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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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know they were knocking on everyone's door. then after that it was like they were in and out of her house. i'm shocked now that i am hearing that they found her today. >> reporter: that is the biggest question for those who live on and near corsa avenue in the baychester section of the bronx. neighbors who hoped she would eventually be found alive. were you hoping they would find her alive. >> i thought they would. the way i heard the news, you know, you think something is wrong, it's a holiday, she went with a family member and stayed over so they will find her. >> reporter: a woman's body buried under debris and stuffed in the crawl space of the basement apartment of the home was found early wednesday morning. that's where caruth's 61-year- old father lived. there forensic crews brought out evidence wrapped in paper bags. >> nothing happens on this block. to hear this today is shocking.
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was five months pregnant with her first child. her boyfriend first reported her missing sunday. >> she was two murders. the baby died. >> it's hard. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: now, at this point, an autopsy is pending on andrea caruth but we are told by sources she suffered a blunt force trauma to the head. no charges at this time but this investigation is ongoing. another update on this story tonight on "eyewitness news at 6:00" where a candlelight vigil in her honor is planned at that time. reporting live in the baychester section of the bronx, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. police are searching for a suspect who slashed a woman in the face while she walked down a street in chelsea. eyewitness news obtained this surveillance video of the woman getting attacked early this morning. the suspect, as you can see in this video walks beside the victim for a few seconds,
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her in the face. she needed seven stitches. it's believed the attack was random. a 15-year-old girl from brooklyn is expected to be indicted after police say she confessed to murdering her mother and mother's boyfriend. the court appointed attorney for destiny garcia said his client will pled not guilty. the investigators discovered the bodies of rosie sanchez and her boyfriend, anderson nunez in the sheepshead bay houses sunday night. >> she is in good spirits. she understands the gravity of the situation. she understands how devastating this has been. she is a young child. she is 15 years old. it's very difficult for her. >> because the 15-year-old garcia is facing murder charges, she is being treated as an adult. if convicted, she faces life in prison. new information on a story we told you earlier.
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of interest in a fatal stabbing in the bronx. adam garcia was attacked monday morning. the father of the young child died after suffering multiple stab wounds. detectives say the attacker followed him in the parking lot after a dispute. we turn to north korea. there are growing doubts about the latest nuclear tests that the nation claims it conducted. the white house says the initial analysis is not consistent with a hydrogen bomb detonation but the u.n. isn't waiting for confirmation and is threatening new sanctions on north korea. marci gonzales is at the u.n. with the details. marcy? >> reporter: the u.n. security council met behind closed doors later calling the claims a clear threat to international peace and security. today north korea's alarming claim that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the
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condemnation from around the world. >> i command they sees any further nuclear activities. >> reporter: the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting following the claims that an earthquake near north korea's testing facility was caused by a hydrogen bomb, a weapon that can be 10,000 times more powerful than atomic bombs like those dropped in world war ii. the u.s. immediately launched so-called nuclear sniffer planes to determine whether the claims are true. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb tests. >> reporter: if it's confirmed this would be the fourth time they tested a nuclear weapon since 2006 but the first time testing a thermonuclear weapon. experts are doubtful claiming the explosive results were too small to be from a failed hydrogen bomb test.
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themselves up. they don't have the capability to obliterate the korean peninsula. the bad news is that they are trying. >> reporter: with north korea already heavily sanctioned, the u.n. security council vows to take further significant measures. they have not given any specifics. live on the east side, marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marci. the man who purchased the guns in the san bernardino massacre pled not guilty. enrique marquez appeared in court to face the indictment. he was a friend of syed farook. 14 people died in the attack carried out by farook and his wife tashfeen malik. his trial date is february 23rd. in our area, a man from new jersey is under arrest charged with sexually abusing a child at a
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year old girl at the beth israel worship center. charges including sexual assault and child endangerment. new york city workers will be getting a raise making them among the highest paid in the country. today mayor de blasio announced a new minimum wage hike that gives all identify employees -- city employees the opportunity to earn up to $15 an hour. >> we are talking about how to restore middle class and how to make sure that work pays. how do we reward work and not just wealth. that is what it's all about. >> by the end of 2018 all 50,000 city workers will get paid a maximum of $15 an hour. the hike includes low wage union workers and nonprofit employees that work on contract for the city raising the minimum wage is part of the mayor's one new york city goal of lifting 800,000 new yorkers out of poverty over the next 10 years. the republican controlled
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bill to president obama, a bill repealing his signature health care law and stripping away funding for planned pattern hood. the president is expected to veto it. there were more than 60 unsuccessful attempts by republicans to dismantle the affordable care act but this is the first time a reappeal could reach the president. when the president vetoes the bill, g.o.p. leaders plan to schedule an override vote. on wall street, stocks are taking a hit over concerns about china's economy and north korea's bomb claim that we told you about earlier in the newscast. for the second time in the trading week the dow took a triple digit tumble. investors are concerned about another drop in oil prices. the dow fell more than 252 points to fall below the 17,000 mark. 16,906. it's time to think about making money. dream like you have bill gates money. we are talking half a billion dollars. one shot.
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for grabs in the power ball drawing. ticket sales pushed the jackpot up to 500 million making it the sixth largest in north america. here are some stats. if you take the cash option, it's $306 million. i hope you can handle that. that's the good news. the bad news your odds of winning one in 292 million. that doesn't stop some people from dreaming big. if no one wins tonight the next drawing will be at least $675 million. that would be a record. if you haven't bought a ticket yet, buy one in new jersey. out of the top ten power ball jackpots, three of those winning tickets were purchased in the garden state. watch the drawing tonight before "eyewitness news at 11:00" right here on channel 7. good luck. well, some colorful costumes were on display at the three kings par ratted in east
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>> it brought out a lot of marching bands and dancers despite the chill. on the christian calendar, january 6th is the epiphany where they belief three wise men or kings visited jesus when he was just born. for months he floated the idea that president obama was not an american citizen. now donald trump trying that strategy with a fellow republican. how his opponent is answering the claims today. >> a battle over sinkholes in a backyard in new jersey. who is going to pay the massive price tag to fix them. we are going to explain. >> we have climbed out of the deep freeze. up to 40 degrees. a chill in the air. here is the 7 on 7 if you are heading out the door, nice clear sky.
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we got a commuter alert to tell you about. this is route 440, jersey city. an accident causing big delays. shannon sohn is in newscopter 7 over it. what is going on? >> reporter: it looks like no big deal. two-car accident. it's on the northbound side of 440. with the emergency crews and just where it is, just before you hit with truck route 1 and 9, not a great place for an accident. you are down about two lanes at any given time. look at this volume. we bring it back to you can see 440. this delay is bumper to bumper all the way back to danforth avenue. not a great way to get around this. this will be a rough one
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will be cleared out any time soon. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. a homeowner in a former community in a jersey community forced to shell out $10,000 to fix two large sinkholes on his property. they opened in the backyard of andrew cough's home in mine hill. one is 19 feet deep. years ago new jersey opted out of a federal program to help homeowners pay for sinkholes on the property so he will be responsible for the repair cost. turning to vote 2016, a new but familiar controversy for republican front-runner donald trump. he is pushing his republican rival senator ted cruz about his citizenship. cruz is not backing down. senator cruz was born in canada and was automatically granted american citizenship because his mother was an american citizen.
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problem echoing the birther debate he triggered over president obama. cruz arguing that his citizenship meets the constitutions requirement. >> people will continue to make political noise about it. as a legal matter it's quite straightforward. i would note it has occurred many times in history. john mccain was born in panama but a natural born citizen because his parents were u.s. citizens. >> trump has not asked for a copy of his birth certificate like he did with president obama. we will take you to los angeles. nearly the entire coast from san francisco to los angeles is now being battered by another el nino storm bringing heavy rains, flooding and high waves. >> oh, dear god. >> this is terrible. >> foothills neighborhoods near los angeles are dealing with flash flooding and relentless mud flow. look what it did to the tree. dozens of accidents are blamed
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freeways are filling up with water. you are better off with a boat. this is the third storm since the weekend and forecasters say it's the most powerful. it seemed like yesterday we were talking about how much they needed water and now they are getting too much. >> i would imagine the soil can't take in the water because it has been so dry for so long. >> they couldn't buy a drop for five years. now there is no system to absorb something like that. this is what happens. it comes at once in an el nino year. that storm will impact our area sunday. not with that type of rainfall but a good soaking through the second part of the weekend. that is the concern for us going forward into the el nino winter, storms becoming more frequent. we don't have storms but we have cold. you might be surprised to hear we hit the 40-degree mark today. it's been dry. the little breeze here with no humidity feels chilly.
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wind is fairly light all day. pressure is falling off. high pressure on the warm side of that high and 40 degrees the high number this afternoon. back above average after a couple of day stint below average. no record there. record 72 in 2007. 41 in manhasset. yaphank 36. long island upper teens. same thing down the shore. 41 newark. hudson river valley in the upper 30s and 40s heading for the teens tonight. through the evening hours, low to middle 30s, light winds. overnight we will drop to the 20s to around 30 but low 40s with sunshine and a few patchy high clouds through the midday hour. satellite, no problem there. clear skies. the wind is light. high pressure from the delmarva. it's a big area of high pressure. we are around 40 and near the center of the high. once we get on the warm side we are in the mid- to upper-40s through the later part of the
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the trade off you will notice a few more clouds, more later friday but harmless. then we talk about the storm situation. a couple of storms west of the mississippi. that one over texas into the rockies is saturday sprinkles for us. there is the big storm over the west coast. a piece of that will hook into the ohio valley and give us a soaking. if you look at the weekend outlook, close to the weekend, saturday is not looking as bad, trending dry. limited sun. sunday has been trending milder but wetter, especially through the first part of the day. drier part of the day might be the afternoon. sun and cirrus especially south of new york city. you can see the storm offshore. that leaves us alone. clouds converging late friday. i think there is a fair amount of sun early then clouds gather late in the day. dry during the daylight hours.
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spots, 30 in new york city. tomorrow night down to freezing under partly cloudy skies. at 4:30, looking at the saturday weather map. other than drizzle, we may actually see a drier day. initially we were talking about a full movie weekend from start to finish. maybe you can get out and temperatures in the upper 40s. one thing, since you are the new jersey representative mr. navarro, you should hook liz and i up. >> totally. >> that is trending now. >> that does not sound like he is buying us tickets. >> i will hold on to the tickets and make sure the winning numbers get passed down accordingly. we were talking about the flooding in l.a. we want to show you a live picture from los angeles california. you can see folks there stopping -- they haven't seen weather like this in such a long time.
4:18 pm
pictures from our sister station, kabc -- >> our pros ser, is this the 5 -- producer, is this the 5 freeway. is that a highway or a waterway. we don't know? we think it's a highway. >> that has to be a highway. >> you can see it's over his knees. they are just working the storm drains trying to get the water off the roads. >> 3 to 5 inches in less than 24 hours. >> we will stay on that story of course and keep track of the water. >> we will move on now. dramatic video shows how lucky five fishermen are as rescuers reach them in time. a boat hit rough seas and capsized off the coast of norway. the boat was about to sink. look how rough the sees are. the footage was shot from a chopper in the immediate aftermath of the rescue. they were treated and suffered minor injuries. very lucky. >> glad they got off. chicken recall that affects
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if you shop at a wegmans, the food market is recalling 1100 pounds of marinated chicken products that never received an inspection. wegmans is recalling the chicken breast cut let's and brown sugar seasoned chicken breast cutlet and ready to cook garlic and fennel whole season chicken. a lottery for $10 tickets to the hit broadway show hamilton held outside the theater today, one day after an attempt to switch to an online lottery didn't work out well. yesterday the web site crashed. hundreds of people have been gathering outside the theater for a chance to win one of 21 discounted front row tickets. the theater's neighbors complained that the crowds were causing problems. no word on when or if the lotto will try to return to the
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>> it's one of sandy's favorites. a behind-the-scenes look at one of our network shows. american crime earned 10 emmy nominations in the first season. tonight it returns with many of the same stars but completely new story line. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here to tell us more. >> reporter: the idea is innovative as the show. american crime broke new ground thanks to the creator and diverse cast that includes an oscar winner and actress that won an emmy for her work in american crime. the action has shifted from california to indiana. the american crime is not a murder but a sexual assault of a young man by high school basketball players. >> i don't know what happened. >> there is a crime that takes place somewhere between a hazing and a rape. >> reporter: regina king who won an emmy for her role on the series and up for a golden
4:24 pm
mother of one of the players. she is a different character than the one she played last year. >> i'm grateful for my freedom. >> regina last year, it was all about her eyes, that intensity. here we see this woman in the fashion. she has her hair done, driving a fine car. >> reporter: john ridley won an oscar for writing "12 years a slave." he brings the best game from big screen to small. >> i think this season has to do with, yes, race, yes, status but also education. >> reporter: felicity huffman plays the helped of the school, timothy hutton a coach. >> we need to talk to your players and make it clear we take the matter seriously. >> reporter: hud ton played a recovering addict last time. now he is a role model. >> we need to talk about it.
4:25 pm
constant season to season. >> not meryl about the crime but -- merely about the crime but how do we deal. >> john ridley using the issue and raising provocative issues. american crime doesn't play like anything else on tv and it's right here on abc 7. tonight's line up starts with the middle and the goldbergs then more than family and blackish. at 10:00 catch the all new american crime we just told you about followed by "eyewitness news at 11:00". letter as dave said, this is one of my favorites. liz? >> looking forward to it. >> thanks, sandy. the hot new toy for young folks and older folks as well. why one local university is telling students to leave hoverboards at home.
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police are questioning the father and boyfriend of a pregnant woman missing from the bronx. police have not officially said if the remains are those of andrea caruth. >> police in chelsea are searching for a man who slashed a woman in the face. you see it there. he walked up to the woman and randomly attacked her. the victim needed seven stitches and we will hear from her coming up at 5:00. the top story this half hour, we have seen them smoking, exploding and bursting into flames. a local university is cracking down on hoverboards. kean university telling students to leave them at home due to the danger of fire. >> new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live with details about the ban. >> reporter: the ban was announced this past monday during the winter session but they are looking forward to all the students returning for the
4:28 pm
of weeks from now. this is a proactive move but it comes down to being a safety issue on the campus. the fire hazard associated with the popular hoverboards lead to the action taking place. the move was being made before the spring semester gets underway in a couple of weeks when students return for classes on january 19th. that's when the campus will be full of young students. they should leave their hoverboards, many getting them for christmas, at home because school officials say they will be confiscated and not returned. authorities are taking the stand to prevent fire and hopefully avoid injuries from people falling off the popular two-wheel mobile device. the early notification went out to students and follows a recommendation from state officials. there may be a move in the legislature to ban hoverboards on all university campuses. >> we have a couple of thousand students living on campus and
4:29 pm
students bring them to school they could potentially catch fire and jeopardize the safety of the people in the building. last semester we did note that we had probably a half a dozen or so students that had hoverboards prior to us becoming aware they were a fire hazard. we want to make sure that we don't have a problem this spring semester. >> so, leave your hoverboards at home. similar bands taking place on other university campuses across the country and in the nation of australia, they are thinking about banning hoverboards altogether because of a house fire that happened earlier this week. they say that fire was caused by an exploding hoverboard. that is the latest live from the campus of kean university in union, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 news. >> anthony, thank you. a man is under arrest accused of posing as a veteran to get a deal on a luxury car.
4:30 pm
wilson went to boston to fraudulently lease a bmw posing as a war veteran. police seized the car in lower manhattan. they left a note asking wilson to call them about the car. wilson did and officers arrested him. police got a warrant for his place and found goods including military uniforms, cash and passports. he is charged with grand larceny and having forged instruments. fbi is not saying whether agents are preparing to move in on the group occupying federal property in rural organ. the local sheriff office says it has no information on possible arrests at the national wildlife refuge. a small armed group took over the buildings on saturday night. law enforcement officials continue to say they want a peaceful resolution to the stand off. new york mayor de blasio is laying out his plan to clean up the homeless shelter system. he is calling it shelter repair squad 2.0. it includes three steps, he says.
4:31 pm
apartments for shelter over the next three years. second reinforcing the requirement to keep shelters open during the day for residents. and the third step will be a new homelessness outreach effort. the mayor said the previous shelter repair program fixed 12,000 violations. it will cost less to read one of the newspapers here in new york city. the new york daily news is lowering the weekday price from 1.25 to a buck. it takes effect monday on newsstands throughout the city. the weekend edition will be sold for 1 point a 50 -- 1.50. >> the price never goes down on anything. >> never. >> unless it's gas of course. the new owners of a restaurant on long island have a plan to keep the landmark around for future generations. the mill ridge inn will not close down as previously planned. the new inn keepers announced a multimillion dollar plan to
4:32 pm
that dates by the way, back to 1672. a petition signed by over 17,000 members of the community helped save that inn. >> the big part for me is the historical part and the fact that the building is 350 years old. it has been standing here that long. how are we going to let something happen to it now. >> it's a wonderful piece of history. one of the last special places in nassau county, privately owned yet publicly accessible. it would be heart-breaking if it was no longer here. >> if you have been following this t you know the mill ridge was slated to close at the end of 2015. a lot of people are happy about that. >> very much so. so, are you planning to get healthy in the new year. >> yes. >> don't we all try to. >> dr. richard besser joins us next and tells us the key to health success in 2016 and how your children can help out. >> i am all ears. >> we will tell you about the dangers of head injuries.
4:33 pm
in in brain disease. >> as we go to break, a live look at the situation in los angeles. this is -- >> that is the 5. >> 5 freeway below. you can see that traffic is moving slowly. this is because of all the rain they have received in the last 24 hours.
4:34 pm
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time for liz and i's favorite segment, we like to call it tell me the truth. dr. richard besser likes to call it tell me the truth. >> we follow along. we are six days into the new year. lots of people are focused on being more mindful, more healthy, taking care of themselves. so, let's talk about the new phrase for 2016, what we should do and how our kids can help us. >> this year i say the same thing every year but this year embrace your inner child. i am a parent, a pediatrician. so many things we can learn from our kids in terms of exercise, diet and sleeping and
4:37 pm
teach us. >> for example. as a parent i try to get them to get rid of bad habits. >> stick with me. talk about exercise. if you look at kids and what they do, they like to go outside and play. they run around, use their bodies. now for the new year we think about using our body and make it too complicated, join a gym, buy fancy equipment. if you have a kid, go to the park with a frisbee and a ball. >> tennis. >> anything you like. >> i think it's easy for ourselves to talk ourselves out of things because, like you said, we make it too complicated. >> make it fun. >> it should be. >> what about when you take -- sleeping. >> so, sleep. with our kids we are focused on getting the routine down, making sure that we protect our sleep.
4:38 pm
enough sleep they will be terror, difficult. for ourselves we don't protect it. we get up early and good to bed too late. go to bed and have a routine. wind down at night like our kids. ease into the sleep. put away the devices a couple of hours before you go to sleep like you protect your kids and say calm down. you can't take a child running around until 8:30 and expect them to be asleep at:45. >> i don't know if they taught you this in medical school. you need to explain this one. talk about the wonder of a child expressing joy and gratitude like a child. how does that translate to health benefits. >> you look at a child and there is a sense of wonder. we lose that. there is focus on the health benefits of gratitude, saying
4:39 pm
you can incorporate it into the bedtime ritual. before you go to bed, think about two things not that drove you nuts during the day but two things thankful for. write them down. then the next day say thank you to someone. it will bring your stress levels down. we try to encourage it in children but we forget to do it. >> not easy being mindful. >> i feel like i'm 12. >> it's not easy being mindful but it's important. >> time for one more. >> not really but go ahead. >> in terms of eating, kids only eat when they are hungry. we don't do that. eat when you are hungry. the other one, try something new. we make our kids try something new. >> we are showing a kid eating ice cream and a hot dog. >> if you have a health medical
4:40 pm
your doctor, that's why we have dr. richard besser. when you send it to us, we may put it on a future segment of ours. >> we have the new pictures of prince george heading off to the first day of nursery school. we will show it to you. >> "star wars" continuing dominance in the theaters. the one record the film has to break and how it can achieve
4:41 pm
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in just over an hour mike piazza could learn if he is headed to the hall of fame. the new class will be announced at 6:00 tonight. baseball's all time leader in home runs by a catcher fell 28 votes short last year. he is keeping an open mind and thanking fans. he tweeted i wish i could express how much i appreciate your comments and support. always loved the game that has given us all so much. one of the hearse to the british thrown is in nursery school. prince george appeared to be happy to be heading to the west acre montessori school in norfolk. look at the cheeks. his parents, prince william and kate marked the occasion releasing these pictures of the 2 1/2-year-old posing in front of the school with a blue jacket and his light blue backpack.
4:44 pm
>> imagine being his classmate. prince george is my buddy. "star wars," "the force awakens" is the top grossing film in north america. globally it ranks as the fourth highest film in history earning 1 1/2 billion dollars worldwide. this weekend it opens in china the world's second biggest market for film. with avatar's global haul in its sight. it is produced by disney, the parent company of wabc. little doubt it will be the biggest film ever shortly. >> a minor moneymaker. >> just minor. >> independent film. >> a couple of merchandising contracts in there. >> cute little film. >> tastefully done in terms of the effects. >> yes. do you want to talk about weather here or l.a. we have been watching the pictures over the freeway in l.a., the deluge. >> they are interconnected. this is what you see.
4:45 pm
this is following what an el nino season does. we started in the pacific northwest. it translates down the coast. california will get hammered over and over again and eventually up the east coast. we are starting to see the signs of that evolving. desperately needed the rain. it's happening too much at once. they will continue to deal with the barrage of storms over the coming weeks. we have a clear sky and we had a 4:43 sunset which is spectacular. just sent out a picture on social media. it's pretty. we have been spoiled with the wonderful sunsets in the early winter. 39 degrees right now. the sky is clear. you might be saying, really, we are near 40. feels cold to me. the humidity is so darn low that it's dry. any breeze takes any of the moisture away from you and makes you feel chilly. you might notice static electricity around because the air is dry. southwest wind around 3 miles per hour. clear sky into the evening hours. temperatures are sort of huddled in this very small
4:46 pm
upper 30s from belmar to the i land, new city and rockland county. 34 the cool spot in monticello to around 40. that range will be enhanced through the overnight. looking at central park's planner, we dip through the mid- 30s. a slow drop. maybe above 30 during the overnight. mainly clear sky. port jefferson in suffolk county and most suburbs will follow the trail where we dip below freezing by 7:00, 8:00 then down to the mid-20s. several suburbs, especially north and west that go into the teens. another cold night and fairly light wind. after the cold morning, nice afternoon. upper 30s and low to mid-40s, sunshine and high, thin clouds around. great day. seven-day forecast, sun and high clouds tomorrow. friday just continues to look better. the clouds are going to wait until late in the day. they will probably flood in at night. right now sun, high clouds mid-40s. saturday that's trending drier
4:47 pm
sunday morning when a good soaking comes in. we will probably get into the mid-50s. this could be an inch of rainfall. it's a soaker by sunday morning. the afternoon hours, things will quiet down and taper to showers. the david and liz, windy and colder early next week. i posted a couple of snowflakes wednesday. whether that is measurable snow or flurries in the air, to be determined. no question there will be a storm around the northeast, maybe out to sea. i'm putting snowflakes in. >> perhaps they are decorative. >> i don't think so. nice try. >> that is a denial. >> a little bit. >> maybe a mistake. >> he did it on purpose. thank you, lee. here is what is trending. lots of concern for sing erjan net jackson. radar online reporting she is being tested for throat cancer. they are reporting a source told them doctors found a growth on jackson's vocal cords.
4:48 pm
postpone kicking off her 9th. the end. but no official comment from the singer at this time. the consumer electronic show kicked off in las vegas. cars. marty mcfly shoes. shoe. it controls temperature in the shoe, tracks your movement and laces up without touching them. marty mcfly was right about the future. >> they don't look too clunky. >> can we play basketball in them? they are cool looking. the samsung smart refrigerator is cool. it is intercon necked with cameras that you can view what is inside and order groceries from it. they will work with fresh direct and shop right.
4:49 pm
the virtual reality headset that avid gamers are waiting for has a price tag and release date. the latest in v.r. headsets will cost $599. shipping is set to begin march 28th. before you order one, listen, you need a powerful computer to run it. it's not a cheap adventure. that didn't stop demand for it crashing the site as orders flooded in. you will hear more about that. finally we will end with the coolest drummer ever. >> he is so chill. >> it's that chill drummer. he knows his way around an arctic monkey song. keeps that steady back feet. as always, check out the trend online, abc7ny. everybody do that. >> chill. so, you guys looking to try
4:50 pm
reservations opened for a new york city restaurant week. it runs from january 18th to february 5th. this year there are a record setting 372 restaurants participating. you can get a lunch for $25 dinner for $38. you can find participating restaurants in all five boroughs. a new case highlighting the dangers of head injuries in sports. a former college football player found with a debilitating brain disease. why doctors say his case raises concern for all young athletes. >> a quick check on the delays
4:51 pm
we've all heard about the dangers of concussions and head injuries in sports. now doctors say they've found evidence of degenerative brain disease in a former player who's only 25 years old. >> this case is particularly troubling to doctors. >> i didn't know why all this was happening to him. >> reporter: cassandra knows how big hits in football can change lives. >> it hurt me to see him struggle so much. >> reporter: her husband, michael keck, died two years ago at just 25 years old of a congenitive ailment. he suffered from cte. but the disease researchers say is connected to taking hits on the football field. the doctor has studied over 170 brains, including michael's. >> when you see this disease in a person that young, it's surprising, even shocking.
4:52 pm
identified only after death, has been found in numerous nfl players like hall of famers frank gifford and junior seau. take a look at this video. a hit michael told cassandra was one of his hardest. he flies an opponent, slamming in to him, clamming with such force parts of his helmet break off. >> i think he had way more than 10 concussions. he was seeing stars and had sensitivity to light all the time. he had a lot of anger and it was just impulsive. >> reporter: they turned to doctors. but cassandra says test results came up empty. >> i was so mad that nobody could help him. it was upsetting that he felt so alone. >> reporter: she said michael did not die in vain. >> letting people know this disease is out there. you don't know how many hits or how many concussions away you are from getting a disease like this and that's what's so scary. it could happen to anyone. >> ryan smith, abc news new york. >> and a story parents really need to pay close attention to. there's still more news ahead.
4:53 pm
begins now. slashed on the sidewalk. a victim of a random attack telling her story to eyewitness news. >> i walked past him and something hit me in the face and i thought maybe he punched me. >> all new at 5:00, what she says happened and what she did afterwards. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. the re ward for information to find the man in the attack. >> kemberly richardson just spoke to the victim. she's live in bushwick. >> several stitches above her lip and many more below. tonight amanda is here, home in brooklyn resting. but this morning she was walking to work when she tells man acting oddly. her instinct
4:54 pm
side of west 23rd street in chelsea but she admits she didn't want to offend that man. seconds later that very same man attacked her. >> i just have a bit of a headache. i kind of feel like i got hit in the face with a baseball. >> reporter: without warning, amanda never saw it coming. this surveillance captures the chilling moments as a complete stranger slashes the 24-year-old across her face. tonight she's swollen, has a huge gash above and below her lip. >> i went to turn around to look at him. he had already turned away. i never once saw his face. i saw his hand hit me and that was about it. >> reporter: cameras first saw the suspect crossing west 23rd at about 5:30 this morning. he's heading eastbound wearing a very distinct bright red jacket. then he reappears. amanda tells me he was walking in front of her, slowed down. her gut told her something was wrong. >> he didn't have anywhere he
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