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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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does. to iguodala. iguodala puts it up. no a whistle and a foul. a foul is called. iguodala will go to the line for two free throws with a chance to tie it. they'll also look at the clock to see if there's any time remaining but i don't think so. >> jeff: i love the strategy of the warriors not to foul durant immediately but to trap. durant or one of the other oklahoma city players should have called a timeout. >> mike: first thompson with the deflection and then green with a great save. iguodala is open. the foul clearly came before the buzzer. that's the first thing scott foster will check and then
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any time on the clock. >> jeff: it was clearly a foul, too. >> mark: i'm shocked. if you're okc you got to call a timeout in that situation. iguodala is not known to be a great free throw shooter. >> mike: he's 61% from the line this season. these are his first attempts of the night. there's 7/10 remaining, so even if he hits these two, the thunder can call timeout and advance the ball and get off a quality shot. you can catch and shoot, even catch and turn with 7/10 of a second. right now the key for golden state, two huge free throws. one down.
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year's finals mvp. that is two clutch free throws right there from a veteran. andre iguodala ties the game. now okc uses their final timeout and will advance the ball to try and win it at the buzzer. >> mark: i'd rather have a guy that could care less about the repercussions of missing than free throw shooting. those are two big free throws. look, it's all right. way to handle your-wise -- business. >> jeff: i'd rather have a great free throw shooter. >> mark: i know some that would >> mike: they have time to get off a quality shot here.
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>> mark: it's a quick hitter. >> jeff: throw it to kevin durant. >> mike: westbrook will inbound and they put bogut on the inbound. thunder do not have a foul to give. roberson comes back in the game. they only had four guys out there, ibaka, durant, waiters also out there. >> jeff: don't be surprised if they use durant initially as a screener to try to open up somebody and force a miscommunication. >> mike: inside, durant puts it up. overtime. we get five more minutes of this. what a comeback from golden state down 12 here in the fourth quarter. andre iguodala hits two clutch free throws, and we'll have an extra session. >> mark: this is good defense by draymond green, the contest, makeable shot. you got to live with it. >> mike: this presentation of
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(receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. thirst for the extraordinary. aah! perrier. saturday primetime. this down the stretch of regulation. klay thompson able to lay it in to bring them to within two.
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pass off, deflected by thompson. draymond green with a terrific save, finding andre iguodala who was fouled on his jump shot, hits both free throws to tie the game and here we have an overtime overtime. one of the key things, a lot of teams in that situation would just foul kevin durant as opposed to with the clock winding down, precious seconds ticking away, they don't foul the rim. they try and force the turnover which they obviously did. >> mark: that's something you talk about in the huddle. everybody is anticipating a foul in that situation. great execution. >> jeff: absolutely. good read by klay thompson to gain the deflection and then the pursuit by green. >> mike: again, it doesn't get much better than this in terms of nba action and we get five more minutes on the clock. >> jeff: i'm interested in the mind-set of oklahoma city in that you can be playing
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forwards thinking about the opportunity you let maybe slip by versus the opportunity still at hand. they've got to gather themselves. >> mark: a tough task for okc is now the frustration in having to win the game two times. you already won it and gave it back. give the warriors credit. kevin durant now has five personal fouls. >> mike: nobody else has five. andre iguodala has four. durant's played the most minutes at 40. adams and green will jump center. you shoot the penalty in overtime on the fourth team foul. each team now with two timeouts and 1:20. westbrook fouled and one. explodes to the basket. the thunder draw first blood in the o.t. >> mark: you see a double high screen put adams and durant in
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westbrook no help, turns the corner, gets the contact and the basket. >> jeff: steven adams started overtime, got the tip and comes immediately out so that the thunder can downsize and match more towards the warriors quickness with draymond green at the five. >> mike: by the way, green's foul, his fourth. roberson guarding curry. green gets it, drives on waiters. shot misses. rebound ibaka. 16 rebounds for serge ibaka. durant finds ibaka. curry picked up by durant. curry to the basket. layup high off the glass. he got knocked down. >> mark: it's on durant.
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sixth personal foul for kevin durant and he's fouled out with 4:13 remaining in overtime. first time he's fouled out this season. >> mark: finds himself on steph curry, turns the corner, contact as he drives, pushing in the back. >> jeff: i always think about this. why do we not give people an extra foul when they go into overtime? who wants to see durant out, besides steve kerr and the warriors. >> mark: i don't agree with that. >> jeff: of course not. you're like mike, you guys love foul trouble. >> mark: no, no, no. >> jeff: you love it. free throws and foul trouble. >> mark: if i'm the opposition and kevin durant has six fouls and steph curry misses a free throw, i don't want him to have the luxury of staying in the ball game.
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out of a game in three years. >> mark: westbrook, continue off that high pick and roll to make plays either for yourself or make guys better. >> mike: westbrook attacks, goes inside. deflected by green and thompson picks it up. green's made some huge defensive plays. curry for three. nails it. ten three pointers. back-to-back games with ten threes and he ties his nba record for most threes in a season. >> jeff: with durant out, oklahoma city may have to go to another offensive player instead of roberson. >> mike: westbrook knocked down. he thought he was fouled. curry ahead, iguodala. ibaka grabs the rebound. third time this season curry has hit ten threes in a game. again, second straight. he did it thursday night in orlando. he's 10 for 13 tonight. breathtaking shooting from
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share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. >> mike: steph curry with 25 games to go has tied his record set last year for most threes in a single season. he's 10 for 13. 36 monday. he's hit 20 of 28 three pointers in the last two games. absolutely incredible. all that said, golden state still trails. westbrook couldn't pick it up there.
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waiters drives. jumper, can't get it to fall. barnes the rebound. >> jeff: again, golden state is giving roberson the tony allen treatment of just absolutely ignoring him, and you're playing four on five. >> mike: curry fine, what a pass to green, but he misses the layup. the tip taken by ibaka. 18 rebounds for ibaka. >> mark: coach is right. they cannot allow roberson to not be defended. >> mike: ibaka finishes at the other end. curry, another three. oh, it's good! the curry eruption continues. a tie game. >> mark: wow. >> mike: and a record broken by curry once again, his own.
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he's one shy of a single game record. roberson blocked by green, roberson gets it back and banks it in. >> jeff: good activity by roberson after they got the switch they wanted. >> mike: cur and out. that one almost went down. the nba record for most thr is 12. curry has an 11 three game. kobe bryant and done yell marshal have the record. the lead is four.
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what a [anthony] last year, i didn't go to h&r block. but this year, i can go to block and pay half, what i paid my other guy. you can switch to block and pay half too. half price is a better price, when you think about it. so follow us, we're going to h&r block. [richard] switch to block and >> mike: big play after big play here in overtime.
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three-pointer of the game. he's got 41 points but okc answering back. andre roberson who has made big plays, testify offensive rebound. russell westbrook finding serge ibaka. kevin durant fouled out. okc leading by four, still plenty of time left. green sets the high screen. curry on singler. steps back, two pointer. in and out. off the mark. rebound green. green finds thompson, his three-pointer, it's good. back to one. 29 for thompson. a huge offensive rebound for draymond green. westbrook attacks.
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ibaka another rebound, his 20th of the game. it's still thunder ball. feeling like there was contact on that shot. >> mike: serge ibaka, 15 points, 20 rebounds, the rebounds a season high. westbrook resets. westbrook pulls back, drives again. off balance, banker, won't go but a foul. thompson called for the personal. that's going to be his third and russell westbrook will head to the line. >> jeff: trying to use curry's man as a screener, didn't force the switch. westbrook drives it. that's pretty good defense by klay thompson, but westbrook
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and the two free throws. >> mike: westbrook an excellent free throw shooter. both teams have missed a number of free throws, but again, two clutch free throws from andre iguodala with 7/10 of a second remaining and forced the o.t. westbrook answers. back to three. singler up on curry. drives, layup swatted away but he got hit in the head and a whistle and a foul. singler called for the foul, his third. >> mark: okc switching the pick and roll, leaving singler on curry. gets into the seams. the question is a little bit of contact by singler before the
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correct call. >> mike: curry a great free throw shooter who has missed two tonight. durant can only watch after fouling out. curry is second in the nba in percentage at 91%. a chance to cut it to one. 51 points on thursday night. 42 more tonight. 11 more three pointers tonight. >> mark: they're putting steph curry in the action, trying to get him on russell westbrook. >> mike: westbrook drives past inside roberson. roberson's layup is good. timeout, golden state. defense. roberson with ten points and he puts the thunder back up by three.
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appreciation for the playmaking ability of westbrook. puts roberson in position as he slashes to the cup. the on point delivery. big-time lay in. okc up tloo three, we'll be back. >> mike: russell westbrook 13 more assists to go with his 26 points.
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you see the timeouts remaining, down to one left. neither team with a foul to give, once again. >> jeff: when curry inbounds, you cannot lose discipline or sight of your responsibility. >> mike: green back door, thompson reverse layup, banks it in and a foul. thompson got hit in the head and he can tie the game at the free-throw line. >> mark: it's a quick hitter so they even the score and they have plenty of time to have another opportunity. this is bad defense by okc overreacting and not trusting their call. excellent execution by the warriors. >> mike: westbrook's fourth foul. thompson with 31 points himself. green gets knocked down as they
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remaining. billy donovan calls timeout. green talking with scott foster. green and ibaka, ibaka shoved him, then he tripped over roberson. tie game here in overtime. thunder ball when we return. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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. >> mike: great defensive play here by golden state. they trapped durant. thompson able to save it, green able to save it. iguodala's jumper doesn't go but he's fouled by durant. with 7/10 in regulation, he makes two huge free throws to tie the game and force overtime. durant threw up kind of a hail mary that didn't go and here we are in o.t. with 29.5 seconds remaining. no kevin durant. he fouled out in the first okc will have the ball in their front court. both teams still have a timeout left. waiters, ibaka, westbrook and
11:24 pm
clock and game clock. >> mark: if i'm roberson, the luxury of playing with a great player, he can get a wide open shot because they're not going to defend him. >> mike: singler finds westbrook. thompson on him. westbrook, back out singler, shot clock at seven. westbrook on the drive, falling away. won't go. rebound taken by iguodala. they do have a timeout. decide not to use it. curry way downtown, bang, bang! oh, what a shot from curry! with 6/so10 of a second remaining! stephan curry continues! and he ties the nba record with
11:25 pm
game. >> jeff: westbrook gets off a decent look. the banker. and you've got to press up. robeon just a little late but that's just -- >> mike: that's about 35 feet out, well beyond the 28 foot mark. and now it's 6/10 of a second remaining, it's a three-point sly oklahoma city has to go for three, but not enough time for golden state to foul and take a chance. >> jeff: you can't really foul. they're turning to shoot right away. they got bogut on the ball. >> mike: they're calling it a 32-footer that curry nails. >> mark: warriors doing the right thing playing above the three-point line. >> mike: westbrook gets off a good look. won't go. and golden state historic run
11:26 pm
here in okc. stephan curry, breathtaking once again. ties an nba record with 12 threes, 46 points, and the warriors are 53-5. what a game from both teams. one of the most compelling regular season games you will ever see. >> mark: just say sorry, big o. just say sorry. >> mike: let's check in with lisa and the brilliant stephan curry. >> lisa: now, how did you guys do that? >> a lot of heart on that team. we never quit. been our mantra all year. obviously a lot has to go our way down the stretch. some shots going in. huge stops.
11:27 pm
in. >> lisa: with four seconds left, at what point did you know you were going to launch it? >> coach said if we got a clean rebound, we can push it. andre got it to me. they were shuffling trying to load up in transition. >> lisa: i'm glad they missed me. wipe yourself off. you're fine. >> they were shuffling in pick-up. i had it rolling pretty much all night. >> lisa: are you good? >> i'm good. >> lisa: steph, i heard the explosion in the locker room at halftime. what happened? >> we want to win and everybody wants to play well and we expect greatness and in a competitive environment like that over the course of the season you're going to have some emotion. that's the best way i can explain it. the beauty of our team is when we leave the locker room we're
11:28 pm
we're still ready to come out and compete and i think it lit a fire under us to get this win. >> lisa: you've tied the nba record for the most threes in a game. did you know that? >> i didn't. thank goodness the last one went in. get the win and go home on this long road trip. it's crazy. >> lisa: congratulations, steph. mike? >> mike: electrifying performance from stephan curry. seconds. when the final buzzer sounds in overtime, they get yet another victory and finish this road trip 5-1 after the all-star break, 6-1 overall. tonight "sportscenter" with steve levy and nicole briscoe. they'll have full coverage from the nba and of course this game plus college basketball and the nfl combine. "sportscenter" at night currently airing on espn. what a most incredible regular
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team continued here tonight in oklahoma city as the warriors win in overtime. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, lisa salters, our producer and director and our wonderful espn crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc, home of the finals. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. a land slide victory for hillary clinton tonight as she takes her third primary win and looks ahead to super tuesday. but first: >> this is where he kissed me before he left. >> a family heart broken. a young man gunned down in a senseless murder. i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. family members say jamal loved his community and was loved in return. he was killed friday night
11:32 pm
so hard to build. >> reporter: this is a community in mourning. so many turned out police had to close the road. emotions are raw, hearts are broken. >> -- broken. >> they didn't get money or sneakers, they got nothing, so he was killed for nothing. they got nothing. to shoot him for what? >> reporter: the heart broken month of jamal known among his family and friends as mali. he was shot and killed, with no apparent motive for his murder they're searching for answers. >> he was supposed to actually give my other daughter away because she's getting married in april, and he was supposed to walk her down the aisle. >> >. he's probably the funniest person i've ever met in my life. he would give a homeless person the shirt off his back or the
11:33 pm
it didn't matter. he was loving, caring. >> reporter: the 21-year-old, fatally shot in his sneaker store friday night. a store he opened at just 18. a business he started at home while he was still in high school. his dream was to build this business so he could take care of his family. with mourners coming from all walks of life, it's a family that included everyone that knew him. >> he just worked all the time. never hurt anyone, never stole or anything, just very, very honest. >> reporter: now his family says mali's latest legacy will live on. the store was his life, so it will not close. friends will keep it open. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. allegations that a teen girl from the bronx was sexually assaulted by a class mate.
11:34 pm
investigators she was assaulted thursday during an overnight field trip to the pine grove family dude ranch. now the students attend the south bronx prep school. the department of education has confirmed the police investigation, calling it a quote horrifying incident. also in new jersey, a funeral service held today for a popular high school teacher and his young daughter. there was an out pouring of emotion at a church as family, friends, and students opportunitied out to -- turned out to mourn him and his daughter, they were killed last monday when their car was rear ended at a toll plaza the long the turnpike. the man that caused the crash was high on drug, and slept in more than 24 hours. >> >. violence erupted at an
11:35 pm
today protesters clarked -- clashed at a park in anaheim. one cool klan member stabbed another man. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national! [ cheering ] what a win in south carolina for hillary clinton tonight. the former first lady got a big boost from black voters. abc news projected her as the winner minutes after the polls closed. now the candidates look to this coming tuesday, super tuesday. here's more from south carolina. >> reporter: it was an even bigger than expected win for clinton, in large part because of potential record turn out and overwhelming support, especially from black voters here. tonight celebrating a crucial
11:36 pm
>> thank you so much, south carolina! >> reporter: in south carolina, hillary clinton gaining delegates and momentum. >> >. a big win here in south carolina likely means a big win in the southern states on super tuesday. sanders can can't to win some state, but it's hard for him to catch up. >> reporter: but he's insisting the campaign is far from over. >> we intend to win many delegates tuesday. >> reporter: both democrats focusing on super tuesday and beyond, and going after gop front are youer donald trump. >> a leading candidate for president spends half his time insulting them. >> >. we will defeat trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslim [ cheering ]
11:37 pm
target of now relentless attacks from marco rubio. >> con artist. >> con artist, friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> reporter: the insults thrown right back tonight by trump. >> i watched this light weight marco rubio, total light weight, and little mouth on him. >> reporter: and his new hard hitting supporters chris christie by his side now on the campaign trail. and the intensity is only building with the count down now on to super tuesday. live in columbia, south carolina, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> yes, all the candidates focusing their attention on super tuesday. this week will see voting results from 12 state, as well as american samoa, and more delegates at stake than any other voting day in the primary cycle. stay with eyewitness news and
11:38 pm
campaign season, this week we'll have more on clinton's win and a look ahead to super tuesday tomorrow morning at 10:00 right here on channel 7. a new arrest in the wake of a deadly work place shooting rampage many kansas. sarah hopkins, a former live in girlfriend of the alleged gunman is charged with giving firearms to a convicted felon. ford killed three of his coworkers in kansas, and injured 14 others before being killed by police. one coworker recalls coming face to face with ford while trying to evacuate the building. >> i said run there's a fire, and he just looked confused so i told him again, and said i know, and he shot me. >> he's recover frog four gunshot wounds. 90 minutes before the shoot, ford was serve -- shooting,
11:39 pm
protection order to stay away from another ex-girlfriend. yoko ono back at home tonight after spending one night in the hospital. last night the 83-year-old went by ambulance from her upper west side apartment to the hospital where she was treated for the flu. severallable media reports -- several media reports said she suffered a stroke. today fans wishinged her a speedy -- wished her a speedy recovery. >> it's terrible she's sick. hope she gets better soon. >> i wish her well. i love yoko. >> huge beatles fan, huge john lennon fan, and one more person we lost from that era would be devastating to me. >> tonight her son tweeted thanks again for everyone's concern she's home and running about as usual. just the flu in the end. a police chase in new jersey ends when a driver losing control and crashing
11:40 pm
the chase began early this morning which officers -- when officers tried to pull a car over for running a red light. then the car took off. the driver then crashinged into that house. the car, then caught on fire. after a foot chase, police did arrest the driver. a 25-year-old man from brooklyn. a big oil spill on the streets of yonkers. a truck carrying heating oil strange a -- sprang a leak. 2100 gallons spilled. a clean up company was able to help get the situation under control, clearing most of the oil from the street, but some of it did make its way into nearby storm drains that flow into the bronx river. thousands of dollars stolen from homes on long island, and tonight a man is understand arrest for the crime it shall spree. what police say he was targeting inside the homes.
11:41 pm
a high school student speaks out, and new concerns about his relationship with another student. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyon, backstage just steps away from where the oscars show will happen sunday night, and this is the green room where the stars get ready. i'll take you there coming up. and we have a taste of
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
we are now less than 24 hours away from the oscars, and final preparations are in full swing. check out this behind the scenes 360-degree video of the red carpet posted to our facebook page by entertainment reporter sandy kenyon. carpet tomorrow night. >> there's so much anticipation about who will win, but just as much excite regarding what the stars will wear. >> sandy shows us what's at stake when it comes to choosing the glamorous gowns. >> reporter: who will wear what is almost as important as who will win. no wonder oscar fashion has been called hollywood's -- hollywood's ultimate spectator sport. it's a red carpet as long as a city block, and designers know
11:45 pm
years other of bad -- can lead to years of bad press, and these days the stress is higher. >> it's so important from social media. >> reporter: everyone can be a fashion critic, which the designers of marcesa insist is a good thing. >> my daughters, their friends are excited, they can see it. >> reporter: who wears what is often determined at the last minute. >> until the actress actually stepped on the red carpet in your dress you really don't know. >> reporter: nerve wracking for everyone involved. which is where this place comes in. this calm area is just steps from the stage here at the theater where a loading dock has been transformed into oscar's waiting room.
11:46 pm
biggest stars get ready to face hundreds of millions of people. nothing beats the suspect cal of oscar -- spectacle of oscar practice. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: since the golden trends emerged. >> blush pink is a huge color on the carpet. beautiful makeup hues from shimmering gold to earth-tone browns. >> reporter: spring has come early this year, none of which lessons the pressure on the stars and stylists, perhaps that's why the decision of what to wear is offer left until the last possible -- many times left until the possible moment. >> coverage begins tomorrow at 5:00 with on the red carpet follow bid eyewitness news at
11:47 pm
before the big show starts at 8:30. stay tuned for eyewitness news then a specialer disof jimmy -- special edition of jimmy kimmel live. actress salma hayek's dog shot and killed. and a young burn victim who's polite inspired millions to send christmas cards. and a look outside on this saturday night. a winter warm up arriving tomorrow, but snow in the you can't predict the market.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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so we are all looking forward to a warmer sunday. >> we've been living for sunday all weekend. 60 degrees after temperatures stayed in the 30s for much of today. >> yeah. >> it's going to feel a lot better tomorrow. we head outside right now. still chilly out there this evening, especially in the suburbs off to the south. 39 right now in the city, but the wind coming in from the west 10 gusting up to 22 miles per hour making it feel colder. the high today only 41 after a morning low of 26. a little below affirming for this -- average for this time of the year, but milder monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
11:51 pm
watch for downpours and thunder wednesday morning, the next significant weather maker into the tri-state region, and another storm coming in late in the week, it's a question mark as to how far north the storm can get along the east coast, but coming far enough north, there's the potential for accumulating snow friday. 34 right now down to freezing at sussex. 28 at monticello, still in the 30s on long island, and just wanted to bring your attention to a flood warning, believe it or not, that we still have in effect for the river at pine brook, this is from the two to three inches of rain wednesday into wednesday night. still some high waters will there receding later tonight. all about the warmth tomorrow. temperatures at least in the 50s, and probably the 60s from new york city and points south and west getting a nice return
11:52 pm
back side of that area of high pressure. lows tonight, down to about 35 in the park, below freezing north and west. highs tomorrow, look at that recovery. up to 60 in the park, 58 down the shore, 60 in tom's river. little cooler on the island with the southwest wind warming up the rest of the region coming off the cooler water of the atlantic. upper 40s there. the next storm coming in again tuesday night into wednesday, mostly in the form of rain as this storm moves off to the north and west, so on the warm side of things all the know and mixed pre-- snow and mixed precipitation far to the north. not as cold as last night. down to about 35. 39 at sunrise just after 630 timty in the morning under mostly sunny, warmer day tomorrow. a gusty wind at times though, but 60 not feeling too bad. mainly clear, tomorrow night
11:53 pm
here's the seven-day forecast. little front moving on through by the way monday morning, can spread a spotty shower or two in the area, then clearing out in the afternoon. still near 60. mile tuesday, upper 50s, morning rain wednesday, maybe even a thunderstorm, and windy mostly cloudy in the afternoon. middle 50s. thursday dropping, to the 40s, friday a storm along the east coast, but the question is how far north it will go, and we could have accumulating snow with highs only in the 30s. very changeable into the month of march. >> i know you'll keep us posted. >> oh, we will. >> thank you. laura behnke next with sports. >> we had quite game. we'll get to that, but first the trade deadline is looming in the nhl as the rangers were just trying to win a game in dallas. that's not easy though. the blue shirts took the lead three different times to get
11:54 pm
plus the nets out west trying
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
rangers and the big d, here's laura. >> all right, it's going to be a busy couple of days for the rangers and the rest of the league, the league's trade deadline is set for monday
11:57 pm
among current rumor, reports the blue shirts is interested in bringing mark stahl's brother to new york. here's the game. the lead didn't last, later in the period, the equalizer, we go to the third. ryan getting a bit lucky but they'll take it. the stars tie it again though, forcing the rangers to take the lead back clean. klein doing the honors with three minutes to play. 3-2t rangers get the wind. and the outdoor hockey trend continuing in denver. another stadium series. avalanche and redwings. the home team putting other on a show, but in the third, a minute to go in the game, and richards, the former ranger breaks the tie with his 7th of the season, so 4-3 detroit winning outside. two days ago he and the
11:58 pm
today joe johnson has a new team. the veteran guard signed with evening. he and the heat will face the knicks at the garden tomorrow, and the nets out west visiting the jazz. brooklyn keeping us close in the first. brown throwing it down. front though. lead. utah trying to come back late, it. the nets though still hanging on for dear life very late. the warriors tonight a chance to clinch a playoff spot at oklahoma city. this was the game of the night hands down. it goes to overtime. curry is just a freak of nature, final seconds of ot, they couldn't take a time out -- could have taken a time out, but they threw that up. his 12th three of the game, an nba record.
11:59 pm
the playoffs, improve to 53 and 5. we have much more ahead in sports. it will feel like spring tomorrow, but it's already spring in florida, and so far spring training is going quite wheel for wheeler. he's taking a big step in his


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