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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 10, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> you just ruined everything! i hate you! >> reporter: mtv's "my super sweet 16" has featured pampered teens and opulent occasions. for this texan princess, a night to remember. for her father, a credit card bill he won't soon forget. for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. >> really? call me old school, i guess. it was a scottish theologian william barkley who said, there are two great days in a person's life. the day we're born, and the day we discover why. thank you for watching. tune into gma in the morning. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page
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he was just trying to break up a fight and it cost him his life. a store owner and father of two beaten to death over a piece of metal.
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a huge hole suddenly appears on a runway at laguardia. planes backed up on the tarmac. thousands of passengers delayed for hours. it was so bad, this passenger said at one point her flight was 42nd in line to take off. that runway now open again. but what in the world caused this damage? >> eyewitness news reporter jim dolan with some answers. he's at laguardia. >> a divot in the runway was 8 feet long so the entire runway had to be shut down. they only have two runways here so for a while laguardia was practically paralyzed. >> reporter: chris was all camped out at laguardia. his flight canceled. this is definitely not what he meant by a long weekend away. >> could have been a little bit better. two delays then a cancellation last minute. then a booking tomorrow morning with no update. >> you're trying to get to? >> to new orleans. >> that's the west end of runway 13 but they have the whole
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>> reporter: crews working to repair the 8-foot long hole in the runway that suddenly opened up. a pilot spotted it first. >> reporter: two-hour delays, three-hour delays. it was slow coming and going. >> circling around. 45 minutes we're hanging in the air. >> reporter: what a mess. traffic backed up at the fdr. michelle smith was so far back, she tweeted been waiting an hour in plane. pilot just told us we're number 49 for take-off. 48 planes ahead to take off. ugh. but her flight eventually took off. chris's never did. >> i'll try to make myself comfy here. >> airport officials say they have no idea what caused this
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they say no planes were damaged causing it, so they don't know why it was there but both runways are up and running now. reporting live from laguardia, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. a third person in custody and tonight getting questioned by cops for that violent drug bust in brooklyn that ended with a cop shot by a fellow officer. we have new video tonight from the confrontation. watch the top part of the screen. officers trying to stop a minivan. the driver, 45-year-old oscar vera, dragging one of the detectives. now charged with assaulting a police officer. also in brooklyn, another stabbing. this time on a subway platform. cops searching for the attackers. newscopter7 over the scene in the cypress hills section. witnesses say the 22-year-old victim stabbed while he was being attacked by a groupism he is expected to survive. so far no suspects and no arrests. a vigil for a beloved
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the father of two struck in the head with a metal rod allegedly by a drunk man in a fit of rage. josh einiger is at the scene of the village in woodside. >> martin keye didn't have to die. he didn't have to get involved, but his friends and family said he was exactly the kind of guy who would. they stood for hours after he lost his life trying to make peace. >> reporter: they lit candles and held balloons on this street corner in the shadow of the 7 train. a community bonded together in grief. >> i feel so sad. >> reporter: guadalupe was contemplating life without her husband, the father of her two children, who died a violent death police say at the hands of a drunk stranger. >> he got caught at the wrong time by a situation. >> reporter: cops say it
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to his party supply store at 54th street and roosevelt. two men fighting with a third who locked himself inside the vestibule of his apartment building. when he heard the commotion, he grabbed a metal rod to defend himself and walked directly in to the path of the man. surveillance cameras captured one of him with his own pole, winding up and pommeling the innocent shopkeeper in the head. >> he came from guatemala for a better future here. now he lost everything. >> reporter: the da's office elected to prosecute 21-year-old victor mendosa who cops say they think was blinded by an alcoholic rage. a senseless attack robbed two kids of their father. >> this is terrible.
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these people [ indiscernible ] >> a community united tonight. back live, that door has been fixed now. but that horizontal bar that you use to push the door open, that's what the suspect according to police yanked off that door and it became the murder weapon. as for this suspect, victor mendosa, he's in custody in a variety of felonies including first degree assault. now that the victim has died, those charges are likely to be upgraded sometime soon. we're live in woodside, queens, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. caution on this warm night. close and lock your opened windows. police in jersey city are searching for a man who raped a woman after getting in to her home in the middle of the night. he was caught on surveillance cameras. police say he wore gloves so he didn't leave fingerprints. he got in to a building and that's where investigators say the woman was attacked.
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hang up your heavy coats, grab a frozen yogurt from an outdoor vendor. early march feels like early june. for whatever reason it's happening, folks in the tri-state are basking in this jolt of spring. lee goldberg in the lincoln center area. >> dining alfresco, 11:00 at night, early march. it's just incredible. it feels like a summer night. it's a summer breeze. it's beautiful today after all the record highs. and they have good specials here. go ahead and look at the record highs today. 82 in newark. that's the earliest in the year we've hit 80 degrees in newark. 77, central park. tied a record at laguardia. beat a record in islip and bridgeport as well. back to that 77 in central park. that's the first 70 in march since 2012. that's 30 degrees above average and the normal high on the 6th of june. how about our numbers right now? we've dropped in our temperatures in the 50s because of an ocean breeze on the island
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if we stay at 60 or above, that will be the first 60-degree overnight mark since 1998 so just very rare what's going on right now. satellite picture shows the differences for tomorrow. we have a lot of clouds that are trying to stream in to the area. a lot of them are high clouds. there will still be filtered sun but also a couple showers. here's what you need to know about this continuing spring preview. we're going to start the day with a very high launching pad. near about 60 degrees. so that's why we're at least getting in to the 70s. we're going to probably break the record high of 74 but there is a question because of the clouds and a shower at the wrong time in the middle of the day could keep us just shy. but it's still going to be very warm. there will noticeably be clouds tomorrow and even a few showers. those showers just get in to the hudson valley and it doesn't rain in new york city in points south and east until nighttime hours. that would mean 75 to 80 is still in play in parts of the area. we'll tell you where. right now we don't need the portable heaters they're using out here tonight.
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by the way, wednesday night is chicken and waffles for specials and maybe i placed a takeout order. we'll see. so nice here on the west side. back to you for now. >> you can add me to that list. new jersey transit has started warning customers about sunday's potential strike but the union is now saying it could be postponed. workers began handing out fliers today warning of a, quote, critical service advisory. both sides took the day off from negotiating to go over other's counterproposes -- counter proposeoseals. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off their eighth debate. the venue, miami-dade college. the rivals getting heated up on familiar issues including
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e-mail server and sanders' voting record. >> had it been done by my predecessors. >> fighting for workers, fighting for the poorest people in this country. madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day the week. >> polls show clinton with a big lead over sanders in florida. that primary is next tuesday. the four remaining republican candidates getting ready. their next debate is tomorrow in miami. donald trump's lead growing. and the anti-trump movement is moving forward, perhaps a little wounded after trump's strong showing in four primaries last night. former candidate carly fiorina endorsing ted cruz and that man, jeb bush, could be endorsing someone soon. he's meeting privately with all the candidates, all except donald trump. mourners in california tonight paying their final
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mrs. reagan's closed casket is sitting inside the reagan library. three days of official warning began today after mrs. reagan's casket was moved to the library with the police escorted motorcade. a private funeral is planned for friday. a shocking discovery at a house with cash, guns, ammo, and more. what dangerous weapons were inside. >> a man tries to rob a taxi
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police tonight throwing out much of the belongings of a homeless woman who has been pushing around a caravan of carts on the west side. they're filled with everything from bottles to wood, even an air conditioner. city officials say sonia gonzalez' carts have been blocking sidewalks and causing traffic problems. she told us she collects things to sell to recycling crews.
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convince her to move in to a shelter. new at 11:00, a routine fire in a nondescript little apartment in brooklyn. enough firepower to arm a small platoon. you name it, rifles, shot guns, grenades and more. carolina leid with the story. >> this suspect is expected to be arraigned at any moment now at brooklyn criminal court. his neighbors are wondering why he allegedly had all that stuff in his home in the first place. >> reporter: as firefighters put out hotspots in this brooklyn apartment building tuesday afternoon, they never expected to find this kind of heat. rifles, semiautomatic hand guns, shot guns, and ammunition. even grenades and sticks of dynamite were found inside a second floor apartment. shocking to both firefighters and neighbors. >> it was crazy. i didn't even know.
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brown is facing multiple weapons charges for allegedly having all this inside his crown heights apartment. neighbors say he's a retired corrections officer who lives here with his wife and kids at the corner of buffalo and atlantic avenue. >> it's crazy because i've never known him to do anything. just look like he keep a lot of junk. that's it. you should have seen all the stuff he had. >> reporter: the fire started in a neighbor's apartment as firefighters tried to get it under control. they say they found the illegal firearms in plain sight. the suspect's family refused to talk to us as they gathered their belongings. but neighbors came to his defense. >> he's a good dude but i just can't understand how they sat there and said his house had all of this in it. they were supposed to douse the fire and leave his merchandise and everything alone. why they searching around in his house is beyond everybody's
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>> no injuries were reported during that fire and six people have been displaced from that building now that it is shut down. but neighbors tell me they're all being helped by the red cross. carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. caught on camera, an armed robber gets in to a taxi and threatens the driver with his gun. what the robber doesn't know is someone is watching and waiting for just the right time to come to the cabby's rescue. with a gun to his head, a taxi driver handed over his money and wallet. in the middle of the robbery, a sheriff's deputy was behind the cab the entire time, jumped in to save the day. >> all hell broke loose. the gun came out at my head. he was screaming at me. he had his hoodie pulled down. i couldn't see anything but his eyes. >> i tried to hear the conversation ahead of time so i knew what i was getting myself in to. at that point i heard the driver say please don't shoot me.
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gunman on the spot. 18-year-old victor martinez herrera faces charges of robbery, making terrorist threats, and assault. the new prime minister of canada tomorrow night, the guest of honor at the white house for a state dinner. prime minister justin trudeaux. his father visited the nation's capital several occasions along with his wife margaret. hamilton has been invited to the white house. first lady michelle obama wants the cast of the hit broadway. cast will answer questions and perform selected songs from the amazing performance of "hamilton." >> great they're going to be at the white house. somebody is busy here. >> this neighborhood eats with a different berg. >> oh, very nice. >> when you said you ordered chicken, you ordered some friday chicken. >> i know it's warm, it's comfort food. but it's great. >> i love their food.
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>> so many people outside. >> so nice outside. a lot of folks eating ice cream. outside tonight it is so nice and warm. the empire state building in blue and white. our temperature is at 69 degrees at 11:18. the wind is calm but there's still a pretty good wind out of the southeast, southwest around 3 in some spots. gusting to 15 in others. we're going to have a pretty decent southwest breeze tomorrow. that's going to help drive our temperatures up even if we do have a fair amount of cloud cover in the day. average high is 37. we're 30 above that. there are your sunrise and sunset times. a lot more clouds tomorrow. so we'll start out with low clouds. i think we'll be right around the 60-degree mark early. then filtered sun, low and middle 70s. i think the showers stay away at least from new york city, long island, jersey shore. i could see a couple showers get in to the hudson valley, northern connecticut during the afternoon hours. already some of the high clouds
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showers north of i-90 upstate. there's the cold front right here. it's a little close for comfort tomorrow. the sky will look a little dirtier than it did today. won't see as much sunshine. albany hit 81. 82 in philly. plenty of warm air around. 75 to 80 a possible over watch this futurecast. we start out tomorrow morning with the high clouds. look at the launching pad in the low and middle 60s. then during the afternoon over the midhudson valley, a couple showers around. otherwise clouds, filtered sun. that may hold back even the 80-degree readings over parts of interior new jersey. by the end of the day north and west, maybe north shore of long island, couple showers getting in. the rest of us need the umbrella as we go through the overnight hours then it will dry out quickly on friday. it's breezy, cooler. it feels like 50s. it will feel a lot different than the mid and upper 60s we've had. filtered sun. sun and clouds during the day tomorrow. very warm. might be a stray shower north and west.
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record there of 74. rain, about a third of an inch of rainfall. leevlss the -- leaves the scene just before sunrise. friday is a really nice day. saturday probably the better half of the weekend. more sun. clouding over on sunday. still around 60. cooler and damp early next week. at this point who cares. we've got some great weather. >> neighborhood eats on a wednesday. coming up next, scientists find a cause of miscarriages. we have important new research tonight. >> plus, remember this mugshot? the man dubbed the hot convict out of prison. wait to hear what he's doing now. >> let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show. >> hello, new york. tonight louis ck. music from the wild feathers.
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the prison inmate dubbed the hot convict tonight is a free man and looking for some modeling gigs. jeremy meeks' mugshot went viral last year. online admirers commenting on his striking blue eyes. he was released from prison in california today after serving time for gun possession. meeks says he's hired an agent to hire any modeling offers or endorsements coming his way. in tonight's health alert, a major breakthrough in treating women who suffer from multiple miscarriages. british researchers studied tissue samples of the wound linings of women who had at least three miscarriages. scientists discovered a lack of stem cells in the lining that may cause accelerated aging. they now believe they can correct the defect. the fda has approved the first generic version of the erectile dysfunction medication in viagra.
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pill with varying strengths. this generic version is expected to save patients a lot of money. >> how much money? do we know yet? >> we do not know yet. rob powers up next with sports. >> good day to spend some money. the giants will spend about $200 million to sign three new free agents and they'll save a little money by bringing back a fan favorite. big blue ordered extra salsa for the right price. the latest football news. plus, the knicks road trip continues out west, maybe they
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i'm going to steal your line. ordered more salsa, the giants did. >> for the right price. that's the key. victor cruz not going anywhere. he will redo his deal to stay with the giants. the bergen record reports his salary drops from $7.9 million to $1.3. with incentives built to earn more back. cruz tweeting tonight, once a giant, always a giant. now to the free agents. oh, my. the giants start with d-linemen damon harrison. comes over from the jets. 6'4", 350 pounds, big run stopper helps that part of the d. need help on the corner? how about signing one of the best out there, janoris jenkins
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improve the league's worst pass defense. another biggy, vernon from the dolphins. best pass rush on the market. five-year deals for all three. back to the jets now. runningback chris ivory was leaving for jacksonville. the jets are going to bring in matt forte from chicago. 900 yards rushing, almost 400 yards receiving last year for the bears. the broncos are said to be losing quarterback brock osweiler to the texans. that opens a qb slot in denver. remember ryan fitzpatrick is still available. knicks on the road in phoenix. the suns' record is worse than the knicks, but just like their luck, phoenix is on a bit -- just the knicks' luck. the phoenix suns have been on a roll. arron afflalo out with a strained muscle. sasha starts in his place. knicks on the back end of two games in two nights.
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knicks hit 16 3-point shots. everybody had fun. knicks win 128-97. a nice win on the road. in college, conference tournaments take over this week. big east at the garden. st. john's against marquette. in the late game, still in progress, red storm trails 77-66, second half. rutgers against nebraska. scarlet knights get it close in the 1st half. 4-point game at the half. but ty webster and the huskers pour it on later. 89-72. rutgers goes out in the first round. florida today, spring training baseball. yankees, mets. they play in tampa later this month. jacob degrom, three innings, five hits, one run. couple strikeouts in his spring debut. 'nova for the yankees. mets have the lead. 5th inning it grows. yoenis cespedes drives in the run. the yankees would battle back, hit a couple home runs.
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no sense to go any further than that. islander goaltender halak out six weeks with a lower body injury. isles on the road in toronto tonight. it would seem to me it easier to play facing the other way. johnny boychuk with the alley-oop. they'd go to overtime. they'd go to a shootout. isles lose in the shootout.


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