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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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dangerous cold tomorrow. the low will be just 2 degrees. even worse. the national weather service issued a windchill advisory from 4:00 p.m. sunday. city leaders are advising contractors and crane operators to take precautions. >> today may feel downright balmy. from queens to suffolk county, we are all bundled up. how's this for irony, it is going to be so cold that central park's ice festival will be canceled this weekend. >> that's just an indication. so what should you expect? lee goldberg tracking it all. >> like you said, liz, it feels balmy compared to the weekend. this is a walk in the park, a really cold winter day. this weekend is a deep, deep biting chill. we're about 12 hours away from
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you won't be dancing like that. there's actually a storm offshore that we are just missing. windchill of 19. you what's coming. windchill warnings are in the northern suburbs where windchills are 20 to 30 below. you have windchill advisors for the remainder of the tri-state area. clouds come in and even a couple of flurries. a little more widespread and up toward montgomery and orange county. then you have the snow off to the south. that will just miss us. flurries will probably brush our coastline overnight tonight. what we're looking at is this. look at those lines, the squall line coming through the great lakes and getting into the western part of the state. that's our arctic front. it's creeping ever so close and will be here around daybreak tomorrow with the frigid air taking 20s into single digits. here's what you need to know. we have steady temperatures this evening.
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it's 10 miles per hour. then snow showers around, but not as brutal as tomorrow. the snow squalls arrive toward dawn. that's the signal of dangerous cold. the squalls could drop a dusting to an inch. it will feel as much as 30 below. the record low on sunday is 2. we are forecasting a tie. the last zero degree day in central park was 1994. it is not out of the question. even if we don't make it to zero, it will feel that cold later tomorrow and tomorrow night. we'll take you through all of the timing. we'll tell you when we climb out of the deep freeze, but meantime, prepare for a weekend. back to you for now. >> in light of the forecast, new york mayor de blasio urging people to stay indoors. dave evans is in harlem with dave?
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city issued a code blue alert. the mayor earlier today with us admitted he's concerned and worried about the homeless coming in from the cold and taking shelter this weekend. last night, the city took in 63 homeless people in shelters. there were also 230 walk-ins with homeless people trying to get in from the cold and wind last night. the mayor today urged new yorkers to stay inside and check on your neighbors. if you have no heat, call 311 for help. it will be dangerously cold this weekend, the coldest, perhaps in a hundred years. the mayor says he will stay close by in case of any emergency. he urged new yorkers to up and avoid the cold. >> from this point on, we under an exceptional situation, and i need all new yorkers to understand to take all of the appropriate precautions. take this weather very, very serious. we don't see these temperatures very often, and they can be life-threatening.
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know if your apartment is cold as it happens, not after the fact. call 311. the rule is, if you are inside of your apartment after 10:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning and it is 55 degrees or colder inside of your apartment, 55 or colder inside of your apartment after 10:00 tonight, then you into ed to go ahead and -- you need to go ahead and call 311. dave evans, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> your heart goes out to anyone who has to work outside in these temperatures, like david. we may have found one of the jersey. this family owns a food truck along the jersey city waterfront. the heat from the grill is keeping them toasty through the cold spell. it's frozen. right inside, not too much. when we come out here, definitely here. face. >> i'll bet the food smells ferries that operate between new york and new jersey are keeping their outdoor decks
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>> remember, you can track the conditions on the go with the free accucath weather alert app. we're also following breaking news that could impact the evening commute. new jersey transit warning passengers about the potential for big delays. right now, there are 15-minute delays in and out of penn station but new jersey transit said the delays could increase to 60 minutes. this is all because amtrak repairs in one of the hudson river tunnels. of course we'll keep you posted throughout the evening as more information comes in. following more breaking news right now, a fire is burning at a home. shannon is over the scene in news copter 7. shannon? >> reporter: liz, you can see there is firepowerring out of the roof here at 754 avenue a. this fire started just over an hour ago, and you can see that they have not yet gotten the upper hand on this for a while we were just seeing thick, white smoke. now we're seeing the flames kicking up again.
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way to the roof. they've made entry into the home as well. as of this moment, they have not yet gotten the upper hand on this two-alarm fire. it started just after 4:00 this afternoon. you can look over there at avenue a with lots of fire department activity on the scene. at this point, no word of any injuries. you do need to know avenue a is shut down with this massive fire activity between west 31st and west 34th streets taking over to john f. kennedy boulevard. of course firefighters are having a difficult time with the cold conditions battling the blaze. reporting live over bayonne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, shannon. following a developing story out of brooklyn where a robbery attempt resulted in an suv hitting a teenager as he ran from the scene. this happened in canarsie. the details are gruesome. "eyewitness news" reporter stefan kim is in brooklyn with the story. >> reporter: this is a crazy,
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let's begin first with the smashed up steel gate you see on the corner. that is where a hon do pilot suv crashed into the gate. it was just towed out of here. police say the 39-year-old driver of that suv had come to this neighborhood to sell sneakers, a pair of air jordans he posted online. when he got here, the teen who was supposed to buy the sneakers instead held him up at gunpoint and fled on point. it appears that driver panicked, hit the gas and ran that evennager over, serverring his right arm. witnesses then say that teen boarded the mta bus about four to five blocks from here, boarded that bus with other riders on it. that driver, of course, pulling over immediately. cops say the driver of the suv pulled that suspect off that bus. police say that teen was taken to a hospital. he is not in good condition. they are interviewing the driver of the suv. no charges have been immediately filed against that driver so far.
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this scene. back here at this corner, if you take a look at this home here, there is a home security camera that points directly at this crash site. it's unclear at this point if that camera captured anything that happened here, but detectives have been in and out all afternoon, so we'll find out soon enough if it captured images. one last thing, two blocks from here, there was another crime scene. police say that is where the teenage suspect lives. he attempted to flee and collapsed in front of his home. that is where he was taken into custody. stefan kim, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> police have a lot to go over in that case. new on first at 4:00, a brutal assault caught on camera on board a city bus. the dramatic video shows a man pummeling a 62-year-old bus driver last month while the bus was stopped. the attacker then seen standing outside the bus door taunting the driver to come out and fight.
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recognize the man and turn him in. we have posted it on our facebook page. it's already been viewed northern00,000 timesp. the massive warehouse fire continues to burn in new jersey. the flames destroyed a half million square feet of warehouses in hillsborough. it's currently leased to a private company whose tenants use the building for storage. cold conditions are especially tough for firefighters. >> the infrastructure meaning the water lines and sprinkler systems are old and not really fit for what's in the buildings now. >> officials in the area are asking everyone to avoid the smoke, but there are no major air quality concerns. they say it could be days before the fire is completely out. an explosion at a plant in orange county, new york, left two workers seriously hurt. the emergency sending first responders to a site focused on
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this happened just before 10:00 a.m. inside of a company where they make fire extinguishers. state police say the victim is a 23-year-old man and 35-year- old man filling up a tank when it exploded. they were taken to west chester medical center with serious leg injuries. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. today, the nypd fired the partner of former police officer peter liang, who was convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed man. the officer testified against officer lei liang and given -- officer liang and given immunity but he was fired for not following police procedure after the shooting. last night a jury in brooklyn convicted liang in the death of akai gurley. liang says he accidentally fired a shot inside of a dark stair well inside of of a housing project in 2014. the bullet ricocheted off of a wall and killed gurley. liang now faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced in april.
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wall street after stocks reversed a costly downturn today regaining ground. the steadily falling price of u.s. oil is a major source of concern among investors. today, the price of crude rose, helping to lift energy stocks and the market overall. the dow rose to close at 15,973. >> good to see it up. still ahead on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00, another slashing victim in new york city. we'll hear from the victim who was left with a huge gash on her face. >> plus, we'll explain why a beach known for its big wave is getting hammered with especially big waves. we're talking 18 feet. >> wow. >> we want to see how you are coping with the cold today. hashtag your i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see
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it is 4:13 and time to check traffic on this friday afternoon. we'll take to you the gowanus in bay ridge with an accident blocking traffic. shannon, what's going on? >> reporter: what a nightmare this is. this is right at 65th street. it happened in the hov lane. you can see the severe damage to the one vehicle. bring this camera back. that is the second vehicle involved. despite the fact that it is in the hov lane, you have the fire department responding in the regular lanes of traffic, and it is a nightmare. literally, just seconds ago, there was an accident on the ramp heading into the gowanus. that just cleared, but the damage is done. it is bumper to bumper across the span of the bridge. you can't catch a break getting over that verrazano bridge. shannon stone, channel 7 "eyewitness news."
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dead after a shooting at a high school in arizona. police say the teenagers were shot once and found together with a weapon near them. it happened in an isolated area of the campus, which is suburban phoenix. police are not searching for any suspects and say there is school. as of right now, they believe it was a murder-suicide or double suicide. we have an update now on the zika verse. charles schumer calling for the federal government to appoint a zika czar, if you will. the czar would coordinate between federal agencies and foreign governments to prevent the spread of the virus. the obama administration has asked congress for $1.8 million to fight zika. meanwhile, any setting is at least a year and a half away. the democrats wrapped up a
4:16 pm
republicans get ready for their next face-off. some have already arrived in south carolina where tomorrow night's debate will take place. fiorina and christie dropping out after the last primaries. exchanges among the democrats become more heated, especially when talking about the president. >> he's called him weak, called him a disappointment. >> madam secretary that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> sanders took aim at big money influences on wall street. it may be freezing here, but in northern california, they are enjoying huge wave as long with 60 degree temperatures. this is the legend air a maverick serve break.
4:17 pm
the reason the waves got to high is because swells traveled through deep water for days and ended up hitting a shell reef and caused this 'em to jump up and crash back. the competition can onlien held when the surf is just right. the last contest was january 2014. having surfed the waters on the east coast, we're talking maybe 3 feet. >> they look like they are having a blast out there. >> that's interesting because hawaii. >> right, we just talked about that. >> i did hear canceled, though. >> what's the goose? >> come on, "top gun" reference. >> geez, come on. >> now are you going to do a "rocky" reference with the cold? >> i am a movie buff. let's talk about i don't know what's your favorite winter ice movie? we have very cold weather out right now, but it's only going
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downtown in the manhattan skyline, a lot of clouds. a couple of thin spots in the clouds. we're at 26. a southwest wind at 6, that's the key. relatively warmer. once that starts switching late tonight, the arctic air starts to pour in. the average high is 41. all we've talked about is above normal temperatures all season. 27 kingston. we're down to 18 in monticello. 25 in nor walk. i know you are hearing about the real severe chill. that doesn't come in for another 12 hours or so. windchills are already in the teens but go subzero after sunrise tomorrow and even in the pre-dawn hours. let me take you through a planner. the first part of the night, you dress for winter. you under good shape, it's not too severe. things change between 5:00 and
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there can the winds start gusting to 30. the numbers drop and keep tanking during the day and wind gusts are 40 to 45 miles per hour. let me take you through the scheduled windchills. windchills remain in the teens through the wee hours of the morning. all. pinks and whites come in. so you go zero if not below zero by 8:00 in the morning. then the windchills just go down during the day. look at where we end up tomorrow evening, even 30 below north and west of new york city. that'll continue into sunday morning. those are probably the lowest windchills where widespread 15 to 30 below zero. then it feels like it's above zero by sunday afternoon. so the worst is really midday saturday through the early hours on sunday. we have a few flurries around right now. we have a storm coming off of the mid-atlantic coast and a few snow showers may brush across.
4:20 pm
shower that causes a slick spot. i'm more concerned about that cluster of snow showers with the arctic front. just coming into the u. michigan into ontario closing into toronto. so we'll keep a close eye there. watch the futurecast. with the system offshore and the front to our west competing a little bit, i don't think we're looking at organized snow showers the first part of the night. what i'm concerned about is after that 4:00, 5:00 in the morning when we can see the snow showers. the futurecast isn't looking as bullish on the big snow squalls. i think we have to allow for coatings or even an inch in spots with arctic air coming in. after that clouds, sun, bitter cold wind. so lots of layers over the next few days. wear the hats and gloves and use a scarf. we showed you that request to send in to show us the cold at put that scarf over your mouth and protect your lungs. have extra blankets in the car. don't let the kids out too long
4:21 pm
discoloration that could be frostbite. it sets in, in 10 to 15 minutes. 18 degrees with flurries. a heavier squall and increasing wind late. tomorrow, 19 and dropping. brutally cold, falling temperatures, subzero windchills. dangerous cold feels like 20 below tomorrow night tying the record low of 2 set back in 1916. here's what we're working on for 4:30. we'll look at that valentine's day map at least tied for the coldest valentine's day on record. hopefully that wind will die down later. we have to talk about a storm next week. wait until you hear about the recovery and how quick it is. we need that recovery quick. much more on that, but david, as i'm getting messages on social media, it's winter, it's cold. why are you making such a big deal? you'll know when you go outside tomorrow. >> i feel like a lot of people are getting ready to hibernate, like literally not go outside.
4:22 pm
significant other. >> thank you, iceman. >> how did i miss that? >> we're so embarrassed. >> yeah, i know. >> thanks, lee. film-makers are hoping you'll want to brave the cold and leave your house this weekend. andy is here with his review of which valentine's day movies are weather the price of admission including the highly
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the coast guard will decide whether the storm- battered royal caribbean cruise ship will sail again. inspectors are checking over anthem of the seas and say repairs seem to be on track. the ship's left propeller stopped working and needed to be replaced. if it passes inspection, the ship will leave bayonne on a seven-day cruise tomorrow. take a look at this new time lapsed video showing this ship in the mid. hurricane force winds. you can see the growing waves that passengers set up the camera to chronicle the trip not knowing what was about to happen. so now they have that as a vacation memory. >> can you imagine the conversation? >> yeah. so they may not fit the bill for a romantic valentine's day, but at least two of the movies hitting theaters are
4:25 pm
little bit of action. >> in some cases, a lot of, a, but are they worth braving the arctic chill to get there? >> surprise this is a different kind of superhero story. >> "dead pool" is rough around the edges, and while some will delight why it's rated r it's hard to show that on broadcast tv. the audience is restricted not for its violence, though there is plenty of that. no, in this case, the r is for raunchy. ryan reynolds stars as a guy who signs on for a cancer cure that leaves him dig figured but also inconveniencible. a mutant who rooms with a blind woman played by leslie uggams. fans of superhero movies will delight at inside jokes and laugh at the expense of characters they know and love. the lines delivered with a wink and a nod.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: the opening credits make fun of the way hollywood folk honor each other in a way that's quite clever and for those who like their gags on the sophomoric side there is another choice in theaters. >> he was once the world's most famous male model. even his looks were household names. >> reporter: . i never got the appeal of the original "zoolander" movies about two male models. fans have long wanted them to make a sequel. >> old? lame? >> reporter: this comeback means aligning with a cop played by penelope cruz to try to figure out who killed justin "beaver" [unintelligible]
4:27 pm
earned some of the worst reviews. my nephew loved it. dave, liz? >> all right. >> i got that "dead pool" on my list. i want to check that out. >> even in the bitter cold, trudging out? >> maybe not tho this weekend. still to come, an act of kindness by an nypd officer. coming up, the special gift he gave a young girl who got robbed.
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all new this half hour. a college student slashed on the face on her way home in the bronx, and now she is sharing her story. >> i was walking down holland avenue, and all of a sudden, i feel a presence behind me. >> we'll have much more of her
4:30 pm
>> let's get a quick check on the temperatures with meteorologist lee goldberg as we endure another day of cold temperatures. >> very cold today, but severe cold, david. the ice festival was canceled tomorrow but the ice cold is not far from 20. so a walk in the park. no pun intended. look at the windchill saturday night into sunday morning anywhere from 10 to 20 below much of the area. even 10 to 30 below. we have windchill warnings in the northern suburbs and a windchill advisory. we will time the temperatures also watching snow on radar as well. your accuweather forecast is just a few minutes away. david, liz, back to you. >> remember, you can get the forecast any time right at your fingertips. just download our alert app by searching in the apple app or google play stores. right now, police are searching for a suspect who attacked a college student on
4:31 pm
it happened this morning on holland avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter tim fleischer spoke with the victim as you can see on his twitter page. tim? >> reporter: liz, another one of these horrible slashings. can you even believe it? this latest one happening here in this neighborhood that residents say is very quiet. this time, the victim is speaking out. she wants these crimes to stop. >> i was terrified, really frantic, her stairiccal. -- hysterical. >> reporter: and severely slashed. paula, who doesn't want her last name used, was walking down holland avenue about 12:15 friday morning on her what i home when she felt someone's presence. >> my first instinct was to grab onto the phone and that's when he slashed me and pushed me to the ground and kicked my face and took my purse. >> reporter: she let out
4:32 pm
hermie cruz heard from his nearby apartment. >> yes, he's killing me. >> reporter: she was screaming that? >> i was screaming as loud as i can. ingood's that frightened him -- i guess that frightened him and he ran away. >> reporter: the 20-year-old college student ran for help and was taken to the hospital where she received, she says, three layers of stitches. >> on the top, there's 26 stepchs. >> maybes -- stitches. >> neighbors are shocked. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> reporter: others worry about all of the slashings lately. >> it seems to be picking up again, if i could say that. >> reporter: while police search for the suspect, paula is hoping he can caught. >> i don't want anyone else to experience this. i would not wish this upon anyone else. i just hopefully this guy gets caught. >> reporter: paula says moving forward she'll put her cell phone and other valuables away and be far more aware of what goes on around her. reporting live in vanness, tim fleischer, channel 7 "eyewitness news."
4:33 pm
examiner has confirmed remains found in a park in hollis queens are human. the bones were found yesterday afternoon. the bag was next to a tree, and neighbors say that they heard park workers screaming after making the discovery. medical examiners office and forensic anthropologists are in analysis. rapper dmx is back on stage just four days after collapsing in a parking lot where he stopped breathing. [music] >> he performed for about an hour early this morning at a nightclub in the meat packing district. it is the fist time he has been -- first time he has been seen since he was revived in yonkers. it's not clear why he stopped breathing, but relatives say he has been suffering from issues tied to his asthma. a man was shot and killed after a terrifying machete
4:34 pm
investigators say muhammad berry ran through a restaurant attacking several people in the dining room and the kitchen. four people were hurt, one critically. some diners threw chairs at the man, who left before officers arrived. >> i just when i saw him start hitting people, i ran out, but i kept falling. i got away. >> police found the man a short time later. they say he was holding a machete and a knife. a stun gun failed to take him down, and they opened fire when he lunged at them. still to come, a freak accident. a flying manhole cover slams into the windshield of a car. prank. what happened that led to chaos inside of a gym? >> plus this -- >> if your valentine's plans include a proposal from up on building, bundle up. we have a look at how the cold the heart.
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a tragic and bizarre accident in boston after part of the street killed a driver early this morning. police say the woman was headed southbound on interstate 93 through a tunnel when a manhole cover suddenly flew up into the air. the lid burst through the front windshield of the woman's car and exited right out the back. the woman's car then hit a wall and stopped. it's unclear how that metal cover came loose in the first place. state transportation crews are now checking all manhole covers and grates as a result. a senior prank caused a big scare at a pep rally in a high school in illinois. cell phone video captured the moment after students heard firecrackers. the school suspended 33 students, including many who say they were not even involved in the incident. it is still under investigation. the students involved can appeal the suspension.
4:39 pm
of one of the killers in the columbine shooting is opening up in an exclusive interview. sue klebold sat down with abc's diane sawyer for her first tv interview. her son dylan and his friend eric harris opened fire inside of that school in april 1999 killing 12 students and a teacher. >> i just remember sitting there and reading about them. all of these kids and the teacher i keep thinking, constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. >> klebold has penned a memoir that she plans to release on monday. she's donating all of the profits to charitable foundations you can here more
4:40 pm
abc app that begins at 10:00 p.m. so here's a question for you. how often do you wish your cell phone had better service? there may be some hope. at&t says it will conduct field testing on its 5g network by the end of the year. 5g stands for fifth generation, an upgrade to the current 4g lte network. not sure how how much faster it will make it. a dog rescued from april animal shelter paid his owner back. he wasn't sure about the decision and had to sleep on it. carl wasn't the golden retriever he had been looking for and had dental problems for a dog. carl turned out to be the perfect best friend alerting him to a danger lurking within his walls. a fire had been smoldering in
4:41 pm
>> that's why carl had been acting strange and restless. >> how could you not love carl? >> you and me forever, buddy! officers coming together to help a young girl. we'll tell you all about the special gift. >> speaking of dogs, meet the one they named ginger rogers. can you tell why? we'll tell you more coming up. >> and a live look outside right now. brace yourself for even colder temperatures and some snow.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
a young girl whose christmas was spoiled got a pleasant surprise from generous police officers. 12-year-old yesmelli gomez says someone stole her new hover board the day after christmas. when officers at the 33rd precinct heard, they wanted to make it right, so the 21 officers pooled their money together and got her a brand new ipad. they chose the ipad instead of a hover board because hover boards are of course illegal in new york city. gentlemen, if you think you got your lady the perfect valentine's gift this year, we've got a guy who might have outdone us all. patrick sullivan says his wife only asks for modest gifts on valentine's day like a note or a card. this year, he had something
4:44 pm
he wrote her a note all right. he put it on a billboard pat and patty forever 27 years and counting. you complete me, love pat. >> that's sweet. >> he jerry mcguireed her. >> he kind of swiped that, but okay. >> you're going to knock this guy? you're going to knock this guy! [ all talking at once ] >> that's my husband, look what i did. >> very nice. >> a little surly. >> the picture that make u.s. angry, you know what that is? long beach, california, everybody. what are we looking at there? >> did you see it froze over? we have to deice the time and temperature. >> it melted. >> there you go. >> that sun, right?
4:45 pm
>> we need a little vitamin d. >> that's beautiful. columbus avenue. >> andy our director that was just cruel. >> it's great. it's cold. >> do i have to? >> you have to. >> we have the temperature at 26. cloudy skies and windchill of 19. here's the next seven hours, which are not as severe as it will be in about 12 hours when all of the arctic air starts to pour in. this goes from 5:00 in the morning. brief heavy snow showers reducing visibility, dustings created on roads. it's not widespread, but there will be spots that get that. winds will be kicking up to 30. if you are sleeping late, it will be gusting and swirling to 45 miles per hour.
4:46 pm
some of these may not be reaching the ground. what's happening is a storm is missing offshore. there's some interaction between them so i think we can have flurries and then our attention turns. notice how you'll see snow showers on the radar to our west and to our east. we're just sort of in between. i wouldn't be surprised to see a new snow showers get into the east of long island and into the catskills by so. it's that time period where you see dusting. we'll start out the day in the teens and then just drop during the day. it will be a cold gusty wind and then basically 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. by sunday morning, these are actual lows. this is the computer models depicting 5 in central park. computer models have a tough time gauging extremes. i think it would be around 2 degrees which would tie a record low.
4:47 pm
into sunday morning. widespread 10 to 20 below. 20 to 30 below, once weep get into the northern sub-- once we get into the northern suburbs. you look at saturday here it's 19 with that temperature dropping and just all of the common sense rules. make sure the weather stripping is correct. check the tire pressure because that can go down during a system like this. on valentine's day, 17. then we get to monday, and there will be a storm approaching which could bring light snow during the morning commute. could be slippery travel followed by a soaking train and 50 on tuesday. so david and liz, 2 on sunday morning. >> i'll take the 50. >> all right, guys. before we go to the trend, we do have breaking news that we are following right now. we told you about the new jersey transit delays. now there are long island railroad problems and now we have the latest. shannon?
4:48 pm
down at jamaica station. not a lot of trains going out and stacked up. that is because of an earlier disabled train by penn station. lirr telling us the official word is service is completely suspended westbound between jamaica and penn. the only exception is on the fort washington bend. reporting live over jamaica station, shannon stone, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> shannon, thanks. here's what's trending. there are so many stories tied to kanye west today, i almost have to dedicate the entire segment. to begin, he held the launch of his fashion line and listening party at madison square garden yesterday. among the celebrities that poured out, and there was a lot of them out there, was lamar odom making his first public appearance since his brush with death. martin shkreli, the man
4:49 pm
kanye west $10 million for the sole rights to kanye's album. i have a feeling that's not happening. finally, west has managed to upset fans of taylor swift after he calls her an anti- female slur. there in short is the day in the life of kanye west. >> he's been busy. >> he was very busy. he knows how to keep himself publicized. let's switch things up. i have a different kind of entertainment i will bring from you. i'd like to introduce tout dog they call ginger rogers. you have to have music, right? >> just perfect. finally it's valentine's day and so we end with a love story. a serviceman hadn't seen his girlfriend for eight months. he got passengers on his flight to present her with a rose. all of them strangers and
4:50 pm
month apart. then the big finish. >> will you marry me? >> aw! >> isn't love grand? >> i love that he got the whole flight to play along. >> that crushes the billboard. the billboard doesn't even make the top five. >> you are so down on the billboard. >> the guy went to strangers. that's good. >> oh, look, a purple rose. >> we'll continue our debate. >> no love for the billboard whatsoever. >> none. coming up next, despite the cold temperatures, love can still bloom. well, we just showed you that video. >> we can't get enough of it. >> we're going to show it to
4:51 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
4:52 pm
with sub zero temperatures coming this weekend, it's no excuse to leave your sweetheart out in the cold. >> how you can turn up the romance with the falling temperatures. >> reporter: on sunday there's a special menu here. >> we have exclusively a tasting menu. the cold is a challenge. i think we're not going to see too many folks drop off hopefully, but it changes how people move through space. >> reporter: meaning they may not be so warm and cudly, but on the -- cuddlely. but only up site it's only cold -- side it's only cold. it's could be worse. >> >. it's not like torrential rain or three feet of snow, but makes you feel a little tighter, and we want everyone to walk in here feeling really welcome. >> reporter: at midtown florist
4:53 pm
it's going to result in more deliveries. >> >. more people calling in instead of stopping into the shop. we package the flowers to protect them from the cold, and keep the trucks and cars running for delivery. >> reporter: and up here on top of the empire state building with the temperature today is about 24 degree, imagine what it will be like on sunday with the wind chill? it's going to feel like 25 below, but weddings will still take place. >> love is in the air. they come in their gowns, we're ready to go, it's going to be a great event. >> reporter: is anything impacted by the cold? fewer photos? go more quickly? >> you know, they're caught up in the moment, and they forget the temperature. >> reporter: and if you're planning to pop the question, much. this wouldn't be a great place to drop a ring.
4:54 pm
>> i like how the ref was up there in suit like what share your love story with us on in of valentine's day on your facebook page and -- our facebook and post a picture of your sweety. >> there's more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. channel 7 eyewitness news starts now. a beating on the bus with a passenger going after the driver. tonight, the search for this menacing man. and an attempted anemiaer theft with a -- sneaker theft with a heavy price to pay. a would be 17-year-old thief ended up getting run over and losing an hour. >> i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. >> breaking news right now, lirr services temporarily suspended westbound between jamaica and penn station. here's the latest.
4:55 pm
trains headed west toward penn station, the official word is that they're operating at a reduced capacity, on the two of the four east river tunnels are operational because of a disabled train that's backed up and caused a headache for the afternoon commute. if you're on the port washington branch, you have escaped this. they're running without problems, but all other lines on lirr are suspended westbound between jamaica station and penn station. mta is cross honoring ticket, but this is what you're looking at right now, literally nothing heading to the west. >> okay, thank you. we turn now to weather. it's going to be dangerously cold.
4:56 pm
has issued a code blue alert, getting the homeless off the street. >> and a little cold weather irony, the ice fest eventually for this weekend in central park was canceled because it's too cold. >> we have team coverage beginning with lee goldberg outside the studio on the upper west side. >> they canceled the winter jam because of the blizzard. unbelievable. it's really cold, but we're about 12 hours away in temperatures that will lit al rally take -- literally talk your breath away. everything has to be covered tomorrow. right now the temperature is down to 25, not too bad. the wind chill 16, but still above 0 which it will not be by morning. wind chill warnings for the northern suburbs, 20 to 30 below wind chills, wind chill advisories for much of the area. now we have some flurries now, not the arctic front just yet, it's actually a storm just off
4:57 pm
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