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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 21, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EST

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on this edition good morning, america. breaking news. maximum alert. brussels bracing for a terror attack right now. subways shut down. the government there warning about a serious and imminent threat. meanwhile, in paris, chilling new information about the suicide bombers. and the trap they tried to set. one of them still on the run. mali massacre. an american among the 27 terrorists opening fire at that popular hotel. painic. >> gunmen armed to the teeth targeting westerners. the u.s. troops that helped bring them down. caught on camera. look at this. a student hero, he spotted a woman being attacked on the street. he moved in to help and he wound up on the wrong side of a gun even taking a bullet.
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the woman got away. now the hunt for the shooter. and midwest mess. the first big snowstorm of the season. over 20 million americans in the bull's-eye. driving, treacherous. flights canceled. all of this just before the holiday. we're in the middle of it tracking the storm. hey, good morning. right now. officials say they're hunting for more than three suspects in the african country of mali this morning after armed gunmen stormed a luxury hotel opening fire. coming up we're going to tell you about the american mother who was killed in this attack. >> but we are going to start here with the breaking news out of belgium. the capital city of lockdown with the government warning about the possibility of a coordinated terror strike similar to what happened just a week ago in france. the country directly to the south of belgium.
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>> in brussels this morning the subways are closed, heavily armed soldiers deployed and lama hasan is right there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. the threat of another terror attack here in brussels is being called credible, serious and imminent. in fact, just a short while ago the belgium prime minister saying there was a threat of attacks using arms and explosives to be carried out at various locations. so like another paris-style attack and that is why the officials here overnight have raised the threat level to its highest. the u.s. embassy also welcome backing a warn, a shelter in place warning telling the public to stay away from large gatherings. some of the soccer matches have been canceled. the subway system shut down and you can see the military behind me guarding some of the big, large stations in this area. and this is why they've been deployed. we're seeing more and more soldiers, more armed guards trying to keep the city safe and so everyone here is on high alert. meanwhile, the only surviving
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gunman from those horrific paris attacks, salah abdeslam, is still on the run and believed to be hiding somewhere here in belgium. paula. >> all right, lama. you just mentioned salah. and we are learning more about that terrorist involved in the paris attacks who is still on the loose as lama just said and how s.w.a.t. teams in france were nearly lured into a trap by a woman in that apartment during the big raid. abc's matt gutman has the very latest for us this morning from the french capital. hi, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. just moments ago turkish officials telling us they arrested a belgian national suspected of being the lookout on one of the attacks here in paris, that as they learn more about how some members of that terror cell infiltrated europe possibly blending in as refugees. overnight we learned two of the three bombers who initiated that grisly series of attacks blowing themselves up through greece on the same day, october 3rd starting off in the
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same greek island of leros as so many syrian refugees. since the attacks more than 800 raids in france alone hunting for salah abdeslam away in this video obtained by friends of abdeslam tell abc news he called them this week asking them to help him get back to syria. on the run from western authorities and according to those hearing retribution from isis for not detonating his suicide vest in the attacks one week ago that identify a third man killed in this apartment wednesday. thousands of bullets fired in a raid targeting paris attack ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud. it took police over 24 hours to identify his body, that of 26-year-old hasna aitboulahcen, who s.w.a.t. teams initially tried to convince to surrender. >> where is your boyfriend? >> he's not my boyfriend. >> where is he? >> he's not my boyfriend.
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>> reporter: speaking exclusively to abc news, eric gigot is the deputy commander of france's s.w.a.t. unit saying the recently radicalize edd aitboulahcen tried to lure his >> they started to throw grenades through the windows, through the door when it opened so they really tried to kill us. >> reporter: moments later one of the three assailants detonated a suicide vest moments later blasting debris and flames out the windows. explosion. again, against us. >> reporter: over an hour later, a lot of people wondering how those terrorists were able to move so freely inside western europe. well, once you're here, there are no border checks. passport or i.d. when traveling between countries. between states back in america. dan, paula. >> and there is talk this morning
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we're going to move to the other country in a state of emergency. mali in africa where terrorists stormed a hotel popular with westerners taking hostages and reportedly killing almost 20 people including an american mom, there she is, a public health expert, and abc's alex marquardt is there with the very latest. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is the hotel where the attack took place considered to be one of the safest in the country popular with tourists, business people and diplomats which these attackers were posing as when the deadly rampage started. this morning, mali waking up to a ten-day state of emergency following the day-long siege at the luxury radisson blu hotel. of the initial 170 staff and guests reportedly taken hostage, the president's office told abc news at least 19 people were
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we met businessman mukesh chellani. inside a room with his employees. of heavy stuff and at some point the door and lots of bullets. >> reporter: around a dozen of americans were inside the hotel at the time. among the dead, aid worker anita datar, a mother and former peace corps volunteer from maryland. >> we are devastated by the loss of our wonderful daughter who was doing the work she loves. >> reporter: traveling in malaysia president obama condemned the attack. >> this is another awful reminder that the scourge of terrorism threatens so many of our nations and, once again, this barbarity only stiffens our resolve to meet this challenge. >> reporter: the attackers were heavily armed with guns and grenades and used fake diplomatic license plates to get into the hotel grounds at 7:00 a.m. on friday morning. according to witnesses, they shouted allahu akbar, god is great, before opening fire. sirens blared as mali gendarmerie and u.n. forces as well as some americans responded.
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at 3:30 in the afternoon, soldiers entered the building going floor to floor to escort the hostages to safety leading this group down the hotel's grand staircase. one wounded employee carried out on a rescuer's back. friday night mali's president gave the all-clear and confirmed the attackers believed to be just two militants were dead. an al qaeda linked group linked to mokhtar belmokhtar has claimed responsibility and france believes it is possible they're behind it. those three americans who helped with the rescuer from the state and defense departments were told they made repeated entries into the hotel to rescue those american was work at the embassy. all are safe but the embassy now telling citizens to limit their movements here. paula. >> thank you, alex. and all of this dominating the campaign trail. the political narrative has shifted dramatically to terror and national security since the paris attacks. candidates have their own ideas on how to keep this country safe. some more extreme than others
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distance himself from a controversial comment that he says was misconstrued. abc's devin dwyer at the white house for us. hi, devin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. you know, fear of terrorism here in the u.s. is now near its highest level since 9/11. the threat from isis and what to do about it have become the top issues on the campaign trail. anxiety over terrorism is testing the presidential candidates in new ways. donald trump was asked about setting up a database of muslims in america. >> should there be a database country? >> there should be a lot of system beyond databases. and today you can do it. >> but for muslims specifically how do you actually get them registered into a database? >> it would be just good management. >> reporter: trump's answer set off a flurry of condemnation from his rivals. keep a registry of any religious not. donald trump is suggesting we >> reporter: ben carson said a database of all citizens in the u.s. is a good idea.
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>> hopefully we already have a database on every citizen who is already here. if we don't, we're doing a very poor job. >> reporter: trump later tweeted, "i didn't suggest a database. a reporter did. we must defeat islamic terrorism and have surveillance including a watch list to protect america." in a new abc news/"washington post" poll, 81% of americans feel a major terrorist attack in the u.s. is likely and a majority, 54%, are concerned about a potential threat from syrian refugees and want them to stay out. in tennessee 1 of 31 states whose governors want to ban syrian refugees, hillary clinton said, it won't help. >> we got to do what works. and it doesn't work for us to act like we're going to shut our borders and pull up the gang plank. >> reporter: now, president obama says he's determined to refugees this year. meanwhile, donald trump tried to clarify his database comment overnight saying the only
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registry he wants is for syrian refugees that come to the u.s. dan. >> devin, thank you. >> with so much concern about terrorism here in the u.s., and with the thanksgiving travel rush pretty much upon us, they're boosting security at airports. abc's david kerley reports on what's being done to keep travelers safe. >> reporter: already this morning, the thanksgiving airport rush is under way. more people flying home for the holiday, more than 25 million will take to the air, and in light of the recent terror attacks, many are leery. >> people are now in fear of what's happened, it's the new reality. >> you do think do you really want to fly anymore or is it better to stay home. >> reporter: the most recent incident, a reported bomb threat on board a spirit airlines jet prompting an immediate return to ft. lauderdale where a man was cuffed and taken off. but authorities say passengers misheard a phone conversation. it was all a mistake. still, since that russian jetliner was brought down by a bomb, possibly in a soda can like this, there have been
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concerns about the possibility that that bomb was put on the jet by an insider, an airport worker. could that happen in the u.s.? the responsibility for screening airport workers is left to airports. but this morning, just three of the u.s.' major airports have decided that workers should be screened just like passengers. that means a 100% check, every employee has to go through devices like this before they can get into a secure area. 34,000 people work at miami's airport and are screened before entering secured areas. and you think it works? >> i know it works. >> reporter: miami's security director says the $3 million it costs each year is a small price. >> our threat is less and we know what we have to do to deal with that. >> reporter: that is 100% screening which some wonder whether it's time to require at all airports. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington.
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david, thank you. and heading into the holiday week weather could be a big problem. it already is in chicago where look at this, a monster prewinter storm has been hammering the midwest getting socked with heavy snow, and abc's phillip mena attempting to drive in all of this. snow this morning. hi, phillip. stay safe. can i just say that? >> reporter: we are right now and good morning. we are in libertyville about 40 miles north of chicago where the first snowstorm of the season is hitting just as many of us are hitting the roads for the thanksgiving holiday this week. and even though there are snowplows that have been out all night trying to clear the roads, as you can see, it's still pretty treacherous out there. this morning, 20 million americans in the midwest and northern plains hammered by the first widespread wallop of winter weather. >> i cannot tell you in this neighborhood how many people i pull out of ditches all the time. >> reporter: the chicago area just one of many major cities hit by more than 6 inches of snow. in iowa treacherous whiteout
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conditions proving to be problematic. this woman losing control of her car plunging into an icy river. emergency crews rushing to the scene pulling her to safety with only minor injuries. the snowfall spreading across parts of 12 states from wyoming to michigan. the winter weather taking some by surprise. leaves, and today we're plowing a foot of snow. >> reporter: overnight collisions in south dakota piling up as record-breaking snowfall leaves motorists stranded as officials responded to 66 reported accidents in just three hours. as the temperature continues to drop, these driving conditions will only become more dangerous and this area is expecting freezing temperatures in the coming days and, of course, that's when these roads can ice over and things can get really dangerous. dan. >> as paula points out, you're behind a salt truck, which is probably the safest place to be driving.
8:15 am
>> we intend to stay that way. >> good. we hope you do. and that huge storm is on the move now and it's barreling eastward and rob is, of course, tracking it all. good morning, sir. >> not only the salt but being the first big snowstorm of the season the ground is still relatively warm so will stick on the roadway. look at that swath of heavy snow from just outside of chicago to southern parts of wisconsin. we saw 16 inches in southern south dakota and a foot of snow in iowa, and this will continue to push off towards michigan getting into detroit later on this afternoon, and there's that cold air behind, that wants to get lake-effect snow and as a matter of fact now warnings for buffalo and winter weather advisories for michigan and winter storm warnings for parts of illinois including chicago and south of milwaukee. foot of snow but a good swath of 5 to 10 inches from northern michigan. definitely colder behind this, tomorrow morning in chicago. we'll talk more about that in
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>> we don't like to see snow. >> it's not even december. >> no. >> it feels wrong. but we do like to see ron and i know you've been tracking the other stories overnight. >> i've been up all night. >> all night. >> all day, all morning. all night. >> good morning, everyone. a utah man is under arrest charged with bringing an explosive device into a federal building in salt lake city. the wallace bennett federal building was evacuated thursday after security screeners found a device known as a cricket bomb inside the suspect's jacket. that man brandon evert bushnell here for a social security administration hearing admitted to having the device according to federal prosecutors. jonathan pollard convicted of spying for israel released from prison after spending 30 years behind bars. within hours of his release, pollard's attorneys went to court to challenge the terms of his parole which includes being required to wear an electronic gps ankle bracelet. and caught on camera, a terrifying afternoon for more than two dozen children on a school bus in texas, that bus bursting into flames and
8:17 am
then exploding. the veteran bus driver is being praised today for his quick actions in getting off 30 kids out of that bus safely. he says he heard a sound, smelled smoke and then grabbed the vehicle's fire extinguisher and tried to put out that fire. no word yet on what caused 9 blaze. dozens of high school football players in miami fleeing the field after they heard gunshots in the distance. miami-dade college's north campus. that was friday night. it was ended early. five people were taken in by police for questioning. no one luckily was injured in that incident. and elon musk's spacex has just signed a deal with nasa to launch astronauts into space. the contract was approved despite spacex's failed rocket launch, you see it there in june, that was supposed to take supplies to the international space station. the first private company led mission to space is planned for 2017. sara will be on board with her baby. >> yes, i will. >> and take a look at this. a clever brown bear figured out how to open nearly all of the
8:18 am
tennessee. it's unclear whether the car's front door was opened by the bear prior to filming or if the curious animal sneaked up on the car while the people there were unpacking. and finally, president obama is used to taking political jabs but there's one question that apparently really gets under his skin. a malaysian student was trying to ask a question about how to make older generations communicate better with younger people. >> since yourself is aging to a very senior life, what do you want to see from young people like us in the future when you get old? >> well, the first thing i want from young people is to stop when i came into office, i had i don't dye my hair and a lot of my fellow leaders do. >> i don't dye my hair either. the president did not disclose, though, what leaders he was referring to as dying that's between them and their
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>> i'm sorry. it's a colorist. just want to point out very quickly that i'm wearing this purple tie for national pancreatic awareness month, the month of november and a moses, three years and going strong after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> incredible. ft. lauderdale, florida. >> nice work. >> awesome. >> we should point out your gray wasn't gray before you started this job too. that's how stressful it can be. >> it's gotten grayer today, in fact. >> i actually like it was -- your hair better this color than it was -- >> really? >> it's a progressive. >> you look fine and distinguished. >> not going back. >> authoritative. mature. >> distinguished. >> i'm digging it. >> now if we get a couple more grays on dan, he would look like a full adult. >> wow. wow. my colorist has taken good care of me. >> we left two seconds for weather here. >> sorry, rob. >> here we go. >> all right. >> just did a little earlier. because you guys are begging for more snow. here's some video of it. >> no, we're not actually.
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even behind thi thanks. amy freeze with you. a mix of sun and clouds. it's chilly today. we're starting off in the 40s with a high of 51 expected late this afternoon. that's pretty on target for this time of year. showers start to develop tonight and then tomorrow we'll get a brief shower. winds will be up 20 to 30 >> for the record i do not color my hair, but i pluck every gray hair i see so slowly but surely i'll be going -- the way. >> none of you guys actually color. it's just the ladies here. >> oh, really? >> i'm sure america is fascinated by this. so let me tell you what's coming up on "gma." actually this is the extraordinary act of heroism on the streets of new orleans. student intervened to protect a woman from a mugger. and that mugger then putted a
8:22 am
>> it's really an incredible story. plus, kitchen nightmare. the abc news fixer taking on the case of a woman who had big troubles with her fridge and had a hard time getting it fixed with her extended warranty. what you need to know. it's all coming up. >> she said the fridge was possessed. >> it was possessed. >> "good morning america" brought to you by ashley furniture home store. this is home. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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fuel the journey. . good morning. november 21st. topping headlines at this hour. right now a state of emergency is in effect in the african nation of mali after gunmen
8:28 am
least 27 people, including one american. 41-year-old anita datar grew up and got her undergraduate degree from rutgers. she lived in d.c. for the last 15 years, traveling to countries where she hoped to make a difference. police in the bronx are still trying to work out the details of a gruesome murder. investigators know what woman was stabbed to death, another taken into custody and a newborn baby found at the scene.
8:29 am
8:30 am
and we want to welcome you back to "gma," the belgium capital of brussels is on the country's highest terrorist alert. the subway system has been shut down as officials warn of a serious and imminent threat. also right now, the emissions cheating scandal rocking volkswagen is widening. the epa says the automaker also used software to cheat on pollution three liter engines on audis and mark zuckerberg says he's paternity leave after his facebook allows its u.s. employees to take up to four months of paid parental leave. because there are earlier in life the fathers are involved the longer they'll be involved in the kid's life and better fathers they'll be. that's why you're such a good
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>> well, you know -- the fritz. dan, what did you say it was? >> the owners of this fridge believe it's demonically possessed. >> it may be. it was randomly just spewing out ice cubes. it's a case for the abc news fixer with what you should know about those extended warranties. >> that's coming up. but first the incredible images when a medical student thought he spotted trouble and just could not let it go. >> he stopped his car to help a woman and wound up staring down the barrel of a gun, and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on this remarkable story. >> really is, guys. good morning. that student is being hailed as a hero and for good reason, a complete stranger during an the process. well, now police are asking for the public's help this morning tulane university releasing this video showing an armed suspect dragging a girl down the street. >> obviously the level of violence that we saw this morning is disturbing.
8:32 am
>> reporter: watch as the car on the cross street drives past then turns around to come and help the woman. the man, peter gold, a fourth year medical student gets out of his car to allegedly help the woman and stop the mugging. >> he stepped out of his vehicle to intervene. the individual that was attacking this other woman pulled a gun on him. dr. gold didn't have any property and he informed the subject of such at which time he was shot. >> reporter: in the surveillance video provided by the new orleans police department, officials say gold can be seen pleading with the suspect that he had no money, then the armed suspect shoots gold in the stomach severely injuring him then tries to shoot gold twice more, but his gun never fires. police saying it jammed. everybody his gun did jam. >> reporter: the new orleans police are looking for the 25-year-old man who took the woman's purse and fled in a gray or silver suv. that video hard to watch.
8:33 am
the suspect is described as a black male wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information should contact them immediately. as for gold, he is recovering at the hospital and making some progress. in a statement tulane university describes him as an outstanding student. clearly he is an outstanding human being as well, and this is being described as a completely random crime. police are saying she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> and he was in the right place at the right time. >> and so brave. >> she's okay. >> she had minor injuries. she's recovering, as well. but, you know, it's so rare for people to intervene, especially at that level, to turn around, come back in your car. we certainly wish him the best. a really brave guy. >> don't let that hinder you from doing the right thing, though, after seeing that. >> thank you, mara. >> thanks. appreciate it. >> we'll send things back over to rob. do you have more snow or can we watch? >> we'll talk about snow but we're halfway through football season and a lot of injuries.
8:34 am
this is the ne >> this weather report brought to you by petco.
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where it's snowing right now. so there might be a little snowen 0 the field, and i believe michigan is taking on penn state. >> in happy valley. going to be a big game. >> maybe some rain. i don't think they'll see snow there. >> dan, you got your plans cut out for you. >> yeah, big sports day for me. >> coming up here on gambrill -- i'm changing the subject yet again this morning, the fridge with a mind of its own. demonically spitting out ice cubes. it's a case for the abc news fixer, slash exorcist and a lesson we can all learn about warranties. and making your holiday travel as painless as possible.
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ah, there they are. appliances, they are one of the most expensive things we buy for spring for those extended warranties. >> yes, but what if your fridge or something else is a dud and your extended warranty isn't helping. it's a case for the abc news fixer. francie latham's refrigerator looks good on the outside but it seemed to have a mind of its own. >> it would make so much ice, it
8:40 am
would flood the freezer. >> reporter: extra ice was annoying enough but then the fridge went on the attack. >> i would open the door, and it would shoot ice at me. it shot ice at my husband one time. >> reporter: francie bought the fridge at home depot for about $1800 and also got a three-year warranty. less than two years in, she had an avalanche of issues. >> it would shoot out over to the stairs. >> reporter: but francie had that extended warranty so she called for a repair and another and another. >> he said, i think you have a possessed refrigerator. >> reporter: after six months home depot said the solution from the manufacturer was for francie to just keep emptying the ice every day. >> i said, but, wait a minute, and they said, no, we're declaring that this is over, that we're done repairing it. >> reporter: francie was frozen out so she called in the abc news fixer. our fixer, stephanie zimmermann, got on the case contacting home
8:41 am
depot. home depot agreed to investigate and in the to refund the full price and gave her a $100 gift card to home depot said it should have apologized and make it right. >> it's fixed! thanks, abc news fixer. >> another satisfied customer. herself, stephanie, good morning and good job getting this fixed. a question for you. for anybody else planning a big live purchase, what are the different kind of warranties on offer? >> well, dan, any time you buy a product you get something called an implied warranty. that's just that you can expect that the product will function. and beyond that there's usually a manufacturer's warranty and in the case of a fridge that usually lasts about one year. and after that, you have the option to buy an extended warranty, which is supposed to give you even more protection. >> you know, i thought there was an implied warranty when we hired sara haines, but she's
8:42 am
about these extra extended warranties that we've been discussing this morning. are they worth the price? >> well, it really depends on the product and depends on the plan. if it's a really well made product that has a good history of performing well, then i think you should just save your money because the amount you would spend on the extended warranty is probably more than you would spend on repair, however, if you really are worried and find a good plan, go for it but consider how long does the warranty last and will it cover any kind of repair, and are they going to charge you a service fee if they come out to repair and, finally, make sure you don't have to perform any extra maintenance in order to keep the warranty in effect. those are all things to consider. >> as always, the fine print is important. stephanie, we appreciate it and, by the way, if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer, you can find her at ir. maybe she'll fix your problem right here on "gma." >> my mom would just say, they don't make them like they used to speaking about refrigerators
8:43 am
or -- >> "pop news" anchors. >> she broke the mold. sara, you definitely broke the mold. and coming up on "good morning america," tips to make your thanksgiving travel hassle-free no matter how you're traveling for the holiday. we're right back.
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all right. welcome back. everyone, it is final for the "weekend download." traveling for thanksgiving, you won't be alone because almost 47 million americans are going to be on the move by train, plane and automobile. so here to make your turkey day travel as easy as possible is abc's travel and lifestyle editor genevieve brown. okay, welcome, genevieve. thanks for joining us, so if you are going to drive, there is a best way to travel. correct? >> yes, and it is not wednesday. you want to avoid wednesday at all costs.
8:47 am
that's according to an analysis of traffic by google maps. however, there is one exception. you want to avoid tuesday instead. good. >> leave now. >> i'll stay and then leave after the show. if you fly with family, what are some suggestions you have to get through tsa in an expeditious manner? >> different rules apply to kids under 12 and over 75 don't have to remove their shoes and can leave on light jackets so that will make getting through security a little bit faster. >> all right. and in terms of tech i know there's a lot of new tsa rules. what should you do with the tech? should laptops stay in or out. >> they stay out unless you get for prechecking. you'll know whether you've been selected or not on your boarding pass. if not they can stay in your bag. >> a quick note. to make sure your bags don't get lost, what do you suggest? >> you want to make sure you put your airline itinerary inside your bag in case all the tags get ripped off and get there early enough to let the staff
8:48 am
>> you too. enjoy that turkey i know you'll be baking. and coming up on "good morning america" -- kelly clarkson puts her adorable daughter to work straight ahead in "pop news" with sara. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by mazda. driving matters. >> back with "pop news." remind me who does "pop news"? >> come on. >> the unforgettable sara haines. >> i'm so glad the band is back together. >> i know. >> i just want to put that out. the force is incredibly strong at the box office right now with "star wars: the force awakens" obliterating presale rackets racking up more than $50 million and it's so far ahead of the december 18th release. now, at this rate it could well challenge "avatar" for the title of the highest grossing movie of all time. the hype just keeps on building thanks in part to the excitement including harrison ford who has been staging a few surprise
8:52 am
competition. >> hello, han solo. aren't you the handsome one. >> oh, wow. >> who is your favorite character. >> i have to go with padme. >> who is your favorite character? >> hi, harrison. >> hi. >> great. >> at that point i would have gone with hello, mr. ford, but the competition cast at the premiere. may the force be with all the entrants. >> didn't you say his character was the most popular character in the movies of all time? >> i didn't, but i'm glad you're bringing facts to "pop news" because we never had those. >> dan harris, it's a fact, you guys. we learned. >> trying to upstage sara. >> i'm trying to help. >> you know what, he makes my pop look super smart. join me any time, dan harris. another massive music record, this time on the music charts. i must admit rob marciano was just singing.
8:53 am
on track to shatter the all-time record for the most albums sold in a week. currently held by 'nsync. it's certainly been an emotional road to the release date, adele penning a message to fans saying she feels overwhelmed and grateful and that the last month has taken her breath away. adele, you had us at hello. and if you need rob, he is open for backup. >> those high notes. bye bye bye >> no, it was the lady's song. kelly clarkson is trending everywhere this morning. her news music video for "piece by piece" had a touching message for fans explaining the song is a love letter to her husband thanking him for loving her without expecting anything in return. kelly says it's also a promise to her daughter river rose who appears in the video, kelly assuring her she will always be present in her life. >> oh, there's the kiss. >> how beautiful. >> what a pretty name, river rose too. >> yeah. >> yeah. i just like the emotional singing during pop today but
8:54 am
i got a little funny. because it's not "pop" without funny if you're the sort of person that likes to hibernate during the winter months, you can forget blankets and sweater. i found a bear sleeping bag. it's the brainchild of a japanese artist who sells the plush contraption for more than $2,000. some might consider this beary expensive but i say you can't put a price on a good night's sleep but definitely warn the neighbors before you take a nap in your yard. how cute is that? no, i would not pay -- 2,000 is a little pricey but how fun is that? >> were any bears hurt in the making of -- >> dan, as an animal lover, do you think i would do that? >> is it real fur or is it faux fur? >> i did not check on that. i'm assuming it's faux. >> can we do a follow-up? >> i don't encourage anything in pop that's real. >> i have something to keep you warm. it's freezing in the studio. >> it's approved. >> my james brown moment. >> yes. >> james brown. >> absolutely, winter is coming, ladies and gentlemen.
8:55 am
>> thank you very much for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. we'll be back tomorrow morning with much more of this news, plus -- >> we'll see you soon. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back.
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. good morning. we're closing in an 9:00 a.m., developing right now, a woman was found stabbed to death. eyewitness news is on the scene with new information on the person in custody and details on what happened. >> a deadly mali hotel massacre is hitting home. one of the victims is from the tri-state area. we'll have details coming up. >> good morning. taking a beautiful crisp live look at lower manhattan on this saturday, november 21st.
8:58 am
folks out there in coats an hats, coffee in hand. it's getting real now. >> that's outside our window. it's not so good that he was looking at lower manhattan going .... >> good morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. amy freeze, not bad. >> it's all good. it's colder this morning. as much as 10 to 15 degrees colder, so you're going to notice it. you'll wand to bundle up, have an extra layer. this has been the exception rather than the rule. we still have temperatures at least at average or slightly above it. 44 is where we begin this saturday morning. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures were below freezing for poughkeepsie. they're all above the mark now.
8:59 am


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