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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> one thing today is the storm has trended from a significant snowmaker to a more typical spring snowfall where it's difficult to accumulate. some spots may get several inch. we have cloudy skies now. central park which will probably be coated again by sunday afternoon, 53 degrees right now. so the storm is not moving into a lot of cold air, although we're getting a chilly shot tonight. wind have been gusty and will back off tonight. a cold front is going through now. it's 43 in monticello. we'll drop back to the 30s and 20s later tonight. there's just a brief sprinkle now and a couple flurries in the catskills. cold front sweeps through this evening. the building blocks for the weekend's store are on the weather map, middle -- storm are on the weather map, middle of the country and gulf of mexico. where does it go from there? there are still some questions, but here's the message today. the steady snows are mainly during daylight hours.
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for snow to stick. if we get more snow at night, then we raise totals. we get our cold s night tonight since early march 20s and 30s. -- coldest night tonight since early march 20s and 30s. the wet snow will arrive sometime tomorrow morning. the wet snow will be steadier in the afternoon, wet roads during the day, may be slippery in the evening hours, 1 to 3 inches late saturday night into early sunday morning. the storm is taking a while to strengthen onshore. maybe it catches parts of our eastern suburbs with higher totals. we'll have the show band map and more in a few minutes. now to that alleged foster home of horrors on long island, a foster dad now charged with sexually abusing boys who lived there accused of victimizing
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been a foster parent since 1996, up to 140 boys and tonight prosecutors want to know if more boys have been abused. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in the suffolk county hamlet of ridge tonight. >> reporter: accusations lingered here for years and years, yet the foster boys were sent here again and again. in fact, this man even officially adopted some of them. then two boys' complaints were finally substantiated and prosecutors say that opened the floodgate that led to a sickening indictment. cringing neighbors react today to the so-called house of horrors on their block here in the small community of ridge. >> it's crazy. you want to believe people are never know. >> reporter: authorities confirm accusations here dating back to 1998, but nothing ever substantiated till now. they say 59-year-old caesar gonzalez mugaburu took in as
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over the past 20 plus years, in indictment alleging -- this indictment alleging he abused at least seven of them, but -- >> we are looking primarily for other young boys who have been victimize by this defendant. >> reporter: 16 of the 7 -- victimized by this defendant. >> reporter: 16 of the 17 counts in the indictment were foster boys and the last count alleges mugaburu had sex with his dog. one foster boy was forced to stand outside in the freezing cold, all of them always cleaning the yard. >> he really had them working. he himself never worked. >> reporter: in fact, the d.a. said the foster home was a moneymaker for mugaburu, that because many of his foster boys had emotional disabilities, he was getting paid about $18,000 per month if he took in at least six.
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sending foster boys here 15 years ago. instead the boys were filtered through this nonprofit agencies, st. christopher o' tilly in brentwood sent from the administration for children services which prosecutors confirm is also part of their investigation. >> we want to know what they knew about it, about any abuse, when they knew about it and what were all the circumstances surrounding these placements. >> reporter: and we are back here live now outside this house which never raised any red flags for acs until now. they did release a short statement today saying they have now closed down the house and all the boys have been removed from the home, but prosecutors are still trying to figure out if there were any other victims. they suspect there were many, many more. if you have any information on this case, prosecutors here in
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the hotline number on the screen, 631-852-6175 and that number is also posted on abc7ny. we are live in ridge, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just a shocking story. thank you. one of the most wanted men in the world tonight has been captured in belgium after four months on the run. police managed to track down salah abdeslam. he had direct involvement in the terror attack in november orchestrated by isis that killed 130 people. today's highly coordinated raid had a lot of help from the u.s. >> we have shared with them a lot of information and expertise and i know that they have found that to be useful as they have conducted this >> well, abdeslam grew up in the area where he was captured. the french prime minister said the raids revealed more people than previously thought. he said there will be more
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tonight talking to us about a terrifying and violent home invasion. two gunmen breaking into her home and attacking her. tonight from bayside queens she's telling her chilling story exclusively to us. >> reporter: they appeared to be compassionate criminals, at least one of them. the victim said one man apologized to her and made sure she was okay. she said the other one was not as nice. he viciously pistol whipped her in the head nearly knocking her unconscious. the 63-year-old showing us the massive bruise left on her head after an intruder in her home struck her with a handgun. the grandmother speaking in mandarin say the attack has left her shaken up. translator: she cry a lot at the beginning. >> reporter: she saw her home was ransacked as soon as she stepped inside, so she turned around to leave, but one man yanked her back in, tied her hands wednesday tension cords, blindfolded and -- with extension cords, blindfolded
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the man threatened to kill her, but the second man made sure her hands weren't too tight and speak ing in mandarin whispered this into her here. >> talk softly to her saying i'm sorry, grand marks i'm sorry, mama, something like -- grandma, i'm sorry, mama, something like that. >> reporter: the men broke through the basement window in the back of the housement, ripped the neck place off her -- house, ripped the necklace off her neck, stole about $35,000 in cash and $30,000 in jewelry. chang owns a construction business in green point, brooklyn. >> a lot of people, this guy, maybe he know me. >> reporter: back live you can see several security cameras outside this home, but the owner says they were not working when this happened. police say those suspects fled on foot. it was a next-door neighbor who saw this grand another running around outside with her hands
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she called police for help. reporting live in bayside stefan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. anger over republican presidential candidate donald trump is reaching new heights had. police say someone sent trump's son eric a threatening -- heights. police say someone sent trump's son eric a threatening letter filled with white powder. the letter came with a note saying next time it will contain something much worse if his father does not drop out of the presidential race. >> donald trump is an enemy of the constitution. >> meanwhile trump himself is also a target. the hacker group anonymous posted a video releasing trump's personal information including his social security number and cell phone numbers. federal authorities are investigating both incidents. a bold claim tonight from new jersey governor chris christie about the contaminated water from lead in newark. he says officials are doing everything they can to address elevated lead levels found in
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but he says there's no reason to panic. the district will examine every single tap in all 6 serve schools for possible -- 67 schools for possible led contamination and it's also testing thousands of students for possible lead poisoning. christie said lead levels are slightly above epa lead levels, but he does not consider the situation to be dangerous. >> there's no safe level of lead, but i don't want people to get into a crisis thinking that there's something like on the scale of flint or that level. it's absolutely nowhere near that. >> still a lot of parents are very worried. the city of newark says there's no lead contamination in the water supply. it believes the metal entered the school water systems through lead building fixtures or soldering. the mayor of newark also speaking about water worries. you can watch my interview with him this sunday on up close at 11 a.m. as we continue on eyewitness news at 6:00 on this friday night, a massive bridge building project is finally
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$18 million bill, taxpayers, can check out the bridge's progress 24/7 on their computers. we'll show you how.
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talk about watching how your money is spent, some folks in westchester county will be doing just that as work begins on replacing a very old bridge.
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will take three years to build. >> now webcams will allow taxpayers to watch it all. here's eyewitness news reporter marcus solis. >> reporter: construction now underway on the bridge rated by the state as the worst structurally in all of westchester county, but as with any project, there are traffic concerns for residents and businesses. >> people won't want to come this way. they'll spend 20 minutes in traffic, they'll go somewhere else. >> this is a major road for the river towns and for people paul over the river towns i -- all over the river towns trying to get to the highways and central westchester. >> reporter: the bridge spans the sawmill river parkway and the through-way. already the northbound exit and entrance ramp to the sawmill has been closed and soon these temporary lane closures will be full time limiting traffic to one lane each direct. ambulances will be equipped with special -- each direction. ambulances will be equipped with special devices.
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to the hospital, they can change their traffic light for the congestion, but i still think it will be a challenge. >> reporter: much of the concern is how long it's expected to take to finish the project, a whopping three years. >> it shouldn't take three years. it's ridiculous. the tappan zee bridge will probably be built before that. >> reporter: officials say the project involves completely dismantling and rebuilding the bridge in three stages while keeping it open to traffic. webcams will be installed to give residents a realtime view of congestion and perhaps make contractors work a little fester. >> they're going to know that the -- faster. >> they're going to know that the community is watching and many times with government jobs nobody watches and that's why people get ripped off. >> reporter: the work is supposed to wrap up in 28 teen. the next few years -- 2018. the next few years could be a rough road indeed. meanwhile this is a day of reflection for us here at eyewitness news as wement and
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remember and memmal eyes our friend and colleague -- memorialize our friend and colleague lisa colagrossi. >> you may recall lisa died suddenly of a brain aneurysm one year ago this weekend. she was just 49 years old. she was smart, curious, caring and so talented. >> it's so sad, but todd has turned his heartbreak into action. he created the lisa colagrossi foundation focusing on educating people about brain aneurysms and pushing for more research into their early detection. you can learn more about the foundation on our website >> you can also see lori stokes' story about lisa including an interview with her boys talking about how the rangers have helped them through these emotionally difficult tough times. >> so on this night we remember
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of opportunity for all and that's what this
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charging a car in manhattan will soon be easier than gassing up your car. tesla is going to have 105 charging stations now giving manhattan three times more charging stations than gas stations. >> there are only 40 gas stations in manhattan, 40. there will be 140 tesla charging stations. >> sign of the times. i know you've been over there studying and studying. >> i know it's probably our last chance of the season and we're looking at this forecast which is difficult, but i think the message has sort of come clear. it just doesn't look like a major snowfall because it's not strengthening in time the way the storm track is, the time of day the snow is likely to fall, steadiest during daylight hours. there will be snow on the first day of spring. meanwhile the sun is trying to come out now over lower manhattan, 53 degrees, gusty wind.
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the area. we'll get chilly tonight. average high is 50. we'll be below normal all weekend long, especially sunday. 43 monticello, cold air coming down the hudson valley now, nice in the island, low to mid- 50s, although cloud cover, sunshine mid-60s south of i-78 in new jersey. 30s and 40s upstate and wind chills by morning in the 20s. this sprinkle is passing. i don't think you need the umbrella the rest of the night. we'll clear out. winds will back off a bit, still a breeze tomorrow, nowhere near always gusty today, 45 mile-per-hour gusts today. sunshine will mix with high clouds during the afternoon hours tomorrow and the highs in the mid-and upper 40s. there's a couple sprinkles over lower westchester not reaching the ground, a couple flurries in the catskills, indication of the chilly air coming in. this high will reach down to the northeast, clear us out and give us a nice day tomorrow and put some chilly dry air in place for the upcoming storm to
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this initial piece will run out ahead of it and it looks like we could have some rain or snow just sliding to our south tomorrow evening. that may delay the onset of the bigger storm here which develops along the carolina coast meaning that wait until mid or late morning sunday. it's probably during the new york city half. it's a close call. tonight 20s and mid-30s, mid- 40s tomorrow. temperatures on sunday morning we're around or above freezing from the city south and east. north and west we are below freezing, but it's not snowing there. during the daylight hours snow will have a tough time sticking with the higher sun angle. sunshine tomorrow, clouds in the afternoon. the first wet snow flakes by midmorning. the steeldiest will be in the afternoon '-- the steadiest will be in the afternoon. 1 to 3 inches in new jersey,
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western most -- hudson valley, westernmost of long island. i wouldn'ting surprised to -- wouldn't be surprised to see a few higher amounts in higher elevations in the north and west. tonight clearing and colder, wind chills in the 20s, tomorrow 46, afternoon clouds rolling in. saturday evening plans are fine, it's dry. the wet snow comes in sunday, winds down sunday night, could be a leftover snow shower on monday and we warm it up to the 70s next thursday or so. >> okay. i'm going to power through, too.
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there are always upsets.
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if your bracket was not busted heading into today, it is now. many expected michigan state to be a one seed in this ncaa tournament. they were a two, but that did not stop a whole bunch of us from picking the spartans to win it all this march. yeah, about that, this afternoon two seed michigan state in trouble against 15 seed tennessee. the blue raiders led the entire game. each time the spartans made a run, something like that happened. late in the game this is going to seal it pretty much. after the turnover reggie upshaw the dunk, 90-81, the first big upset of the tourney. they'll face syracuse next because syracuse wasn't even supposed to be here at 19-13. the orange were considered a bubble team at best, but the selection committee saw things differently and this afternoon syracuse proved them right tipping off against dayton in st. louis. day ton was keeping it
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richardson led the way with 22 points. the orange had the lead and then ran away with it. the little alley-oop, 70-51, orange now on to round 2 , sad dayton fans, oh. in brooklyn it was villanova clashing with unc asheville in round 1, let the dunk show begin. 1st half the long lob to josh hart who throws down that alley- oop. your leading scorer, 17 points and the slam for a 14 point wildcat lead. they were about more than just dunks though. 86-56, nova rules. in the last second tip-in to beat temple in overtime and in another shocker fourth seed cal goes down to hawaii and out west vcu taking down oregon state. seton hall had high hopes this march. the big east champs in the ncaa tournament the first time in a decade.
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of gonzaga helped. seton hall was upset late last night in round 1. isaiah white has been the strength of this pirates team all season. he struggled last night, 0-10 from 3 range and needed oxygen on the bench. the zag built a 10-point halftime lead on their way to a 62-58 win. in baseball grapefruit league action goes under the lights tonight. pin stripes the orioles. the captain david wright will see his first game action of the spring. mets have taken the cautious approach throughout camp hoping not to aggravate his back. last week peyton manning announces he's retiring from the national football league and today the colts are retiring no. 18. the team is planning to build a
6:29 pm
outside lucas oil stadium. manning was drafted first overall by indianapolis in 1998 and played 4 team of his 18 seasons in blue and white. >> i just can't tell you how honored and humbled i am, how much fun i had playing here for 14 years. >> manning in a colts jersey just looks right. >> it does. thanks. what's coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00? here's our preview. >> tonight there's new information on the search for the man who slashed a woman walking down the street in brooklyn, the new clue from police. >> want to help children grow up at a healthy weight? why one breakfast may not be good enough, those stories and the rest of the news tonight on channel 7 eyewitness news at 11:00. >> three breakfasts, four breakfasts? >> bacon. >> thanks for watching. world news is coming up next.
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great night! breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to new york. passengers describing the jolt. and breaking now -- the drone, the jet -- and the close call. donald trump hacked, the fbi investigating tonight. and the threat sent to his son. and diane sawyer with the famous actress. did she lure in one of the most hunted men in the world?


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