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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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34 in newark. 32 white plains. 35 and 36 for laguardia and jfk airports respectively. 25 right now monticello freezing at toms river. mid 30s on the island. 3 had bridgeport, connecticut. a batch of the clouds moving in from upstate new york. as the wind switches into a westerly direction today we will scour out the clouds, get a down sloping flow. that dries things out in the atmosphere and causes more clearing. that's indicated here on our next 7-hour forecast. still cloudy out there. 11:00 a.m. still cloudy. temperatures rising into the upper 30s. by noon more significant sunshine. about 38 degrees by then. and we probably top off in the lower 40s during the afternoon. a west wind at 6-12 miles per hour. we have a bona fide arctic outbreak coming in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will time that out coming up
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we are following developing news in new jersey. an earthquake rattled people who live there overnight. >> in passaic county, marcus solis joins us live from ringwood with the story. marcus. >> reporter: well, toni and michelle, chances are a lot of people slept through this. others felt it and reported it. dozens of phone calls coming in overnight as this earthquake shook a number of homeowners in the ringwood area. it was 12:58 the official time according to the u.s. geological survey. this quake measuring 2.1 on the richter scale. that is light to weak on their scale, and it was about five miles deep in the ground. ringwood is on the ramapo fault, which is one the longest and oldest cracks in the earth. but it doesn't produce maker quakes. produces minor ones like the one they experienced this morning. the police chief says the phone calls just started coming in. >> well, usually people call in
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we had no damage reported. we do contact an observatory and they will give us a full report probably monday or tuesday of exactly what happened. >> reporter: now, no need for them to gut and inspect. no damage reported. but again a lot of people felt this quake measuring 2.1 early this morning. and we are live in ringwood, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. authorities say a deadly fire in brooklyn may have been intentionally set. arson investigators say the fire started in the stairwell of the bed-sty. the flames spread, trapping several people inside their apartments. firefighters used a ladder truck to rescue people from the top floor. but 56-year-old michael floyd did not make it out of his apartment alive. a neighbor says his brother tried frantically to get inside to save him. >> he tried to help his brother get out, and he couldn't. the fire was so intense that he
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he had to get out. so he got out. his brother didn't make it. >> two other people were treated for smoke inhalation. the red cross is helping everyone who was affected find new places to stay. michelle. police in the bronx are searching for a man targeting language in elevators. authorities released surveillance video of the suspect accused of mugging at least five women since october. take a good look. investigators say he follows the victims into elevators in apartment buildings, he claims to have a gun and grabs their handbags. all of the incidents are within a five block why are in clermont. police have posted warnings in the lobby of a building with the mugger struck twice. the new york city housing authority is inspecting more than 3,000 elevators following a deadly accident at a public housing building in the bronx. 84-year-old olegario pabon fell and suffered a skull injury on christmas day. that accident happened at boston
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the elevator. people say the building has had problems with the elevators for years. >> it jerks. it jerks. like you could be standing, and then all of a sudden it goes up a little bit and palms. but it does jerk from time to time. the residents here, they're afraid. >> pabon was alert as he was taken to the hospital, but officials say blood thinners that he was taking to treat heart disease likely contributed to his death. the housing authority released a statement saying, the department of buildings is investigating the matter in coordination with nycha and will undertake a complete review of all elevators in developments. we turn to another elevator nightmare now. a 25-year-old man was killed on his way to a new year's eve party in manhattan. stephen hewett-brown was heading to a party on the lower east side when the elevator he was in got stuck. he was apparently trying to leave the elevator when it began moving, but not before he
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child out of the way. >> as the elevator was falling, i got out. i had time. the man helped me get out. he held the door like this to give me time to exit and that's when it fell. the elevator. and he remained stuck. >> according to the buildings department, the 26-story building has three open violations for failure to correct defects in its elevators dating back 2012. we are following breaking news out of the middle east where the execution of a prominent cleric may have diplomatic repercussions. he was one of 47 executed in saudi arabia earlier today. he had been convicted on terrorism charges. now his supporters in iraq are calling on baghdad to reconsider the re-opening of the saudi embassy in the country. iran's foreign minister condemned the execution. following a developing story out of india. troops are searching for
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indian military officials say operations are on going 12 hours after the attack began. a group of militants reportedly opened living quarters on the base before dawn. two soldiers and four gunmen have been killed. security forces are also searching the wider area for other possible intruders. coming up on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, floodwaters continue to rise this morning in missouri with more than a dozen homes now underwater. today the governor of that state is expected to respond to the historic flood levels. and it is cold! it's so cold outside. meteorologist jeff smith
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welcome back. 9:08. missouri's governor has activated the national guard declaring a state of emergency in counties facing record flooding there.
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nixon will be in the town of cape girardeau where the mississippi river is still rising. they are hoping sandbags help to protect property. look at those pictures. you know, up to rooftops in some cases, up to second floors. look at that ranch. >> it's hard to find high ground. >> awful. awful. you wonder if those people have flood insurance. all the things that people hear with sandy. replacement of property is there. >> is this because it really hasn't been cold that they got the water and not the snow? >> yeah. they not a ton of rainfall there. typically, this time of year a lot of that would be locked up in a snowpack. this is unprecedented for wintertime to get this type of flooding on the mississippi. usually, that is reserved for springtime like the great flood of 1993. in terms of winter time flooding, you have to go back to the 1880s to see -- >> they are breaking records, right? >> yes. it's really almost unprecedented.
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sad for those folks. terrible. >> absolutely. here it feels cold? >> yeah, crisp and cold and like early january. and we do have an arctic blast coming in early part of the week. we haven't heard that term since about last february. we head outside right now and for the first time since november we got down to freezing this morning. a live look over towards central park. you can see that temperature is 34. that wind coming in from the west around 7 miles per hour. coming in about 6 to 12 during the course of today. i think tomorrow is going to be a little bit more on the breezy side. the average high this time of year 39. average low is 28. even though it is a little bit chilly this morning, god down -- got down to freezing, it can be a little bit colder than that. so tranquil this weekend. i think we have some clouds this morning that will be giving way to sunshine during the afternoon. tomorrow is a mainly sunny day. a little bit more of a breeze out there. then the big weather story in
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air arriving on monday and lasting to tuesday. that's the coldest air so far of the season. not really that hard to be the coldest air so far of the season since december was so warm smashing the records for the warmest december on record. by monday we will be struggling to get up to freezing, and tuesday we probably won't even get out of the 20s despite a lot of sunshine. right now freezing at sussex and morristown. 25 at monticello mid 30s on the island. we he do have a little band of clouds now moving through the heart of the tri-state area right over new york city into northern parts of new jersey an parts of the lower hudson valley. as soon as we get rid of these though, we will break out into some sunshine as we head into the afternoon. the big story again the temperature changes that are the next 48-72 hours. look at the cold air backed up north of the u.s.-canadian border. well below zero in the northwestern territories.
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directly from the north pole monday and tuesday. today 41 in the park. upper 30s north and west of the city. probably getting up to 42 or so down the shore of belmar. 41 at islip. overnight tonight with a mainly clear sky and a fairly light wind it will be a night where the suburbs really get pretty cold. 22 sussex. freezing in central park. there is that arctic air arriving monday in the tri- state area. by tuesday that front is way off to the south opening up the floodgates for that air mass to come in from canada. accuweather forecast today plenty of sunshine after we get rid of the clouds this morning. seasonably chilly. the high getting up to 41. sun going down at at 4:39. 20s in the burbs. it's breezy and colder monday. 32. with that wind feeling more like the teens. there could be a snow shower or
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city with the passage of that arctic front. heading into the day on tuesday quite cold out there. despite sunshine, getting up to 29. not as harsh wednesday. 40. then we are well up into the 40s, mid 40s thursday and upper 40s friday until the next system comes in. that would be in the form of rain, believe it or not, ar we get so cold in the week, we warm up enough for liquid precipitation by late in the week. >> hmm. >> your thoughts on this? >> are you disappointed? >> i will be out in the field. i listen intently. >> this is what jeff was talking about. >> all right. so true. thank you. >> no problem. coming up on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, take them to the top, or maybe don't. drummer tommy lee ended motley crue's last show in l.a. on the wild side stuck upside down during his rollercoaster stunt. this is not apparently how he wanted to end the show.
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. a mechanical mishap led a strange upside down moment during motley crue's final show. it happened during tommy lee's big drum solo. okay. here is the thing. lee performance on a drum set that is mounted to a rollercoaster track above the crowd. last night, though, the coaster broke down leaving lee suspended upside down at the staples center in l.a. the road crew quickly freed the rocker, who climbed down to the stage. lee took the incident in stride, joking he can't believe it happened at the end of their farewell tour. >> i can't believe he played the drums on the rollercoaster.
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ride with comedian jerry seinfeld and opened up about his favorite foods. the pair drove around the house grounds and chatted about obama's love of nachos. he also shaved his favorite features of the presidential limo, the ability to call a nuclear submarine and seat warmers. mr. obama also discussed one of the demographics most impressed by him. >> i do really well with the zero to eight demographic. >> really? >> partly i think because my ears are big, so i look a little like a cartoon character. >> right. >> little kids love saying my name. >> wouldn't you love to be in that car with them? >> yes. >> hilarious. well, the president got behind the wheel of seinfeld's classic 1963 corvette for a few spins around the south lawn. the episode was released on the
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>> they didn't have their seatbelts on. just saying. i am just saying. they didn't have them on. >> secret service? >> they are probably doing the same circle of five miles per hour in front of the white house lawn. took me a couple times to see it. 9:17 right now. > >> time for sports. >> good morning. it was a crazy and frightening end to 2015 for the knicks who won their final game of the year, but just hours later lost reserve blair anthony early after he was wounded in a robbery. early will be okay. last night it was well just time to turn the page. new york opening 2016 with the bulls in chicago. the bulls are without derrick rose and joakim noah. carmel he anthony doing what he could to get the knicks back in. 20 points. then nice move to the hoop for the first lead of game. the bulls get back to the domination thing. the three from half court.
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that's the worst quarter in team history. 108-81. the knicks start the year with a loss. when you only play one game per week, it leaves plenty of time for rumors to swirl, which is exactly what's happening with the giants right now who wrap up their season on sunday though many questions lie ahead. the biggest, will tom coughlin return next year? no one knows for sure. the results. the finale versus the eagles could play a role. the head coach could be relieved of his duties or some are wondering if he might just resign. we won't likely know anything until monday. as for the jets, their head coach is worrying about beating the bills in buffalo to. todd bowles has his team in a good place. now they need to make the most of it. >> we had a losing streak, too. so that's a great reminder for us. anybody can beat you at any time in this league. we are just trying to put a string of wins together and
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>> the biggest bowls of the allegiance season -- of the college season. we seem to be missing actual competition. nothing but blow-outs. standford and iowa in the rose bowl last night. one name you need to know this one. christian mccaffrey. the stanford running back was everywhere. he caught that 75-yard touchdown then later he returned a punt 45 yards for the score. he set all sorts of rose bowl records, including the most al-purpose yards with 368. 45-16. stanford cruises. to the fiesta bowl. ohio state against notre dame in arizona. ezekiel elliott came to play. four touchdowns. first was right here. 47 yards. the irish, though, still had a chance to try to get back in this one. dation sizer to will fuller for the big play. an 81-yard touchdown.
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this as close as the irish would get. 44-28. the buckeyes with the big win. and next we go to orlando for the citrus bowl. michigan and florida in action. tied game in the second. not for long. the 31-yard touchdown. wolverines take the lead. they did not look back. fourth quarter the rout officially on. wide open. eight yard score. 41-7. michigan rolls over the gators. and that's your morning look at sports. i am laura behnke. we are back with you again later today at five. >> thank you. when we come back we are talking new year's resolutions from finance to weight loss. >> we are going to get richer and skinnier.
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the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. welcome back. of course, here we are two days into 2016 and the big tradition
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this morning tiffany, the budget neista is here to help us. >> tiffany, what are the two main financial changes that we need to make? >> so the top two financial changes you really want to make for 2016 are it to increase your savings, and increase your credit score. >> easy to say? >> yes. >> so for increasing our savings, you say hide it from yourself, right? >> well, automation, number one. automation is really the new discipline. and the best place to automate is an online only savings account. two reasons. because these online only banks don't have the same overhead, you get higher interest rate. they save money. they pass that savings to you. and then, two, it makes your money inconvenient and inconvenient money gets saved because when you put your money in an online only bank, it takes two to five business days to get that money back into your regular bank so you can spend it. >> do you want to keep your money in a savings account? because with inflation, it seems
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nothing. you might as well have it in a mattress. it might be going backwards? >> i will say this. if you are trying to start a basic savings plan, invest and do other things down the road. but to start you really want to start with savings. >> how much do you want it to put it? >> it depends. when it comes to retirement, at minimum 10%. i say between 15 and 20% so you know for later. you want it to make sure. >> how do you discipline yourself when you are on a tight budget but you know you need to save money? >> you can really give yourself an allowance. it sounds like you are 10 years old. but you want to give yourself either a cash allowance or leave it on your debit card. >> so you have to budget it out? >> yes. >> so you set yourself up for success? >> exactly. >> and you also say you want to increase your credit score? >> yes, for savings, use technology.
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there are great websites. my favorite is you promise. i uploaded my debit and credit card. when i swipe it at partner agencies, i save money. what happens is this he give you cash back. it's like saving without thinking about it. >> how do people increase their credit score? >> first things first. make sure you keep your utilization down. so this is what utilization really means. whatever your limit is, let's say you have a $100 limit, use less than 30%. 30% is the new maximum. anything over is bringing down your score. if you want to see the score rate stay between the 10 and 15% range, if you have a $100 limit, $30. but ideally 10 to $15 at a time. i would say really no more than three or four credit cards. you don't need a lot of credit cards. but you do need credit. >> what about the store credit cards? when they say if you get one today, you are going to save 15%
9:26 am
credit cards, what they don't tell you is every time you open one, you are bringing down your score. what they are saying is, hey, would you like to lose anywhere between 8 and 30 points today? that's what they are saying. stay away from store cards. you don't need them to grow your credit score. >> clean it out? >> yes. think about being anthorized user. you ask your mom, your dad, granny, someone who has a credit card in great standing. if they put you on an authorized user, you can inherit that good behavior. >> you can't touch it? >> right. you about you can inherit that great behavior. and paying off debt in full every month. if you have that credit card, i know it sounds harder than it looks, but here's how. >> here i am. >> i am buckling. >> just saying. >> but here is how you are going to do it. make it super easy. look for the cheapest bill on your budget, like 8 bucks for netflix, right? your card has a zero balance.
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credit card $8 a month and then have your bank account pay off your credit card $8 a month and automate that cycle. >> we got to leave it there. all right. tiffany, thank you so much. she is going to recover. we are going to come right back. thank you so much. >> wow. >> great stuff. >> nice to meet you. >> for more information, are you back? for more information on how to get on top of your finances go to >> much more ahead, including a live look at today's top stories did you feel it? a minor earthquake in new jersey. also ahead, colleagues, families, friends are expected to say their final fair wells to a service member who was killed in afghanistan.
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welcome back. let's go down the shore. asbury park and ocean grove and by the sea on this saturday morning, january 2. happy new year, if you haven't heard us say it already.
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>> i am toni yates in for rob >> i am toni yates in for rob nelson. i am cooling off from all that financial advice. >> it was hot. >> i got a lot to work on. >> making your -- 34 degrees right now? >> yeah, a temperature diet. those temperatures are plummeting. we have an arctic blast on the way as we head into the early part of the week. for the time being just kind of seasonal temperatures out there. we did something this morning that we didn't do during the entire month of december. we got down to freezing in central park. right now 34. cloud cover out there. it will give way to sunshine as the day wears on. 34 newark and teethboro. freezing at white plains. a mid 30s long island. we have this little patch of clouds over the area right now, but this will be burning off and subsiding as we get a wind more from the west off of the hills. that down sloping flow tends to dry out the atmosphere and things out. that's indicated for our next seven hours. by 11:00 a.m. up to 37. still kind of cloudy through about midday, then we break out into more significant sunshine during the afternoon. 40 by 2:00. 40 by 4:00 in the afternoon. a west wind 6-1 miles per hour. like i said, coldest air by far of season on the way. your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. we are following a developing story out of passaic
9:30 am
rattled the area overnight. marcus solis went over there to tech check it out. he is in ringwood. marcus, what did you find? >> reporter: well, toni, the police chief says that the phone calls started coming in from all over ringwood, which is 27 square miles. it was felt in a widespread area. this minor earthquake that rattled some residents. the u.s. geological survey says it was 12:58 when the earth moved. they put this at a 2.1 magnitude quake. that is weak to light on their scale. about five miles deep in the ground. ringwood sits on the ramapo fault. it is known to produce small earthquakes. that is certainly what was felt this morning. a number of phone calls started pouring in. >> well, usually people call in with their damage. we had no damage reported. we do contact an observatory and they will give us a full report monday or tuesday of exactly what happened. >> reporter: and no reports of
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50 reports, 20 along here in ringwood, but also surrounding communities as well. they felt it. again, a 2.1 earthquake early this morning. live in ringwood, marcus solis. funeral services will be held on long island today for the national guardsman who was killed in a taliban attack in afghanistan. wake services were held yesterday in miller place for 31-year-old staff sergeant louis bonacasa. he was one of six u.s. service members killed in that suicide attack last week. bonacasa's funeral will be held at new beginnings christian center. the nypd is facing questions after emails involving former police commissioner ray kelly somehow got erased. city attorneys admit some of kelly's emails during his tenure as deleted despite a court order to save them. they were part of a lawsuit accusing the department of using
9:32 am
summonses. they say nypd technicians inadvertently deleted the emails. the department is committing to increasing its arsenal of weapons as it prepares for any possible terror attacks. the nypd will spend $729,000 to buy 450 automatic rifles for officers in the emergency services unit. everyone in the unit will eventually have their own rifle, which the department says will eliminate the need to have officers share weapons as they have had to do in the past. investigators have found a car that may be linked to the shooting that injured knicks reserve forward anthony. it happened outside a strip club in queens. it's believe the car returned from the club a day later. that's the same day that a molotov cocktail was thrown from the car at the club. it did not cause any damage.
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it was discarded in bed-sty. a bystander in western new york took down an armed robber and it was caught on camera. police say an armed man walked into the store in erie county, demanded cash from the clerk. moments later citizen comes in with a large flashlight, rushed in, hit the robber in the head several times. the suspect was knocked to the floor and arrested a short time later. police are glad to have the suspect in custody, but say as a point of warning the public should be cautious about confronting criminals. >> the citizen identified the robbery. he used reasonable and necessary force to terminate the act from being committed. we would never advocate vigilantism where people do this kind of thing or look for it. >> police say the man has been linked, the suspect linked to two other armed robberies in the area. new york is now suing two fantasy sports websites to get back the money from sites
9:34 am
new york state attorney general eric snyderman filed this suit thursday. he claims fanduel and daft kings should return money they took interest users. he says they are operating in illegal gambling operations. they took in $200 million from 600,000 new yorkers last year. some were taken by their car service after new year's eve ended. people have been posting complaints about uber's surge pricing. they have been talking about it on social media. the company charges a higher rate when there is more demand for the cars. now, some users are reporting a surge rate as high as nine times the original cost of the ride on new year's eve. well, the company says the majority of uber trips did not have a surge fare, and that passengers can expect higher costs or can lower it by sharing those rides. >> can you imagine buying something that's nine times something you thought was the cost? >> no, no, no. there would be a fight.
9:35 am
eyewitness news on saturday morning, the holidays are over. you may be shifting -- we may be shifting our focus to our health. here is some of the best ways to kick off new year's resolutions to get our waist check. >> oh, gosh. i am deficient in that one, too. speaking of the holidays, it may be time to get rit of the christmas tree. how you can toss your tree in a way that helps the environment. and meteorologist jeff smith
9:36 am
he is comi the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
9:37 am
welcome back. a lot of us have our trees home. in new york city, here is a preview of what to do once you are done celebrating. the sanitation department has a free recycling curbside collection this sunday. city residents should remove the tree stands and anything on the
9:38 am
before putting it on the curb. sanitation workers are going to use them to make mulch for the city's parks and community gardens. so green, green, green, green. mulch to do about nothing. i love it. >> everybody is passing by and they are bundled up. it is a shock to the system after the nice weather during the month of december. warmest december on record by far. i mean, by 5 degrees. incredible to get below freezing at any of the major airports. >> dating back to? >> records in central park go back to the late 1860s. longest kept weather records in the country. >> and we have never seen anything like that? >> no. and now all of a sudden they are normal and, you know -- >> you can't complain, right? >> no. you can complain on monday and tuesday because it's going to get even colder. >> okay. thank you for that. >> we are going to head out in the meantime and check out some
9:39 am
exiting into the afternoon hours. there right now. a little patch of clouds moving over. came in all the way from the great lakes. right now that temperature is 34. that wind coming in from the west around 7 miles per hour. to give you an idea of what it should be this time of year, 39 is your normal high. 28 is the normal low. even though we get down to freezing for the first time in quite some time, first time since november in central park. tranquil this weekend. the sunshine comes back this afternoon. temperatures in the low 40s. we are talking mid 40s tomorrow. a little bit more of a breeze. the big weather story comes in on monday with arctic air arriving monday with a front moving in. it will be the code exist so far of the -- coldest so far of the arena. temperatures on monday barely at freezing. right now 27 at monticello freezing at sussex and morristown.
9:40 am
toms river all the way back up to 36. 35 islip. 34 in southwestern connecticut at bridgeport. you see this little patch of clouds right here? yeah, it's just a little patch. i think we get into more of the clearing that's moving into trenten and princeton, new jersey. that moves off to the east and that drier air down sloping flow will tend to clear things out into the afternoon. temperatures right now, again lower and middle 30s near new york city, but we head north of the u.s.-canadian border and finally the first time this season we can talk about a bona fide arctic air mass that's going to move right over the north pole, right across hudson bay and down in the tri-state area monday and tuesday. meantime, highs today getting up to 41. again, the sunshine developing during the afternoon. those clouds being scoured away. 38 sussex. barely above freezing at monticello. low 40s hawaii island and down the jersey shore. tonight it will be a night where you have mainly clear skies, the wind comes.
9:41 am
down to 22 at sussex, 25 morristown, down to 30 at islip, and here some that pressing in from the north on monday. tuesday that front is well off to the south opening up the floodgates for that air to come in directly from canada. accuweather forecast today, after we get rid of the clouds in the next few hours, sunshine in the afternoon. the high up to 41. mainly clear tonight. down to freezing in midtown. 20s in the suburbs. heading into tomorrow mostly sunny. breezy. high up to 44. monday much colder. 32 for a high. but with the breeze it will feel like it's in the teens. there could be a shower or flurry north and west of the city with the arctic frontal passage as it moves on through. tuesday mainly sunny out there, but very cold. only 29 for a high despite all that sun. 40 on wednesday. back up into the 40s thursday and friday. that means by the time our next
9:42 am
saturday it would mainly be in the form of rain. but we have got quite a bit of time before that. >> at least we see the sun. >> that has been in short supply lately. >> it's been so overcast. >> it's been depressing. >> right? get your sunglasses out and your coat. >> yes. >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, if your resolution includes picking up healthy habits we have got some awesome tips for you so you succeed. we are going to be joined by a
9:43 am
welcome back. the new year is a time to wipe the slate clean for many of us and reflect on changes we he would like to make. >> what do you think tops the list? weight loss for goals for people across the country. the nutrition director for good housekeeping is near get all of this right. jacqueline, thank you for coming in. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. so what is it that we are doing wrong? >> first of all, we've got to start out with making it simple, right? we want to start small. keep it simple. our tendancy is to get things complicated. if this is going to be a change that you want to make what is long lasting, it's not going to stick unless we keep it to small and quantifiable goals. we don't want to set the bar too high for ourselves and do things that basically set a sense of routine. that make it automated.
9:44 am
what is the best way to keep it simple and be realistic about losing weight? >> we want to set the goal, but some objectives along the way. let say your goal is to lose 10 pounds in the new year, right? we want to make sure that we set up some habits that are -- that lead to weight loss, and we start off again with those small and more quantifiable ways. let's say you want to -- you are going to start a new fitness regimen and you want to go to the gym every day. i urge you to scale back and say is that realistic for you? do you want to set three days a week that you start working out or set a habit? if that's too much, start with something that is going to fit in, again, into your own lifestyle and own set of circumstances because it's not going to work if it doesn't work for you. >> so be realistic. >> be realistic. >> simplify your plan. create a game plan. be accountable? >> accountability is key to any successful weight loss plan. it's certainly key to starting any new resolution, right? so the most important thing is,
9:45 am
it doesn't have to be complicated. it doesn't have to be posted on facebook and broadcast for everyone. >> kill it! >> right. we just want to make sure we are staying accountable to ourselves. if you want to keep a food journal that no one sees, that's fine. some weight loss tracking apps are excellent i recommend those. >> some people who run the marathon tell everyone. they tell everyone i am runle the marathon. they are held accountable. they have to do it and train. >> right, right, right. that's great, but to some degree, right, we see those things and we give up. it's too much, you know? so we want to make sure we are looking at things that are -- that stay true to who we are, right? so make it something that you know you can feel good about and you know you're not just doing it to shame other people, right? or to show off, right? it's got to be something that feels right to you. >> a lot of people, as we know, join the gyms in january. >> oh, yeah. >> that's like -- i know. what advice do you have -- i am thinking about joining a gym and
9:46 am
resolution on your mind and you posted it on facebook and everything. translate that for us. >> it's not always about the gym. sometimes we can make it easier to say, listen, i am not taking the subway today. i am going to walk to work. okay? that's an easier way of managing something that fits into your lifestyle that may or may not work for you. at least you know it's an option, right? that's just one example of something that could be an option. another thing, when you are joining the gym, if that is something you're looking to do, think about classers think about what would motivate you? do you want to be in a class setting oh, on a treadmill, set up a session with a trainer? those are good, you know, sort of good starting points for where we might want to go in the next -- >> so you get excited about it, and that means you will go, maybe go with a friend? that's a huge thing i love to do. walk in central park with amy freeze. done. we are chatting the whole time.
9:47 am
>> right. why go for brunch? go walk. >> exactly. be nice to ourselves, right? you are your harshest critic. that's a huge mistake we make, is we tend to go with the all or nothing attitudes. we want to make sure we are always talking to ourselves as we would our best friends. >> dial it back. >> dial it back. >> jacqueline london putting the good in good housekeeping. thank you so much. always smart. always reasonable. here are the tips. simplify your plan, create a plan, be accountable, lighten up on yourself. coming up a look at your top stories and this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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9:54. our top stories, northern new jersey was rattled by an early morning earthquake. >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solace has been in ringwood covering the story this morning. marcus. >> reporter: indeed, toni and michelle. over 50 people calling in reporting this earthquake that took place early this morning. it was relatively minor. the u.s. geological survey says it was a 2.1 magnitude quake that shook ringwood. it was centered in ringwood and it was five miles deep in the ground. ringwood sitting on the ramapo fault. 2.1 magnitude. that is considered light to weak, and there was no damage reported. but certainly a lot of people felt this as it happened at
9:50 am
again no reports of any damage. but certainly plenty of phone calls to the police. people feeling their houses shake. live in ringwood. marcus solis. >> thank you. a deadly fire in brooklyn is suspicious. officials say the fire started in the stairwell of a brownstone in bed-sty yesterday. firefighters used a ladder truck to rescue two people. 56-year-old michael floyd, though, was trapped in his apartment and did not survive. police in the bronx are searching for a maning iting women in elevators. authorities released surveillance video of the suspect accused of mugging at least five women since october. investigators say he follows the victims into elevators in apartment buildings, claims to have a gun and grabs their happened bags. all of the incident have happened within a five-block area in clermont. police have posted warnings in the lobby of one building where the mugger has struck twice. there is more chance to start the new year as a multi-millionaire.
9:51 am
if you win you can choose the cash payout $200 million. not bad. watch the drawing right here before eyewitness news at 11:00. channel 7. be there. >> i love it. cold outside. everybody has hat on and gloves. >> yeah. it's amazing. this is the second time since last winter we have gotten down to freezing. the other time back in november. all in december, above the freezing mark. it is a little bit of a shock to the system. >> a little bit. >> and it will get even worse as we head into the week. we have an arctic blast coming in early next week. right now temperature in central park at 35 degrees. next seven hours we will have temperatures rising into the lower 40s. the clouds that we have out there right now will hopefully give way to some sunshine as we head into the afternoon. so plenty of sun during the afternoon today. 41. 44 tomorrow. breezy day out there. and then comes the cold.
9:52 am
the city with the arctic front moving through. then 29 despite sunshine on tuesday. that is more like january. >> wow. even with all that chilly truth, banana pudding for you. >> okay. >> chilly truth? >> looking forward to it. >> chilly truth. >> the yummy yum. thank you, love. >> thank you. that's going to do it for us on eyewitness news on this saturday morning. i am michelle charlesworth. >> i am toni yates. for the entire eyewitness news team, thank you for joining us. >> see you back here tomorrow. we will have forks ready. sporks. whatever it takes.
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