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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eye witness news. >> a mother on staten island faces new charges tonight in the death of her newborn. first, take a good look at this picture. police in brooklyn on the hunt for a sexual predator who tried to rape a woman in her apartment building. good evening i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm david novarro. this incident left a community on edge. the victim attacked and held at knife point. we're learning mu details from the victim's family. >> lucy yang is in sunset park with the story. >> reporter: sandra and dave, i spoke with the victim's brother tonight but then he asked us not to broadcast this interview, which we're going to honor. this i can tell you, both he and his family are devastated by the
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her family tells me she was coming home from a date when she was attacked inside the lobby of her apartment building. it was almost midnight on saturday. police believe this man pressed a knife into the victim's neck and proceeded to molest her before running off. surveillance photos captured clear images of the man police want to arrest. the victim was treated and released. in an exclusive interview with a family family she spent most of saturday night with detectives. her family is very upset, scare and had in a state of shock. they moved here from china 15 years ago and made a life for themselves in brooklyn only to safety crushed. community/jewish. it's sad it's happening here. it seems like they're targeting people from this area. >> reporter: now we showed the photo to others in the
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they did not recognize the man. of course authorities are hoping someone watching this piece does. live in brooklyn tonight lucy yang for channel 7 eye witness news. >> lucy, thank you. if you would like to get another look at the suspect's photo we have it posted on our web site, friends and neighbors are remembering a man shot in newark this morning. a memorial growing for 55-year-old britten. he was shot and killed on the way to work. he was from trinidad but made a home here in newark. >> he was like a brother to us. he was a very good friend. >> just too sad. very, very sad. and here was his second home. we were his family. >> police are still investigating the shooting. so far no arrests have been made. divers have stopped looking for the body of a third man missing after a tug boat crash on the hudson river.
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reach the part of the boat they believe the body of harry hernandez is located. authorities say an aerial and river search will continue in case the 56-year-old was eject frommed the tug boat. the bodies of two crew members have already been found. >> the last thing they would think of is to get a call that their son or their brother or their boyfriend was killed in an accident. >> the tug boat hit a stationary barge that was part of the construction project. the boat sank into the river yesterday. new developments tonight in the death of a newborn baby on staten island. the infant's mother charged with murder. those charges come just one day after the baby's body was found in a trash bag. eye witness news reporter aj ross is outside the 121 precinct.
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with her head turned towards the ground the 28-year-old was escorted by police a short time ago. now facing an upgraded murder charge after a baby was found dead inside a trash bag inside her home. ramen walked into a nearby hospital bleeding after giving birth at her home friday night. when investigators went to check out the residents they discovered an unconscious and unresponsive infant hidden inside a trash bag. she was arrested saturday and initially charged with concealing a corpse. however, that charge was later upgraded to murder as the medical examiner tries to determine the exact cause of the baby's death. meanwhile neighbors we talked to say they're heartbroken for the newborn that was never given a chance. >> horrified. i told her if i would have heard the baby crying i would have taken the baby to the hospital. it's a shock. >> reporter: for now police aren't releasing the sex of the young child.
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we'll be placing it online at live tonight on staten island aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news. turning to the weather. we enjoyed a wild weekend. that's about to change. cold returns tomorrow. jeff smith is here with the details. >> along with rainfall. the rain moving in on radar right now. a lot of this not reaching the ground. there are a couple rain drops in and around the borough. there's a lot more from the south and west. rainfall will be developing and becoming steadier overnight from southwest to northeast. temperatures down to 50 and be falling sharply overnight. falling in the 40s by early tomorrow morning. high resolution future cast during the next 12 or so hours. you see rainfall just on and off. light stuff. the steadier rain moves in by 4:00 a.m. and maybe heavier rain over southern parts of new jersey. by the time the sun
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heavy rain over ocean county extending west to mercer county and swings through new york city and continues throughout the day on monday. just recapping, 7:00 in the morning start of the commute rainy and breezy. temperatures in the low 40s. kind of a miserable monday weather wise. there is improvement in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we'll detail that coming up. a maryland police officer is dead after what authorities say was an unprovoked attack. police say a shooter opened fire on the first officer he saw outside the landover police station. that officer was 28-year-old jeki olson. officers immediately returned fire. the suspect was injured and taken to the hospital. a second suspect was apprehended a short time later. officer collison was shot and rushed to the hospital where he died.
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he didn't shy away from calls or shirked his responsibility. he was always working and always there for his fellow brothers and sisters. >> reporter: collison was a four year veteran of the force. he would have been 29 years old this week. donald trump finding himself in the midst of criticism as the rallies turned violent. he is refusing to change his rhetoric and sparking protests all over the country. here in new york city demonstrators gathered in herald square and accused him of promoting bigotry and ray schism. they come days ahead of crucial primaries. on tuesday voters will go to the polls in five states. it's the races in florida, ohio and illinois that could make or break for some candidates. >> reporter: the democratic candidates agree completely on one thing.
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in the way he urges his audience on. >> reporter: donald trump is to blame for the violent protests at his rallies. >> trump has to get on the tv and tell his supporters that violence in the political process in america is not acceptable. end of discussion. >> reporter: trump blames outside agitators. >> it was totally organized troublemakers. they're not protesters, they're disrupters. they're supposed to disrupt. >> reporter: campaigning in illinois sunday the republican front runner was again repeatedly interrupted. >> get them out. >> reporter: trump says he and his audience are the demonstrators. >> so loud, so vicious they stop amendment rights. >> reporter: as they gear up to go head to head in five states trump's gop rivals are cutting him no slack. >> donald trump is the nominee hillary clinton is the next president.
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his rhetoric. >> reporter: polls say donald trump will be the biggest winner in tuesday's voting. only home state governor john kasich leads him. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in all five states. their closest fight in illinois where she leads 51% to 45%. a deadly explosion in turkey's capital. details behind the attack and who police believe planted it.
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in turkey a car bomb killed 34 people and wounded 125 others. the car exploded on a main boulevard in turkey's capital near bus stops and a park filled with people. several vehicles around the car caught fire. two of the dead are believed to be the ones that set it. turkey officials suspect curdish officials carried it out. in africa an al qaeda affiliate claimed a shooting in ivory coast. two security force member were among 16 people who died. the six gunmen were shot and killed. this was the third major attack on a tourism center in west
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new video that police hope helps them identify three suspects in a violent robbery in the bronx. detectives say three men attacked a 62-year-old man in wakefield thursday night. they approached him near 230 street in bronx park east. one man threw a punch knocking the victim out. then the three stole his cell phone and cash. the victim is recovering in the hospital. a man suspected of shooting two workers in queens deli is dead. the gunmen argued with the pair before opening fire and injuring them. officers tried to pull a suspect over when they heard a gunshot. they rushed to the car and found the man dead at the wheel. the employees are suspected to be okay. also in queens a three alarm fire sends six people to the hospital. five of them firefighters. flames broke out after nine this
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140 firefighters responded to the blaze. the injured firefighters reportedly suffered electric shock. they were all taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. an apology for an olympic fencer from new jersey. what happened at the south by southwest music festival that dismissal? the image of a dog saving a boy's life has gone viral. change. the cold and rain return
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what you're going to tell us in your forecast? >> we're not living for monday this week. wednesday. by wednesday things will look better. not to the point we were when we had upper 70s to 80 but nicer by then nonetheless. we head outside and a little bit of rain starting to work its way in the tri-state region. it becomes steadier as the night wears on. a live look on the southern end of the mark. the wind is calm for the time being. boy, that's going to be ramping up overnight and into the day tomorrow. could be coming in from the east, northeast gusting up to 35 miles per hour at times along with the rain and that cooler weather. it's going to feel nasty out there. the high on the day surprisingly despite the cloud cover got up to 62 degrees. still way, way above normal nor this time of the year. 49 is the typical high. records 85. look at that back in 1990.
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the blizzard of 1888. 52 in newark and 51 at white plains and jfk airport. 40s well north and west. 46 at monticello and 40s down the shore in belmar and tom's river. 48 and 46 and of the island. check out the radar. the bark is worse than the bite. a lot of the rain is not reaching the ground. we have a dry air near the surface and the rain drops will fall and evaporate before reaching the ground. there's a lot more rain off to the south and west. this stuff is reaching the ground over pennsylvania extending down through the nation's capital and that's why i think rainfall will gradually become steadier overnight and tomorrow. it's a chilly and wet monday out there. the high pressure situated to the north and east. the clock wise flows around that grabbing the cool air from the atlantic ocean and bringing it into the tri-state area on the
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could be gusting 20, 30 miles per hour. this area of rain. the back edge of it extends way out west into the ohio valley and we have to wait until tuesday to completely get rid of the rainfall. so lows tonight in the meantime down to 42 in the park and getting down in the 30s in places like sussex and monticello with the rain developing. it takes until late for the rain to make it up towards bridge port, connecticut. 39 for a low there. highs tomorrow the temperature going nowhere with the wind off the ra water and the rainfall up to 45 in the city if we're lucky. about 47 down the shore in belmar and it's rainy and windy and raw. accuweather forecast overnight cloudy and breezy. becoming breezy. periods of rain and not until late. well after midnight in parts of connecticut. we're down to 42. 7:00 in the morning 43 degrees. rainy and breezy out there. it's cloudy and down right
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periods of rain, 45. i'm selling this, right? cloudy and light rain and drizzle tomorrow night and things taper off. we're down to 43 degrees. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. heading into tuesday, it's a damp daybreak. i say that because during the morning we'll have drizzle. i think we'll have low clouds and maybe some fog around and then that breaks for afternoon sunshine. it won't be as chilly of a day. depending on how much sunshine we get. we're going for 56. more sunshine we'll get 58 or 59 degrees. wednesday like i was saying a lot nicer. it's warm out there with partial sunshine and a high up to 62. you can't rule out a shower late wednesday with a front passing well off to the north. areas north of the city stand the best chance. a few showers for st. patrick's day. doesn't look like a washout and still temperatures are well above normal around 60-degree mark. upper 50s by friday under a mix of cloud and suns.
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the second half of next weekend storminess could move in. high temperatures could be in the 50s. could be rain developing by sunday. rain gear tomorrow. we're going to see a lot of those inverted littering the streets. it'll be windy, too. >> thanks, so much jeff. >> i was trying to pay attention but i'm working on my bracket now. >> how's that looking for you? >> it's not good. it's a mess. >> yeah, it kind of is. we'll try and help. we're going to give you details. you can figure this out. there were celebrations all over the country as teams laced on their dancing shoes for another ncaa tournament. we have a round up of local teams who know where the opening round will take them.
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you're telling me burton community college is not going to the final four?
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that is one thing i can say for certain. the brackets are now set. a week of low workplace productivity begin. the big sdans upon us. before the selection show uconn had business to take care of this afternoon. it proved not to be too much of a problem. they dominated memphis. five players finished in double figures as uconn captured the first conference title since 2011. a 9 seed in the west and their game is thursday in des moines, iowa as the huskies square off against colorado. seton hall got the automatic bid and they knew they would be in before that. tonight, though, finally learning their fate as the 6th seed out of the midwest. 11 seed gonzaga is their opponent. that's thursday in denver. >> it's been a tough 23 years for this fan base and to give them a big east championship and get them back in the dance, it's
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>> another local team that knew it was in, iona making the first appearance since 2013. they gathered to watch it and they found out they're heading to colorado. they're in the midwest 13 seed and first up, 4 see iowa state. that game on thursday. as for stony brooke. the seawolves are a 13 seed. that game thursday in des moines. one of the biggest surprises in the tournament, syracuse is in despite the 19-13 record. they'll meet dayton on friday in st. louis. finally, the winners of the northeast conference championship finding out their a 16 seed in the east region but they have to face florida gulf coast on tuesday in dayton to get in. the winner gets north carolina. kobe bryant's farewell season includes one more last time ever scenario.
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knicks for the last time ever. kobe and carmelo got to embrace before the game as the knicks met the lakers. it was an ugly opening quarter for l.a. who shot 16% he got too close for comfort were melo. all is good. before halftime knicks with a parting note. a jam with one second to robin lopez the hoop and the foul. the knicks are leading 67-62. that game is in the 4th. the nets finally back home after the circus road trip hosting the bucs tonight. the greek freak on fire. the monster jam pushes the lead to 8. the nets keep it close. brooke lopez with the 6th straight game.
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he had a triple double. 109-100. bucs and jason kidd win. much more ahead in sports. today was about more than basketball. there was hockey. the rangers had to come from behind multiple times today. would they get past the penguins? a rough day at the office for cc turns out lemon juice doesn't cure pink eye. hi. how are you doing today? that's how i am. red head fred. ultra rare. i collect these too. nah, these are for my dog because he can never decide which one he wants until he gets home, so...
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chance at # points blowing the lead to the red wings and then falling in overtime. there was no time to dwell. this afternoon the rangers returning home to host the surging penguins. blue shirts playing catch up all afternoon. on the power play in the 2nd derek brussard tieing things up. ryan mcdunna making it a tie game in the 3rd. this is bad puck luck. that's it, 5-3 the rangers with another tough weekend loss. cc sabathia came into spring training feeling better than he has in years. they need their lefty to earn his rotation spot. he didn't make a great case. sabathia couldn't get out of the 2nd inning. runs. better news here, their closer
11:33 pm
tossed a scoreless inning. the third on a 104 miles per hour pitch. the only offense came from the phillies. the yankees on the wrong end of a shutout. it was harvey day for the mets. matt harvey on the mound. the dark knight went four scoreless. then he got to sit back and watch his lineup go to work. 2 for 3 with 3 rbi. the mets opening up a lead and wouldn't close. he had a hit in six straight spring games. 11-0 the mets winning big. for the second year now yankee stadium is not just for baseball anymore. today soccer took over as nyfc played toronto fc. it started well thanks to diva. he could have been called for a handball but it'll count. toronto will come back.
11:34 pm
at least they didn't lose the home opener. >> there you go. >> play in games start tuesday. >> thank you. >> a second body pulled from the hudson river after a tug boat crashed. police identified the victims as we learn more about the difficult search conditions. an investigation at a catholic high school over an antise mettic chant. meet the dog named jedi and put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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here's a look at the top stories tonight. police in brooklyn search for a man who tried to rape a woman in an apartment lobby. the man held a knife to the woman's neck and sexually assaulted her. she was taken to a hospital and treated and released. a mother is charged with the murder of her newborn. she gave birth on friday and the body was found in a trash bag. how the cause of death or what caused the death, though, is under investigation. a growing memorial in newark work. 55-year-old britten sing is from trinidad and lived in newark. he was shot on roosevelt avenue. case. topping the news this half hour, police have called off the search for the last man missing hudson river. >> police identified him as
11:38 pm
the bodies of timothy conklin has been recovered. >> kemberly richardson has the story. >> the last thing they would think of is to get a call that their son or their brother or boyfriend was killed in an accident. >> reporter: today this family, the conklins are holding out hope as they gathered by the hudson river. confirmation that timothy conklin was dead. they found the 29-year-old's body inside the tug boat he worked on. the specialist remained submerge in deed 40 feet of water. he was from west bury long island. he was guiding a barge down the hudson and for some reason saturday morning around 5:20 hit a second fixed construction barge. timothy had a bad feeling about this trip. >> he felt that the tides and the currents were very, very strong.
11:39 pm
currents have hampered this delicate operation next to the bridge. the 90-foot tug boat is sitting in the main channel. divers can get to it during a brief period before low tide. >> divers mentioned it's six inches of visibility. the current on top and underneath the surface of the water is significant. >> reporter: divers did recover paul amon's body. he loved the water. the third and final crew member, 56-year-old harry hernandez is still missing. for the first time today, a picture of what it was like in the last few minutes before the specialists hit the barge. >> there are reports there were radio transmissions that said we are too close. we have to move left. >> reporter: so now during the salvage phase, the company that owns the specialist will have to come up with a plan over the next couple of days on how to
11:40 pm
in terms of the investigation that will involve many things including going over more radio transmissions and talking to folks on the construction barge and the remaining tug boats. in terry town, kimberly richard richardson. the church is located on east new york avenue in prospect place in brownsville. firefighters had it under control. four of them were treated at the scene for minor injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. tonight president obama signed a disaster declaration for louisiana. that declaration will allow federal aid to help clean up massive destruction from historic flooding. more than 5,000 homes have been damaged there. abc's phillip minnow has more. >> reporter: communities across the south are working to hold back the swollen rivers. in this covington, louisiana, neighborhood, families who were
11:41 pm
returning home today to see the damage. we were with the englehart family when they were rescued. >> it didn't matter if my house got destroyed as long as my family was safe. >> reporter: their home was spared. amy's house was one of 5,000 damaged by flooding. >> our house was surrounded. by the time we got out the front and back met and we knew it was over. we knew it was coming in the house. >> reporter: roadways in this community under water. debris, even a flaming propane tank floating. tonight a new worry. dangerous mold. the damaged base boards and dry wall coming out. >> my son and i have really bad allergies. getting the mold in here will be our biggest concern. so we want to get it taken care of. incredibly, this is the same neighborhood where the rescues took place just yesterday. obviously the skies have cleared
11:42 pm
just north of here severe just north of here severe weather is on the move. many bracing for dangerous storms tonight. a massachusetts catholic high school under evening after students launched into an antisi mettic chant. the comments prompted students at catholic memorial to begin chanting things like you killed jesus. the antidefamation league is calling on both schools to open a dialogue. >> it really brings it to another level. it's anti-semitic. >> the president says the behavior is unacceptable and he's apologized for that chant. an officials at south by southwest festival in texas are apologizing to a muslim athlete
11:43 pm
volunteer worker asked her to remove her hi ja b. the volunteer asked her to remove her head scarf when she checked in for a panel yesterday. officials say they dismissed that volunteer and say it's not their policy to ask anyone to remove a religious head covering. governor andrew cuomo delivered good news to residents of a new york village struggling with contaminated water. the governor visited husik falls today for the first time since a chemical linked to cancer was found. residents were told to stop drinking tap water after the chemical pfoa. now the tests show a temporary water filtration system is working. he admitted the system is not a long term solution. >> is the permanent filtration system the answer? is an alternative water source
11:44 pm
>> officials are saying they should still not drink the water. the companies thought to be responsible for the contamination are paying for bottled water. a queen's ymca team is getting help from a former gold med list. they held a swim clinic for the flushing flier swim team. they talked about healthy eating habits and keeping a positive mind set. >> the biggest thing we talk about is an attitude of gratitude. you're thankful for all you have. these kids have a lot to be thankful for. >> the flushing flyers are preparing for the ymca state competition. they're hoping to win their 30th straight championship title. >> they're doing something right. a street race ends in a fiery crash. the whole thing caught on camera by police. what happened to the police inside.
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
11:47 pm
officials are calling for changes in an effort to prevent another depressed pilot from crashing a plane.
11:48 pm
lubitz flew a jet into a mountain in the french alps. they want medical professionals to warn them when their mental health could endanger people. he had antidepressants in his system and consulted several doctors. the dangers of street racing on display in this fiery video from washington state. two cars collided while racing in seattle. the people in the burning car got out before the fire started. firefighters had to extricate the people from the other car. a sheriff's department helicopter was first on the scene. >> it looks like it's bad. we have two crumpled up pretty good. looks like there's bystanders there trying to get people out of the car engulfed. >> four people were injured. so far no charges have been filed.
11:49 pm
attempting to kill a classmate for an online fictional character is being treated at a mental hospital. a judge committed that 13-year-old who was diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia. the teen and another girl lure add classmate to a park and stabbed her 19 times to please the online character slender man. a family in arizona hopes to spread the joy that they've gotten from a dog they rescued. 2-year-old chichi came from south korea where she was raised to be eaten. her legs were infected and she was left to die. an animal rights group rescue and had rehabilitated her. she's been placed with this family in phoenix. >> i just think her story is really special and once we get her certified as a therapy dog she can improve people's lives. >> the best part of her is
11:50 pm
and her spirit to live is going to affect people and make people happy. >> her legs need to be amputated. plans call for her to be fitted with prosthetics. we have another dog story to tell you about. it surrounds the friendship between a boy and his dog. it's a special bond.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
tomorrow would be a good day to play hooky and stay home. >> not looking good out there. a better day to stay home is wednesday. >> i would rather have good hair. >> you always have good hair. >> that's not an issue for us. >> david, you're supposed to compliment. >> she's perfect. how is that? >> that was good. . >> um, yeah. it's late, folks. >> yes, it is. let's head out right now and
11:53 pm
state building. laura behnke was talking about the new york city football club having their home opener today. that's why the empire state building is lit up in the nice powder white and blue color. 52 and cloudy skies and the swind calm. there's rain approaching from the south and west. just a couple of rain drops. a couple of scattered rain drops in and around the city right now. this will become steadier as we head towards morning. you see on the next 7-hour forecast here. temperatures are falling in the upper 40s. rainfall on and off by 6:00 a.m. rainfall in here. surprisingly even despite the cloud cover we had out there we got well in the 60s. 62 at newark and central park. even on the island islip and montauk both checking in at the 62-degree park. we've been spoiled with nice weather. now mother nature giving us pay
11:54 pm
50 at morris town and belmar. 46 down the shore towards tom's river. rainfall showing up on radar. there's a lot of rain on radar. most of this, 99% of it is not hitting the ground. the air is too dry for the rain drops to survive the trip. this is hitting the ground from southern new jersey through south central pennsylvania and moving to the north and east and will be in here overnight. as indicated on the high resolution future cast. you see during the next couple of hours on and off light rain. by 4:00 a.m. there's the leading edge. you see it in southwest connecticut. it may take until daybreak to get rain. by 7:00 in the morning fairly steady rain and heavier downpours over ocean county, new jersey. some of these can get in the 5 boroughs of new york city mid to late morning and on and off rain continues throughout the day. in addition they'll be a stiff wind coming in off the atlantic
11:55 pm
make it feel miserable out there. 45 for a high temperature if we're lucky. during the day tomorrow. rainy and breezy at 7:00 in the morning. your accuweather forecast. temperatures right around 43 heading into the day. we're talking rain on and off. varying intensities. it's raw throughout and breezy. 45 for a high. damp tuesday morning. maybe some driz and will fog and low clouds. we try to clear things out in the afternoon. a nice day on wednesday. low 60s and a couple of showers on st. patty's day. shouldn't be a washout and back in the 50s. maybe more rain by the second half of next weekend. bill evans back with more in the morning. >> thank you, jeff finally tonight, an incredible story of nature beating technology. a black lab named jedi is luke battling diabetes.
11:56 pm
the force is definitely strong with this dog. >> reporter: of course because he is a dog, jedi the lab has an acute sense of smell. it's his good timing that made this picture of jedi and luke spread all over facebook. here's the story. luke is now 7 was diagnosed as a 2-year-old with a chronic condition. >> the doctors walked back in and said your son has diabetes. >> reporter: that means to get shots of insulin several times a day when his own insulin levels spike. the whole family was asleep and luke's blood sugar plummeted and before his glucose monitor jedi. he has been train today smell when luke's levels go too low.
11:57 pm
because he always knows and his nose can sniff where i am. >> he laid on me and then i went oh, no. check luke. >> reporter: sure enough luke still half asleep was able to get his shot. what do you call that? good timing and good training and also friendship. for real. >> awesome. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm david novarro. eye witness news returns
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there are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind that pays better. who am i? i'm rick castle. castle. castle. i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i? every writer needs inspiration, and i've found mine. detective kate beckett. beckett. beckett. nikki heat? the character he's basing on you. and thanks to my friendship with the mayor, i get to be on her case. i would be happy to let you spank me. and together, we catch killers. we make a pretty good team, you know? like starsky and hutch, turner and hooch. you do remind me a little of hooch. (the apples in stereo's "7 stars" playing) 7 stars in the sky, in the sky yeah, paula, that sounds perfect. yeah, close the deal. thank you. and to you. hey. hey. ask me why i'm here. you know, i ask myself that question every day. that was paula, my agent, with big news about my book "heat wave." mm-hmm.


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