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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 7, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. ben carson's fighting words. lashing out overnight against allegations that stories about his past don't add up. >> wait a minute. >> was he really offered a west point scholarship? the candidate's fiery responses this morning. breaking overnight, officers arrested for murder. their hail of bullets cutting down a young boy and this father. >> 6 years old. he didn't deserve to die like that. >> the dad wounded. why did the cops open fire on their suv? hostage drama. the manager forced to rob his own bank. his family held at gunpoint in their home. the chilling 911 calls and a strange twist.
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and "star wars" surprise. the brand-new trailer for the "the force awakens" and the juicy new clues. >> i will fulfill our destiny. i will finish what you started. >> character revelations and a lingering question, where is luke? hey, everybody, good morning. and we are now seeing a very different version of dr. ben carson. in those heated republican debates, carson has sometimes been calm to the point of vanishing. his chief rival, donald trump, has derided him as low energy. >> well, not anymore. this is a side we haven't seen. here he is scolding reporters for raising questions about key parts of his personal story which have been a central part of his campaign calling it a witchhunt, and abc's mary bruce is at the white house for us this morning with more. hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning.
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territory when you're running for president, but ben carson, the famously soft-spoken republican front-runner, made very clear last night he has had enough when it comes to these fired up. >> that's ridiculous. >> i never -- wait a minute. don't lie. >> reporter: ben carson defending himself against allegations that his stories don't add up and slamming the media. >> they are getting desperate, so next week it'll be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants. >> reporter: the retired neurosurgeon arguing with reporters. >> you don't have to believe it. you don't have to believe it. >> reporter: in question, a compelling part of his life story detailed in his best-selling memoir and referenced in speeches and interviews. >> i was offered a full scholarship to west point. got to meet general westmoreland and go to the congressional medal dinners but decided really my pathway would be medicine. >> reporter: but his campaign now confirms he was never admitted.
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according to his campaign, as an rotc standout carson was invited to attend the academy, which is tuition-free turning it down. the wording should have been tighter but it was not a fabrication, adding in effect it was getting a scholarship because nobody pays a dime. other stories from carson's past have been called into question. >> and at age 14 another teenager angered me and i had a large camping knife, and i tried to stab him in the abdomen. >> reporter: but cnn reports early friends of carson say they never heard about that incident. the accusations getting under carson's skin. >> this is a bunch of lies. >> reporter: the usually calm and collected carson lashing out. >> it is just garbage. >> reporter: and last month this story about an armed robbery in maryland 30 years ago. >> i just said, i believe that you want the guy behind the counter. >> reporter: baltimore police saying they were unable to find a police report in reference to that incident.
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that incident. just days before the next you may be hearing more about dan. >> i think that's a safe we appreciate it. vega who is covering the campaign. good morning to you. so, what's the word this morning? are people in the political world thinking that this hurts >> well, maybe a little bit of both. there's one headline that just came out that says these sort of questions about his bio could imperil his 2016 campaign. look, one flub analysts say that's a mistake. two, you're talking about a potential fatal flaw in the world of politics. on the other hand, this is ben carson. he's going to flip this. he's turning this on the media. that's red meat in a primary. his campaign, his supporters are going to eat this up. his challengers on the other hand smell blood in the water right now. donald trump, his main challenger, has this appearance on "saturday night live" tonight. you can bet there will probably be a ben carson joke or two or
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>> yeah. the sharks are circling. on the democratic side, bernie sanders now overnight a new development, drawing sharp criticism in contrast with hillary clinton and many think this is a little too late, though, for the senator. >> you know, this promise of playing nice for the primary seems to be wearing off and it's wearing off pretty quickly. you saw that first debate where bernie sanders gave up what many analysts saying was his main card to challenge hillary clinton on e-mails. now he's on the attack from the keystone pipeline to the economy and last night he said, you got to walk the walk, hillary clinton, when it comes to campaign finance. how she's reacting, though, she's not reacting because she doesn't have to right now. she's that far ahead in the polls so that tells you something. they've got, the democrats have, their next debate a week from tonight. i think you'll see this same line of attack then too. >> a lot to watch for in these two upcoming debates. cecilia, thank you. a reminder this morning, we'll have much more on the race for the white house tomorrow morning on "this week with george stephanopoulos." thanks, again. a shocking police story out
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this morning two police officers are facing murder charges after killing a 6-year-old boy in a barrage of bullets. officers pursued a car driven by that boy's father then they opened fire. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on the many questions surrounding the shooting. hi, mara. morning. it's still unclear why police were pursuing the man and what led to the shooting that killed his autistic son, and at this point officials aren't providing many details on what led them to an arrest but they are saying the body camera footage was a factor. overnight, two louisiana marshals walked out of a police station in handcuffs. the officers now charged with second degree murder for shooting into chris few's suv during a pursuit critically injuring him and killing his young son jeremy mardis. >> 6 years old. he didn't deserve to die like that. and that's what's unfortunate. >> reporter: state police slamming officers norris greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford in a press conference.
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than this badge that we wear on our uniform, and tonight that badge has been torn. >> reporter: according to officials, despite initial claims the officers were attempting to serve a warrant on few when the chase began, he has no outstanding warrants and was unarmed when he began to back his truck out of a dead end and the marshalls opened fire. >> i don't know what he was thinking. i don't know why he wouldn't just stop. he didn't do nothing wrong. >> reporter: investigators say the officers' arrest come after 72 excruciating hours of poring over 911 calls, eyewitness interviews and that heart-wrenching crime scene. >> as i told you, we took some of the body camera's footage. it is the most disturbing thing i've seen, and i will leave it at that. >> reporter: now, two other officers were also involved and in the incident, and officials have not ruled out charges for them later down the line. as for few, the father, family members say he remains sedated and is still unable to speak.
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to hear his account, as well. >> so troubling to hear that he was unarmed, as well, mara. >> we may not have heard the last of this. four officers involved. only two charged. there may be more down the line. >> thanks. >> such a sad story. thank you. we move to the latest on the investigation into that russian plane that crashed after taking off from a popular vacation spot in egypt. with no definitive proof yet as to what brought that plane down, we're now getting reports of an explosion being heard on the flight recorders, and abc's alex marquardt is right there on the ground in egypt this morning. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. officials here in egypt are angry this morning saying isn't being shared with them, that their image is being damaged, all the while consensus explosive that was planted on that plane. this morning, all signs pointing to a bomb as the reason russian metrojet flight 9268 ended like this, in pieces in the middle of the sinai desert.
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been released, behind the scenes we're told egyptian authorities like the american and british believe it was a bomb and in france, home of airbus, media reports say the sound of an explosion can be heard on the flight recorders. >> what a bomb sounds like. they know what a fuel tank blowing up sounds like and they know what the sound of an >> reporter: the department of homeland security on friday announced increased flights from certain airports in screenings for passengers. >> they'll experience increased numbers of pat-down searches and their personal items will be swabbed. why swabbed? the screeners will be looking for explosive residue. >> reporter: also expected, expanding screening of items on planes and offers of assistance to select foreign airports. >> u.s. national security officials including our intelligence officials are taking a close look at this and learning as much as we possibly can, particularly as it relates to information that could be useful to protecting the american public. >> reporter: and russia, which
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lost over 200 citizens, now also taking a dramatic step, deciding to halt all flights to egypt in the wake of the deadly crash. later today, we are expecting to get some clarity for the first time since this crash a week investigators will be holding a press conference and will very big questions. paula. >> all right, alex, i know the world will be in that press conference later today. and now to the latest teenager who apparently and missing persons case. police say julian hernandez only found out he was reported as a missing child when he went to apply to college and then had a problem with his social security number and all of a sudden he's found himself with some unwanted publicity. abc's david wright has more for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this morning julian hernandez is doing his best to move on with his life, but it's so tough to imagine just how hard that must be. in the past week he's gained a mother and he's lost a father
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essentially. no wonder he's asking for privacy. at this point i just simply want to be normal, hernandez said in a statement. i want to go through my day like i did before this week. please, he implored, no more spotlights, no more cameras, no more reporters. i just want to be left alone. >> julian and his family have a long road to recovery over the next days, months and years. they're really going to have to work out getting to know each other again, reunderstanding who they are and relearning the things that they missed. >> reporter: julian is now in touch with his mother, whom he hasn't seen since he was 5. >> at this point i think they're dialogue and establish communication. he's an adult now. obviously this is not only traumatic for her but >> reporter: for the moment he's not allowed to talk with his did your client tell you what he would say? >> no, no, we didn't get into that. >> reporter: bobby hernandez's attorney says his client does does he feel remorse? >> oh, absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: i'm wondering if
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your client said why he did this, i guess. does he allege that the mother was abusive in some way? >> no, no, no. >> or a threat to julian? >> apparently they had some issues, and there were times when he thought that she may take him, so he just decided, you know, one day that he was going to do it and he did it. >> reporter: well, the father now faces possible charges in alabama and ohio. he could face federal charges too depending on what he's ultimately charged with, he might be behind bars for years. >> you just feel for this kid. everything he has known in his entire life has now been turned upside down. >> thanks, david. >> thanks, dan or david let's turn this over to ron. there's so many guys at the i know you're tracking a developing story out of arkansas for us this morning. a follow-up on that deadly bus ntsb officials are focusing on possible driver fatigue as the cause of that fatal crash. a bus carrying farm workers from michigan to texas ran off a highway and hit a concrete
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overpass in arkansas early friday morning ripping off the roof of that bus and ejecting passengers onto the interstate. six migrant workers from mexico were killed. six others were injured. investigators are also trying to figure out if rain and possibly fog played a role in that crash. breaking overnight, a manhunt underway right now in texas for a suspect who shot and wounded a judge outside of her austin, texas, home. travis county judge julie cosarek is listed in stable condition after being attacked in her driveway. police officials say there's no word on whether that shooting was possibly related to her job. and republicans are blasting president obama for rejecting the keystone pipeline. he says the proposed pipeline and the president saying that the proposed pipeline from canada to the gulf would undercut efforts to combat congressional republicans including the new house speaker paul ryan who says rejecting the pipeline means the
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thousands of jobs in the u.s. now to an historic handshake overseas the presidents of china and taiwan held their first high-level meeting since their split 66 years ago. both sides said joint statements issued. rescue. a woman stuck on a ledge off a cliff in newport beach, california. look at that. she apparently was stranded there after trying to help her dog on the cliff. >> we've made contact with the victim, and we're raising her back up to the top of the hill now. and victim and the dog are safe. >> the woman says she was so determined to get her dog back, she didn't realize the peril there. and "consumer reports" is out with its rankings of the least reliable cars. among the worst according to "consumer reports",," the jeep cherokee, cadillac escalade, ford fiesta and the fiat 500l ranked the least reliable. i guess that's the most unreliable. among also the most reliable
8:15 am
brands, lexus topping the list followed by toyota and audi. "consumer reports" created the rankings based on thousands of survey responses from vehicle owners. the study will be published in its december issue. and finally, further evidence about how far new england patriots fans will go to defend the honor of tom brady. it all started when this receipt on social media. you see it there. brady's a cheater. not alleged cheater. it says cheater which the owner of a 7-eleven in boston found disturbing. so, he retaliated by having the receipts from his store include the words tom brady is a football god! at the bottom it also reads haters live in denver. they also live in a lot of other places, by the way but not sure if this deflates the tensions between those two 7-eleven owners. the undefeated denver broncos play the undefeated new england patriots later this month. rob, you're picking denver, right? >> absolutely. yes. >> dan, who are you picking?
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>> why would you even ask me? >> exactly. >> new england, of course. >> dan, you'll be happy to know in my fantasy league i have the patriots as my defense >> as their defense. >> as their defense. >> on dan's fantasy team -- >> i want tom brady to fail miserably but the defense to succeed. >> you'll hear boston -- >> does dan have one? >> he doesn't know what it is. >> my fantasy badminton team is doing really well this year. >> i heard it's a really good year for badminton. "star wars." >> >> that is true. that is true. "star wars" fans going wild this weekend after getting a surprise gift, the latest trailer for the "the force awakens" filled with clues about what will be in the long awaited seventh part of the film saga. and abc's clayton sandell has details, but fair warning, this report may contain spoilers. >> may? >> reporter: in the latest "star wars" trailer, the dudes are back.
8:17 am
>> reporter: han solo, and the new guy. >> i don't know your name. >> finn. >> reporter: but this surprise new peek at "the force awakens" released in japan seems to suggest this time the force daisy ridley's character rey is this looks bad. >> this trio makes it very clear that the kind of movie is, in fact, going to be daisy ridley. >> reporter: and this new line -- >> i know all about waiting for my family. >> reporter: sparking all kinds is rey a solo, a skywalker? who is she related to? >> you hear family and you know, who is she related to? my bet is probably not admiral akbar. >> it's a trap. >> reporter: there's a lot more of druid bb8. there's a quick new shot of princess leia in a command center and more yodaesque talk haven't seen played by actress
8:18 am
lupita nyong'o. >> hope is not lost today. >> reporter: luke skywalker is still missing from this trailer, for some reigniting the whole luke is the bad guy theory. >> i will fulfill our destiny. i will finish what you started. >> i sort of feel like when he is revealed to us, like he will be the luke skywalker we know and love. that being said, if he is evil, i think that would be so interesting and so fascinating. >> reporter: maybe this time he's just somewhere waiting to be rescued by rey. >> i don't want him to be bad. >> why not? >> i just love the high-level nerdery that's goes on around these various releases. their doing a brilliant job. >> that harrison ford moment in the trailer, i was there at the "star wars" convention when they released that trailer. >> you were there? >> well, i was doing an interview with j.j. abrams and literally the whole thing -- i found -- >> name drop. >> j.j. abrams.
8:19 am
sorry, i'll tech him in a second. we leapt out of our seats and, oh, my god. >> dan is a super fan. i tried to ask him where luke was during the piece and he was ignoring me. >> yes, because i was watching. i haven't seen any of this stuff. >> you're okay if he's a bad guy. >> no, come on. >> whatever they do is fine with me. >> the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. a little known fact, some of "star wars" was filmed in louisiana. not true. >> what? >> here's the video because this looks nothing like you'll see in the movie. flooding rains there, morgan city, lafayette, you got 2 to 4
8:20 am
that yesterday and last night. . thanks, good morning. amy freeze here with the accuweather forecast. mostly cloudy today, 65 through the afternoon. we did have a high of 72 just after midnight. temperatures and even the atmosphere changing. back to november reality. much cooler tonight, 46 and we end the weekend with sunny skies and 57.
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beautiful tomorrow. the accuweather seven day we've already talked professional football but it is saturday, so we'll talk about college football and the forecast and ron's hand a little bit later on in the show. >> we'll have the badminton forecast coming up in the second half hour, as well. also coming up on "gma," the manager forced to rob his own bank. this is actually quite a story. his family was being held at gunpoint. the chilling 911 calls and this, a surprising apology from the and the abc news fixer, she's back and now she's helped a woman who racked up a huge phone bill on vacation and how to make sure this doesn't happen to you, and, sara, are you in our version of master control a la "star wars"? show us what's going on. >> the creepy one-eyed periscope. >> that is creepy. >> and i'm giving you one guess where i'm at. >> control room. >> how did you guess? was it all the tv screens? >> i was out of breath. they were worried i wouldn't be able to talk when i got up here. but keep your questions coming. we have people tweeting us right now.
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. good morning everybody. it's 8:27 on this saturday, november 7th. i'm rob nelson. topping headlines at this hour. in new jersey police are searching for a gun man. police say the driver of a car
8:28 am
with two other men inside opened fire around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. a man in his 20s was killed and a 6-year-old little girl playing on a nearby porch was hit in the leg. another woman was also injured in the shooting. she and the young girl are expected to be okay. >> also a 78-year-old man rendered helpless when robbed by a group of young people in brooklyn. police say the victim was walking toward his vehicle when four mails approached him from behind. the suspects pushed the man against his car and took his baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices.
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welcome back, everyone, to "gma." ben carson fighting back getting animated while defending himself against allegations that his stories don't add up and slamming the media calling it a witchhunt. >> this is a new bennett. a lot of people watching. also this morning, dallas cowboys owner jerry jones says he is giving greg hardy a second chance. this comes on the same day that photos surfaced showing hardy's bruised ex-girlfriend, his domestic violence conviction has been tossed out. new hope this morning for adnan syed whose murder conviction became part of wildly popular "serial" podcast. a judge will allow a new hearing to include an alibi witness. >> you listen to that podcast. everybody -- everybody that listened to it says it's just phenomenal.
8:30 am
>> it was phenomenonal and this is a case that a lot of people are watching as a consequence of that. coming up, the woman who took a cruise and wound up with an almost $3,000 cell phone bill. what happened when the abc news fixer took that case and advice you need to know about buying those special calling packages. >> the fixer is coming up but we're going to start here with a truly bizarre bank robbery. >> a gunman took a bank manager and his family hostage in his home and forced him to take cash from his own bank. the 911 tapes of the drama have been released, and abc's phillip mena has the story for us this morning. hi, phillip. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. for 17 hours this family was held hostage at gunpoint in their home and the only way they were getting free was if the father robbed a bank and this morning we're hearing that first call to 911. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> somebody just robbed me. >> reporter: this is the chilling 911 call made by an ohio bank manager after he says a gunman held his family hostage for 17 hours inside their home.
8:31 am
they're heading west on millsboro west road. send someone after them as soon as possible. they're in a stanford taurus. they're in a tan ford taurus. >> reporter: brian mcconnell telling police he arrived home to find a man holding his wife and two young kids at gunpoint. >> do you know him? >> i have no idea. it was some kid. he was here yesterday when i got home last night. >> reporter: to save his family mcconnell claims he was forced out of his home early friday morning to this keybank he manages in ontario. >> the kid apologized the entire time. he said it wasn't his idea. he said that the guy would kill him and then kill my family. >> reporter: once inside he took more than $100,000 and brought it back to his captor. >> we're looking to see what happened inside. >> reporter: although the alleged gunman got away with the money, he did leave the mcconnell family unharmed. brian mcconnell says the alleged
8:32 am
captor was in his late teens, police still searching for any all right. thank you very much. >> so bizarre. over to rob. i think i see snow behind you. >> no, it's time. embrace it. >> no. we disapprove. >> a number of ski resorts opening and here in dillon,
8:33 am
check out >> this weather report is brought to you by fitbit. congrats to all those who ran in the new york marathon last week. >> yes. paula and i were sitting here with fingers in our ears during your talk of snow. >> best way to watch. >> no snow. coming up -- that's not true, by the way. one woman's shocking phone bill, close to 3,000 bucks racked up while on a cruise.
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the whole point of a vacation is to escape. but many of us still need to stay connected if we work at
8:37 am
however, one gmac viewer got home from a cruise and was confronted with a huge phone bill and turned into a new case for the abc news fixer. it was a fun family reunion on a disney fantasy cruise to the caribbean last summer for judy wilson and her relatives, dining, shopping, visiting islands. >> the seafood was phenomenal. >> reporter: judy bought the cruise ship's wi-fi package, and to be safe she also went online and bought an international calling plan from at&t. >> i wanted to have it in case my ship's package ran out. >> reporter: but one morning on the ship her phone started doing something strange. >> my phone just started going, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> reporter: the phone was roaming. that accidental data connection turned into a very high phone bill of almost $3,000. >> omg! what was i going to do? >> reporter: judy called at&t and they cut the bill in half,
8:38 am
money she couldn't pay. another rep offered to help her but then she couldn't get a call back. >> it was just never ending and then the people that say they're going to call you back never call you back. >> reporter: so judy called in the abc news fixer. our fixer stephanie zimmermann got on the case contacting the phone company. at&t found that judy had picked the wrong calling plan, one that didn't cover cruise ships but because of the lack of follow-up by customer service, the company decided to erase the entire bill bringing judy's charges to zero and restoring her service. >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer. >> i love that judy uses the term omg as a matter of course. stephanie zimmermann our fixer who we like to point out has a name joins us from chicago. a lot of people like to take these vacations, but phone bills
8:39 am
because as you're sailing around your phone could be connecting with the signals from a whole host of different countries each with a different rate structure. and if you're downloading a lot of data, that can get really expensive. >> what's your advice for people? is there anything a consumer can do in this situation? >> yeah, definitely talk to your phone company before you travel. it turns out that at&t actually has a special plan just for cruise lines. and judy just happened to buy the wrong plan and veteran cruisers actually have another tip, which is just it in the safe in your room. charges at all and you can actually enjoy your vacation in peace. >> yes, i mean i think that's a good piece of global advice. turn your phone off, lock it and don't check it for many hours on end. stephanie, we appreciate it, and if you have a consumer problem that you want the abc news fixer to address, you can find her at >> omg, you did a great job.
8:40 am
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in today's "weekend download." cooking healthy at home. i tagged along with dave zinczenko author of "the zero belly cookbook" as he hit the supermarket and showed me it could take minutes to whip up a delicious and healthy meal. premade meals in the grocery store seem like an easy way to grab dinner and go. this is my favorite part of the grocery store because the food is ready made.
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>> but it doesn't have to be your go to. >> reporter: abc news nutrition and wellness editor dave zinczenko says it can also be an choices. so we set out to shop for easy, >> we're going to start with chicken fajitas. >> i have got the tortillas. here. >> what? >> no, no, no. >> it's a chicken -- >> sweet things. we can get dessert. >> no, we could do better. >> you're making my dessert with beans? >> you got to trust me. >> it's dessert. now, dave has to prove it. >> we're going to start with the grilled chicken fajitas and we're going to load these babies up. what we're going to do is use a bib lettuce as the wrap and you can make this in minutes. >> it's still crunchy. >> what we have here is 250 calories. and it's packed with fiber and protein too. >> someone promised me dessert. >> yes. wait till you see -- >> that's the only reason i'm here. >> this is for you. we used white beans and dark chocolate chips. >> i taste the peanut butter. >> and the natural peanut
8:45 am
butter. >> i don't taste beans. >> no, and that's the point and it's 165 calories. >> i'll have another bite just to make sure i like it. >> dave z is magical. still ahead, i'm coming right back with "pop news" and the calf that's making
8:46 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. >> time for "pop news." look at that new animation. >> that's cool but my backup band quit their jobs so thank you for that. >> slacking, playboy. >> welcome to the table. okay. i hope this doesn't rob you of any surprises, but george r.r. martin, the author of kearsley "song of ice and fire," which the game "game of thrones" is based on just teased the ending of the book.
8:50 am
fans to gear up for a, quote, bittersweet ending. now, with that author, you know it's going to be more bitter than sweet. this man has killed off so many characters. >> yeah. the red wedding. the famous scene where all these key characters die. >> i haven't recovered. >> oh, my gosh, alone. i never got over it. >> nope. >> i feel like we just ruined -- >> i don't know what that means. >> don't -- just -- >> don't? >> thank us for not watching it. >> we'll be there for you -- >> maybe everybody lives at the end. >> now you just ruined that. the 5-year-old who stole the nation's heart singing all the president's name in chronological order, well, she's back in the spotlight. this time macy is showing ellen some of her new skills. check it out. >> my dad and i were president and my brother jeb is running for president. >> oh. >> she's pretty good. >> not really. okay, then.
8:51 am
>> that is as big as her. just when you thought there was nothing she couldn't do, you see that. >> she really seems like comedienne. >> a little ventriloquist. >> if you can say that word three times fast you're hired. ventriloquist. >> how impressing. >> you moved your lips. it doesn't -- >> you're not supposed to do it with your lips. >> ventriloquist, ventriloquist. ventriloquist. >> now, see, that was impressive. macy, keep your eyes out for paula. meet goliath, the adorable calf who is convinced he is a dog. goliath was raised with three dogs on a california ranch so his owners say they're pretty sure he thinks he's one of the gang mimicking their every move and fits on the couch and thanks to the great dane leo, they've become partners in crime. literately he was rescued from a dairy farm and has come to live with them and he does everything the dogs do and tried to nurse off the other dog at one point.
8:52 am
>> two things wrong with that. it was a dog and it was a male dog so it wasn't going to work. >> oh. >> okay, that's not what i meant. okay, screen door. and finally, this week judges sink battleship the board game and send the tongo mutant ninja turtles action figures back into their shells taking only three new inductee ss into the hall of fame. drenching the competition, supersoccer water gun, twister board game and the puppet. now, frustrated fans of toys that did not make it can take a page out of sports teams' playbooks. there's always next year, kid. i added kid. in the meantime, all three are in the studio. we used to get in fights when we played this, though. >> i have to ask you, what was your favorite game when you were a kid? >> hungry hippos. >> well, my favorite game was my cash register because i loved to play store. i've always been obsessed with money and saving it, and clue would be my favorite board game. >> money and --
8:53 am
>> saving. >> we like to have a family game night. we've been playing uno. >> never teach your daughter how to cheat. i know how to cheat in uno. >> we used to put three cards down at the same time. >> sorry. >> you put multiple cards, you line them up. i'm so sorry, parents at home. >> get the supersoaker out, ron. >> dan, what was yours? >> mine was probably a lightsaber. we spent hours beating the crap out of each other with a lightsaber. yeah. >> what about you, rob -- >> i'm a good disney employee. >> it was always my pig puppet. >> you have a pig puppet. >> your hand -- the glove does not fit. >> rock 'em sock 'em robots. >> ron, what was your favorite toy? >> little toy soldiers, the rubber ones that you shoot with rubber bands. >> shooting involved. >> you notice the theme with the boys. everything is violence, right? >> yeah, that's true. >> i was waiting for dan to say easy-bake oven. >> those were amazing. >> ooh. >> i didn't like maybe if you liked cooking. >> easy-bake oven. >> i think i baked something in
8:54 am
the easy-bake oven at one point. >> really? >> you had an older sister. that was part of the deal. >> you liked her barbie too. >> now that this "pop news" has spun out of control with that nobody needed, we'll see you tomorrow on "gma." thank you for watching. have a great day. star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might,
8:55 am
have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time sign and drive off in a new 2015 lincoln navigator for $759 a month with zero due at signing. as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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. a triple shooting in new jersey. a killer still on the loose after opening fire right in the middle of the afternoon. two people recovering, including a young child. >> caught on camera, a group of men were terrorizing and robbing an elderly man. we have the video police want you to take a look at. >> developing right now, two louisiana officers are facing murder and attempted murder charges after killing a 6-year- old little boy and shooting his father.
8:57 am
taking a live look at the east river on this saturday, november 7th. i'll guilty my mouth working on this saturday morning -- get my mouth working. >> thanks for tuning in on another mild november day. can't complain about that. amy freeze has this impressive stat to share as we enter the weekend. >> i will give the stat. five days of 70 degrees or warmer. that's the stretch that we've gone on, including today, we hit 72 just after midnight. it has not happened since at least 1994. so we got back in the history book more than two years an we have not -- 20 years. unusual but not unheard of because the record in the state is 74. 1978 is when that was set. after midnight we had 72. we're just above average by a few degrees. we're looking at the low 60s and the start of a cooldown. right now it looks nice.
8:58 am
we'll start off with high thin
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