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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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school this morning in west new york. >> police are expected to provide an update on the minutes. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth is in west new york with the story. >> we spoke to the father a few hours ago and he's beside himself as his extended family and friends of the family, this was his only child. he and his wife's only child. police are still looking for the driver and a passenger of this hit-and-run vehicle. more on that in a moment. he's just overwhelmed with grief, this father. he teared up saying sheyla pichardo, only 7 years old, was his angel and only child. his wife was walking the little girl to school around 8:00 this morning when someone driving this black tahoe hit both. the one police are looking for. the 1st grader did not make it. the mayor said he's covering the
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funeral personally out of his own pocket. the mother works in a nail salon. he actually knows her, the mayor. the father also works very hard. he works in a factory. there is a memorial that has been growing at the site of the hit-and-run crash at 62nd and van buren. that's in west new york. >> if you see, whether it could be a woman or a man, if you're there watching, please, show yourself. if you have a heart, something that is pumping in your body, show yourself. it's not fair. you just took a life of an angel. >> i actually knew the mother. she used to work in a nail salon. mexican family. and we're going to cover all the costs. west new york. we're treating this like a dignitary because it's a tragedy. girl.
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smile comes to my face. that was her. she was the happiest baby. >> she says sheyla, she can only describe her as just being a beautiful, loving little 7-year-old girl, so full of fun parents. more on this tahoe that police are looking for. they're describing it as a new tahoe with temporary plates, chrome wheels. family and friends pleading to anyone with any information to please reach out to police. one of the witnesses at the scene says the car stopped, the passenger got out, saw exactly what had happened. they got back in and took off. more on this in a bit. we're live in west new york, new jersey, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just so sad. good samaritans were unable to save a woman fatally hit by a livery cab. police say the cab was turning
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hill when it hit 77-year-old carol dauplaise, strapping her underneath. people flipped the car to free her but she died at the hospital. the driver stayed at the scene in this case. so far no charges have been filed. in all there were five hit-and-run accidents in the city over the last few days. mayor de blasio talking about the cases this afternoon. >> it's disgusting that anyone would kill another human being or hurt another human being and drive off. there's absolutely no excuse. and the penalties are severe but they should be even more severe and we'll certainly work for that. >> the mayor says the nypd has a good track record of making arrests in hit-and-runs especially in cases with surveillance video like this. police say this car ran a red light and hit and killed a 41-year-old man in the park slope section of brooklyn. he was one of three pedestrians killed yesterday morning. two others are critically hurt. we're going to turn now to vote 2016 and super tuesday.
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voting before the november election. hundreds of delegates at stake. for the republican candidates, it's likely the final chance to stop frontrunner donald trump from becoming an unstoppable force. eyewitness news anchor diana williams is in the news room with much more on what we should be looking for. >> mathematically no single candidate can wrap up the nomination tomorrow but candidates in each party have the opportunity to gain almost unbeatable momentum. and most recent polls show hillary clinton and donald trump are poised for big nights. it is important to note the super tuesday states are not win or take all. delegates will go to anyone who finishes as long as they get a certain percentage of the vote. >> reporter: for the republicans three candidates are looking for a big night. all three stumping in three different states. for ted cruz it's all about texas. >> god bless the great state of texas. >> reporter: the junior senator must win his home state with 155 delegates. if he can get 50% of the vote, he'll earn the lion's share of
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he also needs to do well in other southern states including virginia, tennessee, georgia, alabama, and arkansas. >> super tuesday, i believe, is the most important day of the entire primary. it is an opportunity for texas and the states all across the country to make a decision. >> reporter: marco rubio has been concentrating on virginia, minnesota, and arkansas. he's also hoping for a strong showing across the map. today he continued his attacks on donald trump, including trump's failure to disavoy an endorsement by the kkk over the weekend. >> he blamed it on a bad earpiece, that he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the earpiece is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly and he refuses to criticize it. >> reporter: trump got an earful today from protesters. >> folks, you can hear it once. all lives matter. >> reporter: trump is ahead in
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a new national poll gives trump his largest lead yet. 49% compared to 16% for rubio and 15% for cruz. but a good showing for cruz or rubio tomorrow could pave the way for a brokered convention this summer where delegates would make the final decision. >> this country is our destiny. >> we'll all be watching tomorrow. the democratic side, hillary clinton is leading in most super tuesday polls and bernie sanders is hoping for wins in the northeast including massachusetts and his home state of vermont. we'll see what happens. >> lots happening. tomorrow political reporter dave evans will be with the candidates. you can see his reports right here on eyewitness news. and tomorrow night abc news will have a super tuesday results special. it starts at 10 p.m. right here on channel 7 and will be followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a 14-year-old boy opened fire inside a school cafeteria in ohio today injuring four students. the gunshots rang out as
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madison junior senior high school. this is about 30 miles north of cincinnati. the teen walked in to the room and started firing. some of the students say at first they didn't recognize the sounds as gunshots. others ran outside to a field to escape. the shooter ran from the school but was quickly captured. >> there were four students injured. we believe two of them were injured with gunshots and two of them with some type of shrapnel or injury of trying to get out of the way. >> the good news is those four students are expected to recover. police say they know the motive but they're not revealing it at this time. moments ago police charged a charter bus driver with a crash involving several vehicles in south brunswick. the driver is jamal penton of lakewood. police say he was distracted for more than a thousand feet before running a red light on friendship road thursday. he's charged with assault by auto. several people were hurt. in new jersey governor chris
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announcement about the state's supreme court nominating david bowman. >> this continues my commitment to bring diversity to the court, with judge bowman being the first asian-america to serve. while also maintaining partisan balance with dually nominated and confirmed justices. >> christie pointed out the state legislator unanimously approved the judge's appointment to the supreme court a few years ago. if confirmed, the supreme court will have four republicans which christie says is allowed in the state's constitution. lawyers for robert menendez tried to get the corruption case against him dropped. the lawyers argued before a federal appeals panel in philadelphia this afternoon. prosecutors say he took gifts and contributions from an eye doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez maintains he and the doctor are friends and he did nothing wrong. stocks on wall street kicking the trading week off with broad losses.
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despite a rise in the price of u.s. crude oil today. here's a live look at the big board. the dow fell 123 points, closing at 16,516. still to come on eyewitness news, sales of broadway tickets on the decline for some groups of patrons. what experts say is keeping them away from the theater. >> this is an urgent situation and the mayor and the chancellor should treat it as such. >> angry parents demanding answers. why their children have been out of school for days. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. february. hate to see it end with temperatures like this, another 60-degree day after rain this morning. here's seven on 7. through the 50s. there is a cool breeze. starting to get a little colder.
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it's 4:12 right now. time for checking the roads on this monday evening. traffic moving slowly in the parkway. as for the hudson river crossings, the only issue is 10-minute delays at the outbound holland tunnel. an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon admitted he shot and killed his wife, a rookie police officer on her way to her first patrol. 32-year-old ronald hamilton was arraigned in virginia today. prosecutors say he shot and killed his wife saturday, then shot three officers responding to her 911 call.
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had just been killed the day before. a bomb went off in a town north of baghdad. 25 people were killed and dozens more wounded. a powerful militia leader died in the attack. the funeral bombing came hours after 73 people were killed by two bombs in a market in baghdad. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. president obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to a member of the famous s.e.a.l. team 6. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers who helped rescue an american hostage from the taliban received the medal of honor at the white house. he and his team brought dr. joseph out of afghanistan in 2012. one team member was shot and killed. the president praised all special operations forces today. >> we thank god they're there. we sleep more peacefully in our beds tonight because patriots
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our nation's call and protect our way of life. >> reporter: chief byers is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in four decades. now to a growing turn on broadway. it's been a big year for sales but not because of theater lovers from the suburbs. shirleen allicot with the story. >> it is amazing, broadway saw the most amount of visitors they've ever seen this past year. 13.1 million people came out to see a show. largely missing, people from the suburbs. and this is the main reason why. pedestrian plaza is apparently keeping them away. >> reporter: traffic congestion, construction, and a host of costume characters. it's what you'll experience on any given day walking along broadway in times square. ever since the city's pedestrian plazas were instituted, many
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traffic jams and carnival-like experience it's created. according to the broadway league, in 2010, the year the plazas went up, 21% of all ticket sales went to people from long island, westchester and rocklin counties, northern new jersey. dropped. in the recent 2014-2015 season it went down to 15.6%. the president of the broadway league charlotte st. martin says even though this was a banner year for broadway and they had record breaking visitors the loss of the suburban audience is a big concern. >> certainly we have to have something go on with regard to the construction and the number enough people that are trying to earn a dollar in an aggressive manner. >> st. martins says he's joined a task force created by the city to try to figure out how to fix
4:16 pm
we're going to do a survey and find out exactly what people think in the area. we'll have a live report in the 5:00 hour. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> this is a hot topic. we were just talking about it. two things bother me right away. the price of tickets are very expensive. and parking is very expensive and hard to find. >> it's impossible to find. let's check in with meteorologist lee goldberg. he's outside with our exclusive accuweather forecast. you know what we're talking about, lee. >> you're in the suburbs, maybe go online for these tickets. something to be said for being nearby, going to the box office too. there's a lot of factors. >> definitely. i will say though being outside today in times square or anywhere outside in the upper west side, it's not so bad and yesterday it was spectacular. >> how gorgeous was yesterday? you know it's around the corner here and here we are in the last day of february, unbelievable. of course leap year. it's a beauty. little morning rain. a bit of a cool breeze. 60 degrees just fine as we go in
4:17 pm
let's look at new york harbor setting up for a nice sunset again. air is dry. there's a chilly wind. you need the coat out tonight. high today will go in the books at 60. that's 15 above average. we'll have the february numbers in our next half hour. in terms of rainfall, not much. below 10th of an inch in most spots. now we're standing in the mid 50s to lower 60s. the wind gusts are near 25 to 30 miles per hour, even 35-mile-per-hour gusts in belmar right now. the wind is gusty. we'll drop to the 50s in to the 40s and the breeze will still be busy during the evening. then i think it will back off late. there will also be increasing clouds late. there's a secondary cold front which slips through and drops our numbers in to the upper 30s. there's that second cold front coming through ontario. it's just about to reach the great lakes. it's going to arrive here around 2 a.m.
4:18 pm
numbers a little bit and probably make us come up short of the 50-degree mark. there's a parade of these pacific systems. then as the week goes on, the gulf gets in to the act. that's why on wednesday, especially as we just start the day, there can be a few downpours and even gusty winds from this storm that's coming in through the upper plains and front range of the rockies. enough cold air will seep in and a north wind morning that we're in the 30s and upper 20s in the coldest spots north and west. then during the afternoon hours look for upper 40s. sunshine, few patchy clouds around. wind about 6 to 12 miles per hour. so definitely a chillier feel but at least there's sunset out there. in your accuweather forecast, there's a chilly breeze after this mild late afternoon, evening. seasonable, pretty much near average. skies will cloud up tomorrow night. i think rain will move in after
4:19 pm
we'll have rain that could be with us through the maybe dawn hour, maybe around sunrise. then that rain will leave the scene like it did today. temperatures tomorrow night will be climbing through the lower morning. your wednesday weather map shows that rain making an early exit. there's a lot of wind with this system so i'm a little concerned if we get ahead to the downpour there could be a wind gust over 40 miles per hour. temperatures will start to crash during the afternoon hours. coming up at 4:30 there is the week. we'll look in to the first weekend of march. never too early for that. accuweather 7-day forecast when i come inside. >> if you say so. >> just a little bit. >> we'll whisper it. let's talk salt warnings. they were supposed to go in to effect tomorrow. but the mandatory warnings on menu will have to wait. >> what the experts are saying
4:20 pm
themes on last night's red carpet.
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a sinkhole in midtown manhattan is causing some headaches for drivers. 52nd street between 9th and 10th avenues are closed because of that apparent sinkhole. officials are trying to figure out what's causing the depression in the street. no injuries have been reported. no damage reported either. astronaut scott kelly getting ready to return to earth after nearly a year in space.
4:23 pm
like. his 340-day mission on the international space station breaks the record for the most consecutive days spent in space by an american. nasa is studying the effect on his body to make sure astronauts can handle a long trip to mars. when kelly lands tomorrow night in kazakhstan he'll go through a mini obstacle course and try to walk a straight line so scientists can see how his body is handling it all. welcome home. the awards have been handed out but today it's all about rehashing all the red carpet fashion. the studio. today fashion watchers are breaking down the trends, everything from standout pastels to twists on the white look. >> many stayed clear of basic black, instead opting for ivory, both men and women. on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, bold blues, standouts.
4:24 pm
fizzle or exceed our expectations? take a look. >> reporter: the red carpet to some just as important as the actual ceremony. so when it comes to fashion, who took home the oscar this year? joanne king helped me navigate the tricky waters. >> i think the wow moment was the incredible use of color. >> reporter: bold jewel tones, charlize, sofia, brie. there were a fair shares of pastels. >> pastel pink, dusty yellow, sort of that tiffany blue. >> reporter: this is top shelf, where we'd expect to see the most glamorous gowns. classic hollywood style. she believes that's exactly what kate blanchett gave us.
4:25 pm
>> she said her husband live schreiber picked the dress. >> she was one of our favorites of the night. >> who could have done better? >> i think the misses were when an actress did too much or too little. winslet. looking ahead to next year, she hopes to see fresh blood on the red carpet. creations from a new crop of designers waiting to make their mark. >> yes, it's a little bit of a risk but at the end of the day if we don't start bringing in new names then we're only going to be seeing the dior, givenchy and it's good to see the mix to make fashion fun. >> one thing she noticed was grammy edge sneaking its way on to the red carpet. no angelina.
4:26 pm
for the incredible fashion moment. the gentlemen looked fantastic. navy tuxes. sylvester stallone, the black and navy. >> i thought chris rock looked great. >> chris, fabulous. coming up next, hundreds of gallons of oil spills in to the streets of yonkers. we'll have the latest on the cleanup. attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious
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tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. we have an update on our top story. a 7-year-old girl struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. this happened as she walked to school this morning in west new york, new jersey. police just held a news conference saying they're looking for a 2015 or 2016 black chevy tahoe with new jersey license plates. >> he can run but he cannot hide. we have the resources, the
4:30 pm
we will find him. >> investigators handing out surveillance video of the car in hopes the public can help. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. all new this half hour, a cleanup effort is underway this afternoon after hundreds of gallons of oil spilled in to the streets of yonkers. >> it happened after a truck carrying heating oil somehow sprang a leak on bronx river road. now there are concerns about the environmental impact. >> joe torres is in yonkers this afternoon with the latest. >> this oil spill happened 8:30 saturday morning up on bronx river road. not here but some of that oil made its way in to the storm drains. here we are 48 hours later and the cleanup continues. in the river you can see the oil absorbent booms still on the scene here. the crews are here as well keeping a close eye to see what oil, if any, has made its way in to the bronx river. the oil delivery truck on saturday bottomed out as it was
4:31 pm
bronx river road. that's an apartment building. the driver heard the truck bottom out, got out, took a look, noticed the spill, and the fact that the oil was running down the curb in to the storm drains that filtered in to the bronx river. that prompted a two-prong cleanup. stopping and diverting the oil on the land while at the same time removing the oil that made its way in to the water. >> the oil leaked out of the truck on to the roadway, flowing down the curb in to the storm drain on the west side of bronx river road. and it then traveled through the storm drain through three different sections to empty out in to the bronx river. >> reporter: back live along the bronx river, the chief estimates about 500 gallons poured out of the truck on to the landing. he thinks less than 100 gallons of oil made it in to the river.
4:32 pm
despite what you see, is largely complete. why is this here? they're monitoring the oil and the storm drains to see as the water comes out of the storm drains what oil, if any, remains. that could take place, the monitoring, for at least another day or two. coming up at 5:30, there was an impact to some of the people who live in the neighborhood. you'll hear from them in our next report at 5:30. for now alongside the bronx river in yonkers, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. parents and students are calling for action after a fire shut down a charter school in manhattan. parents and children protested outside the academy charter school near union square. the building on irving place hasn't had power since an electrical fire last thursday. >> you represent all of these children who are enrolled in public schools, whether they're charter or district schools, and you need to be accountable to all of us. >> the education department says
4:33 pm
several alternate spaces. officials also say crews are working around the clock to now repair that damage. the father of a teen shot and killed 21 years ago pushing to reopen the case. 13-year-old nicholas hayward was killed in 1994 when he was shot by a housing officer in brooklyn. his father says the circumstances surrounding his son's death were nearly identical to the death of akai he's pushing for the brooklyn case. >> it was a coverup in that case. there was actually no proper investigation done by brooklyn district attorney charles >> the brooklyn district attorney's office currently says it's in the process of looking in to the original investigation. growing worries over lead paint in homes is prompting charles schumer to take action. new york senior senator says there are homes in westchester county in the hudson valley that still have lead paint.
4:34 pm
for children especially at a young age. senators introducing a bill to increase funding for a lead hazard control grant program which would provide tax credits to homeowners who replace the paint. >> when you open and close your windows, if the paint on your windows has lead in it, gets in the air. when you bang the walls a little bit, the lead in the paint gets in the air. that lead then can go in to your child's lungs and cause permanent damage. >> lead paint was banned in 1978 but charles schumer says 42% of homes in westchester county were built before 1950. a temporary restraining order now in place blocking new york city from enforcing sodium warnings in restaurants. today an appeals court granted a motion filed by the national restaurant association. until further notice the city's department of health is prohibited from enforcing the law that was supposed to go in to effect tomorrow.
4:35 pm
post salt icons on menus next to food that exceeds the daily recommended amount of sodium. the royal caribbean cruise ship that recently made it through that major storm is turning around again to avoid another storm system. in a tweet over the weekend, the cruise line said the anthem of the seas ship is returning to port to give guests a, quote, comfortable journey back home. royal caribbean adds that some of the guests are believed to have the norovirus. but that did not affect the decision to turn around. the anthem of the seas was carrying 4500 passengers when it hit 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds earlier this month. more fallout from a high profile prison break. a former prison guard will spend six months in jail for helping two notorious killers escape. he says he unwittingly helped richard matt and david sweat break out of clinton
4:36 pm
matt was shot and killed. sweat wounded and caught. palmer must also pay a $5,000 fine and has resigned from his job at the prison. he's the third person to be sentenced in that escape. three sunni albany students charged with faking a hate crime have pleaded not guilty. police say the women started a fight on a bus and attacked another student. but the women told police they were assaulted by a group of white men and women. two of the students charged are from long island. the case sparked rallies on campus. investigators say a surveillance video disproved their claim and showed one of the women throwing the first punch. this week students in connecticut will be the first in the nation to take the brand new s.a.t. tests. on wednesday high school juniors in connecticut and new hampshire will be the first to take it. the u.s. department of education allowed the new s. a.t. to
4:37 pm
consortium as it's called. the new s.a.t. is supposed to be more aligned to the common core curriculum. tomorrow apple attorneys will give their opening statement before the house judiciary committee. the tech giant is expected to refuse to help the government hack in to the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. they say they're only trying to bypass the security features of the iphone but apple says the software needed for that would make other iphones vulnerable. trapped and in a panic. a little boy gets his arm stuck inside a vending machine for six hours. >> it happens once every four years.
4:38 pm
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if you're planning a trip to disneyland or disney world, story. disney announced a surge ticket pricing plan. depending when you plan your trip, single day park tickets will range from $95 on some weekdays to $112 on peak days. the company homes the new
4:41 pm
disney is the parent company of wabc. it happens every four years. one extra day in february. for those born on february 29th, it's very extra special day. >> happy birthday. but even if you're not a leap day baby, there's still reason for you to celebrate. eyewitness news reporter lori stokes -- eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg with the story. >> we'll show you local businesses that are offer ing fund weekday deals and specials. first, there are only about 200,000 americans with a leap day birthday. and today we met with one of the newest so called leaplings. >> i think it will mean making birthdays that much more special and intentional rather than being something you take for granted. >> reporter: it sure will. a february 29th birthday. little lillian zumpson, a leap day baby born this morning at mount sinai.
4:42 pm
a c-section was scheduled. >> we went back and forth and decided it was most important we have the same doctor deliver both of our kids than to try and plan around a specific date. >> reporter: that date coming once every four years and a date some parents might avoid, but not the zumpsons. they're embracing it. >> extra day, extra name. so her full name will be lillian fraya joan zumpson. >> big brother finic happy about his little sister and the cake. >> the day that baby is born and comes in to the world and you get to see that baby, that's the day. but i think having a baby on a leap year just makes it a little bit more special. >> celebrating this day around town at winny's jazz bar. $2.29 will get you a seasonal cocktail called the rock and
4:43 pm
at hard rock cafe, show proof of your leap day birthday and get a free entree. indulge in the day that doesn't come around all that often and when it does, it sure is special. >> i'm a big believer in fate and fate has pointed us to this day. >> emma and ryan say they'll have a birthday celebration for their daughter every year but a banner celebration every four years when it is actually lillian's birthday. >> i like that. >> that is a great way to do it. up next, a convicted stalker in his own words. hear from the man who secretly videotaped tv host erin andrews. >> plus a 4-year-old ends up with his arm stuckd in -- stuck
4:44 pm
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switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better. switch to fios. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise
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fight for $15 is all about. that young boy right there, he might be staying away from vending machines for a little while. it took six hours for rescue arm. the child is from a rural part of australia and his father believes he'd never seen a vending machine before and didn't understand how it worked. >> he saw the oreos and biscuits and a few other things. he was being inquisitive and he
4:47 pm
hand in the vending machine obviously. he's good now. >> that's what happens when you see oreos and biscuits, you just want them, right? aw, the little guy. during the rescue the boy was so nervous that emergency crews gave him anesthesia three times. turns out he got his arm stuck in an anti-theft mechanism. >> i read the area he came from is really remote. he's not exposed for a lot of big city stuff like this. for this kid it must have been like, jackpot. >> even if you are exposed, if that doesn't function right, it can drive you crazy. >> not that we're confessing anything. [ laughter ] >> we've all whacked the vending machine when it's gotten stuck. outside we go right now. we have sunshine. so pretty outside.
4:48 pm
just a few fair weather clouds. that does not scream last day of february. it's all about teasing spring warmth. we're at 60 again. westerly wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. long island, you haven't been able to warm up as quickly because you had the showers a little later and the clouds bake breaking up. a nice end to the day. chilly air will come in tonight. february about to go in the books. you've seen a lot of red. a lot of days above average. from the ninth to 19th we've had our cold shot. temperatures getting to 15 on the 4th. we had a couple inches of snow on the 5th. only four unchz of -- inches of snow after the big storm earlier. as we go through the evening hours, our numbers will drop through the 50s. as why drop in to the upper 40s, that definitely will be a chill
4:49 pm
look for partly sunny skies early. mid to upper 40s. here's the futurecast. we start tomorrow morning at 23, monticello. 30, newburg. 36, islip. 38, belmar. look for mid and upper 40s during the afternoon with sunny to partly cloudy. on your 7-day accuweather forecast, we'll see the clouds increase later on the day tuesday and tuesday night. then we look to wednesday. late tuesday night is when the rain starts to move in. there could be a touch of a mix. i think this is going to be impactful for the morning commute. the line of showers likely to come through around daybreak or so. there will be a couple downpours north and west. maybe over 40 miles per hour. this will move out quickly and i actually think we get the sunshine back during the early afternoon hours. it is an issue for the morning commute but at least is a pretty quick exit. you look to thursday, it's brisk and colder, about 38 degrees. then we'll just be targeting this late week potential here.
4:50 pm
be developing on the carolina coast on friday. but i think the bulk of it is going to be offshore. maybe a few flurries to new york city but i'm not forecasting any big accumulating snows at this point. we'll also watch sunday morning for a little wet snow and rain mix. not done with snow as we go in to march but time is definitely running out for all that winter chill. >> bye, snow. here's what's trending on this monday. the oscars are still getting lots of social media love. first off, here's the moment that set a new twitter record. leonardo dicaprio's big win. finally. this generated 440,000 tweets per minute. the actor himself taking to twitter to thank the academy and cast and crew of the revenant. this amazing flip book version is an entertaining take on it. pretty cute.
4:51 pm
oscar? you okay, liz? i scared you with that one. did you see the joke there? late this afternoon sylvester stallone tweeted this message to his fans after failing to win best supporting actor. lee is not happy about that. saying to all the real rockies of the world, please hang on to your dreams. never give in. then there was this. many asking why was stacey dash in this show after chris rock jokes of lack of diversity, outreach. we get the joke, she's famously against black history month but many felt that joke fell flat. a year after the dress sent the internet on fire over what color it is, we have a new debate to work ourselves crazy over. 16-year-old from california posted this adidas jacket on tumblr and asked what color is it. some think it's black and brown. some think it's green and gold.
4:52 pm
tam. >> one follower said use the photo shop app and determined official. adidas. finally, jimmy kimmel has a running joke about not letting matt damon on his show. but ben affleck last night in his oscar show came up with a host. >> please welcome ben affleck. >> what is going on here? it's moving. >> no it's not. >> what the hell is going on here? hey, why you touching me? >> i'm not touching you. oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> they must really like each other. did you see? matt damon first of all was sweating up a storm in there.
4:53 pm
he walked out with this guy strapped to his chest. we just cut to it very quickly but he's like sauntering out there, sits down like he's gained 200 and some pounds. >> the three of them are so funny together. >> i love it. very cute. >> he said he was going to make it on the show no matter what. >> they finally drag him off the show. as always, check out the trend online at abc7ny and send us your trend ideas using the hashtag #the trend. convicted stalker.
4:54 pm
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an emotional day in court for erin andrews as she sues the man convicted of stalking her. >> blamed for the secretly recorded video of her that then went viral. elizabeth hur has the story. >> did you request a room next to ms. andrews? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: a convicted stalker in his own words. >> went to that floor, 10th floor i believe, and had noticed that the maid was cleaning the room. that person was checking out. so i said, i noticed the room, whatever, i can't remember the number, is open. can i check in to that room? >> reporter: today the jury heard michael david barrett's pre-recorded deposition as his victim erin andrews sat in court fighting for herself. the 37-year-old reporter and dancing with the stars cohost is suing barrett for filming her naked through the peep hole of
4:57 pm
she's also suing the owners and managers of this nashville marriott arguing the hotel made it easy for barrett to film her in the nude. >> i heard the door slam next to me. looked out and saw it was her leaving her room. >> reporter: barrett posted that video online and experts say millions watched it. it's been eight years and despite her best efforts to remove the video, it's still online and her family says andrews is now just a shell of herself. >> she's not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal who tricked them in to gaining access to andrews. they're being sued for $75 million. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we have just learned that erin andrews has taken the stand
4:58 pm
eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. going nowhere fast. long island railroad trains running late or not running at all. we get to the bottom of what's behind all the delays and cancellations. >> a little girl killed while walking to school. tonight the search for the driver who just took off. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. tonight that 7-year-old's family is overwhelmed by grief. sheyla pichardo was hit and killed early this morning. her mother seriously injured. >> witnesses say the driver in west new york knew he hit her but still drove away. mish mig joins us live with a new video of the vehicle cops are looking for tonight. >> the father is in shock and he is in just so much grief. he cannot believe this. he calls his little girl his angel.
4:59 pm
she herself was hit by the same suv. the pictures police have given to us of this tahoe that the police are looking for, this is a 2014 or 2015 tahoe with chrome wheels and running boards. witnesses say it has temporary plates and that the passenger jumped out, saw the horrible scene behind them, got right back in and the driver just took off. the mayor promises the family to get those responsible and put them in jail. >> reporter: tearing up and overwhelmed with grief, javier pichardo says his only child, sheyla, was his angel. his wife was doing what she always does, walking her to school when someone driving a black tahoe hit them both, mother and child. the mother's leg was hurt but the 1st grader did not make it. >> at 8:19 a.m., an individual
5:00 pm
i'm asking this individual, he can run but he cannot hide. we have the resources, the personnel, the technology, we will find him as we have done in the past. >> he's just mind-boggling because when you have children and you see this tragedy, everything happened in front of the mother. it's just terrible. >> reporter: the mayor says he is covering the cost of the little girl's funeral personally out of his own pocket. the mother is someone he knows. she works in a nail salon. the father works in a factory. there's a memorial at the site of the crash, the hit-and-run at 62nd and van buren in west new york. >> it's a 7-year-old wonderful girl, 1st grader, and it could happen to all of us. the father said this is my little angel. i lost my little angel. and i feel the same. >> reporter: 7-year-old sheyla is described as fun loving, caring, and a little girl who loved life. >> if i tell you about sheyla, a smile comes to my face.


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