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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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$900 million on the line. a picture of a pair of crash survivors that's become
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gang of terror. new video of the suspects behind a vicious attack at a playground. the numbers are in. $900 million on the line. now the big question. was anyone lucky enough to win the biggest lottery jackpot in history? good evening everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. you just saw them, the wing numbers for an historic jackpot aus check your enthusiastic ticket bayers pushed the jackpot to more than $900 million. roof. at one point texas sold 4.9 million powerball tickets in one hour.
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>> the lottery didn't to have drum up sales but they broke out the drums in new york city anyway to create even more powerball excitement. eyewitness news reporter a.j. staten island. a.j. >> reporter: sandra, joe, as we now hold our breath and wait to hear if one or multiple people hit that historic jackpot at least one person here at the store walked through these doors, and that millionaire, instant millionaire dream became a reality overnight as they hit the mega millions here overnight winning $165 million, reigniting what's already been feverish sales in hopes of a lifestyle that mimics the rich and famous. whether you believe it's a complicated equation, divine intervention, or sheer luck, six numbers will forever change the life of the lucky person who beat the odds of 1 in 292 million to match gart
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big money tonight. >> i hope i do. i hope i do. >> reporter: while some were relying on beginner's luck -- >> just turned 18, so i'm hoping for the best. >> reporter: others implemented a military divide and conquer strategy. >> we have a pal at work that we chip into. this is a good time to stay with the one at work and try to go out on our own. >> reporter: all which combined for sales reaching nearly 4 million per hour saturday night as the enticing $900 million jackpot became almost irresistible. >> every day i keep going to buy a little more and more. they're up to $40, $50 worth. >> reporter: joe and john know better than most what it's like after becoming multimillionaires playing cash for life just a couple of years ago. they advise future winners to invest wisely. >> i don't want to be bankrupt with a yacht in point pleasant, new jersey.
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a new home. >> reporter: still, 900 million. that's enough for several lifetimes over and bigger dreams than some can imagine. >> putting it all away and spending it. >> get a couple of houses, a work. >> reporter: and if any of you matched those numbers tonight and you need some help girl. i'm really willing to take on that task. live on staten island, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much a.j. there is new information tonight on the investigation into an alleged gang rape in brooklyn. police have released surveillance video of five men accused of threatening a man and raping his 18-year-old daughter. authorities say that group approached the pairp park in brownsville thursday night. they allegedly pointed a gun at the man and told him to leave. detectives say the suspects
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young woman while the man, her father ran for help. the victim was treated at a hospital and released. police are searching for more people involved in a bronx street fight that resulted in one officer shot. police say officer stewart was shot in the ink cal while responding to the massive fight that broke out at a party. officer stewart returned fire and shot suspect christopher rice. police say the 19-year-old has a history of arrests including one just hours before the shooting. >> 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, a charge of which he was released from court three hours before the shooting involving our police officer. >> coming up, eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has more on the investigation and officer stewart's deep rooted connection to the nypd. the man accused of shooting a police officer in philadelphia has been arraigned on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.
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looking into edward archer's claim that he had pledged his allegiance to isis before opening fair at officer jesse hartnett's patrol car. officials say the suspect visited the middle east but has no known links to terror. we've got wet weather on the way. that means local roads could likely get flooded. meteorologist jeff smith has our first look at the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> sandra, sunday morning, low pressure moving through the great lakes. downpours, coastal gusty winds, and travel delays. eventually arctic air will follow this storm late tomorrow night into monday. but in the meantime we have a coastal flood advisory for sunday morning high tide cycle, because tides are already running astronomically higher than normal due to the phase of the moon.
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you see the rainfall still pretty far off to our south and west right now but this will be approaching the area, say around 4:00 in the morning, areas south and west of the city start getting into the steady rain. we're getting deluged at 7:00 in the morning. 53 degrees. so it's warming up but there could be some localized ponding of water. as soon as that rain guess out of here -- gets out of here around midday temperatures spike up to 60. we'll talk about that in your full accuweather forecast. >> stay ahead of severe weather in your neighborhood. download our free accutrack weather alert app. go to the itunes or google play store and search wabc or accutrack. it is a twist worthy of a hollywood thriller. notorious drug lord "el chapo" is back behind bars. abc's matt gutman is in mexico
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>> reporter: he wanted to spin his infamy into celebrity. instead, "el chapo," drug kingpin, one of the world's most wanted criminals, in handcuffs. the drug lord paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the same supermax prison he tunneled his way out of last year. the attorney general says that's thanks to "el chapo" himself and a healthy dose of van team. apparently after his escape last year tin famous criminal wanted a biopic made about him so his people reached out to those communications helped track him down. the final showdown playing out in his home state, mexican marines raiding a killing five of his men and seeings these weapons including grenade launchers. they finally caught up with guzman after he ran from sewer
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mexican officials quickly declaring, michigan accomplished. the u.s. department of justice calling the arrest a victory for the citizens of both mexico and the u.s. he faces charges in multiple u.s. districts for murder and drug trafficking. now mexico is considering extra decision. matt gutman, abc -- considering extradition. matt gutman, mayor de blasio honored a firefighter today. he rose from his wheelchair to accept the key to the city. pfeifer met with dozens of lawmakers to discuss extending medical coverage for those sickened by toxins at ground zero. >> he started writing her to apologize and called her and
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signed on to the bill. and that's how this man operates. >> congress voted to fund the act for 75 years. coming up on eyewitness news, new video of a handcuffed man lying on the ground and an officer opening fire. new developments in the hunt for a serial jewel thief. she's hit several stores across the south but authorities make a break in the case. hundreds of protesters flood the streets. the connection between a massive demonstrate. >> and the birther battle between apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm:
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just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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prosecutors in utah reopened an investigation into a police shooting after new video surfaced. the salt lake county district attorney released cell phone video that appears to show officer matthew taylor firing at a man lying on the ground. taylor was exonerated in the deadly shooting last year after his body camera recorded the suspect swinging a snow shovel at him. that camera stopped working after the scuffle. >> reporter: new at 11:00, the fbi arrests a woman accused of robbing jewelry stores across five states. investigators zane each case 24-year-old abigale kemp threatened work wears a gun and then tied them up. she then took off with hundreds of thousands of
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police say kemp targeted stores in north and south carolina as well as tennessee, florida, and georgia. in germany police used water cannons to disperse crowds after anti-migrant protests turned violent. nearly 2,000 people took to the streets to protest germany's immigration policy. the march comes after asylum seekers were identified as suspects. the country took in more than one million refugees last year. earlier in the day german chancellor angela merkel vowed to deport migrants convicted of crimes. in the race for president donald trump takes aim at ted cruz. the billionaire businessman keeps questioning the status of cruz's citizenship. trump again brought it up during a campaign stop in clear lake, iowa. >> he was born in canada, and i say to ted, and as a republican i say it, because i think it's very important,
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>> ted cruz was also stumping in iowa today. he has repeatedly said that he is a natural born citizen because his mother is an american. cruz was born in canada and held dual citizenship but renounced his canadian citizenship last year. a document from 2011 is at the center of hillary controversy. she's facing new questions about friday's revelation that she asked an advisor to go around a secure fax system to transmit a set of talking points on an unspecified subject. but the state department determined the former secretary of state never received the paper by nonsecure fax. he was supposed to be on the lookout for swimmers in distress. instead, police say he secretly taped colleagues getting undressed. coming up, the life guard in connecticut charged with making hundreds of secret videos and doing disturbing things with the images they contain.
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man and man's best friend trapped on an acey pond on long island. and keep your umbrella handy. temperatures are going up, but
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a man and his dog back on dryland tonight thanks to
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the man was apparently playing with his dog when one of them ran on to the frozen lake. rangers responded, pulled the pair to safety. the dog was uninjured and the man was treated for hypothermia at a local hospital. >> no treats for that doggy. bad doggy. >> probably the last thing on anybody's mind tonight. we all need to be thinking about the weather tomorrow. a lot of rain. >> very stormy as you wake up on sunday morning. record warmth in the afternoon. so a big transition out there. we head outside right now. we have a little bit of drizzle and some very light rain and some fog overspreading the region. but the steadiest and heavier rain will come in probably after about 4:00 a.m. from southwest to northeast. temperature right now 46. that northeast wind coming in around 7:00 miles per hour. your pressure is falling from 30.10 inches. next seven hours temperatures actually rising, if anything
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you see that rain beginning in earnest around 4:00 a.m., then really coming down hard around 5:00 a.m. 20 miles per hour sustained, gusting up to 35 miles per hour. so it's going to be a wet and windy sunday morning. downpours developing during the predawn hours. some flooding possible in low lying and pour drainage areas. we're looking at a quick one to two inches of rain before it starts tapering off around midday. the heaviest rain between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. record warmth in the afternoon. this could tie a record that was set over 100 years ago of 60 degrees, but temperatures will tumble tomorrow night down to below freeze sog that any standing water that's left over from the rainfall could actually freeze up. but fortunately the wind will be high enough so it evaporates during the afternoon. so we shouldn't have a huge black ice problem, but we will be watching. 43 morristown, 36 at monticello, 48 at belmar. you have rain coming into the northern parts of the chesapeake bay. this is rapidly moving off to
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again it will be in here in four or five hours. overnight, by 4:00 a.m. some of the heavier rain south and west of new york city. by 7:00 a.m. it's going gangbusters everywhere. heaviest rain shifts into new england by noontime. still a couple of leftover spotty areas of showers. 59 at noon. getting close to that record of 60 degrees. later on maybe another batch of showers moving through. front. look at that temperature tumble down to 30. 20s north and west of the city so that is going to be a big change, and you can see there's even a bigger arctic by wednesday. this arctic blast makes it to the east coast by the middle part of the week. your accuweather forecast, mild, periods of rain morning. temperatures in the upper 40s now but rising into the 50s by
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heavy downpours at dawn, maybe even a rumble of thunder not out of the question. temperature around 53. windy and warm during the day. morning downpours taper off to just an afternoon spotty shower, the high getting up to around 60. that would tie a record. much colder. i think it drops below freezing in the suburbs after midnight. morning. your accuweather seven-day forecast. much colder on monday, the high 36, probably before dawn, and then temperatures hang out around freezing much of the day. the wind chill will be even lower. the wind will be gusting 20, 30 miles per hour. clouds and sun on tuesday, temperatures in the lower 40s. there comes that arctic front by wednesday. mostly cloudy could. be a flurry or snow squall as that moves on through. only 31 for a high on wednesday. barely above freezing on thursday, then back up to more seasonable levels of cool for
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>> 38 for friday. >> we can deal with that. >> yeah. have no choice, right? >> laura behnke next with gang buster sports. >> right. let's let the fun begin. only 12 teams remain in the national football league on the road to the lombardi trophy. speaking of you the date's wild card weekend. houston likely still looking
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the nets on th apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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our guys aren't in it but it's still interesting football for sure. >> it's still a fun weekend. now the two words football fans have been waiting for. wild card weekend. it truly is the best time of the year in the nfl. the quest for the super bowl has begun in the afc. it all began on channel 7. the texans hosting the chiefs. what a way to start for k.c. there's miles davis. this is the opening kickoff. he took it six yards deep in the end zone. he's gone. 106 yards. the second longest return for a touchdown in playoff history. 7-0 chiefs. day.
11:25 pm
here's some more. smith to conley. 30-0, the chiefs pitching a shutout. in the night cap the bengals hosting the steelers. the steelers cling together a 15-10 lead. a win tonight, they would play the patriots next week while the cleaves would take on the broncos. for the giants this time of year, now all about coach hunting. today the team interviewed doug marrone and will reportedly bring in mike smith next. tom coughlin is set to meet with the eagles on monday. that's right, the division rivals asked the giants for permission. big blue granted it. back-to-back games are never easy in the nba but there was good news for the nets tonight. they're on the road. last night, they dropped their 9th straight game at barclays.
11:26 pm
the first. robinson with the put-back dunk. still tight in the third. andre drummond makes at four- point advantage. reggie jackson gets the easy layup. 103-89. the nets lose their fourth straight. it has not been easy being the rangers over the last several weeks. while they haven't yet started another long win streak, today progress. some believe they took a step forward. the rangers hosting the first- place capitals. alex ovechkin beginning a pretty big day. the caps would lead 2-0, a deficit the rangers would erase. that's what gives coach hope. the caps, though, would tie it. in overtime, 0 vetch cape, beautiful goal. 499th of his career, is the game winner. the rangers fall but they do still get a point. and the islanders in philly for some matinee hockey
11:27 pm
it was only a good day for one team, and that was the flyers. michael roffle making it 1-0. the shot trickles past for the third goal of the game here. they with add another. 4-0. the islanders shut out. saturday in january which means it's time for some college basketball. we've got all your highlights with five local teams in action this afternoon and there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life!
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apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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with just one college football game remaining, monday night's national championship game, it's officially basketball season. st. john's on the road visiting milwaukee. second half, the golden eagles make their move. fischer had 1 points. marquette had the lead, they kept it 81-75. today, seton hall hosting crayton. close game in the first half. team high 17 points. a pair there for the lead. second half a totally different story.
11:31 pm
the foul. 82-67. crayton gets the win. after a nine-game suspension for rules violation, tonight jim boeheim back for syracuse, the head coach returning to the bench as the orange hosted unc. second half, the orange lead by six but the tar heels had something to say about that. bryce johnson under the hoop and the foul. 84-7 3, north carolina winning in boeheim's return. also, 23 uconn against memphis. uconn too much. gibbs would ice it with a three-pointer late. he had a game high 26. the huskies get the win, saving the day for some of the local teams. rutgers hostly nebraska in a
11:32 pm
second half, more of the same. 90-56. rutgers falls hard. so again uconn the only positive highlight i can show you of our local basketball teams. >> go huskies. thank you, laura. an nypd officer wounded in a wild gun battle. a party turns into a shootout, and an officer bravely enters the fray. an update on his condition. a big warning tonight for parents about a disturbing and growing trend. thieves ripping off cars with children still inside.
11:33 pm
apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. police are looking for a group of -- suspected in a gang rape in brooklyn. the five men in this video are accused of threaten ago man with a gun and raping his 18- year-old darn a park in brownsville thursday night. a report in rolling stone magazine states mexican drug lord joaquin he will chap poe guzman met with actor sean penn in his hideout months before his capture. the actor describes the complicated measures he took to meet the drug lord. now penn is reportedly under investigation for the interview.
11:35 pm
an historic $900 million powerball jackpot. the numbers 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, the powerball 13. an nypd officer wounded in a gun battle. >> that officer, sherrod stewart, is expected to recover. the shooting came four years to the day that stewart became an nypd officer. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has details the bronx. >> he had distinguished himself already. in this situation he distinguished himself further. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio talking about officer stewart, a member of the anti- crime unit, shot in the 23509 while responding to the bronx 0. this is a photo of the 25- year-old released by the nypd before heading into surgery. it was just after 2:00 a.m.
11:36 pm
people began tbieght bats, knives, and guns in what cops describe as a jump-up party, a party not held at a licensed location. police say stewart was shot by 19-year-old christopher rice. officer stewart returned fire and struck him four times. >> this suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over the last several years including an arrest just yesterday, 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, on a charge of fare beating, a charge in which he was released from court at 11:00 p.m. last night, three hours before the shooting involving our police officer. >> reporter: police say this semiautomatic firearm was recovered at the scene along with three additional firearms and this knife. five others were stabbed during the file. community activists and local leaders denouncing the violence. >> this is a message to the individuals carrying these guns. you're going to jail. you're going to put these guns down and stop taking innocent lives for stupidity. >> reporter: officer stewart is expected to report.
11:37 pm
anniversary from when he joined the nypd. his father is a detective with the department. in the channel 7 eyewitness news. we stay in the bronx where a man is dead after three different cars hit him's crossed the street. police say the 52-year-old was crossing wyath place just outside the crosswalk when one car hit him. as he lay in the road two other cars hit him. the first two drivers left the scene but the third motorist stayed. the victim died at the hospital. a police officer on long island is recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. he was helping a motorist on sunrise highway in brookhaven early this morning when another career ended him. the officer, a nine-year veteran of the suffolk county police department, suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect now identified as
11:38 pm
he reportedly ran from the scene. he now faces several charges. a lifeguard in connecticut accused of secretly recording hundreds of videos of female colleagues. investigators charged 29-year- old michael collins with 431 counts each of voyeurism and eavesdropping. police say he used cameras hidden in the lifeguard shack at westport. authorities also found a collage of naked female lifeguards at collins' home in westport as well as child pornography images on his computer. the u.s. navy released new video today of iranian ships firing rockets, actions it called highly provocative. those images were recorded back on september 26th. the video shows iranian ships firing the missiles in the strait of hormuz. the u.s.s. harry truman and other vessels were in the area.
11:39 pm
missile exercise. the carrier was notified only 23 minutes in advance. a warning tonight for families across america. at least four times in the last week a car has been stolen with a child inside the vehicle. parents look away for a moment, their lives changed in an instan. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a car thief speeding off with maria's minivan bad enough, but even worse, her one-year-old son caleb was inside. stolen cars and kids make for a terrifying mix. just this week in florida a six-year-old girl was taken in philadelphia. a six-year-old boy. >> nothing happened to him. he slept through the entire thing. >> reporter: the tolts say they left their kids in the car for just a moment. police warn that's all it takes. >> what do you tell parents what don't want to take their kid out of the car? >> it only takes a couple of minutes.
11:40 pm
seatbelt, take them with you inside the store. >> hey sweetheart. you okay? come here. >> reporter: including this shivering three-year-old girnl new mexico left stranded in freezing temperatures. too. >> yes, i got him. when he saw me, he was happy. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> mega misfortune. lottery winners what win big then lose it all. new information in the so- called affluenza teen case. and a key character missing from the new star wars monopoly game. what the director has to say.
11:41 pm
returns with so many millions of americans united by a single dream tonight, winning the historic powerball jackpot but
11:42 pm
millionaire does not guarantee happiness. >> your life will certainly change but not always for the better. abc's ron claiborne has the story of some who won big but lost it all. >> that first number up is 47. >> reporter: it's the moment most of us have dreamed v. >> your powerball number tonight is 1. >> reporter: would-be winners fantasizing about how we would spend that jackpot. but what happens when that dream turns into a nightmare? jack whittaker won a $315 million pour back ball in 2002. >> my wife had said she wish she had torn the ticket up. i wish that we had torn the ticket up, too. >> reporter: at the time he said he wanted to use his $80 million take-home to make a difference. >> i can do a lot of good with this much money right now. >> reporter: but whitaker's entire fortune was allegedly gone within four years. while he ended up giving some of his winnings to family members, he lost most of it to
11:43 pm
in the end he was left with a million and a half dollars worth of debt and a drug addiction that forced him into rehab. >> it certainly has been a curse to me. >> reporter: it's happened to others. their stash of mega cash squandered with stung speed. michael carroll, back on unemployment after partying away his jackpot. and evelyn adams left living in a trailer after winning the lotto not once but twice. some winners have lost more than just their money. >> are you a murderer? >> no. >> reporter: this man took him $17 million, using his winnings to pay off others debts, but greed getting the best of those close to him. moore taking advantage of the now millionaire, stealing what murdering him. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. the mother of the so- called affluenza teen reportedly withdrew a lot of money and cut ties with husband before taking off to mexico with her son. prosecutors say tanya couch took $30,000 out of the bank
11:44 pm
never see her or their son ethan again. the pair was arrested in puerto vallarta where they allegedly fled after ethan violated his conviction. the teen remains in cuss stood in mexico. a picture of a pair of
11:45 pm
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the director of the latest installment in the star wars franchise is weighing in on a merchandising controversy. j.j. abrams says he is as surprised as anyone that ray was left out of the commemorative monopoly game and that the move, quote, just doesn't make sense. hasbro says they left ray out in order to avoid revealing one of the key plot lines. the company says she will be added to the future edition of the game. so tomorrow will be a good day to stay inside and play monopoly, i understand. >> it will. you might actually be able to get outside during the afternoon. the rain is going to taper off. could even get a break or two of sunshine. that's going to get
11:47 pm
but the morning is going to be a washout. we head outside. you see the tops of the buildings, or you can't see the tops of the buildings in lower manhattan. they're obscured by low clouds. temperatures 46, cloudy skies. next seven hours you see that rain coming in right around 4:00 in the morning. and then really getting heavy in a hurry by 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., heavy downpours, an east- northeast wind sustained at 20 miles per hour. look at temperatures. actually rising into the low 50s by that point. it is a soaking rain. coastal winds. actually those winds will be enough to raise tide levels to flooding benchmarks in parts of the area. right now 46 in the park, 36 at monticello, 50 down the shore at belmar. here's what's going on in terms of your flood advisories. long island, new york city, jersey shore, southwestern connecticut and westchester county under that flood
11:48 pm
high tide tomorrow morning. there could be some moderate coastal flooding. wind advisory in effect for western ulster county through noon. here comes that rainfall moving rapidly off to the north from parts of the delmarva. it will be here around 4:00, 5:00 a.m. belmar, 53. 7:00 in the morning, regionwide downpours, temperatures in the low 50s. by noon look at how quickly that heavy stuff moves up into new england. 59 still in the park, 60 down the shore in belmar. there could still be a lingering shower or two during the course of the afternoon. another little batch of showers moves on in early tomorrow evening with the cold front. behind that front much cooler into the day on monday. in fact, temperatures might struggle to get back up to freezing during the daylight hours monday. so at 7:20 in the morning that is sunrise officially
11:49 pm
a rumble of thunder out there. temperature around 53, windy and warm tomorrow morning, downpours, then a spotty afternoon shower. 60 for a high. that would tie a record, by the way, that's over 100 years old. decreasing clouds, breezy and colder tomorrow night. we're down to 30. it falls below freezing in the suburbs after midnight, and that means that any of the standing water from tomorrow's rainfall could freeze over. so there could be some black ice. 36 is probably before dawn, then temperatures hang out around freezing. tuesday night, an architect front moves by, with that maybe a flurry, behind that much colder. 31 wednesday, 34 thursday, more seasonable for friday and saturday. amy freeze has more in the morning. some pictures are worth more than a thousand words. a photo of a young couple reconnecting after they were involved in a car crash in
11:50 pm
>> many strangers who have seen it, they've reached out to the young man and the woman as they recover. as a graphic design student at lipscomb university, erica always hoped her work would get noticed b. but this is something she never envisioned. she and her boyfriend were on their way home. hunter came to as his pickup truck was seconds away there slamming into a bridge support. >> i don't know how we lived through that. >> the picture of his mangled toyota tundra provides context to the injuries scarring his face. he's at home recovering in florida. >> i've got a good gash across the forehead. >> but it's a different moment entirely that social media can't stop sharing. >> all i cared about was seeing her and making sure she was okay and before me. i didn't care what happened to me as long as she was all right.
11:51 pm
their looks, their eyes, and their neck braces were enough. >> anybody who looks at that something happened, and both of us were making sure each other were okay. >> so far the picture has made its way around the world. understand how. but messages they received from pure strangers shows why. >> i mean, we've gotten hundreds of messages, just telling that you say our story is what brought them out of a really, really dark place in their life, and it changed their life. >> a life changing moment that apparently has changed lives. and not just theirs. >> i'm just happy that so many people have been touched by it. >> yes. touched by something wonderful. in fact so far that photo has been shared nearly 76,000 times on facebook. >> what keels be life changing? the powerball numbers. we're going to show them to
11:52 pm
wrap up tonight. 16, 19, 32, 34, 57, the powerball number 13. if nobody wins we're told it is going up to $1.3 billion. try and wrap your brain around that. >> could be more than that. >> that is going to do it for us. we thank you for staying up late with us. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. if you won the powerball, give us a call, we'll no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
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