that was my man. you didn't have to take away my man. >> reporter: and just minutes ago police released this picture of a second suspect, or rather person of interest they're looking to speak with. they're asking anyone who may recognize these men in these videos or pictures to give them a call. live in elmhurst, queens, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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a woman in the bronx says she's lucky to be alive after a cab she was riding in was suddenly slammed by a speeding car trying to make a get away from police. three men in a dodge magnum were running from cops who had just spotted them opening fire outside a senior day care center. humphreys says she didn't even see the car coming. >> he hit us really, really hard. i feel lucky because the police officer said kai be dead. he said the impact of the car that hit, i could have flew out the window. >> she and her driver were injured. the suspects also crashed into another car and seriously injured that driver. the suspects were eventually arrested and now face a number of charges. new at 11:00 two of the biggest fantasy sports websites in the country are under investigation for possible fraud. the new york attorney general
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duel for internal data and details on how they prevent fraud and whether employees won lucrative payouts based on inside information. both companies say they are temp rarely prohibiting workers from playing those games. happening now the yankees fighting to stay alive in the post season. they have one game to keep them on the road to the world series. the train to yankee stadium tonight, a vintage train from the mid 1900s. fans hoping to see some vintage yankees baseball. >> a wild card game against the astros. last game of the year for one of these teams. the way this one is going it's not going well. 3-0 houston. headed to the bottom 9th, the yankees had trouble with astros pitcher dallas keuchel. the stros are making this hold up so far. if the yankees lose, the season is over. we will bring it back to you
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in a couple of minutes. let's get to the mets. they open friday in los angeles. a chance for all the guys to continue preparations except all the gaze weren't there. matt harvey apparently lost track of time. he showed up late, missed practice, nobody happy. he apologized. he will be lighter in the pocket, too. harvey will be fined for his latest brush with drama. big day for baseball. the playoffs underway. we will have an update from the bronx in just a few minutes coming up in sports. bill. >> see you then, rob. charges of assault dropped tonight against a rutgers football player, and now he wants to play ball again. rutgers is suspending their wide receiver avenue was charged in a brawl last month. but today the woman he was accused of slamming on the concrete is suddenly telling the judge she didn't want to testify. and earlier infamily court a restraining order against carew was lifted because the woman said it wasn't needed. a "not guilty" plea from a priest in new jersey accused
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of pointing a gun at an eight- year-old boy. dozens of parishioners joined father kevin carter during his arraignment in hackensack today. prosecutors say carter pointed a civil war era musket at the boy. it was apparently over a sports rivalry. the priest is a giants fan, the boy is a dallas fan. >> the family brought the young boy to the rectory specifically and for the sole purpose vein gauging in good natured banter. >> my concern at this moment is for the young boy and his family. >> carter's attorney says eight people were in the rectory at the time. one witness said he didn't even see the priest point a gun. tom hanks to the rescue when a local college student loses her id. >> i'm grateful someone found it, but that it was him, that's pretty awesome, yeah. pretty cool.
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used twitter to track her down, coming up. plus, meats, cheeses, quite a spread, but this food could land a man in jail for a very long time. we will tell you what you don't see in this picture. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. another beautiful night. an amazing sunset looking toward jfk. mild tonight. the fall chill easing. a nice warm day tomorrow. rain later in the week. we'll tell you "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care.
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how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. new surveillance video of the suv police say was
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a dark colored jeep grand cherokee. the man died at the hospital a short time later. gourmet picnic. it even included coke, but not the soda pop. 41-year-old william anthony sanchez flying in from peru and busted for hiding ten pounds of cocaine in cheese, meat, and other food. the estimated street value, $170,000. a black bear warning for hikers in new jersey. the south ridge and cannonball trails are now temporarily closed. the parks department said it is because of unusual bear activity. no word on when the trails will reopen. a student from fordham university sending a big thanks to tom hanks after the oscar winning actor went out of his way to return her lost id badge. mr. hanks finding a student id badge on the ground yesterday that had the name lauren on it.
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today he tweeted a message saying, lauren, i found your student id in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you, hanks. a short time later a girl tweeted saying, lol, this is my friend. when lauren found out she said she was shocked and skeptical. >> i was a little apprehensive. him? i wanted to make sure there was a check next to his name. i don't have twitter, but i think that's what it is. so i was hoping for that. and then seeing how many retweets there were, i was like, okay, wait this is probably really tom hanks. hanks. that little blue check. you can catch the full interview tomorrow on "good morning america" what. a story. he's just awesome. >> that's all we have to say about that. >> hey, it was gorgeous tonight. i just wanted to stay outside for a nice walk. >> good you didn't. >> no, i didn't. >> just saying. >> 15 minutes, we'll all walk outside together as we finish the show.
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outside it is fantastic. the lights of midtown manhattan on a beautiful october night. it feels a little more like a late summer night. temperatures are in the 60s. wind is light out of the northwest. pressure on the rise. 73 our high temperature today, six degrees above average. your sunrise and sunset times on a beautiful wednesday and the warmest day of the week. temperatures peak tomorrow. i can see how temperatures will put on the brakes thursday. rain returns friday. confident the morning looks dry. i also like the idea of rain exit predawn hours on saturday allowing for sunshine in tab. overall a really nice fall weekend in the 60. 70s today. you can probably add a degree or two to these highs today. not as cool tonight. most of the hudson valley will be in the low 50s. we have a deck of high clouds keeping the temperatures up a little bit from the 50s on the island and down the shore. 59 central park 7:00 in the morning. high clouds.
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then we become mostly sunny during the day. a light westerly wind. 73 to 75 during the afternoon. clear skies tomorrow evening. and by the way, i put a nasa sign during that time, there's a rocket being launched from virginia, and we are likely to see that from here with a clear sky. notice the high clouds that are strolling through the area. they will be gone by darnings or at least moving out. there is joaquin, still technically a hurricane, and traveling offshore. it is kicking up the waves still along the eastern seaboard. there is a small craft advisory so tomorrow is a great day. you may be a boating day, but watch out for the surf. the high clouds will break up tomorrow morning, then we look at a front. these little arrows, a new feature on our maps, showing how the winds are blowing. a weak front comes through tomorrow night and knocks down the temperatures a little.
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then we turn our attention to low pressure coming out of the pacific northwest. this one is a little stronger. it looks like it will be on the move and get out of the way over the weekend. 75 tomorrow. tomorrow is the best bet of the week. a little more high clouds in the morning. then mostly sunny. here comes that front thursday. 68 to 70. mostly sunny skies, definitely a cooler feel. friday clouds will be increasing. we'll have that rain threat in the afternoon. it looks like that front will try to stall friday night but this wave of low pressure looks like it is going to end up being farther south allowing us to dry out on saturday. that's the trend right now. here is your accuweather forecast. sun and high clouds, a light wind, 59. for tomorrow your high is 75. partly cloudy skies early, becomes sunny. it's warm afternoon. then tomorrow night clear, some 40s in the suburbs. and then in your seven-day accuweather forecast, cooler on thursday, 68 to 70. rain on friday. a wet evening commute but i
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saturday allowing for some sunshine. both days over the weekend look pretty good. >> thanks lee. coming up next, the yankees, a one-game shot at a run for the world series. rob powers has the highlights. let's check in with jimmy kimmel. >> thanks bill. hello new york. tonight from "modern family," eric stonestreet, we point the finger of shame, and
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in tonight's health alert the cdc says hospitals need to do a better job educating women about breastfeeding. a new survey looked at 10 factors to determine whether hospitals had a good breastfeeding policy. mopping them is help provided when a baby is born, are feeding cues taught, and are pacifiers limited. new tonight, a touching photo now going viral. a deputy in alabama captured cradling a baby girl after a scary crash this morning. the jefferson county sheriff's office says deputy rick held the baby who had been in one of the cars while medics
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tended to other passengers. no one was seriously hurt. the photo has garnered thousands of likes on-line, and another sheriff's office commend, you're in good hands, baby girl. we know you're not supposed to drink and drive but a video tonight of a guy driving into the drink. a suspect in australia dodging police for two hours until he ran out of clever ideas, then tried a stupid one. the driver climbed out, but he didn't get far. cops dove in and got him. the yankees may want to take a long walk on the beach after tonight. >> oh boy. we'll see you again in spring training. baseball playoffs. best baseball started tonight. the american league wild card game in the bronx. the yankees trying to stay alive. all it would take is a win tonight. but, on the other hand, a loss would mean the end of the season.
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tough when your entire season depends on one game. >> one game. nine innings to go, and it didn't go well. they fought hard for 162 games. the yankees built for the playoffs but on the outside looking in the last two octobers, a wild card game in the bronx, one game against the astros, the winner goes on, the loser goes home. 2nd inning, colby rase. colby rasmus crushed it. meanwhile dallas keuchel cruising for the as stress on three days rest. he gets a-rod to fly out here.
11:29 pm
7th. this one, and the season is over. the yankees lose 3-0. they dallas keuchel. the playoffs now move forward without the yankees. out to the ballpark. lauralaura behnke is live at the park. >> reporter: dallas keuchel is the astros ace. he now has 22 straight scoreless innings pitched against the yankees. as a result, the astros are headed to kansas city, the yankees are headed home. >> seasons end abruptly, and it's very difficult. this was a club that fought all year long. there's a lot of character in that ram and it hurts. we just didn't get it done.
11:30 pm
keuchel was, that's as bad as the yankees' lineup was. at times the batters just looked loss. laura behnke, channel 7, eyewitness news. to the mets now. they held a citi field workout getting ready for their playoff series later this week in l.a. matt harvey managed to dominate the day for the wrong reason. harvey got there late. at first he said he was sting traffic, but no, the real reason, he just spaced it out. >> it's not going to happen again. it's never happened before. unfortunately it happened kind of at a bad time, mandatory time, and truly i just screwed up. >> concerned about the guys thatter here. the guys that are here, we had a great workout. giants tight end daniel
11:31 pm
this season with a staph infection, mrsa. they tell us they're working with infectious disease specialists and to find consultations with national experts to deal with the infection. back to baseball.
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how do you feel about the yankees losing? join the conversation on facebook, twitter, instagram.
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