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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 12, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> reporter: ok go is known for creative videos. here we go here we go >> reporter: they ran their way into the national consciousness more than ten years ago with "here it goes again." then they turned a car into a musical instrument for their "needing getting" video. i won't let you down >> reporter: and they wowed with these impressive aerials in "i won't let you down." upside down >> reporter: this shoot presented some very specific challenges. >> most people's response to weightlessness is to start swimming. >> the other is just puking. so over the course of 21 flights we had about 58 unscheduled regurgitations. you met the now you >> i'm sighing big sighs of relief that it happened. don't stop can't stop >> great video. thank you for watching. tune into gma first thing in the morning.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. guilty of manslaughter, a young new york cop tonight shocked when a jury delivers a guilty verdict for head deadly
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of an unarmed man. >> but first bundle up, it'll, getting colder. >> it's super cold out here. 72 on christmas eve, the second biggest snowstorm in new york city history, and maybe the years. the wind is biting. the camera is shivering. down to 19 in new york city, and the wind chill at 8. we're just getting started with the cold snap. wind chill watch in effect for northern new jersey, hudson saturday to sunday. the worst still in front of us. the park at 8, 1 in islip and the winds back off overnight. that's the only good news. the radar makes it look like it's snowing over central new jersey the last few hour, but
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not -- smoke from a fire, not snow showers. we're clear and quiet in terms of clouds right now. more rolling in tomorrow, but the coldest air coming in about 30 hours or so, late friday night into saturday morning. that's the polar vortex parking over us. in the morning bitter but less wind, the extreme cold saturday morning from a snow squall. the record low is 2, we're forecasting a tie, maybe even the first 0-degree temperature in new york city since 1994. some parts of area get snow tomorrow evening, the seven-day forecast a few minutes away. back to you for now. we'll see you in a few minutes. now the guilty manslaughter verdict against the cop.
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strong reaction followed. >> reporter: as you know, the defense insisted from the beginning it was a tragedy, not a crime. an overwhelmingly white jury quicking a new york city police officer of recklessly shooting an unarmed african american man in 2014. he's the first new york city police officer to be convicted in a fatal police shooting in ten years, found guilty tonight of the top count in the >> what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> reporter: the verdict left him devastated. he faces a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in prison. >> we support our police officer, but when innocent men are shot and killed in an act of recklessness we have to hold them accountable. >> reporter: prosecutors portrayed him as a coward, that
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after he became startled. the bullet ricocheted off the wall, and killed gurley, an innocent unarmed man simply taking the stairs. the defense insisted he fired by mistake, and that the officer is racked with remorse. >> we don't believe the verdict was supported by the facts or the law, and plan on moving post-verdict to dismiss and then if that doesn't work we repeal. >> reporter: the verdict came after two full days of deliberation, and it wasn't easy. >> i have family that are police, and it was a very tough decision. >> reporter: tonight the mother of gurley's daughter and her attorney insisted he deserves to be punished. >> i do think he goes to jail, everyone should go to jail when they make a mistake. >> reporter: the district attorney refused to say whether this races concern -- raises concerns over police training. at the end of the day you have to put that question to the police commissioner or the
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>> reporter: and late tonight, vote this bad verdict will have a chilling effect on police officers across the city because it criminalizes a tragic accident end quote. the officer will be sentenced april 14th and could receive as much as 15 years in prison or as little as probation. live tonight, downtown brooklyn, eyewitness news. also developing now, more than eight hours later, firefighters in new jersey are trying to get the upper hand on a raging fire that can be seen for miles. a thick black smoke so intense at one point people in the area were told to stay inside. a.j. ross is there, and the wind and cold are making it tough for firefighters. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, and we're set back several hundred yards aware for safety, and it's still a very impressive start. it's been raging for hours, producing the large plumes of
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battle the flames in extremely frigid and dangerous conditions. >> this is right up there with the biggest fire we've seen. >> reporter: a tingle of bright orange flames ripped through the park thursday afternoon, increasing in intensity as weather conditions worked against the several hundred volunteer firefighters battling the blaze the wind was blowing so horribly we couldn't, we would set up to try to stop it and it would run right by it. >> reporter: in addition to winds and chilling temperatures, inadequate sprinkler systems made it harder, peaking at six plus alarms. the presume plumes of smoke -- plumes of smoke were large enough to be seen on weather radar. >> the water supplies are very old and small in this old warehouses. >> reporter: what sparked the blaze is still unknown, but
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flames to just two buildings. officials say rail cars behind the property were also consumed, but fortunately no chemicals were inside. >> fire fights in the cold and went take's toll on everybody making it hazardous work conditions. >> reporter: fortunately fire if i believes say there have been -- officials say there have been no injuries and no homes in the path of fire. they expect to remain on scene as long as it take, and even though it's contained at this point they'll be dousing hot spots for as long as a week. live tonight, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details tonight in what cops say might be a hate crime in brooklyn. new york police releasing a new image of the suspect that stabbed an jew in the back.
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dressed in full garb when attacked. the award doubled to catch the attacker. and a scream to cut corners cost live, and now the five people behind the illegal rigging of a gas line are under arrest. prosecutors say they engineered an illegal gas delivery system that caused an explosion and killed two people. it's the building owner, her plumbers. the father of one of the victims says the indictments bring some relief. their 23-year-old son was killed while on a date at a restaurant. >> i do want justice, want him the to go to jail for what they did to my son. i miss him dearly. he was my oldest son, and without him being here, you know, it's killing us. >> nicholas' family still lights a family in his memory in their home. an intense man hunt but without success in finding the
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girlfriend and her two children on staten island. he was seen at a deli an hour before he killed the woman ask daughter. survived. park in queens. a skull and possible human remains found in a bag. tim fleischer is there with the investigation. >> reporter: and this is that little park in hollis where they made the discovery this afternoon, and it does not sit well with the neighbors. an unexpected discovery. what crime scene investigators carried out in a bag. a possible human skull we're learning found next to a tree here in peters field, a small queens park leaving neighbors shocked. >> that's crazy, like, when did they find that out? >> reporter: parks department employees discovered it in the
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to the park heard them yelling. >> it's really unfortunate that we have to find a bag of bones or skull or whatever's in the bag in a child's park. it's a good park. >> reporter: what specifically was in the bag is still unclear. the medical's examiner's office says they're in the initial stages of assessment. peter jones talked to police. >> talking since about 11:00 o'clock yesterday, that's about all i know. >> reporter: you think somebody just dropped it off? >> what else could it be? >> i hope whoever it is their family, you know, i pray for them. >> reporter: those same neighbors also say they're going to keep a closer eye on the park in the future. live in hollis, tim fleischer. and we're following breaking news overseas where stocks in japan with way down. the benchmark stock index down
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sell off in us markets. the dow dropped several hundred points. a passion but often tepid debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. secretary clinton fresh off a bruising defeat tuesday in new hampshire clashing with sanders in wisconsin. the two challengers sparring over health care solutions, finance. >> >. let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people respect dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions, i guess just for the funover it? >> i've made it very clear that no bank is too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail. >> they're heading into the south carolina primary. on the republican side, donald trump on the campaign
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he spoke before supporters in baton rouge. earlier he had some harsh words for pope francis, criticizing his planned visit to the us/mexican border, telling fox business news the pope doesn't understand the problems faced by the us, and called him a very political person. meanwhile marco rubio crashing up on the -- cracking up on the campaign trail literally, he cracked a molar last night biting into a frozen candy bar. he says he's not suspending his campaign over it. and good news for subway riders y. your train could be coming faster. also ahead, wild video inside a local store. a man with a pipe goes on the attack, but the clerk didn't
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new video tonight of an attempted robbery on staten island. it happened last month, but the video was released tonight. the suspect armed with a large pipe repeatedly tries to hit the clerk behind the counter before trying to grab cash. the clerk resisted, and the suspect took off. a potential boost in federal funding might mean for subway train. the budget proposal for 2017 includes funds to build three new power stations, allowing them to run an extra two trains aen hour along the l line, and improving the flow of passengers at several station. the mayor trying to calm fears over the zika virus in new york says there's virtually no risk of cracking the virus here, but -- contracting the virus here, but we have to be prepared. he introduced health experts to deal with the challenges. five cases confirmed in the
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regions where the mosquito born virus is spreading. the department of homeland security won't start screening travelers for the virus because most show no symptom, but pregnant women who came from zika effected areas will be tested and provided with pre- natal care. the fans of abc's how to get away with murder finding out what happened to the show's main character after she was shot in the wenter season finale. the character that pulled the trigger? one of her students, wes, and his actor says the show's surprises are not over yet just what we have to look forward to is a lot more intrigue and suspense, and wes is all about fining about his past and what happened to his mother, and he starts questioning the things
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to find out what really went on. >> has a different accent. wes isn't his character's real name name, and annelise has known him since since he was -- since he was 12. and tonight outside, it's so cold yet, i'm thinking boy, if you're walking around the city on saturday afternoon and saturday night it's so much worse than that with the winds almost double what they are now. we're at 19 degrees, northwest wind 9 to 22, and our first of five sub-freezing days. lots of layers, extra blanket,
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whether it's confusion or disciness or dis-- dizziness. it's 19 in yonkers, and we're in the upper teens in most spots. the wind chill is 2 below in white plains, 3 newark, these numbers stabilize as the winds get lighter by morning. a lot of sun. fading sun during the midday and afternoon hour, ends on a mostly cloudy note. i added a couple of snow showers to the evening along the coast especially, even back to the city. gusty winds here, lighter winds, 8 in albany, and there's the fierce cold in the great lakes, and arriving here in the wee hours of morning saturday. there's that front. we also have to watch the low over the plains that dives off the carolina coast tomorrow evening. we could see snow showers on the east end and jersey shore, and when that fridge you had
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morning, it could be snow st. paul squall. get into the 20s, clouds increase, and a light wind, almost not as harsh tomorrow, then things change. snow showers in the evening, especially along the coast, and then the squall line, we may start the day around 22, temperatures tumble through the day. single digits, low teen, sub vie row temperatures in the -- zero temperatures in the daylight hours. teens during the day tomorrow, same thing through friday evening. we start to get if wall of chill -- the wall of chill saturday morning, and what happens during the day and evening hours, watch this, anywhere from 10 to 25 below, that's really dangerous chill in started night. bitter -- saturday night. bitter cold, clear, tomorrow morning feels about 10, go to 28, then clouds gather. few snow showers in the evening, but a heavier squall
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here's the seven-day forecast. squall, dropping temperatures, 2 at night to tie the record high of 1916. maybe a shot at 0 in central park, first time since 94. valentine's day the temperatures actually the coldest day of the winter, and then back to freezing on monday. little snow at night. goes to a heavy rain on tuesday. we can bounce back to near 50 from 2 back to near 50 in just a few days. unbelievable. >> 2 degrees. >> your facebook live post you really tracked all this, and it's awesome to see the dark blue over the area. oh, beness, it's going to be cool. >> doesn't happen off, but will be this -- often but will be this weapon. up next with so many sweeteners out there with one is the best for you, and with concert tickets so hard to get, four ways to score good seat,
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kimmel. >> tonight we have tony goldwyn
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you like concerts? you know getting ticks to be extremely competitive. moments after beyonce announced her world tour, ticket sites temporarily crashed. so first try to get pre-sale tickets, download ticketing website app, they're usually faster than general ticket website, third contact ticketing companies directly over the phone, and fourth work in teams. the more you have trying to buy tickets the better your chances of scoring them. more information on your website too. in tonight's health alert,
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sweeteners, are some safer than others? we spoke to a registered dietitian that said it's really not as good for you. 0-calorie sweeteners are negatively effect your gut and desensitive your palate to what's actually sweet, so what should you use? >> add a little bit of the real deal, a little bit of sugar is okay, and using maple syrup and honey for the trace minerals and vitamins is only more beneficial, but the best key is less is more when it comes to food. >> there you go. less is more. for kids being allowed small amounts of real sugar teaches them how to moderate intake. >> rob powers up next with sports. >> and something sweet here.
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and catchers report for spring training. we hear from the mets and yankees, and basketball, college buys and nba straight ahead.
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>> the nba all-star game heads to toronto this weekend. the rookie plays in the rising stars challenge. that will be fun. averaging about 14 points, eight rebounds a game so far this season. looking forward to the fun at the all-star game. he tweeted this picture of the
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the islanders with the tough task of slowing down the kings. l.a. scored nine goals last thyme. boyd chuck the 1st period gets everything started. scored three times in the 1st period. they were on their way. we will finish with tavaris in the 3rd. 5-2 is the final. that is three in a row. the big men on campus, let's start uconn at temple. the huskies up with 12 minutes to go. uconn still with chances. but three turnovers in the final 25 seconds due to huskies. 63-58. they lose. temple finishes on a 24-1 run. michael and jay led the way. syracuse shot 62% from the field.
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