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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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be. in his final day here on tuesday he'll address the cuban people just about a block away from where i am right now and that is expected to be televised nationally and his final business, not business, but for fun, he will attend the big baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. before we let you go, about the meeting with dissidents every sunday a group of
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in white march every sunday to demand freedom in cuba. any change in their protests or reaction to it? >> absolutely no change. our abc station out of miami, had their camera at today's protest and they say it is the same thing that happens every year. the ladies in write march. they are speaking out against parts of the castro regime and for freedom and for human rights here and they were met by opponents who shouted at them, who were pushing and shoving and trying to block cameras from actually capturing what was happening before the ladies in white were taken into police custody, we are told. marcie we saw the president and the first lady getting off the plane with his family. who else is with him on the trip?
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also joining on this trip. he is being joined by leaders of business the ceo of xerox, of pay pal, marriott, a huge group of business leaders meeting here to see what opportunities there may be moving forward. marcie thank you we'll see you at 6:00. after miami the largest concentration of cuban americans is in new jersey. some of them welcomed the president's visit to their home country. others have a completely different point of view. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson picks up that part of the story, she is in union city tonight. kimberly. >> reporter: joe 7000 cuban americans live right here in hudson county. every sunday in union city you'll find a small but very passionate group of activists align bergen line avenue. they are supporting a similar cuba.
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prisoners, all were born and raised on the island. in terms of the much- anticipated trip, they are highly critical of it, calling his actions disappointing. one man went as far as calling the trip quote a betrayal of justice. like others, they feel obama came up short after trying to resume relations with cuba in 2014 that, under president raul castro, many of their friends and family members continue to suffer in cuba. this group feels this trip is all pomp and circumstance with no substance. >> they are doing these negotiations in this particular order, and they are taking this obama visit like they respect human rights. and they are you know, selling this to the world. oh you see, obama is coming here, and he said a few months agatha he would only come to cuba if we are, we have improved human rights situation here. so we have improved this
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we are great. and that is not the case. >> reporter: this group tells me they plan to be out here all day tomorrow and tuesday while president obama is in cuba. we'll hear much more coming up at 6:00. for now live in union city kimberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. it may be the first day of spring but winter is hanging on tight. snowy skies linger overhead and a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of our area. meteorologist jeff smith is here with the accu-weather forecast. jeff? >> reporter: western parts of long island, nassau and western suffolk counties, also extending down vermont and ocean counties, a winter storm warning through 10:00 a.m. on monday. see on the radar picture right now the snow and rain rapidly working its way up the coast. first flakes probably just a few hours away in new york city. it starts as a rain snow mix but brings down the colder air from up above and changes everything over to snow as low
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marva here and gets going up the coast. temperatures too warm for accumulating snowfall but as it comes down more heavily the temperature falls down to the freeing mark. he's our high resolution futurecast. by 8:00 p.m. steadier snowfall working its way up the coast. could be heavier bands of snow developing, especially east of new york city. by midnight that can extend over parts of the jersey shore. the heaviest looks to remain over eastern parts of suffolk county. we are kind of on the western edge of that steadier band of snow here in the city. by 6:15 a.m. snow starts tapering off in the metro area, but still going on strong over parts of long island. so a wintry mix developing over the next several hours, changing to all snow mid to late evening. total accumulations 1 to 3 inches, 3 to 6 over eastern long island. new york city roads, because the temperatures will be fairly marginal, should remain mainly wet in this situation.
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story. central and eastern long island could have a snowy monday morning commute. many more details on that coming up in your full accu- weather forecast. it may be hard to prepare for a winter storm when spring fever is in full effect. eyewitness news reporter stefan kim is live with how people are getting ready. hello to you. >> reporter: michelle it is almost as if no one here is even listening to what jeff smith has to say. no offense jeff. employees here at the home depot in jericho spotted only one customer who walked out of here with a bag of salt. what they are walking off with, what is flying off the shelves are gardening products, from flowers to bags and bags of bird and plant seed. people we have talked to say old man winter is way in their rear-view mirror. it is spring on their minds and they are not looking back. as far as the snow coming tonight, nassau county residents say it is barely even
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>> 45 degrees tomorrow, it is not going to stick. >> look how beautiful it is. the snow is out, it is very warm. i feel like i'm overdressed right now. i don't know what to tell you. >> we have bird seed in our cart and i'm just happy it is spring. i don't care about this. it is going to melt the next day. >> reporter: own even mind what is going on tonight? >> no we are going to make it. >> we are good to go. first day of spring. wednesday 60 degrees, no problem. >> reporter: coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll talk to the one man we found out here was driving with a snow plow and why even he is saying goodbye to winter. stefan king channel 7 eyewitness news. the track of weather conditions in your area download the free weather alert free for android and iphone. custody. authorities tell us police
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alfred in sayerville, new jersey. he will be brought back to new york city soon. police suspect alfred of cutting the throat of a 53-year- old woman last week. the victim survived the attack but she needed 13 stitches. runners from around the globe sprint through the city for the united airlines new york city half marathon. laura joins us now with the highlights. laura? >> reporter: we see it over and over again, but it really is true. 20,000 runners in this united airlines new york city half and 20,000 stories. here are two of them courtesy of the elite runners who took off from a chilly central park this morning and made their way down to the he got his win, second last year, finishing first in 1 hour 1 minute and 16 seconds, nearly
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while over on the women's side we had some drama. holding off joyce chip karru in a new photo finish. seconds off the american record and there was no better place to set her own personal record than in new york city. >> i just took that last turn really close and i think that gave me the edge and made sure i pushed hard to the finish. kind of just hoped for the best there at the end. it was really close. she pushed me to the edge. >> reporter: coming up in sports at 6:00, we'll take you back to the finish line to hear from the men's winner steven sam beau admitting he has been living for this for a very long time. a developing story in pennsylvania. a robbery suspect shot and killed two people on the pennsylvania turnpike. also ahead, once a victim of superstorm sandy, now a revitalized piece of new york city heritage. coming up on news at 5:00, the south street seaport museum reopens to the public with
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meanwhile a vintage piece of new york city history has gone silent. not even magic could keep a in new york state,
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state police responded to exit 180 in fort littleton
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troopers exchanged gunfire with a man who was armed. they shot and killed him. they say the gunman had shot and killed a turnpike employee, as well as a contractor. no word yet on a motive. today christians around the world celebrated palm sunday, the start of holy week leading up to easter. worshipers carried palm branches as they left. palm sunday marks the day people waved palm fronds as they welcomed jesus' entry into jerusalem. >> they were saluting him as a champion, as a vactor tore, as a -- a victor, as a conqueror. >> reporter: in lower manhattan members of trinity church had a donkey lead their parade from st. paul's chapel into the church. 2000 years ago jesus humbly
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spring has definitely sprung at macy's. check out the amazing flowers at the flagship store. this year's theme is america the beautiful, inspired by regional landscapes from around the country. the macy's flower show dates back more than 40 years. if you need to get into the swing of things with all the ice and snow falling. >> good things the flowers are inside. >> exactly. >> for sure after tonight right joe? >> reporter: i think central and eastern long island will have kind of a tough monday morning commute. mainly wet roads in and around new york city but the farther east you head the more snow cover those roads are more liable to be at that point. the clouds are increasing, looking more threatening outside. as the rain and snow approaches, rain because initially, temperatures are too warm to support all snow. but it will quickly change over to all snow once the precipitation comes down a
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temperatures right now 39 .10 combusting up to 18 miles per hour. the high on the day getting up to 41. well below average this time of year. look at that, we get up to 83 on this date back in 1945. storm track south and east of our area. air just cold enough to support snow, i think roads are mainly wet again in and around new york city but they are snow covered the farther east you head and the farther northeast you head up into parts of connecticut. right now 37 at toms river from some of the precipitation is trying to make it all the way down to the ground. and the initial burst of rain and snow doesn't make it down to the ground because we have dry air in place but it is raining over parts of southern ocean county changing over to snow as it grabs colder air from up above. here's our high resolution several hours. by 8:00 p.m. some of the steadier snow working its way up into new
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island. it will have been snowing at that point over parts of central new jersey. midnight we get heavier bands developing especially over central long island, extending down into ocean county, new jersey. check this out, occurring the pre dawn -- during the pre dawn hours, this is the height of the storm. a better shot at that happening over eastern parts of suffolk by 6:00 a.m. snowing good over the island but the snow is coming to an end in new york city and points north and west where you will get little to none well north and west of the city, especially north of i 846789 a coating to an inch in new jersey into the mid hudson valley. 1 to 3 new york city southwestern connecticut down to the jersey shore. you have to head out to eastern long island to get to the 3 to 6-inch band of snow. snow at times accumulating 1 to 3 inches more again over long island less north and west of new york city. clouds giving way to sun. a chilly wind tomorrow.
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east of new york city. that will be tapering off. 47 during the afternoon, so any snow we do get will be melting quickly. a moonlit clear sky. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. 52 on tuesday. a nice recovery out there. wednesday might as well be our first day of spring. it is going to be 64 degrees with a blend of sun and clouds. mild on thursday a pair of sixes, maybe showers in thursday night lasting into friday morning and sun returns friday afternoon, saturday into temperatures remaining above then. again eastern long island really taking the brunt of this storm and the worst of it will be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. a milestone. last weak the self street seaport museum opened for the a half years. superstorm sandy flooded the museum with 7 feet of water, but now it is back in business with a brand new exhibit.
5:18 pm
new york the city and that originates here in the seaport. >> reporter: captain jonathan boulware doesn't hold back when the south street seaport. >> this is the place that turned new york from a small coastal port really into the biggest port in the world. >> reporter: he is the executive director of the south street seaport museum, a place where you can see, touch and new york. >> when we occasionally ring it for ceremonial purposes the person who does the ringing has to wear heavy earmuffs to protect their ears. >> reporter: to the goods those ships brought from a world away. >> this is a trade good made specifically to come there klein to new york. >> reporter: this museum that celebrates new york's location on the water was also devastated by that water in 2012. during the height of superstorm sandy this entire area was flooded. in fact the entrance to this
5:19 pm
>> the buildings, mechanical structures, electrical things were all destroyed. >> reporter: lasted wednesday marked the first exhibit opening since sandy. >> it has taken us a lot to get here. there is much wet to be done but it is a day of a lot of celebration for us. >> reporter: the museum extends well beyond the walls of this building and includes a fleet of historic vessels. the exhibit street of ships, the port and its people opens tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> again that exhibit is actually open wednesday through sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you like anything nautical, head down there, it is really great. >> anything historic, it is great. so good. >> good stuff. thank you jeff. well still ahead, more with olympic gold medalist and champion abby wambach. >> laurie goes head to head with the retired soccer star
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the members of the u.s. soccer team became america's sweet hearts last summer. now they are headed to rio
5:23 pm
again in the summer olympics. abby wambach retired late last year and she talks to laura about what she has been doing since walking away from the game in our sports spotlight. >> reporter: well, as all of us will be watching, what are you going to be watching for with this united states team in they go in as the favorites do you agree? >> absolutely they are going to be one of the favorites. they actually just played germany last week and beat them. for me i'm going to be a fan. but the standards of the women's national team is gold or bust in my opinion and i know that is the standard they hold themselves to. they are going to expect gold hardware, nothing else. >> reporter: you have won a takes? who can have a big summer. >> man there is a ton of athletes that i think we don't even know about yets -- yet.
5:24 pm
and you listen to your national anthem being played, you can't help but get emotional. more than anything, all the old veterans they are going to do great. i can't wait to see the rookies and the little kids shine and hopefully win their first gold medal. >> reporter: have you thought about what it is going to be like for you watching it on tv and not being there? >> yeah i'm a freak. a freak of nature. during the olympics when i was off on the bench, i was obnoxious, yelling, trying to coach. and i'm way worse, i'm screaming at the television, yelling at the television. you don't want to get near me when a game going on. i get just as nervous. i know they are going to do great. i'm learning even more how to play the game now on the mario games. >> now you can go back to coaching or something. >> not coaching, i'll stick to
5:25 pm
>> halftime you can play video games. >> exactly. >> reporter: thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. good stuff. it used to be a hub. the magic show in soho where artists like david bowie and cold play recorded. lowessed its doors friday night. >> it was a staple for three decades but now the owners say the neighborhood is too expensive. entertainment reporter sandy kenyan has the story. >> reporter: in the place where david bowie recorded his final album, a wreck keep -- music is playing for all the artists who made music here. >> records like counting crows, joey ramone, lou reid, nora jones. >> reporter: cave fought along
5:26 pm
owner to try to save this. >> i think vintage equipment gives a certain warmth to the sound that digital equipment doesn't. >> reporter: the blacks on the wall are a testament to his success. >> this piano was used on cold play's viva vida. i put silver thumb tacks on the hammers so that you get a very bright sound. >> reporter: it is a place where old meets new in many ways. so it is fitting the last record to be made at the magic shop is the work of young musicians and it is strange to think this might be a random store the next time i walk by this street. >> reporter: a store like the one that replaced the legendary rock club. >> the neighborhood has been completely transformed and not really in a good way. >> reporter: which is why he must now close his magic shop. >> they landmark buildings yes? they landmark streets but they don't really landmark cultural places.
5:27 pm
our city. because now one more piece of history is being lost. in soho, i'm sandy kenyan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you don't get that back. once it's gone it is gone. >> meantime piano players are those thumb tacks. >> brilliant idea. coming up at 5:00, police search for a machete wielding man. a shootout has claimed an indiana sheriff's deputy, shot while serving an arrest warrant. the battle over a beach on
5:28 pm
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stories. president obama begins his historic trip in cuba. he and the first family have a busy few days ahead. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president has visited cuba in nearly 90 years. and maybe the first day of spring, but a winter storm is making its way into our area. some people on long island have to put their spring fever aside to prepare for snow. police make an arrest in a brooklyn slashing. 25-year-old gregory alfred is accused of cutting the throat in a 53-year-old woman in the
5:31 pm
the victim survived the atalk. >> and i'm joe torres. >> and i'm michelle charles in for sandra bookman. marcus? >> reporter: joe and michelle, the victims were standing right by that brick wall when the suspect came at them with the machete. the reason for the dispute? a fight over a woman. >> reporter: workers at the restaurant didn't want to talk, but were left with the grim aftermath. the sidewalk on 105th street and northern boulevard is soaked with bleach. because earlier this morning it was drenched in blood. >> i seen all this blood and said something happened and somebody's dead. because i've never seen so much blood in my life. >> reporter: no one died, but three people were seriously injured after being attacked with a machete around 5:00 this morning. the victims were standing outside the restaurant and bar
5:32 pm
james brown saw the injured men. police say the fight started over comments made to a man about his girlfriend. the victims, ages 20, 23 and 32 suffered injuries to the head, hands and wrist. this afternoon detectives returned to the scene, looking for surveillance video. >> it is not a surprise to me. always something going on. >> reporter: meantime, residents say this is just the latest incident in what they call a neighborhood trouble spot. >> there is always fighting. they break windows, they get crazy outside, it is crazy. >> reporter: well the victims all hospitalized but expected to survive. the suspect took off but is known to the victims. so far no word of any arrests. live in jackson heights channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. two sheriff's deputies were gunned down on the job.
5:33 pm
other was seriously hurt. chuck severson has the latest. >> reporter: two sheriff's deputies shot in the early morning hours, one of them killed. >> reporter: 27-year-old deputy carl contes and 37-year-old gerald buckley arrived to serve an arrest warrant. when the pair knocked, no one came to the door. when they went inside, officials say someone simply started shooting. >> i'm pulling into my lot and the cop said get out now. so i followed suit. >> reporter: the officers returned fire but both had already been hit. crews rushed them to the hospital. contes cannot survive. the husband and father of a young baby had been with the department just two years. >> outstanding officer, had great promise with our agency and will be greatly missed. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams eventually entered the house and found the suspect dead. >> it is scary. it is. you never know.
5:34 pm
and here i am talking to this guy two weeks ago waving at him. >> reporter: sergeant buckley remains in the hospital as state police pick up the investigation into what went so horribly wrong. abc news, new york. there was violence at another rally for donald trump. it appears to have involved his campaign manager. protesters and supporters clashed in tucson during his speech in arizona. trump's campaign manager is seen talking to one of the protesters, then you can see him apparently grab the young man's collar. there were other clashes. some protesters say they were punched. police arrest a suspect in a deadly hit and run some manhattan. police say 68-year-old john van bora is the driver of the yellow cab that hit 44-year-old kenya flores from a bus lane on first avenue near steve assistant town yesterday morning. investigators believe flores
5:35 pm
a cane nearby may have been hers. the search is on for a driver who crashed into a home in freeport, long island last night. people were inside the home at the time of the crash. police removed the car from the scene, but you can see a hole remains in the side of the house. in the end, no one was injured. two new jersey state troopers crashed their vehicles into each other this morning in bring water township -- bridgewater township. just south of i 78. one was driving an unmarked vehicle and the other was driving a marked suv. both were treated at the hospital and released. an investigation is underway. a battle is raging over a secluded beach on the south shore of long island. >> at issue, who can determine access to that peak beach in east hampton. for years people living in the noise and other nuisances.
5:36 pm
beach battle is now headed to court. >> the extreme numbers of cars that use the beach make it very difficult for our children and grandchildren to access the shoreline without having to traverse a very scary highway of moving trucks. >> reporter: people who live near the beach in east hampton say they have had enough of the loud music, speeding suvs and public urination on the small secluded beach. a beach which can only really be accessed by car. but we all know you can't make the rules unless you own the beach and therein lies the issue. >> the beach has been privately owned since the 1800s. we just happened to be the first group to exercise our property rights over a matter that we find extremely egregious, unsafe and unsanitary. >> reporter: residents have been involved in a legal battle for years with the town saying they own the right to the beach. the town, of course, disagrees
5:37 pm
and they'll make sure it stays that way. a trial is set for june. >> generations of families have gone to vacation on the beach and gathered there. public access is an important part of our economy, not just for you but for everyone else that uses it. >> reporter: kristen taylor is leading the fight to make sure for everyone. >> the people who go here, who frequent this beach, respect it. they are locals. they are teachers, ems personnel, firemen. they respect the community and the homeowners can still use the they just have to use it and share with everybody else who has been using it for decades. >> soon a judge may decide. >> reporter: in east hampton kristen thorn channel 7 eyewitness news.
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>> gorgeous. >> doctors will now have to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically or pay up. crews swoop to the rescue of a this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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a horse fell in a ravine because of steep terrain. rescuers had to swoop in with a helicopter. the horse was pulled from the ravine, and gently lowered to safety. >> not hard. the scribbled prescription note will soon be a thing of the past in new york. in one week doctors must send prescriptions electronically or face hefty fines. here's eyewitness news reporter lauren glass berg. >> reporter: the way new yorkers get prescriptions filled is changing. by the end of the month all prescriptions written in the empire state have to be sent to pharmacies electronically or doctors could face fines, the
5:42 pm
>> if anything comes by paper. >> reporter: dr. michael goldstein says it runs the risk of delays in getting medication. >> they need the medicine the same day that it has been prescribed and a doctor transmits it by eprescribing, then it is entirely possible that that patient won't get the med case. >> reporter: dr. goldstein says handwritten prescriptions allow patients to shop around. but some new yorkers like the idea of going paperless. >> it is good in the way it saves more time. >> reporter: the new york state department of health says eprescriptions prevent fraud and the overprescribing of narcotics. the mandate does allow for some exception for his paper prescriptions, like in power outages and other emergencies. but bargain that doctors have to scrap their prescription pads starting on the 27th. the defense department is
5:43 pm
autism app could help identify personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder. it hinges on face expressions that would be read by an autism screening app. it reads a child's facial expresses to assess a facial response. it could also identify ptsd according to the office of naval research. it is a trend many follow to stay fit. but is it worth it to give up solid food for a few days? >> coming up, consumer reports examines juicing. a wintry mix that quickly
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5:47 pm
a fire burning out of control just miles from pearl harbor in hawaii. flames have already charred about 1500 acres. nearby homeowners are under a voluntary evacuation order. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. i'm a little worried about my crocus. >> the little bit of snow we got will be melting away very quickly. i wouldn't be surprised if we get a little bit of accumulation and they are blooming right through the snow. >> what we all wish for. it will be all over by daybreak tomorrow but over the eastern half of long island snow right through the morning hours of money. the sky is looking a little fuzzy, and that is because there is actually snow and rain falling above the surface not quite making it down to the ground because the air is so
5:48 pm
but eventually that will moisten up and initially it will be a mix of rain and snow because temperatures are bell above freezing but the temperature will fall quickly when the snow comes down more heavily. next 7 hours again the rain and snow mix coming in, quickly changing over to plain old snow during the evening. but with marginally cold temperatures in new york city, i would expect roads to remain mainly wet in and around the city where it comes down much heavier over long island. the temperature will get down to freeze and go that is where you can get snow covered roads. 40 at newark. 42 at jfk. we have gotten social media reports of wintry mix precipitation developing near times river -- toms river. winter storm warnings in effect right through monday at 10:00 a.m. for eastern long island, particular.
5:49 pm
the jersey shore for the same time period. here is our radar picture right now. showing precipitation over the city. that is not hitting the ground. it is hilting the ground over parts of central and southern new jersey. the wintry mix quickly going over to snow. the low pressure area organizes and paralyzes the coast. here's our high resolution futurecast, updated very frequently. by 8:00 p.m. steadier snow moving in. and from the city south and east we could be getting heavier bursts of snow. yellow showing up over eastern long island. that could be coming down hard for a time and right through about 6:00 in the morning we get snow here in the city. by 7:15 a.m. it really starts to taper off. by daybreak the snow is coming for an end new york city and still going strong over eastern parts of long island. 1 to 3 inches in general, 3 to
5:50 pm
long island. don't despair, check out the warm up we have by the middle of the week. 60s your forecast by wednesday. cloudy with snow at times, accumulating 1 to 3 inches tonight. down to 32 degrees. an early exit of the snowfall over the island tomorrow morning, and then clouds give way to sunshine. getting up to 47 so snow melting quickly over the afternoon. how about 52 tuesday, 64 on wednesday? pair of 6s on thursday night into friday morning and back down into the 50s for next weekend. we have warm weather coming up. going to be a nice week after we get through the snow. >> midweek you were just kind of showing off. >> that's right. that is what i do. it is never too early to get your body ready to hit the beach. according to consumer reports, 20% of adults concerned about their weight have tried a
5:51 pm
>> and it turns out men do it more than women. juice cleanses are a $200 million a year industry. the key question, do they work? consumer reports results. >> reporter: susan williams and her first juice cleanse two years ago has done several since. >> i will do a cleanse if i've eaten too much, been drinking too much, been having too much sugar. i feel like it resets my assist em. >> reporter: by replacing solid foods with juices made from fruit, vegetables and nut mill beings, some claim to health start a healthier you. top selling brands include blueprints renovation cleanse, cleanse one and original fresh start. they promise to do things like rest your digestive system, rejuvenate your body, increase energy and eliminate toxins.
5:52 pm
evidence to back some of the claims they make. >> reporter: none promised you'll drop pounds, but you will problem will in the short- term. the juices consumer reports reviewed tended to be too low in fiber and protein and too high in sugars and they are pricey. three days of juices can cost as much as $200. >> if you are healthy and you do a cleanse for one, two or three days, it is probably not harmful. but any longer than that just really isn't smart. >> reporter: for truly sustainable changes consumer reports reminds us healthy eating is a better way to go. consumer reports advises checking with your doctor first if you want to do a cleanse. it reached out to the manufacturers regarding the claims they make. some did not respond. those that did defended their products. after reviewing the information and conducting their own
5:53 pm
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the ban on hoverboards has expanded in the tristate. the transit system has banned them on trains and stations. there have been no incidents on path trains but he cited reports of fires and injuries caused by hoverboards. the lithium ion batteries used are what seem to pose a potential fire risk. amtrak the mta and new jersey transit ban or regulate their use. a rare piece of jewelry once owned by shirley temple black is about to hit the market. sotheby's is going to auction it. the actress got it from her
5:57 pm
bluebird debuted. they estimate it will go for 25 to $35 million. >> just a tad too expensive. disney's zoo toppia topped the box office once again. it grossed $38 million. its popularity kept allegiance ant in second place. weather whiplash coming up on eyewitness news.
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in for he in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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today - at smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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history in havana. a major milestone in international relation. the first family arrives in cuba. >> it is fine. spring snowstorm, the calendar says it is the first day of spring but winter refuses to leave. good evening everyone. i'm joe torres.


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