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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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money at 6:00. it's a picking time and a week we have in accuweather. snow alert to start your day. you can see the first flakes falling on the eastern end of long island. >> new video showing chaos aboard a cruise ship from new jersey sailing to the heart of this storm. also, a live picture from tribeca, where some streets are still closed after last week's deadly crane collapse. today, new restrictions go into place to prevent another tragedy. >> good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thanks for joining us. within the past hour, we received a dozen school delays and closures because of the snow. check out the complete list at our web site. 6:00. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.
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>> the temperatures have been dropping. around the area this morning, you can see lights on at the empire state building, congratulating the denver broncos. when the snow starts, you will see temperatures dropping across long island. you can see that's been happening already. we've been seeing the temperatures around 32 in hopatcong. 30 around monticello. montauk, 34. that's where it's snowing. winter weather advisory is posted up the hudson river valley. new haven county, connecticut to suffolk county, long island and then be careful of the time of high tide for flooding. flood warnings until 10:00 tonight. there's the snow we're talking about, just now getting under way across suffolk county, backing into the city, in the next hour. jersey shore. and another system to the west will be coming in here tomorrow. so, we've got snow off and on
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not a big accumulation, but could make the sidewalks and roadways slippery. be sure you have your gear. heather? we will talk about subway status, "a" and "c" trains, signal problems at hoyt avenue. heading to the eastbound side of the cross bronx expressway, you can see the delay is getting worse. getting into white plains road, we still have an accident being cleared away. george washington bridge, coming inbound, heading to the upper level the tolls, we have a disabled vehicle. it's off to the shoulder. there is rubbernecking, but not too terrible. george washington bridge, lincoln, minor delays, holland tunnel, 5 to 10. the alternate street rules are suspended, metered rules are in effect. ken? >> thank you. long island is in the bullseye of this storm. the snow began overnight and
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half a foot before lunchtime. mallory hoff is live in patchogue, suffolk county with a look at conditions there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 40 suffolk county school districts opted to close their doors today. you can check our web site for the updates on that. the winds are whipping and the rain and snow is coming down at the moment. you can get a good indication of what we're working with at the moment. just in the last 10, 15 minutes, it started to get heavier. we did speak with commuters here at the train station who told us they were cold and glad they got out early. >> how many layers do you have on today? >> just one. >> where are the gloves? >> they're at work. >> a hat but no gloves? >> yes. >> i've got the wool dress on, the blazer over it, this and my gloves.
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my other ones, but, yeah, it's all good. >> reporter: and it continues to pick up here. if you're hitting the roads this morning, you will want to do so with caution. again, 40 school districts in suffolk county already opted to close their doors. look at our web site for the latest on that. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. and a winter storm warning is in effect until this evening for parts of long island. road cam 7 will keep you updated throughout the morning. snow falling pretty heavily now in east hampton. be sure to download the accuweather app to get severe weather alerts on your cell phone. 6:04 developing now. a cruise ship headed from new jersey to florida is dealing with rough seas. this video was posted on twitter by a passenger showing furniture overturned by the rocking ship. the same passenger tweeted broken planters. the shift left new jersey saturday afternoon and is to arrive in florida this morning. the guests are being asked to
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so far, there are no reports of injuries. back to work today in tribeca, where a massive crane came crashing down at the height of last friday's snowstorm. over the weekend, and crews broke apart the steal frame of the structure and now we begin to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: good morning, lori. crews have been working around the clock since the accident happened friday morning. the crane was in the middle of worth street and has now been removed. it was removed over the weekend, broken into 35 different pieces. and then taken away to an undisclosed location. what you see down the block there, crews are working on two water main breaks. the water mains were cracked when the crane came crashing down to the ground on friday. they're hoping to get the mains repaired and water service fully restored no later than
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at least two blocks and crash scene remain closed off until the work is completely finished. it was last friday when that giant crane collapsed killing one person and injuring three others. meanwhile, mayor de blasio implementing new policies when it comes operating cranes in the city. all crawler cranes, similar to the one that collapsed on friday, must cease operations when winds exceed the speed of 20 miles per hour or gusts of 30 miles per hour. also, there will be better sidewalk safety guards in place to help pedestrians in areas where those cranes are in operation and they're also going to be establishing a neighbor notification system to let people know when cranes are initially installed in the neighborhood. >> we will leave no stone unturned in terms of learning from this accident and seeing if we need more safety measures going forward.
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create additional regulations and additional best practices to be sure new york city's cranes are the safest in the world. >> reporter: and here's another look down worth street where they're still working on the two water mains. they hope to have the work wrapped up by no later than tuesday. however, what's going to take longer than this operation here is the investigation. it could take weeks, it could take months or even longer. the mayor says, really, there is no timetable. he says it's important to do first a thorough inspection of the crane to try to determine why it buckled and collapsed and to also do a thorough investigation. they want to get every question answered, get all the information necessary to try and prevent something like this from happening again. we're live this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. the search is on for the suspect in another slashing attack. this time in queens. a 19-year-old woman was out for a jog yesterday morning when
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it happened on 25th avenue in jackson heights just after 11:00 a.m. she was taken to the hospital with a cut her leg. police say the man was wearing a gray hoodie. 6:07 now. it's getting to be close for the republicans. donald trump, a day before the new hampshire primary. and he still holds a double- digit lead going in, but ted cruz and marco rubio both hope to score high enough for bragging rights. for the other candidates, including chris christie, the primary could be a do or die moment. also, hillary clinton is playing down the importance of new hampshire. she is seven points behind bernie sanders in the latest poll. yesterday, in several campaign spots, bill clinton lashed out at sanders. eyewitness news will bring you live coverage of the new
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follow dave on twitter at daveevansabc -- 7. never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning with the accuweather forecast. >> looking across midtown and into lower manhattan. we have great visibility and high clouds. they're starting to lower here, coming our way. at the bottom of the screen, you can see schools are closed already. coastal connecticut and back to westchester county to nassau county. temperature this morning, 38 degrees. it will be dropping. this will be the high temperature. we set that this morning. here's the snow going into fairfield as we speak. to the west, another system that comes tomorrow with a shot at snow. so, at 8:00, we will have the snow flying around. the temperature dropping during
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the evening, not looking at a huge accumulation. going over to western new jersey, not going to see the snow. temperature 34 degrees now. there she is. here's the george washington bridge. no problems on the upper and lower levels, doing just fine here, but keep in mind, upper level before getting the tolls, there is a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. they're clearing that away. "b" and "d" trains, problems at 175th street. long island rail road, metro north, new jersey transit on or close to schedule.
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plains road, that's another accident being cleared. alternate side of the street rules are suspended. metered rules are in effect. thank you, heather. still ahead this morning, queens day. queen bee. taking the super bowl by storm. beyonce performing on the field in front of millions, making a major announcement for fans. also ahead, how north korea scored a front-row seat at the super bowl from thousands of miles away. also, we're watching the sun this morning. a winter storm is set to bring more snow to long island, to
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6:13. here's another look from road cam 7 at route 27. far east end of long island. first signs of snowflakes in quogue. the winter storm warnings in effect until 6:00 for suffolk county. this morning, we learned north korea's newest satellite passed directly over levi stadium just an hour after the super bowl's final whistle. a consultant for norad reported the new shining star weather monitoring satellite made a fly- p.m. the super bowl ended at 7:25.
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a coincidence. so they say. north korea launched the satellite over the weekend, sparking widespread condemnation from the u.n. over concerns it was really a test for a long-range ballistic missile. the fbi has feet on the ground in somalia looking into a possible terror bombing on a passenger plane. video shows two men, including an airport employee, handing a laptop to a suspected terrorist. authorities believe the man blew a hole in the plane after it took off and then fell out of the aircraft. police arrested 20 people so far. millions of people are wondering whether denver broncos quarterback peyton manning will retire after winning super bowl l. >> it is the second championship title for manning. the broncos celebrateth on the field last night after winning 24-10. most of the work was done by the denver defense. the team had seven sacks, the most in super bowl history. and cam newton was under attack
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and the night kicked off with a star spangled banner performed by lady gaga. she went patriotic with her suit. the crowd was on their feet as she belth out the national anthem. let it go. super bowl l spectators had a chance on get out of their seats as they danced around at the halftime show. beyonce could use the performance as practice for the upcoming tour kicking off in april in miami. >> that was great. >> it was. >> and lady gaga with the blue nail polish, too. it was terrific. beginning to end.
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let's check on the accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is outside our studio now. >> yes, the national anthem and halftime show, the best time of the whole thing. the game was blurry. upper west side, home ofly gaga, we should point out. >> yes, backing in here to the west side, the five boroughs, connecticut, long island, parts of new jersey. that will happen during the morning commute this morning. snowy on long island right now. coastal connecticut, as well. here's a look outside at the camera. unyou can see the blue and orange at the empire state building, that's the colors of the denver broncos. congratulations to them, winning the 50th super bowl. 38 degrees now. a northeast wind at 20. so it's going to be a windy chilly day. pressure below 30.00-atmosphere unstable. we're going to be looking at a normal high of 40. today we will
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and we're looking at our sunrise at 7:00, but we're not going to see much of that or a sunset, either. temperatures drop during the day today. look at wind here. this is northeast and will be coming in. creating problems at the time of high tide, making for flooding issues, western long island sound, jersey shore, around the five boroughs of new york city. there will be flooding, too. brooklyn and queens, even around staten island, that's possible. the wind chill this morning, in the 20s. upper 20s. low 20s around monticello. to the low 30s. it will be a windy, chilly day. winter weather advisory in effect on down through new jersey, southern passaic. then a warning park in effect for suffolk county. there will be issues today with flooding at the tomb of high tide. one, we have a new moon.
6:18 am
then the wind northeast, piling the water into western long island, the sound and around the harbor. you can see the snow backing in there through plum island, down to suffolk county, backing into the jersey shore, as well. the second storm that affects us tomorrow is by the great lakes. we will watch that. you will see it in the futurecast, by the time we get to 9:00, even morris county and up to putnam county, getting snow showers. that could be a coating to an inch. the snow showers will continue this evening and tonight and then another round tomorrow with the storm to the west. we have snow showers off and on and flurries on wednesday. so, after school, kiddos, at the bus stop, flurries flying around, be aware of that. we will have a temperature of 38. windy, cold tonight. 38 is our high this morning. the temperature will be dropping. if you look at the bottom of
6:19 am
school delays and closings for you, and as you heard a moment ago, about 40 closings already in suffolk county. snow showers tomorrow. temperatures dropping. one to two inches of snow tomorrow. we will be looking at flurries on wednesday, then bitter cold for friday, saturday, sunday. bitter, party of one. there will be temperatures in the teens. there you go. the denver broncos are the football champions. >> very nice. another look at the commute now. here's heather. >> if you use the subways, the "a" and "c" trains, signal problems at hoyt. long island rail road, metro north, new jersey transit, they're running on or close to schedule. you have a minor delay at the inbound george washington bridge. lincoln is minor. everybody's kind of just sleeping in a little bit this morning. george washington bridge, upper level inbound, right at the tolls, we have a disabled vehicle off on the shoulder,
6:20 am
going to the cross bronx onto the eastbound side near white plains earth, you have a problem there. expect restrictions because of the crane collapse of last week. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended, but metered rules are in effect. back to you. >> thank you, heather. 6:21. a half day for chipotle restaurants nationwide. why the company is closing stores through lunchtime. and another incident at the indian point nuclear facility.
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on money this morning, wall street begins lower, fueled by friday's disappointing jobs report. overseas, japan's nikkei average added 1 percent. markets in china are closed for the lunar new year. and if you have lunch
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toer plans instead. they're closing today from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to allow management to conduct a staff meeting about food safety. this comes after hundreds of customers got sick last year from an e. coli outbreak. here's bill evans with a look at the forecast. >> 6:25. here we go. we've got cloudy skies, but we have good visibilities. snow packs in here shortly. you can see the snow is back here now, all the way to nassau county, backing into fairfield county. now going to the city by the time we get to 8:03. the next seven hours, temperatures of 37 at 7:00, dropping into the low 30s by the time we get to lunchtime in the afternoon. and we'll be looking at temperatures that are cold with snow showers through the afternoon. and we'll see the right on in to the evening commute. so, snow showers tomorrow to talk about tomorrow, too. hey, healther, i taught my
6:25 am
[ laughter ] >> are your knuckles cramped? >> i'm still shocked! let's go to the van wyck expressway, you can see delays there. going to the maps, you can see what's happening on van wyck northbound by hillside avenue, an accident is being cleared. "a" and "c" trains, there are signal problems at hoyt. street cleaning rules suspended. but metered rules are in effect. back actual. >> thank you, heather. we're closing in on 6:30. a winter storm warning in effect for eastern long island right nowhere. and the first edge edges of the winter storm heading into new york city right now. weather and traffic every seven minutes coming up. new video overnight of a gunman shooting wildly on a busy streets in the middle of day. and new this morning, the emotional reunion for a family
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the snow is falling in suffolk county and dozens of schools are closed. this is a live picture from patchogue. the snow pile leftover from the last storm will get larger today. the live accu-track radar is showing where the snow is falling now and where it's heading next. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for joining us, it's monday, february 8th. we can expect slick roads across the area today, also on long island. you will have enough snow to plow. and this is a live picture from road cam 7 in mannerville in central suffolk county. bill evans is watching where the snow is now and what is going on. >> we're not getting the brunt of the stormed, but we're getting enough, as you just saw, to make the roadway slippery. it will be dropping through the day, 37 north port. east hampton, 35.
6:28 am
to west, rather than west to east, east west, backing off and temperatures will be dropping. winter weather advisories posted. a winter storm warning for three to six inches of snow. new haven county, connecticut and suffolk county, long island. also, with a new moon, high tide, winds out of the northeast, we have a flood advisory and flood warning. there's the snow we're talking about. taking up suffolk county now, backing in and spreading across through the morning hours, through the morning commute and throughout the day. the temperature will be dropping all day long. the northeast wind will create coastal flood issues. looking at the snow now with mallory hoff. good morning, happy monday. >> reporter: happy monday, bill. you called it. looking here, though, this is a
6:29 am
that's been sitting in place, has not wanted to melt so far this season and today, more snow falling on top of it. if you take a look right under this light right here, you can get a good idea of what we're working with this morning. it's pretty significant at the moment. a few minutes ago, we caught up with commuters about to make their way into the city they say they were glad they got out early this morning. >> i'm okay, but it's going to come before the storm. we'll see. >> on the way home, maybe, yeah, it looks like it, but right now, it's fine. all right. things are going to change very rapidly throughout the morning. we have heard from suffolk county school, 40 districts in suffolk county already opted to cancel and that's just so far this morning. other folks opted to start later or make other day. check out our web site for that.
6:30 am
that's seen warmer weather. three to six inches we are expecting throughout the day. if you're going to make your way on the roads, please do so with caution. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. and heather o'rourke is watching for any trouble spots from the snow this morning. heather? >> keeping my eye on the cameras in sum yolk county, nassau county. everybody is snreepg this morning. we will keep your fingers crossed. the staten island expressway, eastbound near clove road, that accident is with us. and the van wyck, going north near hillside avenue, another collision is being cleared away. "a" and "c" trains, we have signal problems. george washington bridge is minor, lincoln is minor. the holland has a delay. when the lincoln tunnel doesn't have traffic this time in the morning, you know everyone is sleeping off their super bowl
6:31 am
george washington bridge going inbound, disabled vehicle in the tolls. and the street cleaning rules are suspended, but the meters rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 6:33. developing now, we just learned a cruise ship that sailed into the same storm that's hitting our area now got damage. there's video posted on twitter by a passenger showing furniture overturned by the rocking that happened aboard the royal caribbean anthem of the seas. the shift left new jersey saturday afternoon and is due to arrive in florida this morning. there are no reports of anyway serious injuries. passengers being kept in their rooms until the weather could improve. 6:34. now to the deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan this morning. new regulationesare in place for crane operators across new york city. mayor de blasio hopes the changes will help prevent another trang as investigators try to figure out what happened. the area near church and worth
6:32 am
since the massive crane fell to the ground. dray clark is live now in tribeca. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. the area behind me looks different than it did on friday when the accident happened. there are now sidewalk sheds on either side of the block. you can see the large crane is gone. it was removed over the weekends, broken up into 35 different parts and then taken to an undisclosed location. there will be thorough inspection of the crane and an extensive investigation into how that crane collapsed and buckled. meanwhile, still repair work being done here at the scene. into the night, there was still water pooling on west broadway. the water coming from the water main cracked open by friday's crane collapse. crews expect to have most of the area re-opened this morning. but at least two blocks remain days. that's while they finish work
6:33 am
lines. the crane has been removed, but the city isn't waiting for the investigation. that will take weeks, maybe months, to be completed. the mayor is making changes already to how cranes operate in the city. the first priority, had he says, is pedestrian safety. >> in any situation where forward be a securing of a crane and pedestrians are not supposed to pass in the affected area, will be sending in uniformed city personnel to be sure that pedestrians are kept safe. notifications when cranes are being move and there will be new safety regulations. >> crawler cranes must cease operation and go into safety mode whenever steady winds are forecast. to exceed 20 miles per hour or gusts are forecast to exceed 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: with a live look
6:34 am
hoping to have this phase of the operation wrapped up by no later than tuesday. then there is the investigation, that could go on, again, for weeks or even months. the mayor says he realizes people would like answers and in some cases quick answers. sea he says there's no real timetable in place, but it's noon there the timetable they get back is as accurate as possible to prevent something like this ever happening again. live in tribeca this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. and family and friends came together sunday to remember the man killed in the collapse. mourners remembered 38-year-old david wichs during a service in manhattan. he came to the united states from the czech republic when he was 14. he tended school in flatbush, brooklyn, then went to harvard. he and his start a family. >> i constantly asked myself what did i ever do to deserve a man such as this? david never let me feel
6:35 am
he reminded me he was the lucky one. >> wichs worked a at a computer firm downtown. friends described him as a math whiz. an investigation is under way into the death of an elderly woman after her body was found inside a new jersey home. police were on the scene late into the night on lexington avenue. officers first went to the home yesterday morning when the victim's friends from her church became worried after she never showed up to mass. police haven't identified the woman or said how she died. a new york city police officer charged with shooting an unarmed black man is expected to take the stand in his own defense today. he was patrolling the pink houses when he fired his 1 in a stairwell in 2014. the bulleck ricochetted off a wall and struck 28-year-old akai gurley, killing him. his attorneys say the shooting was accidental. thousands of volunteers fan out tonight for new york city's one-night count of
6:36 am
the hope count is required by the federal government. more than 3500 volunteers are expected participate. last year, the count found over 31 homeless on the streets. officials say they believe the number will be higher this year. never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. bill? >> here we go, looking from the camera in astoria, bouncing around this morning. you can see the distance there. empire state building in the denver broncos colors and over to the right, that's the fdr drive. so, yeah, that wind is cranking out there. at the bottom, you can see the school closeings and delays posted. that's backing in there. right now, across the hamptons, going through new london. back to fairfield county. this will be backing in today. to most of the area, then into the worst tomorrow, another system coming our way. we will watch that.
6:37 am
not a lot of snow, an inch or two in the city, but east toward long island, the gradient gets higher, higher amounts of snow. snow showers still this evening and into tonight. periods of snow tomorrow we will talk about. so, kiddos, you need your snow gear at the bus stop. temperature after school, 34. it will feel like the 20s with the wind out of the northeast. weather and traffic every seven minutes. what you got going on out there? >> the long island expressway by victory boulevard. eastbound off the goethals bridge into victory boulevard, you can see the slowdown there, but farther east, going to the map, we do have an accident and it's right near clove road. it's being cleared away. and you have a good ride going to the verrazano bridge. and then we're looking here at the van wyck expressway, going north at hillside avenue. that earlier accident i told you about has been cleared.
6:38 am
problems at hoyt, sheryler horn and problems at 176th streets, they've been taken care of. the signal problems are cleared a. was. expect residual delays. we have street cleaning rules suspended, but meter rules are in effect. back to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead this morning, the violent attack in the bronx and who is under arrest. a new video just relation aid this morning, the search wildly on a busy street. and keeping you covered on the air and online as the latest winter storm comes ashore.
6:39 am
6:44. welcome back. another look now from road cam 7 on the long island expressway in stony brook, that's in central eastern suffolk county. a winter storm warning is in effects until 6:00 for suffolk. be careful if you're heading outside. 6:44 and today, we hear from the family of a cabdriver viciously beaten on the job in the borne. this is a photo of atour rahman. several of his teeth were broken and his face severely cut when what he cut with a bottle and robbed saturday
6:40 am
one teen was arrested sunday morning. a second suspect is on the run. and video of the suspect in the shooting in harlem that left a man hurt. you could see the suspect holding the gun there. police say he got into an argument a 39-year-old man saturday afternoon. the man was hit in the left leg before the man took off. the victim was treated at a hospital and released. 6:45. the nuclear regulatory commission sending a radiation specialist to look at indian points after the relation of radioactive water. the governor called the release alarming. one of the wells showed an increase in radioactivity of 65 65,000 percent. the plant's operator, entergy, says there's no danger because the contamination didn't reach drinking water. 6:45. good morning america is next. robin roberts is live in times square. good morning. >> lori stokes, good morning
6:41 am
all eyes are on new hampshire. voters go to the polls tomorrow. the republican race heating up after saturday night's debate. chris christie joins us live to talk with george. he's talking about the exchange he'd with marco rubio. and ahead, super bowl l, you've been talking about this, too. the broncos winning their third super bowl title. we have all the highs and lows of the big game. peyton manning will join us. and inside that incredible halftime show, coldplay, beyonce, bruno, stealing the show, act for the ages , celebrating the shows of years' past, we hope i'm the theme of that super bowl performance. when they said sing at home, i did, too. i was like a goober. >> i was part of a dance-off. like the one between bruno and beyonce. >> you in the mix! [ laughter ] >> very nice.
6:42 am
time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill. >> that was a great halftime show. that was awesome. lady gaga was great. it wall really good. so much for the game. here we go, taking a look outside this morning, we start the day with what's going to be cloudy skies and snow showers to our east. there's the colors of the empire state building and the denver broncos' winning colors. winds around 20 miles an hour. normal high is 40. yesterday at 40. so what a great day yesterday. now it's all changing. big changes today in that we could get a few inches of snow around the five boroughs. snow showers still persist going into tomorrow from another system. and we've got watch out for flooding. we have a new moon, high tide, wind out of the northeast for the next several days. that will keep flooding possibilities through the day today in both cycles of the high tide. temperatures in the upper on to low 40s.
6:43 am
the northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. coastal connecticut and the eastern end of long island, it feels like the low 30s, upper 20s. so a cold morning, cloudy skies. need your gear. winter weather advisory in connecticut. five boroughs of new york city, the winter storm warning. long island sound, around the jersey shore, there is a flood warning in effect for middlesex, monmouth and on the grounds county. the snow backs in during the morning commute to fairfield county. nassau, brooklyn, the five boroughs, and we keep backing into it. you can see on the futurecast, 9:00. it's hitting the city between 8:00 and 9:00, fwhakz around lunchtime and going to the north. even tomorrow, you see temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s with chances to the
6:44 am
that will still give us flurries into wednesday. so a couple of cold days, temperatures around the 32- degree mark. here's the snow chances. the edge goes to western new jersey. and there you see one to three inches of snow, hudson river valley, snow showers, heavier on long island, windy, colder today. blustery cold with periods of snow tonight. tomorrow, we still have the periods of snow, and they could accumulate an inch or two around everywhere tomorrow. it's slippery up the road tomorrow. wednesday, flurries. thursday, the sun breaks back out, but look how cold it gets this weekend. highs in the low 20s and lows in the teens. i'm going to hide under my bed! [ laughter ] >> still, i have to come to work. >> yes. >> it's going to be cold as we get into the weekend. but there's no big snowstorm on the horizon with the cold air. just cold air pouring in over the weekend. >> find yourself a poodle and snuggle.
6:45 am
>> their body about 102. it feels great! ! >> thank you. and looking at the subways, it's not a bad ride. the earlier signal problems have been repaired. to the staten island expressway, the accident has been cleared away, but you can see a delay. in fact, a little bit slow off of 440, then really starting to get heavy into clove road, but the accident cleared. van wyck going north, hillside avenue, that's klooerd away. george washington bridge is minor, about 10 to 15 at the lincoln and holland. usually the lincoln tunnel at this time, a 30-minute delay. we have that part tf doing okay. and the holland tunnel outbound exiting restrictions because of the crane collapse last friday. street cleaning rules are spaexded. back to you. >> thank you, heather.
6:46 am
preoscar event today, packed with starz. and three children fall into the ice.
6:47 am
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6:53. for the first time, this morning we're hearing from a young boy who fell through the ice on a pennsylvania pond. 12-year-old collin rourke is back home with his family after he and two friends are rescued from the icy pond. the video shows first responders pulling the boys to
6:49 am
collin says he was walking on the ice when he felt it start feet. >> when it broke, i was the first one to fall in and instantly as a reaction, i grabbed the ice to get back on, and then it broke. i was like, wow, i'm gonna die. find was going to die at that point. >> collin pulled himself out but jumped back in to help his friend who couldn't swim. they were treated for mild hypothermia. a meet and greet today for the oscar nominees. nominees from all 24 categories will mingle and participate in a class photo. among the get guests who
6:50 am
it builds anticipation for the oscars. we begin at 7:00 p.m. on oscar sunday, february 28th. great show. 6:54. the snow is falling in long island. >> dozens of schools have been closed. another check of weather and your commute comi oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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the tri-state area is hit
6:52 am
weather. the worst, of course, is a storm expected to impact eastern long island. eyewitness reporter mallory hoff is live in patchogue with the latest on the weather. mallory? >> reporter: ken, lori, good morning. we're having to kind of block some of the snow and wind at the moment. this is a snow mound that's not wanted to melt so far. today, more snow will fall on top of it. we now know at least 40 suffolk county schools opted to cancer yell classes today. if you take a look out here, you can see what's going on the streets. the streets were salted earlier, but they're already slick. if you plan to hit the roads today, you certainly will want to do so with caution. a lot of folks out here say they are concerned about what the roads will look like so once again, if you do plan to hit the streets today, you know the drill, go slow, leave early. mallory hoff, channel much 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. it's a quiet commute this
6:53 am
still sleeping of super bowl. >> yes. >> we have the grand central parkway east by the kew gardens interchange. that is an accident. long island rail road, metro north, new jersey transit doing just fine. the outbound holland tunnel, exiting restrictions because of last week's crane collapse. keep that in mind. at the holland, 10 to 15. the george washington bridge, just a minor delay, alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended, but the meterth rules are in effect. >> thank you, heather. just to show you, one more look at the empire state building. they shut the lights out now. you're done now. pitchers and catchers in 12 days. we're on to baseball! 38 degrees. winds out of the north, just cranking out there. snow showers off and on throughout the day today. the snow showers will be heavy off and on. your seven-day forecast, at times, there will be snow showers tomorrow with a couple of inches.
6:54 am
a lot, just a nuisance.
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