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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the bronx forced out by the flames. within the past hour we received this video, the two men are responsible for a heinous act that could be considered a bias crime. you'll need your umbrella this afternoon maybe even your snow gear. another round of wintery weather is on the way. good morning i'm lori stokes. i'm ken, thank you for joining us today is tuesday, february 23rd. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. good morning everyone, grab your snow, rain gear. you need the rain jacket to repel wet snow and rain, here is a look outside temperatures around 36 degrees warmer this hour now we have low clouds cutting across right there, lights are on right there, that's 432 park. we'll be looking at a cloud cover coming up in the south, 37 degrees, it is warm for this
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well north and west, 27 to 17, we are looking at very warm numbers with the precipitation coming up and changing over to snow, we have a winter weather advisory above i-84 all these highways that are pretty much right here around northern new jersey and here, 287 there. that's going to be the where we're seeing heavy wet snow that could coat 2 inches accumulation possible. all down to our south and west going here about midday we'll last through the afternoon into the evening commute. it is going to be sloppy going from the city northward south of the city, we'll talk about that in just a moment. heather is looking at your commute. this is the inbound side of the expressway where it connects with the prospect and turns into the bqe. you can see this delay inbound, northbound, eastbound, this is at atlantic avenue.
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you have an accident, two lanes closed on the northeast side southbound side you may find rubber necking delays as you go in that spot. new jersey transit doing okay, long island railroad on schedule. and the bronx. subway service running on or close to schedule. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today, ken over to you. heather thank you, it is 6:02. following three breaking stories first to the netherlands and the scene of a deadly train derailment crossing the tracks. 1 person killed six others hurt, left the four cars flipped onto their sides we'll bring you up dates as soon as they come in. now on to the bronx for a man recovering after a vicious
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and burned ascolding hot water police released pictures. police say the men attacked a 50-year-old black man pan handling late sunday night. now the assault is being investigated as a hate crime, the three men reportedly yelled racial slurs before pouring the hot water on his face. he was treated at jacoby medical center. a four alarm fire under control started after 2:30 on andrews avenue south. we are live in morris heights. >> reporter: good morning 6 people injured in this early morning fire including a firefighter who hurt his leg, the fireplaced under control after 4:00 this morning. it was the top floor of the building that sustained the most significant damage here you can see why flamed ripping throughand shooting through the roof. firefighters responded quickly,
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the building were able to get out on their own here, some of them had to use the assistance of the fire department. the fire department used seven different lines to get the fire under control. we talked to one man whose family may have lost everything, they live fifth floor right in the path of the fear. there was smoke and my parents woke me up, we all got out of there as soon as possible started to get cloudy and as he went down the stairs he was looking for my little sister, we found her. she ended up being down stairs. honestly, it was a hectic time as anybody would expect. >> there is a look at the top floor of the building they are completely dark and a lot of damage from end to end. firefighters were successful in stopping the fire from
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as for the cause of the fire, that remains under investigation. we are live, drake clark channel 7 eyewitness news. it is 6:05. lawyers try to win a new trial for a man who killed a connecticuit woman and two daughters, there is a hearing in new haven for joshua, defense attorneys want to introduce recordings of phone calls believed to have been destroyed they cast doubt on officers testimony against him. he and his co-defendant are appealing the life sentences in the 2000 triple murder. it is 6:05. new revolutions about the accused michigan killer who took six lives. authorities say jason dalton admitted to two killings after he was arrested. the murders of a father and a son at a car dealership. dalton's youngest victim a 14- year-old girl who was first
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fighting for her life and her mother refuses to give up. it was a miracle on its own. you don't expect it all of a sudden it was there. they'll be handing over surveillance video, of dalton buying a tactical bullet resistant vest for himself just hours before the murderous rampage. 6:06. gop caucuses in nevada hours away and the candidates have their chipped on the table crisscrossing the silver state ted cruz, marco rubio in the heat of the game and donald trump is in sparks hungry for another win. >> it is caucus time in nevada. we're going to make america great again and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning! over night gop front runner donald trump, banking on a hot
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gop nomination as they continue gop nomination as they continue attacking his rivals. the fight getting nasty ted cruz fired his communications director for spreading a false rumor that he disparaged the bible. >> we will conduct this campaign with the highest of integrity. his seemingly unstoppable rise has the republican establishment rallying around rubio. donald has a basis support but the majority of our party doesn't want him as the nominee. the democrat contenders were on opposite sides of the country with more than 8,000 people, bernie sanders again hit hillary clinton on her wall street connection. we don't represent corporate america, we don't want their money. >> clinton spent the day fund raising in southern california in the middle of scandal the hit abc show sitting next to leading man tony goldwin. the democrat candidates, good morning america will have a live report from las vegas, also follow the latest headlines. it is 6:58, breaking news one person seriously injured after a house fire in west field. >> we are live over the scene, john. good morning, a quick fast- moving fire we're at 45 sandra circle near springfield avenue not far from the park, we know this fire is in an apartment complex, the scene is very dark looks like it was a fast moving fire that was put out very quickly by the west field fire department you can see lights up on one of the apartment buildings along with the tent that's set up for the investigation the last report
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we heard they were performing cpr on the victim as they were removed from the fire we don't have an update, the fire is extinguished the investigation of the cause now getting underway. we are live, over west field new jersey. >> thank you very much. you are never more than 7 minutes away. >> take a look. the northeast wind coming in from the camera, makes it bounce around, 27 stories up of the bring got a good visibility, cloudy skies and later today these streets are going to be wet and possibly could be slushy north and west. be ready for that have all your gear, raincoat, umbrella, proper footwear, to keep you dry, mostly the temperatures are warm it will feel chilly, 37, 30 degrees cloudy skies rain to our south around delaware bay, creeping up into
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this is the first it comes, this low will cut up in the great lakes, giving us rain and damaging winds, tomorrow cloudy skies through the morning commute and chillier today, cloudy but the snow and ice and rain gets around 11:00 lasts longer to the north because the colder air hangs on with the elevations, changes at 5:00 and 7:00 tonight. kids you need your rain gear the boots and raincoat, umbrella not a bad idea, i would give it an f, heather, for snow and rain. >> that makes a lot of sense. take it from somebody who knows a lot about f's. this is the inbound side where it links up prospect. you can see it going north head over to our maps we'll tell you what's going on. northbound, eastbound near atlantic avenue you have a disabled vehicle.
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going northeast on the bqe, another accident two lanes are closed down, new jersey transit, long island railroad, no no major issues. but the bx40 bus dealing with delays and detours because of the fire going on in the bronx. we have street cleaning rules in effect. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning sifting through the water controversy in flint a major move by michigan's governor that could shed right on who knew what. 7 hours of questioning and not over yet for bill cosby's wife, details what came up during her deposition. and protests including three in our area and the fight
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[text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] . expect to see a flood of documents waited for the water crisis in flint michigan. the governor will release thousands of e-mails dating back five years all of them deal with the water supply switch and eventual contamination that now has michigan facing a number of lawsuits. the governor rick snyder also says the e-mails will be released relatively soon. time is 6:15 bill cosby's wife will sit down for a second
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the defamation lawsuit. camille cosby spent more than 7 hours meeting with lawyers in massachusetts yesterday. 7 women are suing in connection with the numerous sex assault cases against bill cosby during the process ms. cosby never evoked her fifth amendment protections but lawyers state the disqualification a dozen times. and there is a show of solidarity of the college athletics department under fire a.m. news conference both male and female coaches are expected to attend, there is word they'll be responding to the title 9 lawsuit. the suit filed this month claims the university creates a hostile environment for women. 6:15. forecast. let's step outside with our meteorologist bill evans before this flurry and little rain and other presip coming.
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snow, ice and rain slows things down, area airports this is nuisance stuff coming your way. that's why we have an accuweather alert day 37 degrees the humidity 76% we have an east wind at 12 and pressure at 30, 31. 37 is actually 7 degrees warmer than normal for this hour of the day for right now 52 is our high today, normal high, 43, being this warm, going to be a heavy wet snow with rain mixed in. 39 across the south shore, brookhaven, east hampton 38 degrees, 37. 35 around white plains these numbers are warm winter weather advisory is in effect, that's from i80 northward 287, and the merritt park way in connecticuit. that's where the heaviest of the snow ice and rain is going to hakkon. rain down to our south around delaware bay, and that's the
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today, then that next storm is in texas that cults to the great lakes to the ohio valleyly, the eastern side of that the warm side. heavy rain and wind out of that tomorrow. this gets underway around 11:00, new jersey, wet snow, the hudson river valley, kind of hangs on. longer today, that's why you could get around the coating to an inch of snow from the city northward, the next system brings in heavy rain, tomorrow afternoon, a lot of wind that could create power lines. coating to an inch of snow is possible, then to the north, 2 inches. be very careful at the bus stop. coming home from school. that mix of snow, ice and rain. tomorrow is rainy day, we're at 50, very windy tomorrow, and
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rain is heaviest tomorrow night we're looking at an inch, windy and wet. damp on thursday, by the time we get to thursday night it is chilly, friday we'll be looking at chilly weather. saturday, going to be cooler around the area. >> i don't think you can hear my friend at all show me some love. there we go. that's my buddy. who do you like in the primary today? >> who do you like? he is a member of the snack party. >> all right. that is a very rough party to get into. >> let's talk about the bqe north and east in atlantic avenue they have a disabled
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accident they have two lanes closed down, you'll get rubber necking delays new jersey transit on or closed, metro north, no major issues the bx40 bus detoured around the fire in the bronx, subway service running on or close to schedule as you go to route 80, right near exit 67, one lane is closed down in the local lanes we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. over to you. thank you heather 6:19 the tense legal stand off between the fbi and apple accelerates with pro apple protests planned in our area across the country, the protesters support -- protests will kickoff in manhattan in new jersey at the fifth avenue location both at 5:30. demonstrators will turn out on long island to rally at 9:30 for the attacks of the husband
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new york city police commissioner has taken the fight over encrypt, the encounterrism terror chief miller wrote complying with legal court orders is not creating a back door in a democracy that is a front door. how is not solving a murder or not finding the message that might stop the next terrorist attack protecting anyone. if you thought 4g was fast, cell phone service hundreds of times faster than the current speeds, find out which towns will actually get a test drive. looks like the sky is falling dramatic video of a
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. on the money, wall street
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to a rise in crude oil prices the dow jones jumped 228 points to start the day at 16,620, nasdaq and s and p higher. verizon testing the next big advance in wireless technology, you know there is 3g, 4g, this is 5g service offering a speed boost as americanask more, it is one of three towns where verizon is testing the new technology saying it will be more than 300 times faster than your current 4g lte phone service that you have today, at&t is working on its own 5g expansion, don't expect to get this in the next couple of weeks this may happen four years from now. all right, it is 6:24 you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill with your accuweather forecast.
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kind of got the clouds across here at the building tops here looking at what's going to be showers and coming up from the south this band of showers starts to get in here cape may county, working up into central new jersey this will keep riding northward, the other part is that the temperatures are much colder in these higher elevations. so we'll be seeing what will be this changing over to ice and snow as we get to midday here. next seven how shalls we're expecting these temperatures to rise in the low 40s, it will be warm looking at a mixture of ice and rain together here and then by afternoon we start to see this continuing into the evening commute and tonight which could slippery up the roads for the evening commute and into this evening we'll be keeping an eye on that, 41 with the rain and sleet and ice and snow this afternoon. we're talking more about a big storm for tomorrow with wind and rain so two pieces to this that's coming up next weather and traffic together, we have a wreck on i-80. we also have this problem
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northbound side getting up on to the bridge northeast bqe, we had an accident, cleared away. you can see from the pictures on copper 7 we have very heavy delays, lest talk about route 80, right near exit 67 you can see that built up. street cleaning rules are in effect. frightening moments for people on the ground and a pilot after a small plane lands on a city street, this happened in california, surveillance video capturing the dramatic crash a car passing by trying to swerve out of the way was too late. nobody on the ground got hurt as for the pilot, he didn't complain of any injuries and what do they say a landing you could walk away from? that's okay. >> closing in on 6:30 still ahead breaking news in the bronx early morning fire inside an apartment building leaving
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danger faced by firefighters. new information coming in from the over night about the suspect accused of raping a woman inside a staten island office. check this out, a crane catches fire and you have to see what happens next. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. i always heard fios was a lot faster.
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. now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. breaking news in the bronx a fire damages several high- rise apartments the flames the building. good morning. we are going to get to drake clark live on the scene in the bronx in just a moment. also learning new information about the suspect in a shocking sex attack on an officer worker in staten island. a storm headed our way bringing rain and a little bit of snow to the tri-state area, let's get a check on the accuweather alert now with bill evans. starting to see the clouds as we look south in temperatures here at 6:30 looking at 37 degrees which is
6:31 am
this hour of the day. 32, putnam county duchess, and 38 towards the east and 36, 39. winter weather advisory until 9:00 tomorrow morning from northern new jersey of the hudson river valley, central northern, because of the wet snow that could accumulate a couple of inches coming northward we'll talk about that and how it is going to affect your afternoon and evening, especially the evening commute tonight going to be slippery, wet, going to be messy. you need your rain gear to keep your warm. heather is looking at the commute, how is it going out there. we have this problem eastbound near exit 67 an accident in the local lanes, you'll have one lane closed down. we have a problem on the garden state park way north at exit 109, brian just tweeted me and told me there is not a delay at this point getting into the accident scene. bqe northeast on the scope
6:32 am
lanes closed everything is now reopened the accident has been cleared away. here is the george washington bridge coming across the span left right upper lower both doing okay. upper level a little bit slower than the lower level you have a minor delay coming inbound the lincoln tunnel, a 10 minute delay our street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. thank you, we have breaking news in the bronx a firefighter among others hurt. this was a scene of firefighters and a ladder truck trying to tackle those flames. joining us where several families have been forced out. good morning. >> reporter: 6 people injured and all of these injuries are considered minor this was quite a fire here on the 1800 block of andrews avenue south here in the morris heights section of the bronx. the fire was placed under control just after 4:00 this morning and most of the damage
6:33 am
and the roof of the building where you can see right now it is nothing more than an empty burned down shell. this is how it looked at the peak of the fire with flames shooting through the roof and out of windows on the fifth floor. the fire was first reported at around 2:15 this morning. most of the people who live in the building were able to get out of their own all though some did need the assistance of the fire department. you can imagine how frightening it was because most of those individuals were asleep in bed when they were woken up and told to get out of the building fast because there was a very large fire. meanwhile we talked to the fire chief about some of the difficulties they were up against in fighting the fire early on. it was moving rapidly so it was almost like we were trying to play catch up a little bit and so the fire was moving faster than we could deploy hose lines. we got them up there in time it
6:34 am
are going to lose the other lane we were able to prevent the fire from crossing over to that wing. >> firefighters had to end up using 7 different hoses or water lines to get the upper hand on this fire, which they were able to do so and just after 4:00 this morning. most of those people who live on the fifth floor of the top floor of this building they probably have lost everything because they were in the direct path of the fire as for what caused the fire to happen, that remains under investigation. the american red cross is assisting those individuals who have not been allowed to go home as of yet. we are live in the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we've also learned over night that the homeless man wanted for a rape and robbery on staten island is now in police custody. 28-year-old scott. he pretended to be looking for
6:35 am
woman last night. detectives say scott then stole the woman's cash, jewelry and cell phone, charges are expected later today. a memorial of candles and photos scrolling on staten island outside the apartment were a toddler was found dead, little anthony was just 16 months old when he died while in the care of a babysitter and this morning police are talking to that babysitter and her boyfriend. eyewitness news reporter is live now in the park hill section with more. mallory as far as we know those conversations did in fact continue over night. if you take a look here you can see a growing memorial outside of the home where anthony lived his grandmother found him unconscious sunday night. she made the discovery inside his family's home in park hill 16 month old anthony died at
6:36 am
questioning his 31-year-old babysitter and her 53-year-old boyfriend both have long arrest records, the babysitter has 9 prior arrests her 53-year-old boyfriend has 25. neighbors who attended a vigil outside the home say his death has left his mother as you can imagine shattered. >> he meant everything to her. meant everything to martha, everything. her life revolve around that baby. we have learned doctors discovered signs that maybe trauma, an autopsy will ultimately determine this child's cause of death. live on staten island. channel 7 eyewitness news. so sad, thank you so much. 6:36. this is a big day for the nypd, mayor deblasio william bratton will discuss the latest technology available to the top brass. this is called comp stat 2.0.
6:37 am
system let all police officers see a break down of crime trends in every sector of the precinct. this is a deadline day set by the senate armed services committee and the pentagon says it is finally ready to give congress its plan for closing the detention facility at guantanamo. the obama administration's plan was supposed to have been presented, but delayed so the pentagon could look up numbers on the closing, 35 cleared for transfer to third countries. >> congress is considering president obama's financial request to fight the zika virus, the president asked lawmakers yesterday to set aside $1.9 billion to prevent the spread of the illness over seas. says that the funds would protect american's health and safety. republicans have suggested the president tap into left over
6:38 am
you are never more than 7 minutes away from bill evans in the forecast. we take a look at our camera to bowling green wall street, north you see the brooklyn bridge, cloudy skies that's what we have an east wind coming in all kind of picks things up fuels things up picks up the moisture, 37 degrees, cloudy skies east winds coming in and we'll be seeing cloudy skies through the morning commute kind of chilly so dress warmly this rain to the south comes northward changes over to snow going to be changing over to snow and ice throughout the day the second piece cols around gives us wind and rain and heavy rain tomorrow evening tomorrow night which we're going to talk about. through the morning commute, fine cloudy and chilly. have your gear, your rain gear to repel this wet snow and rain mix in the city, might accumulate to a couple inches of wet snow and car tops but changes over to all rain. kiddos in the bus stop you're
6:39 am
dress warmly after school, you have this slop fest going on of snow sleet and rain. weather than heather, she has a bench of accidents already that had nothing to do with the weather. this is very true, always a good idea to use mass transit so you don't have to deal with the delays. here is a look at the 59th street bridge traffic moving away from us heading into queens we'll explain this delay to you. this is an accident on the 59th street bridge queens accident on the lower level. we have this problem on the northeast as the bridge that was an accident cleared news copter 7 was up above that earlier. here is a look at queens as you go on the van wyck expressway, you can see we have a little bit of a delay. the bx40 bus being diverted around that fire going on in the bronx we have alternate street parking rules in effect for today.
6:40 am
6:40 a couple of guys who may be fans of the spice girls wait until you hear what they were busted for. a big fire, flames reduced a large warehouse to rubble.
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6:43 am
. 6:43. a huge fire swallows up a warehouse in southern california, this took 90 minutes for the flames to get knocked down the cause of the fire not yet determined. the families of firefighters that came to be known as the black sunday tragedy have been awarded $183 million in one of the largest verdicts ever against the city. a jury held new york city and the landlord in the bronx liable for the deaths of three firefighters and injuries to three more back in january of 2005. all of them were forced to jump from a burning fifth floor apartment primarily because the fire escape was blocked by subdivided apartments as a result of the suit the fdny gave all firefighters personal safety ropes to escape building fires. we could learn the names of
6:44 am
chain reaction crash on the jersey turnpike happened yesterday afternoon at the westbound tole plaza. one vehicle rear ended another and that sent the second vehicle head on into a van two adults and one child were rushed to the hospital where two of the victims later died. this morning two men appeared to have taken the spice of life too far, they are picked up yesterday by police in new jersey. investigators say they were driving a stolen tractor trailer filled with $70,000 worth of spices the rig had been reportedly stolen last tuesday detectives don't know what they are planning to do with the spices. 6:44. good morning america coming up next and robin roberts is live. we have the republican for nevada, ted cruz faces a major shake up, is donald trump
6:45 am
plus hillary clinton on of scandal. and can bernie sanders get back after his loss in nevada. and learning more about a deadly suspect, the uber driver reportedly picked up passengers throughout the shooting plus police are still searching and the suspect's best man speaks about the man behind the tragedy. you have to stay tuned for this, gma on safari! amy is live in tanzania giving us a look at wonders around the world with technology you don't want to miss the adventure of a lifetime and you'll see it live here on gma and my dear friend lori, i love the tie. very touching, very, very much. i knew you'd appreciate it too. have a wonderful show robin. it is 6:45.
6:46 am
let's check in with bill. here we go we start out with cloudy skies it is a little on the chilly side, dress warmly but you need the gear to repel wet snow and rain coming your way here is a look from our cameras the live pictures tell you everything, the humidity is creeping on up, last hour was 70 and the hour before 55 we see the east wind, we're looking what's going to be normal at 43. it is going to be warmer than normal today again, we have this mix of ice and rain that moves in lasts into the evening a slushy coating to an inch northward maybe 2 in some of the suburbs that will be north and west, wet and kind of slippery rain comes in late wednesday, wind that could be damaging 37 around brooklyn and queens to our north, 37 degrees, 30 in the city, 20s in the suburbs 17 well west. the east wind coming in at 10 miles per hour that's going to
6:47 am
system coming up from the south north of i-287 in the hudson river valley, we've got this winter weather advisory a few inches of heavy wet snow this afternoon and evening that gets slippery up the roads. your morning commute is fine you see the rain to the south, mountains of southern pennsylvania and northern maryland. this changes over to wet snow that's the first batch, that will change over tonight we'll have showers over night everybody goes to rain. then the second system in texas comes in tomorrow with heavy rain and wind tomorrow, tomorrow night. here comes all the stuff by noon team today, your lunch hour features rain, wet snow off to our north long island going to be mostly in the rain south, mostly rainy you look at the temperatures all warm 38, 39 degrees. really a slop fest from the city on north. tonight everybody is over in the rain look at tomorrow heavy rain particularly in the afternoon and then across the
6:48 am
snowfall is not going to accumulate on roadways so much, maybe in the northernsuburbs the further north. grassy surfaces coating to 2 inches off to the north. then that second system looks really nasty with a lot of wind and a lot of rain that will be tomorrow evening tomorrow night we'll have flooding and rumbles of thunder as it cuts west of the city into canada. cloudy skies 36 dress warmly after school, those four huckleberries will still be will wearing the same clothes in the snow, sleet and rain be ready for that after school. 41 degrees late in the day, snow, ice and rain changing over to rain, hangs on a little longer north and west tomorrow it is a windy, rainy day it is milder with some damaging winds could be happening tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and warm to 56 on thursday. all right have all your gear be very careful make it a great day you guys back to you.
6:49 am
some new clothes. come on bill let's work on new clothes. they are just fine. >> it builds character. >> nice! maybe we can swap. heather and i can. yeah. >> this is your delay as you try to go to 59th street bridge what is this delay about? let's go to our maps and i'll tell you we still have this accident 59th street bridge, queens bound accident on the lower level. in addition we have an accident south of white plains who lanes are closed new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. metro north is okay, and the bx40 buses are diverted subway services running on our close to schedule going on to the garden state park way at exit 109, it is not causing a tremendous amount of delays our street cleaning rules are
6:50 am
6:49 still ahead a crane catches fire turning a
6:51 am
[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
6:52 am
. 6:52. a helicopter over the scene when a crane bursts into flames when it topples and collapses, the blaze set flaming debris
6:53 am
electrical fault triggered the fire, nobody got hurt. your defending national league champions will be in the lgbt communities the mets are providing details of the first pride night on citi field, set to take place the 13th when the padres are in town, a portion of the sales will go to the lgbt network and safe schools initiative to stop bullying the mets will be the first local team to sponsor a pride event. 6:53. it is an accuweather alert day. rain and snow headed our way in the coming hours we'll
6:54 am
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6:56 am
. firefighters in the bronx battles a four alarm fire. six people including a firefighter got hurt. good morning. all of those injuries are considered minor, meanwhile the fire here on the 1800 block of andrews avenue south was placed under control after 4:00 this morning. take a look how the fire looked at its worse with flames shooting through the roof, the first report came in around 2:10. firefighters were here right away they had difficulty early on but eventually able to use 7 different water lines to get the upper hand on this fire. and stop it from spreading to
6:57 am
were able to get out of the building on their own but those individuals who live on the fifth and sixth floor most likely lost everything in the fire. as for the cause of the fire, that remains under investigation. we are live in the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we learned over night that the homeless man wanted for rape and robbery on staten island is in police custody, identified him as maurise scott, he pretended to be looking for a job, charges are expected later today. we learned police no longer consider sunday's attack, video shows 50-year-old man walking with his attackers at west kings bridge road and grand avenue, three mean beat him severely and poured scolding hot water on his face giving
6:58 am
pro-apple protests are planned apple refusing to unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphone for the fbi. protests kickoff on long island at the shops and later tonight at apple's fifth avenue location in manhattan and short hills mall in new jersey. how are things looking in terms of the traffic. we have the bx40 bus being detoured around the area, all of other mass transit is doing fine, 59th street bridge, queens on the lower level you are bumper to bumper there. you have the george washington just passed the toles, the accident has been cleared away here is a look at the george washington bridge as you come across a span that upper level looks a lot heavier than the lower level so you definitely want to go downstairs if you can do that. near white plains road you have an accident. the lincoln is 20, the holland
6:59 am
all right. let's take a look outside, john and showing us the low clouds, showing us those nimbus stratus clouds, a precursor to snow ice and rain, temperatures 38 degrees that's going to be your 7:00 temperature, warming up so we're looking at this rain coming in from the south in atlantic city, to cape may, coating or less from the city's south but the city north, long island, up the hudson river valley, wet snow accumulating. making it very slippery and tomorrow. day. thank you, bill. thanks for waking up with
7:00 am
america is up next. good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface. her father desperately tries to pull her free and we have the rescuers who got there just in time. and are you ready for this? "gma" on safari. an epic event never before attempted on live television.


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