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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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got into the car and took off. other police vehicles responded and at one point, the suspect's car got into a head-on collision with a patrol car. there were then shots fired. the suspect was hit multiple times. he is in brookdale hospital of gunfire. >> multiple officers fired at the suspect striking him multiple times. a .357 revolver was recovered from the suspect's front seat of his car with five spent revolver. >> reporter: again, that suspect identified as 34-year- old jamal funes of new jersey critical condition. as for the two suspects, they hospital. one shot in the chest protected by the vest, the other shot in
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as i said, they are expected to recover. back tier at the scene, the investigation continues. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> marcus, thank you very much. taking a view from the air now above the massive crime scene. shannon, what can you see from your angle? >> reporter: you know, from up here, we can really take you throw what happened here. we want to bring you into the intersection of malcolm x boulevard and quincy street report of gunshots fired. there. we know the suspect brandished a weapon and fled in his car. what we can ascertain is he went the wrong way on quincy street going all the way up the street coming across bedford avenue and coming back down again and going the wrong way along lexington avenue. that is where it happened where the suspect's vehicle crashed with an officer's vehicle, front end damage to both of them. we are looking at video where
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car as we pull in tight here. you can see them on the hood of the car as well as on the side of the car and obviously the wind screen was damaged as well here. so we'll bring the shots back out. you can see the shell casings and evidence markers on the street. it is a huge crime scene here in bed-stuy. shannon stone, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, shannon. the good news, nypd commissioner bratton said the officers will make a full recovery. >> again, they art kings county hospital recovering. dave evans is at the hospital with that part of the story. good morning again, dave. >> good morning, rob. this is wonderful news that both police officers will be just fine. terrible what happened of course in bed-stuy earlier today at 3:20, but great news that they are going to recover just fine. one officer on the department for nine years. the other on the department for three years. we're told that the first
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chest but that his bulletproof vest protected him. he did suffer from blunt force trauma because of the impact of the bullet but it did not impact the vest. the second officer not hurt as badly. this is where the second officer was injured. fine. this morning at about 7:40 up on the second floor, just above the emergency room sign, the police commissioner and the mayor briefed us on what happened earlier today also on the condition of the two police officers. i think the mayer is awfully, awfully relieved that the officers will recover just fine. >> reporter: we had the opportunity to visit with them, visit with their families. they were alert, talkative, in fact, and it was so good to see them in the good shape they were in despite everything they've been through. >> reporter: and the wonderful thing is that the two police officers are going to recover just fine. the unusual thing is the one
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his bulletproof vest, a very, very similar thing happened to his father when he was on the police department. he also was injured but protected and saved by his vest. we'll have more on that for you at 9:30 this morning. for now, reporting live outside kings county hospital in crown heights, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> we'll continue with the break news we've been following all morning. joining sus ray kelly. morning. can you walk us through exactly what happened here and what the scene? people say what exactly are anti-crime officers and how are they different from other officers? >> anti-crime officers are officers in civilian clothes in unmarked cars who are deployed
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people acting in a suspicious manner that may lead to crime. this is an approach that started in the early '70s. even i was involved in anti- crime many decades ago. it's an effective pool, but it's sort of as the tip of the spear. they are focused on people with guns. it is a dangerous job. it is a demanding job. you see these officers were extremely lucky. thank god that they, you nope, are going to survive, and all of the reports are they are doing fine. it is an effective tool on something that's been in place for a long time. apparently, they either saw this individual with a gun or got information that he had a gun. there are four officers in this car, in the police car. they started to pursue this individual. he apparently saw he was being
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obviously, they put out on the radio what was happening. so police cars from not only the precinct they were in the 81st precinct, the other precinct arrived, and this individual went the wrong way, i believe, on letchington avenue -- on lexington avenue. he rams the police car, gets out and starts shooting. he had a mag mum, .357 handgun assuming he had magnum ammunition. we know he had five expended rounds in the handgun. >> there's no way he did not know these were >> well, he rammed the police car. so he knew he was confronting police officers in some way, shape, or form. i'm assuming he knew he was being followed and that's why he went the wrong way. officers got out of the car. i believe the latest report was
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the individual was struck. he's in critical condition in brookdale hospital. thank god, as i say, the officers are going to be okay. >> can you talk a little about this device called a shot spotter and also this happened at 3:00 in the morning, not 3:00 in the afternoon. a lot of gunshots fired by both sides. would this have been a different situation had it been in the afternoon? is protocol different? >> i don't know enough about the specific details of the incident. i don't see how it would be different. shot spotter is a device that records shots being fired and notification. they don't put it out on the to that. >> it's that fast that they know where they are coming from and a time line of where they are being shot some. >> now they'll have a time line. you'll be able to, i believe, tell who initiated the shooting. it will sound differently. >> i want to reiterate this point.
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enough to of all things shoot at a police officer? >> that's a good question. he may be mentally der ranged. he may be under the influence of drugs, or he may have a very heavy charge that's looming over him and he wanted to get away at all costs. obviously he paid the price here, but so did two police officers. it underscores how dangerous it is out there for police officers and what a great job they do. >> and the weapons there are out on the street. >> very powerful, no question about it. >> a .357 magnum. >> and five-round capacity. all of the casings were in the weapon and they were empty, meaning they were fired. were they fired at this scene certain. the weapon. >> thanks for being here. we'll talk to you again in the next half hour.
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>> thank you so much, sir. >> this is the latest in the string of violence against nypd officers. officers have been involved in shootings, four murders. last october, officer randolph holder was shot and killed in east harlem. he was pursuing a robbery suspect at the time. in queens, officer brian mooar was shot and killed inside of his patrol car last may and more than a year ago, detectives lu and ramos were killed in ambush shootings in brooklyn. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for double police shooting. throughout the morning, be sure to shift at, our facebook page as well for updated information on our breaking news. let's briefly switch gears and take things over to amy. she has much better news in the weather department. >> worry-free weather over the weekend. we have temperatures well above average and a good deal of sunshine.
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a light wind. as we go throughout the day, temperatures continue to climb quickly. in fact, we would likely see 60s on the map before the day is out. the temperature change is with 40s right now, closing in on 50s right now. we are almost 30 degrees and we see a range where we could be finishing this afternoon in the low 60s. that's 20 degrees above the seasonal average. with a southernly wind coming through and that puts to us 60 very warm and finishing off at 61 degrees the last time we saw that on december 11ing. coming up later in the -- december 11th. coming up later, how long can we hold on to the warmth and what do we know about the upcoming winter storm? >> we're not thinking storm so we'll block that thought out.
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morning in the nation's capital for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama and the first lady paid their respects yesterday. today, though, the president will not be attending the service. he is continuing, of course, the deeply political search for scalia's replacement. >> we also continue to follow that breaking news in brooklyn. two nypd officers both anti- crime have been shot.
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welcome back. two nypd anti-crime officers were shot early this morning in brooklyn. those officers are expected to recover. they are speaking, alert, and able to talk to family members in the hospital. the suspect, jamal funes has been transported to brookdale hospital in critical condition.
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moving on to other news throughout the day. funeral services today for the late supreme court justice abbottenen scalia. he's lying in repose inside of gray hall. the president and first lady paid their respects yesterday after meeting in private with members of scalia's family. today, vice president biden, a friend of the scalia family, will attend his funeral mass. the president, however, will not be attending that mass. the white house says he will spend the weekend, though, going over potential supreme court nominees to replace scalia. president obama is expected to read through extentive packets prepared by white house lawyers with details about potential nominees, careers, records and experience. several people will be reviewing to see who can replace him on the bench. of course, a political scandal continues to brew over that process. today, there are two pivotal election contests in the race for the white house.
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nevada will hold their caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were out stumping for undecided voters. the latest polls show neck and neck with clinton holding a lead. it's considered to be a bellwether with how they will do with the hispanic vote. in south carolina, the gop candidates crisscrossing each other yesterday as they canvassed the state to donald trump holding a commanding lead in the polls over his fellow republican challengers, including jeb bush, who is struggling to keep his campaign alive. abc news will have special coverage tonight where the winners are projected. stay with us on television and onlane as we get the updates. taking a look at the weather once we come back. it will be a beautiful weekend out there. >> taking you back out live, "eyewitness news" is live on the scene in brooklyn where two nypd officers have been shot
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inference is live with continuing coverage with two nypd officers, both and tie crime have been -- anti-crime have been shot in brooklyn. their injuries are considered to be nonlife-threatening. they should be fine. the suspect, jamal funes is in critical condition and police have him obviously. we're live with team coverage throughout the morning. you heard the mayor and the police commissioner talking about the value of the bulletproof vest and in fact, the father of one of the officers shot is a retired nypd officer himself, who was shot in the line of duty and also saved by a bulletproof vest. it's just good after what we've
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months, these guys are okay. >> this is what they do in the middle of the night. >> wow. over in the weather department, we're worry free. it really is nice weather, comfortable, easy to take and nice for a mid to late february to get temperatures in the low 60s. of course this has been a mild winter in some ways where we recorded a string of 60 degree days in december. saturday afternoon, we go from 45 right now into the low 60s this afternoon. there is a light west wind outside. looking at these numbers across the board all the way through the hudson valley, we're mid- 40s out on the island. down the shore, upper 40s right now. i think down the shore is one of the places we can see temperatures reaching that 60- degree mark. you compare this from 24 hours ago, and we are 15 to 25 degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning. so the jackets can be open.
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the heaviest coat that you've got. instead, just be aware that the temperatures climbed throughout the afternoon and practically short sleeve weather for a few hours this afternoon as we forecast 60s. this weekend's warm wave does taper off. we are tracking a winter storm for next week. so enjoy this while it lasts is the message. futurecast takes us into the afternoon. just after sunset, we are still in the low 50s. overnight tonight, we barely slide into the 40s in the city and we bounce right back into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. there will be more clouds around tomorrow afternoon. we're tracking a system to the south that brings the chance for rain showers for parts of south jersey. we could get a brief snow shower north of the city and likely sandwiched in between with the overcast conditions in new york as we close out the weekend. so expect the low 60s. it doesn't last all weekend. we go to the low 40s tonight and tomorrow low 50s. we do close out the weekend
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monday, a cooler air mass comes back into play. if that happens, we're in the low 40s, a mix of sun and clouds. we go even cooler on tuesday with overcast conditions. then we are tracking this on wednesday. winter storm is really timing between tuesday into thursday, but do we tap into the arctic air so we get any accumulating snow or does it just turn out to be more wet than white meaning we get rain showers instead of accumulating snow. you can see that temperatures are warm. the worst case scenario is this will come during the commute timing. that could make things tricky, slick, slippery but still plenty of time to watch what exact track this takes and how it will play out. until then, enjoy your weekend. we would typically see an average high of 61 degrees on april 15th. >> after the blizzard and the arctic cold snap and on the weekend, we deserve a 60 degree
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>> we'll take it. >> thanks, amy. coming up on "eyewitness news" on this saturday morning, we continue to follow that breaking news in brooklyn where two nypd officers, both anti- crime, have been shot. "eyewitness news" has been live all morning with team coverage. we will continue thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. i always heard fios was a lot faster. but, i thought it would be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop, my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news right now. two police officers both in the bed-stuy area have been shot. jamal funes, the suspect, was shot repeatedly and is in critical condition. we'll continue team coverage on this. an investigation is under way into hazing allegations at a fraternity at buffalo state college after a student from our area died under what police are calling suspicious circumstances. a moment of silence was held
9:25 am
game at buffalo state for former teammate bradley doily. the 21-year-old died on thursday. he grew up in brooklyn and was majoring in business. he was to graduate this spring. >> you work hard to put your kids through school to get a college degree and education. to get news like this, you know, it's not cool. >> i don't believe it was his time to go. he was one of the nicest guys that i knew. >> we're still learning more about this hazing incident. doily died. the fraternity alpha phi alpha has been suspended. we're looking at the bow at a diner. the first person you see in the video is the teen police say went on the attack at the silver spur diner on wednesday. cops are also trying to identify his companions as
9:26 am
the victim, 25-year-old bobby barbeau had to get 137 stitches from his cheek to his chin. he spoke to us here on channel 7 but for obvious reasons did not want to show his now badly scarred face. >> whatever the cops do, i hope they find him and arrest him, you know? people like that on the streets aren't supposed to be out here. >> reporter: he says the teen attacked after he asked him to leave because he was asking customers for money to support his basketball team. one man is waking up behind bars this morning after a three-day crime spree on the upper west side of manhattan. police linked the crimes after they say the same suspect stabbed a man who refused to give up his iphone. ronald smith is now charged with four other crimes ranging from robbery to criminal possession of a weapon menacing. the nypd released a new
9:27 am
in manhattan, police are trying to identify this man. they say the suspect slashed a shopper in the face outside of a store in soho after the victim rae fused to hand over his bags. a pretty amazing, interesting development in the apple iphone controversy. apple is now saying government officials in san bernardino county were the ones who remotely intercepted the iphone while the fbi had possession of the county-owned iphone. doing that eliminated the possibility of an auto backup to the icloud, which ironically, could have held the information that the fbi is now battling apple to get money get. so many arguments over security versus privacy. >> had they not reset the
9:28 am
located it? >> it would have been in the cloud. >> okay. the latest on former mayor david dinkins who was hospitalized infection. >> plus, back to bed-stuy for the latest on the shooting of the two nypd officers. >> meteorologists have great news for you on this weekend
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is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today. [ siren wailing ] welcome back, everyone. you are looking live at a shot in bed-stuy in brooklyn where two officers were shot in an overnight shoot-out. the suspect meanwhile, was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition. we have been following this developing story all morning. thank for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. police are on the scene of the shoot-out in bed-stuy. police were called to the area on reports of shots being fired.
9:31 am
attempted to approach a suspect, he drove away, minutes later crashing into a squad car. >> we know that one officer was shot in his vest. another was shot just below the vest in his right hip. as i said a second ago, the suspect was also shot multiple times and as he remains in critical condition at brookdale hospital. >> all of this happened near the intersection of malcox x boulevard and letchington avenue. dave evans is at kings county hospital. we begin with marcus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and rob. the crime scene unit moving their vehicle moo place as they process the scene. there are many evidence markers. a lot of shots with are fired here. it is a lengthy process that is going on. all of this happening ash 3:30 this morning. we show you a picture of the .357 magnum revolver, a picture tweeted out by the nypd. this is a weapon they say was
9:32 am
officers now recovering in the hospital. it was around 3:30 this morning that two uniformed officers heard shots fired and were responding to that. they saw the suspect point a in a car. that car went down a wrong way other vehicles were responding. it hit head on to a marked squad car and that is when the gunfire took place. the two officers shot one in the chest. it did not penetrate the vest. the other was shot in the hip. those would were taken to the hospital. as we said, that was the pursuit that originated and reported shots fired. pursuit. >> there were two officers in the marked car that was rammed by the suspect vehicle, an anti-
9:33 am
the vehicles with two other officers. we believe those are the eight officers involved. >> reporter: police are trying to determine which officers fired their weapons. the suspect was identified oz 34-year-old jamal funes. we're live in bed-stuy, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> let's go to crown heights where the officers are >> that's also where "eyewitness news" reporter dave information. >> reporter: the wonderful news is that both officers are going to recover. they are going to be just fine. the one officer, as marcus mentioned, has been with the department for nine years. he was shot in the chest, but his bulletproof vest protected him. he does suffer from blunt force
9:34 am
and that bullet did not penetrate his vest. the second department for three years on the department not wounded quite as badly. it hilt the right hip of that officer just below the vest. again, both officers are going to recover just fine. the really unusual thing, according to the police commissioner, who briefed us earlier this morning is that the one officer who was saved by his vest, a very, very similar thing happened years ago to his dad. >> one of the officers, his father was involved, now a retired officer in a shooting incident a number of years ago where he was shot and his bulletproof vest saved his life. so the irony, father/son a number of years apart both saved by the bulletproof vests that we require of all personnel now wear. >> reporter: we were briefed this morning about 7:30 here at the hospital by the emergency sign there by the police commissioner and the mayor.
9:35 am
these two officers are going to recover joust fine. dave evans, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, dave. continuing the breaking news right now, joining us right now, former nypd commissioner ray kelly. what is set into motion the minute the gun is pointed at nypd's finest, and a gun is fired, what happens? >> you mean when an officer struck? >> yes. >> obviously, a wave goes through the department. we want to make sure that officers get the best possible medical treatment. here they've been brought to kings county hospital, which is a trauma center, probably one of the best in the world with dealing with gunshots. the executive core of the department is notified, commissioner and chief of the department and two of the
9:36 am
the chief surgeon is amazing. he's usually first on the scene in terms of department executives, and he's very skilled. so we want to make isern that he's involved in any way he can be to make certain that the officers are getting the best possible treatment. you have to be concerned about notifying next of kin before identifying where the officer lives. if possible, you want the officer who's struck to make the phone call, the initial phone call so that his loved one hears from he or she that they are okay. a crime scene, a major crime scene process will be put in place. detectives will be going out and doing an an immediate investigation as to the circumstances of the shooting. generally speaking, officers who have fired their weapon
9:37 am
that's because you can get some sort of immunity given to them if, in fact, they are interviewed. so you tray to get an unofficial story because the public wants to know and you have to put the information out. so it is a complex process where there's a lot of moving parts after an officer is wounded. >> i think we've heard the importance of the bulletproof vests. obviously they are life saving possibly in this case as well. what is, for these particular anti-crime plain clothes cops, what is policy as to when they should have them on? >> all of our officers out on patrol must wear it all the time. they are not bulletproof. they are bullet resistant. no guarantee. i can tell you through the years they've saved many, many officers' lives.
9:38 am
the first time, we had 13 officers struck. >> wow. >> many of those instances, the vest was the lifesaver. so it's obviously something that's absolutely critical. i think that the department has the highest quality vests, and they need it. at the need to make sure they are as equipped as best as can be. >> the officers can still suffer trauma. the 9-year veteran may be bruised. >> that is tremendous force, so it hits you in the chest and of course spreads that blunt trauma across the chest. thank god it didn't penetrate because there's absolutely no guarantees that it can't penetrate. >> enough to knock you one back? >> absolutely, sure. no question about it.
9:39 am
happy these two lives have been spared. thank you, commissioner, as always for your experience and i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. sadly this is the late nest a string of violence against police officers over the last two years. earlier this month two officers were injured while patrolling a housing project in the bronx. officers cruz and epsy are out of the hospital after pursuing a suspect who killed himself. >> earlier, officers were injured during friendly fire after a massive fight on the street in the bronx. >> almost october, an officer was killed while pursuing a robbery suspect.
9:40 am
native guyana. >> officer brianmoore was car. >> a little more than a year ago, the nypd was rocked by the tragic killings of detective lu and ramos who were simply in their car shooter. this is a tragic case that really flared a lot of tension throughout the city. stay with us, of course, as we continue to track this latest shooting. a different ending this time. the officers are expected to be just fine. the suspect, meanwhile, was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition. with that we want to shift to other news of the morning. a 6-year-old girl nearly drowned. now today the new york city health department is investigating the safety of a spa in queens. all of this happened yesterday at the spa castle in college point. witnesses say the girl got her hair caught, possibly in the drain of a shallow pool and went under the water.
9:41 am
trained luckily in cpr revived the girl after she was pulled out of the water. >> did chest compressions until she started breathing on her own. >> reporter: what did she look like when you found her? >> she was blue, face was blue. she was knocked out. her eyes were clothed and everything. she was laid out on the floor. >> the spa's owner claims the drains in all of the pools and hot tubs have safety covers. the girl, meantime,in stable condition. former new york mayor david dinkins is being treated for a lung infection. he was at mid to the new york presbyterian on thursday. doctors were concerned about his cough, and they are testing him for pneumonia. he is walking around. the former mayor was treated for pneumonia at the same hospital three years ago. >> wishing him a speedy recovery. coming up next on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, we'll go back out to the scene where the officers
9:42 am
this is a live look now from news copter 7 above bed-stuy. a massive crime scene there as this investigation gets under way. >> and meteorologist amy [ male announcer ] 20 minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure decreases. after 2 days your chance of heart attack drops. and 1 year after you quit your risk of heart disease is cut in half. but right now...
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eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. fr we want to go back out to bed-stuy with another look at the scene from the air. shannon? >> reporter: it is a huge shift in the activity. now the police are really concentrating on the evidence markers. there's about 47 of them that we have now counted on the street, either shell casings or pieces of effort they have to go through and tag and bag. one of the things they did at the intersection of malcolm x boulevard, the suspect vehicle on the left side of the screen collided with the police
9:45 am
the screen, they just removed the grate in the road and are looking for any evidence that might have gone down there. we do want to look at the suspect vehicle because you can see the damage to the front windshield there. you can also see bullet holes in both the hood of the vehicle as well as the side of the vehicle. a tremendous amount of gunfire in this area by the suspect and police officers. again, the suspect and the two police officers that were shot and looks like they are going to be okay. reporting live over bed-stuy, shannon stone, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> really thinking about the officers. so glad they are going to recover. >> very relieved family members. >> absolutely. >> listen, the family extends. we're talking the finest, right? we want to make sure everything turns out okay. >> no ainge site in the weather center. >> no. it's worry-free weather.
9:46 am
coat at home. we're forecasting highs in the upper 50s and 60s. a light mild westerly wind. the live pictures that we've been looking at all around town. this one from the west side looks spectacular right up the hudson. it looks like a fantastic spring day. 61 degrees is the forecast. that is the average high for april 15th. we've been calling it a spring fling and it was printy close to the islands. already up to 48 degrees. down the shore, don't think we'll have any problems hitting the 60 degree mark. we're anywhere between 15 to 25 degrees. we're still below freezing yesterday at this time. right now, wooer well above the average high. so we certainly are on the warm side of things. this does continue tomorrow. it's just not as warm. today is the better day as far
9:47 am
southwesterly flow. day. call it a weekend warm way coming to a crashing halt. the winter storm is what we're tracking for tuesday through thursday of the week ahead. numbers. getting those upper 50s to low 60s late in the afternoon. after sunset, the temperatures are still holding on to the upper 40s and 50s. so a mild feel tonight where we don't go below the 40 degree mark. instead, we get a mild start tomorrow and temperatures soar back into the upper 40s and low 50s. there is a weak disturbance that could bring us a shower to close out the weekend. mainly south of the city. on monday, it's the cooler air mass where right around the average high we're back into the low 40s. so today we mark it with 61. we have not seen that
9:48 am
11th where we had that long stretch of december's 60 degree overnight, warmer than the daytime high this time of year and sets the stage for another about average day tomorrow afternoon. the seven-day forecast does give us the chance here for another winter storm. will it be rain or snow? that's the real question mark that we have. so over the weekend, we know things are very calm and nice, but it's really, as we go into the where temperatures appear they can only support a rain event. however, if there is a cold enough air mass, we could start with snow and if a track were to move farther to the east that could change the scenario for us. we'll track it all. right now, the best science is a wintry mix on wednesday. that's your accuweather seven- day forecast. enjoy the afternoon. >> it is a good outlook. >> it is. >> blocking out wednesday, focusing on today.
9:49 am
>> thanks. coming up, an suv slams into the front of a grocery store. we'll show you the dramatic moment caught on tape. >> and we'll give you another look at the scene on the ground at bed-stuy where early this morning two nypd officers were come seek the royal caribbean. (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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we continue with breaking news as two nypd anti-crime police officers were shot. the suspect is in critical condition. the officers are expected to recover. former subway pitchman jared fogel is asking for a reduced prison sentence after taking a plea deal were possessing child porn and paying for sex with underaged girls. he was sentenced for more than 50 years in prison.
9:52 am
is actually three years locker than the maximum term agreed to as part of the plea deal. fogel did plead guilty in november when prosecutors agreed not to push for more than 12 years behind bars. new this morning, new jersey taxpayers are shelling out millions as the state gate. last night, taxpayers have now spent more than $10 million in legal services in the pending cases against two of governor christie's allies. that is after they pleaded not guilty to scheming to close the george washington bridge as political payback. the new invoices show the governor's office paid more than $2 million to a digital forensics firm on top of $8 million previously disclosed in legal fees.
9:53 am
million wal-mart workers will be brig home a bigger paycheck. they are boosting the minimum wage. full-time workers will see their paychecks go up by 3% while part timers will see a 6% bump. wal-mart will pay an additional $1.5 billion this year to cover this wage hike. two people were hurt after an suv slammed through the front of a grocery store. this happened in texas. surveillance videos inside of the store caught the moment the driver crashed into the store and self shelves of wine and liquor. two women were hurt. one was pinned under the car. she is in critical condition. the driver is expected to be charged with drunk driving. when we come back, a live update from the scene of the
9:54 am
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officers are recovering in the hospital after being shot in brooklyn overnight. the suspect was also shot and is in critical condition. >> marcus solis is live for us in bed-stuy all morning and now has another update. marcus? >> reporter: rob and michelle, the officers are able to talk to the mayor and police commissioner this morning in the hospital after a wild sequence of events that started to unfold around 3:30 this morning in bed-stuy. it was a report of shots fired. two downformed officers saw the suspect -- two uniformed officers saw the suspect point a gun at them and the suspect took off in a vehicle and started going down a one-way street the wrong way crashed into a marked unit that was responding. there was a barrage of gunfire and two plain clothed anti- crime officers were hit with gunfire. one was hit in the chest. the bullet did not go through his vest. the other shot below the vest in the hip. both officers taken to kings
9:57 am
in stable condition. the suspect identified as 34- year-old jamal funes of new jersey in the brookdale hospital. he the scene. the two officers are expected to be okay. we're live in bed-stuy, marcus news." stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of this breaking news. we'll continue to update this we'll have complete coverage tonight at "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> been looking outside. it's absolutely gorgeous. >> a lot of people are not >> no. >> i have seen a lot of sunglasses and shades already. you see the sun making shadows across the city. it's going to be a nice day
9:58 am
degrees for the high. accuweather tomorrow, still in the low 50s so rain comes in, in the afternoon. we'll call it showers. those showers are expected late. then on monday, the cooler air mass with the high of 43. by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we're tracking a winter storm. it looks more wet than white at this point. we'll go with rain and snow mix and temperatures are cooling, settling into late next week. roller coaster today.
9:59 am
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