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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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take a look at video from inside penn station showing frustrated commuters that really just want to go home this friday evening and tart their weekend. the emergency track repairs are going on in one of the hudson river tunnel, and causing the delays going on for new jersey transit and amtrak trains leaving and arriving from penn station. long island railroad is also effected by the delays and cancellations because trains are down to using three tracks instead of the normal four. bus service will cross monday bus tickets and rail passes during this time, and really to put it bluntly said he wished he'd left work a little earlier to avoid the nightmare you just saw in the video. live in penn station, carolina leid, eyewitness news. >> what a mess out there. now to the dangerously cold weekend ahead. >> yeah, outside right now, temperatures are in the mid- 20s.
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ability it, but by tomorrow -- about it, but by tomorrow night wind chills will be minus 20 or worse. >> and we could be breaking some records, records that nobody really wants to break. we have two reports, dave evans is in harlem, and lee is outside the studios. >> reporter: hi, hopefully can hear me okay out here. the polar vortex is a term overused over the last year or two, but it's appropriate into the weekend. the north pole is relocating down here, and we'll have some of the coldest weather in years. we have some flurries out here. not the front yet, but cold enough for flurries. maybe speed restrictions on bridges and overpasses through the day tomorrow. we're at 24 right now, and it feels like 16, but it's tame right now compared to what it will be tomorrow. a wind chill warning in the northern suburbs in effect tomorrow through midday sunday and a wind chill advisory for the rest of the area.
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like 10 to 30 below in the afternoon hours tomorrow, and into sunday. a few flurries, you can see them there, new york city, connecticut, long island, nothing heavy, no accumulation. there's a storm down to the south, maybe a couple of snow showers in the evening hour, but we're going to focus on these two lines here. squall lines in western new york state, moving just through buffalo with 30-mile per hour winds, and wind chills close to 0 there. that's coming our way in the pre-dawn hours. that means your friday evening, right now it's not as harsh. we're in the low 20s, steady temperature, the winds probably about 10 miles per hour, and a few flurries. study abroad t snow squall -- the snow squalls arriving around dawn signaling the cold weather. 10 to 30 below feeling like during the day, and the low is 2, and forecasting a tie to that, and very lowes to the 0 -- close to the degree temperature -- 0-degree
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dangerous chill over the welled. the recovery and a big storm just as we get out of the cold air next week, is it snow or rain? we'll iron that out in the minutes. back to you for now. thank you, those in charge in new york city, tonight arctic blast. all cranes in the city now not allowed to operate tomorrow because of the high winds, and dangerous. dave evans has that part of our coverage, he's in harlem all bundled up. >> reporter: the city issued a code blue alert for this weekend because of the temperature, and the mayor told us earlier today he's concerned about the homeless, making sure they come in and take shelter. it will be dangerously cold this weekend, perhaps the coldest in decades, but most people we talked with today said come on it hasn't been so bad this winter. >> it's february, that's our season. >> reporter: you're not troubled by this? >> not at all. this is this time of year,
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>> reporter: but the mayor is kind of worried about the cold this weekend. last night the city took 63 to shelters, another 230 walked into emergency rooms to get out of cold and wind. the mayor urged new yorkers to check on neighbors and try to stay inside, and if you have no heat in your apartment, call 311. >> from this point on through seasoned afternoon we're 234 -- sunday afternoon we're in a really exceptional situation, and i need all new yorkers to take the appropriate precaution, take the weather seriously. >> reporter: the best advice is if you have to get out, layer, the joseph family here in harlem is ready. >> just stay in, and when you come out dress in layers, hands covered, head covered, feet covered. >> reporter: and the rule is you have to have heat and hot water in new york city, the law
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inside your apartment after 10:00 o'clock tonight until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, 55 or colder, you have to have heat, if not call 311 to get help. for now reporting live, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. and new developments right now in a suspected robbery in brooklyn. a bizarre story that ended with a teen getting run over. we obvious stained exclusive -- obtained exclusive video showing how it went down, and we want to warn you this is disturbing video. here's if story. >> reporter: a teen al peers to have lost his -- appears to have lost his right arm over a pair of sneakers. the teen robbed a man of jordans at gun point, an exclusive video shows the driver of the suv mowing that teen down moments later. take a look at this teenage boy
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suv meeting to buy a man for a pair of sneakers posted on craigslist. cops say he just robbed the seller at gun point here, he tried to cross the street, but then the suv tries to cut him off. then the teen walks the other way and the driver slowly makes his way to the end of the block, makes a u-turn, then hit it is bass slamming into the teen -- gas slamming into the teen. the collision severed the teen's arm. that teen is in surgery, doctors are trying to reattach his arm. police say a gun was recovered at the scene. the driver of the suv had told cops he panicked and hit the gas, but in the exclusive video we showed you it appears otherwise. the driver has not yet been charged. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that's tough to watch. thank you. the battle against a huge warehouse fire in new jersey will last a few more days. flames have destroyed a half
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warehouses since yesterday. the site is an old military base, currently leased to a private company that uses the buildings for storage. officials say all the smoke hasn't caused any major air quality concerns. the nypd wasting little tame taking action against the cops involved in a deadly shooting in a housing project in brooklyn. within moments of the officer's guilty select for manslaughter, he was fired by the nypd, and tonight his partner also and we spoke to the loan african american -- lone african american on the juror. >> reporter: yes, he's known for the past three weeks as juror number ten. he says nothing about this was easy, but an innocent man was killed, and he says the jury never lost sight of that. >> we were very sensitive to the lives, the people.
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was painful. >> what is the select? >> guilty? -- verdict? >> guilty. >> reporter: watching the select wash across the officer like a tidal wave, but he has no one to blame but himself he says. >> put your finger on the trigger, you're ready to shoot. now whether you hit someone or you hit, the bullet has to go somewhere. >> reporter: the defense insisted he had reason to draw the gun in the darkened stairwell, and that he fired by mistake, but carlton says the jury didn't by that. >> because it's hard to pull the trigger. we all tried it. >> reporter: the gunshot ricocheted across the wall and killed an innocent and unarmed man. >> i have two daughters of my own and they tell me every day dad they love me, they love me. his daughter won't have that opportunity.
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promised to appeal. the pba president says this: >> the worst things you can do for a police officer is put doubt in their heads. then they get hurt and the public gets hurt. >> reporter: the mayor says works. >> we have to be there in protect people, no question about it, but what we're doing now is making sure the officers have a lot of training, a lot of support. >> reporter: carlton says the select shouldn't be seen as a political statement, although the deaths of other men in police custody were an unspoken presence. >> people said they thought things. it's on your mind. involved here. >> reporter: and of course others will see it differently. the live picture outside the police headquarters, relatives of gurley and critics of the
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is yet another example of police misconduct. a loud but peaceful demonstration so far. all right, thank you, and as we continue at 6:00, a college student is the victim of a frightening random attack, the stranger that slashed her on the face. and a week before pitchers and catchers report training, one pitcher for the training ever again. he's been banned for life from baseball. rob powers has the story coming up. and we want to see how you
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another new yorker has been slashed, this time it was a young college student, she was walking home late at night in the bronx. >> the attacker wanted her cell phone, she resisted, and for that she was slashed in the face, and we'll show new a tweet from tim fleischer that talked to her today. >> the slasher still on the run, and ted has the story. >> reporter: and tonight police are still look forking a suspect in -- looking for a suspect in this horrible attack, but the victim has stepped forward, wanting to make sure this does not happen to others. with three layers of stitches to close the gash on her cheek, paula is the latest victim in a string of vicious attacks. >> i wouldn't wish this upon anyone else, and hopefully this guy gets caught. >> reporter: paula was walking
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morning, and suddenly felt the eerie presence of someone. >> my first instinct was grab on to the phone, and that's when he slashed me, and pushed me to the ground, and kicked me face, and took my purse. >> reporter: she wasn't giving up and began screaming. >> he's killing me, he's killing me. >> reporter: she was screaming that? >> yes. >> >. i was screaming as loud as i can, and he ran the other way. >> reporter: she was then taken to the hospital for treatment. >> on the top there's 26 stitches. >> reporter: other neighbors worry about this attack on their block, and the recent string of slashes. >> it seems to be picking up again. >> i've been living on the block 40 years, the neighborhood has chained a lot. >> reporter: and paula says from now on she'll put her phone away and high school
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and be keenly aware of what's going on around here.
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>> reporter: for businesses hoping -- for businesses hoping for a boost for valentine's day, the weather might put a dent in their plans, but it could be good places that deliver like midtown florist in downtown brooklyn. they expect the cold to result in more deliveries. even the top of the empire state building says wedding plans will still go on, but lee's cuddle alert is on. >> if you got married on top of the empire it's a great story. other than that stay inside.
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rayed up there, send us a picture. >> >. that's a nice spin on a brutal weekend. let's go outside and check out, for at least this weekend's standards, a pretty comfortable columbus avenue, we have temperatures in the 20s right now, a wind that's fairly light. as we go through the night it's not going to be terrible through the first part of the night. the actual temperatures dropping through the teens a little later on, but it's actually going to take until morning. the temperature right now at 24. southwest wind at 7:00, and we -- 7, and we managed to reach the mid-20s. we'll start looking at the record lows closely. we could tie one sunday morning. the wind near the water tomorrow, gusts near 50 miles an hour, i can imagine that. the winds are maybe 7 to 13 miles per hour, we'll see these things flying tomorrow at 45- mile per hour gust, the wind
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but close to 0 by the morning. clouds overnight, flurries around, but a heavier snow squall could be with us between 5:00 in the morning and 9:00 not morning. then clouds and sun in the morning, and temperatures dropping through the teens. wind chill planner here, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, wind chills below 0 from the city on north and the day. the core of the cold air is over us early sunday morning, from 15 to 30 below for wind chills, and recovering to above freezing in the afternoon hours. we've had a few flurry, this isn't the arctic front yet, but you'll see a few flurries on the ferry. just very light and the air is dry. there's a storm offshore we're missing, and it could cause a few flurries, and then the front, the squaw line looking impressive in buffer low and rochester, so -- buffalo and
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between 5:00 and 9:00. we'll watch it overnight. just partly cloudy, and then start to get into the catskills a.m., and -- 3:00 a.m., and then connecticut down to trenton, about 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning. heavier snow shower briefly reducing visibility, wind kicks up, and a dusting to maybe an inch of snow, and that moves away, that's the exception rather than the rule, but no matter what you get, if you don't see snow fall, you'll still get the gusty winds tomorrow. frigid with flurries overnight. increasing wind late about 18. tomorrow brutally cold during the day, and dangerous tomorrow afternoon and to recall night feeling like 20 below. 19 and falling saturday, the worst is saturday night and sunday morning. 12 on valentine's day. then on monday, look what happens, we have a storm coming. we try to warm above freezing, but probably still cold, light snow for the evening commute, nothing major.
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going to rain at night, and in fact on tuesday, we can get up to 50, suddenly getting a soaking rain just days after being record cold and 2 degrees, but maybe an inch of rain fall, and that could lead to street flooding, and they things quiet down midweek next week. i know you say it's cold and winter, but this is something different. you'll feel it when you walk out the door. all right thanks. >> rob is up next with sports. and baseball news to warm you up or leave you colder. getting ready for spring training, we have news for the baseball previews, and then a mets pitcher permanently
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he wasn't banned from baseball for jaywalking, what happened? >> he just never learned a lesson. met pitcher henry meyia perm negligently suspended westbound sended -- permanently suspended after his third positive test for performance enhancing drug. the first player to get a lifetime ban under the new drug rules. the mets said they're disappointed in him, support mlb, won't comment further. that's paraphrasing. he was the met closer last year, but three positive tests now, and out. meanwhile long island, steven mats getting started, just over 35 unincorporateds last year, made three post-season starts, but missed time with partial tear in the lateral, but loves
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>> you see the talent the other guys have, and watch how good their arms are, and it's really exciting to work and be here. >> and tanaka threw ground today, and says he feels good, but doesn't know when he'll make a designated start. and this guy, had a big year last year. production did drop off, but he's been working hard in the off season approaching birthday number 41. >> >. with the age, you know, it was always volatility and performance approaching the ages he's got, but he's working hard and you know know, hopefully he'll be a productive member. and all-star weekend for the nba almost here. game sunday, the big draw of the entire weekend will be
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retiring at season's end. spoke for 30 minutes today. 20 nba seasons, his 18th all star game, he'll be honored this weekend, but he says really the honor is playing in toronto playing with a lot of guys that grew up watching him. >> this is pretty cool. i'm looking around the room, and seeing guys tearing the league up that were like 4 when my first all star game was going on. >> someone i've been looking up to since i game in the game, and he really changed my perspective on the game. finally the basketball hall of fame, we'll know who gets in this summer. shaquille and allen iverson are up. >> we'll see you later. >> later where? >> springfield?
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>> finally from new jersey, high school heaps mount olive against sparta township. the shot at the buzzer for the win. they get three more years of this, he's a freshman. i love that. and i love iverson. >> what are you talking about? >> love it. what's coming up tonight at 11:00? fortunately sade baderinwa is here with the answers. as we head for dangerously cold temperature, we'll show you the secret to cutting your heating bill by 25 percent, it costs less than $3 a year, and the baby seen hitting himself in the head in his ultra sound. what even doctors admit about this. we'll have the stories and more tonight at 11:00. >> not doritos! [ laughter ]
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have a great night. breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what


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