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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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30 this hour with a lot of sunshine as a pumper makes its way down the east river pushed by a tug. we are looking at temperatures of 25 around monticello and kingston, poughkeepsie. 28 carmel, putnam county and right up toward dutchess county you see upper 20s to 29 around white plains. 28 around belmar, new jersey to 24 across over to toms river. now, we will look at a little wind today but very little wind today. not much of a windchill. feels like 31 in the bronx. 23 laguardia. 28 around brooklyn. 18 monticello. 22 to 25 monmouth, ocean county and cape may. a lot of sunshine. high pressure will be over us. this clipper in the great lakes keeps going by into canned. a few clouds go by. a lot of sunshine. a nice normal winter day. 38, 39 later on. we will stay warm tonight and warmer tomorrow into the 40s. i will talk about that next in the weekend forecast. >> michelle, back to you. >> good to have you, bill. we are following a
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police arrested a man accused of trying to lure a child in jackson heights. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff joins us from the 115th precinct house with the story. mallory? >> reporter: michelle, good morning. a 29-year-old man was taken in for questioning last night and charged this morning. investigators took him into custody after releasing this surveillance video. take a good look at this right now. you can see the man police now have identified as jamiton carrillo. he appears to be motioning to someone. police say he is attempting to street. it happened in jackson heights at 7:40 yesterday morning. investigators say after motioning to the child, he crossed the street and reached his hand out to her. the child ran and yelled for help. a fast acting crossing guard confronted him then he took off running. that crossing guard being commended for excellent work this morning.
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in this type of a situation, this little girl, this 10-year done. of noise. live in jackson heights, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. mallory. a new jersey man is in police custody accused of murdering his wife right inside their home. eric pleger was arrested when police found him inside his north arlington apartment with his wife's body. police say luisa had been dead since thursday. it's the first murder in arlington in more than two decades. neighbors are shocked by this. >> everything here is usually people walking their dogs and just very quiet, children playing. so, it's kind of shocking. scary. >> police found a weapon at the scene but she noted taking how the 47-year-old woman was killed. her husband, meantime, is being held on a $2 million bond at
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a scare in the air on a flight from newark airport. the plane plunged 20,000 feet. this is the inside of that air canada flight 549 bound for vancouver after the oxygen masks dropped. the flight was diverted to toronto after it lost pressure. nobody was hurt. the air canned flight dropped 20,000 feet in five minutes. another slashing unfortunately to report this morning. but this one happened at rikers i happened when an inmate attacked a correction officer. investigators say the officer was slashed on the ear yesterday by an inmate who refused to take off some unauthorized are footwear. union officials say the inmate his body. that blade set off metal it's over. that expensive work walkout
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some southeast busiest ports on the east coast. -- some of the busiest ports on the east coast. job. an arbitrator said the wild cat action was illegal. job. they are upset in part because they did not get paid, they said, for two snow days earlier this week. president obama is trying to get an upper hand in the growing zika virus crisis. last night mr. obama called the president of brazil to discuss ways to control this mosquito- borne virus. the two presidents agreed to work together to develop a vaccine. brazil's president said her country is focused on eliminating the breeding areas of mosquitoes and calling on brazilians to eliminate standing water. of particular concern are pregnant women who contract this particular virus. it can have an awful effect on
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coming up on this saturday morning, newark mayor ras baraka is live in the studio to address snow removal progress. >> meteorologist bill evans is no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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welcome back. an iconic figurine is getting a new line, barbie. seven different body types, 20 eye colors and two dozen hair styles. matel says they are the most dramatic since barbie hit nearly six decades ago. it comes after years of criticism over barbie's unrealistic proportions and standard of beauty. ken is still wearing the same suit and has been for decades yet no one calls in about him. >> whoa. >> oh, that was from anchor.
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>> "eyewitness news this morning" with gloria stein apparently. >> my people tell me there is a new ken doll coming out with no abs, a little belly. >> i can relate to that. >> t-shirt. >> that's realistic. >> fine, all right. >> i played basketball. i wasn't into all that but i'm sure it affects young women. >> it has to, right. >> that's why it's good they have this variety. >> you look like you were into hot wheels, right. >> see what i mean. >> just saying. i am in for amy freeze this morning. she is getting a little rest. here we go. hardly any wind. blue skies. nice little cirrus clouds, fair weather altocumulus clouds floating by. nice day in progress on this
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a lot of sun out there. 30 degrees. humidity 56%. dry, winds northwest at 7. pressure 30.10 and holding steady. that is all signs that we have fair weather. yesterday's high 41. low 30. a little above normal. today at normal or what meteorologists like to call seasonal averages. average normal temperatures. sunshine today, less wind. it's a storm free weekend unlike last weekend and we have more melting ahead. as a matter of fact, today, we are going to be looking at windchills in the 20s as we look down did the coast. we will see warmer air in the offing coming our way. we are going to be looking at a lot of melting through the next few days. we will see temperatures warming up into the 40s tomorrow t. 28 north port. 28 massapequa. 28 great neck. 25 monticello. light wind here. white plains is a windy spot where they keep the meters. 12 miles per hour wind there and montauk.
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clouds passing by. that will be it. a little clipper through the great lakes. we thought that might dive south enough that it would give us a snow flurry this evening but it will be dry. it will go by hardly unnoticed. this afternoon temperatures into the mid- to upper-30s to near 40. look at poughkeepsie at 4:00, 40 degrees. warmer than normal. that will feel nice. tonight partly cloudy skies, 34. tomorrow great day, 47. about 8, 9 degrees warmer. sunshine into monday and tuesday we are looking at what will be temperatures today and into sunday warming into the mid-40s fast. on sunday we have a lot of soup shine. in our futurecast sunshine and plenty of it tomorrow. to the north and west on monday, there is a shot that there could be rain going by. that will be with a front on monday. ahead of that, it warms to 50 and there comes the front right
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on monday. then we get to wednesday next week. look at wednesday. temperatures should get possibly around the area -- you see the snow will keep melting. possibly wednesday temperatures get to near 60 degrees on wednesday in particular west of the city. wednesday night the temperatures drop into the upper 30s. we will find ourselves looking at cooler weather on thursday and friday. but temperatures will be above normal for this time of the year. nice week of weather if you like mild stuff and no blizzards, anything like that. >> we have earned mild after last weekend. >> bought and paid for. >> we have credit. straight ahead on eyewitness news saturday morning, newark mayor ras baraka live in the studio coming up after the break. >> and let the diva kitchen rivalry begin. move over patty. aretha franklin is coming for you.
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line to compete with ms. labelle's line. this food fight will be delicious. we all win out. >> two divas. you go, ladies. >> a special programming note. join us tomorrow night for a half hour special on fire safety. so important this time of year. from simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency to important precautions to escape an active shooter scenario.
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>> i think the plan was on point. the problem was they planned for 7 to 14 inches of snow and not 30. two or three inches an hour coming down. we got behind early. also, all of the cars stuck in the street. we towed over 400 cars. >> 400. >> 14 car fires. fire trucks getting stuck, ems. we turned our operation early into a rescue mission before we had to go back to plow again. that set us back, i would say, about a half a day. then we got out there, had about 50, 60 pieces of equipment. we had to get more, declared a state of emergency, reached out to the county, got state equipment in. we stayed out there hours and hours and hours until we got it down. i think maybe 98% of the city is probably done at this point. probably three or four streets
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we are salting and all those other kinds of things. >> i was out monday reporting for the morning show. main roads were okay. side streets were insane. you are saying it was an equipment issue. looking ahead to the next storm, what is the answer to not go through this? >> i think any storm of this magnitude will take us a minute to get out. all of the cities up and down the eastern seaboard it took a minute to get out, d.c., parts of new york, any city of magnitude of newark will take us a while. a it will take a day and a half, two days. took us probably 3 1/2. we have to try to get more equipment. but other than that, we have to rfp some of these vendors and get them locked in early on. i found a lot of cities and a lot of private places had vendors already locked in to them so they couldn't go anywhere else. they were contracted to those guys.
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port, meadowlands or private places, a lot of vendors were there. 90% of our operation was outside vendors. >> you need a lot of people contractually in to snow removal. is he money for plows in the budget. >> we will make it in the budget. we have to put it in the budget. newark of this size, a city about nine, ten plows. a city like south orange three times the size smaller of the city, when privatizeed sanitation it was given way, sold. >> you don't have the fleet. >> we don't have a fleet at our disposal. >> shouldn't the biggest city in new jersey have that? >> absolutely. we should have the plow trucks. we should have 50, 60 of our own. but even not having those things, there is a lot of vendors that do that kind of
9:17 am
do the work that we need to get done. we have to contract those guys early. we probably had 50, 60 machinery on the streets the first day. got behind when they tried to rescue other folks. we needed 100, 150 pieces. during the best work we had 200 meases out there. rough for 200 pieces. we hauled off maybe 15,000 tones of snow, you needed a front loader and a bucket to scoop the snow up, put it in a bucket, drive it off, dump it, bring it back, that is a long and tedious process. time-consuming. people are upset, frustrated that they have to wait for you to do that. we did did it. >> how did at this time work? did you reach out to the county and state and say help us out or how did that work. >> that's exactly what happened. i called the state, the county executive and asked them to reach out to the state with me
9:18 am
the donald trump came. andrew tenard, deputy commissioner outstanding. his guys came out and helped us immediately, helped us cart the snow away. >> real quick, different topic. snowstorms come and go. crime issue is a different beach. you are trying to change the culture of the police department. a civilian at the head of internal affairs. what is the timeline and will it curb crime? >> absolutely. it's moving quickly. we are getting the federal monitor. we are standing up with the civilian complaint review board. lawyer is coming in for the internal affairs probably next couple of weeks. we put together a public safety director and brought all the forces in one which absolutely was phenomenal during the storm. if we didn't have that, it would be more handicapped than we were. that will have an excellent out come for us. we are organizing it and getting together now.
9:19 am
implementing it is another process. another week or so, we will be up and running with the public safety director. >> will you come back and talk about that. >> absolutely. invite me back. >> thank you. >> appreciate it.
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don't miss out on our best offer ever. go online or call now. switch to better. switch to fios. this is one of my favorite stories of the morning. the queen of soul is putting her heart into a new project, her own food line. aretha franklin's brand will include chili, gumbo and baked chicken. okay. we know. the soul singer tackled dessert as well. that's of course currently monopolized by patty labelle because patty has patty's pies, you see. franklin says, miss patty is going to have to move that pie
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wait a minute. >> let the war begin. >> to the side. >> patty's pies. now you can wear your politics on your skin. a massachusetts tattoo shop is offering free tattoos with a very specific theme. republican presidential hopeful donald trump. you don't have to get trumps face, but that is an option. some supported to get his campaign slogan instead. as for trump after hearing about the free ink offer, he may consider getting his first tattoo. carolina panther's quarterback cam newton will not be the only one doing his signature dance during the super bowl. mary ward has mastered the art of the dab. the 95-year-old panther's fan, 95, ready for her team to take on the brow costs a week -- broncos a week from tomorrow. she watched the first game more than two decades ago.
9:23 am
i don't watch none other. the only time i watch the other is when they play the panthers. what i like about all of them, they all play like a sport is supposed to tampa bay played. >> all right. put it out there. ward has her new jersey ready for the big game and she is no doubt brushing up on her dabbing skills to celebrate her team. you go, mary. >> so good. serena williams lost the final in if the australian open. serena williams. it was her chance to tie the record for most grand slam wins in the open era. the winner angelique kerber was seeded 7th in the tournament. this breaks williams six-time winning streak at melbourne park. >> she must have had one of patty tarpon springs pies before the game and couldn't keep up. >> slows you down.
9:24 am
time for sports with rob powers. reporter: let's start with basketball. a couple of guys back in the line up. knicks at home. lost four in a row. a couple of nights ago carmelo anthony sat out with a knee. porzingis had an upper respiratory thing going on rookie, all star, anthony played 30 minutes after missing a couple of games. not a great scoring night but he did enough. tyson chandler in town with the suns. he had two points. knicks way out in front. they got 35 points from the bench. the best part, they never stopped hustling. losing streak over. 102-84. suns haven't won on the road since december 7th. warriors at the garden tomorrow. the nets at dallas. 4-16 on the road. first time they have played darren williams since he left the nets. ended up with the mavericks.
9:25 am
the lane. lopez 28 for the nets to go with 12 rebounds. this was out of hand. the nets lose 91-79. bench points 2. they are 3-12 in the month of january. football fans get the pro ball this weekend, super bowl next weekend. until then more practice for the panthers and broncos. broncos took it inside. less distraction. peyton manning leading denver through the paces. it's about getting ready for game day. >> the game plan, being the same defense, same team that we have been over these weeks that have got us up to this point. it's about taking advantage of the opportunity. >> in the 2011 draft, von miller was the second overall draft pick. who is the first? cam newton. panthers are the favorite but they are hard at work. everybody is getting ready. it's all business, right? >> we all have the same goal,
9:26 am
everybody put the best foot down to be who we are today. we are going to continue to go out and fight, you know and keep taking the stride. we got one more to go and finish this off for the win. >> i have seen it 20 times. i laugh just as loud. finally from us, pitchers and catchers itching to get to spring training, dodgers took over los angeles city chambers for something near and dear to their heart. on the docket, a motion to change the name of the road leading to dodger stadium in honor of long time broadcastster vince scully. by a vote of 12-0, you go to a dodger game, you take vince scully avenue. isn't that great. all the guys are there. fantastic. whatever happens this weekend, laura behnke has you covered. see you back here on monday. much more ahead on eyewitness news on a saturday morning including a live look at the top stories. >> a 29-year-old man is
9:27 am
attempted to lure a 10-year old girl off the street in queens. who acted quickly in a very scary situation. >> thank you, mallory.
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welcome back. lower manhattan and the harbor. we have a saturday. good morning. i'm michelle charlesworth, without snow. >> lady liberty is like, yeah, get that snow off my -- let's get back to business. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm rob nelson. sunday, january 30th. guess who is filling in for amy freeze. mr. bill evans slumming with the weekend crew. >> thanks for having me. nice to fill in for amy. thanks for joining us. dress warmly. on the chilly side. 30 degrees. sunshine, nice start to your saturday. light northwest wind. plenty of sun, long branch 30. 29 wrightstown. toms river it's saturday morning and, well, you're made
9:30 am
should be meeting but they are not. temperature around 29, 30 there as well. 25 around monticello to poughkeepsie. 31 bridgeport. today we have clear to partly cloudy skies. a few clouds will drift by here. we will have sunshine today and tomorrow. temperatures getting up about 3:00, 36. after 3:00, close to 38, 39 this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. a pretty day with normal temperatures and a light wind. it will feel great. you need the sunglasses. tomorrow warmer. 50 by monday. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. all right. back to you guys, rob, michelle. >> thank you so much, bill. developing this morning, a man accused of trying to lure a little girl 10 years old off the street in queens is now in police custody. >> mallory hoff is joining us from the 115th precinct with the latest on the charges. hi, mallory. >> good morning. that 29-year-old man was questioned at the precinct
9:31 am
he was taken into custody after investigators released this video. take a look at this right now. you can see the man police identified as jamiton carell low in the video he is motioning to someone. police say he is attempting to lure a 10-year old girl off streets. it happened in jackson heights at 7:40 of 40 yesterday morning. after motioning, he crossed the street and reached his hand out to her. the child ran for help. a crossing guard confronted him then he took off running. this morning that crossing guard is commented for doing excellent work. in this situation, that little girl, that 10-year old did what she should have done, she ran as fast as she could and made a lot of noise. live in jackson heights this morning, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. today, funeral services in
9:32 am
that died during the blizzard. 1-year-old and 3-year-old both dying of carbon monoxide poisoning with their mother when they were overcome in the family car passaic. the father was digging the car out from a large snowbank with the engine running unaware that the tailpipe was covered and that sent odorless poisonous carbon monoxide into the car. parents in new jersey are on high alert for internet predators after one mom caught a man sending sexual messages and pictures to her 10-year old daughter. jenna monitors her daughter's instagram keeping ran eye out for every follower on the page but it was direct messaging that a stranger contacted the daughter. the man posed as a 13-year-old boy saying they had a mutual friend, not true, then the messages went much farther. >> the string of messages went from little kid innocent to
9:33 am
beginning then you say i'm not sure how much sooner i could have caught it. >> the messages contained mentions of sexual acts as well as illicit photos. her daughter was not alone. after she contacted police, investigators discovered the predator targeted several other girls at the stony brook school. school officials are asking parents to please remain vigilant. this goes for everyone out there as police search for the suspect. a rabies warning in new jersey because of a raccoon that mauled a young boy. rabies. health officials released this flyer warning residents of wild animals. the 6-year-old was attacked wednesday walking to school with his mother. he is facing a series of painful rabies shots. the little boy is otherwise okay. new this morning, fantasy sports web sites have until the
9:34 am
payment processor, somebody to handle the money. fan duel and draft kings are under fire in several states where attorney generals say the games are illegal. the ohio company that handles processing players' deposits and withdrawals is pulling away from the industry. they are out. vantive says it will suspend processing payments at the end of next month, february. also new this morning, rock icon david bowie is leaving most of his estate to his wife and two children. his will, filed yesterday in manhattan, leaves the soho home where fans gathered after his death to his widow, iman. the will says bowie wanted his ashes scattered in bally in accordance with buddhist rituals. he was cremated after his death. he leaves 25% of his 100 million-dollar estate to his
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daughter. a special programming note. join us for a half hour special on safety from simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency to important precautions to escape an active shooter scenario. eyewitness news anchor bill ritter hospitals operation save a life on abc 7. >> bill evans is you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777
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well, we are a little more than a week away from super bowl l when the denver broncos take on the -- well, denver broncos maybe. that's what it looked like on the field earlier this week. >> so funny. >> after a ground crew accidentally painted the broncos logo on both sides of the field. >> i told you to paint it over here.
9:37 am
with the logo of the real opponents, the carolina panthers. >> somebody was going like this. fix that. fix that. >> there you go. >> fix that. fix that. >> how does that mistake happen. >> this is too familiar. >> that game is over at halftime anyway. >> ouch. >> you are taking carolina. i am taking denver. i want to see denver -- >> cam newton will have a game. just sit down and get ready for the halftime show because it's over at halftime. >> one more victory for old school. cam has many more super bowls ahead of him. >> you are a good man. she she will could careless. >> where is the food. >> i'm in for amy freeze this morning. our camera at 4 time's square looking south. you know, michelle, rob, those are clouds that indicate fair weather. those are alto cirrus clouds. >> like i knew that. they will whip by and have a nice day with a lot of
9:38 am
high pressure building in in. temperature 30 degrees. humidity dry. winds northwest at 7. that will push the clouds out to long island, out to sandy hook, new jersey, heading out east to long island and out to the twin forks. normal high is 39. we will be at that today. the record low is 2 in 1873. the sunsets at 5:10. gorgeous sunset. 27 around hanover. 29 montclair. up to monticello, 25, 31 bridgeport. these are nice numbers. normal numbers. the wind is northwest. the wind will go southwest and that's important because that starts warming us up this evening and tonight. clouds will come by today. that is all there is to talk b. a clipper in canada. not a big deal. by afternoon we are looking at 38 to 40. temperatures will hug the mid- to upper-30s. that means it will get warmer. one thing i want to show you, a primary in iowa. this storm will come right out
9:39 am
blizzard conditions across the four corners area into nebraska, kansas, denver. that could be right into iowa on monday. sunny, seasonal temperatures. 39. tonight partly cloudy. 34. tomorrow, we got sunshine, milder day sunday. high 47. the sunsets at 5:11. absolutely gorgeous. monday we will see the temperatures warming to around 50 degrees. a shower or two late in the day. as matter of fact on monday, that is a day where we will see shine to start. a front goes by monday, just brings a few showers and there goes the front right there. behind it, clear skies on tuesday. it will be a little cooler, 45 degrees. as we get to wednesday, wednesday we are going to have rain. actually parts of the area might get to 60 degrees. we kick off february, might be 60. wednesday night gets a little cooler. down to 39. we are in the 40s next week. after that on thursday and
9:40 am
be above normal. no snow on the horizon any time. no blizzards. next weekend you can become one with the potato chip and enjoy the super bowl. >> you called? >> having a big super bowl party. >> we aring to one. >> okay. >> better than having one. >> any guilty pleasurable food, wings, chips, dips, all of it in a bowl. >> i'm a chip and dip person. >> there you go. >> love it. >> i get the five layer dip. >> yes. >> and i hide in the corner. >> that's where it is. i knew it was missing. >> where is bill at? nothing wrong with that. up next on this saturday morning, we are getting ready for the super bowl and no game day party is complete without snacks. the hungry fan is here and
9:41 am
make your party ahead. >> before we go to break, community calendar in honor of aretha franklin. this is the classic chain of fools p. roll it. reporter: it's the channel 7 community calendar for saturday january 30th. here is what is happening. family art projects, sweet dreams high ber that tors in the bronx will be filled with arts and crafts plus sleepy tales of the season's local high ber that tores. followed by a visit from a shelter time. come in your pj's to long island. make and enjoy pancakes in pajamas. in manhattan, the museum at fit
9:42 am
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treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
9:44 am
i'm doing props. super bowl party needs a big screen tv, a lot of friends and good grub. >> yes, indeed. >> we called in a tailgating expert. diane that-- >> dana. >> sorry. better known as the hungry fan. she has an all star line up of tasty recipes to please any crowd. come over.
9:45 am
thank you so much. >> what are you making. >> i have great recipes for game day themed for our two teams. panthers and broncos and sweet treat just because. >> but this is panther's year to win. we are north carolina people. you can't pimento cheese dip. i kicked it up a notch because that's what i do. >> that's how i roll. >> we have pimento cheese dip. you have to have bacon dip. i have the barbecue blend in there. carolina barbecue blend, vinegar, mustard. >> i have cornbread that you can crumble on top or user of. >> great
9:46 am
different than red peppers. you can buy them canned. cheddar cheese, cream cheese, starting the mayo earlier. this is not healthy. >> one day a year. >> cayenne pepper. >> pi my tone. >> save me some, michelle. >> i got you. >> now broncos we have a sloper. what is a sloper. >> it's a burger that was originated in pueblo south of denver. what makes it a sloper is that it's doused in green chilis. that's why i'm warming it up. he makes his own green chilis so i borrowed some.
9:47 am
>> i got the turkey here. mixed seasonings, mustard, celery salt. blend it together with an egg, cook it up like a regular burger, carmelized onions. this is what you do. you pour the green chili all over the burger like crazy. >> not really a burger in the traditional bun sense. a burger in a bowl surrounded by chili. >> i made a turkey burger. it's healthier. i got whole wheat buns on the healthier side. offset what we have going on over here. >> good look with that. >> swiss cheese. >> i love swiss cheese. >> you can do cheddar, whatever it is that you do. you do you. >> i will cut that. switch this. try the pimento. you had some of that. this is good. >> i love sweet treats. i made brownies. they are brownie balls. i formed them as footballs.
9:48 am
>> that is adorable. >> it's so simple, literally just-- >> you take the regular brownie dough. >> there you go. >> that's how you get it started. all the recipes are online at abc 7 on your web site. >> can i put some bacon bits in the football. >> >> i'm sorry i messed up your name. i was worried about this, the green chili. >> check it out at whole food and check out my recipes at hungry >> she got engaged. congratulations. >> she can't see because of the shiny diamond ring. learn more by heading to our web site, abc7ny. we will have all the
9:49 am
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trying to lure a young man on the street to come to him, follow him. >> mallory hoff is live in jackson heights where the >> good morning. that 29-year-old man was questioned here at the precinct overnight and charged this morning. he was taken into custody after investigators released this surveillance video. take a good look at this now. you can see the man police identified as jamiton core really la from queens -- carela from queens. it happened on 81st street in jackson heights. investigators say after motioning to the child, he crossed the street and reached his hand out to her. the child ran and yelled for help. a fast acting school crossing guard confronted him then he took off running. that crossing guard is being commended for excellent work. it should be pointed out that
9:52 am
the 10-year old girl did what needed to be done. she ran as fast as she could and made a lot of noise. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. in new jersey, a man is in police custody accused of murdering his wife inside their home. eric pleger was arrested when police found him in the apartment with his wife's body. she was dead since thursday. police found a weapon at the scene but are not taking how the 47-year-old woman was killed. her husband is being held on two million dollars bail at the bergen county jail. >> there was another slashing but this one happened at rikers island when an inmate attacked a correction officer. investigators say the officer was slashed on the ear yesterday by an inmate that refused to take off unauthorized footwear. union officials say this inmate tried to hide the blade inside his body.
9:53 am
a top health official says it's unlikely the zika virus will spread across the u.s. while health officials are preparing for the possibility for a major outbreak, they believe it's unlikely to happen. cdc issued travel alerts for pregnant women saying they should avoid countries affected by the outbreak. the virus can cause birth detects in babies. fantasy sports web sites have until the end of february to find a new payment processor. in the latest blow to this $2 billion industry. fan duel and draft kings came under fire in several states where attorneys general say the games are illegal. the "new york times" reports the ohio company that handles processing players' deposits and withdrawals is pulling away from the industry.
9:54 am
payments at the end of next month. >> all right. sorry, what. >> what, what. >> we have a whole weekend ahead of us. >> yes. >> no pressure, sir. >> we have a whole weekend to eat all that food on the table. >> pimento dip. >> if there is any >> pimento and bacon, can never go wrong. high, thin cirrus clouds. 31-degree temperature at 10:00. 33 laguardia. 34 j.f.k. numbers are rising. a nice day. freezing on long island, jersey shore. we will get to 38 to 40 in spots this afternoon as we get closer to the high of 39. a any normal winter's day as we close out january. next week we start february in the 50s. believe that? a late shower monday. maybe 60 by wednesday. looking at mild rain showers then we will cool back down to the end of next week. >> you are eating a football. >> leather never tasted so good.
9:55 am
>> must be a patriots ball. >> stop. stop. >> that will do it but it's funny. that will do it for eyewitness news on this saturday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. for the entire news team, thank you for being with us. >> see you back here hopefully for tomorrow morning sunday morning. eyewitness news returns at 6:00. bill, great for being with you. >> thanks for having me. >> you and i made a bet on the super bowl. you are taking carolina. i am taking denver. we will see how it plays out. >> i'm gonna win. >> i cannot wait to take your money.
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