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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is only filling in more and getting heavier over the next few hours. notice the future scan just over the next hour showing the heavy rain over spreading much of the area. only suffolk county excluded with some lighter rain during the evening commute. it ramps up in intensity by 7:00, 8:00 tonight and continues very heavy. one thing about the timing of this, it's moving quickly. i think after 9:30 or 10:00 the heaviest will be east of new york city. that will linger over the islands new mexico 2:00 -- until 2:00 or 3:00 and pull out before the morning commute. the rain intensity is ramping up over the next few hours. a wind swept rain until midnight over long island. on average about an inch of rain. some spots may approach an inch and a half. we do clear out and it gets brisk and cooler by dawn. when a
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this one is things can change in a hurry. we'll continue to watch the storm strengthen over us. >> good to know. thank you, lee. you can keep track of those changing weather conditions that lee was talking about with our free weather alert app. for the first time we are seeing dashcam video of a new jersey state trooper allegedly drunk after rear ending another car. the trooper whose blood alcohol legal was twice the legal limit is now charged with drunk driving. anthony johnson is in wall township. anthony. >> reporter: that understand understand -- that incident happened right here at this stop sign at the rest stop here in wall township. this took place back in october. the video has been released of that incident. you're about to see it. i'll tell you, folks, it's very, very shocking to take a look at. now, the trooper was
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and see he's been suspended from the force without pay. the incident is pretty bizarre. initially it appears to be a routine accident stop but when the responding trooper walks up to his college trooper michael roadside goes on the defensive. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i can't -- i got to get home. >> all right. fair enough. let's make sure she's all right. >> i'm fine. you just want to get home. >> fair enough. >> whatever is wrong to the car i'll pay for it. >> okay. >> he got out of the car. i said are you a cop and he said, yeah, i'm a cop. i go, where's your uniform.
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his uniform is on inside out. he said it's in the car, do you want to see it. i said where's your weapon and he pulled it like this and showed me that he had a weapon on him. this fell out of his pocket when he did it. a magazine fell on the floor. i said you get back in your car right now. >> reporter: now, the woman who was driving that car, kimberly wilson, said she has a relative who was a state trooper. you can hear she told the state trooper who turned out to be michael roadside and who turned his car. now, roadside has been charged with numerous counts involving drunk driving, careless driving and also driving with an open container in his police vehicle. that's the latest live from wall township, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> not good. thank you. tonight the parents of a little girl are talking about
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the abuse they say their daughter endured at a day care center. that center in southampton now shut down and two employees face charges. the parents have filed a lawsuit speaking out for the first time about what happened. kristen thorn is in southampton now with more. kristen. >> reporter: diana, the family said they were made aware of the alleged abuse by a woman who worked at the day care center who called them about what she was apparently seeing. the family said since they filed a lawsuit against the town, the county and the state approximately eight people have come forward who used to work at the center making sworn statements about the mistreatment of the children they allegedly saw. >> they promised us they take care of her. they were to be, you know, her next parent. >> caroline and john stelas said what happened to their
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side by side child care was not nurturing. they force fed her in a highchair. >> she was picked up by her onesie and thrown to the floor numerous time, especially when she vomited. that was a set off point. what right do they have? >> employees were arrested for engaging the welfare of a child. we were at the arraignment in september when they pled not guilty. the attorneys said the claims were made by an emotional disturbed former employee. >> it's not something you would make up. not in such detail. >> the stelas are suing suffolk hafrpe -- hampton and the state. they said she refuses to get into her highchair and become with drawn. >> how do injuries, emotional and psychological manifest themselves? they manifest themselves as we all know as being parents over time.
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child from getting hurt, getting their head slammed, thrown on the floor, force fed until they vomit then there's a reason for it. >> the attorney for the town of southampton said the lawsuit has no merit because they don't regulate a private business. the claim they make that the town is viable or responsible for what happened there is absolutely baseless the town said. >> reporter: a spokesperson for suffolk county child protective services would not comment on the case saying they do not comment on pending litigation. kristen thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. now the latest on the terror attacks in paris. the alleged ring leader of last week's coordinated assaults is dead. today french authorities reported that abdelhamid abaaoud was killed on wednesday during that police siege in saint-denis.
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they believe he's linked up to six terror plots that were thwarted since the spring. we're getting our first look at the female terror suspect who blew herself up during the raid. she's been been identified as abdelhamid abaaoud cousin. the state of emergency was expanded for 3 more months today. president hollande gave the order to ramp up strikes on isis in syria and iraq. the attorney general pledged to continue supporting france in its antiterrorism efforts. >> we made that commitment clear not just with words but with our actions. the department of justice, the fbi and other agencies are in close contact with french authorities. through our international legal assistance channels we provide support to the french in their on going investigation, to coordinate strategies with them as we relevant.
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moment one of the isis terrorists opened fire on customers in a paris cafe. you can see the gunman outside the cafe towards the left of the screen firing inside as patrons scramble for their lives. at one point the gunman tries to shoot two customers cowering on the ground when his gun appears to jam. amazingly no one was killed at this location. >> in belgium tonight nine people are detained for questioning tonight. >> there's another video of the nypd that says -- of isis threatening new york city. nypd said they're not worried. that may not be easing the mind of new yorkers. tim fletcher is live in time's square. tim. >> reporter: security here in time's square and other locations has increased. the
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nypd is telling visitors and residents that the city is safe. this video still has some nervous. >> those visible signs, the extra officers on patrol, others who are specially trained, they believe may ease concerns but an isis rereleased propaganda video shows time's square could be creating concerns for others. >> your worse nightmare with narrowing terrorism with cyber space is effective. >> dr. jeffery libberman also seeing the timing of the video right after the vicious attacks in paris couldn't be worse. >> pointing to time's square during the holidays, thanksgiving and christmas, you couldn't get something that was more effective than that. >> the nypd has ramped up security measures including the
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new critical response command. over 500 officers highly trained and heavily arms will go directly at terrorists offensively. commissioner bill bratton has seen the video. >> there's nothing specific in that video that's raising additional concern on our part at this time. >> still others seek to calm concerns as hilary clinton addressed it during her appearance on live with kelly and michael. >> we have to take it seriously. we have to be vigilant. however, that shouldn't effect how we live our lives. >> while there are no specific threats to the city some people never the less will be disturbed by the video experts say and may harbor uneasy feelings that could -- >> make them have difficulty sleeping, stress them out added to the usual level of stress of dealing with their life during the day. >> reporter: never the less city officials said don't be afraid but be vigilant and go about your lives. reporting from time's square tim fletcher, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you.
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clinton unveiled her plan to fight isis as she laid it out at a forum on the upper east side. >> our strategy should have three main elements. one, defeat isis in syria, iraq and across the middle east. two, disrupt and dismantle the growing terrorist infrastructure that facilitates the flow of fighters financing arms and propaganda around the world. three, harden our defenses and our allies for external and home grown threats. >> she added the u.s. and its allies should expand the air campaign to conduct a greater number of strikes on islamic militants. she said the u.s. should not put forces on the ground. the house voted on a bill that will make it almost impossible for any syrian or iraq refugee to get into the u.s. any time soon. the measure
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passed 289 to 137 with 47 democrats on board. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is here with what it means. not good news for the president, stacey. >> reporter: that's right. it's a stinging blow to president obama and it's veto-proof. those who voted yes are very mindful of the paris attacks and the political climate here at home. >> 289 to 137. the bill is pass ed ed. -- bill is passed. >> all but two republicans and 47 democrats who voted to support the legislation to keep refugees from syria and iraq out of the united states for now. it re quires the fbi to run the checks on incoming refugees and also requires top national security officials to personally sign off on each one. >> democrats who oppose the bill argued it goes against what america is supposed to be about. their voices were muted today.
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terrorists. >> three-quarters of them are women and children. a quarter age. refugees are not the enemy. >> in fact, more than 2,000 of them already live here. none with ties to terrorism. with more than 30 governors now saying their states won't accept anymore and with the feverish climate of presidential politics as the backdrop we heard this >> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood you're probably not going to assume something good about that dog and probably put your children out of the way. >> as a key part of our efforts to combat isis we must securely accept the refugees whose lives these evil terrorists have destroyed.
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>> they fear door for more recruitment. >> reporter: the white house quote, hamper or efforts to assist some of the most vulnerable people in the world. the obama administration wants to increase the refugees we take in this year by 10,000. today's development only forces the white house to strike a compromise. so far no word on when the senate will act. diana. >> thank you, stacey. a huge break n in the cold case murder of a beloved teacher in new jersey. tonight we've intended target. >> first a pilot and now a bus driver targeted with a laser. we're hearing from that driver incident.
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a driver temporarily blinded but not seriously hurt after a laser pointed him in the eye. these really frightening moments for a man behind the wheel. >> it was terrifying at first
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wasn't sure what it was exactly. >> kenneth johnson spent most of the day at the eye doctor to see if he suffered damage to his retina. he's recovers after he was temporarily blinded when a passenger shined a red laser in his direction. >> it was a red beam that reflected off my center mirror. >> he was able to pull over. there were 25 passengers a board the bus, all disembarked safely including the suspect who got away. >> i became upset that someone would risk the public safety. >> the aiming of laser pointers, particularly at pilots, is an on going safety concern. just last week our news copper 7 was one of three news helicopters hit by green laser light. this is believed to be the first incident involving the driver of a city bus and a concern for the transport workers union. >>
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if someone blinds them for a second it could be a moving down the street. >> johnson was driving a newer with cameras. the 52-year-old who spent nearly half his life had seen it all. >> i've been assaulted before and this is startling that somebody wouldn't even think about life to shoot a laser pointer at an operator. >> the mta said it is cooperating with the nypd. we mentioned that bus was equipped with cameras. the tapes have been pulled and now police are trying to find the person responsible. lee is holding that umbrella there. >> it's coming down but it's going to get worse. >> it's going to peak over the next few hours. very changeable conditions just targeting that evening commute. so a soggy
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at least it's a one hit wonder. the rain gauge will fill up in a hurry. just posted a fresh radar on facebook. we're at 61 degrees, a southeastern wind at 22 is gusting over 31. when the rain comes down it's wind driven. 63 was the high today, 10 degrees above average. only a tenth of an inch of rainfall. i bet you at 6:00 we'll push a quarter of an inch of rainfall. there's you're sunrise and sunset times. last year 36 degrees and mostly sunny skies on this day. winds are out of the southeast gusting to 26 miles per hour at jfk. maybe some delays at the airports. the winds and low ceilings will continue through the night. the wind is a factor still into tomorrow. right now it's a mild wind with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. heavy rain right now. the heaviest rain is over central new jersey. widespread temperatures near 60 degrees. we don't cool off until after midnight. the steadiest soaking the first part of tonight.
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i think by midnight the heaviest has moved over to connecticut and long island. there's a lot of sunshine when the sun comes up at 7:00 a.m. notice the breezes have shifted to the northwest and are gusty even day. tomorrow turns out to be a november. look at the heavy rain right now along 287, up i-95. it's starting to approach new york city by the 6:00 hour. in the hudson valley getting into fairfield right now just to the northwest of wilson. long island pretty light. we saw kristen thorn and not a lot going over the end -- the east end. this area is turn ing ing into an -- is turning into an area of he pressure. i think this only gets heavier over the next few hours. this rain we're fortunate enough to miss. watch this future cast.
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just blossoms over the next couple of hours. we rain heavily until about 9:00 or 10:00. it starts to move east of new york city after midnight and then pulls offshore after that. breezy and brighter tomorrow at 58 degrees. the start of the weekend looks nice. look at this area of snowfall, 3 to 6 inches over chicago this weekend. rain heavy at times, gusty winds and some clearing later on tonight. a gorgeous day tomorrow, breezy and cooler and mostly sunny skies. at 5:30 the question with the rain is our future cast has it lasting until 10:00 or midnight, it may end earlier. we'll address that. there's a close call with the storm offshore on monday. we'll look at that in the 7-day accuweather forecast. the out look for thanksgiving too. back to you for now. >> thank you, lee. the surprise you're going to find when your go to buy your thanksgiving turkey. >> also ahead, a strike at all three area airports. we'll tell
5:23 pm
you who walked off the job and what they're demanding. >> to paris with love. how students in our area are sending their support across the ocean to prance. -- to france. >> this is the first
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former subway spokesperson jared fogle heading to prison for 15 years. this morning he pleaded guilty to child charges. he admitted to having sex with girls as young as 16. he has to pay his 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution. police are connecting four people in connection with the murder of a pastor's pregnant. they say the suspects were taken into custody over night in indiana. authorities have not released any information about the men and how they are connected to the shooting death of amanda blackburn. for the first time in half a century more mexicans are leaving the united states than entering. more than 1 million mexicans and their families have
5:26 pm
mexico in the past 5 years. in that same period 870,000 mexicans came to the u.s. the main reason is the desire to reunite families. a relatively flat day for stocks on wall street as investors sifted through a mix of company earnings reports. the dow fell 4 points, the nasdaq lost 1 point and the s&p 500 dropped 2 points. still ahead, a major break in a cold case. closure for a community haunted by the killing of a teacher 6 years ago. how detectives figured out the mistake that led to her murder. >> plus, a half a million dollars missing. why a
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a big break in a cold case and closure for a family and community after the murder of a teacher. >> jonelle melton was shot and beaten to death in her apartment. >> the suspects were already behind bars. toni yates is live in freehold with how detectives finally cracked the case. >> reporter: simply put, they never put this case down. it was never off their radar. they continued to shake the trees so to speak for all of the tips they needed to get this case resolved. >> rachel will be forever heartbroken over the murder of her baby sister. in september 2009 after jonelle melton didn't answer phone calls, texts, e-mails and didn't show up for her teaching job in red bank her husband michael went to her neptune city apartment. >> what he found tragedy is her
5:30 pm
>> 6 years later melton's husband and mother stand with investigators announcing the arrest. two of the defendants were in court three hours later, james byrd and jean-baptiste. >> this has been a lot of grief and trauma. >> the offenders intended to broke into one apartment but choose the wrong one, choose jonelle's. >> melton's close friend, toni gram, was one of the last loved ones to see her alive the night she was killed. >> she went to church, came to me house, we had dinner. she left the house at 9:30. little did i know that it was going to be the last time i saw her. >> all three accused are already incarcerated in other cases ranging from attempted
5:31 pm
murder to drugs and weapons charges. the right information pieced together over many years someone stands to answer for this senseless loss. >> i would like to thank the prosecutor's office and especially detective sanders for his diligent work. >> reporter: all three of those suspects being held on $1.5 million cash bail for the murder of jonelle melton. for now live in freehold, toni yates, channel 7, eyewitness news. 15 suspects were arrested in newark for conspiracy for distributing heroin. they pulled in up to $7 million a year. they are accused of operating the ring in a building in johnston avenue just steps from a playground. it was on a dead end street because look outs were paid to alert the suspects. another major drug bust in
5:32 pm
detectives responded to a citizen's tip and seized nearly 9 pounds of pure heroin from a hidden compartment in an suv. that's enough to fill 600,000 packets with a street value of more than $2 million. the driver, 35-year-old gabriel mercado, is now facing a string of narcotics charges. a construction worker injured on the job said she's getting stiffed out of half a million dollars in settlement money not by the company but his attorney. jim hoffard has more. jim. >> reporter: we tried to get an explanation from the injured workers attorney about why he has not paid his client the half million dollars owed him more than 3 months after winning a big settlement. >> we're just trying to get an explanation from you, that's all. why don't you tell us what's going on here? >> because i don't need to. >> we want ed ed to know what has
5:33 pm
long island lawyer done with a $750,000 settlement he won for his client. >> he suffered a skull in a construction accident. they put their trust in injury attorney paul bestneighbor. >> why keep my money? i don't know. >> after 6 years of legal battles the attorney reached a settlement on august 14th. a check for $750,000 was given to the attorney soon after. a half million of that was to go to javot. >> 3 months later the permanently disabled javot still waits for his money . >> i can't buy my medication, i can't see have no money in my pocket. >> the attorney sent a check for $500,000 to javot last month. he and his family felt immediate relief until they received this letter from the bank. >> the check bounced. the account has no money to cover
5:34 pm
>> what did you think? >> it was unbelievable. you would never expect this if -- this from a lawyer. >> besides filing a complaint his son visited the attorney's office 10 times. on his most recent visit he wore an undercover camera. >> he's not in the office. him as of yet. >> the attorney was there because we saw him slip out the back door and drive off. >> the next day we caught up with him. >> i've been out of town. >> you were here yesterday i know that. >> no, i wasn't. >> we saw you leave yesterday. >> why did it take so long to hold his half million dollars? >> i haven't held his money. >> you said you just sent the check. the first one bounced. >> that was from a wrong account and a new check was issued. >> yesterday? >> correct. >> the settlement was
5:35 pm
>> javot said he no longer believes a single word his attorney says. >> he's a liar, not a lawyer. >> reporter: it's been 9 days since the attorney told us he had sent another check but as of late this afternoon they have not received the half million settlement. this afternoon the attorney for the attorney told us this all comes down to a bookkeeping error and the settlement will be paid sometime he said next month. diana. >> i'm sure you'll follow up on that. thank you, jim. a former army re servist accused of stealing an arsenal of weapons is in custody in long island. six assault rifles and 10 handguns were stolen from an arm reserve center in massachusetts last weekend. police arrested james morales rape charge. they were able to
5:36 pm
track him to our area because he was wearing a court-ordered monitoring bracelet. the state department said today they're discontinuing the 24-page inserts in passports. the additional pages are stitched into the passport. americans will have the option of buying passports with 52 pages. new york's finest cracking down on crime across the coast. how a pair of nypd detectives stopped an attack on one of hollywood's most famous streets. >> also turkey prices are taking a trot just one week before thanksgiving. could you save some money? >> stepping up to the plate so plates can be filled. the yankees team up for some thanksgiving goodwill. >> i'm seeing umbrellas and a couple of folks with shorts with temperatures in the 60s. not a pleasant ride on the george washington bridge. this has been slowing down because
5:37 pm
now from franklin to old bridge
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airport workers are taking a stand just days before one of the busiest traveling weeks of the year. plane cleaners and baggage handlers and others are on strike at the biggest air travel hubs. they are calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage. they will return to work later tonight. an attempted murder subdued in the murder of hollywood boulevard all thanks to a couple of new york city police officers. the lapd said a russian tourist was shopping with his family yesterday when he was stabbed by a man they believe was homeless. alberto ramos and daniel mulligan were eating near by when they saw what happened and jumped in to help. >> certainly it saved that tourist from much worse harm, possibly even from death.
5:40 pm
the nypd in this case on the other side of the country. >> neither officer was injured. the victim is current ly ly in stable condition and the suspect is charged with attempted murder. turkey prices are falling right before the thanksgiving holiday. the national turkey federation says a new usda survey found frozen turkey hens are 90 cents per pound. last year they were 91 cents per pound. the national turkey federation said store discounts could reduce the price to 49 cents a pound. the yankees are in the holiday spirit and giving back. they hosted their first annual thanksgiving food voucher give away today in the bronx. people lined up outside yankee stadium to get their hands on the voucher that help with the thanksgiving meals. the team handed out 2,500 of them. >> great cause. coming up, rock of ages.
5:41 pm
the biggest diamond discovered this century. >> a reunion 40 years in the making. good morning america celebrates a major milestone and you will see lots of familiar eyewitness news faces in the crowd there. >> from the classrooms here in new rochelle to schools in paris, how students are showing
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a major milestone for all of us here at abc, good morning america celebrating their 40th anniversary with the return of very familiar faces. the original hosts david hartman and david desalt kicked it off. anchors past and present
5:45 pm
reunited in the studio. they shared some video from their memorable moments from the past four decades. it was a chance for all the hosts to reflect. >> it's the best seat from which to view the world to actually be where history is being made and tell the rest of the world about it. >> joan, you look amazing. some former gma hosts are part of the eyewitness news family. who is that? that's bill ritter. so many have come from here and gone there. >> absolutely. >> it's all together . >> 40 years. wow. >> the show has such a great history. i remember watching it growing up. it's a powerful show. >> it is. well, that rain is still coming down. >> yeah. it just keeps come e -- coming down harder. better this thursday than next thursday. it has been pouring and the rain has been getting steadier, especially over parts of new jersey. umbrellas are out and traffic is slow. at least it's mild. 61 degrees, raining out there, a southeastern wind at 22 to 31 miles per hour.
5:46 pm
a planner for new york city going through the evening hours, the rain through the first part of the night. it's showing we've dried out in new york city by 2:00 a.m. and maybe earlier than that. certainly dry by morning as we see temperatures around 50 degrees. let's look at a planner for port jefferson where it's raining until maybe 5:00 a.m. and then drying out. mindon should be drying out after midnight. noticeable cooler as well by morning. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. this storm will not impact tomorrow morning's commute unless you're over earn suffolk county. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies waking up. it's a breezy day and cooler in the mid 50s. i choose this particular computer model to highlight what i think is faster timing on this. the heaviest rain is
5:47 pm
it's highlighting heavy rain. after 9:30 or 10:00 the heaviest rain is starting to push east of new york city. a couple pockets of moderate rain over new jersey. certainly after midnight the heaviest rain east of new york city. because the front is slowing down it's not a island. you're going to still get some waves of heavy rain maybe until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and then it will move away. by daybreak it's a different story. an inch or rain is possible, heavier over long island and connecticut maybe if we see the rain until 5:00 a.m. the 7-day accuweather forecast, breezy with clouds and some sun tomorrow. saturday morning showers early on that should leave the scene and give way sunshine in the afternoon. the 50s feel like 40s.
5:48 pm
monday is your coldest day at 46. we have to watch a storm that's over the atlantic. i think we're safely away from it on the western side but just have to watch the coast on monday. no matter what, it's a nice normal day on tuesday. look at the big holiday travel day on wednesday, 52, mostly sunny. the early call for thanksgiving, a mix of sun and clouds, 54, no wind issues for the floats in the parade. >> thank you, lee . now to students showing their support for the people of paris. they are children born after our 9/11. >> they clearly understand the horror that happened. on the -- kimberly richardson with more from westchester county. >> peace for paris and peace for the world. >> one of many heartfelt messages from kids who are just 12 and 13. >> [foreign language] >> so wise beyond their years. >> i think it's important to talk about hatred and how we can
5:49 pm
stop it and peace as well and how we can keep it going. >> it's a discussion playing out with students here on the peace wall. >> [foreign language] >> it was crystal clear even more so here in french class that these middle schoolers were confused, worried about kids their own age in france. >> although it happened a world away it really did resound for them here. they just ran with it and took it. >> with the idea of using art work to express themselves. elizabeth tells me this piece was particularly moving. >> it went back to the messages that i saw when i was in middle school after 9/11. just that generational connection. that one hit hard. >> in two weeks the school will send this art work to two middle schools in paris. it's one thing to see all the posts of support on social media but
5:50 pm
getting an actual piece of paper is something special. >> they can feel that we're here for them. we're going to help them. >> kimberly richardson -- >> paris i love you. >> -- channel 7, eyewitness news. we're getting our first look at a super sparkler. this is now the second biggest diamond. it was found in a south africa mine and this jewel is more than 1,100 karats. they uncovered one that was 374 karats and the other 813 karats also. slamming the brakes on a gun trafficking operation on long island. >> coming up on eyewitness news, arrests made, scores of weapons seized. how some of the guns were disguised. >> i'm liz chow. coming up at 6:00 a murder mystery on long island.
5:51 pm
gagged in her own bed in an upscale community. the latest on the investigation. >> presidential candidate hilary clinton unveils her strategy to fight isis. what she's willing to do and not you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! choose yours today, you might even get help paying for it! go to
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finally at 5:00, suffolk county is taking aim at weapons trafficking. >> authorities just announced a big bust taking more than 50 handguns and ammo off the streets. it's not just the normal weapons they compensated rob mel son has the -- nelson has the story. >> a flare gun that can be converted into a handgun. a box of cigarettes that's actually a stun gun. >> these are just some of the many weapons suffolk county officials put on display as they announced the arrest of two men in separate gun trafficking
5:53 pm
>> in one precinct alone 91 incidents of crimes being committed with weapons. i mean, that's pretty disturbing. >> over all more than 50 guns were seized, thousands of rounds of ammo, rifles, swords and even stilettos and switchblades. >> north carolina resident terry burn who used to live on long island and frederick miller are now facing dozens of charges including the criminal possession and criminal sale of firearms. >> miller who authorities say has mental problems was getting the weapons in pieces, assembling them and selling the guns for cash. >> the economics are terrific. you can buy a gun down there and probably sell it for five times of what it is up here for price of tolls and a tank of gas. >> officials do not believe that any kind of plot was in
5:54 pm
motion here. still the possibilities laid there today are frightening. >> these are destined to be crime guns and we're happy they won't get to that goal. >> bird and miller has been arrested and charged. both men will be back in court early next week to face arraignment. rob nelson, channel 7, eyewitness news. still ahead, a celebration of immigrants at a time when many americans are trying to restrict people who are seeking refuge here. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. new at 6:00, a murder mystery. a woman's body found bound and gagged in her bedroom on long island. now the search is on for her killer.
5:55 pm
that the master mind of the attacks was killed in a raid hilary clinton reveals her strategy to try to find isis. how far is she willing to go. i'm liz chow. >> i'm bill ritter. rain moving in for many of us. >> sweat and dreary evening outside right now. the heaviest rain is coming later on tonight. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all for us outside. >> reporter: the storm has changed a lot since sunset. rain coming down now steadily. not the easier walk. the leaves are still on the sidewalk and on the roadways. take it nice and slow. our temperatures are in the 60s but the winds gusting. look at the george washington bridge slow to a crawl. 61. we've seen people walk by with shorts. southeastern wind at 28 miles per hour. rainfall
5:56 pm
amounts approaching two-tenths
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