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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news at 6:00. we are remembering music legend david bowie with word overnight he died after a battle with cancer. breaking news in midtown, part of seventh avenue is shut down after strong winds sent debris flying off the side of a highrise hotel. and wind won't be our only issue today. we are also experiencing a big drop in temperatures with snow, yes snow on the way. and gam, i'm lori stokes. and i'm michelle charles in for ken rosato weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. >> meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: first off sometimes you can look at a live picture and see which way the wind is blowing. here's our camera, looking south from our camera here in a storia. over here to the power plant, that is big alice and the steam is all going that way. so we have a real tough wind
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this morning, at about 15 to 25 miles per hour. so our 32-degree temperature is being influenced by there wind out of the west at 13, 17, 21 miles per hour. so it is going to feel brutal. this is how it feels, 24, 26 degrees, mind you yesterday, we were near 60 in the afternoon. thunderstorms with the cold air crashing in and we have 19, the real feel at bell mar. white plains, that is how it feels outside. and today really that is going to be how it is all day. day with sunshine. snow showers tomorrow afternoon season. heather has some problems out there already this morning. happy monday to you. >> happy monday to you. if you use route 287, listen to this report. route 287 southbound in new jersey near exit 37, there is an icing condition. all lanes are closed down south.
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heavy delays coming into that spot. 95 north express lanes near exit 71, this is an accident. 95 is the road to get into the george washington bridge. george washington bridge is 10, the lincoln is minor. holland is a minor delay. then you have the hutch going south, exit 2, west chester avenue emergency repairs, two lanes closed down at that spot. also a problem through new jersey 17 south right near ridge road avenue, a couple of lanes closed down. seventh avenue has the closure by 54th street and our street cleaning rules are in effect. breaking news this morning, the world is remembering david bowie. the rock n roll hall of famer month battle with cancer. his career spanned five decades
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black star was just released friday. it was also his 69th berth day. bowie has an off broadway -- birthday. bowie has an off broadway show and leaves behind a wife, model iman, and two children. breaking news, strong wind overnight in manhattan led to a frightening situation at a sheraton hotel in midtown. debris fell from the 46th floor. >> reporter: good morning lori. no doubt the strong wind this morning causing problems here in midtown and because of the strong wind, there is concern more debris may actually fall from the building. because of that, 7th avenue between 53rd and 54th streets, remains close this had morning.
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debris that fell from the 46th floor just before midnight last night. debris there, 4-foot by 8-foot, luckily there was no one injured on the ground when the 46th floor. meanwhile the buildings department still in the process of going over the building to make sure structurally everything is okay. meanwhile, back here on seventh avenue between 53rd and 54th, until the buildings department gives the all clear, this section of seventh avenue will remain closed. right now, not much of a traffic problem but certainly as it gets later here in the morning that could become a big problem with congestion here because this is here in the heart of midtown. live outside the sheraton at west 53rd. also high winds have been a problem all night in new jersey. this video shows how
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tools in jersey city to cut up a tree that crashed down. utilities reported more than 1000 power outages during the night across northern new jersey. they have been working to get all those folks back online. remember as temperatures dipped today you can track weather on the go with our free accu- track weather alert app. go to the itunes or google play store and search. the nypd officer injured in the shootout in the bronx has undergone surgery to remove the bullet in his ankle. officer stewart is continuing recover after the shooting early saturday morning. the officer was shot while responding to a fight that spilled out onto the street from a jump up party. stewart was hit but managed bravely to return fire, hitting
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mexico has started the formal process of extraditing drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to the united states. his lawyers are fighting to keep their client in mexico where he has already escaped from maximum security prisons twice in the past. his new jail cell floor will be three areas of con court and metal. this action about how much heroin he sends around the world is maddening. we see a heroin epidemic in this country, so we are going to stay on top of this until we get that back from the box. but el chapo is behind bars. >> mexican authorities now want to speak with sean penn about his meeting with el chapo. republican presidential candidates will face off this
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first debate of the new year.
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her husband, calling it a dead end for republicans. last night planned parenthood threw their support behind clinton. the white house announced it will not support a candidate during the primary race. "good morning america" picks up our coverage with a live report from washington beginning at 7:00. president obama will squeeze nearly two dozen special guests into the house chamber tomorrow night for his final state of the union address. presidents often use the first lady guest box to host people who have shaped policy. the guests are called out as anecdotes for the president's policy proposals. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes with bill evans. >> reporter: clear skies, a great view from the george washington bridge and looking
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23 miles is what you can see here this morning. but it is cold, an arctic air mass in place. you can see all the way down to the verrazano narrows bridge and staten island, and sandy hook, new jersey. probably go down another degree next hour before sunrise. back here in canada, there is a low pressure and 38 is the normal high. the wind is out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour. at the bus stop kiddos, dress warmly. these kids will be there. a biting wind and ouch. not only a biting wind but one of the kids might bite you too. then after school, these kids will still be here when it is 36 degrees, it is just a windy, cold day.
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what do you have going on heather? >> reporter: a lot of stuff that all of a sudden just happened. this is the bqe, getting up into the battery tunnel, we have an accident being cleared away. let's talk about this icing condition. 287 southbound near exit 37 it is causing several accidents. so as a result you have all lanes close from exit 37 into exit 36. we are also looking here at 95, northbound express lanes near exit 71, that is an accident. your ride to the george washington bridge is doing okay, inbound is about a 10 minute delay getting into the tolls. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, still no suspects named after an american woman in italy was
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shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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police are promising the
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florence, it had i will receive -- italy will receive maximum attention. ashley olsen's body was found in her florence apartment saturday. reports are olsen was strangled. police do not have any suspects. there are concerns of a continued threat against philadelphia police after last week's ambush of an officer. a tip is being checked out that the suspect in officer jesse hartnett's shooting is part of a radical group. someone told an officer the threat is friends and family gather today in los angeles to say a final goodbye to natalie cole. cole, the daughter of natt king
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cole battled health problems although in recent years, including a -- in recent years, including a battle with hepatitis c. meteorologist bill evans has done it, he went outside side. >> reporter: i had no choice. it is really cold out here. wouldn't be so bad when the wind dies down, but you need everything, gloves, scarf, hat, all that kind of stuff. it is going to be a windy day. first off, here are pictures to show you, live pictures and this morning with a clear sky, it is cold out there. normal high is 38. we were at 59 yesterday, so today is going to feel really shocking. and we had intense rain yesterday, which was a daily record. now 35 miles per hour throughout much of the day,
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i snow showers from a clipper system going to be. 34 on long island, 32 in the north shower. this is the air temperature, not so bad, this is a little warmer than normal, but you tack on this wind at 15, 12, 20 miles per hour, could be colder. you see this morning, temperatures in the 20s. to the teens up toward monticello. this is how it is going to feel all day long today. on our satellite pictures, clouds to the west ahead of the clipper system. it is going to dive through the great lakes and come here tomorrow. mid-30s this afternoon, and here comes the snow for tomorrow. clouds increase, the snow showers gather really around 5:00 or 6:00 later on in the afternoon. might be mixed with rain on long island, coastal connecticut or maybe even down
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so we are looking at this cold air reinforced overnight when the clipper gets a little bit warmer ahead of it. from behind it will be another really cold day on wednesday. so you see the snow showers developing as we go into the afternoon and evening hours into tomorrow morning and into tomorrow night. so here is your afternoon report, dress warmly, feels like teens in the suburbs. 20s in the west. 28 tonight, the wind dies down. tomorrow snow showers tomorrow evening and tomorrow night could give us a coating to an inch at best and might mix on long island and the jersey shore. really cold wednesday, we warm back up by friday.
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myself. >> you really are. >> i think i saw a tumbleweed go by. >> i just heard something. thank you bill. let's talk subways. over to our subway status. d trains, track work near dekalb avenue complete. you definitely want to use mass transit if you drive down seventh satisfy. 287 an icing condition causing accidents. all lanes are closed on 237 into 36. then 95 north express lanes near exit 71, that is an accident. other mass transit is doing just fine, alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. jokes wag is expected to make a big announcement at the detroit auto show. >> reporter: hey there, in
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flashing new hybrids. >> it uses separate electric motors to power the front and rear wheels. >> and a turbo charged gasoline engine is on standby. >> the streaming music service now has more than 10 million paid subscribers, much older than spot fay. and the most googled homes during the golden globe awards. >> second leo dicaprio's interaction to lady gaga. >> those are your tech bites. still ahead, reaction to the death of music icon david bowie continues to pour in on social media.
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u.s. stocks suffered their worst week in four years. the dow starts down at 16346 and right now futures are pointing to a slightly higher open. overseas many time, china's stock benchmark sank more than 5%. hong kong closed down 2%, japan is closed today. uber is slashing prices in dozens of cities around the country. unfortunately new york is not one of them. for now, just 80 cities are seeing lower prices.
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meant to spur business during slower times. 6:23. you are never more than 10 minutes away from -- weather and traffic together every 7 minutes with bill evans. >> reporter: going right out the beach here from central sections of pennsylvania, across new jersey, heading out right across. the wind kind of keeps the waves out that way. we didn't have to worry about the coastal flooding like we had yesterday. a lot of rain, an inch and 8 tenths of rain. we set a new record in central park. now cold air is pouring in here, and created black ice situations on roadways with west wind at 26 to 24 miles per hour. so today the wind chills are starting out with a real feel in the 30s here. if you are taking the ferries over back and forth from staten island, jersey city, we have a little bounce this morning. be careful when you are getting here and getting onto the
6:24 am
a little bit windy and cold, so be ready for that. even the next 7 hours, only 31 to 34 degrees through the afternoon. there will be sunshine but the temperature is barely going to get above that freezing mark. the black ice we are talking about still have a problem with that? >> reporter: yes new jersey, 287 south exit 37. an icing conditions are condition -- condaleezza rice causing several accidents. you want to use some caution. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. mass transit is doing fine. michelle, over to you. thank you heather. happening today big time, college football crowns its national champion. the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide meet.
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one team in the country. only championship came in, in 19816789 alabama has -- in 1981. alabama has 15 titles. we are closing in on 630:67:89 also following breaking news overnight. remembrances are pouring in this morning hours after we learned that music legend david bowie has died.
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breaking news in midtown. part of seventh avenue is closed after strong winds sent debris flying from a highrise hotel and we are live on the scene. david bowie has died. reaction is pouring in on social media. live with details on how the world is remembering this music icon. and after warmer than normal temperatures yesterday, we are in for a big cooldown
6:28 am
snow by tomorrow. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm michelle charles in for ken rosato weather and traffic together every 7 minutes and meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: today is national clean off your desk day. we have clear skies and a day where we start out with temperatures and real fields just mean out there. 32 degrees is our temperature. winds make it feel much colder. 33 across eastern long island. you tack on the wind, here's how it really feels out there, 24 at the park, 25 la guardia, 13 monticello. teens and 20s around 3:00. yes the s-word is in the forecast. we are going to talk about snow showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. heather is talking about black
6:29 am
how is it going? >> reporter: pretty dangerous. before we talk about the black ice, let's talk about the way you may want to commute. an icing condition 287 south near exit 37 causing accidents. so 287 is closed southbound 37 to 36 as a result. we have this problem as you head south near exit 18. that is an icing condition causing an accident. let's go over to a web cam, here is the inbound side of the bqe, that delay takes you into the battery tunnel and that is alternate side of the street today. musician david beau wii died after an 18 month battle
6:30 am
reporter mallory is live outside his home in soho. >> reporter: good morning, a singer, a songwriter, an icon, a legend. new yorkers waking up to learn about david bowie's death. we are standing outside of his long time residence in soho. just in the last hour or so a few people walked up to the area, put flowers down, lit candles in remembrance, many of them saying the world will miss david bowie. changes changes. >> reporter: iconic singer david bowie died peacefully at with cancer. his greatest success came in the 70s and 80s. his hits include fame, heroes
6:31 am
most notably during the 70s in his ziggy stardust phase. bowie just released a new album on friday. the same day he turned 69. he discussed getting older. >> it is a struggle to figure out how i'm no longer 20. most people, they get to 20, then they stay 20. it didn't happen for me, though. so i have unique perspective. of somebody who never stopped being 20.
6:32 am
alike taking to social media. whoopie goldberg wrote my condolences to the family of the legendary david bowie may he rest in peace. in the 80s during the mtv concert backstage at battery park in in the morning. in another post madonna wrote talented, unique, genius, game changer. the man who fell to earth your spirit lives on forever. a sentiment being echoed throughout new york, the united states and the world. david bowie was set to be honored in march at carnegie hall. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stay with eyewitness news as reaction continues and you can also view a slideshow of david bowie's career at abc 7 and share your thoughts with us on our social media pages using the hashtag
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breaking news in midtown. a portion of seventh satisfy is closed after debris came crashing down from a highrise hotel. we have an update. >> reporter: good morning michelle. that debris came from the 46th floor here at the sheraton, new york in the heart of midtown. the strong wind getting the blame this morning and because there was concern that more debris may come falling down, seventh avenue between 53rd and 54th street is still closed this morning. in fact, you can see the fire department, more crews arriving here this morning. look at the debris that came crashing down just before midnight last night. two charge chunks of the debris, we are told part of the building's facade, four feet by eight feet. there are no reports of any serious damage. the concern right now, making sure there is no structural
6:34 am
the buildings department is inside, going over that area where that debris came from and that is why this section of seventh avenue is still closed, because they want to make sure nothing else will come down on the street or the sidewalk before they reopen it. fire crews just arrived here within the last two minutes or so. no realtime table on how long seventh avenue will be closed but again that debris, falling from the 46th floor. no reports of any injuries or any serious damage, but there is still a concern more debris may actually fall. live this morning in midtown channel 7 eyewitness news. there new video shows how firefighters cranked up power tools in jersey city to remove a tree that crashed down on a parked car. falling trees and power lines
6:35 am
they have been working to get all of those people back 6:36. and one suspect remains on the loose after the gang rape of a teenage girl in a brooklyn park. four teenagers are in custody in connection to the attack brownsville. we are not showing the suspects' faces on the surveillance video, because they are all under the age of 18 and have not yet been charged. investigators say an 18-year- old girl and her father were walking near osborne playground when the teens threatened her father with a gun and told him to leave. >> you cannot rape a young lady in our community and think you are going to get away it wit. you will go to jail. this is a violation of the biggest magnitude. >> police say the teenage girl was attacked and raped while her father looked for help. community activists will rally today in support of the victim
6:36 am
a man charged with murder for allegedly shooting a 12- year-old girl in her home on long island. police arrested 20-year-old i can't quan keller. police say the seventh grader was simply sitting at the dinner table. deja's family has strong words for the suspect. >> i can't say exactly what i want to say, but i hope he rots in hell. taking my granddaughter away so young, such a young age. i had just got off the phone, she was telling me she was making lunch. she had just got in from school officials will hold a news conference today to release more investigation.
6:37 am
every 7 minutes and bill evans with the weather forecast. >> reporter: dress warmly. here is our camera rutherford, new jersey looking to the east, to the sunrise, to manhattan. there you see one world trade on the right. we are looking at a morning where we have a beautiful sunrise, our roof camera looking a cross the park toward flushing bay. it is chilly, might drop a little bit more and we have this wind to go with that out of the west northwest. canada right there, a clipper diving down. snow showers tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening. today sunshine. arctic air, 35 or 36 by afternoon. clear skies and 30s tonight, but the wind will slowly start to die down. a cold day today kiddos dress
6:38 am
i give it a d. dfor dense, dense air, very -- d, for dense air, very cold heather. if you take route 287, here's how it looks when you are right near route 202. not a bad ride. but the further south you get all lanes are closed down from 37 down to 36. there is an icing condition, we are also looking here at 95 as you go northbound. we had an accident near exit 71. the accident has been cleared. 5 minutes inbound george washington bridge and 15 at the inbound lincoln. the holland has a mine nor delay and getting into the george washington bridge -- a minor delay and getting into the george washington bridge it is okay. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a dramatic
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impressive new video showing a dramatic rescue. >> reporter: officers could not get to the people trapped on the second floor of a burning building so they grabbed a ladder from a nearby construction site. they were able to eventually get to those people. two other officers were around back rescuing four people. all the officers are being thanked on facebook for saving lives. new this morning, one man has died, another was hurt after gunfire broke out inside of a new york city housing complex. it happened late last night inside of the red hook houses in brooklyn. police say 20 minutes later a 33-year-old man was found shot inside the lobby of yet another building. estes taken to the hospital and later died.
6:43 am
may stem from a botched drug deal. new this morning, a brutal fight between an armed robber and a gas station clerk in newark. and the clerk wins. the two men fought until the clerk managed to grab the thief's gun and then hold him until police arrived. both men were pretty banged up. "good morning america" is up next. robin roberts is live in times square. >> reporter: good morning to you lori. we are going to pick up your coverage of david bowie pass ago way. so sad days after turning 69 and releasing his final album. this morning we are celebrating the life of a true music legend. also ahead, hollywood's big night, the golden globes. all the highlights live from hollywood this morning. and a familiar face is back
6:44 am
sam, sam, come on out. hurry hurry. >> reporter: good morning everybody. >> he is back. he is back. >> oh, we are sending kisses i can't you look great. hi sam. >> good morning you guys, how are you? >> we are great, how are you? >> i you guys. i am nervous. they moved the set around. i don't know what is going on. fasten your seat belts, because this is going to be nuts. >> have a great return. >> -you. see you soon. >> hilarious. time to get a check on the accu-weather forecast. how about that bill? >> reporter: i think it is awesome to have him back. and i think he ought to come stand outside right now with me out here in the cold. >> yeah. >> reporter: always nice when the family can get back together.
6:45 am
this morning we are cold. that's right. we have a pretty morning though, sunrise absolutely gorgeous, look at that wind west at 13. just a moment ago news from the kiosk went flying up columbus avenue. look at the barometer. when it is below 30 like that, around 29. 36. arctic air, cold and dense. clear skies and sunshine, we today. 36 close to a normal high. look at yesterday's rainfall. a record for the day. what a pretty sunset too. your headlines go like this, a cold morning with wind gusts at 35. tomorrow a clipper system and behind that clipper actually wednesday is going to be colder than today. looking at 32, 33 degrees across long island.
6:46 am
15 to 20 miles per hour, gusts here around 30, 32 miles per hour. feels like 20s, teens. just about all day long today, with the cold arctic air coming in. the wind will start to die out tonight. way up in canada, there is a picture of an alberta clipper. this morning temperatures in the 20s. and then you see coming from the bess, it gets cloudy tomorrow afternoon, temperature gets to about 39 and here comes the clipper with the snow showers, where it is a little warmer to the south. across long island, jersey shore. behind it, it gets colder today and windy again. that will reinforce the shot of arctic air. feels like 20s in the city, teens in the suburbs for tomorrow. so here comes that clipper, we
6:47 am
forecast map. 36 today, going to feel like teens and 20s. tonight down to 28. tomorrow we have the snow showers in the afternoon, with the clipper and the temperature 39. it is going to be mainly during the afternoon and evening, and wednesday's cold day we'll be up to 40 by friday. yes it's cold out. yes i'm coming in. >> reporter: got to keep moving out here. >> need the wool socks. >> reporter: i've got it all on and i'm still cold. >> then come in. let's talk about mass transit. hop on a train, bus, subway. all do fine. if you are going on to 287 southbound, cold there. an icing condition near exit
6:48 am
we have all lanes closed down. as a result another icing condition on the sawmill river parkway. two lanes blocked off. also two lanes on the hutch right near exit 2. emergency repairs. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. michelle, lori, over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning. ready to place your bets in northern new jersey?
6:49 am
legislators are considering possible casino expansion in new jersey. at the meadowlands and in hudson county as well. right now the new jersey state constitution limits casinos to atlantic city. votes are expected. this morning we are hearing from the man whose warm act on viral. joey rest was coming home from work friday night when he saw a train. other passengers had moved away from him. rest then made the gesture that warmed the hearts of more than
6:50 am
>> i took the shirt off my back and gave him the hat that i had to my head. >> rest didn't realize someone was recording his act of kindness. he said he hopes his actions will inspire others to do the same. tributes have been pouring in for david bowie. >> we learned overnight the music icon lost his battle with (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction)
6:51 am
(burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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traffic is shut down in midtown manhattan after strong winds knocked debris from a hotel. >> reporter: good morning michelle and lori. ia the strong winds causing problems here in midtown this morning. the debris coming from the 46th floor of the sheraton new york here in the heart of midtown. and because the strong wind is still a concern, they are worried more may fall from the building. that is why seventh avenue between 53rd and 54th street is closed this morning. no timetable on how long, but we know the buildings department is inspecting the building to make sure there is no structural damage. ber live in midtown, channel 7
6:53 am
people remember david bowie. in london where people are laying players at bowie's birthplace. he was born david robert jones in 1947. bowie died yesterday after an 18-month long battle with cancer. his latest album, black star, was released friday. bowie was also an actor and has an off broadway show in the east village. model and actress iman who married bowie in 1992 posted this. the first is a quote from beaury on his 50th birthday when he told a crowd i don't know where i'm going from here, but i promise it won't be boring. >> the second was made yesterday. sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
6:54 am
sad to wake up to that news this morning. the f trains signal problems at lexington avenue so you can expect downtown as a result. 287 the icing condition has been cleared and same with the sawmill southbound side. you still want to use caution. thank you heather. >> reporter: well it is cold. be careful with the cold too, about a half hour you feel the effects of frostbite. the temperature at 7:00 is going to be probably around 31 degrees i would say. there you go. 31 and with the wind it is much colder. 32 around nor walk, 32 long island. the sad thing we get to 36, close to our normal high of 38. snow showers tomorrow afternoon, a coating to an inch particularly north and west and
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