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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and we could see the presidential race even further today with primary elections in five states. breaking news, mother teresa is now on the road to sainthood. the announcement from the vatican just moments ago. i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm bill evans. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: 45 in east hampton, 45 around norwalk, and 45 down the jersey shore. by the afternoon, temperatures coming up into the low 60s, and weather and heather every 7 minutes. >> it's a mess. this is on 78. two tow trucks are on the scene.
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there, removing the vehicles that are over here. only the right shoulder is getting by. all of this activity blocking the center lane. the right lane is open. it's causeing a tremendous amount of delays, and let's go over to the map. it's on 78, eastbound, near 17 and clinton, and we do have the two lanes closed down, and really only one lane is getting by. subway service on or close to schedule, and new jersey transit, and long island railroad doing just fine. everything is on or close as far as that is concerned. l.i.e. into the grand central, and that construction is being cleared away, and the street cleaning rules are in effect. >> reporter: it's 6:01, breaking news from the vatican, and we just found this on our news app. pope francis just signed a decree to make mother teresa a saint.
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her canonization ceremony has been set for early september. she came from a millionaire family, and she left all that behind to work with the poor, and she received a noble peace prize in 2003. now to a developing story on long island, a robbery inside of a nassau county home, and two people have been hurt. we know at least one person was shot, and eyewitness news reporter, darla miles is live from freeport with the investigation. darla? >> ken, i just spoke to one neighbor who says he didn't hear any gun shots, but he did hear the massive response from the freeport police, all the patrol cars speeding to the home. i want to show you what it looked like when we arrived at 4:00 this morning. you could see all the cars that responded to what police are calling a robbery it happened
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we know so far that one or more suspects made their way inside of the house, and they shot one of the men inside, and now a second man different type of injury, and both are in the hospital and are expected to be okay, and there are still people inside of the home that we have seen this morning, and it's not clear if they were here at the time of the robbery or if they witnessed anything, and we have seen them speaking extensively to detectives this morning, and at this point, there's no word on who police may be looking for, one or more suspects or if they made off with anything during the robbery attempt. darla miles. kim jong-un says his country will soon conduct a nuclear warhead test and a ballistic missile test capable
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this comes just 2 days after kim jong-un claimed the north could wipe out manhattan by sending a hydrogen bomb on a ballistic missile. it's 6:04 right now and the red cross is assisting four families forced out of their home in new jersey. two boys passed away with their father. their mother is in the icu now. the may of orange says the fire crews were on the scene just minutes after getting the 911 call. it's 6:04. a lawsuit stemming from the racially charged death of a pace university football player has been settled. the family of d.j. henry has accepted a $6 million offer from the village of
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adds henry, who -- happened as henry who was black drove away from the disturbance. >> we have asked from the beginning just for truth and honesty, and we have also asked for an apology, and behave not received that. this is all we have left. >> reporter: no criminal or federal civil rights indictments were handed up in henry's killing, and lawsuits against the town of mount pleasant and its police are still pending. for the presidential candidates, their white house ambitions could very welcome down to today. 792 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats with hillary clinton looking to lock up the nomination, and with the republicans, 367 delegates are at stake in the crucial battleground stakes like florida and ohio where it's winner take all, and kenneth moton is live in cleveland. good morning, kenneth.
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donald trump and hillary clinton could go from front runners to likely nominees for their party today. florida and ohio are the biggest prizes, but the other states voting today could really make the difference. >> reporter: it's here, the day that could be a critical turning point in the race for president. >> this is a place i want to win. this is the place, this is going to do it. >> reporter: gop front runner, donald trump was in the winner- take-all strait ohio overnight, attacking his rival john kasich. >> kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. >> reporter: the stop trump movement is in full effect. >> this country is not about us tearing one another down. >> reporter: rivals spoke of the recent violence from the trump rallies. >> a bernie sanders' sign, don't worry, you won't get beat up at my rally. >> the difference between this
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>> these are lovefests. >> reporter: and hillary clinton called him out. >> i do call irresponsible. he's been building this. >> reporter: bernie sander informs chicago, far behind in the delegate count, but confident. >> let us have this great state lead the country into a political revolution. >> reporter: sanders is trailing clinton in all five states voting today, and in his home state of florida, rubio is 20 points behind trump, but here in ohio, governor kasich has a chance to win, making a contested republican convention likely. reporting live here in cleveland, ohio, this morning, kenneth moton, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, ken nebraska. stay with abc news and channel 7 as results come in on supertuesday. there will be interviews with john kasich and donald trump at 7:00, right after eyewitness news. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, and bill evans with your exclusive forecast. >> reporter: cloudy skies, fog, and drizzle, and it's chilly. that's how you start out your day today. over to the subway, taking the train. showers have left, and it's just a drizzle with this. northeast wind feeling chilly. showers are around, and they get out of the way today. by afternoon, temperatures get to about 55 by noontime, and breaking of sun this afternoon, into the low 60s. 60, 61, going to be very nice. the kiddos need to dress warmly. after school, the huckelberries will still be there.
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>> if one of them had a dog, is it huckelberry hound? >> if there was food, they would move a lot. >> it you imagine if we brought our dogs to the bus stop? >> that would be crazy. >> it would be a lot of fun. >> one lane is getting by here because of the accident activity. 78 eastbound near 17 and clinton, and that's where the accident is. you have two lanes closed downgoing through that spot. and subway service running or close to schedule. metro north, also doing just fine, and then the belt parkway, going west at cross bay boulevard, that's a disabled vehicle causing delays. over here to the l.i.e. east, the grand central had construction, and it's been cleared away, but the westbound delay, and that's just regular volume out of nassau county through queens. alternate-side parking rules in
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ken and lori, over to you. a chaotic shootout in a second city, still ahead this morning, an update on the three police officers shot in chicago, and how they battled back. also ahead at 6:30, parents in queens put on notice after a martial arts instructor is charged with abusing several young girls.
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developing right now, a drug suspect is dead, and three police officers are wounded after shootout, and this happened last night in chicago, and the officers were chasing the suspect when he opened fire, and all three officers were hit, but they are expected to be okay. one officer returned fire, killing the alleged shooter, and a second suspect has not been caught, and a third person is being questioned. 6:13. protests planned today at school headquarters in new brunswick, new jersey, by a teenager who was beaten by a fellow student. the 13-year-old was assaulted by a wrestling team member who was apparently angry over a girl. his family says the school the did not handle the incident properly.
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guard, and in the video, you can see here, not that clear, but you can see here. she witnessed what was going on. >> the school never told me you need an ambulance or something. never, never. >> reporter: school officials said protocols were followed, and the student was suspended. he faces assault charges. >> reporter: sarah palin's husband, todd, remains in the icu this morning after another surgery related to a freak snowmobile accident. the former vice president nominee posted overnight that todd suffered broken ribs, broken shoulder blade and clavicle with injuries to his leg and collapsed lung. she thanked fans for prayers far speedy recovery, and she canceled campaign stops for
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>> reporter: let's check the forecast with bill evans. >> reporter: it's on the drizzly side, and it's raw and chilly with the winds this morning, and you are getting going, make sure you have your jacket, and you have to repel some of the drizzle, and it's misty here. here's the pictures for you this morning. the live picture, looking right there towards the wall street, boling green, and the brooklyn bridge. today we are going to be well above normal, but we are starting around 45, close to the normal high, but it feels colder with the wind out of the northeast, and this atmosphere, it's just loaded with moisture. the humidity is high around 90 percent. the wind out of the northeast, and the low pressure system. the wind profiles are wrapping around the low in the atlantic. the low is moving northeast. northeast wind in here for awhile, and then the winds will go north, allowing more dryer air out of the north, clearing out the clouds today.
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drizzle around, and with the northeast wind, it's damp. there's showers to the south and west, and those will dry out, and high pressure is slowly starting to build in. we will see the barometer and by midday, cloudy skies, and brightening skies, and by the afternoon, as we get to sunset, just after 7:00, we will see the temperatures close to 58 to 61 degrees, and tomorrow, we will start the day in the mid- to upper 40s, and we will have sun and clouds tomorrow, and we will get to 60. there could be a couple of showers late in the day and tomorrow evening, and it's big, warm air surging up and over us tonight and tomorrow from the south, and we could have the same situation on thursday for st. patrick's day. 58 after school today, kids have brightening skies, and it's great for afterschool practice sports, and 61 will tap out as a high tonight. the fog returns because of the warm air. low at 48, and tomorrow, sun and clouds, and the high of 60, and a passing shower is
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temperature, 60 degrees on wednesday and thursday, and then it's going to be great weather for the st. patrick's day parade. we will be at 60 degrees, and we will have a spritz or sprinkle, and we will cool down to the end of the week, and sunday, we could have rain, and then that may mix in with a little wet snow, and be ready for that sunday for the half marathon and then the start of spring is on sunday. the real bachelor is here this morning with us. [ laughter ] >> luis. >> oh! >> we have two girls, joey and siri, which one is it going to be? which one do you pick? you have to pick one. >> he left the ring at home. [ laughter ] >> all right, there we go. we got everybody here this morning. all right. >> bachelor max. >> they like the arrangement. [ laughter ] >> and ain't no ring on that finger.
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>> take him out. >> let's go over to heather. let's talk about mass transit. new jersey transit, metro north, doing just fine. subway service running or close to schedule. the belt parkway at cross bay boulevard, that's disabled vehicle, and there's a big problem on 78, eastbound, near 17, and that's in clinton. it's an accident, and you have two lanes closed down as a result, and that's causing really heavy delays traveling on to 78. minor delays for the george washington bridge, 10 minutes at the lincoln and the holland tunnel. here's the george washington bridge, doing just great. no major problems moving across the span. left to right, that's the inbound side, and we will look at the web camera as you travel on to 78. because of this accident, you really only have one lane getting by here, and they are trying to clear away the earlier crash, and boy do we have really heavy delays on 78 going into that spot, and if you can, you can use route 22 to get yourself around that,
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and you don't have a lot of choices. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. 6:19, and coming up, the financial fight for security, taking mayor de blasio to washington, dc. a ground breaking emission from a top nfl official as the league works to curb head injuries among players. in today's tech bytes, making a purchase with a selfie. >> amazon has technology that allows users to authorize a purchase with a selfie. new tones are helping you wake up and warmer tones like sunset help you prepare for sleep. the folks at tinder say
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on to money this morning, and wall street begins the day with declines from energy companies offset by the gains for travel companies, and the dow starts 17,229. overseas the markets lost about 1%. today it will be a busy day to sell congress on self- driving deals. they want to make sure the technology does not have to bob and weave around conflicting state laws. they want new authority to approve life-saving safety invasions like cars. air b & b is looking to crowd source its reviews by
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feedback, and the company will soon allow neighbors of air b & b homeowners to submit comments on the website. staff will review all comments and reviews, and more will be released when the feature goes online in the coming weeks. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, and bill evans with the forecast. >> reporter: looking down the beach at asberry park, and we have cloudy skies. the camera bouncing around a bit, and we are seeing the wind here, with the 45-degree temperature, and the winds have been cranking here, and they will continue through the morning hours, and they will die down later on today, and then we will see the temperatures that will start to warm up into the mid-50s by the time we get to the afternoon. the next 7-hour, we will be looking at sunny breaks after noontime today, but cloudy until then, and dress warm.
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the chilly air mass is through the morning. weather and traffic every 7 minutes, and now how is it going out there, heather? >> this is 78 for the westbound side. at this point, all lanes are closed down on 78. it's eastbound, actually, and this is because of an accident that is in the process of being cleared away it this is near 17 in clinton, and we have the street cleaning rules in effect, and mass transit is doing great. 6:25, and for the first time the nfl has acknowledged a link between football and brain trauma. the surprising admission was made before a congressional panel. he said a number of players have been diagnosed with cte. ctes associated with brain trauma and depression it can only be detected after death. all knew for the next half
6:26 am
struck by bbs on long island, and we are getting our best look yet at the vandal behind the string of crimes. schools across one city closing their doors after a popular high school athlete was gunned down. the new effort to make the city's homeless shelters a safe place. channel 7 is your home for the united airlines half marathon. >> we are taking you mile-by- mile, introduces you to the faces you will see on race day. hi, i'm pena rasilla. i recently won the 800-mile at the new york road runners games. look for me at times square kids run. see you race day. the united airlines nyc
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new details just coming in about an early-morning shooting on long island. what the mother of the victim says happened when two gunman burst in. martial arts instructor arrested for abusing several young girls, and police in queens worry there could be more victims. will it be a two-horse rate after today. donald trump and hillary clinton hoping for big wins to close out the nomination. rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. march 15th, it's the ides of march. it's looking up for us. 18. 44 in babylon, and east hampton at 45. 41 for danbury, and low to mid- 40s here, and the winds are bouncing the camera around. 55 with breaks of sun by noontime, and 61 this
6:31 am
feel pretty nice, and then we have very mild weather for tomorrow and thursday, and we are going to talk about that next in the accuweather forecast as we close out the last week of winter, heather. >> yes! i have been waiting 3 months for you to say that. subway services running on or close to schedule no major issues there new jersey transit, long island railroad, and metro north doing just fine. headed on to 78, the major problem is eastbound side at 17. two lanes remain closed down, and they are still out there, still trying to get that cleared away, and they are making progress, also an accident on the southern state parkway by fletcher avenue, exit 14. bell parkway at cross bay boulevard. that's a disabled vehicle, and you can see the delay before you get into jfk off the southern state parkway. we have alternate-side parking rules in effect for today, and again, mass transit is not
6:32 am
we just received an update on a terrifying home invasion robbery. two masked men stormed into a home with guns, and two brothers were wounded. darla miles has reaction from the victim's mother. >> reporter: that's right, the victims' mother told me two men covered in all black busted into the back door, demanding money, and her two sons were both injured, coming to her defense, and this was around 1:00 this morning on casino street, here in freeport, and eugenia bapt ist said she completely froze, and her two sons ran down to save her. one son was shot in the knee and the other was smacked across the face with a gun.
6:33 am
and told me to get down, and i started screaming for my kids, and i think i was trying to call 911, and i was just pushed down to the ground, and then i didn't move no more, but my kids came down, and i really saw, i never would have thought i would see my son get shot. >> reporter: now baptist says the suspects ran off with her cell phone, cash, and a few other items for the house. she doesn't remember hearing a car, so it's possible they fled on foot since they came in the back door. her 21-year-old son who was smacked in the face has been released from the hospital. her 25-year-old is being streeted at south nassau communities hospital. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. public schools in poughkeepsie are closed to allow students to attend the
6:34 am
school athlete who was gunned down leaving a game. 18-year-old caval haylett was shot in the head on his way home from a basketball game. it appears he was not the intended target. the board of education voted unanimously to change the school calendar, changing all poughkeepsie schools for the funeral. republican front runner, donald trump has scheduled a press conference in palm beach, florida, for what he is hoping to will be a victory lap on his way to clinching the nomination. protesters were at his rally yesterday in tampa. despite the renewed political friendship, trump has not forgotten the wage against one another over the last few months. mallory is live outside of trump tower. >> reporter: ken, good morning. today could be a critical day, and this is as the candidates are trying to keep their momentum, and others are trying
6:35 am
>> reporter: donald trump's lead is 44% to 24% for ted cruz, and just 21% for marco rubio who pleaded in west miami last night for cuban americans to rally behind him. >> i will never be able to express enough gratitude for the support this community has given me. >> reporter: hillary clinton heads into the primaries, warning democrats to unify around her to defeat trump in november, and clinton has kept a steady lead in the north carolina polls, almost 20 points ahead of bernie sander there is and more in florida, but some polls show them neck and neck in missouri, illinois, and ohio. >> it looks like, to me that missouri is ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: donald trump used an airport event to get in final digs at john kasich, and according to some ohio polls, kasich could beat trump, but trump said kasich can't make
6:36 am
bad as chris christie, a trump endorser who is feeling the heat for shadowing trump instead of attending yesterday's funeral for a new jersey state trooper. >> your governor kasich, if you look at him, and impartial. he goes to new hampshire. he's living in new hampshire. where is chris? is chris around? even more than chris christie who was there. right? even more. i hated to do that, but i had to make my point. >> reporter: and based on number of delegates up for grabs, today could be very telling. >> mallory, thank you. we will alert you to any election results as they come in on the abc 7 news app, and stay with us for eyewitness news at 11. we will have complete coverage. a former martial arts instructor in queens is being held on bail amid the charges
6:37 am
investigators want to know if there's more victims out there. 26-year-old lorenzo ramos worked at united tae kwon do until he was fired. he was let go for stealing, but a few days after he was fired, two 12-year-olds, and two 14- year-olds made the allegations, and a manager who didn't want his face shown says the arrest is a surprise. >> very surprised. he was very respectful. they cannot believe this. i can't believe it either. no one believes this. he was respectful to everybody, and he was like a role model. >> reporter: prosecutors said ramos offered the girls one and told one girl she shouldn't say anything or they would both be killed.
6:38 am
before a house subcommittee, joining 17 other city leaders including the mayors of los angeles, boston, and washington, dc, in a letter congressional leaders criticizing president obama's 2017 security budget, and the federal government plans to cut $91 million in antiterrorist funds from new york city alone. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> reporter: here's a look from our camera, right there at rutherford and jersey. east rutherford, looking back to manhattan. manhattan is gone, and it has been taken in the middle of the night by the fog. we have a lot of low cloud, fog, drizzle, mist, and it's chilly, too with the northeast wind, and it will be a day we start out with the need for a jacket, and stuff to repel the mist out there. it's chilly with the northeast wind at 10-18 miles an hour. the rain is gone, and it's this cloudy, damp atmosphere we have. the showers are off to the
6:39 am
the low is coming up into the great lakes, and we have cloudy skies until midday. the temperature is 53 at 11, and 59 at 2:00, and for a time this afternoon, getting to 60- 61 degrees. kids, great your warm gear for the bus stop today, and then this afternoon it will warm up up, so that averages out to a c. heather is looking at your commute, and you look very busy over there. the southern state looking busier than i am. this accident is in the process of being cleared away. this is route 78 where an accident looks like they may have got thanks cleared off the road, and it looks like they did. this is 78, and let's head over to the maps. we will talk about where the accident was, and it was a big one. the accident has been cleared away, and the southern state
6:40 am
an accident, and subway service running on or close. the street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. >> thank you. new video in from long island as police try to find the person behind a bb gun shooting tree behind several towns. the quick-thinking father who used his cell phone to find his child, but not to call 911. a hot performance at the
6:41 am
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attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases
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call your health care provider today. learn more at 6:43. new this morning, the nassau county police want your help in catching whoever is shooting out car windows with a bb gun. >> this video shows one of the incidents. 17 cars hit in several towns, and police are trying to find the white vehicle you can see on the right side of the screen. it's believed to be a chevrolet suv. technology we use every day helped a dad track down his missing baby.
6:44 am
month-old baby in the backseat. the baby's father quickly texted his own cell phone which he left inside the van and convinced the thief to leave the baby at a designated spot. the thief and the van have not been found. >> that's incredible. the nypd will begin immediate retraining of the security staff at the city's homeless shelters, and the retraining allows a 90-day review of problems at the homeless shelters, and mayor de blasio ordered the review. two of the men who once ruled albany will be sentenced for their crimes on the same day and in the same place, and that's as big of a message as prosecutors can send to corrupt
6:45 am
and his son will be in federal court on april 13th, and so will both were convicted of corruption. 6:45, and good morning america isment -- america is coming up next. >> reporter: good morning up next here on "good morning america" we are talking about the big elections today. the primary showdown could change the course of the white house. will donald trump solidify his front runner status? trump and kasich are joining us for this super duper tuesday. a police report in the michigan rampage reveals the bizarre statement from the suspect. millions are reliving the o.j. simpson trial, and now a former guard who calls o.j. his prison b.f.f. is revealing what he says prison is really like for o.j.
6:46 am
back to you. >> thank you, amy. it's 6:46, and it's time to check the accuweather forecast. >> we will step outside with bill evans. >> the temperatures are on the chilly side when you factor in the high humidity and the winds off at the atlantic, and yesterday the wind gusts were around 30, 35. the winds died down a bit, but it's chilly this morning. grab the coat you. need that. later today, we are turning the colder, and the sunshine will return. we are looking outside from our camera right here on the roof, looking to midtown. low clouds will hang with us through the morning commute and the temperature, 45, 90% humidity, northeast wind up to 18 miles an hour, feeling chilly. the good sign, the low pressure is leaving, high pressure rising, and high yesterday, 51. normal, 49. we should be around 35 this hour of the day, but it feels like it with this damp air mass, and yesterday's rain fall, .2.
6:47 am
that's a good sunset. chilly this morning, and it's 60 degrees and breaks of sun later today. mild weather for tomorrow and thursday, and sunday, looking at rain, and it may even mix with a little wet snow as we go into sunday night and into monday, and we will keep an eye on that, and it looks like a rainy sunday coming up. temperatures mid-40s over much of northern new jersey, south eastern new york state area, and across long island, it's 45. winds coming in from 7:17 to at times, 21 miles an hour, and that has been fueled and chilly. visibilities are not that bad. with the low cloud cover, it's just above it. you can see the 2-mile visibility, and we have these clouds, and they are going to hang in here this morning, and it's chilly. showers to the south and west that will die out. you can see by noontime today and the afternoon, mid- to upper 50s to low 60s for the area should be nice tomorrow,
6:48 am
by the afternoon, around 60, and there may be a sprinkle tomorrow and tomorrow night, and on st. patrick's day on thursday, that's what the warm air is doing surging up and over us. after school today, great weather for afterschool sports, and there's a lot of baseball going on, soccer, field hockey, and all that stuff. 61 after school today. breezy, breaks of sunshine, and tonight, cloudy skies, and fog overnight as the warm air surges, and we are looking at sun and cloud tomorrow with the temperature near 60, and a passing shower late in the day, and maybe so on thursday, and we will go to st. patrick's day, and we have to look at a chance of a shower on friday, and a better day. 48 on sunday with rain, and if you're running in that half marathon, we are going to be looking at what is possibly, you know, a shower on sunday,
6:49 am
week with spring, and spring has sprung on sunday, you guys. get ready for that. a nice start to spring coming up. [ laughter ] >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, buddy. let's check in with heather again. >> we are going to talk about the subway status. the subways are on or close to schedule. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, all doing just find. 78 eastbound near 17. the accident has been cleared away, and you can see we have a lot of delays traveling eastbound on 78. 20 minutes across the board and the hudson river crossings, and near 57 and newark, there's another accident being cleared away, and it looks like it's in the local lanes. alternate-side parking rules in effect citywide for today. lori, ken? over to you? 6:49. still ahead on eyewitness news
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broadway's wildly popular hamilton hit the road for a special audience with president obama this canine is insane, asinine. i want to see if we can get
6:53 am
and leave our carbon footprint upon it >> that's the star and creator of "hamilton" performing freestyle rap in the white house rose garden. he ad libbed the words he had not seen before as president obama held them up. president obama has seen the show here in new york twice. 6:53 is the time. union square will feel like a dragon's lair today. it will be transformed into a dragon-scorched waste land. there will be evidence of a dragon landing, and this is part of a promotional release of the fifth season of the game of thrones. >> i heard that. >> thank you. >> excellent.
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a developing story on long island. one person has been shot and the other was wounded during a robbery. and the victims are brothers. >> darla miles spoke to the victims' mother. >> reporter: ken, lori, yes,
6:57 am
suspects broke into the back door demanding guns and money. this was on casino street in freeport. the victims' mother was ordered to the floor, and she froze. her sons ran down stairs to her defense. her 25-year-old son was shot in the knee, and he's still in the hospital. the 21-year-old was smacked across the face with a gun. the suspects ran away with cash, cell phones, and other items from the home. no word on who the suspects may be. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. it's 6:57. public schools in poughkeepsie will be closed today to allow students to attend the funeral of a popular high school athlete who was gunned down after leaving a game. 18-year-old caval haylett was shot in the head after leaving a basketball game. it appears he was not the intended target. breaking news out of the vatican this morning.
6:58 am
to make mother teresa a saint. the vatican also announced at the top of the hour september 4th will be her canonization. she was the child of a rich family, and she was known for her decades of work with the poor. we had an earlier problem on 78, and now we have a problem on the grant central parkway, west of the bqe. this is the delay into the area. and this is near laguardia airport, and your delay going westbound will start around there, going into the bqe. subways running on or close to schedule. no major problems with new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, and that's a great way to commute this morning. nothing going on as far as mass transit. the southern state near 14, that's an accident, and you can see the delay getting into that spot, and from there, the belt parkway, and an earlier stall,
6:59 am
this accident on 78 eastbound from clinton, finally cleared away, and there were huge delays because of that. >> wow, busy day. >> it was very busy. >> thank you, heather. here we go, need your coat, jacket or sweater? it's cloudy. clouds have lifted a bit. that's a good sign. chilly to start the day, and the it temperature is at 45 degrees at 7:00. that's wild across the five boroughs. the warm spot there. the breaks of sun into the afternoon, and we will have brightening skies, and tomorrow, we have sunshine, and thursday, too, with st. patrick's day, and make sprinkle. it will cool down for saturday.
7:00 am
pirates in the march madness. good morning, america. primary showdown. a make-or-break day as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio. >> a fight to the finish in some of the tightest races yet. donald trump and john kasich join us this morning. breaking overnight, severe weather alert. a tornado tears through the midwest, rain, thick fog and hail lead to dangerous driving conditions as the south tries to clean up from those massive floods, now, the new dangers beneath the water. the real o.j. simpson, a


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