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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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according to him he believed that the police de defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of koran >> this is a criminal with a gun who tried to kill one of our officers has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the islamic faith. >> reporter: now the fbi joined this investigation because it was being investigated as a terror attack. the suspect has an arrest record, the gun that was used in this attack was reported stolen from a philadelphia police officer's house several years ago and the suspect's family now saying that he has some mental instability issues. more on that coming up at 6:00, tony yates, channel 7
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>> thank you, that shooting in philadelphia reminding a lot of us about that deadly shooting against two officers. a gunman walked up and opened fire killing them. both were promoted to detective. the gunman killed himself. the nypd is taking no actions with the security of its own officers. the department sent out an internal memo reminds officers to stay alert following the attacks in philly also the attacks in paris. the two incidents demonstrate there's a continued threat to law enforcement personnel including threats from terrorists. well the latest attack comes one day after federal officials arrested two men in two states on terror related charges. a 23-year-old iraqi citizen was taken into custody in california. he's accused of lying to authorities about traveling to
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mean while, an unidentified man is also arrested in houston texas. and the man accused of plotting -- planning a terror attack in western new york on new year's eve appeared in federal court today. emanuel lunchman planned to use a machete and knife to attack people at a restaurant. there's a huge back up around the bridge. >> reporter: unfortunately they managed to get worse. this is the triple traffic threat on the alexander hamilton bridge. we will start you off right here on the alexander to the george washington bridge. you have construction geting to the upper deck. this was causing enough trouble
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deck you have this disabled tractor trailer to get around. if you're trying to get inbound at the george washington bridge, this is the third problem you've got on the alex. this is a three car crash, minor in nature but you have the fire department there only the one lane and shoulder getting through. we want to show you what this is doing to traffic because it's a nightmare all the way across the george washington bridge. shannon sound, channel 8 eyewitness news. >> a mess, okay, thanks shannon. we're also following another developing story, this one in brooklyn seven children rushed to the hospital after their school bus overturned in park slope. it happened at fourth avenue and first street. most of the injurys are minor. police are on the scene investigating the cause of the crash. neighbors are especially concerned about the ruse that the man used to get inside. tim fleischer has the story.
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hearing some of this about the sexual assault in this neighborhood, many residents in the village area are very surprised but police have a very good sketch of the suspect. >> reporter: this is the suspect, early 20s about 6 feet tall who police believe sexually assaulted a young woman in this grenich village neighborhood after follow her into their apartment building >> they just allow people going in and out of the building. >> reporter: but what's the apartment. he knocked on the door claiming to be a neighbor and saying he smelled smoke. girl. trouble is when they hear the suspect claims to be a concerned neighbor.
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to offer the door to open help. >> super scary, because you never may know, he could be a neighbor he could not be a neighbor. >> reporter: the area is active with many restaurants and bars. also releasing this picture of the attacker police believe he followed the victim for several blocks. the neighborhood some believe is changes. >> it's become a lot safer but you still have to be careful. >> reporter: here's the sketch again, take a look at the sketch of the suspect, police are hoping someone recognizes him. you can see the sketch and read more about this story on our website nyc7ny. >> thank you tim. protesters in support of traffic. they called for the government to stop deporting families from latin american some of them taped themselves to the pavement.
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police say they made a handful of arrests. a serial slasher now connected to several attacks to women. some victims cut across their face. the suspect is now under arrest. mean while his sister speaking out tonight saying he needed psychiatric help. and she pleaded with authorities for months to intervene. now she says, the unthinkable happened. jim doland at kipps bay, jim. >> reporter: it could be as many as four attacks dating back as far as november. attacks of women kerry base did not know. his family thinks he is responsible for that health but also claim that social services and the police commission had the opportunity to stop those attacks and they failed. kathie morris was attacked with a razor blade. just 28 years old, it took 150 stitches to close the cut on her face. >> a little bit shaken and soar. >> reporter: on wednesday, 24- year-old amanda morris was
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walked along 23rd street on her way to work. >> this could have been prevented. it could have all been prevented. >> reporter: dana basemore is the center of the man police believed committed both crimes. above any, she says that police failed her family and the victims. he was arrested on december 30th for assault and a judge released him. >> anybody that looked at him could tell he had a mental issue. in you looked him out on the 30th why did you let him go. >> reporter: the family had tried for months to get her brother the care he needed but nobody would help. >> it's a ping-pong game. they keep telling us go to bellview and then bellview says go we called wards island. these are places that he's been at that's why we called them
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history of him being there because we thought it would help but it didn't obviously. >> reporter: she says she knew what her brother was capable of and this could have been prevented. >> thank goodness nobody got killed. >> reporter: his sister says that when he is on his medication, he is productive and friendly and what all of us would describe as normal. she does blame him for stepping away from the medication. reporting live, kipps bay, jim gordon, an accident is blamed on black ice. a driver lost control of his car and slammed into a bus just before 7:00 a.m. the suv driver was pronounced dead at the scene. no passengers were on that bus. >> we received numerous reports of motor vehicle accidents relating to icy roadways and numerous reports of black ice. >> reporter: south hampton town
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accidents caused by black ice or icy conditions over an eight hour period. and, considering the weather get ready for a dicey weekend. we should see heavy rain and still concerns about black isolate tonight. lee goldburg is at the weather wall with big changes on the way, right lee. >> what a path we have to go through over the we start with icing concerns and ends with record highs. weather advisories are going to affect us this evening. sullivan, orange, putnam county and interior counties of connecticut. that will go until mid-morning. we drop to 23 in montgomery. we are now freezing in monticello. these numbers drop a few degrees more and then some drizzle starts to move in. we don't have that concern for the city and long island down the shores we stay above freezing all night long. just starting to see the first specks on radar. drizzle developing. it'll be this area here which will appear later on this evening. if you watch the futurecast,
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more widespread toward midnight. even some snow flakes in the hills, a little bit of sleet. icy conditions. it'll be fairly light. slippery spots overnight. and then we have this six hour wind swept stoking and that's for sunday morning. we'll have the details of the timing on that after we could break 140-year-old record high on sunday afternoon before plummeting on sunday night. your7accu weather forecast coming up. the daughter of eric gardener says today's disciplinary action against an officer was not enough.
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duty and garner's family says that's not enough. several families on long island are homeless following a large three alarm fire. that fire tore through a number of businesses in west hempstead. this happened around 11:00 this morning. the fire spread quickly to the apartments upstairs trapping some residents inside. at least two people were rescued by firefighters. fortunately nobody was hurt. also in nassau county an investigation is under way. that fire in oceanside, you can see it there it sent flames shooting out the windows and the roof of that home. it didn't take long for the entire structure to be engulfed. the scene. there's no word on any other injuries. well a dismal trading week comes to an end with more losses. even a healthy u.s. jobs report wasn't able to steady stocks.
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job numbers in december. investors remain concerns about china's volatile market. the nasdaq fell 45 points and s & p400 lost 21 points. we're following another developing story tonight. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo is back in custody. coming up, the shoot out that led to his arrest after he tunneled out of a maximum security prison. >> and a mother says this happened to her daughter at school. we'll tell you who's facing charges that has the mother to frustrating. >> and the power ball jackpot is still growing. now $800 million, wow.
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the notorious drug lord known as el chapo is back in custody today. he was caught in a shoot out today. el chapo was on the run for eight months after tunneling out of prison. what authorities are doing to make sure he doesn't get away. >> reporter: joaquin "el chapo" guzman. here's video of the fugitive his head covered in the custody of the mexican marines. mexican's president tweeted in spanish, mission accomplished, we have him. el chapo one of the biggest and most dangerous drug lords in the world has been on the run for seven months.
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maximum security prison near mexico city sparked a massive investigation. during the summer, we were in the tunnel that el chapo used. the escape route, well let, ventilated, custom built to his height. the leader of the sinaloa cartel had the resources and a wide reach. it's believed this mayor drug trafficking option is responsible for half of the ill drugs that enter through mexico every year. >> it is a very big deal that they were able to pull this off. particularly when you consider all of the different resources el chapo has at his disposal. >> reporter: it was el chapo's second escape so the work begins to make sure he stays behind bars. at one point the d.a. wanted the drug lord here because he's been charged with several crimes in the u.s. but no word if he'll be transferred
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kenneth moten, nbc news, washington. in manhattan, crews have -- he landed on an oxygen tank. severing a supply line to the hospital. the emergency room was temporarily shut down and patients were given portable oxygen tanks. the hospital is now fully operational. the man died in the fall and his identity has not been released. el nino storms are pounding the west coast this evening. those storms brought pounding surf to the bay area thursday morning. take a look at those waves, 15 to 20 feet high. they were crashing down in pacifica. the roads closest to the ocean closed to all by russ dents in that area. high surf warnings have been in effect since 4:00 in the morning. >> that's in between storms. as we get another one coming in in the morning, this is a barrage of storms. >> for us we're kind of like up
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we're going to really turn it around. >> this is all leading up to the cold this afternoon. a wintery week coming up. first of all we start off tonight with things pretty right now. by january standards, it's a comfortable evening. might just want to have the umbrella for later on. it wouldn't be anything heavy. we're at 44 degrees, and that's the high today. we're really going to be spiking in with with temperatures. we're running 6 degrees above. no rainfall just yet. it's 39 in stanholt. at least this drizzle isn't working into frozen roadways in the 20s right now. it'll take a little time for these icy roads to develop keep aware of that while you're traveling on i4. low 40s in the island, mid-40s on belmont right now.
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that drizzle threat is mainly through tomorrow morning. remember there could be a sprinkle throughout the day. we're in the mid- to upper 40s during the mid-hours. we saw a couple of sprinkles on radar. things are just moistening up right now. a lot of clouds have just begun to thicken up. if you notice we talked about this yesterday. this frontal system splitting in two and we're getting the left over scattered showers. nothing heavy right through the day tomorrow. sun -- sunday is a different story. once this low scoops up some moisture and starts to move into the ohio valley it's going to be soaking rain. look how it's depicted. look at all this orange and red. that's torrential downpours coming in on sunday morning. you're thinking about travel on sunday morning if you're headed to church on sunday morning. it's really going to be nasty outside with gusty winds and street flooding. be careful there.
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right now through the evening hours, drizzle develops, even a little bit of sleet. afternoons not bad. mostly cloudy and upper 40s. here comes the wall of rain moving in. by 5:00 in the morning and it's very heavy through the late morning. when you're at 60. that could tie a record. the drizzle more pr*ef prevalent in the morning. winds is picking up, and then the rain really gets heavy in the predawn hours and right through the first part of the day on sunday. the afternoon not bad. here's what we're working on for 4:30. can we get a quick inch, 1.5- inches that could get heavy. a 30-degree drop a possibility on sunday and monday. more on the swings in our next half hour, back to you.
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president obama has vetoed obama care. republicans don't have enough votes to override the veto but they scheduled a repeal vote for january 26. republicans argue the law is costly and doesn't work. the bill vetoed today would have cut federal funding for planned parenthood. israeli authorities say a man hunt for the suspect led them to a building in his arab hometown in northern israel where he was hiding. special forces closed in on him, he came out shooting with the same gun he used in the telaviv attack. he's also suspected of killing a cab driver.
5:24 pm
two contractors killed -- two contractors involved in a demolition that killed six people received their sentence today. the contractor in charge of the job was sentenced from 15 to 16 years. prosecutors say he put the public at risk by cutting corners to save money. a fraternity at yale and more than 80 of its members settled a tailgating accident. a trailer hit and killed 30- year-old nancy barry in 2011. he was allowed into a probation program that erased federal charges against him. >> donald trump in vermont was disrupted by protesters despite trump's attempts to get rid of him. >> don't keep his coat. give him his coat.
5:25 pm
in line for hours were asked if they supported trump and those who said no were not allowed in. still a few protesters did manage to get into the event and of course they disrupted trump before they were forced out. the government released more e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton. the state department put out another 3,000 pages of e-mails from clinton's private account. this brings the department into compliance with the court order requiring regular releases. the department has now released 82% of the e-mails clinton turned over after she took office. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. a mom says her disabled daughter was abused at school and there's video to show what happened. so what was it that led to an arrest.
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flight that in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of
5:28 pm slash eastern. we continue breaking news involving your evening commute. and it's a big mess on the bridge and on all approachs to the gw as well. all of this because of accidents. not just one accident but several accidents and there's also construction on the bridge as well. we're following a developing story out of philadelphia. a police officer was shot by a man who ambushed him. the beginman later pledged his allegiance to isis saying he was a member of islam. the gunman is in custody. mean while the nypd has sent a bulletin to officers here to be on alert. our top story, a teacher's
5:29 pm
abusing a disabled student in her care. >> the 9-year-old suffered bruises and scrapes on her face. that prompted her mom to find out what was going on. rob nelson has more from rockville center. >> reporter: because of a rare chromosome, crystal cannot speak. >> i could not believe that they did that. home. they didn't have to do that. >> reporter: crystal's mother was shown 20 minutes of surveillance video from inside her daughter's wife. it shows what she calls aggressive face wiping and even worse. >> at one point she takes, she takes a tissue that she wipes crystal's face with and on the
5:30 pm
circulation motion and brings it back to crystal's face. >> reporter: jocelyn says the school has never had an happened. she eventually went to the police and has waited months for some type of answer. eventually she says she had no choice but to turn to the media. >> i feel like i couldn't protect her. nobody looked around and said, hey don't wipe her like that. you're wiping her a little too hard or stop. >> reporter: after news reports this week, 25-year-old alexandra shanille turned herself into jail. through a lawyer she denied the charges and was released on bail. little village school which says shanille resigned a month after the incident released a statement saying, we took appropriate actions when we learned of the investigation,
5:31 pm
>> i never got any type of remorse from the school. none. none. i've been doing this all by myself. >> reporter: jocelyn did not take crystal out of school at the time of the i incident but says she has now decided her daughter will not be going back to this school. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a final goodbye today to the man in the bronx who was killed on new year's eve in an elevator accident. funeral services were held for stewart hewitt brown. he was killed when the elevator he was riding in suddenly started moving. the elevator safety act is very separate. it ensures that every individual who is responsible for working on elevator safety meets certain standards and requirements with state oversight. >> reporter: if passed, the state would have oversight of elevator safety from now on.
5:32 pm
assembly many times only to be blocked by the state senate. a teenage exchange student who was slashed in the throat by a man says she wanted to school. her wounds required two dozen stitches. leang says she hopes to stay in the united states to pursue her education. >> it takes grit, determination and resilience that has made this city and state true. my office will do everything possible to help her recover and to help her return to her studies. >> reporter: leang and her mother attended the news conference but did not speak. her attorneys have set up a go
5:33 pm
the attacker is still on the lose. the elevator where nine miners were stuck has now been removed. the elevator got stuck. the elevator is going to be removed from the shaft so it can be inspected. police have identified the victim of a car crash in newark. tina whittaker was behind the wheel of a cash. it is unclear what caused whittaker to lose control of the vehicle. there were no passengers in the car and no other injuries. a mother of the so called affluenza teen was in court complaining about her jail the sheriff dismissed her concerns saying it's jail not a
5:34 pm
couch is accused of -- couch's attorney is asking for her 1 million dollars bond to be reduced. a woman from vernon arrested after being restrained from a flight from new york. she is accused of screaming and attacking a flight attendant causing the flight headed to chicago to instead land in detroit. marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: police questioning this woman after an inflight outburst last night that forced pilots to make an emergency landing. >> united express flight with 69 passengers and four crew members on board took off from newark's laguardia airport headed to chicago. 30 minute spwaos the flight, the passenger reportedly asked if she -- 30 minutes into the flight the passenger reportedly asked if she could get off the plane. when the flight attendant said no, passengers say the woman
5:35 pm
>> she attacked her and started scratched her face up. >> reporter: at one point the woman yelled that she was bipolar. stepped in. >> they took her and tied her wrist to her ankles. >> reporter: piloted diverted to detroit where police were waiting. they then handcuffed the woman, took her off the plane and into custody. the flight then continued on to chicago. marci gonzalez, new york. coming up, why justin bieber -- what justin bieber and his entourage did at the ruins in tulum that got them thrown out. and the white house response to a petition asking it to clear the man featured in
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watching temperatures this evening. most of us in the 40s. but you notice you get in the freezing temperatures in the katskills right now. temperatures are cooling. here's some rain moving into the cool air so we're concerned about icy conditions. and hudson valley and interior connecticut into saturday morning. that's just the beginning of the weekend. wait apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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police in new jersey have arrested a woman who they say instructed a young boy to steal a cell phone from a restaurant. 37-year-old mayra rodriguez is charged with death and endangering the welfare of a minor. she was seen on video instructing a boy to pick up a cell phone someone had dropped. it happened on the saddle brook last sunday.
5:38 pm
drove her car off the fourth level of a garage. steel cables kept the car from falling. she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. nearly 130,000 people have signed a petition online asking president obama to pardon steven brady. the white house says the president does not have the constitutional authority to pardon the men because they court. pop star justin bieber is now accused of causing trouble at a historic site in mexico. bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the ruins of tullum.
5:39 pm
ruins. the report does not say that any damage was caused. that mega power ball jackpot carries major taxes. but those taxes aren't the same everywhere. we're going to take a look at who pays the most in the tri state area, we have that coming up. >> and a deposit goes terribly wrong. and what you need to do to protect yourself. >> the video just released, an attack. an american police officer ambushed, a man supporting isis opening fire right this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's."
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if it's too late to get to the beach, but you can go look at boats. they can build a smaller version. the show closes on sunday. aren't those cool boats. >> if i win the power ball, those are all too small. >> i need the big boat. >> if you win the power ball, will you just buy us one of those boats. >> i always like everybody elses boat. >> wet come on to my yacht. >> okay, that's a deal. finally. >> yes and i know talking about rain it's definitely not a wash out. you have to pick your spot. if you have a choice to stay in bed sunday morning go ahead just watch eyewitness news. this afternoon and evening
5:44 pm
evening to walk around new york city. it's in the 40s. there might be a touch of drizzle. maybe bring the light umbrella. the wind isn't going to be gusty. and have the umbrellas if you don't want to get caught in drizzle. later part of the evening it might drizzle. that's going to go for orange county, sullivan, pike country, dutchess you want to be very careful. a little chance in the morning, might see a little dusting in the afternoon hours but i still think clouds domination. you can see on the futurecast how the drizzle becomes a little more wet later on tonight even snow showers and
5:45 pm
we're climbing above freezing in most spots with isolated drizzle during the afternoon hours. here's where things change, your saturday evening plans drizzle can start to redevelop a little bit. so i would still have the umbrella. but the real soaking is going to be around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. this is probably the peak around 9:00 in the morning. we have heavy rainfall and gusty winds as well. street flooding a possibility. this will leave the scene by late morning. there still can be an isolated shower downpour in the afternoon. skies could break for a little bit. these numbers are conservative. i am not going to be surprised to see lower or mid-60s. that could break records from 1976 and temperatures take a nosedive. you go from 49 to drizzle saturday to 60 on sunday. some spots could go over an inch of rainfall. look at the low, sunday night into monday morning. we'll wake up to 20s across much of the area.
5:46 pm
we might get a brief bump to near 40 on tuesday. that's ahead of a front that could bring us rain showers on wednesday. it's the tuesday night into wednesday morning where some snow showers could be around the area. again i don't think it's a major system. but maybe some coatings first coatings for spots and it's a cold week next week so enjoy the warmth on sunday. all right. >> all right, thanks. when you make a deposit on the atm you assume the money is going to make it into your account but what if it doesn't. >> a brooklyn uber driver says his pit managed into a money machine black hole and when he couldn't retrieve it he turned to nina paneda and 7 on your side. >> this wasn't a random lonely atm it was at the branch where he banks. and hunting this money downturned into mission impossible with important reminders for all of us. >> reporter: it's so routine it's mindless.
5:47 pm
pay through the slot and it vanished. >> i got a receipt that the atm had damage. >> reporter: the uber drivers earnings $450 disappeared into a black hole. >> so you put in 420 cash and it spits this out. >> yes. >> what does it say. >> the atm has experienced a technical problem. >> reporter: the next day the deposit was not on his account. so he called a rep and they deposited the money, but a week later. >> they said they couldn't find my deposit so the money would be removed. >> reporter: and it was the ends of the month so his account was at negative. he was told he needed a police report.
5:48 pm
was asked to come back to a bank statement. i came and got the bank statement. went back to the precinct and then i was told to come back and get an affidavit from the bank manager. >> reporter: when he asked for the affidavit, chase told him he would have to subpoena it by that time it was too late to get the camera footage. >> they basically couldn't help me with anything. >> reporter: so he called us for help. >> took less than 24 hours. >> reporter: after fighting for months on his own it was all in a day's work. nana got his deposit and overdraft fees credited. >> i really appreciate you guys for coming to my side. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: the bank never found the customers cash but agreed to get the money back because they could see a pattern of deposits and he was also a customer in good standing. the big take away, always ask to get a receipt. that receipt was a saving grace proving this transaction.
5:49 pm
you want to report any unusual activity right away. two wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against ikea. the lawsuit says ikea knows some of its furniture is top heavy and front heavy and something ikea denies denies, the two suits were filed by families of two boys who were crushed by falling ikea dressers. in a statement ikea says it is committed to product safety. winning the power ball it is a dream for a lot of people. when it comes to paying their taxes who mays out the best and worse in the area. we have the answers next. >> and i'm liz joel, a man is pistol whipped. and we will hear from the officers trying to find the man
5:50 pm
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today the power ball jackpot jumped into $700 million. >> but some people have not thought how much you will pay in taxes. >> the answer is millions. >> reporter: getting into the excitement of the largest jackpot ever. >> that's the winner? >> yes, ma'am, this is the winning ticket right here. >> reporter: she's bought tickets from all over the city. >> reporter: this store which has two machines going at once has never handled so many customers for just one game. >> if i win it would be awesome for my kids. put them through college. we'll have to stop carrying
5:53 pm
>> i would give some money too, i think that would be wonderful. >> reporter: it's not where you buy the ticket but where you live that determines how much of the prize you keep. >> depends where you live. if you live in new york, you will end up paying new york tax. if you live in new jersey, you will pay new jersey tax. >> reporter: up state 328 million, in connecticut 348 million but you will get the best bank for your buck in new mexico, 357 million. >> so they trusted you with the money to come in and buy the tickets. >> yes, four groups look at this. >> reporter: as far as pool tickets go here is the advice. >> to protect both the person buying for the pool and the pool itself, the best thing you do is make the copy of each ticket. you put it in an e-mail. send it around to everybody in the pool and you simply state everybody on this e-mail chain is in our pool. >> reporter: good luck everybody, amy freese.
5:54 pm
you can watch the drawing tomorrow night right here on channel 7 and on the watch eyewitness news at 11:00. >> if we did an eyewitness news pool and we won, what would we do the next day? would there be a show. >> i don't know. good question. ahead. >> watch a couple of racoons go on a rampage at a new york eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. wifi, cell phone service on every subway. what? are the jetsons redesigning the biggest subway in the country, no just governor cuomo but
5:55 pm
but first, the attempt assassination of a cop. today as he sat in his car, police there are now on high alert and so too is the nypd. and good evening to you at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. a man who swore allegiance to isis and traveled to syria three times in the last year. >> reporter: he used a gun stolen from police back in 2013. >> was he acting on his own or on behalf of a terror organization. cops don't know but what they know is his rap sheet is that of a common criminal. >> and most importantly officer jesse harnett will be okay. as you said he was shot with a gun that was once a part of
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