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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's at fulton and crescent streets in cypress hills. the man according to police was assaulted by a group. he is expected to survive and is right now at jamaica hospital. service was disrupted because of all this. obviously because of that police investigation, it has resumed but there are still residual delays. we did see a knife here on the platform. it was taken off the track and put up on to the platform by a worker who of course got that for police. but as of right now, there's no word on if any suspects are under arrest. we can see detectives walking up and down this street gathering the evidence they need. reporting live in cypress hills, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following another breaking news story and delays on the grand central parkway. this is all because of police activity. >> as you can see, a car facing the wrong-way.
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shannon sohn above the scene in newscopter7 over kew gardens. >> an interesting scene playing out here. you can see this car facing the wrong way. this is the ramp that leads from 80th avenue. the car facing the wrong way now has one suspect inside of it. police just put that suspect in the vehicle. we want to give you more of an idea of what's going on. details are just now coming up. we assume there was some sort of a chase that led this car going in to the wrong direction. if we bring you a few blocks to the north, up here at 138th and 78th drive, just north of union turnpike, you can see another huge police presence. all of this is somehow related. one suspect in custody. what happened here remains in question. reporting live over kew gardens, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're going to turn to the police search in jersey city for the man who raped a woman after
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>> he took very great care making sure he didn't leave fingerprints as he went door to door. >> by any measure this really is a frightening story. a woman sexually assaulted in the middle of the night. if you look up here, the good news is this. there are plenty of security cameras on this block, meaning authorities have a very good image of a person of interest in the case. >> reporter: it was about 3:30 in the morning on february 29th when security cameras grabbed this image of a person of interest in the case who matched the victim's description of her attacker. >> i work at night, i come home around that time. and having two dotters at -- two daughters at home, it's scary. >> reporter: the man was seen trying to enter multiple residential buildings. >> something new.
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>> reporter: it shows him entering and exiting the same building where the victim says the attack took place. they're now asking for the public's help. >> this was recent, and it was particularly brutal. we're concerned about this individual still being out on the street without first having turned himself in to speak with us. >> anyone with information has two ways to give it. you can call the following number. 201-915-1234. or you can go to hudsoncountyprosecutorsofficenj. org. you can leave an anonymous tip. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the nypd is searching for a third suspect tonight in the drug bust in brooklyn that ended with a new york city police officer being shot by friendly fire.
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bushwick after two officers stopped a minivan. it stuck another car and dragged one of the detectives. when both officers opened fire, one was shot in the shoulder by their partner. two suspects are under arrest. the officer is recovering. we have new information for the woman missing in the bronx. they've not been able to reach the husband of mahfuza rahman. they know he and his daughter traveled to bangladesh through dubai, days after his wife was seen leaving. he said she went to bangladesh to care for her parents. but nurse's family said they haven't heard from her since december 8th. they don't understand why it took public school officials two days to act when elevated lead levels were found in water samples. they began using bottled water and water cooler. signs warning not to drink the
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restrooms. school officials were notified of the test results on monday. parents were told today. >> we have a difficult needle to thread here. because in an abundance of caution, we are going the extra mile. >> the state department of environmental protection will be testing and trying to come up with a solution. the agency says lead has not been found in the city's water supply. we're going to turn now to the weather and what a gorgeous day it is out there. the highs in some areas hit the 80s and shattered the previous record. you're looking at live pictures of the upper west side. it was a perfect day to walk and relax on the high line. another popular hangout today, central park. meteorologist lee goldberg is there tonight. still warm and beautiful out there, right? >> oh, my goodness. we have the best backyard in television. i was told spend three hours in central park and talk about the
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i have it pretty good today. going to stay in the 60s for several hours. 77 degrees smashes the record set back in 2000. and some 30 degrees above average. a lot of folks having fun. normal high for early june, just killing the record. look at the sky, now pinks and oranges and blues out there. beautiful sunset setting up. we'll have a time lapse for you. we've now dropped in to the very cool upper 60s. feels great. on the shoreline, upper 50s because of a wind off the 45-degree ocean water. we hit 80. that's the earliest in the season we ever hit 80 in newark. around 80 degrees in the jersey shore. literally a beach day on the shore today. must be beautiful on the boardwalk in point pleasant. we're watching a front that's off to our west. that's going to bring an end to the record temperatures. but it's slowly coming in. definitely more clouds tomorrow. i hope the rain holds off till tomorrow evening. in most spots it will. very mild night ahead. enjoy it.
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of the night. not a lock to break the record high. some of the clouds, if a shower comes at the wrong time. but we'll still be very warm in the mid 70s. more clouds tomorrow. a couple showers especially north. tomorrow night. we'll tell you how cool we get. a new look at the weekend accuweather forecast from mild central park and a beautiful march evening that feels like june with the record highs. >> we should have had the whole show out there tonight. now to vote 2016. is it a stumble in the road to nomination or an eye opening wake-up call? that question for hillary clinton losing in close but stunning fashion to bernie sanders who was supposed to lose to her in the michigan primary by double digits. clinton winning handily in mississippi but troubling night for hillary clinton. donald trump taking the republican party by storm, winning three primaries last night. ted cruz winning in idaho. as for marco rubio and john kasich, how much longer can they last in this case?
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the news room. >> george bush is -- jeb bush is meeting with the candidates. no surprise he's not meeting with donald trump. trump is the clear frontrunner and this stop trump movement has seemed to fizzle a bit. for democrats, a surprise last night in michigan. hillary clinton won the most delegates last night because of mississippi and her overall count, way ahead of sanders. >> reporter: last night's win by bernie sanders in michigan was indeed a surprise. but does it mean hillary clinton is in big trouble? >> the political revolution we're talking about is strong in every part of the country. >> reporter: the hillary clinton campaign believes it was a mistake to attack sanders on the auto industry bailout. >> he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> reporter: technically, that's right. but sanders was actually in favor of helping the auto industry.
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lumped in with the wall street bank bailout. >> if you say something that is not accurate, that long-term is going to hurt you. >> you're saying she lied about your record? >> i'm saying she distorted my record. >> reporter: clinton won big in mississippi, still leads in the overall delegate race. it might now take her a little longer to wrap up things. >> this will be a busy week here in ohio. >> reporter: on the republican side, another winning night for donald trump. and looking ahead, polling shows him ahead in florida. that votes this coming tuesday. same thing in ohio. trump in the lead. ohio votes also on the 15th. john kasich from ohio, and marco rubio from florida are gunning for home state wins next week. trump says they need to stop. >> let's come together. we're going to win.
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he picked up an endorsement from former foe, carly fiorina. >> there are other people in our party that are horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. >> and tonight another debate. this one for democrats as everyone looks ahead to next week and voting as i mentioned in ohio, florida, and also in illinois. if the polls are correct, and that's a big if, trump and clinton would just about lock up this primary season. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this wednesday night, a drunk driver starts a chain reaction accident that leads to the death of a cop on long island. tonight he starts his sentence several years behind bars and that's a new level of criminal responsibility for drunk drivers. >> a warning tonight for new jersey transit riders. a looming possible strike will cause major headaches. is there a light at the end of the negotiating tunnel? >> and there is no d team.
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new at 6:00, at least five years in prison. that's the sentence tonight for the drunk driver who caused a car crash that then killed a cop on long island. >> it's a controversial case because the drunk driver wasn't behind the wheel of the car that killed the officer. >> and this raises the criminal accountability of drunk drivers. here's stacey sager. >> reporter: james ryan's trial and his five-year sentence sent
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you drink and drive, you could be held criminally responsible for any chain of events that follows. >> he made that decision. he got on the road. he was drunk. and everything that flowed from that is entirely his responsibility under the law. >> reporter: in this case the death of a 13-year veteran highway police officer in nassau county, 43-year-old joseph olivieri who was struck by a car here on the l.i.e. back in october of 2012. it wasn't james ryan's car. it was another in a series of crashes triggered by ryan's drunk driving. >> james does feel responsible for drinking, getting behind the wheel of a car, and getting involved in an accident. but doesn't feel criminally responsible ultimately for the death of officer olivieri. >> ryan's defense attorney did file an appeal. still, ryan did stand up and tearfully address the olivieri family here in court today.
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death. here. so was his distraught father. he himself in a car crash in the incident. the officer's mother, she died of cancer. >> this family has been through tragedy after tragedy. for those who think this is closure today, they are wrong. >> reporter: but it is accountability in a drunk driving case with a bigger gray area than most. in mineola, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. new jersey transit has started warning customers about sunday's potential strike. workers began handing out these fliers today warning of a, quote, critical service advisory. both sides took the day off from negotiating today to go over each other's counter proposes. union says if they return tomorrow and there's any sign the agency is warming to its proposal, sunday's 12:01 a.m.
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hours. what if lee goldberg proposed that we'd have another warm day tomorrow? >> i accept. >> i do too. what if he proposed he should do weather again tomorrow in central
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we're all completely envious of where lee goldberg is. gorgeous night to be in central park. >> it's so amazing. why no love for the blazer? i'm getting a lot of love. >> i'm envious of the jacket. >> there was debate between coral, tomato, tangerine, and salmon. >> it's come in as a burnt amber shade is what i've got on instagram. it's a beautiful evening. folks are enjoying the scenery. even without the foliage, so spectacular in bethesda fountain. this is sunset red. check out our sunset earlier. fantastic sunset just before 6:00.
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to show you with some of the high clouds coming in. it was a little hazy over the hudson. it dispersed the light perfectly. yellow hues, reds. we'll post that on facebook momentarily. we're at 69 degrees. the air is dry. at least the wind is nice and light. the pressure is holding steady. 77 over 44. that is some climb today starting in the mid 40s and getting that record high by a mile. the old record, 69 set back in 2000. numbers on the island backed off quite a bit with the ocean breeze. now we're down to 49. 20 degrees cooler in west hampton. it was 80 degrees in interior parts of northern new jersey earlier in the day. still in the mid 70s in newark. 68 in belmar. through the evening hours just patchy clouds. going to be very comfortable.
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the difference with tomorrow, a york city. watch the satellite right now. you can see patchy clouds rolling in. almost overcast on the twin forks but that band of clouds will move through. there's the front off to the west. it's approaching cleveland and rochester and syracuse. that's going to collapse down in to the tri-state area tomorrow with additional clouds, maybe even a shower over the hudson valley. i think the bulk of the area is dry daylight. the front. i think we make one more run at the high temperatures tomorrow especially south and west of new york city. watch this futurecast. the evening is super mild. feels like a summer night. then during the overnight more clouds roll in. showers a little too close for comfort. maybe they sneak in to the far northern suburbs. but i think for the most part just some clouds. see breaks in the clouds south and west of new york city, that's the best chance of 75 to 80. then that rain will start to move in to the area tomorrow night. decent period of rainfall. maybe it's four, six hours then leaving the scene by friday
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here's your accuweather forecast. patchy clouds. very mild overnight. down to about 58 in new york city. for tomorrow it's a high of 75. just add some more clouds. might be a stray shower. tomorrow night, mild. will be rain at times especially later tomorrow night. but it will leave the scene by dawn on friday. things will dry out. your 7-day accuweather forecast looks like this. cooler, drier, clearing on friday. saturday, 63. don't forget we spring ahead on sunday morning. turn the clocks ahead. 62 with a 7 p.m. sunset. just clouds increasing. probably mainly dry. a little change in the forecast. and we've made it a little milder. cool and damp early next week. we'll have another update in the forecast at 11:00. shame to come back inside but i'll have to. >> change your burt umber your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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the l and replace it with the big d. >> that's a big stretch. big moves today. the nfl calendar year starts today. let the free agent signings commence. d-lineman david harrison snaps, trades. now they watch him walk out the door and sign down the street with the giants. also the giants signed the top free agent corner on the market, janoris jenkins comes over from the rams, $62 million. the giants weren't done. they'll pick up defensive end olivier vernon. $52.5 million guaranteed. back to the jets. we said chris ivory was leaving for jacksonville. the jets will bring matt forte from chicago. 900 yards rushing. 400 yards receiving last year for the bears.
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the broncos are now losing quarterback brock osweiler to the texans who led denver last year when peyton manning couldn't go. jet fans hope the broncos don't come sniffing around fitzpatrick any time soon. busy day. on to baseball, spring exhibition, port st. lucie, opening day getting closer and closer. they play in tampa later this month and four regular season games. jacob degrom, five innings, three hits. yvonne nova for the yankees, no runs, strikeout. mets have a lead in the 5th inning. it grows here. yoenis cespedes drives in a run. yanks would battle back. they hit a couple home runs. this is sebastian vier. islander goaltender jaroslav halak injured last night. lower body injury. he's out at least six weeks.
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knights from queens college who won their league for the second straight year now heading to the d2 national tournament. lauren -- laura behnke with the story. >> they punched their ticket to tournament. >> i know it's still sinking in. we were excited to win the first one obviously and thought and believed we could win the second one. >> reporter: they were happy to be in the field of 64, but this season they're looking for wins. >> we lost in the first round last year and it was the first time this team that's going now had been there and we were all kind of nervous, didn't really know what to expect, but now we know what to expect. definitely looking to make history. this will be the first time if we win the game of course on friday that queens college, everyone at first round. >> reporter: friday night queens college hits the court to face holy family, a team they beat at the beginning of the regular season. >> we're going in there to make a statement, to say like oh, it's not a fluke that we made it again. >> when it comes to march
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glory tends to fall to division 1, but they say don't knock d2 just because it's not the big dance. >> it matters to the same level. whether you're is a division 1 or 2 athlete, it matters to the same extent. >> we work just as hard as them. it means just as much to us as it does everyone else. >> with the knights in queens, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. acc men today, pitt over syracuse. before we go tonight, we do want to let you know about breaking news we're following right now. you're looking at live pictures at laguardia airport. one of the two runways has been closed down because of debris that's on the runway. the bad news, right now one hour delays and they're expected to get worse. so if you're heading out there tonight, call your carrier. >> we're expected to find out what that debris is. crews right now cleaning that up. we'll keep you posted tonight at 11:00. that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the new poll numbers just in from ohio and florida. what donald trump just said. if he wins ohio and florida next, his prediction -- going for a knockout. and the sanders surprise. what happened to hillary clinton in michigan? and get ready. how does clinton take on sanders tonight? zwri also breaking, the severe storms hitting right now. churn rescued. homes under water. from the gulf, all the way up to the northeast, where it's coming next. and the scene tonight, a major gas american city. buildings levels. streeted covers in debris and glass. firefighters injured. the stunning moment, the cab driver held at gunpoint. the officer who happened to walk up to the car. and, the fifth beatle. celebrating sir george martin tonight, the songs that wouldn't


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