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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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controls tonight. >> jeff: i like this lineup for the rockets. ariza at the pseudo four but spreading the floor around, one big. >> mike: three to shoot for e e'twaun moore. howard on him, howard defends him well. here comes brewer. brewer drives, side steps dunleavy who fouls him and a chance to cut it to six with 1:49 remaining. >> mark: we got on dwight howard earlier for lack of effort. give him credit that possession, guarding the point guard with the clock dwindling down, got down low and defended at a high level. closed out, contested. beautiful defense by howard. >> mike: we've seen the last several -- that's a critical miss right now. we've seen wild comebacks recently. >> mark: so you can do it. this is against a point guard to close out a possession. that's outstanding defense.
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back offensively. >> mike:104-97. the bulls have led the entire second half. most of it by double figures. gasol stripped by beverley. picked up. another turnover. 25 turnovers now for chicago. harden guarded by dunleavy. puts up a three-pointer. way off. rebound comes out to moore. >> mark: bad shot by harden. let him off the hook. >> mike: dunleavy quick three. too strong. >> jeff: that's a bad shot too. >> mike: early on the shot clock, harden goes back door, gibson guarding him on the perimeter as we hit a minute remaining. harden drives, step pass to
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19 turnovers for houston. >> jeff: i think the better play there is to throw it up to howard. as gasol comes to help, instead of trying to find them with the bounce pass throw it up. >> mark: having moore handling the basketball tells me that derrick rose is not 100%. >> mike: fred hoiberg calls timeout before the double-team converges. we'll take a break.
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chicago. >> mike: bulls trying to close this out. they have possession, up by 7. houston was down 18 earlier in the period. now trying to get back as the rockets currently in the 8 spot in the west. because detroit lost earlier tonight, chicago now tied for 8 in the east. chicago 22 games left counting tonight. houston 21. both these teams trying to turn around what's been difficult seasons and get into playoffs and make some noise in the post season. dunleavy has to call time. close to a five-second violation. we'll take another break. since when did experience become something to hide? i say we own it. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons
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what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at >> mike: houston rockets tonight starting a five-game eastern swing including in toronto where the raptors have been unbeatable recently. then philly, boston and charlotte as they try to secure a playoff spot. looks like they're going to fall short here tonight with 44.4 remaining. >> jeff: boston's been great at home. charlotte is playing outstanding
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11 on the 24. >> mark: with moore, you got to find a way to create an open. >> mike: dunleavy lobs it in. knocked away. another turnover. beverley across the lane, kicks it out in the coshrner. fakes, fires three, hits. it's a four-point game. chicago will inbound again. houston will not give up. to their credit, keep coming one is over. >> jeff: it's not the penalty. it's side out of bounds. have to have ways to get the ball in. sets to get the ball inbounds. >> mike: howard making the pass difficult guarding the inbounder. >> mark: you also have to have
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>> jeff: that's more important. >> mike: rose breaks free. they get it to mirotic. fires a wild pass, gets to gasol and gasol is fouled. >> jeff: if howard had hustled, that ball would have been right to him. instead he's trotting. dwight howard just slowly trotting. that's his ball. >> mike: howard has fouled out. that's his 6th foul. gasol will go to the free-throw line. the turnovers, 26 for chicago, 19 for houston. howard fouls out for the third time this season with 8 points, 12 rebounds. gasol trying to wrap up a marvelous game, not only those
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and six more assists. this is the 31st and 32nd free throw attempt. two important free throws there for gasol. back to a six-point game. timeout houston. 106-100, bulls in front, rockets ball when we come back, no more howard. sweetheart, don't look at me like that, it's gonna be amazing. this is a disaster! who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers.
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you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut, morons. if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. >> mike: it's been a rough stretch for the bulls as they've dropped four in a row and 8 in
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here's their schedule coming up. against the bucks on monday and a quick one-game trip to texas in san antonio, miami at toronto at washington. after tonight 21 games left but derrick rose continues to play like this, jimmy butler now back, pau gasol, all three of them having strong games tonight with the exception of turnovers, everybody turning it over. ariza asking for some room as gibson trying to deny. inside to harden. harden launches it up. misses, gasol the rebound. fouled by capela. rebound number 17 for pau gasol. >> mark: mike, this is why you love the warriors or you love the spurs. they don't make the same mistakes that everybody else makes.
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floor. they compete at a high level. they execute. they have fun and they hold each other accountable. there's a reason why those teams have a small amount of losses during the course of a long season. >> mike: for the rockets it has been so inconsistent. this game a perfect example, as gasol hits another. gasol, 27 points, 17 rebounds, six assists. he's got seven turnovers though. james harden has nine turnovers. the two teams combined 45 turnovers. now an 8-point lead. bickerstaff calls timeout. some of the fans heading out of the united center which was packed once again.
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the sunday showcase presented by bbba compass, golden state warriors at the staples center against kobe bryant and the lakers. coverage begins with countdown at 3:00 eastern. the warriors' historic run just continues. 55-5. just incredible. so many road games --excusee, so many home games to finish, that record perhaps to be broken, set by the chicago bulls in '95-'96. 72 wins. it is within reach. those bulls won 72 and the next year they won 69. timeout called as the rockets
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rockets now out of timeouts. how are you doing, jeff? >> jeff: i'm doing fine. wow. >> mark: the interesting thing, no team has ever gone undefeated at home for an entire season. spurs are still undefeated at home. >> jeff: who beat them in >> mike: indiana. >> jeff: did you get them at home? >> mark: we beat them twice. pacers. that's the rest of the league. >> mike: indiana once and charlotte once. our statistician gets you what you want. >> jeff: trying to think who they had in 95-96. was that larry johnson?
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>> jeff: they had a good team. >> mike: inside to ariza. shot clock turned off. they got to shoot quickly. ariza takes a lot of time. puts up a three-pointer. that won't go. harden tips it to himself. harden sets, fires, that won't go. rebound knocked loose. rose comes up with it and can dribble it out now. hopefully the rockets won't foul him. that will do it. the bulls end their four-game losing streak. pau gasol has a marvelous game and the triumphant return of jimmy butler, after missing 11 games he was excellent tonight with 24 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and good defense. derrick rose with 17 and 9. a food-goodwin win for the chicago bulls as they move into the 8 spot in the eastern conference
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season. butler first game back plays 34 minutes, fouls out for the first time but was excellent on the court. he's with lisa. >> lisa: you fouled out for the first time in your career. what was up with that, watching pau gasol wrap things up? >> that's me being too thirsty for steals. coach is always telling me to stay solid. i'm glad we won. happy about that. >> how did the knee feel? >> good. i was winded a little bit. i need to get back in shape. my teammates have a lot of confidence in me down the stretch. it's a big win. >> you were saying before the game you thought lately your team defense has been soft. how do you think you played defensively? >> we did our thing tonight. in the end, we did what we were supposed to do. >> thank you. congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> mike?
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east. the rockets fall to 31-31. they're trying to hold onto that 8th and final spot as the bulls get another victory here at the united center. final score, the bulls 108, the rockets 100. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer tim, our director jimmy moore and or outstanding abc crew, thanks for watching. up next, late local news except the west coast. we thank you for watching espn on abc, home of the nba finals. lemme get a mcpick 2 listen up! there's a brand new mix on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu. lemme get a mcpick 2. hurry in now and pick your 2 hot 'n' tasty mickey d's classics for just $5 dollars.
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>. now, new york's number one news. channel 7, eyewitness news. ted cruz and bernie sanders pull out big wins in the race for president on super saturday, but first [ inaudible ] >> white parachute. >> they got very lucky. >> shaken up but safe, a parachute saves the lives of a pilot and his daughter after their plane goes down on long island. >> i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman, this was a close call that could have
11:18 pm
and daughter were flying back from a college visit on rhode island when the engine cut out. it went down and it's lucky nothing was hit. >> here's new details tonight. >> reporter: initials say it's because the plane had a parachute attached to it that saved live, and because it building. >> they got very lucky. never expected to ever have a problem like this. >> reporter: it was a father and daughter excursion that nearly ended in disaster. the small plane he was piloting with his daughter inside losing engine power about 2,000 feet in the stay. he radioed for help and deployed a parachute attached to the plane. the parachute system allowed
11:19 pm
ground, hissing a building -- missing a building my just ten feet, the landing leaving the pilot rattled, unsure if he'll nigh again. >> we'll see. -- fly again. >> we'll see. it's a scary day. >> reporter: they were headed back from rhode island when they ran into trouble. the aircraft crashed on a grassy area of an industrial park shortly after 3:00 p.m. he only suffered a minor scratch to his head, and his daughter was uninjured. once the parachute is deployed, there's no way of knowing where you'll land. >> you lose control over where the plane comes down, that's why the exact landing of this plane is very fortunate. >> reporter: the faa and ntsb will continue to investigate, but given the relatively minor
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and developing news out of new jersey tonight, the hudson county sheriffs office is on the scene of a serious car accident there. it happened at the corner of john f. kennedy boulevard and 26th street. as you can see in the images, the front end of car badly mangled. no word yet on injuries. new video in the search for a man that tried to shoot a woman in brooklyn right in front of the children she was with. police say this man walked up to the 30-year-old woman as she walked up the stairs of a building in crown heights this afternoon. he pulled the trigger on a gun, but it jammed. the woman ran into an apartment and locked the door. police say the suspect fired several rounds into the door before fleeing. investigators say the woman does not know the suspect. >> today has been a very good day. >> we're very proud that
11:21 pm
good vote, and nebraska with a good vote. front runners hillary clinton and donald trump picked up wins, but their main rivals gained some ground tonight. ted cruz and bernie sanders both won tonight in two states. here's more brand new results. >> reporter: breaking news, abc news just projected that donald trump was going to win the louisiana and kentucky primaries. that means that trump and cruz split the two of the four contested states, two states each. in the meantime sanders claiming victory in nebraska and kansas. >> everyone's trying to figure out how to stop trump. >> reporter: and senator cruz did that once again. the super saturday show down started with a big win by cruz, the texas senator swiping voters by a two to one margin in the state of kansas, and taking the state of maine. >> we're the only campaign that
11:22 pm
in the race. >> reporter: the spotlight shined once again at a donald trump rally in central florida as violence erupted while trump was on the podium. >> i will bring people together. >> reporter: it indeed was a super saturday. from gymnasiums to barns, long lines snaked around kansas, nebraska, kentucky, and louisiana. and a victory lap for sanders, the vermont senator securing delegates with wins in kansas and nebraska. >> we want to make sure a republican does not go into the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton in michigan touting her victory in louisiana. >> i'm grateful for everyone that turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan [ cheering ] >> reporter: undoubtedly a
11:23 pm
rubio and john kasich. the democratic primary happening in maine tomorrow. thank you so much. so what's next for the candidates? you heard him say there is more voting tomorrow. democrats holding a caucus in maine. they also will face off in a debate tomorrow night in flint i michigan. for republicans there's a primary in puerto rico. this week on world news more on super saturday, and what it means for the candidates tomorrow at 10:00 on channel 7. we turn now to the weather. some overnight flurries expected. sunday, sunday looking clear, meteorologist jeff smith here with the details. >> there literally might be just a couple of snow flakes tonight. a weak unimpressive system. clouds increasing north and
11:24 pm
we have such a dry air mass, so not much reaching the ground. is system is falling apart and diving more off to the south and east, so best shot of a flurry is areaing south of new york city late tonight to early dawn in the morning hours. temperatures cold enough to support a little snow fall out there. but futurecast, not impressed with the situation, weakening the system moving in. clouds increasing, maybe a flake or two of snow areaing south of the city, especially -- areas south of city, especially nit morning, then -- in the morning, but the biggest weather story, record-breaking warmth. maybe 70-degree warmth in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up a little later. thank you. new at 11:00, a man fighting for his life after suffering a serious head wound when someone attacked him with a pipe in queens. police say that 34-year-old
11:25 pm
argument in sunny side gardens. he suffered a laceration to his head and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a friend who didn't want his face shown spoke to us about the victim. >> he didn't really deserve this. he's a real generous person, and all this happened to him, you know, he didn't deserve it. >> one person was taken into custody. police are searching for a second suspect. and an emotional vigil for a man in brooklyn who died while away from college. it was a possible hazing incident, it happened last month at buffalo state university. now bradley's family wants to raise awareness about the sudden death of the spirited and promising athlete. >> reporter: friends and family gathered where the former buffalo state basketball player grew up.
11:26 pm
today to come and celebrate a wonderful person who left a little too early. >> reporter: police ruled the death suspicious, he was 21 when he died last month in a possible fraternity hazing incident. authorities have not yet released toxicology reports. he was set to graduate from buffalo state this spring. his older sister spoke with us. >> i can't really speak on behalf of what happened because i honestly don't know, and we're all waiting to see what the outcome will be. >> reporter: the group walked from the young man's childhood home to a nearby park where he used to practice basketball. his father held a candle in one hand and wiped tears from his cheek with the other. they shared their feelings and loss. >> a child that left his parent's house to go and get an education, return to them a corpse. >> it's real sad, but i know that he's in a better place, and i know that the way he got
11:27 pm
wanted to go, but the lord looks over him. >> reporter: they sang together [ singing ] >> reporter: his mother kissed a balloon. a moment of grief and hesitation before releasing it into the air. the other balloons followed. now family members say they plan to work with representatives and look for answers about what led to his death. his funeral and burial will take place march 13th and 14th. a moving sacramento county absolute to a former nypd officer killed in the -- memorial to a former nypd officer killed in texas. he was here for five years, but moved because he wanted to be somewhere safer. he died tuesday after being hit in a shoot out with a suspect.
11:28 pm
coming up at 11:30 we'll hear the emotional tribute to him from his fiancie. a possible new jersey transit strike on the horizon. workers rallied today. will the workers and union reach an agreement in time. and saving a boy as a van
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the coast guard is searching for a man that fell from a royal caribbean cruise ship off the coast of key largo florida. the 46-year-old man from texas was on the tenth deck of the navigator of the seas when he went overboard. a helicopter and plane are being used to search the more than 900 square miles around the ship. a 7-year-old girl killed in a hit and run in new jersey will be laid to rest tomorrow. funeral services for the girl jersey city. she was walking to school with her mother in west new york on monday when an suv hit her. investigators charged the driver of that vehicle and his girlfriend in connection with that deadly crash. lena dunham was hospitalized after on ovarian cyst ruptured. she was rushed to an
11:32 pm
she's been open about her struggles with a painful disease where tissue that normally lines the outside of it. she recently canceled press appearances to promote the current season of girls because of the disease. caught on camera, a police officer tries to hit a child from getting hit by a car, but they both get struck. you can see the cop grab the boy when he realizes the car is headed right at the officer takes the brunt of the hit, both fall, but quickly got to their feet. apparently unhurt. >> scary moment. coming up, a shoot out inside a recording studio kills a rapper. and another twist in the o. j. simpson saga, new questions at a knife found at his old home. and a family finds a treasure trove of baseball cards in their home. and another freezing night,
11:33 pm
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look at this, selfies aren't just for humans anymore. animals at the los angeles zoo are snapping their own vanity shots. google set up high-tech cameras
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enclosure, and automatically snap photos when they come in range. the zoo help it stirs up more visits. >> is nothing sacred anymore? >> it's only a matter of time before the tiger has his own twitter. >> he might already. >> my favorite was the sloth just hanging out. >> i don't think he's moving. >> all right so this is going to be a great week coming up to hang out. >> i mean, 70 degrees, can we not complain about that please? we have a couple of flurries late tonight into tomorrow morning, but most of the area probably doesn't even see a flake of snow fall, but right now the temperature is 35 degrees, winds is calm, the high today got up to 41 after a morning low of about 28, temperatures were at 5 below average for this time of year. 72 was the record highway back in 1880.
11:37 pm
here are the weather headlines, couple of flurries and snow flakes toward dawn. problems. a big warm up next week, and this is the big weather story, records within reach on wednesday, we could hit the 70- this year. potentially for locally heavy rain fall late thursday, so it so becomes unsettled after that major warm up. 32 right now, down freezing areas north of city. 28 at white mains. 34 at newark, and 25 at monticello and 23 at tom's river. upper 20s on parts of long island. here's the storm system, not much of a storm system. it's breaking up and moving to the south overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, so the areas south of city stand the best shot of seeing a couple of
11:38 pm
lows tonight down to freezing. the 20s in the suburbs, lower 20s well north and west. after an early snow flake or two tomorrow, we'll gradually clear out temperatures getting pretty close to affirming for this time of the -- average for this time of year, middle 40s, and then a big ridge of high pressure building over the eastern third of the country for tuesday into wednesday, and that will allow temperatures to get well up into the 60s on tuesday, and that 70-degree line will approach us during the day on wednesday, and that, if it happens, would actually break a record for that day. forecast the record tonight, increase -- for tonight. towards dawn. sun coming up at 6:22. cloudy with a flurry around 35. we gradually clear out during the day, the high 44 tomorrow. mainly clear tomorrow night. night. here's the seven-day forecast. 75.
11:39 pm
breezy. warmer tuesday, 66, and then here we go, wednesday, warm and just down right pleasant out there, and that record, expecting to break that. thursday warm, low 60s, but periods of rain developing, especially later in the day. if the front moves a little slower like some of the models indicate, the rain could wait until thursday night meaning thursday would be warmer than 61. then clearing out friday, 54. maybe some unsettled weather returning by next week, and temperatures back near 60, so spring might be coming early. looking be. >> no problem with that. >> thanks. laura behnke up next with a look at sports. last night it was heart break for the knicks as they once again failed to finish out a game, tonight know another chance. new york returning to the garden, desperate for a win. and the pistons seemed quite
11:40 pm
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no matter where you look, you won't find another small commercial van that can fit more, carry more weight, and yet go farther on a tank of gas than the ram promaster city. hurry in to your ram dealer for
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maybe the warmer weather play. >> perhaps, or maybe not. >> maybe! [ laughter ] >> yeah, after losing 15 of their last 18, the knicks just
11:43 pm
it didn't start that way though. about an hour before the game porzingas was out. in knicks built a slim lead, but the pistons finishing off for detroit, but after the half the knicks lead. last night the knicks blew the 4th quarter lead, but not tonight. lopez finished with 21, the knicks with a rare but much- needed win. also tonight, the nets at minnesota, brook lopez resting, he played the last 124 straight tames. minnesota all -- games. minnesota all over this one. zach showing the moves, doing that.
11:44 pm
second of their back to back. >> and you saw it here, the bulls and rockets tonight in transit, rose moving in for the beautiful reverse lay up. 17 points for him tonight. the bulls never trailed in the second half. butler a big reason why. he had a double double. 23 points, 11 rebounds, after missing the last 11 games with a knee injury. 108-100, the bulls on top. and much of yankees success this season hinges on the health of their pitching group. tanaka will be seen tomorrow. and today a prospect tripled in his first spring game. and beltron is able to score,
11:45 pm
the opposite field three-run home run to make it 6-1. the yankees top the red sox. and the mets visiting the astros. bottom of the first, houston on the board first. the single to right center allowing spring tore score. 1-0 until the 5th. herrera, yesterday's hero with a home run, today just an rbi triple. 3-1, the mets first win of the spring. much more ahead in sports, when we return it's the best time of the year for college basketball. tournament time. first though we have to wrap up the regular season, and we will
11:46 pm
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the madness of march is almost here. one week from tomorrow, selection sunday is here, another chance before the conference tournaments begin though today to impress the committee.
11:49 pm
the dunk and lead. second half, he was on fire, three of them there, seton hall gets the win, next up the big east tournament, and syracuse hoping to be dancing. we pick it up in the second half, richardson throwing down the jam, it's a tie game. tight one down the stretch, but the seminoles put it away. the seminoles down the orange. and the fryers crashed the -- friars crashed the party, st. john's finishing big east play at 1 and 17, and rutgers looking for the first big 10 help. greer launching the triple of scarlet knights led by 29 at the half.
11:50 pm
finished with 29 off the bench. rutgers ends the 32-game big 10 using streak in a -- losing stroke in a big way. and the american athletic conference is almost not fire. uco -- fair. uconn is 61 and o since those teams sings the league was formed. this one about as you would expect for uconn leading by 30 at the half on their way to a 67th straight win working the 11th -- marking the 11th straight season with that many wins, but only the third best record if ncaa history. >> wow. >> i wouldn't put it past them climb the ladder. >> exactly. keep going. all right, thank you. a final absolute for a -- salute for a former nypd officer. thousands of men and women in blue show up at an emotional ceremony for a police officer who said he moved from new york to be safer.
11:51 pm
workers rallying as we get closer to a possible strike that could effect thousands of commuters. >> and imagine if talk. the story behind this picture
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
here's a lead in the top story, police in new jersey on the scene of a serious accident, it happened at the
11:54 pm
boulevard, and 26th street. no word yet on injuries. a pilot and his daughter safe after their plane crashed inlily, they were flying back from a college visit from rhode island when the engine lost power. no one was seriously injured. and the results in the record super saturday. sanders picked up wins in kansas and nebraska, and hillary clinton won the louisiana pray mary. for republicans -- primary. for republicans, donald trump wins in kentucky and louisiana, while ted cruz takes home victories in kansas and maine. topping the news this half hour, new jersey transit workers raise their voices in their fight for a new contract. >> hundreds rallied calling for
11:55 pm
they've worked without a contract. >> reporter: now negotiations between the rail union and officials derailed, a crippling strike is set to take place in just eight days. >> union time. >> reporter: with signs, shirts, and chants, people and reporters gathered near the station saturday voicing what they think is fair terms. >> 4th of july years without a contract -- five years without a contract is much too long. >> they just said they couldn't afford what we were asking. >> reporter: he says he considers his riders like family too, and they shouldn't suffer. >> i feel bad for the passengers if we do, if we have to go out, i feel bad for them. >> my husband doesn't want to strike. he will, but he'd rather settle a contract, and this way nobody
11:56 pm
him or the commuters. >> reporter: nearly 105,000 customers rely on the trains daily, and despite a contingency plan in place, thousands of people will be governor christie. >> i put the blame squarely on one person, and that's group of voters north korea christie -- governor christie. >> reporter: rail union leaders say they're willing to come to the table every day to get something worked out before march 13th. a.j. ross. a final sacramento county absolute today to a -- salute today to a former nypd officer killed in the line of duty. officer hofer was here for five years before moving to texas and joining the force there. hundredsover fellow men and women in blue converged to pay their last respects. here's the story. >> reporter: david moved from
11:57 pm
area to be someplace safer. the texas police officer's death a grim remind that every day they put themselves in harm's way, and so many turned out today with broken hearts [ music ] >> reporter: it's a sound related to death, the sound of bag pipes. many stood on bridges and alongside freeways as his funeral procession passed by. the police officer was gunned down tuesday responding to reports of shotted fired in a park near a dallas area school. killed by an armed suspect he died later during surgery. his fiancie said he had a smile that could light up the moon. >> to my sweet, sweet dave. how blessed i am to have gotten to know your beautiful soul.
11:58 pm
years was overflowing with laughter joy, love, comfort, and respect. >> reporter: he served in the nypd for five years before moving to texas in 2014. he worked in the 9th precinct university. thousands packed to mourn his loss. >> some traveled a few blocks to be here, some of you traveled many miles. congregation of officers that traffic lighted from new york, but you -- traveled to new york, but you all came for the same purpose. to represent your department and your communities in a show of support, solidarity, and love for the ultimate sacrifice made. >> reporter: police officers have sever neighboring patrolled the city today so people from his department could attend the memorial
11:59 pm
he'll be laid to rest monday in new york city. a connecticut state police dispatcher is accused of encouraging a teen boy to have sex with a prostitute. investigators say the 48-year- old began chatting with the 15- year-old boy on facebook last july. the teen's parents want to police after can be went to police after -- went to police after discovering the chats. a federal judge has reportedly ordered a new hearing on the sentences of two men convicted in a disability fraud scream at the long island railroad. the doctor and serving eight years in prison for helping railroad workers fake disabilities and claim benefit, but the judge says new evidence found that many of the challenged disabilities, were in fact valid. the hearing is scheduled for april 29th.
12:00 am
extending the 2nd avenue subway even as workers try to finish the first segment by the end of year. they're hiring for phase 2 to extend the line north to east harlem. they hope to fast track the phase 2. the first phase is scheduled to open in december. new questions tonight about the knife found in o. j. simple son's former -- simpson's former estate. why police don't think it's related to the murder case. and a man wins a power ball


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