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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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from the port of bayonne, new jersey where the anthem of the seas returned home a short time ago, cutting short yet another caribbean cruise. and tallying up the vote from super tuesday, how did the frontrunners fare and where the focus shifts next. also we have a live report from the next big prize, the sunshine state. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> thank you for joining us, i'm ken rosato. it is wednesday, march 2nd. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> well, we are in a rainy state this morning and very windy too. your 6:00 a.m. temperature has dropped now 4 degrees. it's 50 degrees at 6:00 this morning. we got light rain, but look at that wind, west to 12, gusting to 23. temperatures down to 50 at teterboro and newark. so we've hit our high at 54 already this morning. so the temperatures are dropping just as we expected. 52 down the shore now. poughkeepsie was at 54 last hour, now they're at 52. rain is from poughkeepsie and
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hudson river, right to the five boroughs and down the jersey shore, long island and connecticut. this will last another hour to two, and then we'll have sun coming out around 9:00. we got sunshine this afternoon, but look at that temperature dropping. an it will be windy. the winds will make it feel like the 30s this afternoon. weather then heather every seven minutes. looks like you got your hands full. is that the triborough bridge? >>reporter: no, this is actually the northern state parkway this. is where that accident is being cleared away. but it kind of does look like the triborough bridge. very good, bill. let's go over to our maps. we'll talk about the northern state parkway and where the accident is. it's westbound right near exit 30. so that accident is in the process of being cleared away. 6 trains switching problems at third avenue, 138th street have been repaired, but you can expect some residual delays. connecticut turnpike north at exit 26 you have an accident. you also have an accident on the sprain brook parkway southbound right near bronx river parkway. and then going onto route 133 both ways between 9a and 100 you have utility pole repairs, so all lanes are closed down. that's in both directions.
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washington bridge, 9w both ways between the palisades parkway and oak tree road, it's a downed tree. so we have all lanes closed down in both directions. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. 6:02. the final super tuesday results are in this morning. pollsters were counting votes up until about 4:00 a.m. our time in alaska. now, the last frontier proved to be the latest victory for ted cruz, the senator from texas capturing three states and closing the delegate gap with treump. marco rubio did squeak out a win in minnesota where trump actually finished third. on the democratic side, hillary clinton came out ahead of rival bernie sanders. but the senator from vermont won four states adding some much needed delegates to his bank. political reporter dave evans is live in florida where his frontrunners are celebrating. dave, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, ken. first of all, the reason why we're in florida, even though they didn't vote last night, the reason is i think both donald trump and hillary clinton, they wanted to send the signal that they're looking
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that takes place here in florida on march 15th. now, neither clinton nor trump last night actually locked up their party's nomination, but they took a big step closer to that goal. and i think it seems kind of inevitable to many americans their nominations probably coming in the next couple of weeks. still, this fight is not over. it will go on at least a couple of more weeks. >> let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald trump. [ cheers ] >>reporter: on the same day that republican house and senate leaders denounced donald trump on capitol hill, he told the republican establishment it's time to finally accept him as the nominee. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> what a super tuesday. >>reporter: hillary clinton scored a major haul of delegates from massachusetts to american samoa. she's now aiming past the primaries and focusing on trump. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers.
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a difficult election road ahead of him, but he did win four states. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. >>reporter: super tuesday made donald trump more than ever the man to beat, but every republican vows to fight on. ted cruz is now urging other candidates to drop out and unite behind him. >> i think each of the candidates are going to assess the results tonight, they're going to visit with their teams and they're going to give it quiet prayerful contemplation and reflection. >>reporter: but marco rubio with his first win in minnesota insists he's the one to beat trump. >> if we nominate donald trump as our nominee for the republican party, it will be the end of the modern republican party, hillary clinton will smoke him in a general election. >>reporter: now, looking back at the democrats for just a second, i think bernie sanders, he faces an almost impossible task at this point, that's because hillary clinton, she has now won in big diverse states such as texas, georgia, massachusetts.
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on her side, sanders only has about 300. now, looking at republicans, it is perhaps a bit more doable for marco rubio. still, donald trump is way out in front. what rubio is going to have to do is he's going to have to win in michigan next week, he's also going to have to win in states like illinois, missouri and then here in florida on march 15th, he is going to have to win his home state. see you at 6:30. for now reporting live in palm beach, florida, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we look forward to it. thank you, dave. hillary clinton will be at theafter its center for a rally. this is a picture from the west side of manhattan. we'll get a live report ahead at 6:30. you can find much more of our vote 2016 coverage at abc7ny. click the link on the front paiblg for complete primary and caucus results and a preview of the upcoming races. other news and police are hopefully -- hoping that newly- released video will help them find the driver who left the
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in the bronx. 63-year-old jose contreras was hit by an suv while leaving a party saturday morning. this gray cadillac escalade was spotted in the area moments before the crash. police say that the suv hit contreras as he crossed webster avenue at 175th street and then drove away on the cross bronx expressway. happening today and a man charged in a hit and run death of an off-duty nypd officer is set to appear in court. william manhena is accused of leaving the scene of a fatal accident on the new jersey turnpike. 25-year-old officer vincent harrison was involved in the crash -- a crash near elizabeth early sunday when he got out of his car, he was then hit by an suv. police say that majea stopped for a moment and then kept driving. he later turned himself into police. 6:06. developing this morning a former nypd officer working in texas has been killed in a shootout. 29-year-old david hofer and his partner were calld to a park in
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hofer died during surgery. hofer joined new york's police hofer died during surgery. hofer joined new york's police force in 2009 and left for texas in 2014. a queens man john thomas faces up to 40 years in prison when he's sentenced today for trying to kill a police officer. back in 2012 thomas ran from sergeant craig beer and when beer caught up with him, he shot him once in each leg. thomas was found guilty on a number of charges, including first-degree attempted murder of a police officer. it's dij@ vu for a luxury cruiseliner in new jersey. for the second time in a month royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was forced to return to port in new jersey because of a storm offshore. soon, though, passengers be back on solid land after cutting their trip short. the ship just arrived in bayonne and eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live now with the latest. darla. >>reporter: good morning again, lori. the anthem of the seas just pulled into the port of bayonne about 15 to 20 minutes ago. i want to show you where it's fully docked here, completely park. you can also see lots of the transport vans and buses here to pick up those passengers as they get off of the cruise ship at some point this morning. now, as you know, the anthem of the seas, the captain made the call on monday to turn the ship around instead of sailing into bad weather. this comes after last month the cruise liner sailed into a hurricane and passengers were furious because they say the royal caribbean, the cruise liner did not put their safety first. now, on this trip in addition to having to cut the trip short, royal caribbean says about 10 passengers a day have gotten sick with the norovirus, though they say this is only a frk shun of the 6,000 people on board. >> three people that i'm traveling with have showed some symptoms, so it's deferl going around and the medical facility was jam packed, standing room only, literally just full of
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of went, whoa, this is not good. >>reporter: again, this is a live look at the anthem of the seas. it just pulled into the port of bayonne after having to turn around because of bad weather. we're also seeing emergency vehicles now go towards the ship. again, there are some reports of the norovirus on the ship, so we're going to wait to find out from royal caribbean to see what's going on. but we did just see one ambulance go toward the cruise liner. we're expecting those passengers to get off at some point this morning. we're going to get an update from them about how things went on the trip home. reporting live in bayonne, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. 6:09. new details this morning on the budget showdown in paterson. there's word a temporary deal has been approved to send more than 1,000 nonessential employees back to work. the mayor and the city council reached an agreement at a meeting that got emotional at times last night. reports say that those workers will return to their jobs today. the deal keeps them on the job for at least a month. it's 6:09. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> hey, hey, hey! let's look from our camera here in brooklyn across over the watch case building, the east river, down to wall street and manhattan. you see the brooklyn bridge and then farther down to the west -- or to the south there you're going to be looking down toward the battery. we have a cloudy day, we've got some rain and that's starting to wind down to our west in western new jersey. here's a look from the george washington bridge to the east. sunrise today. we're at 50 degrees, light rain, winds are west at 12, gusting up to 23. windy and rainy this morning. rain starting to wind down from the west now in northern passaic county, morris county, and we see this getting out of here by 7:00 to coastal connecticut and long island. then the sun is going to come out and the temperature is really going to drop and it's going to be windy and it will be chilly. so at this point if you're getting going here in about another half hour and you're from the city north and west, just take your warm gear. the sun will be breaking out, we'll have temperatures in the low 40s.
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feel like 30 and it'll be really cold tonight. so at the bus stop kiddos, you're going to need the rain gear if you're going out there right now. and if you're on long island, you'll need this until about 7:00. it's right at 50 degrees, windy. and then after school, kiddos, it'll be sunny breaks. but they still have rain gear. >>reporter: yeah. we need to put that away for after school. just put it away after school. >> put it away. yeah. what's going on out there? >>reporter: well, they're trying to clear this away and this is on the northern state parkway right around the area of exit 30. we do have an accident that is being cleared away. so we'll head over to our maps and just pinpoint where it is for you. it's the northern state parkway and it's westbound and it's right near exit 30. in addition to that, a and s trains we have signal problems at howard beach. so expect some service suspensions as a result. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing just fine. in new jersey as you go onto 78 west right near exit 33 we have an overturned vehicle, all lanes are subject to closure.
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in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. new video this morning of a robbery spree across two boroughs. the similarities between the crimes and what the thieves are after. less than two weeks after a shooting rampage in michigan, we have an encouraging update about the condition of the youngest victim. nld and see where some wild weather turned a tr i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds.
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6:15. new video out this morning showing a pair of robbers at work. in the past two weeks they have struck at least seven times targeting gas stations in brooklyn and queens. they flash a gun, then they threaten to use it. they have stolen about $6,000 along with cell phones and cartons of cigarettes. if you know either man, please call police. it's 6:15 right now. how was your ride in this morning? there was a lot of rain out there earlier >> yeah, there was. a couple slick spots, you had to be careful. >> bill says the rain is moving east. long island getting it now, new jersey pretty much stopping, but still windy and the temperature dropping, like he says, like a rock. >> we saw darla miles who is in bayonne where it was definitely raining. >> earlier, but she had her hood off just a minute ago. so it looks like it may have just stopped. we'll check in with the boss, meteorologist bill evans outside our studios on the upper west side at 6:15. good morning. >> yeah, good morning.
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that have been falling. i really don't feel any rain right now. but one thing you will notice too is the winds are gusting up, so make sure you have like our super 7 umbrella, it's got the vents because you're going to have some rain this morning and you got some wind out now that's been gusting up to around 30 miles an hour. so these showers are still coming and going this morning. here's a look outside. we'll show you our skies are cloudy here as we look down the jersey shore. looking here from our camera here. it is still raining, wind and rain there, the rain coming in on the lens, as you see. and we're looking at what's going to be a rine morning for about another hour or two, particularly across coastal connecticut and lyle. temperatures this morning 50 degrees that's down 4 degrees from last hour. the wind has been cranking up to around 23 miles per hour and so far in the park it's reporting .12 inch of rain. not going to see much of a sunrise this morning. gorgeous sunset coming up later today. temperatures have dropped a little more, 49, 50 out across long island, 49 to 52 up the hudson river valley.
6:17 am
a few degrees. but look at the winds. these are the sustained winds out here at 15, 20 miles per hour, 23 miles per hour, 20 up toward monticello. here are the gusts overnight, 38 around newark. you can see 32 around laguardia. this wind is going to be with us all day, and with the temperature dropping, then the wind is going to certainly make it feel much colder here. here's the rain we're talking about stretching from the hudson river valley to the city. but you see behind that, there's the snow showers we're talking about, and that's the evidence of that cold air. so here's the rainfall amounts so far. we are looking at couple 10ths to quarter inch of rain,.30 possible here. after school we'll have sunshine. it will be windy, it'll be chilly. we're looking at 42. but it's going to feel like 32 today. so now we're right at 50 degrees, we're going to be looking at 49, temperature dropping. we're going to have sunshine and we'll have, you know, breaks of sun in the afternoon, but we'll also have the real feel around 30. tonight temperature 18 in the
6:18 am
tomorrow is a cold day, sunshine, windy, cold, temperatures going to be around 38. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. we'll have sunshine on thursday. we're looking at 38. we'll have that snow on friday. we're going to talk more about that. we're looking at about a coating to maybe an inch of snow on friday, and that will certainly slippery up the morning commute. then we got sunshine returning saturday. and there might be some wet snow or rain on sunday morning with sun returning in the afternoon. so it's a rainy morning out here this morning. it's going to continue. you don't have an umbrella. here. take this with you. you gotta have that. take that with you. you need an umbrella. you got to have the umbrella. >> yesterday he was planting kisses on random people's lips. today he's giving away merchandise. >> that was not just any random person. >> you're a generous guy, treated for coffee today. thank you, bill diswhrvment yes, thank you. all right, heather, save us. >>reporter: he's giving, very giving today. a and s trains signal problems
6:19 am
expect some suspensions as a result. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are running on or close to schedule. we have this overturned vehicle on 78. it's westbound. it's right near exit 33. that's liberty corner road. we have all lanes subject to closure as a result of that. and then heading over here onto the deegan heading south right near van courtland park south you do have that accident also being cleared away. going ontot connecticut turnpike north right near exit 26 another collision is being cleared, and it looks like that northern state parkway accident by exit 30 has been cleared away. our street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. 6:19. and happening today jesse matthews expected to enter a guilty plea in connection with the murders of two virginia college students. prosecutors say that matthews is prepared to take a plea deal for the murders of hannah graham and morgan harrington. under the agreement matthew will avoid the death penalty. he is currently serving life in prison for sexual assault. 6:19.
6:20 am
stopped after she was wounded in a shooting rampage is now in fair condition. six people died in that mass shooting 10 days ago and 14- year-old abigail kaumf was being considered as a donor for organ tran plants. when her mother held her hand, abigail squeezed back and doctors got her right into surgery. jason dalton is in custody and charged with those murders. four people were hurt when severe weather swept through alabama. powerful wins hit the down of besemer which is right outside birmingham. homes were damaged, trees toppled. a tornado may have touched down during the storm. that still has not been confirmed this morning. also strong winds whipped through washington state, knocking down trees and causing power outages. the gusts were strong enough to send this trampoline on a ride through one man's back yard. the winds then flipped the 200- pound trampoline several times over twisting its metal until it came to a stop. 6:21. still ahead costumed character
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[ bell ringing ] >> a happy crew there. >> on the money this morning, and investors rallied on wall street thanks to positive earnings reports from manufacturing and construction. u.s. stocks saw their best day in a month tuesday. >> the dow jones added 348 points to start the day at 16,865. nasdaq and s&p also begin 2% higher. big gains extending overseas. japan's nikkei jumped 4% overnight. hong kong's hang seng rose 3%. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist -- i can't say it, bill evans. >> i can't either. >> i've only probably said it i don't know how many times. weather guy. >> the weather dude. >> you said meteorologist. but thank you very much. here we go. we got rain in fairfield county and across to long island and from the city south down towards sandy hook.
6:25 am
our north and west. so this will be about in our hour and it'll be just all long island and coastal connecticut as we go through our morning commute. temperatures are dropping too. we're 50 at 7:00 with rain. then it's just dropping all day, into the low 40s by the time we get to the afternoon. and the wind will make it feel like, you know, even though we're in the low 40s with sunshine, it's going to feel like the 30s with this wind today. the wind is going to be cranking, northwest 25, 35 miles per hour, right at the coast. so 45 mile per hour wind gusts today. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. there she is, the traffic person. >>reporter: there you go. we have the bqe southwest right on the kosciuszko bridge an accident being cleared away. on the deegan also an accident south. it's right near van courtland park south another crash there. a and s trains signal problems at howard beech, so you can expect some suspensions. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you.
6:26 am
new this morning, so much for your friendly neighborhood spiderman. a new jersey man dress as the character in times square is charged with aggressive panhandling. he apparently held a 13-year- old boy until the teen's parents paid him for posing for the picture. last year mayor bill de blasio commissioned a task force to look into overaggressive times square characters. >> wow! closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton hanging onto their leads in the race for the presidential nominations, but the gap is shrinking. team coverage on the results of super tuesday coming up. also today two people charged in a deadly hit and run in new jersey head to court for the first time. and the fantastic voyage is over for astronaut scott kelly after his record visit to the earth's orbit.
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we resist the forces trying to drive us apart. we can come together to make
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>> and when we unify is nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> the super tuesday results are in. while there's no change in the two frontrunners, it's definitely a competition now for first and second runner ups. >> yeah, the hillary clinton camp and donald trump, well, they both won the largest share of delegates last night. here's where things stand right now. clinton now has 544 delegates. that's about 1/5 of the way to clinching the nomination. trump has about 285 delegates brks 1/6 of the way there. the candidates are laser focused on closing that gap. >> we have more on the race coming up in just a minute. plus the latest on that cruise ship that was forced to return to port for a second time in one month. about an hour ago it returned to bayonne. >> for now we're waking up to a damp morning with some wintery weather on the way. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> well, this morning we do have clouds, we got rain, we've got wind and it's only going to get colder as we go along.
6:31 am
degrees this hour. we were at 54 last hour, 56 the hour before that, so the temperature steadily falling now, even though it's 18 degrees warmer than normal for this hour of the day. 49 on long island, 46 bridgeport. these temperatures will just keep dropping now. the rain has begun to wind down from the city west and north, so you see rain across connecticut, long island, brooklyn, queens, just to the east of manhattan and down the jersey shore. so there goes the temperature, bye bye. 33 by 6:00. yow it's going to be cold today with this wind. so now is the time to dress warmly. make sure you got all your gear. we'll talk about some snow for friday morning. weather then heather every seven minutes. how's it going out there with the subways? >>reporter: well, we have the a and s trains some signal problems at howard beech. you can expect a lot of service changes, including suspensions as a result. going onto the bqe southwest right on the kosciuszko bridge we have a lot of volume here because of an accident that is being cleared away. then as you travel onto the
6:32 am
van courtland park south, that's another collision that is being cleared. in new jersey on 78 going onto the westbound side right near exit 33 overturned vehicle, all lanes are subject to closure, so, again, this is on the westbound side. eastbounders, you may find some rubbernecking delays as you go through that spot. and we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you >> heather, thank you. 6:32. even the second an third place finishers in last night's primaries and caucuses have reason to celebrate today. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders, but he still won hundreds of delegates in the process, while donald trump, ted cruz and rubio claimed victory or in rubio a winning trajectory. >> and the top three presidential candidates campaigned for weeks in key super tuesday states and it did pay off for some of them. cruz winning his home state of texas, rubio winning his first race outright. bernie sanders winning four states, including his home in vermont. >> eyewitness news political reporter dave evans live in
6:33 am
casting their ballots in just 13 days from now. dave. >>reporter: good morning, ken. this race on the republican side is far from over. all of the republicans are avowing to fight on, but donald trump, he is certainly in the driver's seat at this point, and it may be just about impossible to beat him right now. last night no big rally or party, instead a news conference at his estate here at mari dll lago in palm beach. some say it was an attempt to look more presidential last night, but trump, he did tear into both marco rubio and hads hillary clinton. now, for marco rubio, he faces an awfully difficult task, but he claims to see a silver lining. he did win in the state of minnesota last night, and he had some strong second place finishes elsewhere. rubio sees a path to somehow stopping donald trump. >> we have to rebuild our country. our country is going to hell, and people don't understand that. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. >> there will never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to get
6:34 am
>> i think each of the candidates are going to assess the results tonight. they're going to visit with their teams and they're going to give it quiet, prayerful contemplation and reflection. >>reporter: now, if marco rubio has any hope of pulling this off, he's going to have to look ahead to the next election which is in the state of michigan, march 8th. he's going to have to do very well, and then look ahead to the next kind of super tuesday which is going to be march 15th. that's will include the states of missouri, illinois, north carolina, ohio and also his home state here in florida. he's going to have to win a lot of those states to do this. for now, reporting live in palm beach, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dave, thank you. 6:34. and today hillary clinton takes her campaign closer to home. >> yeah. mallory hoff is live now on the west side of manhattan. mallory. >>reporter: lori, ken, good morning. thousands of clinton supporters will gather here this evening to show their support for clinton. take a look at this video, though, and let's talk about
6:35 am
a very positive evening. clinton solidified her lead yesterday. she won big in the biggest states, stacking up delegates across the board. her wins were decisive. she took virginia, tennessee, alabama, georgia, arkansas, texas and massachusetts. she barely mentioned her primary opponent bernie sanders. he took vermont, oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. he pointed out that with proportional representation he did gather enough delegates to stay in the race, but instead of focusing on sanders, hillary clinton's focus is now on donald trump. >> if we all do our part, we can restore our common faith in our common future. that's the spirit powering this campaign. >> you know why we are gonna win? because our message is resonating and the people where we stand together will be victorious. [ cheers and applause ] >>reporter: hillary clinton supporters will begin arriving here this afternoon. we're told the doors will open
6:36 am
at 5:45. live on the west side, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. and "good morning america" will have a complete wrapup of the super tuesday results. that comes up at 7:00 right after eyewitness news this morning. it's 6:36. and new this morning we have images of a woman wanted in a stun gun attack in east harlem. police say that she was one of four people who stormed into a 63-year-old man's first avenue apartment on valentine's day. after the victim was shocked, the suspects then ransacked his home and grabbed his jewelry before getting away. 6:36. a couple due in court today to face charges in a hit and run that killed a 7-year-old girl. fabianed rodriguez is accused of driving the suv that hit sheyla pichardo and her mother as they were walking to school in west new york on monday. surveillance cameras catching the crash as it happened. that suv did stop, a passenger got out, then both the passenger and driver got back in and left the scene. rodriguez' girlfriend, joanna
6:37 am
with hindering apprehension both being held without bail. a 7-year-old boy back home in paterson this morning just days after taking a bullet to the chest as he was just sitting in his family's living room. the stray shot that hit jaden de leone was just inches from his heart. he was playing with his siblings monday night when the family heard six shots rang out. after jaden was hit, he was able to call 911 on his own and calmly gave emergency responders the address. the shooter is still on the loose and anyone with info is asked to call police. mayor bill de blasio and police commissioner william bratton share a subway ride today to underscore their message that subways here are the safest in the world. they are going to ride from city hall to transit authority headquarters in downtown brooklyn. the city is unveiling a new plan to put an officer on every subway train at night after the recent surge in slashing attacks. it's 6:37. new this morning royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is back in port after another shortened voyage. let's take a live look now at
6:38 am
bayonne, new jersey. this docked just about 45 minutes ago, coming back to new jersey after its second shortened voyage in the past month alone. both were caused by extreme weather conditions in the atlantic. this trip had to be also canceled, if you will, or shortened because a bunch of passengers suffered from the norovirus. there are about 6,000 people aboard. we will get a live report from bayonne later on in this half hour. 6:38. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> hey, let's get up the river with a paddle. we got a barge there. we're looking up the hudson this morning right through the george washington bridge, and you see those mid-level clouds there, those nimbo stratus clouds, rain clouds. those are sliding eastward here with this front. these clouz will be breaking up here in a little bit. let's go down river, shall we, from our square? looking down the east river. and our camera bouncing around a little bit here with that southerly wind coming right in here, gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour.
6:39 am
be right around 50. here we go at 6:00 this morning. the winds are going to be cranking all day long, the temperature will be dropping. so the rain has ended right now up the hudson river valley, a leftover shower brooklyn and queens, nassau county, suffolk county and connecticut. this gets out of the way in an hour. and then you see the evidence of these snow showers. that will show you that the cold air is producing those off the lakes. we'll have this rain winding down, we have the sun coming out by lunchtime. the afternoon features temperatures falling into the 30s. it'll feel like the upper 20s and low 30s with the wind. so at the bus stop, kiddoes, you're on long island, coastal connecticut, brooklyn, queens, you need your rain gear lice these huckle dlfer ber -- like these huckleberries here. after school you need the warm gear. so they got the warm gear on. >>reporter: yes. >> those kids know how to dress. >> snazzy. >> they're very smart kids. >> very. >>reporter: here is the bqe as you make your way northbound, eastbound, bqe getting the brooklyn bridge, you can see you do have your typical volume there.
6:40 am
on the bqe as we look at this map. it is the southbound side, westbound side right on the kosciuszko bridge. that is an accident being cleared away. and then we have this big problem in new jersey on 78. the accident is westbound at exit 33, but they're closing the roadway in both directions, medivac helicopter is going to land on route 78 to remove the injured passenger. again, all lanes are subject to closure. a and s trains signal problems at howard beech. expect some extensions and some service changes as a result. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. we're following a developing story now. a train hauling dangerous chemicals derails in western new york state. there's new video coming in from the scene. also a jarring night for a lot of people on long island. the mysterious sounds leading to wild speculation on social media. and you can stay ahead of all the rain and the snow, yes, snow with the accutrack weather alert.
6:41 am
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to download it for free. this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
6:43 am
new this morning, a teenager was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in brooklyn. police released new video of this black suv. officers say the suspects
6:44 am
alongside the 17-year-old on monday on snyder avenue and east flatbush. suspects shot the teen twice in the chest. no wore on his condition. 6:44. social media buzzing about a loud boom heard on lyle. the sound rattled homes and had people across suffolk county wondering if they heard an explosion. the disturbance triggered a flood of calls to suffolk county police and numerous posts on facebook and twitter. people heard it in babylon, deer park and west islip. >> i went to the basement to check out my heating system to make sure it wasn't that. then i went on facebook and it was, like, did you hear that bang? >> we heard a loud, like bang. it was almost like -- it didn't sound like anything really -- >> it wasn't scary or -- >> no. >> the military now checking to see if that boom might have been caused by an f-35 fighter jet. the planes are tested off the east coast and they create sonic booms when they break the sound barrier. it's 6:44 and "good morning america" is coming up. robin roberts standing by live in times square. good morning, robin. >>reporter: good morning to
6:45 am
coming up here on gma, we've been following your coverage, of course, of super tuesday results. big night for hillary clinton and donald trump, and we will have full team coverage coming up here on "gma." also this morning the latest on the erin andrews trial. "dancing with the stars" cohost facing an intense cross examination in her $75 million lawsuit against a hotel and her stalker. new details on that story. and scott kelly back on earth after nearly a year in space, logging, oh, 143 million miles. we'll take a look at his historic journey. and i've been tickled by how you and ken are trying to imagine what it must be like for him to be back here on planet earth. [ laughter ] >> right. >> keep the dramamine handy. >> that's right. >> have a great show. thanks, robin. >> we'll be watching. 6:45 right now. we check the accuweather forecast. >> and let's check in with bill outside. >> well, good morning, everybody. here we go, we take a look
6:46 am
happening. this is a live look from our cameras, the rain has kind of wound down here. you can see off to the west skies are breaking up a little bit and we'll be seeing the sun coming out here in about an hour or so from the city north and west. there's still rain coastal connecticut and long island. our temperature 50 degrees. it has been dropping. the humidity dropping, the winds picking up, gusting to 28 in the park now. look at that pressure rising. that picking up too. yesterday's high was 52. and i think our high today is going to be around 56. we've already hit it early this morning. normal high is about 45. temperature is going to be dropping all day now. here are your headlines. these rain showers pushing east of the area now by daybreak. we're going to be looking at rain coastal connecticut, long island through the morning, and then it's going to be windy an chilly. good morning, love. and it's going to be chilly through the afternoon, and then some snow morning, problg another round of rain as we -- probably another round of rain saturday night into sunday that might mix in with some snow as well. so temperatures are dropping a few degrees every hour now, 49, 50 out across long island, 52
6:47 am
the winds have really picked up out of the south here. they're going to be going west and then northwest. so you see that wind now up around the hudson river valley westward there, northern jersey kind of cutting around to the west here going northwest, and that will usher in a cold air mass in for the afternoon. the wind gusts you see 32 right around laguardia, 38 at newark and 37 in long island. so we'll have these wind gusts, maybe even up to 45 miles per hour all day. long island, coastal connecticut, there you see the rain that we're talking about. that is sliding eastward. basically we got sunshine back to our west. so here are the rainfall amounts. we've had .12 in the park, that's probably going to tap out as the our futurecast showing temperature 47 by the time we get to 8:00. by afternoon it's 42. and it just keeps dropping. the winds just keep picking up. tomorrow we're going to start the day in the 20s and teens north and west. so it is going to be a cold shot to the system with a high around 39 tomorrow. then look at friday morning. we got snow showers starting
6:48 am
so once again a look at our futurecast. you'll see we got sunshine today. but here comes the clouds an the snow overnight thursday night into friday, maybe a coating to about an inch and then we'll be looking at that slippering up the roads friday morning. after school today, kids, windy an coal. make sure you take another layer of something to keep you warm if you've got after school athletics and things outside, it'll be chilly, temperatures in the 40s. 49, that's the temperature next hour, but it's going to keep dropping all day. late today the real feels are around 30. tonight we're looking at 18 in the suburbs, 26 around the five boroughs, still windy, it'll feel even colder than that. and tomorrow chilly windy day and 38. here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got the snow showers friday morning and then cloudy and cold. saturday the sun returns with 43, but saturday night into sunday a little rain and snow mix. sunshine returns by sunday afternoon. then next week it's warm. look at this, 62 by tuesday. >> yikes! >> i would hand out umbrellas, but the rain is gone and the
6:49 am
>> you don't have any. >> i don't have any umbrellas. >> you gave them all away. >> the one that goes after the dogs. >> the union pigeon. let's go to heather with a check of the commute. >>reporter: we still have these issues with the a and s trains, signal problems at howard beech, so expect suspensions. i want to head over to a webcam and show you what's going on on the l.i.e. right over here, this is right near marathon parkway, you can see some accident activity right off on the side of the roadway, causing heavy delays heading onto the l.i.e. going westbound. if we could go back to the maps, i want to talk to you about what's going on here on 78, westbound right near exit 33, overturned vehicle, all lanes are subject to closure, med ivac helicopter is landing on the highway. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 30 at the lincoln, the holland is a 15- minute delay. and the bqe southwest on the kosciuszko bridge you have this accident cleared away. but now we have a new one and it's farther southwest and it's
6:50 am
where that accident is being cleared. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. 6:50. homes evacuated when a train
6:51 am
>> the very latest on smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
6:52 am
[text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] 6:52. developing right now, hazmat crews have contain the cargo leaking from a dangerous train derailment upstate. it is in the town of ripley in far southwestern new york. it is approximately -- there
6:53 am
norfolk southern train that derailed an at least two of those cars were hauling ethanol. the two cars did start to leak. at least 45 nearby homes had to be evacuated. again, those hazmat crews have contained the ethanol problem. president obama plans to take in a ball game in cuba. major league baseball has sent out a tweet saying that it's honored that mr. clinton -- mr. obama will attend a march 22nd exhibition game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. it will be the first visit to the nation by a major league team since 1999. the president tweeted play ball. it is 6:53. up next home sweet home. >> we're hearing from the first passengers to walk off the
6:54 am
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6:56 am
super tuesday proved this presidential campaign has miles to go. >> donald trump won seven states and urged his rivals to give up the race. ted cruz won texas, oklahoma and alaska while urging his rivals to throw their support behind him to stop trump. but marco rubio won his first state, minnesota, an he says it puts him in a winning trajectory. and for the democrats hillary clinton won seven states and the territory of american samoa. and bernie sanders won his home state of vermont, along with
6:57 am
colorado. and this is the javits center right now on the west side where mrs. clinton is holding a rally there tonight. 6:57. the latest ordeal is over for royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. the unlucky oceanliner it back in port after another trip was cut short >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in bayonne with new reaction from passengers. darla. >>reporter: that's right, good morning, lori. the anthem of the seas pulled in here about 5:45 this morning. i want to show you where the cruise ship has docked here in bayonne and the passengers are getting off this morning. on monday the captain made the call to turn around instead of sailing into bad weather, this after royal caribbean was heavily criticized for cruising into a storm with hurricane force winds last month. but i'll tell you, lori and ken, every single person that we've spoken to this morning said they had a great time and they like the way the cruise ship handled everything. >> it had nothing to do with the virus, as far as we know. and we didn't see anybody sick on the ship, although i know
6:58 am
viral flu. >> the ship is amazing. we can't wait to go back on the anthem. it was awesome! >>reporter: so at this point we have not heard from anyone who has been sick from the norovirus, but we did hear from royal caribbean that about 10 people per day said they had symptoms of the virus. reporting live in bayonne, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. all right, heather. >>reporter: we have this accident, i spotted it. i spotted it with my little eyes, the accident on the l.i.e. as you go onto the westbound side. and we do have it on a webcam. you can see that there. hopefully there aren't any major injuries there. but we do see that activity, the l.i.e. right near marathon parkway. we'll go over to our maps and we'll talk to you about route 78 westbound right near exit 33, overturned vehicle, only the shoulder is getting by. medivac helicopter actually landed on 78 earlier. a and s trains signal problems at howard beach have been repaired. 4 and 5 trains mechanical problems at the brooklyn bridge. d trains you have signal problems at 71st street. and dow have your alternate
6:59 am
rules in effect for today. >> very nice. thank you. here we go. we look at what's going to be clouds now and sunny breaks off to our west. there are showers still from the city eastward across long island, coastal connecticut. your 7:00 temperature 51 degrees. there's the rain we were talking about. it's in nassau county, suffolk county now. there'll be sunshine coming your way. but when you see snow showers like that off to the west, off the lakes, that's cold air coming our way. sunshine, just forget the line, it just keeps going down. the so the 30s and 40s this afternoon are going to feel much colder with this biting wind, temperature dropping tomorrow at 38 degrees. a snowy start on friday. could be a coating to an inch of rain and then the sunshine returns on saturday. >> all right. >> very good. thank you, bill. and that's the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we're back in 25 minutes -- 25 minute with an update. in the meantime stay tuned for
7:00 am
have a tresk day, everyone. good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton in command. winning big on super tuesday. >> we're just having a celebration. >> the gop front-runner raquets up victories in seven states. ted cruz takes three looking to stop the billionaire from making history. >> that would be a disaster for republicans. >> and marco rubio promises to fight to the end. >> the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> hillary clinton also a big winner setting her sights on trump. >> this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> the two front-runners now on for president takes a dramatic turn. also overnight, terrifying twisters threaten voters. at these three tornadoes


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