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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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burkett at the scene with the story and the new video. >>reporter: detectives who have seen the video tell us they believe that is the suspect, the man seen running down argyle away from the scene. the scene is beverly and argyle here in prospect south brooklyn. i want to give you a sense of what the scene looks like now. it is a heavy police presence. they're determined to make an arrest, dave, before the man strikes again. the victim is expected to random, and unprovoked crime. >> vectors believe that this is the suspect running from the scene moments after the woman was attacked. six feet tall wearing dark pants and a gray hooded sweatshirt. he left two knives, his american flag bandiana and his victim bleeding in the street from a knife wound across her neck. nypd chief of detectives robert boise. >> he was carrying a bag with him. we have evidence from that.
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detectives are in the area looking for this individual, again, without provocation. it doesn't appear to be a robbery right now but we'll go forward with getting a better story from this woman. >> it happened at 10:00 this morning. investigators spent hours canvassing for evidence and video from home surveillance cameras. sources say the victim was not critically injured and was walking to a friend's home at time of the attack. neighbors we spoke with were stunned. >> i have to keep watching my back and warn my kids, my two daughters that they should probably stay together with their friends. this seems to happen when people are alone most often. >> good advice until the suspect is caught. you can see the police presence here and sources tell me that the suspect is likely an emotionally disturbed man who attacked the woman at random. we know very little about the victim expect to say she is 53 years old and was rushed to the hospital. i'm told, now, that her injuries are not considered serious, although she was slashed with a
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the search for the suspect, however, is very serious. that is another story. obviously police doing everything they can to track this man down to identify him and track him down. we'll have much more on the manhunt coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 tonight. we're live in prospect park. n.j. burkett, eyewitness news. police believe a man accused of stabbing two people in prospect park is linked to a possible hate crime in crown heights. police arrested kenny roshlin. he stabbed a man and stabbed another man last night. authorities believe he stabbed a jewish man in crown heights last month. for the second day in a row, records. we hit 78 degrees today in central park and temperatures soared into the 80s in some parts of the area but say goodbye to this beautiful spring like weather. gorgeous out there right now.
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heading back along with some rain. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all. he is outside enjoying the weather on the upper west side. lee? >> it is not a cold blast coming this afternoon. it has been a june preview and today, once again, upper 70s, temperatures for awhile. it brightened in the recent hours and allowed it to spike one more time in the upper 70s. this started out with the morning lows. 63 degrees, that is the first time we've had a 60-degree overnight in new york city. that is 1998. that is 30 degrees above average and that is a normal for june 12th. newark hit 80. laguardia 78, islip at 73 degrees. those records previously from 2006. we had 80 in newark but also 80 again on the jersey shore, belmar and tom's river at 81 as well. even on the shoreline, 65 to 73. these are your current numbers and what a range! 55 in monticello. 65 poughkeepsie and 80s to the south. obviously a front is approaching
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and a sprinkle in new york city around noon time but the showers are from i-84 north and extreme northern new jersey and you have more sunshine south of i-78 in new jersey. that is going to be the idea over the next several hours and eventually the wide band of rain will collapse on the area as we go through the evening hours. sheer what you need to know. the rain will stay mainly north and west through the evening hours, becomes more widespread after 10:00. lasts until 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon. rain totals at a quarter inch. it will clear out quickly tomorrow but it is noticeably cooler. only 15 degrees above average. we're looking at 60s. not looking at going back to the 40s at any time soon. you'll like the weekend accuweather forecast. that is improving for several days in a few minutes. >> that sounds great. we're now a little more than two days, 7 hours away from a potential new jersey transit rail strike. today, there was another round of negotiations between the railroad and the union.
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sunday morning as both sides try to work out a compromise of wages and health >> there are a fair number of moving pieces still. collective bargaining agreements are complicated. all right? they're very complicated. this is complicated, but there is only a few things continuing to move. they will be resolved. there will be a collective bargaining agreement. >> the unions have been working without a contract for five years. yesterday, officials said the sunday deadline could be pushed back if progress is being made. new jersey transit set-up a number of contingency plans for ride years. find them on our website, liz? frightening moments in the kip's bay section of manhattan when an out of control cab jumped a curb and slammed into a building. several pedestrians were forced to jump out of the way as the taxi carrined out of control at first avenue and 33rd street. three people were injured and taken to the hospital. none of the injuries are life threatening. police are investigating why
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a teen from nassau county struck a controversial deal after being arrested for being behind the wheel of a speeding car that killed five teens. he accepted a plea deal that will allow him to serve only six months in prison and that has the victim's families outraged. long island reporter kristin thorne live outside the courthouse in mineola. kristin. >>reporter: cory globe pled guilty to all 17 counts including mafrnls and criminally negligent homicide -- manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. the judge said because he is 17 at the time of the incident, they're treating him as a youthful offender. he admitted he was drag racing in farmingdale the night that five of his friends were killed. he admitted to challenging the driver of the other car to a drag race. that car veered into on coming traffic and all of the teens in the car were killed. this is a story that stunned the
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upsetting and emotional for all of the families and friends of those victims. we spoke with noa francis' sister. here is what she had to say about the decision. >> nothing will change and nothing is going to bring them back, but i wish there was more justice for what we've. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30, prosecutors say this may not be the final sentence for glow. what they plan on addressing with the prosecutor or the judge i should say during his sentencing in may. we'll have that for you on eyewitness news at 5:30. we're live in minutola. i'm kristin thorne -- mineola. news. we're following breaking news. shooting. shannon sohn is in news copter seven. >> the shots rang out before 4:00 this afternoon and what we've noticed is a lot of people on the street here at franklin
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president street sharing hugs, clearly that was shot at this location. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are in question. we know one person was shot, at this point, police have no one in custody. we'll bring this shot out to give you an idea of just how big this crime scene is. you have police tape here, up and down across your screen. that is president's street. left to right is franklin street. that will be shut down between carol street and eastern parkway with this police department activity. as we bring you one intersection looking down union street. you can see more police activity there. clearly there is a search going on in this area. reporting live over crown heights, shannon sohn, channel seven eyewitness news. >> thank you. within the last few minutes, a police officer from neptune new jersey pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of his ex-wife.
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endangering the life of a child. he followed tamara seidel as she drove with her daughter. he sholt and killed his ex-wife. under the terms of the plea deal, seidel avoids a possible possibility of parole. turning now to the race for president, all eyes will be on florida tonight for crucial republican debate and while donald trump can put a strangle hold on the nomination next week, it is the growing number of rough encounters at rallies gaining attention this afternoon. abc's kenneth moten is live with this story. >>reporter:. as donald trump's rivals work to slow him down tonight, i can report it is that incident at one of the rallies that sparked a criminal investig. >> it is gop night in the fight for florida. the talk is about the fights at the rallies of gop frontrunner donald trump. >> go home to mom. >> cell phone video captured the
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fayetteville north carolina sucker punched a protester escorted out by deputies. the protester was detained. the 78-year-old trump supporter reportedly charged. the physical incidents a concern at trump events. even a reporter says his campaign manager forcefully grabbed her arm after she asked a tough question tuesday night. they called the accusation false. trump seemingly unphased by the clashes. >> i don't know why, but i love it. am i crazy? i love this! i love it. >> trump is marching toward the gop nomination and delegates it is win or take all in rubio's state of florida. >> he is going to lose ohio. i'm going to win ohio. just watch. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> after a fiery univision deviate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent the day crisscrossing the sunshine state. >> when we're united there, is
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>> if we are going to change this nation, we have got to do it together. >> sanders put the gator hat on. he is hoping for a repeat of his upset tomorrow. the republicans will be back on the campaign trail in full force after tonight's debate, liz. reporting live in washington, kenneth . a disturbing discovery. a woman in a coma after police discovered her bruised and lying outside of a home in connecticut. what happened to her? >> a mom who advocated for gun rights gets shot by her 4-year-old son.
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. it is 4:14. time for a check on traffic. we have a picture for you, live picture of the buckner expressway in the bronx. traffic is stop and go heading west in that direction. the outbound lincoln tunnel, we're looking at 20 minutes, the outbound holland tunnel, also 20 minutes. but no problems at the george washington bridge. >> later this evening, the white house will host a state dinner for canada. the first time in nearly two decades there will be a state dinner for the neighbors to the north. justin trudeau appeared this afternoon with the president the white house. the leaders discussed similarities between the two countries and how we can work together. there are several light moments.
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productive meeting, although i regret to inform you we have not reached agreement on hockey, but it is not interfering with the rest of our bilateral relationship. >> they discussed climate change and economic growth. the last official to u.s. by a canada leader was back in 1997. learning new details about nancy reagan's funeral scheduled for tomorrow. reagan's two children are scheduled to speak at the service at the reagan library in southern california tomorrow. james baker who served in the president's administration and journalist diane sawyer and tom brokaw will give remarks. abc news will carry the funeral live and you can watch it here on channel seven at two and online. an outspoken gun advocate shot in the back by her 4-year-old son in florida could face up to a year behind bars.
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recovering from the wound and will be questioned as soon as her health improves. the boy got her hands on a 45-caliber biszol loose in the -- pistol loose in the back of the pick-up truck and fired through the seat. the gun advocate is an example on the need >> florida statute is specific and it does state that at adult household member or the child's guardian is responsible for taking all measures necessary to keep the firearms out of the reach of young people. >> it is for that reason that she may spend up to a year and right now they're using this case as a cautionary tale to everyone that there needs to be gun safety. >> frightening situation. we will turn to the weather. and not as sunny as it was out yesterday. but i have to say this morning at the bus stop when i initially put on my big puffy coat i could immediately take it off. it was gorgeous outside. >> the humidity suppose now, so it feels warmer than yesterday
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sunt is not beating down your shoulders but there is this great breeze. it sounds like a south florida afternoon. pretty outside even though we have more cloudiness. valley. it will be nice for the next several hours. a nice, mild evening for you. a look at new york harbor. liberty. the temperature is up to 78. the humidity up to 38%. westerly winds at five. i'm seeing gusts at 10 to 15. big time record high at 78 smafshing the old record high from 2006. that was 74. 81 at rumstein. we told you yesterday, southern and central new jersey we would do very well. look at what is happening east of new jersey. poughkeepsie and monticello are cool because you have clouds and showers working north of i-84 and eventually those showers will make their way south to the entire area not until later this evening.
4:18 pm
city until 8 or 9:00 and after 10:00 rain is moving in. that will last until 4 or 5 in the morning. noticeably cooler one thing tomorrow it is way above average but because of the cool breeze it will be noticeable. i can't say chill, but noticeably cooler and liz will need the puffy coat again. we have the showers moving through the hudson valley. they're moving west to east. i think across putnam, orange, northern westchester, if a few showers, this is connected to severe weather and flooding across louisiana and arkansas. they've had 8 to 12 inches of rain there. thankfully, the big time rains are not coming north. we have to go through this band of rain which will drop a quarter inch of rain fall in the course of six hours. it will bend in towards the area but it will take into the evening hours. no umbrella unless you're north and west for the next few hours and if you're out after 8 or 9:00, make sure you have the umbrella.
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south and maybe as we get to nine or 10:00, they're closing you wait until midnight or 1 or 2 in the morning. that is when it is steadiest. it is moving out by 4 or 5 in the morning. i think the actual conditions during the morning commute are fine. just that there are a fair amount of clouds south and east west. it is a beautiful day but instead of feeling like june it will feel like early to mid-april. it is not march for sure. watch these temperatures, nice during the evening hours, drop down into the 50s overnight, even 40s. well to the north and west and during the day, not a big jump like we've seen the past several days. we get into the low 60s and with the cool breeze, dress for 55 degrees. speaking of mid-50's, that is what we go down to tonight. rain will be developing from northwest to southeast. tomorrow becoming sunny quickly but a cool breeze and 63. tomorrow night dropping down to 43. that is when you start to feel a
4:20 pm
now we're down into the low 40s and 50s return to many suburbs. the weekend is looking good. i like a partly sunny day. we'll get into the seven-day detail. there may be rain for parts of the area before the weekend is out. preview. we'll go back to normal, not necessarily in the seven-day. we'll go back to mid-april. how is that, guy snaez. >> we'll take mid-april. >> love april! >> nobody likes paying tolls. drivers, anybody, wait until you see the elaborate scheme that one trucker came up with to skip paying the toll at the george washington bridge. >> and a dress debate to tell you about.
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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. controversy over a prom dress has a mom in michigan up in arms cara morris s$500 to get her daughter the prom dress of her dreams. she complied with school rules and separate a photo of the dress to the principal -- sent a photo of the dress to the principal. she was told the jessica too revealing and her daughter may not be able to wear it to the prom. >> the dress is really not showing much skin at all. the mother i am, i thought i
4:24 pm
>> i think it is a very pretty dress. >> i don't see any problem with it. is it the waist that concerns them? >> i'm not sure. it is full length and everything looks covered. morris says she hopes that once school officials see her daughter in the dress that they will allow her to wear it to the prom. her daughter is a senior with a 4.0 grade point average. >> maybe somebody will explain it to us. i don't get it. manhattan now has the first independently operated movie theater to open in more than a decade. the metro graph had a grand opening on lower eastside. >> what makes this theater so special? entertainment reportery is here. >> you might ask why a fashion
4:25 pm
motion pictures built a theater to play old movies. >> where loveloe meets canal, a local businessman converted an old warehouse into a movie theater. >> it spent six and a half years to get to this point. >> wood beams salvaged from an old factory in brooklyn were used to make the seats. >> i think they're the most comfortable cinema chairs in new york. >> there are two theaters. >> so we could all really watch movies the way we want to watch them. >> taxi driver and the purple rose of cairo were the first to be shown here after a star filled premiere last week. that is dustin hoffman behind the beer. now they call my era the golden age of film, but i think the golden age of film still exists
4:26 pm
that is what this t for. >> students of film will appreciate the old school approach. there is even a window to watch the projectionist get ready and all of the attention to detail is a way to take us back to the future. >> there are always new films to be discovered and young people who haven't seen certain films and older people waiting to be drawn back. >> a cinema bookstore being built along side a restaurant and bar will make the metro movie theater. >> what we're trying to create with our programming here is an atmosphere where people can fall in love with movies and movie going and the cinema again. >> those in charge of the film program pledge to show diverse slate of movies from around the world. africa airborna. india and points in between to attract all sorts of patrons from different cultures to the metra graph located in china town, dave and liz.
4:27 pm
>> very romantic. normally i tell you what movies to see and which to avoid. this is a movie palace worth going to see. wort a special trip. >> really nice -- worth a special trip. >> really nice experience. thanks, sandy. a rapper puszed in manhattan. -- busted in manhattan. what landed lil mama under arrest. >> a substitute charged with teaching a class of 2nd graders while the influence of alcohol. we'll tell you how she got caught.
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4:30 pm
. we have new information on a shooting in brooklyn that we told you about earlier. we now know it was a woman shot. let's check back in with shannon sohn who is in news copter seven. shannon? >>reporter: david, we saw the ambulance leave about 10 minutes ago carrying that woman to the hospital. she is expected to survive her injuries.
4:31 pm
a half hour ago at the intersection of president and franklin avenue. they have the entire area shut down and police aviation overhead searching for a suspect in the shooting. reporting live over brooklyn, shannon sohn, channel seven eyewitness news. thank you. a new image tonight of the man who police say shoved someone off a manhattan subway platform. take a look right now. police say this guy here pushed a man onto the tracks inside the west 4th street station last month. it happened after they say he tried telling two suspects to stop picking up money off of the subway tracks. the man suffered a bruised arm and leg but managed to get back on the platform on his own. the other suspect has been arrested. the rapper named lil mama can now sing about what it is like to spend time in handcuffs following her arrest in harlem. she was stopped for driving 13 miles over the speed limit around four this morning.
4:32 pm
hour in a 25 miles an hour zone on 5th avenue and west 135th street. lil mama's who's real name is natisha kirkland is charged with driving with a suspended license. she is best known for the 2008 hit called lip gloss. an ivy league college athlete in jail facing first degree rape charges. xavier eaglan, a freshman basketball player at cornell university accused of assaulting a woman last month. we have few details. he held his hand over the alleged victim's mouth while choking her during the rape. >> it is very shocking to me. i don't believe, i don't believe that it is a reflection of the campus whatsoever. >> i don't think it is necessarily because of cornell's culture. i think we overall have a a really good student body and great people. >> he is the second cornell university student in just over a month to be charged with sexual assault.
4:33 pm
they're on track to install more new miles of protected bike lanes this year, more than ever before. 15 miles of physically protected bike lanes are planned throughout the five burroughs, the projects include lanes along amsterdam's 2 and 6th avenue in manhattan and marine park brooklyn on 20th avenue in queens and along the bruckner boulevard in the bronx. bike lanes calm traffic and reduce the chance of crashes. mayor de blasio is touting the success of another one of his initiatives. 68,000 students applied for the first round of pre-k for all. it is part of the first round applications last year and as the mayor points out, it is more than this triple the amount. the second round of applications will start on may 2nd. a disturbing frozen food
4:34 pm
nearly 3 million boxes of frozen digiourno pizzas and lean cuisine meals are being pulled after they found glass. . the glass may have come from the spinach used in the products but it is investigating. you can find details about the items included in the recall on our website, website and on our facebook page. still to come, it is not a lesson you want a group of second graders to learn. a second grade teacher accused of showing up to class drunk. whaer ha happened when the --
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if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider. there's more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer. . police are trying to solve a mistfully stanford, connecticut. a woman is in a medically induced coma after she was found unconscious behind a home. >> they're trying to figure out what happened. she had wounds to her face and the back of her head. marcus solis is live with this story. >>reporter: david, liz, the victim remains in critical condition.
4:38 pm
to speak to her but this is where she was found and what police want to know is whether or not her injuries were suffered as a result of an accident or was she the victim of a crime? she was found bleeding from the head around 6:45 tuesday morning at the back of 6700-henry street. she lives on the other side of town. police did not get involved until it was determined that the injuries were part of a result of being pushed out of the open staircase. she had lacerations to her head, knees and face. they saw her earlier at the metro train station a few blocks away. police reviewed surveillance video and confirmed she was at the train station around midnight. there is still a six-hour gap that they cannot fill. >> at this point, until she regains consciousness, we have nothing.
4:39 pm
very little to go on. >> there are surveillance cameras here. there are cameras at this location. police say they do not work and so they're of no help. police are asking anyone who might have any information to contact them. we're live in stanford. marcus solis, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. we have new information in a story we told you about earlier, a 26-year-old man has now been officially charged with stabbing two people in prospect park. he has been charged with attempted murder as a hate crime and aggravated harassment of a hate crime. he is accused of attacking a man. he is linked in the stabbing of a jewish man in north heights last . the fda is finalizing new guidelines for the food industry that will cut back on a chemical
4:40 pm
achrilimide is a chemical that forms. it is believed it could be a carcinogen. it gives them steps to help reduce the chemical levels. a substitute teacher in florida out of a job and under arrest after police say she taught a children while intoxicated. another employee told the principal she was behaving oddly. when a resource officer went to investigate, the teacher apparently fell into a window. authorities later took her to the hospital and then arrested her. a community in washington is rallying around a little boy and his family. the 7-year-old has been diagnosed with brain cancer but it comes months after his father's death. also, from cancer. shirleen allicot has the story. >> go ahead, go! careful, careful.
4:41 pm
she keeps a close eye on her son mason. she is watching kids rye land, leland and aslant. she is a single mom. her husband passed away three years ago. >> he was funny, everybody loved him. >>reporter: he had brain cancer, the tumor growing undetected until he suffered a seizure at home. >> it was my dad who slipped and fell, he fell backward and hit his head when he had cancer. >>reporter: nat family moved to washington from hawaii for better medical care but lloyd died after a two-year battle. eight months after, that mason wasn't feeling well. >> my husband it was hard, but when it is your child, it is harder. >>reporter: mason also has brain cancer. he has had four surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, and two rounds of proton therapy. before leaving his last it proton treatment, he taught how
4:42 pm
the wind chill nae nae. -- the whip nae nae. they're throwing him an epic sleep over so he can play with friends just like other kids. he has been told the cancer isn't genetic. >> i don't i don't believe a person is a statistic. i don't ask and i don't tell them. you kind of get the picture. it is brain cancer, no cure. >> even though the disease is prevalent in their daily lives, they don't think of themselves as a cancer family. they're a normal family facing extraordinary challenges. shirleen allicot, chaseven, eyewitness news. >> they are extremely strong. >> and he has a great whip nae you don't want to miss the trick one guy used to get over the george washington bridge. it will make you go what? >> do you remember the convicted felon who's mug shot earned him
4:43 pm
yup, there is that title. he is out of prison and wait
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switch to better. switch to fios. . the skies, not so friendly during a flight from baltimore, los angeles. a flight broke out on the spirit airlines fliet. can you see how -- flight a. can you see how out of control we go. she told them to turn the sound
4:46 pm
it up and it is on. all five women were involved in this. they were pulled off of the plane a. >> frightening for the other passengers i would im. >> french authorities are looking at why a woman smuggled a baby on the carry on bag. . the company says the child hidden in the bag did not have a valid ticket. fortunately, the baby was okay after spending more than half of the route in the cloth bag. >> that is scary. port authority police arrested a truck driver accused of trying to skip tolls at george washington bridge in the most interesting of ways. the suspect rigged the front license plate with a fishing line that ran onto the dash board. they say the driver pulled plate out of view when the truck passed through the ez pass lane. unbelievable. so the theme of this is pleasure.
4:47 pm
>> we have one more we want to tell folks about. it has to do with mode of transportation. we know about the on going strike talks between new jersey strike talks. the talks are over for the day right now, as far as we know there is no resolution. we'll keep you posted about the looming strike that will happen on sunday at 12:a.m.. we'll keep you posted. meanwhile, let's go back to the record breaking -- >> look who is bright today! >> why do you like orange all of a sudden today? >> you know what inspired me? your tangerine blazer from yesterday. >> that is gone for good now. i got hazed by so many people. >> it has its own twitter meme. >> it was so beautiful. another nice day today. the great thing is a lot of times people get through the record blasts, you go back to 30s and 40s. that is not what is happening. we have a nice stretch of weather that will continue. tomorrow is an invigorating day. we go outside where we have clouds, a little bit of sun. a reservoir. i'm sure it is packed again this
4:48 pm
that is our high number on the day as we approach the 5:00 number. you can see the big range in temperatures. we told you yesterday, it is the on shore winds keeping long island and connecticut cooler, but when you talk about a 55 in monticello, so much higher yesterday, that is because you have clouds and showers around the area we have counting down to spring a little over a week away. the average highs go into the low 50s. the vernal equinox is at 12:30 in the morning, after midnight. we look forward to opening day. the yanks open up on the 4th of april. by the way, even though we've been so warm, there will be another cool shot. the latest snow in new york city is may 9th, 1977. one month from today, the average highs are close to 60 and i know i've seen people watery eyes around the office. it is tree pollen now and amy freeze will have more on that
4:49 pm
we look at showers over putnam county from dutchest up to pine plains, a couple little sprinkles. we go through the evening hours, a lot of clouds, even though there might be a sprinkle in the clouds, steadier rain waits until nine, 10:00. the window will be six hours, 4, 5 in the morning and it will move away. even though clouds are still with us. breaks to the north and west it is cooler. notice the breeze tomorrow, cool, dry breeze. we get into the low 60s. that is early to mid-april type temperatures, but with the cool dry breeze it will feel like it is in the mid-50's. watch the futurecast much we have our rain far to the north right now. by 8, to i-287. close to new york city, maybe into the bronx but not necessarily into the parts of staten island, we start to see the island get wet. southern new jersey, you have really the first part of the night dry and mild that reason is leaving the scene after 4 or 5 in the morning. we clear out and it is beautiful
4:50 pm
with a pretty cool breeze. saturday is 63. it is a mild day by march standards. early saturday morning, maybe an early game outside. it will be in the 30s and 40s early and then we warm out. sunday is not that cloudy. a damp start to early next week. it is still in the 50s. we have above normal temperatures through the beginning of spring, which is the 20's. >> all right. >> very cool. >> thank you. here is what is trending, actually you know what, we're going to stop the trend. my producer told us there is an update here. we'll go to that and hear what they have to say. >> we won't be doing questions. we're going right back in. we have more homework to do inside for us. this is the new jersey rail labor coalition. new jersey transit vice president and general manager lavell issued a notice to all of new jersey transit employees represented by the union
4:51 pm
lavell states in the event of a strike, the carrier will take the following action, all existing positions will be suspended. all employees on sick leave will no longer receive sick leave compensation, and all strike employees will have their health -- their insurance benefits discontinued effective the first day of the strike. new jersey transit also submits an implied threat against coalition represented probationary employees. it is apparent la that new jersey transit's notice to the coalition members represents retaliatory action and harassment of the coalition members. this action taken by new jersey transit while the parties are engaged in negotiation process ill states new jersey transit's -- illustrates new jersey's
4:52 pm
a solution which is fair to both parties. the union coalition has engaged in on going negotiations with new jersey transit with the objective of reaching a settlement without the necessity of engaging in a strike. two presidential emergency boards have issued recommendations which are consistent with the coalition's proposals. and of which, the coalition has fully agreed to comply with. yet new jersey transit refuses to acknowledge the recommendations and continues the assault on our members. we object to transit's conduct in this matter while the parties are fully engaged in negotiating process. such action on new jersey transit's part is counter productive to reaching a solution through the negotiating than. >> that is part of federal law that that is not a threat.
4:53 pm
>> you have been listening to a news conference that just broke upright now. that was the union representing the workers. new jersey transit workers, clearly not very happy about how negotiations are going right now. new jersey transit giving a notice to all employees that if they strike, they will no longer receive sick leave for those employees receiving sick leave and health insurance and other benefits will be immediately stopped as soon as that strike goes into place. again, negotiations are still on going. they're expected to resume tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.. we, of course, will keep you updated on how this process continues to work out with that strike deadline looming. still to come on eyewitness news first at four, we're all
4:54 pm
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here's a live look at central park right now. you can see some signs of spring out there. >> underneath that banner there. warmer temperatures may wreak havoc for allergy sufferers. meteorologist amy freeze is in central park with some more, amy? >> reporter: well, we have the big smiles and everybody looking up with their sunglasses on, but the thing is some people have to carry around their handkerchiefs and we've heard coughing and sneezing.
4:57 pm
line come down to warm weather increasing the pollen. people are strolling through the second gorgeous march day with temperatures 30 degrees above average, but some people are allergic to it. >> this year takes the cake because the weather got so warm so quickly root systems are really healthy from all the precipitation we had during the late winter. they're primed and ready on go. >> reporter: over the last decade allergy season has been pushed up two weeks, but this spring fever has this doctor's office on allergy alert. >> we are seeing record temperatures throughout the country, very warm weather and i going to escalate. >> reporter: right now the culprit is cedar trees. >> as we get in the next couple weeks, we're going to see birch, maple, oak. they're the ones that drive a lot of people crazy that are more likely to be a problem in our area. >> reporter: above average temperatures are forecast through spring by noaa and accuweather with doses of above average precipitation, too, the
4:58 pm
the secret to relief is finding out what pollen makes you sneeze and cough. just get >> early judicious treatment with medications over the counter and otherwise is very effective and we want to prevent needless suffering. we want to enjoy mother nature but still feel good at the same time. >> reporter: so really to enjoy this beautiful weather that we're going to have in the coming weeks and expected for much of the spring, maybe not perfect every day like this, but you really just need to get that pretesting done and the doctor said much of it can be treated with over the counter medicines which is a lot easier than waiting until you're suffering to try to fix the problem. meteorologist amy freeze live in central park, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good advice. >> there's still more news ahead. channel 7 eyewitness news at 5:00 begin says right now. >> now new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:59 pm
woman approached from behind and slashed across the neck and how does this happen? >> train doors open, but there's no platform on the other side. we begin with breaking news, two lower lanes of the outbound lower level of the george washington bridge are closed down. >> as you can imagine, it is causing major delays for the commute home. we've got shannon sloan live for us in cop newscopter 7 above it all. >> reporter: the amazing -- newscopter 7 above it all. >> reporter: the amazing part is it was bad before, now it's worse. once you get across the george washington bridge heading south on 95 into route 80 heading into the local lanes, this what is you have in store for you. you can see this accident where a car was t-boned by the cab of a tractor trailer. this is all happening again westbound route 80 local lanes coming off 95.
5:00 pm
captain randy work really hard and spin the helicopter around for you so you can see what this is doing. this is just past where 95 comes on this from both the north and southbound sides. so it's really affecting traffic both ways. we'll see if we can show you over towards the george washington bridge, not sure if we'll be able to get you the picture here. this delay is what you have in store for you once you get over the george washington bridge. the bridge itself, we had some troubles on the southbound side or the outbound side rather on the lower level. all lanes have been reopened is about all the good news i have for you because while everything is reopened the damage has been done. it is a nightmare on that lower level of the george washington bridge with the delays. captain randy, we're going to have you fly towards the city, you can. what you wind up having on that lower level of the george washington bridge that is all of these lanes were shut down. so you got delays back on the harlem river drive as well as


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