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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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hello, i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. the first day of spring brings with it a winter storm. >> road workers are preparing to tackle the snow but it's people on long island who can expect the brunt of this storm. >> meteorologist jeff smith is tracking it all. he's here with details. >> lori, it is on long island where we have winter weather advisories in effect. they start late tomorrow afternoon. extreme eastern parts of long island, by the twin forks especially a winter storm watch late tomorrow afternoon through early monday morning. we missed one system sliding off to our south today although southern parts of ocean county probably did see a few sprinkles but that's moving off shore. we're waiting another more vigorous piece of energy here over iowa. this is going dive off to the southeast and then take the left-hand turn up the coast during the day tomorrow. so we'll time it out for you here.
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little bit of rain right at the onset, starting late tomorrow afternoon and lasting right through tomorrow night. it goes over to all snow tomorrow night. one to three inches from new york city and points east. we've adjusted those totals, throw six inches likely over eastern parts of long island, and the roadways will transition i think from wet initially when the temperatures are above freezing to snow covered later on tomorrow night when those temperatures drop below the 32-degree mark especially where we see some of the heavier bands of snow. detailed snowfall accumulation map coming up in a few minutes. >> remember you can track this storm with the eyewitness news accutrack weather alert app. new video of a bad crash in brooklyn, a car crashed into a store. it happened near east 14th street and grays inn road. the crash sent one car into a flower shop. witnesses say two children were
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at least one person was taken to the that person's condition is unknown. new details tonight about two people found dead inside a home in new jersey. police say they're investigating this case as a murder-suicide. disturbing discovery made by the couple's 11-year-old so. tonight friends and neighbors came by to leave candles outside the home in bergenfield. eyewitness news reporter stephan kim is there with details. >> reporter: lori, what happened in this home was the kind of thing no child should ever have to see. this is the scene of two traj keys. first, the apparent murder- suicide, then the hoer row this little boy will have to live with for the rest of his life. heart broken friends of the bergenfield family tooey motional to speak with us but words were not necessary to understand the devastation. the devastation, their heart break the result of a shocking discovery inside this home today on west clinton avenue.
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incident as a domestic violence- based murder-suicide. >> reporter: the gruesome discovery made even more horrifying with the couple's 11- year-old son being the one who found their bodies. it was around 11:20 when the child reported his parents were not breathing. prosecutors say his 36-year-old mother's body was found in an upstairs bedroom, his 44-year- old father's body found in the basement. >> we believe the male died of a self-inflicted gunshot one to the head. >> reporter: the boy has been placed in the custody of child welfare officials. meanwhile adding to the shog mopping neighbors, they say they never noticed any signs of trouble in the home. >> they're usually there. i didn't get any -- i didn't see anything outside, but they are living good, friendly, everything. >> reporter: it is not clear what sparked this incident. what is clear, if the allegations are true, this man was a husband and a father.
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wife of his wife and his own, he's left his son to live with his pain. new details. police have identified a zip last week's slashing in brooklyn. this photo from a previous arrest investigators believe gregory alfred is responsible for cutting the throw of a 55- year-old woman. the victim survived the attack but needed 13 stitches. also in new jersey, mayhem as a chase finally ends on the border of irving ton and newark. police say they chased a semitruck without a trailer from newark to union, and then back again. they say the driver wouldn't pull over, even when they tried blocking him off. the truck hit two squad cars and a parked car, and an eyewitness says one officer bravely tack action to bring the chase to a close.
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his car and jumped in the moving tractor trailer. they must have hit him in his head or however. they pulled him out of the truck and threw him in the police car. >> the suspect was hurt and needed to go to the hospital. his injuries were described as minor. he faces theft, assault, resisting arrest, and other charges. more violence at a donald trump rally as security escorted a protester from event. he was punched and kicked several times by supporters. earlier, anti-trump demonstrators blocked traffic on a main highway leading to his campaign rally. thousands more marched here in new york city. they hope to send the presidential candidate a message that his campaign rhetoric is not wanted. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross has the story. >> reporter: today's trump protest drew an impressive crowd here, and demonstrators say they're planning another one for when mr. trump comes back to new york.
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arrests and some people were pepper sprayed hundreds more gathered peacefully. not everyone is convinced donald trump is capable of making america great again. chanting and voicing their objections, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of new york city saturday afternoon, marching from columbus circle to trump tower on fifth avenue to show the gop front runner he doesn't have everyone's vote. >> trump ignorance bigotry towards us. so we're calling for it to end. >> we're here to counter mr. trump's hateful rhetoric against immigrants, muslims, and many other groups of people. he claims to have the support, and we're not going to let him have it that easily. >> i think it's good to show him that a lot of people don't approve of what he's saying. his rhetoric is really hateful.
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officers stood by ensuring nothing got out of hand. at some point a handful of protesters reportedly threw water bottles at officers and were pepper sprayed. two others were arrested for walking in the street. this eyewitness news says he was blindsided while trying to help someone out. >> i was lifting up an individual, and i was pepper sprayed blindsided by pepper spray. >> reporter: still, many describe the overall protest as a peaceful gathering and a much needed counter to trump's campaign. meanwhile, mr. trump out west assured a crowd of supporters needs right now. >> they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. they don't know how to win. time. >> reporter: mr. trump is scheduled to move on to tucson this evening and d.c. tomorrow. in columbus circle, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> meanwhile donald trump's utah. ted cruz held a rally in the state and picked up support
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romney said he intends to vote for cruz in the caucuses on tuesday, did and ohio governor john kasich also rallied in utah. on the democratic side person ben held a rally near phene inks. his opponent, hillary clinton, took the day off. remember to stay with eyewitness news and abc news throughout the presidential election, and tune in tomorrow morning for this week with george steph knop plows starting at -- george stephanopoulos starting at 9:00. you can see a suspect attacking a driver inside a supermarket in stuyvesant on wednesday. police say the driver had just reached the destination but instead of paying the passenger got out of the cab and tried to rob the driver, pulling him out of the car and beating him. the suspect ran away. the suspect was taken to the hospital instable condition. police want to find a
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gunpoint. the victim was chaining up his bike when the suspect asked for the time. he then pulled a gun from his backpack and demanded the victim give up his belongings. the victim tried to run and the suspect fired a shot. no one was injured. a commercial plane crashes in russia just short of the runway. the crash caught on camera. authorities detail what may have caused the plane to go down. an iphone catches fire during a flight to hawaii. hear from the phone's owner and phone. >> and call him the king of
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a strong gust of wind may be to blame for a deadly plane crash. the fly dubai 737 went down in russia overnight. surveillance video shows the plane dropping to the ground at a steep angle. both flight recorders were recovered and are being analyzed. two americans are among the five dead from a suicide bombing in istanbul. they have not been identified. the other victims are from israel and iran. dozens more were hurt when a bomb detonated in a popular pedestrian area. investigators believe that either isis or kurdish
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this is the sixth suicide year. coming up at 11:30, new details about the arrest of a paris terror attack suspect. investigators. happening tomorrow, president obama arrives in cuba for his history making visit to the communist nation. he will be the first u.s. president to set foot on the island in nearly nine decades. parts of old havana are being spruced up. during the two and a half day trip mr. obama will meet with president raul castro, attend a baseball game, and meet with political dissidents. ahead of his visit the president is appealing to the cuban people's sense of humor. a video shows him joking over the phone with cuba's most
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elderly character. (speaking spain issue). >> i'm looking forward to it. the american people and cuba are friends. >> now, it's not clear if cubas will actually see this video. relatively few people there have access to internet fast enough to watch a video, and it's not yet known if cuban tv will actually show the sketch. meanwhile news of another milestone in the reestablishment of economic relations between the u.s. and cuba. u.s. hotel company starwood says it has signed a daily to renovate and run three cuban hotels. all cuban hotels are state run so the deal puts a major u.s. corporation directly in business with the communist government. well, some people love him, some people hate him. one woman in massachusetts hates donald trump so much, she
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wait until you see what it says. plus, a young refugee from syria risks her life to escape the war. now she's on the road to the olympics. her incredible story is coming up. >> and a live look outside. we're just about an hour away from the official start of spring. but we can expect some snowflakes tomorrow. jeff the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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landmarks around the world went dark tonight as part of the annual earth hour. the barclays center was among the new york city buildings going dark for an hour starting at 8:30. the empire state building slowly dimmed its lights. 2016 is the 9th year of this global warming awareness event. organizers say they want to movement. >> kind of neat to see. >> going dark slowly. and what's happening here slowly? spring comes in, and -- >> slowly. >> a little more than an hour away, but we're slowly going to be getting some snowflakes by late tomorrow afternoon. the good news is for the new york city half marathon, no morning. but a little bit chilly out there, laura. much wind, though. as we look down toward the lower part of manhattan,
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in now from the northeast at 14, gusting up to 20. the high on the day getting up to 46, below average for this time of year. this date. the record was 76 in 191, spring arriving at 12:30. unfortunately we will not see and blue sky. quite the opposite. right now 39 at morristown, 27 at monticello. 40 at bridgeport. this one system slid off to our south. another one waiting in the wings, though over iowa. this will dive off to the south and east, and then make the left-hand turn up the coast. we're talking some snowfall, maybe beginning as a mix arriving late tomorrow afternoon. 8:00 tomorrow morning, for the new york city half marathon, temperatures in the lower 30s. we're talking 20s in many of the northern and western suburbs. here comes that precipitation moving in from the south. bisundown we have some rain, we
11:22 pm
that goes over to all snow after nightfall as our temperatures fall, and also in the heavier bands of precipitation that brings down colder air from up above, and that means temperatures actually over the island will probably be colder than they are in new york city, and that's why roads are more libel to become snow covered east of new york city than in the city itself. this winds down probably after 7:00 or 9:00 monday morning. we recover pretty nicely during monday afternoon, upper 40s. here's that snowfall map. latest guidance indicating that the storm moves a little bit farther west, a little closer to the coast than what we were thinking earlier. so we've had to move this one to three inch band farther west encompassing all of city, jersey shore, even parts of lower westchester county, and three to sinchess likely over the eastern part of long island. accuweather forecast for the everynight period increasing clouds, down to 32, cloudy, brisk, cold at 7:00 in the morning. temperatures right around freezing.
11:23 pm
snow and rain arriving later tomorrow afternoon, 40. this quickly goes over to all snow tomorrow night, tapering off after midnight. a general one to three-inch snowfall, more over eastern parts of long island. about 33. the clouds giving way to sunshine on monday, 48. mostly sunny tuesday, 50. look at this on wednesday. a warmer blend of sun and clouds, temperatures well into the 60s with that area of high pressure and a good position to deliver us nice warmth. near 70 on thursday, maybe rain coming in late thursday night into friday. so i say wednesday mate as well be the first day of spring, because that's when it's actually going to feel like it. >> okay. >> you will be on record for that. >> yes. >> thank you jeff. >> laura behnke is next with sports. >> the pros looking to put on a show this time of year so perhaps somebody might want to let the knicks know about that. a rough ending in our nation's capitol in what has
11:24 pm
the rangers cannot wait to get out of california. their three-city tour ending on a shower note in san jose. sports is next. and channel 7 is your home for the united airlines new york city half marathon. we're taking you mile by mile and introducing you to the faces you will see on race day. >> i'll be at mile nine for the united airlines new york city half marathon serving fluid to the runners, make sure they get to the finish. sigh race day. >> the united airlines new york
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. i was watching ncaa wrestling at the garden which could only means the knicks are -- >> on the road. at this point it's hard to remember when the knicks were actually talk playoffs and in a position to make a run. instead now new york can only hope to play spoiler losing postseason hopeful washington tonight. it was all good for new york in the first half. carmelo anthony putting them up by 17. they would have their biggest lead of the year at 18 but then came the third quarter. wizards made their move. john wall throwing up the tre. 24 points. quickly that lead gone. while dishing to marcin gortat
11:28 pm
the knicks blow their biggest lead of the season. also, nets on the road to detroit. the nets make their move in the third quarter, part of a 13-0 run but they couldn't keep the lead, not with anthony toliver hitting threes. the pistons pulled away. detroit with the win. the california road trip has been a bit of mixed bag for the rangers who opened with a wynn anaheim, then had a frustrating overtime loss in los angeles, then finally a day they would like to forget. the rapingers west coast tour sharks. joel ward, his second goal of the game, then it was joel notching his 33rd of the year. the sharks get three goals in about three and a half minutes. the rangers fall. and just three points behind the blue shirts the islanders at dallas tonight. one. third period, the break away.
11:29 pm
the islanders get shut out. the devils in columbus tonight. just after new jersey tied it the blue jackets would get two goals in 11 seconds. william carlson with the insurance. they would add one more. 6-3. the devils lose. it was not a beautiful sunny day in florida today. rained out. fortunate. they were able to host the braves. michael pin nay da pitched. castro lining the single to center. a run scores, but a scary moment for jacoby ellsbury getting hit in the head. x-rays are negative. 3-2, yankees win. and we have much more ahead in sports. drop on -- strap on those dancing shoes. when we return, the madness of
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the march madness definitely picked up yesterday when six seeds winning. the 13, 14, and 15 seeds all
11:33 pm
duke and yale battling. duke was lighting it up from beyond the arc in. kenard to ingram. yale made this one a game in the second. up a 15-0 run for the bull dogs. marshall plumlee kicking it out. it is indeed duke advancing. the 11th seed wichita state eyeing the upsite. this one was into takenning. shockers take their first lead of the game. bake we are if three-pointer but the hurricanes had an immediate answer. off the block, angel rodriguez. look at this pass. the half court lob mcclelland for the dunk. it was then more rodriguez. hurricanes win. also in the south region tonight yukon unable to upset kansas while in the midwest
11:34 pm
butler, staying in the midwest, arkansas-little rock's run is over as they fall to iowa state. 11 seed gonzaga rolling over 3 seed utah. indiana knocking off kentucky by six points. the women's ncaa started yesterday but today the quest for a four-pete began as the uconn huskies looking for a 70th consecutive win. today the top seed clashing with robert morris, this one not even close. the lay-in. the huskies led 41-4. katie led the way. she had 22 points. 101-49 your final, uconn breezing into round two. seton hall clashing with duquesne. workman draining the three- pointer.
11:35 pm
didn't stop duquesne from pouring it on. april robinson burying her own triple. the pirates' season ends and the iona women in their tournament debut taking on 2 seed maryland. walker, the turn around fader. discussion. 74-58. maryland down. >> busy day. thank you laura. we're learning more about to arrest of a terror is in belgium. new details about what did he when he fled paris after the attacks. >> finds a way to campaign against donald trump even after her death.
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a winter storm will hit the area tomorrow. the first official day of spring. most areas will just get a little bit of snow. people in long island could see some accumulation. jeff smith will have details in his accuweather forecast. police are investigating a murder sides in bergenfield. police say the bodies of a man and woman were found inside a home on west clinton avenue. the couple's 11-year-old son discovered the bodies and called 911.
11:39 pm
identified a is in last week's slash in the park. police say that gregory alfred cut the throat of a 53-year-old woman as she walked along the sidewalk. that victim needed 13 stitches. topping our news this half- hour new details about the terror suspect arrested in belgium. >> heavily armed police in brussels captured salah abdeslam yesterday, and tonight a new twist. mastermind of the paris attacks planned to be a suicide bomber. >> here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: europe's most wanted man tonight behind bars and under interrogation. salah abdeslam the lone surviving terrorist from the paris attacks has admitted to authorities that after he drove the car to francis' biggest soccer stadium he was supposed to be among the isis suicide bombers. but he didn't go through with it.
11:40 pm
fled to belgium. this image captured by surveillance cameras in a gas station. it's the first major revelation since the police cornered abdeslam yesterday. shot tip leg, he was dragged away and rushed to the hospital. for four months this neighborhood, molenbeek, was manhunt. in the end he was found rate here in this building just a few hundred yards away from his family's home. senate's been very difficult for law enforcement to really penetrate these heavily immigrant neighborhoods incities like brussels, so they don't have sources, they don't have a lot of information. >> reporter: abdeslam was charged today with terrorist terrorist group. four others, including three from a single family, were did he taped during that raid, two of them charged with hiding a criminal. >> the real key from this arrest is the opportunity to interrogate abdeslam, find out who else he may have been working with find out more about his ties to isis.
11:41 pm
told reporters his client is cooperating, but that they will fight having him sent to france where he helped kill 130 people. channel 7 eyewitness news. in manhattan a bar argument turned into an assault on a -- on st. patrick's day. police say that one man hit another man inside peter dillon's hub. it was about 4:30 in the afternoon. detectives then released this surveillance video of a man they want for questioning. the 55-year-old victim got cut treatment. the suspect ran off on foot. and police are investigating a stack this afternoon in the bronx that life. investigators say that he was stabbed with a broken bottle after a dispute with another man who fled the scene. this happened at east 233rd street and cep plier avenue near van cortland park.
11:42 pm
yellow cab driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in manhattan. the 44-year-old was struck by a cab in a bus lane on first avenue near stuyvesant town early this morning. the driver fled the scene. investigators believe flores was lying in the street when she was hit. a cane found nearby may have belonged to her. connecticut confirms its first case of the zika virus. the person traveled to a zika infected area. symptoms include a rash, headache, and muscle aches. the patient is now recovering. zika is a mesquite to borne illness that could lead to birth defect in unborn chirp. this presidential race has brought out intense feelings about to candidates, trump. one mass which you set's woman's opposition to donald trump was so strong she made
11:43 pm
even after her death. john atwater with our sister station, wcvb, has the story. >> reporter: althis woman say so much in her years, but it was the 2016 election that made an impact. >> can you even believe people are voting for this man? >> reporter: in this year of polarizing personalities, shed one fear. >> he's teaching hate. what have we learned? >> reporter: so when she passed away her children made sure the world understood her dying wish. >> in lieu of flowers, her request would be that you do not vote for donald trump. >> reporter: it's an unusual addendum to a death notice, but in this year, political pitches are even showing up in obituaries.
11:44 pm
>> reporter: the family of an 81-year-old man would died used his obituary to ask people not to vote for hillary clinton. >> we just thought that was her last way to get her vote in. >> reporter: so as the candidates continue to stump for votes, they may be getting an unexpected boost from supporters who won't even be casting a vote. >> for her message to be heard is the best thing that could happen today. this is a dream come true for her. in other news, the pope has joined instagram in a record- breaking day baugh on the social media site. this morning pope francis posted his first picture on his new account under the handle franciscus. the pope hit one million followers within 12 hours. the previous record for one million followers was 24 hours held by david beckham. >> he's a popular man.
11:45 pm
how about a live look outside. some areas will get a couple of inches of snow. meteorologist jeff smith will have all the details. plus, the dutchess of cambridge shares details about life with the queen.
11:46 pm
charlotte and prince george's in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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horror on a plane as a girl's phone burst into flames mid flight. the seattle area teenager says she was watching a movie when flames started shooting out of the device.
11:48 pm
and the plane was over the ocean. >> there was like eight-inch flames coming right off my phone, and flipped it off on the ground and it got on someone else's feet and the planes were getting higher. a bunch of people stiewpped. >> alaska airlines says its flight crews are highly trained to deal with a situation like this. flight attendants quickly put out the fire. aviation experts say this is extremely rare, but keeping an iphone in airplane mode is an extra in the fire prevention. a production is shut down right now on the latest installment of the maze runner franchise after its star was badly injured onset. actor dillon o'brien was rushed to the hospital after an accident on the since canada where he's filming maze runner, the death cure. the third movie of the franchise. variety reports that o'brien was struck by a car and suffered some broken bones. the author of the book series
11:49 pm
posted on twitter saying that o'brien's injuries are not life threatening, and production has been postponed but not canceled. prince harry is visiting nepal look at the damage caused by an earthquake last year that killed 9,000 people and destroyed one million homes. during his five days in the nation, harry will visit with survivors living in camp. he will also stay with the families whose men served in military units that harry served alongside in afghanistan. >> prince william and his wife kate open up about being part of the royal family. they're taking part in a documentary to celebrate the question's 90th birthday. one highlight, the question's relationship with her great grandchildren. >> i think as soon as she came back here to kensington she was
11:50 pm
i think she's very fond of collar lot. she always leaves a gift or something, and that just shows her love for her family. >> the question's birthday is in april but it is officially celebrated in june. america's eyes are on washington as we wait for a second eaglet to hatch at the national arboretum. the first one fully emerged yesterday, and every moment has been captured live on web cam. the eagle's president are named mr. president and first lady. they're taking turns hunting for food and feeding the baby. we have a link to the live feed at abc7ny. and some incredible video from california. people on whale watching tour actually witnessing a whale being born. this happened off dana point. the tour officials
11:51 pm
see the little guy pop up to the surface just seconds after it was born. >> that is spectacular. coming up, a woman who escaped the war in syria now has her sights set on the olympics. >> wait until you hear what sh the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. . spring is in the air but winter lingers on. >> of course it does.
11:54 pm
>> sounded nice, but -- >> unbelievable. >> we head outside to check out what's going on. it's the calm before the storm. it's not going to be a major storm, especially compared to the one we got back in late january, but we're getting some snow nonetheless on the first day of spring. we're talking a few inches, especially from new york city and points east. 4 3, mostly cloudy skies, wind from the east at 14, gusting up to 20 miles per hour. snow possibly mixed with a little bit of rain right at the night. inches. more like three to six over eastern long island. i think the roads will transition from wet at the beginning when the snow is coming down and the temperatures above freezing. snow covered late tomorrow night as that temperature falls to 31 to 32 degrees. down to 27 at monticello.
11:55 pm
41 at both islip and at montauk. we do have the winter weather advisory through 6:00 a.m. western suffolk county. there's a winter storm watch in anticipation of even more snow over eastern parts of suffolk monday. day today. southern parts of ocean county got in on a few rain showers it. this more vigorous piece of energy over iowa is going to be diving off to the south and east, then off to the northeast. that puts it off of our coastline by late tomorrow night into very early monday morning. the air just cold enough to support some snowfall. this is what we're looking for. a general one to three-inch snowfall from the city and points east including the jersey shore, including all the way up into southwestern parts of connecticut. more like a three to six-inch snowfall where you have that winter storm watch over eastern parts of suffolk county, long island. probably just a coating to an inch west and north of new york
11:56 pm
7:00 in the morning here is your accuweather forecast. cloudy, brisk and cold for the united airlines new york city half marathon. 32 degrees. temperatures rising up to about 40 during the early part of tab. cloudy, brisk, and cold. that wet snow and rain arriving very late in the afternoon, around sunset in some areas. periods of snow. it all transitions to snow, tapering off late. one to three inches, more eastern long island. down to 33 for a low. clouds giving way to sunshine. on monday 48, warming up big time, 63 by wednesday. amy freeze and i back tomorrow morning with more. >> okay, jeff. by late tonight athletes are preparing for the summer's olympics in rio de. ner radio.
11:57 pm
this year's team will include a group of refugees. >> reporter: a swimmer from syria, once a refugee, now an olympic hopeful. just seven months ago she fled the civil war, leaving the syrian capital of damascus with her sister making the dangerous sea crossing to greece, then trekking several weeks across europe to germany. >> it was really hard for everyone. berlin. she goes to school. she swims at a pal near her refugee center and trains with a coach. the teenager is determined to make it to the olympics this summer. >> the problem was, the reason why i am here, why i am stronger, and i want to reach my goals. >> reporter: just 17 years old, she is already an accomplished athlete. she represented her country at the swimming world championships in turkey in 2012 but says training in syria was challenging. >> sometimes we couldn't train because of the war, or
11:58 pm
there was a bomb in the swimming pool. >> reporter: now that she has left the war behind she hopes to qualify as a refugee athlete. >> in the water there's no difference if you're a refugee or a syrian or a german. >> reporter: she says swimming at the olympics would be a dream come true and a chance to inspire people across the world. >> everyone is excited, and they want to see what i'm going to do, and me, too, actually. >> reporter: if she is selected, she will be part of the international olympic committee's very first team of refugee athletes. lady. sure. now. thank you for staying up with us. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm joe tore ressments eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 6:00. good luck to all you half
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