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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 9, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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on the banks of the sava river, sevnica, slovenia, a modest factory town that boasts one very famous export. melania trump. >> two words. grace kelly. she was like an angel. >> reporter: before the paparazzi and that very public marriage, she was melania knauss and this was her home. >> we met for the first time. >> reporter: before the donald there was the jure, who says he's melania's ex-boyfriend. >> she was never a typical slovenian girl. very, very classy. >> reporter: from sevnica to manhattan to perhaps next the white house. a lofty end to quite the fairy tale. you can watch much more of abc's digital shorts like this one by downloading the abc news app. thanks for watching tonight. tune in to "gma" for a full wrap-up of election results in the morning. and as always, we're online 24/7
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a new york cop right now in the hospital shot while trying to make an arrest. new at 11:00, the nypd revealing the bullet likely
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one suspect is on the run. >> within the past hour, we have new video from the scene taken seconds before the shots were fired that wounded the detective. >> all of this unfolding in the bushwick section, as detectives tried to arrest two suspects in a drug sale. >> on the scene with a developing story for us, josh. >> reporter: this started as a buy in bus stop operation. two other cops swooped in to make arrests, the two the van were not about to go quietly. then came the gun fire. it was chaos in bushwick this evening. >> i heard a car crash and i looked, i saw a cop with a gun. >> i was like oh, my god, what's happening. >> reporter: chaos after an nypd detective was shot by his
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>> looked like a movie to me. >> reporter: the wild scene played out at the corner of troutman and wilson when the team of plain clothes detectives witnessed a drug deal, and tried to stop it. >> this particular one, they knew they had two criminals in the car. >> reporter: police say those two suspects were not about to give up. >> the detective on the passenger side of the vehicle was reaching into the vehicle to make the arrest, when the vehicle backed up. then it moved forward. at that moment, both the sergeant who was standing on the drivers side of the vehicle and the detective, they fired their weapons, so the detective was hit in the shoulder, apparently by the shot that came from his colleague. >> reporter: a massive motorcade rushed the detective who has 11 years on the job, to elmhurst hospital, where doctors tended to his wounds. back at the scene, police arrested both men in the car, one of whom was also shot in
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>> move back, move back. >> reporter: police say a third accomplice ran down troutman street. a blood hound followed his trail for several months. the detectives injury wasn't more serious. >> god bless the cops and anyone else. >> reporter: back live, as for the suspect who was shot here tonight, his injury is described as not life- threatening. tonight, he's at bellevue, one of those suspects police say had nearly 60 arrests under his belt. the other one, nearly 20. no information yet on the third man police are looking for. as for the detective who was shot, his name has not been released. he's 37 years old, and he's been on the job for 11 years. we're told he will make a full recovery. we're live in the bushwick section of brooklyn, eyewitness news. tonight's officer the third to get shot in the line of duty in less than a month. two officers were shot in a shootout on february 20.
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we were the first on the air, and online breaking the story tonight. count on updates overnight, and beginning tomorrow morning at 4:30 on eyewitness news this morning. now to vote 2016, and huge victories tonight for donald trump during the second super tuesday of this presidential election season. trump, winning primaries in both michigan and mississippi. he's basically run the south, and extending his lead over fellow republicans. on the department side, a very tight battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. bernie sanders with a slight lead, despite showing clintsen would likely win in michigan. she did win very big in mississippi tonight. in all demographics. including 90% of the black vote in mississippi. >> pretty much all done, okay? they didn't do so well tonight folks. okay, i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well.
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there's only one person that did well tonight, donald trump, i will tell you. >> this campaign is about building a future, where every american can live up to his or her full potential, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. >> very tough night in michigan for ms. clinton. the results are still not in yet. the polls have just closed in the idaho primary. no results yet. results in the hawaii primary expected overnight. he watched his friends die right in front of him, tonight, the teenager speaks out from his hospital bed about the carnage that also came within inches of taking his life. the three teenagers were struck by a car while walking home on north bergen. >> reporter: they want to first and foremost thank the community for their ongoing support. they know about this vigil here. they know about the people who
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day, thinking about these three teenagers. but this particular teenager, of course, having an incredibly difficult time with this. as he continues to replay that moment over and over again. from a hospital bed at jersey city medical center, 17-year- old manuel sanchez went over the painful details of watching his best friends, noel herrera, and bryan rodriguez die right in front of him. >> to bryan, i was sleeping over my friend noel, and taking a picture of bryan. i waited for him too. once we turned our head, we saw a car coming by real fast and we didn't know what to do. >> reporter: the car hopped the curb in northbergen. the teens were hit on the sidewalk saturday night. 16-year-old herrera, and 17- instantly.
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from the impact of the crash. >> they put on my leg, so the bones could stay in place. >> reporter: 23-year-old eric patterson is charged with death by auto, speeding and driving with a suspended license. police say the suspect's car was caught on multiple surveillance cameras, blowing through red lights and going more than 70 miles per hour in a 25 mile-per-hour speed zone. manny's mother, bella sanchez told me in spanish, her son is doing better. emotionally. >> even though they're not here with me, they're always going to be in my heart. i'm always going to remember together. >> reporter: manny tells me that doctors will be removing screws from his leg tomorrow and that will give him the opportunity to put pressure
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enough therapy, he will soon walk again. reporting live in north bergen. classes at private mercy college scheduled to resume tomorrow. all four campuses in westchester county, the bronx and manhattan evacuated today after the school received a threatening phone calls. authorities have not disclosed the details of that threat. temperatures are expected to top record highs over the next few days. meteorologist lee goldberg saying early march will feel more like early may. >> even a june preview. amazing. at this time of night, our temperatures are still in the upper 40s, it's really the only time that we can say it's had a feeling a little coolish at this hour, but we won't be describing is that tomorrow. it's going to be beautiful, with temperatures getting into the 70s today. today, we reached the upper 60s, the average high for the
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june. 47degrees is the average high. 20degrees above that. we can do better tomorrow. we cooled off this afternoon because of the ocean breeze, and there's still a bit of a chill in the air, with that wind lightly still coming off of the water, visibilities may go down later, so don't be discouraged tomorrow to wake up to some cloud and fog, especially along the coast line, those visibilities will increase during the day. winds around the southwest, temperatures skyrocketing into the 70s. 60s, the south facing shores of long island. so we have some records likely to fall within the next couple of days. tomorrow's record of 69, that's going to be smashed. we could see a couple of 80- degree reading across interior parts of new jersey. we'll talk about the warm up, and the rain leader in the week that extinguishes the warm temperatures, it's all coming up in the accuweather forecast.
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an american killed in a stabbing spree in israel has been identified as a west point graduate, who served tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he was on a school sponsored trip to learn about startup companies overseas. he was killed by a palestinian man who also stabbed and wounded six other people in the port city of jaffa. a hit-and-run driver left a pedestrian critically hurt. surveillance video shows the 47- year-old trying to cross and got stuck between traffic. a white, 1980s model cadillac clipped her from behind and just kept going. sentencing tomorrow for the man who caused the death of a police officer.
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he caused a crash on the lie in 2012. joseph oliviera was hit while responding to that crash. a potential strike looms. both sides met in newark today with no resolution. a systemwide strike has been authorized for sunday, march 13. wages and health coverage remain the key sticking points. new jersey says it has a contingency plan in place in case of a strike. what happens when a country gets its first mcdonald's? here's a hint, to quote borat, they like. why is it in danger of being
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a teenager in the bronx shot and killed by a cop. she says she is disappointed they decided not to file civil
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>> in your home, you're supposed to be safe. he didn't commit a crime. >> it's been four years since her son was killed after officers followed him into the home. the search tonight stepped up for a man who shoved a teenager onto the subway tracks in queens, right onto the path of an oncoming train. new york police releasing the sketch of the man they're looking for. they say he shoved a 15-year- old girl sunday, from a platform at the plaza station. the girl survived by positioning herself between the platform and the wheels of the train. new at 11:00, tonight, a story of parents trying to improve the lives of their children. they are taking on the new york city schools, and trying to keep open a charter school, where once had failing test scores, and they have now improved dramatically. talking to parents and one true believer of a principal. >> reporter: when melissa young
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staten island chartedder school today, it was straight home to do homework. >> do you feel like you're learning? >> yes. the teachers are good and they help us learn. >> reporter: students at the school are eager to talk about it, and so are their parents. >> since our principal dr. garcia got there, she has completely turned it's school around. >> urban education is beautifully challenging work. it's beautiful in all its rewards, and when kids learn and when kids are excited, and all of the challenges speak for themselves. but at the end of the day, i can rest my head knowing tay the work that i do matters. >> reporter: dr. nicole garcia came from washington, d.c. to run the school, just a year and a half ago. she admits the school was failing, and test scores were down. the doe said in a statement tonight, its performance continuing to lag behind other schools on staten island.
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schools to make sure they have a high quality option for next year. tonight, the principal showed us the latest numbers since she's been in charge. >> 4th grade at the beginning of the year was at 35% proficiency, and last week, it was 47%. 57% for third grade, now they're reading at 80%. >> reporter: she says virtually all the latest tests show that kind of improvement, and she knows she can do so much more if they will just give her time. >> i had other offers, but that's not what i want to be. this is where i want to be. my heart is here with these kids, my heart is on staten island, my heart is with this school. >> reporter: the students and parents are petitioning the department of education to keep the school open. no matter how much the parents
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for them next year. staten island, jim dolan, eyewitness news. central asia's very first mcdonald's opened today in kazakhstan. the country's president among those paying a visit to the golden arches. 15 more mcdonald's are already planned across the country by 2019. >> talk about happy meals. >> lots of happy meals. >> cheeseburgers on the dollar menu, also. so we're about to break some records. >> it's going to be wonderful the next couple of days. a very short duration between 70-degree readings. we do it tomorrow no problem. outside tonight, it's been a little coolish. a lot of dogs being walked we're still above our normal daytime high, which is 47. 67 was the high today. that's more typical of a may 1, as we go into the next couple
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late may, early june type weather. the average high, 47. there are your sunrise, and sunset times. as we go through the next, maybe 12 hours, we have to be concerned about some low cloudiness, and still cool temperature readings. our record warmth, the next two days, then temperatures will take a step back over the weekend. it's still decent, actually, around saturday. we turn the clocks ahead as we go into early sunday morning. it's still 53 in kingston and poughkeepsie. our numbers are still mild in the 40s. rest of the area, generally in the mid-40s, from the island, belmar is at 48. it's 52 in wrights town, those are areas that could get into the mid-and upper 70s tomorrow. so some low clouds early. then we recover as the sun increases, and the winds are shifting more southwest. we should be close to 70 by noon. into the mid-70s by the afternoon hours.
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we'll be in the low to mid-60s, a really mild night. you see some patchy clouds. more south winds here over southeastern pennsylvania. this just needs to inch to the north and east tonight, and will it take into mid-morning tomorrow. south of the front, it was 80 degrees. once we unleash that type of the wind, we're going to see these temperatures respond nicely. they melt away, and then temperatures go to town. so we're in the mid-70s, low 60s of course, south facing shores, because the wind is still off the water. widespread 70s. tomorrow night, patchy clouds barely drop below 60 degrees, i think we remain dry during the daylight hours. temperatures are in the mid- 70s, but there's more clouds than we see tomorrow. then at night, the showers come in, and that will cool us down for friday. to start the day, partly sunny skies.
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east of -- mainly east of new york city. 60s on south facing shores and what a mild night tomorrow night, might not drop below 60, partly cloudy, and mild. 76 on thursday. maybe a shower in the north later in the day. that exits the scene early on friday. don't forget, we turn the clocks ahead on sunday. the sunset will be at 7:00. then we stay in the 50s as we go into early next week. but staying above normal for the entire stretch. the next two days, enjoy. a little june preview coming up. >> i will. thanks lee. up next, we'll tell you why
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you talk about a close call. razor thin caught on live tv.
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the way, just as a car veers into its path after colliding with another vehicle. it happened on a live broadcast in california. the reporter credits his cameraman for yelling at him to get out of the way just in time. he did suffer a few scrapes, but is all right. turns out dentists can play a huge role in helping determine sleep disorders. dentists can pinpoint signs of an instructive sleep apnea. researchers say dentists can alert patients to oversized tonsils and tongues. both contributors to sleep apnea. the sports world is coming together tonight. we start with basketball. the knicks trying to desperately to send good news back home. a trip to denver, where they
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luck, but tonight could i'm trying to figure out the psychology of your teases. you show a knick scoring a
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does that mean the knicks win or lose? >> what was i thinking? a lot of losses, then a win the next time out. a chance to win two in a row for the first time in a couple of months. they're at denver. the last time the knicks won in nugget. he backs in here, and leads the way for the knicks with attendance. here's how the nuggets answer. then again, in the 2nd half, just wrapped up in denver, it's another loss for the knicks. they go down tonight 110-94. nets on the road as well against the raptors. brook lopez took an elbow to the nose, then rallied the nets to a 16 point halftime lead. deroseen leads toronto back. the raptors would take their own big lead. they go back and forth in the 4th quarter. deroseen scores 25, and kyle lowry added 23. the nets lose, 104-99. so tough to take after leading by 16.
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tomorrow, jet fans hope to find out soon if quarterback ryan fitzpatrick is making any headway towards a new contract. also, running back chris ivory intends to sign with jacksonville as early as tomorrow. giant fans know jason pierre paul is going to get a one year contract to stay with big blue. pierre paul apparently turned down more money elsewhere, of course the giants supported him through that fireworks accident that mangled his right hand. pierre paul writing on instagram, he has unfinished business. let's get to a big night on ice. start with the rangers, still banged up on the road at buffalo, they always seem to play the sabres tough. derrick broussard scores this one, then assists on this one. the rangers win it, 4-2. that's nine straight over the sabres. haven't lost to them in three years. the islanders at home
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anders lee snaps a 1-1 tie in the 3rd period. that's halak's 200th win. now to the mets, matt harvey seeing his first game of the spring. he hasn't pitched since game 5 of the world series. braves score two in the 9th to win it, 5-4, but harvey gets in his work. now to the yankees. c.c. sabathia on the mound for the first time this spring. pitches. 2nd inning, a couple of strike outs, miami gets a run in the 7th that was it. yanks lose 1-0. the winner wears the nec tournament. darren anderson, 28 points for the knights. earl pots jr. 27. cue the fans.


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