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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 2, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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i genuinely believe it is the single most dangerous stunt ever filmed in history, period. >> reporter: jeb corliss, believed to be one of the best wing suit divers, b.a.s.e. jumpers, skydivers on our planet, has cheated death more times than he can remember. >> you can't allow the fear of something, death, to prevent you from living your dreams and doing the things you love. >> reporter: he was technical coordinator on "point break." a rework of the swayze/reeves original shot in 11 countries by actors and hordes of stunt dudes, so many the credits roll for 14 minutes. we met at i fly in l.a., a skydiving tunnel, and surely the closest i will ever get to jumping out of a plane or off a cliff. >> it feels exactly like that. >> except you don't have the fear. >> exactly. >> reporter: weightlessness is liberating. although i am a truly ungainly
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quite enough of that. back to this. >> there's a scene where a guy is this high off the ground, flying at 120 miles an hour. >> reporter: obviously, don't try this at home with grandma's drapes around your shoulders. these guys have 17,000 skydives and decades of practice before they risk their lives like this. >> there's something special about going back to the old style of film making and doing just the gnarliest stunts ever. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline," los angeles. >> thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and good night and happy new year, it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online,
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mom, mom, get up. get up, get up. a new year's tragedy, a fast moving fire sweeps through a brooklyn brown stone. most made it out but one resident did not. an armed robber preying on women and using elevators to stage his crime. good evening at 11:00. >> i'm david navarro. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. flames erupted this afternoon quickly racing through the back door of an apartment building in the fire touching off a plantic scene as residents raced to escape. one man did not get out alive. tonight officials say they do
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eyewitness news reporter, kim is at the scene. >> reporter: and residents were having to be plucked out and taken to the safety after the fire. this is video of firefighters run into the burning building. the smoke so thick residents left trapped in the upper floors of the four story building on washington avenue with nowhere to go. >> all i could see was smoke coming out, smoke, smoke. >> all i could see was a man at the top of the building saying, get out the house, get out the house. as soon as he said that freaking black smoke came out the window and covered the whole building. >> reporter: michael floyd found in a third floor apartment. houston says floyd's brother robert frantically tried to get inside to save him but the
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>> his brother didn't make it. there's nothing there. >> what's that like seeing him? >> his brother is just in shock. and when they told him the fire department told him, your brother burned to a crisp. authorities are determining this was a suspicious fire. >> it's unusual the fire would start in a staircase. the fire marshals are doing the investigation. >> reporter: now the cause of this fire is still under investigation. residents here are now left homeless on new year's day and one man losing something he cannot replace his friend and brother 56-year-old michael floyd. reporting live in bedford. new at 11:00, it's not the
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to be robbed but it's where the suspect is preying on his victims each and every time. inside an elevator. all of the attacks happening within a half mile radium. >> reporter: sade, these women trapped in an assailant that robbed them of their purses, phone, credit cards. >> reporter: it's a fact of life for millions of new yorkers, that ride in an elevator to and from their homes. this man has been piercing security. following women and once inside the elevator, simulating a gun and robbing them of their purses. cops released this video of their suspect and another man in a subway station allegedly offering a strap hanger, a
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from one victim to see if it still worked. police now want your help the in finding both men so they can put a stop to this spree of crime. we have placed the video online at abc7 and why if you recognize them, you are asked to call police so they can get them off the street. we're live at the butler houses in the claremont portion of the house. and inspectors looking at 3,000 elevators tonight following a deadly accident at a public housing residence in the bronx. the accident occurring at boston plaza as he was entering the elevator. tenants say the building has had problems with the elevator for years. >> it jerks, it jerks. like you could be standing and all of a sudden it falls.
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and the residents here they're afraid. >> officials say blood thinner he was taking to help his heart disease likely helped his death. another elevator night mare, a 25-year-old man killed while attending a new year's eve party in manhattan. steven hewitt brown was on his way to a party when the elevator he was in got stuck. he was apparently trying to leave the elevator when it suddenly began moving but not before he pushed a woman and a child out of the way. >> as the elevator was falling, i got out. i had time. the man helped me get out. he held the door like this, to give me time to exit. and that's when it fell. the elevator. and he remained stuck. >> according to the building department, the building has three open violations for
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this elevator dating back to 2012. a driver crashed into a fuel pump at a gas station on long island sparking a raging fire. police say there was a fight outside a bp gas station overnight during the alteration, someone got into an suv and rammed into a gas pump. police are investigating how many people were involved. they are also looking into a bullet casings found across the street are connected to the incident. a new york police department facing questions after former police commissioner kelly got erased. city foreigns admit some of kelly's e-mails were deleted despite a court ordered to save them. the e-mails were part of a lawsuit accusing the department of using a quota system for summonses. and the new york city police department committing to increase its arsenal of weapons as it prepares for any possible terrorist attack.
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$720,000 to buy 450 automatic rifles for officers in the emergency services unit. when the purchase is complete, everyone in the unit will have their own rifle eliminating the need to have them share weapons as they have done in the past. a new year a new push for gun control by president obama who now intends to work around a politically polarized congress. the president plans to meet with the attorney general next week to see what action is needed to boost background checks and other measures. mr.obama says the lack of progress on the gun reforms is his biggest regret. sometime after midnight a fight broke out after a group crashed the party. eyewitnesses say 20-year-old
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break up a fight when someone stabbed the scotch town resident multiple times. chilling surveillance video of a gunman opening fire. the man first pretend to shop, then puts down a backpack and opens fire on a bar next door. two people were killed. seven others hurt, there were reports the gunman is an israeli arab. his motive remains unknown at this time. eyewitnesses say he smiled during the attack before escaping. funeral services will be held on long island tomorrow for a national guards man killeded in a taliban attack in afghanistan. wake services were held at miller place for a 31-year-old staff sergeant bonacasa. he was one of six u.s. soldier members killed in a suicide attack last week. staff sergeant bonacasa's funeral will be held tomorrow morning.
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move on top of a tower. it's getting cold out there, and we're going to go sub freezing. we haven't done that if a while. in and around the burroughs we're still in the low 40s. and temperatures go even lower under clear skies. we're 10 degrees colder than we were this time last night. and the windchills, teens and
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the high rise during the worse of it. daniel henowitz had set up his camera to catch the fireworks when fire surrounded him. and teenager launched a car down three flights of stairs. came crashing down as people were on the adjacent escalator. the car landing on a busy platform. fortunately no one was injured. one person however was arrested. the music industry reacting tonight to the death of grammy award winning singer natalie cole. in arethra franklin to tony bennett all paying respect to the daughter of nat king coal. tonight the apollo in harlem
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message on their marquee. >> reporter: natalie cole inherented all the right notes, her father, jazz legend nat king cole. >> >> but she would step out of his famous father's shadow to record a string of her own hits. in all she sold 30 million records. but cole hit some low notes too, a battle with addiction and serious health challenges forced a kidney transplant. in 1991, her come back hit.
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>> reporter: father and daughter, those beautiful voices weaving into each other. >> and we have more on natalie cole including photos of her from throughout her life at abc7 and why you can also go to our facebook page and share your thoughts. >> it's hard not to sing along. it's hard not to sing along when you hear the music and remembering all that. >> saturday mornings at my house. my dad would blare music when i was a teenager. everything from natalie cole to sammy davis jr. all kind of great stuffs. >> great start to the new year but boy is it cold now. >> chilly outside. in fact, going sub freezing tonight. that's only the second time that's happened this season. so here we are in january. there's only one other night november 24th we've gone below the freezing point of 32 degrees. currently at 35. i don't think we'll have any problem getting down to 30 here in the city. this is westerly wind that blew
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we hit 32 that's just slightly below the normal. we're actually going to go in reverse and take the numbers down here over the weekend and even colder air coming in for early next week. it is a chilly pattern but it's also very dry. so sunshine is going to be with it. snow will finish off the weekend i'll explain that. the coldest day so far will be on tuesday so be aware of that. we'll have a full 24 hour period where temperatures are below the 32 mark. wind gusts have been 35 to 34 miles per hour. so that gusty wind is creating windchill. be aware of that if you have to be outdoors late tonight or tomorrow morning. it's going to feel like the upper 20s, it's going to feel like the teens in the northern counties. that's what we're looking at as far as this pattern shift happens. it's cold air coming down from canada. pretty typical for this time of the year. we just haven't seen it very often this far.
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clear skies, also throughout jersey shore. a few little snow showers. a colder arctic front could also produce light snow sunday into monday morning. not stacking up to too much but another sign that the cold is here. we do go below the freezing point tonight. tomorrow we barely get to 40. back down into the 30s and 40s again on sunday evening or saturday night into sunday morning. and those two days are both featuring 40 degrees in temperatures and clear skies. but by sunday night, here comes this little front and it's going to bring very chilly air. the coldest day will be on tuesday. but monday all day temperatures could be in the 30s dropping down to the teens overnight. again, no major storms in the
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get light snow showers sunday into monday. not a lot showing up on the futurecast. but still, it's present there in our futurecast model so we'll be watching that over the weekend for you. expect the chilly air to linger through about wednesday. then we'll see a change swing back to near normal temperatures. the accu weather forecast paints the picture for us. 32 on monday. had to take the numbers down on monday because cold air is just that cold. snow comes in but it's not going to stack up to much. teens monday night into wednesday. we hit 39 degrees on tuesday. temperatures recover on wednesday to 40 degrees. and then we're back above the seasonal temperatures in the mid-40s tuesday and friday to close out the week. it's a cold shot of air coming in two different dozes. one over the weekend and much colder monday into tuesday. >> it's time for it now. >> that's true. >> thanks a lot amy. he's got a face you just don't forget.
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face that includes a swastika on his forehead under arrest in oklahoma. police say he was wearing a red devil costume and yelling at patrons. he was arrested after locking himself in a bathroom. well the battle to be the first new york city baby of the year ended in a tie. and brooklyn at midnight, zady noelle came into the world. and at the same time baby boy malikai was born. the north hills resident will be named at his brisk next week and both are healthy and unaware of their time of their birth. well up next, the party is over. time to recover. we're going to share tips on curving hang overs.
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in tonight's health alert, if you're not finishing partying yesterday. tips for the dreaded postparty hang over. make sure you fill your stomach with protein and carbs, between drinks drink water. and if you skip out of that one, which most people do, make sure you have a drink of water before you go to bed, it'll make a world of difference. and people stopped by, did you hear about the bear in the tree. wildlife experts think the bear likely wears 400 pounds. police expect it eventually and just go on its way.
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human polar bears it's a new year's day tradition. the coney island polar bear plunge. today's event not the icy dip people are used to. lots of people dove in there for a good cause. good cause. and we have your 2016 portion of the season. it is open for the next to celebrate the new year in chicago tonight with the bulls but they wouldn't be doing a whole lot of celebration after this one was over. we'll take you there. >> plus so many college football bowl games so little time. we'll round out the biggest of the new year where the theme
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sports is next. i'm michael mills from what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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we'll take it with the
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it was a crazy and frightening day for the knicks. then there was prosifgis helping him out. nice move to the hoop. the bulls get that back and they return to domination. the knicks managed just eight points in the fourth. that's the worse quarter in team history. 88-91 the knicks start the year with an embarrassing loss. when you only play one game per week it leaves plenty of time for rumors to swirl which is exactly what's happening with the bulls. though many questions lie ahead. the biggest will tom kaughlin return next year. we won't likely know anything until monday. as for the jets at this
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head coach need to worry about, beating the bills sunday in buffalo to secure the team's first play off bowl in six years. they control their own destiny but now they need to actually make the most of it. >> we had a losing streak too. that serves as a great reminder for us. anybody can beat you at any time in this league. we haven't done anything yet. we're just trying to put a string of wins together and still come together as a team. >> the biggest bowl of the high school season are typically reserved for new year's eve or new year's day. we seem to be missing one thing, some actual competition. only one name you need to know, christian mcaffrey. the stanford running back was everywhere. he caught a 75-yard touchdown.
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he set all sorts of records.
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