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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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police pursuit ends with a violent crash, and that's when police make a disturbing discovery. wait till you see who was in the back seat. >> but first tonight, vote 2016. a huge night for hillary clinton and donald trump. but for one candidate tonight, this race is now officially over. some results still being tabulated. >> donald trump winning three states; florida, north carolina, and illinois. and a campaign-saving victory for governor john kasich who won his home state of ohio. but marco rubio dropping out after the race, after losing his home state of florida. >> for the democrats, hillary clinton so far winning florida, north carolina, and ohio. results from illinois and missouri still not final. >> our political reporter dave evans is in the news room with reaction and what it all means. >> i think the bottom line is hillary clinton and donald trump went in to tonight's primaries in good shape and they came out even stronger. trump did not win ohio as you mentioned tonight but he and clinton have both significantly
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>> reporter: donald trump tonight took a major step toward locking up the nomination. late tonight none of the nasty mean talk. instead sounding more middle of the road. >> we are going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. >> reporter: before trump spoke, marco rubio suspended his campaign. he knew he had to win his home state of florida but in his loss tonight he seemed to take a swipe at the republican frontrunner. >> america needs a vibrant conservative movement but one that's built on principles and ideas, not on fear, not on anger, not on preying on people's frustrations. >> reporter: the other winner take all state, ohio. the delegates went to its governor, johnsup\rdida kasich. question is, he stop trump? kasich says absolutely.
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to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a huge night for hillary clinton winning florida, ohio, north carolina, and perhaps more. and then taking at bernie sanders but at donald trump. >> when we care, a candidate for president call for rounding uplion immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. >> it's now just about mathematically impossible for sanders to get ahead of clinton. as for trump, it may be difficult to get to that magic number of delegates needed, 1237. he's going to need to win 60% of remaining delegates. it's likely trump will go to the convention in cleveland with a
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hard to deny him the nomination. >> stay with eyewitness news and abc news throughout the night. if you want to read more about the results, we have them at abc7ny. tonight a police pursuit and violent crash. in the back of that speeding car that crashed a mother holding her infant on her lap. both of them now in the hospital. the car speeding from the northern tip of the new york city line and ending up in mount vernon. that's where josh einiger is with the story. >> police still trying to get to the bottom of why when they tried to pull that car over it did not stop. they're towing away these two cars who are parked on the side of the street when that car barrelled toward them. it's hard to tell right now. it used to be a nissan altima, demolished tonight. what's astonishing is the four people inside including a 2-year-old all survived. >> reporter: this was the chaotic and smoky aftermath moments after the devastating impact. >> heard the car coming down the street and then heard the sound
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>> the car was up in flames and smoke. it was a lot of smoke. no fire. >> reporter: the neighborhood shaken by the sudden crash. around 5:30 this evening, that white nissan flew down south 8th avenue from the city line where nypd officers had tried to pull it over for speeding before it crossed in to mount vernon. richard thomas is the mayor. >> they convinced their pursuit, but it wasn't really what we understand a pursuit. just stopped at our border. >> reporter: the cops might have stopped but the car kept going. in this cell phone video you can see the officers taking the driver and front passenger in to custody. they were uninjured but their back seat passenger was not wearing a seatbelt and suffered serious head injuries. in her lap, her equally unrestrained 2-year-old only suffered scrapes and bruises. >> trying to get the baby and lady out of the car. >> it's a critical grave situation and we're very
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back seat is not injured. >> back live a source on the scene told me the speedometer is frozen at 55 miles per hour on this quiet street in the middle of mount vernon. as for the driver and front passenger, they're both in custody at the 47 precinct. it's not clear why they were driving so fast to begin with or why they refused to stop. still waiting for word on that. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. from westchester county, new at 11:00, we head to new jersey where police right now searching for a hit-and-run driver who fled from a very serious accident. investigators say a black toyota suv hitting a woman in her 20s. this happened on route 17 north tonight in paramus. that woman suffered serious injuries. cops now closed a section of route 17 as part of this investigation. a mother in brooklyn tonight charged with murder in the drowning death of her own child. a little girl just 2 years old. melody phang drowned in a bathtub in her home in sunset
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the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide this afternoon and police arrested her mother a short time later. the victim's 4-year-old brother has been placed with children services after he was found with bruises on his neck. are thousands of school children in newark drinking water contaminated with lead? allegations that officials, some of them anyway, have potentially ignored the dangerous situation. 17,000 students will be tested for lead poisoning. the logistics of the lead poisoning will be announced tomorrow. the mayor tonight speaking about the growing problem. carolina leid with the story in newark for us. >> testing will first begin with 2,000 toddlers who attend the early childhood centers here in newark. the problem is anything over 15 parts per billion, in the case of bard high school, their testing came in at 558 parts per billion. >> reporter: 17,000 students at
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potentially put at risk. so in response the newark health clinic is providing free testing to all of these children, sparking criticism from the teachers union over how the state-run district handled the matter in the first place. >> don't allow my child to continue drinking poison while you're waiting for assistance. stop my child first. then go get help. >> reporter: elevated lead levels were found in the water at more than two dozen schools. the teachers union found filters at several schools were several years old. even though they're supposed to be changed every six months. according to the school memo. tonight mayor ras baraka weighed in on the issue. >> our students' health is in jeopardy. there's nothing wrong with newark's water. but there's something wrong with our infrastructure. >> reporter: last week newark public schools temporarily shut down all water fountains. bottled water and water coolers
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the plan now is to test every faucet, fountain, and food preparation sink in all 67 schools in the district. the newark school district said, quote, leadership continues to focus on ensuring that all students and staff have access to clean safe drinking water in the short-term while working to test, remediate and solve this sort of infrastructureal challenges in the long-term. a local pediatrician says newark parents should not panic, but take this seriously. >> any low level of lead can ultimately affect a child and i think that's the important take-home point because the younger the child, the more likely it is that the lead going to deposit in them and the more likely it's going to cause damage. >> officials with the city's health department explain the lead levels found here in newark are nothing compared to what we've seen in flint, michigan.
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carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. one car never saw them coming until it was too late. a head-on crash in new jersey leaves three people dead and two women seriously injured. police say they don't know why an suv going south on route 9 in olbridge crossed in to the northbound lanes and hit a sedan. the suv driver died. four people were in the sedan. two died and two were seriously injured. president obama tomorrow expected to defy republicans in the u.s. senate and nominate a federal judge to replace antonin scalia. the president likely to announce two judges. republicans of course have promised to oppose anybody president obama nominates in his remaining 10 months in office. also new tonight, a chaotic and deadly raid in belgium linked to the paris terrorist attacks. the shootout ends with the
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assault rifle. police stormed the house in brussels after facing gunfire. the anti-terror operation lasted more than three hours paralyzing an entire neighborhood with schools and businesses placed on lockdown. at least one other suspect is on the run. stealing money meant for children with cancer. coming up, the sneaky thief caught on camera allegedly taking the donation box right off the counter. >> big changes coming for popular pain killers. we'll tell you why it could be harder for you to get them. >> make it 11 out of 15 march days above average. recovery back in to the 50s today. we're still at 51 degrees. another above normal day tomorrow but you'll need the
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good morning, this is your captain speaking. it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light tailwind out of the northeast. blue skies smiling at me
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new at 11:00, talk about a guy caught on camera. this man wearing a hoodie stealing a charity box meant for kids who are sick. police want to find this guy pronto. here's jim dolan. >> reporter: there's a chain attached to the high lifeline giving box now, a sad reminder of this. watch how the man in the red hoodie slips the box under his sweater then with hundreds of dollars meant for children with cancer, walks away. >> that hurts already. it's not like he's stealing from the store. he's stealing their bread and butter. >> reporter: the man stands at the register and just a few feet from customers and workers stuffs the box under his shirt, waits for a few moments, and walks off. >> that whole thing could fill up almost $800 because people give.
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with cancer and other types of illnesses. and these charity boxes allow these kids to go to camp and have a wonderful summer that's medically supervised. >> reporter: he thought they had stolen the cash register. it was only when he heard it was the box meant for children with cancer that he got really angry. >> to see a man stealing money from sick children is crossing a red line. >> reporter: police are hoping someone recognizes the man in the distinctive red hoodie with a bald head and sunglasses so he can be prosecuted. either way the high lifeline giving box will stay chained up. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. chaos expected in the nation's capital tomorrow. commuter chaos because in less than an hour from right now, the entire washington, d.c. metro rail system will shut down.
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emergency inspection will last 29 hours and focus on the system's third rail power cables. this after a fire on the tracks that caused huge delays yesterday. there was a similar fire last year there. the cdc tonight issuing its first ever guidelines for prescription pain killers. the recommendations are meant to reshape how powerful opiates such as oxycontin and vicodin are prescribed for common ailments. the cdc is urging doctors to first consider physical therapy, exercise, and over the counter pain medications such as aspirin before turning to opiates. the guidelines come amid an epidemic of addiction in the u.s. let's just write it off as a bad day for a mom. tonight we learn what was behind the grumpy mom photo that went viral. so what parent doesn't get a little agitated after spending all day at a kids amusement park with bronchitis, a crying baby, and a husband who refuses to join you on your favorite ride? that's what drove a woman from
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moment with this perfectly timed photo. >> i had bronchitis, i had a crying baby, and my husband informed me that he does not have it in him to ride my favorite ride. >> i was like, did you coordinate this with them? because it was so perfect. >> i kind of practiced it the whole way. by the time we got to the last drop, i didn't know where the camera was. so i just guessed. >> there you go. alexander had attended a bernie sanders rally and gone skydiving among many other adventures. >> notice they weren't interviewed together. >> steven, huge rookie mistake. [ laughter ] so we're sort of making up for the weather we had yesterday slowly. >> that's the thing this march. even when you don't have a lot of sunshine and you have a couple showers in the forecast, you're still going to be way above average. only yesterday way below average.
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central park south in what's become a pretty comfortable night. still a few clouds out there. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in spots. calm. 51 degrees and the high, 57 degrees. so as we go through the next couple days we're looking at lower 60s, good 10 to 15 degrees above average. there are your sunrise and sunset times. on a pretty nice wednesday coming up. weather headlines. we do have a time a few afternoon showers. the next two days it's really late in the day. on friday it's midday to midafternoon. above average temperatures. then we'll fall below normal over the weekend. we just have to keep tabs on what's happening here as we go through the weekend because there's going to be a storm threat along the east coast. more on that later. 51, tribeca. dyker heights coming in about 52. a mild might. still cloud cover keeping temperatures up on the hudson valley. long island in the upper 40s. visibility is pretty good right now. as we go through the morning hours i'd think patchy clouds would make for a little lower
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then visibilities will come back up as the sunshine increases. we should have a mix of sun and clouds through middle afternoon. then clouds will start to increase by that time. we're in the middle 60s with enough sun. have your umbrella for late day in to the evening hours tomorrow. see how the clouds are trying to break up. but there's patchy low cloudiness around. a little area high pressure coming in. then this system is actually going to curl in to the northern great lakes and swirl around there for a little while. there's a little extension, a front that's going to try to swing through here tomorrow afternoon. lower to mid 40s tomorrow morning. patchy clouds and fog. mix of sun and clouds during the day. there's that line of showers that i think could impact the evening commute especially in the western suburbs and most of us get a shower, maybe even a moderate shower that comes in through the evening. that's long gone by st. patrick's day morning. it's just that clouds will thicken up and come in again by the evening commute on thursday. a couple moderate showers there. maybe by the end of the parade there might be a couple showers. partly cloudy. patchy fog. 49.
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and it looks like there could be a passing shower here later in the day. certainly will be shower tomorrow evening so have the umbrella. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. on st. patrick's day, here's a planner for the parade. dry through the middle of the parade but maybe late in the day or headed home from it there might be showers. friday, a brief shower midday and midafternoon. saturday, cool better half of the weekend. then on sunday we'll watch the east coast, two scenarios here, one where the storm stays offshore. one where it gives us a chilly rain and wet snow especially inland. that would be on the first day of spring. that would go in to monday morning as well. timing would be late sunday in to monday. new york city half marathon would be dry. bill evans will have more in the forecast in the morning. >> i thought we were making up for yesterday's weather. >> sorry to turn on you like that. one of the keys to losing weight may be listening to your food. also, first he met the president.
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in tonight's health alert, the benefits of the so-called crunch effect while eating. researchers in colorado say that noise food makes while chewing can have a big effect on how much food you eat. they say the crunch effect makes you eat less because you're more conscious of eating. they recommend not eating while listening to loud music or tv to
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new tonight, a 107-year-old woman who danced at the white house is showing she's not out of tricks. spinning basketballs with the harlem globetrotters. they visited her at the school in washington, d.c. where she volunteers still. she remembers a time before the globetrotters. she was 17 when the team formed back in 1926. >> you can just still see her shine. 107 years old. >> i recognize a couple of those guys. >> you played with them. >> college basketball officially underway. men's ncaa tournament has now started. straight ahead, the first game of the tournament features fairly dickinson. tough test to get the ball rolling. we'll show you what happened in this one. a big game for the islanders. >> channel 7 is your home for the united airlines nyc half marathon. we're taking you mile by mile
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faces you'll see on race day. >> i'm gayle, manhattan borough president. our borough is the star of the marathon. 20,000 runners. see you race day. >> you sure will. the united airlines nyc half marathon is sunday.
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so the ncaa finals, not finals, playoffs getting started. >> the first four. opening round games tip thursday. the tournament trail begins tonight for the first four teams including fairleigh dickinson
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the winner would head to raleigh and play north carolina. first thing's first. fairleigh dickinson fell behind 11-0 to start the game. eventually the knights get back in to it before the half. anderson scored 11 points. in the 2nd half earl potts, jr. fairleigh dickinson loses. the season ends for the night. but they're young. they're going to be good for a while. on campus at iona today, the gaels started making tracks for denver. their first match-up against iowa state. back in the tournament for the first time in three years. record sixth straight 20-win season. this, the next step. >> i think we just go in and feel like we have a chance to win if we play our style of basketball. we're definitely a lower seed but we're excited for the opportunity. heading to des moines today, stony brook, big campus send-off. tough test coming up. the kentucky wildcats waiting for stony brook.
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games. those two wins both came when they played the nets which they did tonight. nets came in having won six of their last seven. bogdonvic never stopped. the sixers couldn't stop him. heck, even brook lopez gets in on the act. second 3-pointer of the year. nets win, good game for them. on ice, big game for the islanders. chance to leap over the rangers in the standings. create space between themselves and the pens. they split their first two meetings this season. isles even things up in the 3rd period. kyle okposo on the power play cleans up in front. this goes to a shootout. chris letang for pittsburgh scores. john tavares on the other end can't answer. that's a good win for pittsburgh. 2-1 in a shootout over the isles. yankees-red sox in spring
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nice facility. nice night. david price pitching for the red sox. aaron hicks hitting for the yankees. top of the 3rd inning, solo home run. ties the game at 1. price went four innings. struck out six including alex rodriguez a couple times. yanks would bust it open with five runs in the 8th inning. they beat the red sox in fort meyers tonight 6-3. mets play the marlins this afternoon in jupiter. not on jupiter but in jupiter. noah syndergaard gave up five hits, couple runs, struck out three. mets playing from behind. travis d'arnaud helps the cause with two outs, top of the fifth inning. bases loaded. everybody is coming home and the
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that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel and next.
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