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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we look at numbers that were really northwest of us with temperatures that started bounced up. it's low 40s. we're 33 for mount olive. stillwater is 38 degrees. one of the colder spots holding else. out on the island, 47 for brentwood. belmar 46 degrees for you. we watch these numbers and compare them to 24 hours ago. it is significantly cooler, we afternoon. so a southerly wind will take over, and that will take our temperatures into the 50s. we're forecasting a high of 60 degrees. the numbers climb nicely through the afternoon. we should hit the high around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. rereminder, we're springing forward with the clocks. also, a major change coming as we go back to work on monday. those details and the accuweather center.
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two are missing after a tugboat overturned and sank near the tappan zee bridge. >> officials say that tugboat hit a barge on the rockland county side of the bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis joining us live with the latest details. marcus? >> reporter: details from earlier this morning but the search does continue for the two missing crew members of that tug that sank after it crashed against a construction barge. at 5:20 this morning, the tug called the specialist is coming from north traveling southbound through the navigation channel here at the hudson river. it was hip tugging a barge. basically, it was alongside the barge when it struck that construction barge. one person was removed from the water and pronounced dead at
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the other two remain unaccounted for. there are boats in the water and helicopters above. no divers in the water because the tides are too strong. this crash happening at 5:20 and the question now whether or not the construction barge was adequately lit. >> the tug that collided and sank did strike a stationary barge pretty much head on. it was pre-dawn at that time and still dark at 5:18. so we don't know whether a lack of, you know, vision is a factor there. >> reporter: you may remember in 2013, a recreational boater struck a construction barge at night. it had a wedding party on board and the bride and best man were killed in that accident. after that, there were calls for better lighting of the construction equipment that is in place for the construction
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that will be called back into question after the accident this morning that killed one crew member and again, two still missing. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> following a developing story out of queens. new video shows a response at a bar after a bouncer was attacked and killed there. this happened at johnnie's restaurant and bar. investigators say the bouncer was beaten by a group of people and ended up going into cardiac arrest. the 43-year-old man died on the way to the hospital. police are questioning several people who were at the bar at the time and are looking for anyone who may have taken part in the attack or know what rob? commuters who rely on new jersey transit are breathing a big sigh of relief this morning after workers and new jersey transit did reach a tentative deal to avoid a strike that would, of course, cause a commuter nightmare starting monday morning. the settlement was reached last
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lasted for five years. that's when the last contract expired. this new contract will run through 2020. governor christie says it will not require a fare hike or any service cuts at least through the next year. >> if he thinks that's not necessary for me to pay a little more, my question then is, does he have the money for it or is he going to tax me somewhere else to cover it? >> if a settlement had not been reached, workers would have walked off the job at midnight tonight, giving the agency its first strike in more than three decades. so what is the plan? what is the compromise? will it mean fare hikes down the road? we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" this weekend on air and online for the latest on this transit deal. we'll keep you posted. meantime, tensions boiled over in the university of
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over between donald trump, supporters and violent clashes. the trump campaign called off the event. trump said he did not want to see people hurt. his rivals, though, weighed in. alex perez is on the ground in chicago. [chanting ] >> reporter: overnight, mayhem at this arena in chicago. thousands gathered to see presidential candidate donald trump. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> reporter: supporters and protesters facing off in a series of heated and violent changes. >> donald trump is not welcome in chicago. we'll make that clear today. >> reporter: protesters later storming the empty podium shouting at people below before security forced him off stage. that statement man going head- to-head with a trump supporter, both men throwing punches as onlookers approach.
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>> melee spreading outside of the rally, too. this chicago police officer struck by a flying bottle. one of two officers injured during the commotion. >> there's been a total of five arrests that were made from this eke at the pavilion. >> reporter: on cnn, donald trump citing safety concerns and denying his past remarks played a role. >> i don't take responsibility. nobody's been hurt in our rallies. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. that's why i put out the statement before and said go home in peace. >> reporter: during the republican debate thursday, trump grilled about encouraging unruly behavior among his supporters. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? >> reporter: alex perez, abc news. today, voters in
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will make their picks for the republican nomination. the candidates themselves, their eyes remain on bigger prizes when florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and ohio, all of those states will hold the republican and democratic primaries. the sanders campaign meantime is hoping to pick up a few more midwester primaries a few days back for the republicans, of course, it is really a critical time. winner take all stay states in both ho ohio and florida. the rations are critical for john kasich and marco rubio. he speculated if he does not win that he will have to drop out. some 17-year-olds in ohio swing state's presidential primary. a judge in ohio deciding to allow teens who will turn 18 before the fall election in november to vote in the primary on tuesday. the state already allows 17-
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congressional legislative and mayoral contenders. this all came about because nine teenagers had sued over the secretary of state's interpretation of the old load law, which did not allow them interesting. trump thing. not a political statement but i think we all should watch that story very carefully as it seems like we're in the beginning stages of something that really has the potential to get very bad very quickly. is. again, not a political statement. >> i hope it will not worsen. >> it's scary when you see the footage how things have evolved. we have months to go before we >> november. >> it's scary. it really is. coming up on "eyewitness news" on this saturday morning. family and friends in new jersey will be saying a final good-bye today to a teenager who was hit by a driver who is believed to have been high on drugs and going three times the legal posted speed
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>> new this morning, police are searching for the heartless driver who hit a man in greenwich village and took off. we have the photos police now want you to see. >> in the accuweather center, we're tracking temperatures as the nice warm-up is on the way. if you are rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, this one is an 8. a real nice day ahead of us with
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hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. welcome back. family and friends say good-bye to a teenager who was killed by a driver who was high on pcp. a wake was held last night for 16-year-old noel herrera. the funeral was this morning.
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were killed last weekend when a speeding car jumped a car in north bergin and ran them. >> we've been okay. it's just not seeing him anymore, as far as it took a part of me. >> eric patterson's charges were upgraded to aggravated manslaughter after the tests found pcp in his system. new this morning, we're seeing video. car police say was involved in a hit and run crash in greenwich village. it happened just before wednesday night. christopher street driving up onto the sidewalk and hitting a 40-year-old man before then just taking off. the victim was treated for his injuries at bellevue hospital. the suv has new york license gsp. one person is still in critical condition this morning
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suv on the grand central parkway and then crashed into oncoming traffic ripping through the roof of a car. authorities say it was heading westbound when it lost its tire yesterday afternoon. that tire then jumped the median and tore through the opposite way. two people who said they were ems personnel rushed over to that toyota. >> they pulled him out and they pulled that person in their the hospital. >> the passenger is still in critical condition. the driver suffered only minor injuries. the driveern and the baby who were inside of the mazda are both okay. so terrible. straight ahead, after nearly one near in space and less than two weeks back on earth, astronaut scott kelly makes a big announcement about
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. >> welcome back. amy freeze is the bearer of good news. >> yes, well done, madam. >> it's gorgeous. i wish i could take credit for the creation. >> then if it's crashed, i won't also be responsible. so i just deliver the message. >> just put it out there. >> which is, it's all beginning very nice this saturday morning with temperatures in the low 40s in the boroughs. below freezing north and west of the city. look how nice it is from really empire state building all the way down to lower manhattan, we can see the beautiful skies. not a big deal. 47 degrees in the park. winds are calm, humidity 48%. we had a high of 47 that
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we're going for temperatures near 60 degrees. spots did start subfreezing. 20s. 44 for white plains started this morning at 30 degrees. so you can see the improvement already. nothing much to slow us down. a light southerly wind will take us through the afternoon. afternoon. highs stay near 70. clocks do spring forward tonight one hour. it's a good time to check out your filters and make sure they under good shape as well. check the smoke detectors to make sure there are fresh batteries so you are safe in that way. accutrack is clearing out the few high, thin clouds earlier. the easter seaboard all weekend long the change comes late on sunday night into early monday morning. that's when we'll see showers
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they could start as early as 7:00 west of the city and then showers overnight. the real rain comes during the day where it will be soggy and raw and temperatures will return to the 40s as well. you can see late sunday night, the showers start so umbrellas are necessary so start off the workweek. we take 60 today and 49 for the overnight low. tomorrow is 62 degrees. that sounds good. showers come in for monday. looks like tuesday rebounds wednesday we're at 65. of 62. wednesday, in my opinion, the best day of the week. >> are you foe initially now
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>> monster snowstorms become unlikely. significant snowstorms of 6 inches or more are unlikely but never say nerve perp. making me laugh. after spending nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly retires april 1st. kelly says he will continue to participate in ongoing research mission. his brother mark is also participating. he holds the record for the nearly a year. unbelievable and wow. >> i think after that record, it is time to retire. nothing left to do. >> although he's doing it april 1st. the second grader in me is going, hmm, april fools' day. >> oh. >> when we come back, sports with rob powers. >> dr. smith is in the house showing us how to give
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. best selling author ian smith is here to help us get shredded just in time for spring. something. we're rebooting our diet plan with the shred diet plan. thanks for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> there you go. >> so this works what? what does this do? >> this is an eating detox. most programs are all about liquids, smoothies, shakes, or juices. this has those things but also has solid foods. you get four meals a day, three snacks and it's up to 30 days. that's too long on the cleanse, but people love it. beyond the weight loss, they drop cholesterol levels, blood pressure.
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>> you will have salads, roasted vegetables, soups like lental soups with nice, high- quality protein. then you have snacks. things like cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes and of course hum us with protein. my favorite, of course, olives, onions, air popped popcorn. >> i love popcorn. >> so good. >> it's the sea salt flavor. all this in one day is a lot to eat and of course your drinks. the book has more than 50 recipes in the back of the book for shakes and smoothies. this is the purple power detox smoothie. the idea is that purple is the new green. so you still get your greens in there, but it's purple, sweet, and full of antioxidants. >> it's good, right? >> you know what, green does make a difference. >> it's in there. you just don't taste it.
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bad stuff so the cholesterol goes down? >> the beauty of fiber is it makes you feel full longer so you can consume fewer calories, get all of the health benefits of the finer and you can actually lose weight and feel good. people report their skin feels better. we've had diabetics do this, grandmothers, moms, ceos, trainers, everybody. >> how would you recommend people break these examples down? >> the book actually takes you step by step. each day it says this meal at this time. this snack at this time. people love that it's easy because you just follow what the book says and you can substitute in and out based on what you like, if you have allergies or medical conditions. >> how do you make this not taste like you know what? >> strawberries, blueberries, from, lemon juice, pears, kale to get your green in there and it tastes so sweet. >> this is with 1 of 50. >> we have green smoothies but
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so we've got a great challenge called the shred purple smoothie challenge. so go to >> for more information on getting shredded, go to time for sports with rick powers. >> reporter: phil jackson in los angeles last night with his team. he says he's in it to win it and believes carmelo anthony is with the knicks for the long haul as well. now it's about finishing this season and that could help rut rambis. anthony, baseline. they could not hold on. last night. the nets down the road just down the road at philadelphia. third quarter jeremy grant, donald sloan and robert
9:26 am
they will be wheeled off to court evaluated for a neck injury at a local hospital. we go to the fourth quarter, shawn kilpatrick ahead of the pack. lopez combined for 49 points but sixers come back for seven players and the nets lose 95- 89. at the garden, semifinals for the big east tournament, seton hall and xavier. the winner moves on to play villanova today. musketeers had the big opening but the pirates were all over them. that's kadeem carrington leading the way. angel delgado 87-83. seton hall with the upset. yukon against cincinnati. this is the end of the third overtime. the bearcats kevin johnson hits the three with an eighth of a second to go.
9:27 am
game time and going to a fourth overtime. danielle hamilton scored 32 in the game and connecticut wins this quadruple overtime. the jets meat with robert griffin iii yesterday. still want to sign ryan fitzpatrick. former met relief pitcher henry mejia will challenge ha lifetime ban from major league baseball. he was permanently suspended after a third positive test for performance-enhancing drugs. but he says mlb orchestrate the denies. conspiracy. >> it leads me to understand they cannot run america's pastime like a bad owe 70s cop movie. >> mets nationals yesterday. three innings giving up one run on three hits. it comes off the bat of juan la garris. he gives up three runs just
9:28 am
it goes off and the mets lose up 9-5. yankees/orioles, tanaka another good day for him. one hit, no runs, three strikeouts. offense comes in brian mccannes drives in. another big sports weekend. whatever what happens i'm rob powers. i'll see you back here on monday. much more ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning including a live look at today's top stories. >> one person dead, two missing after a tugboat crashes in the hudson river near the tappan zee bridge. i'm marcus put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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>> spring forward tonight. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. thanks for being with us. >> yeah. >> beautiful outside. >> a lot of people with sunglasses on. >> it's sunny and pretty mild. spring, ah, it's getting there. >> you can taste it. >> aimy freeze, what's going on with you and mother nature? >> we had a record-breaking week with temperatures that are so warm. we want to see if we can continue the pattern on the weekend. putting two days in a row with 60 degrees in march, we'll take it. real real pleasant looking day in front of us. it started out chilly in spots north and west of the city. we were subfreezing. monticello, sussex, newburgh, even white plains below the 30 degree mark. already at 50 degrees for symptoms river, which started in 209s. winds will be turning out of
9:32 am
really nice afternoon with a high of 60 degrees. the clouds come in temporarily overnight. we start with sunshine tomorrow morning and clouds increasing. looking good on the eastern seaboard. by sunday, watch the moisture increasing and showers by sunday night. after 6:00 and 7:00 coming in from the west and coming up from the south, we'll see a combination of showers to take us right into monday. monday turning out to be a rainy day. very raw feel and temperatures return to the 40s. so we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. we'll time that all out for you, and how quickly can we get back to accuweather seven-day forecast? michelle? we are following a breaking story along the hudson river where a search and rescue submission under way near the tappan zee bridge. >> one person has died when a tugboat sank and the search is ongoing for two people who were also on board but still missing at this hour. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis is live in west chester county with the latest on the rescue operation.
9:33 am
>> good morning, rob and michelle. that tug called the specialist about 40 feet now submerged in the hudson river. there is one fatality after that crash early this morning. it happened around 5:20. the tug was coming down from highland falls down the center navigational channel. it was hip tugging, so it was attached on the side to a barge that it was pushing when it struck a construction barge that was fixed on the hudson river at the site of where the new tappan zee bridge is being built. one person declared dead on the scene. the search continues for the two missing crew members so far who have not been located. there were several aviation units. there are police boats in the water, but as of yet, no divers. >> there were some dive teams here, but the conditions in the river make it too difficult and
9:34 am
the water at this time. the tugboat that sank is about 40 feet down in the main center channel. >> now at 5:20, the sun was not up. to raise questions about the construction equipment out on the river three years ago with the fatal boat accident involving a wedding party in killed. a lawsuit is pending against the construction of this bridge alleging that the barge is the equipment and not properly lit. there is a move to make sure all of the vessels out there on the water were lit. this accident is taking place at 5:20 this morning. one fatality. the search continues for two missing crew members. channel 7 "eyewitness news." the search is on for the man who attacked and robbed a 77-year-old man in the bronx. police say the man followed the victim into his parked chester apartment late wednesday night. he stole the 77-year-old's cane
9:35 am
that's when the suspect is accused of stealing $1100 from the man's home. the victim is being treated for head injuries. new jersey lawmakers are working to rae name a law in honor of a state trooper killed while responding to a crash. trooper shawn cullen was killed earlier this week at the scene of a car fire on i-295. there were several fire kruks and police vehicles at that scene with their lights on with when cullen was hit and killed. now state senators are working to rename a law requiring drivers to move over when approaching a scene of the flash honor of cullen. meantime, his funeral will be set for monday. law enforcement officials in western new york have a unique clue in the search for a drone operator. this video was shot using a drone that was in a radio tower. a worker doing maintenance on the tower with the video
9:36 am
that tower before getting stuck. coming up on "eyewitness news." on this saturday morning, a little boy is left alone at a hospital. his mom reveals why she dropped him off. that's disturbing, and didn't go back for him. >> also ahead, we usually see people waiting in line overnature for an iphone or big concert of some kind, but these folks are parents staking out a school for days, but for a really good reason, maybe the
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a utah mom is facing charges after investigators say she abandoned her son after saying she no longer wanted him in her house because he's rude.
9:39 am
saying "this kid is rude and ungovernable." the woman was charged with abuse and she said she thought what she did was legal because the hospital is a designated safe haven because they are legally allowed to drop off newborn babies. >> he was out of control. i thought it was okay that we could drop them off and it was a safe haven place. >> officials say that law applies only to babies up to 3 days old. this child was 3 years old. it does help with older kids including crisis nurseries, hot lines and longer term support. that boy, asking imagine is now in protective custody. the los angeles clippers owner donald sterling and his wife have decided not to go through with the divorce after being separated for more than
9:40 am
sterling filed for divorce after the couple's 60th anniversary last august. he testified against his estranged wife shelly during the sale of the clippers after a recording of the clippers' owner making racist statements was leaked. the recording was a conversation between sterling and his friend v.stiviano who his friend says is a miss industry. >> a lobster named claw debt with the four claws. they have no idea how rare it is because they've never seen one before. experts say it could have been caused by a genetic mutation or the lobster lost one claw and regenerated a few extra in its place. either way, no one will be enjoying those big claws dipped in melted butter.
9:41 am
lobster tails and -- >> now now, that's a meal. >> kids played outside for two hours last night. >> here at mount creek in our area, it's crazy the tail of two seasons smooshed together. more of the same at least where temperatures go we're mild. one day gets a little less than optimistic. >> all right. >> there's a lot in the tunnel. >> all right. let me tell you what i've got. outside, beautiful skies as we start out this weekend on a saturday morning with temperatures in the 40s. and the boroughs are the warmest spot. in the outlying suburbs, we're down below freezing so 47, 48% humidity. winds are calm. temperatures continue to climb. we're going to near 60 this afternoon. that will be above average for this time of year. so that's the trend that we've been on. on the accutrack here, no real worries. even the high, thin clouds
9:42 am
the streamers on the map show you the winds are actually still coming out of the east. it will be southeast by this afternoon and that warms us up even more. sunshine giving way to just a few clouds. temperatures right around 60 degrees before we get into sunset. clouds come in tonight and they are gone again in the morning. we have a beautiful start to sunday. it will be just as warm with temperatures in the low 60s. here are the futurecast. you can see the rain coming across the upper midwest here. we've also got moisture coming up from the south. these two meet as they approach the east coast and bring us rain. first in the form of showers late sunday and then again on monday. it's pretty much rain on and off throughout the day. sort of a raw feel to the day as wellp with temperatures stuck in the 40s. tuesday, we make the rebound in the early 30s. on the high resolution futurecast, clouds start to move back in. here's where the showers begin. mainly to the west and to the south.
9:43 am
them off until earlier on monday morning. the rain does continue all day and oranges and yellows are showing from the south. today we go 60 degrees tonight dropping down to 49 and increasing clouds. we had sunshine giving way to clouds and showers showing up by evening, 62. both today and tomorrow in the 60s looks good. we just end the weekend on a wet note. that's how we go into monday and start the workweek. raw and rainy, cool to start off on tuesday with a brief shower. i think wednesday really is the best day of the week. 65. we get a mild mix of sun and clouds. temperatures upper 50s on thursday and friday. we had a high of 62. also a reminder to you. as we see the warmer temperatures, the air quality is milder. the pollen counts are starting to climb. right now, tree pollens with cedar being the main concern up
9:44 am
a reminder to spring forward, ride? tonight's the night. sunrise was at 6:12. we spring forward with the clocks. tomorrow night at 2:00 a.m. immediately becomes 3:00 a.m. >> that's what we do, lose an hour of sleep. >> what are you going to miss with that lost hour? missed sleep, right? >> there's a big game on tonight nap's what i'm upset about because i can't stay up to watch it because it comes on at 9:00 and that's really going to be 10:00. >> that's tough. >> i hope you don't miss much. >> it's fine. parents who spent days waiting in line are learning whether or not their children have a spot in a highly coveted jersey city pre-school. this is pre-school. some of the parents waited for two days outside of the concordia learning center hoping to snag one of 82 spots for their child. 82 spots. the line started forming registration.
9:45 am
parents who know the school know -- it's first come first served. parents who know the school know how important it is. >> it's definitely family oriented. >> it's good for the city. parents have no option but to line up and get into, like, a good one. >> all spots at the school are free. there's no cost because the state requires the jersey city school district provide pre-k and everybody thinks it's the best. i have respect for those who want the best for their kids. it's sad that you have to camp out. >> pre-school. >> right. coming up, a man goes from rock bottom to marathon runner. how this athlete used running to change his life and empower others who need a boost. .
9:46 am
though, i do not have a remix in mind, but because i'm quick on my feet and we're doing a story about running, this community remix -- >> it's not going to play. >> from one of the great poets of our time, lionel richie. >> it's not going to play. >> this is a remix of "running with the night." [music] >> reporter: here's what's happening. head to the javits center and see over 200 robotics teams around the world compete to advance to the 16th anniversary. new york city's first competition and expo. in the bronx, learn about the roles of the women in had the 1960s and those who challenged them live celebrating women's history month. a children's garden open house in queens. you and your kids can get your hands dirty. on long island, beware the ides of march.
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shakespeare and hear how it unfolds. join in to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the savoy ballroom. get the chance to practice the moves to live music.
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featured (maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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all right, you guys. can you think of something that seems impossible to you? >> yes. >> jumping out of a plane. >> okay. >> dunking a basketball. >> imagine now your life gets so overwhelming that those >> wow. >> that's the story that we >> wow. >> here in new york today, a 45-year-old ultramarathoner whose name is david clark is going follow a world record on the trade -- going for a world record on the treadmill. this guy was once an addict. he is the epitome of proving life means doing it one step at
9:50 am
>> ten years ago, i weighed 320 pounds. i was at rock bottom in every possible way. i just lost my business. i owned a very large business, and i was struggling with food addiction. i was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day. you know, i needed something radical, something where the emotional stakes were high. running seemed to impossible. >> reporter: so at rock bottom, he stopped the wheel he was on, walked into a gym and stepped downto a treadmill. at 320 pounds, running seemed more impossible than getting his life together. his first run was 15 seconds. now an ultramarathoner, he is attempting 82 miles in 12 hours. that would break a world record on the treadmill. >> i'm going to run 12 hours on atrial treadmill and try -- on a treadmill and tray to set a new world record. >> reporter: it's more than a title he's after. his effort is a fund-raiser for "back on my feet" owe serving
9:51 am
once on the street himself, clark feels addictions are intertwined with those that are struggling. >> what "back on my feet does," is it gives people a chance to pull in with dignity, you know, to use something like running to build confidence. >> reporter: he wrote a book, ultrarecovery. clark says running is an affirmation of life taking him to places unforeseen, maybe even a new world record, which before. >> i always bet on the underdog even [ laughter ] >> he does not give up. >> there's nothing like a story where someone turns their life around that dramatically. that's just beautiful. >> wow. >> make no excuses, ride? >> absolutely. david clark will attempt the record at madison square park. >> all of the money he's raising will benefit "back on my feet new york." that is a running program to help those in need start with just one foot in front of the other.
9:52 am
>> i have to get his book "out there." >> amy, how did you guys connect? >> i knew he would be in town through "back on my feet." i saw him on the street and i was like, hey, stop, i want to talk to you. [ laughter ] >> in about ten minutes, we got a story from him. wishing him the best of luck, he's running right now. get your paws up, though, as we go forward. a big happy birthday shout out to that cat named jack who is 37 pounds, according to steven. we've got bailey this morning. a big girl herself sent in by ashley. monster's getting a little face time here. then we've got bud sent in via twitter. we'd love to see your pics.
9:53 am
9:54 am
we have breaking news. right now, crews are still searching for two people missing after a deadly tugboat
9:55 am
this morning. a tugboat called the specialist was coming south in the navigation channel of the hudson river when it was hip tugging a barge. so it was alongside of the barch in was pushing. it struck a construction barge. the tug started taking on water and sank. it is 40 feet under the hudson river. one person was found, declared dead on the scene. the search continues for the two missing crew members. we're live in tarrytown, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, marcus. new video shows a response at a queens bar when a bouncer was attacked and killed.
9:56 am
custody in the attack. johnnie's restaurant and bar. investigators say the bouncer was beaten up by a group of arrest. police are looking for anyone attack. well, there's certainly good news here. commuters who rely on new jersey transit are breathing a sigh of relief after workers and new jersey transit did reach a tentative deal to avoid a strike. the settlement was reached last night, ending a dispute that lasted for about five years. that's when expired. 2020. governor christie says it will not require a fare hike or any the next year. disaster. >> so many people impacted. >> well done, folks. we cannot let that happen. done. out.
9:57 am
tonight's the night that your clocks will go forward. setting your alarms, your microwaves and all of that stuff. it's a great reminder to check your smoke detector. make sure you've got batteries in them. the units, this is a good time to change filters as well. anyway, all of those pre- mindersp. >> a lot to do. >> all of those reminders, okay? >> one world trade. what a beauty. it is a nice day looking at the city. skies increase with clouds with a high of 60 degrees. we do spring forward, a high of 62 and rain moves in late sunday night into monday, it becomes a rainy start to the weekend. just 48 degrees, back to 60 on tuesday. it should be a real nice afternoon. wednesday 65 degrees thursday. rain friday to close out the week.
9:58 am
lose an hour of sleep, but real beautiful sunsets are probably ahead. >> all right. beautiful. >> can't wait to see you guys tomorrow at 7:00 when the show starts. >> that's all right. >> we're the ones that will be late. >> our producers and directors as well. [ laughter ] that's going to do it for us. don't forget to change your clocks. >> thanks so much for i do everything on the internet, but it's kinda slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest, but i thought it would be too expensive. who's that, jenny? no kate. turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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