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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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captain randy work really hard and spin the helicopter around for you so you can see what this is doing. this is just past where 95 comes on this from both the north and southbound sides. so it's really affecting traffic both ways. we'll see if we can show you over towards the george washington bridge, not sure if we'll be able to get you the picture here. this delay is what you have in store for you once you get over the george washington bridge. the bridge itself, we had some troubles on the southbound side or the outbound side rather on the lower level. all lanes have been reopened is about all the good news i have for you because while everything is reopened the damage has been done. it is a nightmare on that lower level of the george washington bridge with the delays. captain randy, we're going to have you fly towards the city, you can. what you wind up having on that lower level of the george washington bridge that is all of these lanes were shut down. so you got delays back on the harlem river drive as well as
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this what is you have to look forward to on the jersey side, a nightmare. reporting live over a massive problem shannon sloan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we've got more breaking news regarding new jersey transit negotiations with a little more than two days until a strike. there are big problems. >> there certainly are. we just heard from officials who said all existing positions will be suspended in the event of a strike. >> new jersey transit's notice to the coalition members represents retaliatory action and harassment of the coalition members. this draconian action taken by new jersey transit while the parties are engaged in the negotiation process illustrates new jersey transit's unreasonable position and unwillingness to reach an amicable solution which is fair to both parties. >> union members have been
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five years now. officials say if progress was made, the date could be set back. new jersey transit has set up contingency plans for riders. they're on our website, abc7ny. right now police are scouring the area looking for the slasher. >> whoever did it left behind two clues. police believe the attacker left behind this bandanna and possibly the knife that was used in the crime. >> all of this happening in the prospect park south section of eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is on the scene. >> reporter: beverly road is shut down still many hours after the attack. as you can see, the police presence has intensified. yes, it was a random and unprovoked attack, but the suspect left a number of clues giving this case momentum. eyewitness news learned tonight investigators will use dna evidence to help identify the attacker. detectives believe that this is their suspect running from the
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was attacked. 6 feet tall wearing dark pants and a great hooded sweatshirt. he left behind two knives, his american flag bandanna and his victim, a 53-year-old woman bleeding in the street from a knife wound across her neck. vicious, random and unprovoked. tv unpro -- nypd chief of protectives robert boyce. >> he ran south on argyle road. so detectives are in the area right now looking for this individual right now again without prof case. >> reporter: it happened at 10:00 this morning -- provocation. >> reporter: it happened at 10:00 this morning and investigators spent the day combing over evidence and video from surveillance cameras. the victim was not critically injured and was walking to a friend's home at the time of the attack sources say. it's left an entire neighborhood on edge tonight. >> they brought the blood hound out and the bloodhound took a whiff and started going all around our house.
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pretty saw of neighborhood because we look out for -- safe neighborhood because we look out for each other, but you should watch your back wherever >> reporter: investigators believe this is the act of an emotionally disturbed person, all the more reason they are so tonight. the victim's name could not be concerned, but i'm told the injuries are not considered all that serious, amazing considering the ordeal she went through here this morning. live in brooklyn n.j. news. >> thank you. police believe a man accused of stabbing two people in prospect park is linked to another attack in crown heights. police arrested 26-year-old kenny roshelin. they say he randomly stabbed a man and then robbed another man last night. authorities believe he was captured on crown heights video last month accused of stabbing a jewish man. we're following a developing story in brooklyn, a
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who shot and injured a woman on the street along presidents street in the crown heights section. the woman was rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. we'll keep you posted on this developing story. it wasn't as sunny, but today brought another round of record warmth with parts of our area in the 70s-e-x-p-p-t-m-p-z- h-i-t 70s-e-x-p-p-t-m-p-z-h-i-t- s-t-i-c-h-s-t-u-c-h meterologist lee -- meteorologist lee goldberg is live outside our studio. 79 degrees, lee. >> reporter: that would have been the first time in march since 1998 that we hit 78 degrees. that's how rare this time of year it is for temperatures. the numbers were in the low 80s
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in the hudson valley, cooler on the island, but even in places at the coast today with more of a southwest wind. we're talking 32 degrees above our normal highs. what a big range in temperature we have now. not only the 50s on the east end, not surprised with the cold atlantic, but 55 in monticello and 62 in poughkeepsie and 82 in belmar with clouds and showers coming in, so things are starting to change. right now the showers are over the hudson valley and northern most new jersey, but we'll all get rain tonight as that wide band of rainfall in western east. the rain will be mainly north and west through early evening, more widespread rain after 9:00 a.m. rainfall amounts about 1/4 inch, maybe damp roadways for your morning commute. it is clearing, but it's noticeably cooler tomorrow, but it's not bitterly cold. we're only talking lower 60s, so it's still 15 degrees above average. so yes, it's not mid-june anymore, but it will be some april showers coming in
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we have a lot to talk about in the seven-day accuweather forecast. might as well up veil the poll -- unveil the pollen count early because it definitely is in play. back to you for now. a major gang bust in new york and new england, members of four different gangs arrested after waging war against each other. it's the largest gang takedown in bronx history. in total 84 arrests were made. those suspects are tied to 22 different shootings across the bronx over drug profits. those drug deals even spilled into massachusetts and new hampshire. commissioner bratton says combining social media played a big part in the arrest. >> these efforts yielded many additional pieces of the puzzle and it was a very sophisticated puzzle. smaller crews seem to be joining forces in the name of illegal profit and increasing violence, monumental violence. >> 15 guns and 16 kilos of drugs were seized in the
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a guilty plea from a new jersey police officer charged with killing his ex-wife in front of their 7-year-old daughter. phillip sidle pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter. he follow tad merah child -- followed tamara child and then opened fire on her in her car last june. he said he was angry for her interfering with him seeing his children. >> she had condemned me from my children 3 1/2 years from being with someone else and then i never even introduced my kids to my lady and now she moves this guy in and basically replaces me with him. >> under the terms of a plea deal sidle faces up to 30 years in prison for manslaughter. he was suspended without pay from his job with the neptune police department. one day after facing some of the toughest questions of the campaign season the democratic presidential hopefuls were back on the campaign trail gearing up for the primaries that could make or break their shot at the
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get ready for their last debate before the so-called super tuesday three, the day that includes two winner take all primaries. political reporter dave evans is keeping up with it all. >> for democrats clinton is close to wrapping up things but was a bit rattled last night in the debate. tonight the republicans will duke it out in miami. donald trump is hoping for a couple of knockout wins next week in ohio and florida, but a new poll out today shows john kasich now in the lead in his homestate. >> he's going to lose ohio. i'm going to win ohio, okay? just watch. >> reporter: still the news before tonight's big debate is all about trump being as inflammatory as ever. >> i think islam hates us and we have to be very vigilant. >> reporter: yesterday in north carolina trump was interrupted 17 times by protesters. this home video shows one
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the president today during a visit from the new prime minister of canada even chuckled that some republicans blame him for the party's mess. >> i have been blamed by republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries and who they're selecting for their party is novel. >> reporter: on the democratic side last night's debate at times brutal and bernie sanders is hoping to translate his michigan win tuesday into much more next week. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. [ cheering and applause ] >> excuse me. >> reporter: and hillary clinton grew exasperated about one question on that e-mail scandal. >> if you get indicted, will you drop out? >> oh, for goodness -- that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: marco rubio admits it was probably a
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the last debate. mike lee, the junior senator from utah endorsed ted cruz who is not very well liked at all by senate colleagues. >> thank you, dave. we are nancy reagan's funeral tomorrow as the public mourns her death. those mourning the former first lady are being brought to see already casket in small groups which gives them some space and time to reflect. speakers tomorrow will include mrs. reagan's two children, a member of the president's administration and journalists diane sawyer and tom brokaw. tomorrow as friends and family say good-bye abc will bring you special live coverage on nancy reagan 's funeral officers here at 2:00 on channel 7 and at it's a plan that won praise of designers, but this proposed chelsea building could pose a hazard, why one expert says it's a step back for safety.
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outrage, a teenager that pled guilty in the crash that killed five other teens will spend just months behind bars. we'll explain why. >> flights are back on schedule, but questions are
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ed condition. >> plus found unconscious at a train station, what happened next at 6:00. the damaged runway at laguardia airport is back open tonight after causing major delays last night. the hole was 8 feet long and tonight we know what caused such a huge chunk of the runway surface to come loose. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer live at laguardia for us with more. what happened? >> reporter: port officials
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few moments saying their preliminary findings indicate that it was likely the sudden warm weather and a jet blast from plane engines that caused a section of epoxy coating used to protect the runway to break up. that's when they shut down the runway and began to make emergency repairs. now today those runways are back open. flights are back on schedule, doesn't appear to be any residual events, but certainly at this point some more questions still linger. >> you had a failure in the runway which caused not a pothole. 8-foot by 2-foot is a gulch. >> reporter: jay petrestan, a consultant with more than 43 years in commercial aviation and more than 40,000 hours of flying times, sees this runway emergency as very rare. at a busy time of day a pilot called to report debris on runway 1-3. >> it looks like the 3 on the runway number has been completely blown off.
5:16 pm
scenario ready to happen. >> reporter: the runway was immediately shut down backing up flights for hours and ultimately cancelling other flights. work crews spent several hours making the repair in the vital runway and this expert is left questioning -- >> does the port of authority sweep the runways on a scheduled time basis and do they also due to inclimate weather do an unscheduled sweep? >> reporter: he believes foreign objects could be averted damaging landing planes and taking >> at any point in time you could be causing a serious consequence to occur with an aircraft. >> reporter: he also believes the freeze and gnaw during even a mild winter like we've had can create a problem and the need to closer inspect runways. >> there had to be indications of it. so again it's the procedure that counts. >> reporter: now again we posed questions to the port authority.
5:17 pm
moments ago telling us runway inspections are performed at laguardia a monday of three times each day and that on wednesday the runways were last inspected approximately 1/2 hour before the problem was reported by the one particular pilot. again at this point they believe that it was the warm weather and a jet blast that brought up some of that epoxy coating that protects the runway that caused this situation. reporting live at laguardia, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, tim. now we want to head outside with lee goldberg and lee, i actually brought out the flip- flops today. >> why not? >> i'm ready to go. >> we were thinking al fresco dining, all the great things that come with 79-degree temperatures, right? >> that's what we did till 11:00 last night. people were out plate enjoying their meals. one thing that's different about yesterday, because the front is approaching with the
5:18 pm
little bit. tonight it just feels like you're in florida right now. we have cloudy skies right now and it's looking a little bit more threatening. our temperature is still at a pair of lucky 70s, westerly wind at 6 and the barometer is starting to fall with the approaching storm system. the average high is 48 and this morning's low was 63, pretty incredible. last year on this date we had rain late in the day and at night and 53 degrees, still not shabby for march. it's going to be a while before we see 80s again, but we'll stay above normal. what you notice is how cool is t is in sullivan -- cool it is in sullivan and duchess counties, rain there. you don't need the umbrella unless you're close corridor. then have all your rain gear going. by 10:00 or 11:00 we're raining
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5:00 in the morning. we wait up and it's 57 degrees, a fair amount of clouds, a cool breeze out of the northwest at times tomorrow over 20 miles an hour tomorrow. so with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today and lower humidity, it will have a cooler feel, but it will be bright sunshine. just need the spring jacket. you have the showers steadiest over at duchess and putnam county. the wide band of rain is off to the west that will come in during the evening hours which is connected topickible rains over -- to incredible rains over louisiana and arkansas. they've had a foot of rain, water rescues and tremendous flooding. fortunately for us we're getting lighter rains, maybe 1/4 inch as that rain bends in through the area as we go towards the evening hours. here's a time line. in the northern suburbs through 9:00 or 10:00 rain over parts of sussex county into morris county, western passaic,
5:20 pm
as we head towards 11:00 and midnight, we've got more widespread rainfall and about 1/4 inch and then it's on the move. i think us offshore by 5 a.m. we still -- it's offshore by 5 a.m. we still have some clouds left over, breezy afternoon and pretty comfortable. overnight we start out in the 70s this evening. once the rain starts coming in north to south the temperatures get chilly, low 40s well north and west, 50 to 55 in our suburbs, 58 in new york city. in the afternoon we'll be in the low 60s. with the cool breeze dress for mid-50s, but don't forget the sunglasses. cloudy and mild the first part of the night. rain is moving in from the northwest to southeast. we go to the mid-50s. it's a cooler breeze, bright sunny day, nice way to finish the week and clear and colder tomorrow night. tomorrow night it becomes more evident we're getting the chill back, 30s in many suburbs, 43
5:21 pm
coming up at 5:30 we'll look at that saturday map, the brighter half of the weekend. sunday's sunset is 7:00. we don't forget to turn the clocks forward. we'll see if the weather goes forward or backward the second half of the weekend when i come inside for the seven-day. >> sounds good. we're seeing a lot of people out on the streets. one thing we are also seeing out on the streets in times square is some of those underdressed, undressed, barely dressed at all characters. ahead we'll look at the latest point for keeping order in that
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>> i'm glad this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
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well, we're following breaking news in the new jersey transit negotiations. the union was informed that should a strike happen, existing positions would be suspended. new jersey reporter toni yates is live in newark with the new developments. okay, toni, looks like we're having a few problems with toni yates. we'll try to get her story back a little bit later.
5:25 pm
1/2 days from a strike at this point. so it's getting close and both sides are putting their feet down. and coming up a new twist in the case of a deadly street race on long island, coming up on eyewitness news the dramatic turn of events today in court that has left so many of the victims' families furious. >> also we've got an eyewitness news exclusive, the key material in a design for a new manhattan high rise that has firefighters sounding the alarm. >> and call it naked ambition,
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we've got an update on a live story, the search underway
5:28 pm
people on the street. we've learned one of the victims is a 14-year-old girl. this happened on the 1000 block of presidents street in the town heights section, the girl rushed to king county hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, no word yet on a suspect or motive. of course, we'll keep you posted. back to you. i wonder if the people out there, if this happened to their family or their child, how they would feel. >> now at 5:00 families are furious over the case of a deadly street race and today a teen in farmingdale pleading guilty to his role in a street racing crash that killed five of his friends. >> prosecutors say he challenged a friend to race and that drag race ended in a horrific crash in may of 2014. long island reporter kristin thorne is at the courthouse in mineola with a sentence that has so many people upsit.
5:29 pm
guilty to 17 counts including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. for, that though, he's only facing up to six months in jail. that's because the judge is treating him as a youthful offender. >> he was young. he did stupid things, but he needs to know you cannot do these thing. you can't go out and -- things. you can't go out and take a car and decide to have fun with it and make it a potential weapon. >> reporter: 19-year-old cory gloh admitted he was street racing the night five of his friends were killed, that the victims' family members can understand. what they're having a hard time comprehending is the fact that gloh who was 17 at the time of the incident is being treated as a universitiful offender and will -- youthful offender and will only serve up to six months in jail. >> what kind of message are they sending to these other kids out there? you can go out there and do
5:30 pm
>> my client has taken full responsibility for his role in this very tragic and very sad incident and we are hopeful that the beginning of the healing process can begin for all the people involved. >> reporter: in may, 2014, just days after the accident eyewitness news secured exclusive surveillance video which showed two cars speeding on conklin avenue in farmingdale at the time of the crash. prosecutors say gloh stopped at a red light and challenged his friend to a street race. the other car carrying five teens veered into oncoming traffic and were all killed including only child, 14-year-old carly longborg. she was speechless after the judge's decision today. >> thank you for our privacy. we're still trying to digest what just happened. >> reporter: gloh's sentencing is scheduled for may 20th. at that time prosecutors say they will tell the judge why
5:31 pm
treated as a youthful offender. live in mineola, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the size of a new high rise in manhattan is causing all sorts of concerns tonight. developers want to build a structures with something that's -- structure with something that's been outlawed in new york city since the 19th century, wood. jim hoffer joins us now. >> 10 stories of timber made condos, although the announcement met last fall with fan fare, we've since learned the wood structure under current building and fire safety codes would be illegal. >> you also have the beams in the ceiling. >> reporter: later this year these developers hope to begin construction of the nation's first all wood 10 story tall heavy timber condo here in the heart of chelsea. it was one of two winners in the u.s. tall wood building contest. the developers won $1.5 million
5:32 pm
current new york city building code would be illegal if built. >> i also would like to recognize rick chandler, new york department of buildings. >> reporter: but when the prize money was being awarded last fall, the city's building commissioner was on hand praising the noncode compliant project. >> this unique urban environment is going to have a safe timber structure right here in the heart of manhattan. >> reporter: back in the 1800's a series of horrific wood structure fires destroyed wide swaths of lower manhattan. that led to a law that still exists today banning wood structures in manhattan more than six stories tall. >> here we are today actually bringing back something that they learned 150 years ago was not a smart idea. >> reporter: editor of fire engineering magazine says a 10- story heavy timber condo building would be a big step backward. >> create these gigantic fire situations which are uncontrollable for a lot of fire departments. >> reporter: this warehouse
5:33 pm
quickly timber wood fires can spread once they get going, but the condo developers say the 10 to 16-inch thick wood beams and columns of their high rise make it fire resistant. >> this mass timber is more like a big log. so if you were to drop a couple big logs in a campfire that's not started yet and light a match, it doesn't really want to light. >> yes, it's more difficult to ignite, but once it's ignited and you get a significant fire in there, it's unstop ant. >> reporter: us unclear -- it's unstoppable. >> reporter: the developers will need to prove the material is as safe as concrete and metal construction. >> we're trying to achieve the same two hour rating with timber. >> reporter: it was shown those who fight the city's fires are gravely concerned about this high rise wood condo. >> we've had a long history of problems with wood in new york.
5:34 pm
>> in response to our report both the fdny and buildings department say they will not allow the timber project to go forward unless it meets or exceeds fire safety codes. >> thank you, jim. police want your help catching a man they say shoved someone off a manhattan subway platform. we've got a picture of the man detectives are trying to find. police say he pushed a man onto the tracks inside the west fourth street station last month. the victim suffered a bruised arm and leg but got back onto the platform on his own. governor andrew coumo getting some democratic star power in his fight for paid parental leave in new york. congresswoman nancy pelosi joined the governor today. his proposal allows for 12 weeks of paid benefits to allow workers to care for new children or ailing family members. >> what our actions as public
5:35 pm
make, could only be measured in the progress that was made in the families of our communities and our state. >> we're going to pass major legislation and we'll find out exactly what kind of state we are and what kind of the truth. >> coumo's plan calls for employers to deducts up to 60 cents per week so employees could take up to 12 weeks off and get 35% of their usual paycheck. new jersey lawmakers are looking for a way to save ruin. the state senate budget committee has approved two bills to bail out the city. the so-called pilot bill would allow casinos to make specific payments for 10 years instead of repealing their taxes. the senate will vote for the pilot bill next week. the committee also approved a bill to give the state control of atlantic city's finances. mayor de blasio is touting the success of one of his signature initiatives, pre-k for all. the mayor says more than 68,000 students applied in the first
5:36 pm
that's on par with the number of first round applications l.a. year. as the mayor points out, it's more than -- last year. as the mayor points out, it's more than triple the number of pre-k prior to his expansion. still ahead on eyewitness news, fishing for an ez pass scam, the trucker caught rigging his big rig until he was reeled in by an alert officer. >> also ahead a dramatic scene caught on camera, a car drives right into danger and a stranger dashes to the rescue. >> and take a look. a few too many turkeys for you there? well, they know it's not thanksgiving, right? these are a lot of birds on staten island, how the feds are tackling this turkey problem. you got any turkeys out there, lee? >> welcome to the weather area. no jacket or sleeves required. it's beautiful out here. >> we know. >> we have really nice heating. there's a difference in the north with the showers.
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this is a busy night. we're following a breaking story in brooklyn where a 14- year-old was shot in crown heights. we've got shannon stone above the scene in newscopter 7 with the latest information for us. >> reporter: we have just been updated. we thought 1 person was shot. we now know two people were shot here on presidents vote just off franklin avenue. that 14-year-old female was shot in the calf along with an 18-year-old male that was shot in the ankle. both have been taken to kings county hospital. we just want to bring this shot out to give you a little perspective because towards the top part of your screen less than a 1/2 block away on the right side of your picture is clara barton high school.
5:41 pm
johnson -- is emmett l. johnson elementary school and on franklin avenue there's a police precinct they have no suspect in custody, but police are searching for the gunman. reporting live over crown highlights shannon sloan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. port authority police arrested a truck driver accused of trying to skip tolls at the george washington bridge. authorities say the suspect rigged a front license plate with a pushing line that ran onto the dashboard. they say the driver pulled the plate out of view when the truck passed through the ez pass lane. police charged 41-year-old javier marte of yonkers with tampering with public records and theft of services, pretty clever. caught on camera a car gets into deeper and deeper trouble on a flooded road. the driver as you can see is trying to get away from the rising water in mississippi, but she got stuck. a passer-by sees what happens and then risks their own life to get her to safety. no reports fortunately of any
5:42 pm
the department of agriculture is tackling the turkey problem on staten island. it's becoming a major issue. turkeys have wandered around one intersection for years many times disrupting traffic and have even invaded the grounds at staten island university hospital. the fda said it will round up 100 turkeys and take them to an upstate sanctuary. >> i remember they had a lot of problems with turkeys right after superstorm sandy, too. coming up on eyewitness news, the long island railroad train door that literally opened up to nothing but a long way down. >> also new rules for fried foods, why the fda just released new guidelines. >> reporter: the city council considering steps that would regulate those costume characters, even the topless i'm rob nelson. i'll have that story coming up. >> the fight breaking out at trump rally, tonight the video here and now the fallout. >> the state of emergency deadly storms from the gulf,
5:43 pm
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so you can easily master the way you bank. the fda has new guidelines for the food industry that will cut back on can i chemical that -- on a chemical that could cause cancer. acrylamide forms when potatoes or breads are fried or baked. it's widely believed to be a human carcinogen. the fda guidelines give growers and food manufacturers and operators steps to reduce acrylamide levels. warm weather is back. at least for now so, too, are the painted topless women in times square. >> now the city council is taking steps towards regulating the peddlers who pose and hustle for tips.
5:47 pm
nelson is live in times square for us. >> reporter: good evening. with weather like this you can imagine times square is packed this evening and in a few weeks if the city council does get its way this plaza and others around the city could look a lot different impacting everything from the costume characters, of course, to those now famous topless women. a new bill being considered by the city council would impact everyone from spider-man to the statue of liberty to even, yes, these ladies who can barely cover up their, well, let's say patriotism. >> we need to bring some order out of the chaos and some reasonable regulations will go a long way. >> reporter: the bill introduce wednesday would let the city's transportation department take control of pedestrian plazas and allow only certain parts of those areas to be used for commercial activities including the many characters clothed or not who are >> we have delegated this role to the department of
5:48 pm
how to define those areas in a way that is sensitive to the various needs out there and also protective of the first amendment. >> reporter: it has been a controversy for months even leading to a task force by mayor de blasio. critics say some of these street performers are overly aggressive and having designated areas will give people in the plaza a choice whether they want to encounter them or not. >> this is a free place of freedom and activity. this shouldn't be a free for all. it can be quirky, but it shouldn't be creepy. >> reporter: as for these topless painted ladies, they remain as popular as ever and we found a few folks today willing to get a little something off their chest as well. >> it puts a negative light on the area because they're trying to make the area more family friendly. >> i think they should be able to roam throughout the plaza as long as they're not a threat to anyone's safety or security. it adds to the variety of the area.
5:49 pm
to tuck them away somewhere i think is unfair. >> reporter: now if the bill passes, it won't just affect times square but really 49 plazas around the city and 22 more that will come online sometime soon. the people we spoke to today said they do expect the council to vote on this bill in the next few weeks. their goal is to get the law into effect by the start of summer. reporting live in times rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, rob, a lot of there. >> yeah. >> yes? do you have more good news for us? >> it's good news. it's not as phenomenal as it's been the last couple days. take the umbrella. it's been a heck of a month, way above normal again, off to a great start, record breaking temperatures. we need the umbrella going through the evening hours, a couple sprinkles possibly sneaking into northern new jersey and the bronx, pretty view off to the south. the clouds are definitely
5:50 pm
the horizon, temperature still 77 degrees. lots of clouds are moving in and that westerly wind. you see the big range of temperatures. that's no surprise in long island, but why is it 55 in monticello? it's raining north of i-84 now. still 72 in sussex, 77 in paramus, new york city and let some weather wellness because we have to look at the uv index and pollen. the air quality gets much better. it's moderate now. the uv index is a moderate 5, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the pollen count is already moderate and over the weekend we'll be moderate to high, mostly talking tree pollen now, juniper and cedar. usually we went to the first week of april, not the case this year. looking into spring countdown, temperatures averaging lower 50s when we usher in spring on 12:30 a.m. march 20th.
5:51 pm
yanks on the 4th of april and the mets on the 8th of april. those are home openers. showers into morris and passaic, essex, bergen counties and a couple sprinkles farther south could sneak into new york city in an hour or two. i'd have the umbrella on the seat north the next couple hours. this computer model is saying the state of your rain won't get to new york city until eyewitness news at 11:00. already some sprinkles coming in during the evening hours. tomorrow a cool breeze, low 60s. dress for 50s. you need the sunglasses. watch the showers as they move from the northwest to the southeast throughout the night. going overnight getting steady about everywhere makes a quick almost windshield wiper move across the area with a 1/4 inch of rainfall.
5:52 pm
the low 60s and with the cool breeze feels like 55 to 60. tomorrow is nice, saturday nice as well. one thing about saturday to highlight is in the morning hours the first real chill is back. we're in the 30s in many suburbs, about 43 in the city. sunday it's not a bad day around 60 degrees. i don't think we'll need the umbrella until nighttime sunday, but the clouds are gathering, getting damp going into monday, 50s. same idea on tuesday as well and midweek we're back in the low 60s again which is really out of whack still talking about 10, 12 degrees above average. >> i don't find out of whack. >> it is out of whack normally you say spring showers bring in a flowers and it's only march. >> a whole new saying we'll have to create. i'll work on that for 6:00. trouble above the tracks. >> coming up on the eyewitness news the door on the long island railroad trains that opened to one very dangerous drop and the commuter who is
5:53 pm
>> i'm liz cho, new at 6:00 an emotional day in court, a man who served 25 years behind bars after being wrongly convicted of murder is freed. we'll tell you what prosecutors now say he's innocent. >> police try to solve a mystery, a woman seriously injured at a train station is now in a medically i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in, come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. and we were right across the street the whole time. the whole time. make your home as connected as possible with time warner cable. with speeds up to ultra-fast 300 megs. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call now.
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5:56 pm
a commuter is sounding the alarm about a potential disaster on the rails. a long island railroad train stopping at a station with the doors opening and no platform below. >> pretty scary. eyewitness news reporter stacy stayinger stacey sager is live -- stacey sager is live in nasa county with more on this door danger. >> reporter: the commuter we talked to was so alarmed by this he actually called 911 and here's why.
5:57 pm
you can see are located on an you can see are located on an overpass. now the overhang up here, the train has to actually clear that because that's where the platform ends. as you can see, below it there is a small railing, but if anyone was just looking at their phone, not looking ahead, let's just say the results would not have been pretty. when they say watch the gap here in merrick, they weren't kidding. check out this photo taken by passenger billy fleming last night during rush hour. the doors on the last car of the train opened up to nowhere. >> we all stopped. someone whoa, there's no platform. >> reporter: no platform at all. >> no platform at all. >> reporter: here's what the area looks like. there's about a 5-foot drop from the platform down to the tracks and as you can see, the tracks are located on an overpass. there is a low railing to stop anyone from falling about 30 feet down you'd hope. >> oh, goodness, that's not good. kind of scary. >> why did they miss it?
5:58 pm
the lirr is now investigating, but one thing is clear. we watched a lot of trains approaching merrick today, some coming closer to the edge than others, but all had operators who actively checked the area, even gave signals, just not here last night. >> there was no one there. >> reporter: no one with a flash light, no one peeking out. >> nobody, nobody. i mean it was absolutely apparent that no one on that train who was driving that train had any clue who had just happened. i cannot believe that someone just didn't step off that train. >> reporter: and it is really fortunate for the commuters. they were all smart enough not to step off the train. it's worth pointing out they then had to run up to the next car, the folks getting off, and hit the panic button just to get off the train because the doors closed. there is an investigation now and they won't come further until they know the results of their investigation. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
5:59 pm
there is a hazmat situation in brooklyn, the details coming up next. >> channel 7 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. an innocent man wrongly convicted of murder after spending 25 years behind bars. >> an ominous warning for workers of new jersey transit, the commuter railroad tonight letting its union workers know if they strike, their jobs will be suspended and they will lose their health benefits. good evening to you at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. right now breaking news, heavy fire department presence in a section of brooklyn, a hazmat situation.
6:00 pm
scene in news copper 7 with the latest. -- newscopter 7 with the latest. >> reporter: this is the old freight line that comes through this area and they are responding to the report of a very heavy smell of fuel. this also happens to be the area where the buckeye pipeline comes through delivering jet a fuel to kennedy airport. we do see a leak coming up through the ground here. the fire department clearly has their eye on this, but they are keeping their distance from it. again all we know at this point is that there is a confirmed very heavy smell of fuel in this area where the buckeye pipeline comes through. if you travel through this area, it is important you know this because linden boulevard is a very busy street. we'll show you the closure in place here at gaston boulevard. you can see a tremendous amount of traffic behind that on the other side heading to the east side of this closure. the closure is in place at snedeker avenue. taking it up to new lots avenue really gets around this without


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