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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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of raping the woman inside a park in brooklyn after pointing a gun at the teenager's father. the brooklyn district attorney's office have until tomorrow to secure the indeputies against the five suspects. prosecutors say they will not meet the window and still need more time to build the case. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is working on the story. she will have much more at 5:00. now powerball and the massive jackpot that lead to massive anticipation. who are the big winners? we know three winning tickets were sold across the country, one in chino hills, california and munn ford, tennessee and melbourne beach, florida. >> this is the scene inside the store in california. >> there you go. >> hundreds showing up in the middle of the night to cheer the fact that there was a new multimillionaire in the community.
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were ten tickets worth a million sold in new york, new jersey and connecticut. >> good for them. we are covering the winners on both coasts. we begin with our sister station kabc in chino hills h california. >> reporter: well, we know where the tickets were all sold and we know there are three lucky winners. we don't know who they are yet. lottery officials telling us the tickets sold one here in chino hills, california at the 7-eleven and another in tennessee and florida. last night if you were here, this parking lot was filled with hundreds of people from the community. chino hills feeling like they were the winners. now, in the minutes following the announcement that one of the winning tickets had been sold in chino hills, the community rallied in celebration. the crowd swarming the 7-eleven where the powerball containing
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the lucky winner will split the nearly $1.6 billion payout with two others. lottery officials tell me all three winners will take home an estimated $528 million apiece. that is a nice chunk of change. the first pay outwent to the franchise owner. california lottery officials handed him a ceremonial check for $1 million. he and 7-eleven will share the retailer bonus. he thanked the community for the support and congratulated the mystery winner. lottery officials say the winner of the chino hills jackpot has not yet stepped forward. >> give some to charity and then i will be like sharing with employee and family. >> if our winner is looking at this right now, we hope you do that, come to the california lottery headquarters or any of the nine district offices. talk to us. we want to help you start the
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winning a big cash prize should never ever be a nightmare. >> reporter: those winners have up to a year to claim the prize money. if they take the lump sum payout, they are looking at walking away with $327.8 million. i am not the winner unfortunately but i will throw it back to you. >> thank you. we are not the winners either. several people in our area did walk away with winning tickets. five people in new york state won a million dollars each. connecticut had three million dollar winners and new jersey had two winners including one who took home $2 million. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is in jamesburg where one of the tickets was purchased. anthony? >> reporter: well, liz, you know, i have been out here most of the day at the 7-eleven. we are watching to see if the
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to show up. this is a localized 7-eleven. everybody that stops by live in the community very close. they come and go to work past the store. we know the winner has to be in this area. one good reason the winner may decide to hold off to come to the store, maybe they are planning the next vacation or, say, how about buying a new house. the owner and worker that sold the winning ticket are all smiles anxious to greet the lucky person that purchased the million dollar prize. >> i am so happy to know one of my customers got the one million dollar ticket. so, i am really happy about that. >> the 7-eleven in jamesburg was abuzz as word went out they sold a winning million dollar ticket and the fever to play in the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. >> i am waiting, my boss is waiting. everybody is waiting.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, as the numbers were being called out last night, excitement was building for 76 workers from this elementary school in clifton, including the principal. they won a modest prize of $50,000. each person takes home over 650 before taxes. >> we started a couple of weeks ago and had like a couple of dollars here and there, whatever. then we put it all back in and then we continued to play and then we hit last night and it was very exciting this morning to get up and say, oh, my gosh, we won. up there in clifton. hope you go out there and have a good time spending the money. we are still waiting. as you said, there is another winner in the state of new jersey in burlington county. that person, who still hasn't million. both of these folks are my two best friends.
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>> anthony, thank you. investigators are trying to figure out how dozens of students in an elementary school in queens became sick. more than 200 students were not in class today at ps 12 in woodside. they were suffering from nausea and vomiting, symptoms of norovirus. they are investigating the cause as the school is being disinfected. we will hear from some of the students and parents at 4:30. investigators believe a mechanical failure caused a bus crash in honduras that killed three columbia university students. daniella moffson, olivia erhardt and abigail flanagan were heading to the airport when the bus veered off the road. it fell about 260 feet into a ravine. the women were volunteering as part of clumps chapter of global brigade that provides medical support to the poor.
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always does, what is best for everybody. that's it. >> at least a dozen other americans were injured. eight are in the hospital in critical condition including heather bender from scarsdale. columbia is sending supplies and medical staff to honduras to make sure that all the injured receive quality care. jetblue's computer system is back up and running after it was down for several hours. the company says a verizon power outage knocked it out. this caused issues for customers across the country. jetblue said flights were still departing during the outage but there may be delays. the giants today, it's official, the giants naming ben mcadoo as the new football coach. the 38-year-old is the 17th head coach in giant history. he serves as the offensive coordinator the last two years. mcadoo has no head coaching experience.
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has been preparing for this moment his entire professional life. giants will introduce him tomorrow. well, we are months away from the official start of the hurricane season but we are actually tracking one in january. the national hurricane center says hurricane alex is the first atlantic hurricane to form in the month of january since 1938. alex is still far away from the united states, centered south of the azores. the track has it reaching the islands on friday. per hour. officially the atlantic hurricane season begins in june. now to politics, the republican presidential candidates are getting ready to face off in the next debate tonight in south carolina. the focus will likely be on ted cruz and donald trump. cruz's campaign is in damage control mode after it was revealed that he took up to a million dollars in loans from big wall street banks to finance his run for senate. the "new york times" is
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not disclosed. donald trump is not letting up his demands that canadian born cruz have courts decide whether he is eligible for the oval office. stokes rebond -- stocks rebounding following yesterday's big sell off. letter u.s. crude oil saw a sizable gain. yesterday the worst drop since september. a live look at the big board. the dow rows 227 points. -- rose 227 points. >> good to see that it's up. scary moment that started with something that you probably have in your house right now. a can of cooking spray is being blamed for an explosion that injured a child. we will tell you what went wrong. >> plus, big changes coming for commuters that rely on the subway to get from brooklyn to manhattan. one line could be closed for a year or more.
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a check on the roads on
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accident causing delays on the southbound fdr at 96th street. it extends to the triboro bridge. hudson river crossings, 20 minutes outbound at the holland. 10 minutes at the lincoln, minor inbound at the george. strap hangars who use the l train you could be in for a rough ride. service on the line between manhattan and brooklyn could be shut down for more than a year. it's because the canarsie tube needs to be fixed. it carries the train through the east river. it was damaged when superstorm sandy flooded it with saltwater. mayor de blasio voicing concerns about any shut down plan. >> i am very concerned. folks on out l train already are dealing with overcrowded trains and lack of frequent -- enough service and problems. >> to conduct the repairs, the canarsie tube could be closed around the clock for 18 months. another option is three years of intermittent closures.
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love to hate. british actor alan rickman known for playing the best bad guy in many films like diehard and harry potter died earlier today. >> i am going to count to three. do you think you have a chance against us, mr. cowboy. join us or die. >> i haven't stolen anything. >> don't lie to me. >> would you stay? >> he was in many films during his 40 year career including love actually and sense and sensibility and he had a prolific career on the stage. emma thompson who started with him in both of those films that you saw tweeted saying he is above all things a rare and unique human being. we shall not see his like again. j.k. recalling tweeted he was a magnificent actor and wonderful man. he has two films that are yet
4:13 pm
set glass. he died after a brief battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. he will be hans. deeply. wonderful film. oscar nominees. what is not represented among the best actor nominees, any person of color. >> even though the performances represented were critically acclaimed hollywood is facing a backlash for lack of diversity. sandy kenyon has much more on the announcement. >> reporter: liz, african- absent. consider this. sylvester stallone was cheered
4:14 pm
almost 40 years for creed but there was no mention of michael b. jordan who plays the tight dollars role. it's -- title role. it's being called a repeat of last year. a list of nominees with a lack of diversity in the acting categories. >> was it a disappointment? >> yes. yes, it was. >> reporter: during her tenure, the academy is making moves to be more inclusive and the revenant made by a hispanic director had more than a dozen nods including leo who is heavily predicted to win as best actor.
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a housewife from long island that made a fortune. she is up again cate blanchett and brie larson as a single mom trying to raise a son in one room. rounding it out is charlotte rampling. among the actresses in the supporting part the nominees are. >> jennifer jason lee, roma mara. rachel mcadams and kate winslet in steve jobs. >> are you familiar with spotlight. >> reporter: spotlight is one of eight titles to compete along with the bridge of spies, bridge short, room and the marshal and mad makes, thunder
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one blockbuster not on that list again, conspicuous, "star wars: the force awakens." consider the original was nominated many, many times, nominated for best picture, one six oscars and "the force awakens" nominated five times in technical categories but not the big race. coming up on "eyewitness news at 5:00," i will be talking more about diversity with the president of the academy. i'm sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. liz, rob? >> thanks. looking good. if you are scoring at home, 12 for the revenant, ten for mad max, seven for the marshal. you can see the complete list on our web site, abc7ny. that's where you will find sandy's web chat from this morning's announcement. don't forget you can watch the oscars sunday, february 28th right here on channel 7.
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>> can we talk about the hurricane? >> sure, sure. >> i mean, this is crazy that we are talking about a hurricane in the middle of january. >> atlantic water temperatures are way above average. you know the warm pattern we had through november and december. that is not only on land but over the waters as well. that's why we will talk about a storm system this weekend, a great snow track for us in january but not this year because of the warm water. first of all, it's cloudy. we are above freezing but it's rather chilly and brisk. here is a look downtown past the empire state building. you can see the red hugh or the horizon. 37 right now. westerly wind at 15. pressure on the rise. high current at 37. wind makes it feel chilly. there are the averages, close to normal for the daytime high. dusting in the tri-state area. we talked about that yesterday. it did occur this morning.
4:18 pm
a few flurries made it to the coast. 41 in belmar. that's with the thinning of the clouds. the feel like readings are below freezing from the city on northward. clouds thin out at times, partly cloudy overnight. the temperatures hold steady overnight if not rise toward morning. partly cloudy skies in the morning. you will notice a lot of high clouds that filter the sunshine and the sun fades tomorrow afternoon. despite that, temperatures in the upper 40s. toms river to howell, new jersey, 195. otherwise most of us are under overcast skies heading toward sunset. a warm front to the north. temperatures are going to climb behind the front. the warm front is connected to a big storm over the dakotas. that one and one over the gulf. the two are heading in that direction. that will be responsible for a friday to saturday soaking. there is the atlantic. can you find it?
4:19 pm
hurricane alex heading to the azores. 85 miles per hour winds. it goes over the azores with hurricane conditions early friday then an area of low pressure with very strong winds heading to greenland over the weekend. here is futurecast. notice the high clouds overnight. temperatures tomorrow despite increasing cloudiness get into the upper 40s. that is pleasant. there is the rain tomorrow night. heaviest overnight into the first part of saturday morning. allow for showers through maybe late morning then skies may clear late day. we could get close to 50. partly cloudy, not as cold tonight. 34. 20s in the suburbs. filtered sun tomorrow. a cloudy finish but milder day at 49. have umbrellas for after 10:00 tomorrow night. slick north and west. temperatures are in the mid- 30s. looking at sunday, i think we will have dry conditions during the daylight hours but clouds increase. the second storm of the
4:20 pm
weekend with potentially a snowfall sunday into monday. more on that and wait until you hear about the frigid cold after that. guys, back to you for now. >> it was not lost on us that behind sandy kenyon people were in shorts and t-shirts. >> nice day in l.a. i thought it was wet but that is how shiny the walk of fame is. >> he was worried about rain. >> we are worried about the cold. supposed to help improve the health of your lips. balm did anything but. you will hear from the customer filing suit.
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new research by doctors on long island show 9/11 first respond percent suffer nerve damage. >> we suffer from 9/11 illnesses and neuropathy. every illness we have, the absorption through the nose, mouth and skin and we were lied to when they said the air was safe to breathe. >> doctors discovered that survivors have numbness, burning, pain and muscle cramps in their feet and legs but
4:24 pm
the zadroga 9/11 health compensation act. the harlem children's zone held a ceremony to recognize them for what they do to keep the neighborhood safe for kids. harlem is a better place because of the officers and the commanders who work there. >> i know with the news that comes out, everybody is yelling and screaming about some incident that happened but i know you put your lives on the line everyday to keep virtual strangers safe in the city. >> harlem's children zone honored a number of individual officers for their extra effort as well. quite a sight in manhattan. i will show you honor. he is the smallest police horse in training in the country. he is learning to be a therapy horse. >> i didn't know they had miniature police horses. >> for training so hard he got to have some carrot cake.
4:25 pm
>> he wasn't just walking by somebody's table here? this is his treat. >> this is his treat. after he completes the training he will be part of the gentle carousel. there is a team of tiny horses that visit with 45,000 adults and children. that is nice. >> that is great. there. >> i think of that commercial horse. i wonder if honor has one. still ahead for us, dozens of students at a queens school sickened. what is to blame there. >> a warning about a common household item that exploded causing several injuries
4:26 pm
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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our top story, hundreds of students sickened at a school in queens. >> ps 12 in woodside is open as it gets disinfected.
4:29 pm
>> cefaan kim has been twitter page. >> reporter: at least 210 students stayed home after dozens were sent home yesterday and today with what officials believe is the stomach flu. the department of health is inside the school disinfecting it. >> my daughter said 50 students vomited. >> reporter: parents in woodside queens are not sure if they should bring their students tomorrow. about 60 went home yesterday and 28 today. hundreds more were absent. this little 7-year-old said teachers sent her home with helpful tips on how to prevent the spread of norovirus, commonly known as the stomach flu. >> they tell us it is spreading
4:30 pm
>> reporter: she said five of her classmates were sent home sick and that has her worried. >> i hope they get better. >> reporter: parents were given also as they picked up their children notifying them of the situation. the mayor ordered the school to be disinfected twice, today and over the weekends. if parents have any doubt, the mayor says better safe than sorry. >> our message to any students and staff who are not feeling well, they should stay home. we want to help them get better and get a handle on this. >> reporter: now, to be clear, the school is not closed but the question is how many students will show up tomorrow. on "eyewitness news at 5:00":30, we asked dr. richard besser what are the symptoms of stomach flu and how to prevent its spread. >> we will talk to him in a few minutes. common household cooking item is being blamed for an explosion that burned three people in brooklyn including a toddler.
4:31 pm
cooking spray was placed too close to a stove. that caused the can to explode this morning at a home on 15th street and coney island. 15 people were burned including a 1-year-old child sitting on a couch. >> everybody crying. they don't know what happened. like in shock. so, i come over here and throw the water on the fire, on the baby, too. >> the boy suffered burns to his face and arms. two adults suffered minor injuries. the boy is expected to recover, thankfully. also new at 4:00, a man from brooklyn has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for a brutal assault on a transgender woman. she spoke about the attack that left her with severe brain injuries. she was struck in the head with
4:32 pm
sounds was convicted with assault as a hate crime. a mistreated dog abandoned in a duffel bag at a shelter. the nassau county d.a.'s was is revealing clues. you can see the man drop a bag on saturday with a wounded and malnourished puppy inside. investigators say cooper shows signs of being left outside a long time. i may have burn marks as well. he is being treated. nassau county spca is offering a reward for a tip that will crack this case. a mother in new jersey went to get cash from an atm but lost her daughter. before 2:00 on tuesday when she parked her car in downtown trenton and crossed the street to use the atm. she left the car running. her 5-year-old daughter was in the back seat. when smith returned, the car was gone. nine minutes later it was found in a parking lot.
4:33 pm
smith was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. big break in the case of an american woman found murdered in italy. police arrested a man for the murder of ashley olsen. a suspect from senegal who olsen brought home from a nearby bar. marci gonzales has the latest in that case. >> reporter: italian investigators say they know who killed american ashley olsen in her apartment in florence, arresting a suspect and revealing what they believe lead to the 35-year-old's violent death. >> this case is rich in evidence between dna, probably fingerprints, surveillance cameras, and, i think, witnesses. >> investigators say early friday morning olsen left the florence nightclub pictured here with a man she met. they claim he had been in italy illegally and was known to police for suspected drug related activities.
4:34 pm
the man were intoxicated on alcohol and possibly drugs walking to the apartment where prosecutors claim they had consensual sex but investigators believe when olsen asked the man to leave there was a fight. according to italian media, the suspect pushed olsen and she hit her head fracturing her skull in two places. on saturday were bound was found naked on the floor with bruises. >> unsophisticated guy as far as crimes are concerned. >> reporter: investigators found the suspect's dna on a condemn and cigarette in the toilet and claim he took cell phone, which helped police track him down. there are reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olsen. he is now in police custody charged with aggravated homicide. marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. we are following breaking news right now in midtown, manhattan.
4:35 pm
there is some sort of gas leak happening in the area and evacuations are now underway. shannon sohn is over the scene in newscopter 7 with the latest. what do we know. >> reporter: the call came in a few minutes ago about an odor of you can see the fire department is there. letter they have roped off that section of the sidewalk. as you mentioned, they have evacuated that building. if you were on 7th avenue, you can see the fire department activity and it does stretch for blocks. they called con ed to the scene as well to figure out where the odor of gas is emanating from. you have a couple of lanes open on 7th avenue which is an improvement. for a while all lanes were shut down. lots of fire department activity. it's tying things up on 7th avenue. no idea where the gas is coming from yet but fire department and con ed is on the scene. the building in question has been evacuated. live over midtown, shannon
4:36 pm
news. >> thank you. keep us posted. still to come on "eyewitness news first at 4:00," a heart-breaking update about singer celine dion and her husband. >> big changes the state of new
4:37 pm
. celine dion's husband has died. the couple has been married since 1994. rene was battling cancer since 1994. they have three children together. turn to the other news of the day. a big win for gymgoers. new york state settled with nearly 100 health club operators for violating state law. 96 health club operators must modify their accounts and pay fines. the attorney general's office found widespread violations with the contracts. new york law prohibits contracts that cost more than $3,600 a year or last longer than three years.
4:38 pm
within three days of signing or if the member has a doctor's order. warning labels, we seem them on tobacco products and soon on soda bottles. new york and california are considering adding warning labels on sugary drinks. a study in the journal of pediatrics, people's reaction changed when they saw warning labels. 60% of parents that gave a child a sugary drink with a warning label. when it was added, only 40% of parents chose the sugary drink option. burgers are for the birds. shake shack hoping customers flock to the restaurant. they are debuting a chicken sandwich. a crispy chicken sandwich.
4:39 pm
popular product, eos lip balms are under fire. what one woman said happened to her after she used it. >> what has snoop dogg so frustrated that he went on this
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washed ashore on a connecticut beach. >> everyone is wondering what is it? the carcass washed up on the beach after sunday's high tide. brian lee stumbled across the remains. he nicknamed it the montauk monster. people online have been guessing it's from a small bear to a badger. >> i don't know what kind of animal it is. i contacted public works to see if they could come remove it because obviously i don't want that decaying on the beach. >> it is confirmed it's a mammal and not a sea creature. it could be a skunk. >> i think a badger. >> lee is having a problem. >> oil made them bouncy. >> fun little ride at 4:00. >> we digress.
4:43 pm
wait until you see it. it's awesome. cloudy across the area but it made for a dramatic horizon to the south. a jewel in the horizon. sunshine to the south where we have seen clearing. the seat just launched me over to the wall. our temperature right now is working in to the low 40s. so, we are comfortable in the evening hours. the wind is just a little gusty. that is the only problem at this hour, that we have gusty winds through the hour. 37 degrees. cloudy skies, westerly wind at 15 miles per hour. here is the planner through the overnight. what will happen, the clouds will thin out. the temperatures are key. they hold steady overnight if not rise a little bit. in connecticut, you will dip below freezing but a warm front is going through so a south to southwest wind. tomorrow partly cloudy. not far from 40 degrees. closer to 30 in the suburbs
4:44 pm
high clouds filter the sunshine. thickening up during the afternoon. look how high temperatures get, 10 above average. cloudy tomorrow night before the rain arrives. let's time that rain. first of all, tomorrow morning patchy clouds. afternoon doing nicely. upper 40s, maybe a 50 south and west despite the fact clouds are increasing. here comes the rain. closer to the 10:00 to 11:00 hour, have your umbrella. the heaviest will be overnight and in the early morning hours saturday. there will be a big difference in rainfall amounts. we could get over an inch on the eastern end of long island. maybe close in to 1/2 inch new york city. my concern to the north and west is look how marginal the temperatures are, low to middle 30s here. there could be icy roads in parts of the catskill, even snowflakes or sleet mixed in with light accumulation in the catskills. by afternoon, the rain has departed. skies can actually clear a bit, especially south and west.
4:45 pm
are too low and could approach the 50-degree mark in a couple of spots. looking at the seven-day forecast, nice day tomorrow with clouds increasing near 50. we could get to 50 on saturday afternoon. look at some of the latest futurecast rainfall totals. i think right now these may be under done. i could see how many of these areas south and east approach an inch then we look at lighter amounts, a third northwest of new york city. now, sunday is dry during the daylight hours. brisk and colder. we will watch a couple of systems sunday. they are separate which is good news. no big storm offshore. but we are just on the western fringes of the storm offshore sunday into monday. that may mean light snowfall into monday. worst-case scenario monday, we have slippery roads with light coatings around the area. but the storm is likely to stay offshore. one thing for sure, even if we miss that snow as we go into monday morning, it will be
4:46 pm
i don't think we are getting to freezing but gusty winds. tuesday may be the coldest with temperatures in the upper 20s moderating by wednesday and thursday of next week. lots of ups and downs, liz and rob. we will have more at 5:00. >> lee, thank you very much. time for a look at the stories trending on this thursday. did he win the powerball jackpot or pull off an internet prank. that is the question millions are debating online at this moment. eric brad posted a picture on instagram that we will show you in a second. he shows a lottery ticket with the winning numbers on it. imagine a powerball ticket with the winning numbers. the post has tens of thousands of comments then a twitter account purporting to be brad popped up on social media claiming anyone that followed or retweeted the account would get a small cut of the lottery
4:47 pm
>> a joke. we will find out. besides the international drug lord that he is, it seems joaquin el chapo guzman is a trend setter. the shirt he was wearing in the "rolling stone" interview is flying off the shelf for $128. the store manager said the web site has crashed because the shirt is in such high demand. >> well, perhaps snoop dogg would like one. he likes to play xbox. he likes to play xbox. so, last night when there was an xbox outage, snood shared this on instagram. we will give the pg version. he called out bill gates, questioned his leadership, sweetened to switch to sony's play station instead. xbox live was restored a few
4:48 pm
but he was not happy about it. >> beeper is working overtime. >> has to be passionate about something. wild ending to basketball game. two upstate new york schools. the ball down of the court, hips the rim does not go in but bounces into a hand of a man who burris the jumper. 77-67 in overtime. >> have you ever read sports highlights before. >> you are good at it. i think you have a career in it. >> maybe you ought to try it out at 6:00. >> i will be here at 6:00. thanks for the opportunity. finally french bulldog that likes to wake up his owner. the video has been shared more than 300,000 times on facebook.
4:49 pm
smiling and links and the bear. >> we had cut pet videos. >> always check out the trend at abc7ny, send us your trend ideas using #thetrend. a popular lip balm is facing a lawsuit. eos, one woman's horror story and why she is not the only one. con ed confirms a gas leak has been found at a midtown building 37th street and 7th avenue. the building has been evacuated.
4:50 pm
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it's a popular lip balm but now eos is facing a potential lawsuit. one woman says she had a bad reaction after using it and she is not the only one. >> what is exactly in this thing. shirleen allicot with the story. >> rachel cronin has filed a lawsuit claiming after using eos lip balm for the first time she had a negative reaction. >> within 48 hours my lips became extremely dry and irritated, they were flaking all around the outside. >> according to the lawsuit, she contacted eos who she says told her to seek medical attention. >> i couldn't fully open my mouth to eat because it would crack, i couldn't smile fully because it would crack and bleed. >> in the suit she claims after posting pictures of her lips on facebook, there were a frenzy of responses from individuals with similar experiences. >> the next step will be to -- we are assembling that as we speak. >> reporter: overnight eos telling abc news we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit.
4:53 pm
highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety and quality standards. validated by rigorous testing, the health and well-being of our customers is our top priority. adding that they sold several million lip balms last month in the u.s. and received 40 consumer complaints, a complaint rate of .001%. the suit also alleges that there are no warnings about the ingredients in the lip balm, ingredients the suit claims may cause potential side effects, but a dermatologist and medical expert we spoke to says the ingredients in the lip balm are not unusual. >> you can't be certain that the reactions are coming from the lip balm without further investigation. >> reporter: eos also says we are in full compliance with all standard and guidelines regarding ingredient use and labeling. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> translation we have not heard the end of that. >> correct. there is still much more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00
4:54 pm
>> now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. three columbia university students killed in a bus crash in honduras and tonight we are learning more about the women who lost their lives helping the poor. but first, keeping tabs, close tabs, on a developing story, five teens will not face indictments for rape in brooklyn park, at least not for now. and good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. we are now following breaking news, we have just learned moments ago that there is apparently some sort of gas leak involving a building, a 23 story office building. >> yeah, that building has been evacuated because of that gas leak. we have newscopter 7 over the scene right now and you can see all of the first responders who are on the scene. let's get an update from shannon sohn in newscopter 7. >> yeah, you can see the right side of the screen where they have completed taped off the sidewalk in front of 498 7th avenue, this is a commercial
4:55 pm
first floor and offices for the 23 floors above. we know that there was an odor of gas before 4:00 this afternoon and the fire department came, they had to people. it could have been more but the time of day probably helped that out at the end of the office day here but since then con ed has arrived on the scene and have confirmed that there is a gas leak here. so they are trying to find the source of that leak right now. in the meantime, seventh avenue coming across the top of your picture there, you're down two lanes with this fire department activity and 37th street on the bottom part of your picture, left to right is shut down between broadway and 8th avenue with this fire department activity. reporting live over midtown, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, thank you. now to a developing story, the brooklyn d.a. tonight admitting he needs more time to investigate what exactly happened inside a park one week ago today. >> but we have learned the five teenagers will not be facing indictments for rape, at least not for now while this
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