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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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parents voicing their anger that nowerk school leaders showed lead in the drinking water. today the district will begin testing student's blood. >> the supreme court headed to capitol hill for a meet and greet with congress. >> as for the biggest celebration of irish pride will make its way through midtown today and for the very first time, mayor bill de blasio is putting an end to his own boycott. good morning, i'm lori stocks. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. happy saint patrick's day. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic with meteorologist bill evans. >> we have a nice start to the day and here is a look from the camera right here to the south of the tribureau you hads bridge. where emphasis wou
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we're looking at nice weather to start the day. 47 degrees your 6:00 touchdown. 38 around brookhaven. west hampton at 30, always a chilly spot with a cool sky with sandy soil there and a calm wind. 47 around newark, we'll have sunshine today for the most part. most of the day will be sunny. 60 by noon time. parade weather starts off very comfortably. we get to 61 to 63 this afternoon with possibly a late day shower. maybe a rumble of thunder. heather o'rourke, it is your day. >> all my day. all mine. everybody is irish on saint patrick's day. >> that's right. >> let's talk about mass transit. new jersey buses, extra service. same situation long island railroad and metro north. new jersey transit trains are on or close to schedule. path trains on a regular schedule, on or closeded. mta buses, expect diversions because of the parade. route three east. bloomfield avenue. you have an accident there. subway services running on or close to schedule today. here is a look at the fdr drive
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that is traffic moving right to left. you can see it is doing just fine. we had an earlier accident at 96th street. they're clearing away construction from the 70s into the 60s and alternate side of the street parking rule effect for today. testing begins today newark's youngest public school students over concerns of lead contamination. elevated levels of the poisonous level were found in drinking water at dozen ease of schools. darla is live for us. >>reporter: some 2,000 toddlers are being prioritized, the first students to be tested for lead to receive the free lead tests. some here at samuel berlin, an early childhood center at newark. some parents showed
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they were outraged expressing no confidence in the school district. elevated levels were known since 2004 but parents were never notified. they are planning to be more transparent. >> i absolutely believe that this is a matter of urgency and it is a matter in which the public, the parents, and the community is entitled to know everything there is to know. >> every school has contamination and we're saying that we want every school flushed. every filter changed. all filtration systems checked and we want the best for our children. >> now, the state will do more testing starting this saturday. it will first retest all of those 30 schools that showed elevated levels of lead and then it will also test buildings that were not tested in the first round of lead tests. reporting live in newark, darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. it is 6:03.
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are the focus of a federal investigation. it is part of a probe by the manhattan u.s. attorneys office april according to court documents, prosecutors are checking complaints about unsafe and unsanitary conditions. investigators are seeking information about people with elevated lead levels in their blood. 6:04. president obama signed an executive order doubling down on u.s. sanctions to punish north korea for the nuclear weapons program as the white house called on the north to pardonon and release an american student sentenced to 15 years hard labor for trying to steel a propaganda poster. the obama administration says they're using otto warmbier as a pawn to pursue their political agenda. president obama's nominee to fill the supreme court seat of antonin scalia will visit
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appeals court judge merrick garland will speak with senators. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says garland will not get a confirmation hearing and most are standing with him. >> guidance from past senate leaders council strongly in favor of pursuing the process until the presidential election season is over. that is clearly the best course for the s. >> as a result -- >> in 1992, when vice president joe biden was a senator, he stood on the senate floor to say that then president bush should not name a supreme court nominee until after the up coming election was settled. time is 6:05. out of the race for president, monday's republican debate in salt lake city has been cancelled. fox news announced a change after donald trump and governor john kasich said they wouldn't attend. now na that marco rubio is out
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switching her support to ted cruz. a sheriff suspended five deputies for main taping to control -- mainta control at a trump rally. voters will go to the polls on tuesday and sanders expects he will do well. hillary clinton will be fund raising today in georgia and tennessee. two states where she scored overwhelming primary victories. today, hundreds of thousands of people will crowd 5th avenue for a saint patrick's day parade unlike any other before. for the first time, lgbt groups are being allowed to march in the parade under their own banners, also, organizers decisions to live the ban means the mayors de blasio is lifting his own ban and will march in the parade. time is 6:0 #. you're never more than seven -- 6:06.
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traffic. meteorologist bill evans is here with the traffic. meteorologist bill evans is here with the traffic. this is the ed koch bridge. we can see all the way out long island. a little light easterly wind and temperatures around 47 degrees to start your day now, so the temperature up a degree. it will be a warm day today. 47 to start means we'll get well into the 60s later on this afternoon. a few clouds to the west. there is a spoke of energy. see the low right here around lake superior, make michigan. that moves slowly into canada but it fires the spoke in through the area and that, with a little cold air aloft will create a couple of showers later today. the parade steps off at 11:00 around 57 to 59 degrees. we get into the low 60s. great weather with sunshine. at end of the parade, actually i think the parade gets done before any of the showers get here. there will be a rumble of thunder and lightning. so you need your warm clothes, 62 and nice after school with sun and clouds. a late shower. you have a late game, you might get sprinkled on. we'll talk about what is happening in the beginning of spring. what is going on, heather. >> this is the new jersey turnpike. is this traffic moving left to right. the southbound side is doing okay here. we do have a problem as you try to get to the got yells bridge. we'll start -- gothel's bridge. we'll start here. coming off of the turnpike getting onto the bridge, you'll find a disabled vehicle slowing you down. not causing a lot of delays on the turnpike though. buses, new jersey transit buses extra service. same situation with long island railroad. trains are close. on a regular schedule. path trains are on time on a regular schedule. mta buses, because of the parade. you have this accident near bloomfield avenue.
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side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you. 6:09, coming up, new details on a murder at a subway station in harlem. what we're learning about the man who was stabbed to death. that is ahead at 6:30. >> also ahead, a woman vanishes in new jersey months after she is shot several times. authorities are asking for help to bring her. >> will today's commute be
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ut . 6:12. the man accused of stealing a car and led police on a chase across southern california an into a mall. he drove the wrong way down several streets. he arrived ate mall and jumped out of the vehicle. officers chased him into the mall and took him out in handcuffs. police looked at surveillance video for clues that are offering a 10 thousand dollar reward in connection with a dace appearance of a woman from new jersey. an entire congregation joined her family last night praying for the safe return of tyrita julius. she was last seen on march 8th after a friend dropped her off
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station. julius is recovering from being shot six times by a mystery gun whan who remains on the loose. people wonder if he is linked to the disappearance. >> it is difficult dealing with pain but god can help us even when there is a situation of heart ache and despair. >> tyrita had been fearful since last november's attack which police say appeared to be targeted. 6:13. new at 6:00. trains are running again on the metro system in washington after an unprecedented 29-hour safety shut down. service resumed about an hour ago. the nation's second busiest rail station to ours. they suffered a series of electrical fires. an inspection reveals 26 problems with third rail cables. the general manager says three of the cable problems were show stoppers which needed absolute immediate repairs. it is six:# 13. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> great morning out here.
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just a little light wind, calm wind. the day gets under way with what will be warm temperatures for this hour of the day. normally we would be at 35, we're at 47. here we go. here is a look outside from our cameras and high definition. 80% and the winds light. the pressure below 30.00. unstable atmosphere. yesterday's high of 65, normally it is 50. we kicked off showers and thunderstorms with warm air. look at poughkeepsie, 48 to start the day. today. there could abe rumble of thunder and shower around. the wind dropped off temperatures on the cool side across long island where it is in the 30s. there are the showers in western pennsylvania from pittsburgh up to erie, that is a spoke that is coming through from the low up in the great lakes. that can fire up a shower. what time will that be? well, much of the parade gets
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here comes a line of showers, maybe a pop up shower in that because the cold air aloft and then tomorrow, we have sunshine but late in the day on friday. mid-50's. another round of showers and colder behind that for saturday morning. look at. that we start aet off in the 20's and low 30s saturday morning. we're going to be looking at what will be 63 after school today. sunny breaks, kids, very mild but know that late in the day you have sports around 5 or 6, you might be running into a shower. watch out for lightning, too. on the playing field. for the parade it is great. much of the parade gets done before any of the showers get going. we're into the low 60s. 63 today. a mixture of sun and clouds. patchy clouds and breezy tonight. the rain goes away after sunset. 44 is the allow. tomorrow we have sunshine. a cooler day, a blustery windy day. temperatures are at 45 miles an hour. a look at a passing shower and
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here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll look at chilly weather sunday. 44 degrees. sunday, looking at cloudy skies, chilly, i would say cold fort half marathon. 39 late in the day. it will be rain and snow mifrp. that is how we start off spring. it will end like winter. winter going out kicking and screaming and we have a shot at maybe a snow shower. we'll warm up on tuesday. it is saint patrick's day and i have to introduce you to my name max mus who is here this -- maximus who is here this morning. he is dressed up for saint patrick's day. are you ready for saint patrick's day? he is your patron saint of the day give me love of saint patrick. there . [ speaking in foreign language ] . >> what does that mean? >> it means fierce wolf dog in italian. i've been working on my italian.
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>> we're all irish today. isn't that right? >> thank you, bill. >> let's go to heather o'rourke, the only one with an irish name on the set. >> let's talk about the f and g trains. we have track work. new jersey transit buses are running extra service. new jersey transit trains are on a regular schedule. on or close at this point. path trains on a regular schedule. on the buses, mta buses, you can expect diversions. if you're travelling on to route three eastbound side, bloomfield avenue. you have that accident cleared away and this problem, goethal's bridge. disabled vehicle on the new jersey side. it is not making any major delays. they just moved the camera around. it is a tractor trailer on the shoulder not causing problems. 96th street. we had that accident cleared away and the bqe near roosevelt avenue, another accident has been cleared away. but you can see that we do have delays as you get into that spot. here is the george washington bridge coming across the span.
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is not doing too badly. i was telling you about the accident on route three and we have nefrps copter seven -- news copter seven up above. good morning to you, john del giorno. >> good morning to you heather o'rourke. this is the over turned vehicle you were talking about. eastbound on route 3 near bloomfield avenue. this is an suv that over turped on the right shoulder and wound up in the grass and trees you can see a tow truck pulled in now. they'll pull the vehicle out of the grass and get it loaded and out of the way. we have big traffic delays on route three. you can see only the left lane is open. the question here, we're near bloomfield avenue. the delays bumper to bumper. it is basically a standstill delay back to the garden state parkway. we're live in clifton, john del giorno, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. also, we're seeing the mess left behind after windy weather hit wisconsin.
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leaving the ground covered in broken glass. there were several trees brought down on cars and homes. no one was hurt but it will take some time to clean all of that up. >> 6:19. time to tie your shoes? one company has an invention marty mcfly would appreciate. >> a major safety change that could democrat dra i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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. on the money this morning in wall street got a boost after the feds announcedment to hold interest rates low. the dow fell. nasdaq and s and p start higher. >> hong kong aed one %. auto makers and the government will announced a pack to automatic braking standard equipment in new cars by 2022 and pick ups and suvs by 2025.
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prevented by the technology. this sounds familiar for fans from back of the future. nike is introducing a type of athletic foot wear that lace themselves. it is called hyper adapt 1.0. once the foot is in the shoe, it tightens around the foot with the push of a button. the shoes will need to be charged every couple of weeks. nike plans to roll out the sneakers just in time for the holidays. the price has not been announced. it will be steep. >> remember when sneakers cost 20 bucks? >> no. >> now i'm showing my age. here is bill with the accuweather forecast. >> here is what is going on this mo. >> we walked to school up hill both ways. we have a temperature of 47 around the five burroughs start your day. which is warmer than normal. 47 around newark. 45 around laguardia.
6:24 am
southwest now and that is a sign that it will be the wind a heads of the cold front approaching on the west. if you're taking the ferry, got the new ferry system coming in. you'll have a nice ride from brooklyn, queens, even the ferry system here, you'll have a nice ride for the day today. over the next seven hours we'll look at the temperatures will that will continue to rise up in the mid-60's. we have a nice view across the central park. what is going on on the roads with the commute? >> we have this big accident at route three. news copter seven is up above. john del giorno showing us the left lane is getting by. the tow truck pulling the car out of the woods. as a result, we have pumper to bumper delays back to the garden start parkway. check out that delay. it is an sea of headlights this morning here on route three and we'll go over to our maps and f
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express, smith and 9th to church street and extra service if you're planning on taking mass transit into the city for the parade. our street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. thank you. frank sinatra junior, the son of the late entertainment legend has died. francis wayne sinatra was touring in florida when he went into cardiac arrest frank junior was born in jersey city and followed his father's music career as a teenager, eventually performing his songs on tour and in las vegas. he also is known for becoming the victim of a kidnapping from a casino in california when he was just 19. his father paid a quarter of a million dollar ransom for his return. frank sinatra junior was 72. 6:25. model and actor fabbo is no stranger to the -- fabio is no stranger to the american public and now he is part of it. he became a naturalized american citizen yesterday.
6:26 am
italy and was among 6,000 people who took the oath of allegiance all together. he called it one of the happiest days of his life. >> i believe in this country so much and i believe in the people of this country because, you know, this is the only place where you can express yourself and get rewarded for it. >> very cool. julian, by the way, the stage manager says he met him a punch of times. u.s. customs and immigration honored one of the newest american citizens chltd he even got a new -- citizens. he even got a new flag. >> that is great. >> congratulations. we're closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a thief swipes a box of money meant for sick kids and we learned he may have done it before. >> the nypd makes an arrest after a 5th grader packs a gun in his book bag. >> the special edition to odd's saint patrick's day parade from pope francis with his visit to new york last fall.
6:27 am
half marathon. >> we're taking you mile by mile introducing you to faces you will see o. >> i volunteer at 20 races. i'll be at mile nine for the united airline new york city half marathon. take it to the finish! see you race day! >> the united airlines nyc half
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. new details on a deadly attack in harlem. the victim managed to stumble on to the subway after being stabbed in the back. >> danger in the water, thousands of new jersey's largest school district will be started today for possible lead poisoning. >> a live picture from 5th avenue where hundreds of thousands of people will line
6:31 am
for the annual saint patrick's day parade. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us on this thursday, march 17th. saint patrick's day celebratis are under way around the world. here is a live look from dublin, ireland, wherehe is plenty of green to go around. >> i would love to be there for saint patrick's day. isn't that biefl? >> i love looking -- isn't that beautiful? >> i love looking at. that. >> we're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> where did the first saint trick dos day begin? right here in new york city. 1736. >> wow when the irish soldiers marched on 5th avenue. >> nice. >> we look outside. we have temperatures. west winds at #, we're look aelth 45 around ridge wood. white stone 46, 43 around bridge port. 63 will be our temperature later
6:32 am
there will be a pop up shower, maybe a rumble of thunder or thunderstorm like yesterday but this will be widely scattered, probably misses the parade and that is a good thing. much of it gets done. it is wealther and then heather o'rourke -- it is weather and then heather o'rourke on this saint patrick's day. >> we'll talk about the f and g trains, the only thing green right now. now we also have issues on the roads. we've had them for awhile now. we have news copter seven up above. john del giorno is here to give you the update. >> we have an eye on this problem. this is eastbound route three before the exit for broomfield avenue in clifton. that was an suv that over turped off the right side of the roadway into the woods. firefighters and police over there are looking for debris from the accident. we can tell you that the police have left the scene so this looks like it is mostly a clean up operation at this point.
6:33 am
lane is open as you travel eetsz on route three -- east on route three. these go past the garden state parkway back to the route 46 split. heather? >> what a mess. let's get over to the mass transit chart and talk about how you get into the city today if you're planning to attend the parade. new jersey buses will be giving extra service. new jersey transit trains are on or close to schedule. they have regular service today. same situation with path trains and mta buses, expect diversions because of the parade route. we have the street cleaning rules in effect for today. >> tnkha you very much. history made in manhattan at the world's oldest and largest saint patrick's day parade. >> in the 254-year history raefrjs the parade is fully lifting the ban -- history, the parade is fully lifting the ban
6:34 am
>> they're marching on 5th avenue past saint patrick's day cathedral. >> preps are under way. barricades are set-up on this side of the road on 5th avenue and this time, bill de blasio will march in the parade. the mayor is ending his two-year boycott. he will take part now that a long standing ban on lesbian, gay, transgender and bi- sexual groups have been lifted. an irish lgbt group that worked for 25 years to end the ban. >> i have tremendous, tremendous respect for people who fought for years and years in the community for inclusion and felt a great deal of pain they were excluded and kept coming back and fighting for change. it is a powerful moment.
6:35 am
11 and end at 4:30 early evening. last year, 2 milli people took part in the festivities. live along 5th avenue. mallory hoff, channel 7, eyewitness news. penn station and grand central terminal are going dry. the mta banning alcohol on metro north and it isn't just during the parade. it remains in effect until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can learn more on the web and your smart phone. we have a complete list of transit changes. send stuff in, your pictures to bc ae7ny. 6:35. new details on a deadly attack in harm yell. police say the victim was illegally selling metro card swipes when he was stabbed. the 53-year-old man collapsed at the two train station at 110th street after taking the train to 116th street.
6:36 am
started when the victim grabbed a dollar from a woman he was trying to sell a metro card swipe to. the man with the woman chased him out of the station and stabbed him the back. a bloody night in newark. two people were killed in consecutive shootings at opposite ends of the city. one at the terrell homes in the east ward where two other people were also wounded. the second killing occurred an hour later with a woman shot to death on sunset avenue in the city's westward. our time is 6:36 #. free blood tests will be administered to students starting two hours from now. for parents worried about lead exposure. a school board meeting got heated with parents demanding answers about the district's water quality. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in newark with that . >>reporter: the school here in newark is one of two early
6:37 am
the free lead tests will be available today. that is from 8:30 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon and parents must bring their id in order to receive those free tests. some 2,000 students are the first students to be prioritized as the first toddlers to receive these free blood testing because they're the most vulnerable. as you can see, lots of parents showed up at last night's school board advisory meeting angry, outraged saying the district failed them. the superintendent admits that these elevated lead levels date back to 2004. they say the district worked to fix the problem but never notified parents because it had no legal obligation to do so. >> we know prior superintendents and facility staff directed that activity be taken, we see changed. evidence of flushing protocols being implemented. contaminated. you mean to tell me now we're
6:38 am
we want a comprehensive study by a third party source. >> in an effort to be more transparent, the district will release more water test results today. this morning they're expecting to release the results from the 2012/2013 school year. reportlive in newark, darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> the sun is coming up. it will be a pretty nice day today. there is the look from the george washington brimg. it is racked, stacked and packed. we'll look at a nice sunrise with a mufrn picture of sun and clouds and we'll have a nice day. temperatures are mild for this hour of the day. 47 degrees. we should be at 35. and we have a west wind going southwest ahead of the showers with this little spoke here that will go by and as that goes by, we can have a sprinkle or a shower today. mostly later on this afternoon after lunch time with the parade time temperature about 59, we
6:39 am
showers or a sprinkle. not a wash out by any means, these are isolated showers and where there are pockets of cold air aloft, there might abe thunderstorm. the kids are all dressed warmly, the huckleberries, the o'rourke girl appropriately dressed in her happy saint patrick's day to you. >> happy saint patrick's day to you as well. goethel's bridge coming in, a tractor trailer has been cleared away. john del giorno, news copter seven just texted me to tell me that this accident on route three has been cleared away. eastbound near bloomfield avenue. the accident is cleared but delay begin before the garden state parkway.
6:40 am
on 78 east, exit 29, that is another accident. you have the f and g trains, smith, 9th up to church street. i heard about an accident on the brukner -- bruckner. i'll tweet that out to you. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead, a dangerous sight high above a refinery. what sparked this huge tower of flames. >> and the hometown honor for i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever.
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. hazmat crews spopded when flame responded when flames shot out of an exxon mobile refinery. the massive flairing was caused by an electrical disturbance after an mylar balloon hit a power line. it caud a voltage dip in the retienry and that is when -- refinery and that is when people, several people miles away started to see the flames in the sky. crews monitod rethe air levels as the flame burped a queen's grandfather after an 11-year-old grandson brought the man's loaded gun to school.
6:44 am
the 5th grader at ps 40 in south jamaica tuesday. officers resnded to a firearm. they found the millimer inside the back pack. >> any one of these kids could have beenl hombrae la escuela. killed. mchlt 4-year-old could pull -- 4my-year-old could pull the trigger. >> the 11-year-old had beenn a fight inchool on nd and showed up at the school the next day with the gun. 54-year-old kenneth miley faces multiple chaes including dangering the welfare of a child. a man caught on surveillance video stealing a donation box is wanted for three sis over the past -- similar incidents over the past month. this is surveillanceideo of the suspect who stole a charity jar. he is wearing the same red hoodie of a suspect who stole a donation box in burrough park on sunday. two other thefts at different restaurants were reported last month. 6:45. good morning america coming up
6:45 am
combreen live in times square. >> i think we have all shades of green covered for the three of us. >> we do. we have the race for the white house. donald trump warning of riots if his party tries to stop him as hillary clinton sets her sights on trump as her main rival. we'll have all of the latest on that. we have new details had in hulk hogan's legal battle with combauker. the woman seen in his sex tape tearing up t during her taped deposition. dan abrams and nancy grace will weigh in on that and we have the exclusive video with prince hairiy. the important -- prince harry. the important issue he is taking on and the rare side we don't usually get to see. >> that is fascinating. >> have a good day. >> we'll be watchg.
6:46 am
to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist el evan -- bill evans outside our studios. >> you can call it comfy. normally it would bero aund 35 degrees. we're starting out at 47. very nice here in the upper west side. very busy. folks coming off of the b stop. they're making the commute. it is a morning where we start off with a light wind to calm wind going southwest that will warm us up very nice today. here is the sunrise over the reservoir in central park as we look out towards flushing bay. the west wind, we'll shut that down for a little bit. temperature, 47, yesterday's high is six #245shgs with cold air aloft set off the thunderstorms yesterday in parts of the area we could have that again late today toward 5, 6:00, 7:00 just like last evening. so we'll be looking at one more pleasantly mild day today, it becomes chilly as we go into friday and saturday. we have the first day of spring
6:47 am
and rain sunday evening into sunday night. it will be chilly for the half marathon and cloudy on sunday. 38 to 30 out toward islip. always a chilly spot with the sandy soil. 47, 48 to the north aead west. the wintdz are light. most -- the winds are light. mostly calm. there is a wave of showers around pittsburgh there. that is a spoke around that big low that will push through. what time will that be? by 3:00, the showers are off to the west. parade starts 11. the parade winds down just in the city. you can see unfortunate and west, and -- you can see north and west. we're in the low 50s. mid-50's. a shower or two tomorrow afternoon and then it gets down right cold on saturday.
6:48 am
after school kids, nice day for sports. 63 degrees at the bus stop after school. your parade weather, 59 at the start. low 60s during. right at the end or just after, there could be a passing little shower. 44 and breezy tonight. tomorrow, a little cooler, but still our high of 56 is warmer that normal. we have a passing shower around the area. now, for saturday, it is down right chilly. we'll be looking at 44 degrees. sunday, clouds, maybe, as we kickoff spring, wet snow or rain sunday night into early on monday. then it is chilly monday and tuesday, warm to the mid-50's on wednesday. happy saint patrick's day. >> happy saint patrick's day. >> where are the green bagels. >> they're gone. >> no green bagels. >> green tea does not count. happy saint patrick's day, everybody.
6:49 am
>> over to heather with another check of the commute. >> right behind me, you can see mcdeegan. no major problems to report but let's go over to our maps. we have a problem on the eastbound side of route three clear near broomfield avenue. that accident is gone. you have delays beginning before the garden start route 46 split taking you past the parkway into bloomfield avenue with the accident cleared away. we're looking at an accident on the bruckner south. and this problem in new jersey near exit 29, that is another accident that is being cleared. the f and g trains, track work, trains are moving express. 5th, 9th. getting into church and you have extra service on the new jersey transit buses, metro north and then on or close new jersey path. on or close to schedule. expect mta bus diversion. street cleaning rules are in effect. over to you. >> thank you. 6:49 and a school in new
6:50 am
of two hometown heros. astronauts mark and scott kelly. pleasant dale elementary school in west orange will officially be renamed on may 19th. the twin brothers attend pleasant dale elementary school. teachersia and students will work together -- teachers and students will work together to create the names. stoney brook's men's basketball team are hoping to spend a long weekend in iowa. they're preparing for the ncaa game. they received a big on campus send off. the champs of the american e-cigarette congress take on 8th time national champion kentucky, the loser goes home. new this morning, big announcement from sea world
6:51 am
>> and a saint patrick's imagine your body being buried while you're still in it. imagine the horror. you'd struggle, but struggling only makes it worse. imagine your whole life
6:52 am
eventually you'd welcome death, but an emphysema sufferer can go on living like this for years. if you smoke, death could be the least of your worries. stop before the suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
6:53 am
. a dramatic shift for sea world. the orcas so popular in the parks will be the last generation living. there sea world says it will stop breeding the killer whales and no longer capture any in the wild. the humane society of the united states worked with sea world on the new policies. the two organizations clashed over the keeping ef orcas and dolphins for more than two decades. one of the two fiat sedans
6:54 am
pope francis last december will be part of the saint patrick's day parade. monsignour robert richie will drive it to the parade. following the parade, the fial will be sold through an online auction and the money will support catholic schools. 6:54. your top stories and a complete check of your weather and commute.
6:55 am
6:56 am
attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
6:57 am
. today, thousands of newark school children will begin to be tested for blood poisoning. >> darla miles is in newark with the story. darla? >>reporter: ken, lori, the school here in newark will have free blood tests available for pares from 8:30 this morning until 4:00 this morning. some 2,000 students are the first of 17,000 students who n exposed to elevated levels of lead 30 different schools here in newark. there were angry rents who showed up at the school advisory council meeting saying the district failed superintendent admitting that elevated levels lead 2004. but today, they will respect announce those ld levels from 2012 to 2013 and beginning on
6:58 am
test in the schools will begin. darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. today, hundreds of thousands of people will crowd 5th avenue for a saint patrick's day parade unlike any other before us. for the first time, lgbt groups are being allowed to march in the parade under their own banners an the organizers decision to fully lift the ban means mayor de blasio will lift his boycott and he will march in the parade. the festivities will kickoff at 11:00 this morning. >> it is 6:58. let's go back to heather. >> we've been really busy. let's go over to our maps. as you travel onto the bruckner, an accident and north east at 138th street you have an accident. you have two problems on the bruckner this morning. we have this problem on the bqe near queen's boulevard. that is an accident and going over here to route three. we have relief here near bloomfield avenue. the accident has been cleared but the delays remain before the
6:59 am
takes a little bit of time for route three t recover. 78 eastbound side. we have that accident right near route 287. >> thank you, heather. >> this morning is very nice. we're starting off with clouds and sun. this will break up as we look at our camera here toward midtown, lower manhattan. 48 degrees, already another degree warr this hour. white plane plains. to the north. 48 at poughkeepsie. it will be a warm day today. parade time temperature around 59. low 60s this afternoon, look at the computer monitor, holding off a shower until 6:00. the parade looks to northbound great shape as far as the weather goes. we'll have a cooler day tomorrow with late showers, a chilly day saturday, spring kicks off with wet snow, we warm up next week.
7:00 am
>> same to good morning, america. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he's ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away from his team and $13 million after management stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far? a royal exclusive. prince harry one-on-one revealing the mission that's changing his life. >> i'm new lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run


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