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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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service member and their family who have yet to be identified. authorities discovered a third bam inside the airport that did not detonate and was removed. an hour after that another vicious attack heard at the busy maelbeek metro station. sources say 20 people were killed by the blast along the rail tracks and 80 wounded. video shows terrified passengers escaping to safety and people being treated as first responders came to the sidewalk. >> i seen probably around a dozen to 15 people who had been carried out of the metro and lying outside the metro entrance. >> i heard the first explosion with a lot of dust and the ceiling of the airport started to collapse. about 2 or 3 seconds after that the second explosion on the other side of the terminal. same smoke, same
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just about a few seconds everybody ran out and we quickly saw injured people and a few people were laying on the ground near the entrance and we saw a lot of people badly injured. a lot of blood. >> reporter: now, a spokeswomen with the belgium police confirms they do believe they have identified three suspects. that surveillance video you mentioned earlier, two of those suspects are confirmed dead, one remains continues. we'll have much more coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 as well as how many americans have been effected. live in brussels, a.j. ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. president obama took a moment to acknowledge the brussels terror attacks during the trip to he assured the belgium people that the u.s. stands with them in solidarity. >> this is yet another reminder
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must be together regardless of anything. we can and we will de feat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> president obama also said the u.s. will provide any help needed in bringing the terrorists to justice. >> anyone who was out and about today likely saw security bumped up on subways, planes and trains. in florida passengers on a flight that was coming in from brussels had no idea the attacks until their plane was held on the tarmac. this happened at orlando. that flight was searched. it was one of the last flights out of brussels today. that brussels airport now closed. it will stay that way until wednesday. with more on security at airports, m.j. is at jfk. >> reporter: terminal 4, the international arrivals has the busiest time at one of the
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over the next several hours hundreds of flights will come into and out of this airport stepped up. >> how do you feel now that >> happy. >> rick was happy that his just a few of the thousands of passengers planes at jfk. ade learned of the attacks while her flight was already in the air. >> as a traveler do you feel -- >> unsafe, yes. yes, that was the topic. all the passengers were talking about it. >> port authority police moved quickly to secure the terminals with attack dogs and officers in body armor with automatic weapons. as the new york national guard steps up patrols. >> what the police are doing is looking for people who don't very nervous.
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with said the biggest difference they notice is immigration officers are asking more detailed questions of arriving passengers. most international airports are more secure now than they've ever been. experts say the belgium bombers were able to carry out their attack by targeting the weakest link. >> in this case the terrorist took advantage of the fact that there's not security on the exterior of the airport and there's areas in aviation that are not totally secure. >> a bill in congress is expanding to secure zones making it more difficult to carry out a belgium-style attack. >> we're proposing three things, training on screening for the tsa agents be increased, two that the perimeters of the some of them are not. three, that we redouble efforts to make sure
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protected. >> reporter: transatlantic flights have been canceled until wednesday. security has been stepped up. travelers are on edge. authorities insisted there's no specific credible threat against any of new york's airports tonight. live at jfk, m.j. burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. besides airport there's step stepped up security at subway and train stations, all easy and tempting targets for terrorists. these are vulnerable locations. stacey sager is at penn station where there's a visible police presence. stacey. >> reporter: sade, even though there's no direct threat to new york city there's a very direct response to what happened in belgium today. ramped up security here at penn station for sure. the kind that's designed to send a message. >> the mayor calls this a sign of solidarity with belgium today, stepped up security here in the subways and in penn
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his words, the best answer to all the chaos is some sense of order. >> our critical response command, 500 plus officers at armed plus our strategic response group. >> the timing of this event allowed us to hold over the morning tours of duty on all units so we're double the amount of officers available to us this morning. >> that meant more visible patrols and more bag checks here at the entrance to the number 1 train. some commuters wonder, is anything really enough to deter the types of terrorists we saw in belgium today. >> not really because i think if i was maybe having a bad intention i could find a way escape it or not to be in control. >> most commuters getting used to it already. >> it's very sad that we still live in a world like this. >> innocent people died for no reason. horrible. it just sucks that everybody has to go
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>> nothing compared to what people in belgium are enduring. mina jacobs a police officer in belgium here in new york city as a terrorist today. >> i tried to call my family. i couldn't get through because all the cell phones are down. it's a bad day for belgium i think. >> reporter: and that kind of put things in perspective for some commuters. we should also point out that today's increase in security is quite costly. these officers are on over time and it comes at a delicate time politically because in washington dc there's proposed cuts to urban counterterrorism, counts that the mayor and commissioner oppose. i'm stacey sager, channel 7, eyewitness news. abc news is reporting that homeland security officials are considering security upgrades and right now there's no specific or credible threats to the u.s. tied to brussels. joins us to talk more about today's attacks former nypd commissioner ray kelly.
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>> you got some in sights into what went down at the airport, right? >> there was an intelligence source that said two individuals that you see in the picture, the one with the black shirts, is coached by the individual in white. lines. they go to line 3 and line 11. they went to those lines not because of the specific airline but because there was more people in line. they went to the maximum number of people. >> the believe is they detonated themselves. >> yes. >> do you think this was in response to salah abdeslam's arrest or do you think this was basically a terrorist cell saying we have to act before we're caught? >> that's the operating assumption i think, that the arrest of the individual on friday triggered this. you know, it looks like they were ready to go.
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probably made out of tatp which is readily availabilityy -- available products. these have been made throughout europe. >> it took us a while to catch salah abdeslam, not us by european authorities, is it going to take long to catch that guy in the white coat or jacket as well do you think? >> it's hard to say. the belgium authorities have had some challenges. you know, their police force is somewhat fragmented. they speak two different languages in the police force itself. let's hope they get this individual right away. it took 4 months to get this other person and they sort of tripped over it. >> yeah. >> somewhat. it was an accident. they got some problems. >> okay. commissioner kelly, thank you so much for join pg -- joining us. >> thank you. police officers are station stationed outside the belgium
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the offices are in a high-rise building. they increased presence there after the arrest of a terrorist suspect in brussels. >> us belgiums who are normally quiet and laid back, out of the way of society, it's not something that we're used to so we appreciate all the support. >> staff members are consumed with learning about what happened in brussels. presidential candidates are voicing their concerns following the attacks in brussels. republican front runner donald trump renewing his call for a ban on muslims in the country. hillary clinton is saying that's not the answer. >> we have no idea where they're coming from, who they are, where they were. we have people coming in with no documentation. >> right here at home we need to be reaching out and including muslim-americans in communities where they live in our first line of defense. >> donald trump also calling for the u.s. to back out of
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clinton and ted cruz criticizing trump for his comments. we're taking a live look at a live event that ted cruz is attending. he's calling for surveillance of muslim neighborhoods here in the united states. jim hoffer has more on where they lived and how they plotted their attacks. we have that coming up at 5:30. stay tuned for a one hour special edition of world news tonight with david muer beginning at 6:30 after eyewitness news at 6:00. there's more news ahead. it's the nypd's response to cutting in the city. >> plus the easter county mall brawl, suspects get their day in court. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. warming up today 5 to
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it's dry out there. there's snow
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landmarks around the world are lit up in a show of solidarity with belgium. the eiffel tower that glowed in the color of france's flag is shining in honor of the people of belgium. in italy it was projected on to the fountain in rome. right now here's a live look at world trade center. it's also lit up to let the people of belgium know that new yorkers are mourning the victims and are committed to peace. in other news tonight, a fresh look at the growing number of stabbings and slashings here in new york city. the city final conceding it's not about the number, it's about perception. so the nypd is making some changes. eyewitness news reporter stephen kim has details on a new plan of attack.
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the rash of stabbings and slashings on their mind this is the reaction. >> when i go on trains i reach in and have my pepper spray in my hand. >> it's occurring more often. >> the nypd is roll ing out operation cutting edge. the surge of police officers on subways, now a more targeted approach. unlike shootings stabbings and slashings were not being tracked until now. officials say they are unlike shootings because there's no specific group of offenders. so instead police are focusing on when and where these incidents are happening. >> 23% of stabbings and slashings occur between 7:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. >> so police are now identifying the city's most problematic nightclubs, keeping legal ones safe and shutting down illegal ones.
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this weekend that we thought were restaurants but they were nightclubs. >> officials say the numbers can be misleading according to nypd statistics. only 2% of slashings and stabbings occurred on the subways. 40% of them of them occurring indoors and 70% are as a result of domestic disputes. less than 3% involved random victims. the police commissioner said sometimes perception can become reality plus -- >> knives are everywhere. someone in a moment of passion , domestic violence, dispute with a neighbor there's a ready instrument available. >> the nypd is trying to reduce the number of these weapons out on the streets. box cutters, for instance, are not supposed to be sold to anyone under 21 and kept behind counter locked up. police will make sure that's being enforced. stephen kim, channel 7, eyewitness news.
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first family are on their way to argentina tonight. the first family ending their historic 48-hour trip to cuba just about an hour ago. we're told president obama met with the cuban counter part raul castro at the airport before departing. earlier this afternoon they attended a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. they arrive today an ovation from the crowd. the stadium observed a moment in silence in honor of the victims of the brussels terror attacks. in the race for president there's voting today in several states. both parties vote in arizona primary, caucuses in utah and democrats have caucuses in idaho. republicans are caucusing in american sonal. as the polls close we will be monitoring the results tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. and right now we want to go to breaking news. we have mayor de blasio who is now holding a press conference after taking a subway train going from penn station to time's square.
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>> there's a lot of visitors who are really appreciative of the clear, strong nypd presence today. i talked to a number of the officers. they told me how many thank yous they have gotten today because people appreciate knowing they were there, they were vigilant and protecting us against any and all threats. at this moment it's so good to see people going about their business, people in the city knowing the nypd has their back and understanding how important it is to never let the terrorists dominate us or influence us but in fact to stand in their way of life. today we saw just a piece of what is an extraordinary operation in this subway station. this vast connection point all the tunnel, all the
5:19 pm
a million riders a day going through here. it's just an extraordinary hub of activity. seeing how well protected it is and seeing the elaborate operation that the nypd has in place to protect everyone is very, very encouraging. i want to thank all the good men and women of the new 55 member unit that has been put together to patrol time's square station. this unit with all our specialized units is chosen and trained specifically for the job and i guarantee you i talked to some of the officers about the sheer level of human activity they see every day and it takes special talent to be able to work productively in an intense atmosphere and we've found the best men and women for the job. every new yorkers should know you're being protected every day by the finest police force in this country and a police force
5:20 pm
extraordinary ability to prevent terrorism and to keep us safe. i want to emphasize because i know all new yorkers want to hear the latest and the latest is there remains no credible and specific threat against new york city. we are in constant communication with the fbi and homeland security and our state partners and the port authority police, all the key elements of our security apparatus. there remains, again, no credible and specific threat against new york city. within hours of the incident in belgium this morning the nypd had fully deployed our key commands that we use in any emergency situation including our new critical response command, which is a 500-plus member antiterrorism force that
5:21 pm
they are wholly devoted to anti-terror activities. all of these units were deployed literally between the time of the attack in belgium and the beginning of the morning rush hour. a testament to commissioner bratton and the leadership of the nypd that these actions were taken so quickly and so effectively. it's very important to remember boar the brunt of the war on terror back in 2001 and since then there's been 20 plots directed against new york or originating in new york and every single one of them has been foiled by the nypd. we're working closely with our federal and state partners. we know that history has to be built upon in an ever more complex dynamic. there are new and more difficult terror threats that we face. in
5:22 pm
critical response command we're giving new technology to our officers, all 36,000 officers, that will help them be a key part of our effort to prevent terror. by the end of the year we'll have 2,000 additional officers on patrol in this city helping us to continue to be the safest big city in america. our hearts are with the people of belgium today. our prayers are with the families that have been so horribly effected by these tragedies. we stand in solidarity with the police commissioner, the mayor and the belgium people in their hour of need. we know what it feels like and our thoughts and prayers are with them. with people in so many other nation that terrorism recently, turkey, yemen, nigeria, the community of nations has to stand up to
5:23 pm
one of the best ways that we do that is by reiterating our commitment to democracy, showing the terrorist they can't intimidate us, they won't change our way of life, they won't make us different. we will stand up to them and we will standby our values. so it's so important for people to go about their daily routines knowing the nypd is protecting you, knowing that just going about your daily business is a renunciation of terrorism and the effort of terrorists to intimidate us. we show our strength by refusing to give in, by continuing to be a democratic and free and tolerant society. i'm going to turn to commissioner bratton but before i do i just want to remind all new yorkers especially in a moment like this, the phrase if you see something say something
5:24 pm
supposed to take it literally. if you see anything that you think is suspicious or dangerous, if you see a package unattended, someone acting in a manner of irregard, inform a police officer right away or call 911. always better to be safe than sorry. that phrase can save lives. remember, it was here in time's square that a vender saw something a few years ago and alerted a police officer and saved the lives of countless new yorkers. it's so important to speak up and you can help the nypd in the fight against terror. we will keep you updated throughout the coming days. rest assured one thing will be constant, the ability of the nymd. pd. just a few words in
5:25 pm
>> [foreign language] >> good afternoon. quickly, echoing the mayor's comment, we have no credible threat directed against new york city.
5:26 pm
abundance of caution in addition with the resource our police force will notice a significant increase in police presence on the transit systems, transit hubs throughout the city, specifically cic, sig entities. in addition we will be providing extra coverage to belgium and french interests here in the city once again with cic, sig units. echoing the mayor's comments, see something say something. while traveling the subway system this afternoon i was very pleased to hear on the subway cars the constant messaging about that issue. see something, say something and report it. i had the opportunity to spend some time in the subway system this afternoon. people are in good spirits. they're happy to see the police. echoing once again the mayor's comments, say hello to those cops. tell them you're grateful, thankful they're there, give them a high five.
5:27 pm
i was pleased to get a lot of acknowledgment during my time riding the subway this afternoon. it felt good to have people comfortable riding the subway center. john miller will give you a quick update of the incidents that we are constantly monitoring over seas that are shaping our response here in new york city. with that please. >> thank you, commissioner. what you saw this morning and throughout the day if you were a terrorist was a massive show of force on the part of the nypd. what you saw if you were a citizen or commuter today protection. starting early this morning we used every tool in the counterterrorism tool box, whether that was our special weapons teams throughout the department beyond the counterterrorism borough or the highly trained dogs that can pick up the scent of a bomb even
5:28 pm
>> and you are listening to the nypd's john miller talking about the dogs. it's reassuring to see all the animals in the video, the bomb-sniffing dogs. they are instur mental to new york city. we will be right back aft this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. we are monitoring developments on the terror attacks in belgium. what we know right now is two bomb exploded at the brussels airport and there was a third explosion at a metro station this morning killing at least 34 people and injuring 180. tonight we know
5:31 pm
isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks in a statement to isis-linked media. the terror attack is at level 4. raids are being carried it around the country right now. >> tonight we are hearing from a new jersey man who flew from newark to brussels this morning, landed at the airport just as the explosions went off. joe what that part of the story. >> reporter: a big deep breath, a close call and tense moments new jersey. eric miller was on board an over night flight from newark to brussels. his flight was 30 minutes late meaning he landed at the same time the he was traveling with a colleague for a 3-day conference. we talked to miller this afternoon about his trip and particularly the end of
5:32 pm
down they learned that something was terribly wrong. >> we parked at the gate and i got a call from my driver that before the announcement came on to the plane that two bombs exploded in the airport. >> reporter: it turns out it was true. miller told us the passengers remained on the plane for an hour before authorities pushed the plane back to a far corner of the airport, ultimately buses brought the passenger to a holding area inside a hanger you they would all be there for some time because authorities brought them all a set of blankets and some food. >> joe, thank you. nba hall of fame er r dakebe mutambo was caught at the airport after the attacks. after the attacks me posted a
5:33 pm
fine. later he posted a photo with an update saying i'm good, thank you everyone, god is good. andrew cuomo called it a sad reality. >> it's so clear that the only solution, the only resolution will be coalition building among our allies against those who period. that has to be the way forward. >> of course the investigation into exactly how the attacks were carried out is now just beginning. belgium officials say it's likely the explosions at the airport were the result of a suicide bombers. police confirm they're looking for one suspect, the man seen in the white jacket on surveillance video. this is a photo that was taken at the airport. it is believed that the other two men died in the attack. the attacks come 4 days after the arrest of
5:34 pm
salah abdeslam. he was arrested in the maelbeek neighborhood of brussels that's a hot extremists. jim hoffer has those details. >> it has a history of being home to terrorists. after the terror attack this brussels suburb became the effort of the center to uncover new plots. this morning they ran out of time. bombs started to go off, another attack launched by a network with ties to maelbeek. >> belgium authorities say these three men are likely the suspects in the bombing of the brussels airport. the one on the right could have survived. today's airport bombing and subway blasts are believed to have been carried out by an isis-linked network, connected to salah abdeslam. >> a key suspect in november's paris attacks salah abdeslam was arrested four days ago. his capture may have forced the
5:35 pm
>> these attacks were already well underway. so it was a simply question of we better execute them now before we get arrested. >> salah abdeslam and the terrorists hid and plotted their attacks in maelbeek. the jihad has presented a challenge to intense officials. >> if the community is tight and closed and not willing to provide information to intelligence that's when you have the dark spots, lack of intelligence. >> former fbi special agent bill daily said the network could have gone into hiding after salah abdeslam was arrested. instead they decided to attack. >> it shows their commitment, their intent to strike at really the heart and soul of the european and western countries. >> today's blast add to the urgency facing european officials to crack any other terrorist networks out there
5:36 pm
>> the fact that these operations are on going and one presumes they have other operations that are planned as well. >> and therefore we're likely to see them strike again? >> yes, this is not over. >> belgium officials say they found an explosive device containing nails in a home in a neighborhood near maelbeek. people are calling on people from the airport or the subway who may have filmed images from these attacks to help with their investigation. diana. >> thank you, jim. of course our coverage continues online at including some powerful images from the attacks. we have a lot of photos for you there. more details on the americans injured and reaction to the attacks from around the world and stay tuned for a special hour-long edition of world news tonight with david muer beginning at 6:30. now that the gloves are off it's reckoning day, the first day in court for the easter
5:37 pm
fight with at a mall in new jersey. both faces a slew of charges. nina pineta was in court today. >> reporter: the mother whose little girl was on the lap of the rabbit said the child was dropped onto her face on the floor and despite reports that the dad started the fight she said if the mall reduced -- released the whole video they would see who started it. >> so he started to hit your husband first? >> yes, he did. >> the easter bunny a ttacked first? >> yes. >> the mother of the toddler in the middle of the easter bunny brawl at the man said her baby's dad, juan jimez did not throw the first punch. >> he never reached for her, no type of -- he was inhumane towards the baby. the father went to him and say how are you
5:38 pm
>> she said the bunny's actions injured 14-month-old jalen. >> her nose is bruised and scratched. >> he's not what everyone is making him out to be. he definitely was attacked first. >> she was managing the photo kiosk during the fight and shared these pictures of him at the hospital. the 22-year-old still in the white furry kos fumecostume is bleeding. >> i've been in the suit before. pounds. >> in the video charles is seen being escorted away but he hops back into frame and more fighting ensues. >> this was an unfortunate incident. >> a public defender assigned to both men said the situation was an over reaction but the
5:39 pm
>> you don't just hire anybody that's going to drop a 14 month old baby. >> reporter: she said her daughter's father required 12 stitches because the bunny chomped him finger down to the bone. both are being charged with aggravated assault. the dad has 22 prior arrests in new york and new jersey, wanted on a fugitive from justice warrant. the bunny has one prior arrest for fare hopping. both will be in court a month after easter. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, nina. still to come, a man caught on camera allegedly stealing cancer donations. where he swiped the cash from and how police caught him. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it's 54 degrees in new york city, a few more clouds. a front is right here and to the north of that it's actually pretty chilly. coming up in accuweather, after we get this warm up are we going to
5:40 pm
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we are back with breaking news on staten island. there's a brush fire that's burning there. news chopper 7 is over that area near richmond avenue and arthur kill road. they're spraying water on the area right now. no reports of any injuries but they'll keep a close eye on that. authorities say an off duty sayreville police officer found shot to death committed suicide. this photo shows matt kurtz on the right. he's receiving his detective badge. this was last november. he killed himself yesterday morning in the parking lot of a closed movie theater complex. sayreville's police chief said kurtz was smart, hard working and said his suicide
5:44 pm
calls a predator that has taken the lives of too many in law enforcement. a man from new jersey is under arrest for allegedly stealing a cancer donation jar from duncan doughnuts. jeffery fellows was caught block from the store after he caught a de -- blocks from the store after he matched a description from police. the other man in the video was released without a charge. we have new details on the arrest of a slashing suspect. >> tonight why police are now investigating the attack as a hate crime.
5:45 pm
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our coverage of the brussels terror attack continues and people all over the world are showing their support for the people of belgium. in this image, this is from a french
5:48 pm
it shows the french flag embracing the belgium flag and the artist said it shows how france and belgium are more connected than ever. >> and the tears. a terrifying slashing attack on a woman in brooklyn is now being investigated as a hate crime. gregory alfred is the man caught on video running from the scene after slashing the neck of a 53-year-old woman. this happened on march 10th. he was arrested over the weekend. he admitted to targeting the victim because she was white. an nypd sketch artist is getting kudos tonight for nailing the rendering of the suspect in the slashing. take a look. side by side, you can just see how close the sketch was to the suspected attacker. lawmakers in new york taking a step forward in a move to protect children from being left alone in cars. the state senate passed a bill to make it illegal to leave a child younger than 8 in a vehicle. anyone who breaks
5:49 pm
and a second violence within 18-months would carry a fine of up to $100 and a third offense $250. the measure now goes to the state assembly. a harbor seal is recovering after being caught in the netting. there he is. he got caught up in net ting and rope by crow island. this is near the meadowbrook parkway. he's being treated for wounds and being kept in one of the foundations seal tanks. >> look at that face. >> i love a seal face. >> cute little face. lee, i suspect it's windy outside because we can hear from some of our live shots that it was pretty hard. >> and the brush fire for that matter. low humidity and the gusty winds, elevated risk for brush fires. tomorrow not so much as the humidity goes up. that increasing humidity will make it feel milder. this afternoon there's a chill in the air even though it's in the mid 50s. this camera looking at the skyline of manhattan, bouncing a
5:50 pm
a little sun glare as well through the evening hours. if near an area like exit 22 it could be a bright slow down. 53 degrees, a southwest wind at 13 to 20 miles per hour. we're okay in bridgeport at 50% above humidity. away from the ocean air less than 30%. that's when you have the elevated risk of brush fires. we're on pace for the 7th warmest march. we've had a string of days above normal here. we will be the rest of the week. numbers in the low 50s. we're only going the see a slow drop tonight because the clouds come in. the gusts will diminish. we'll still have a breeze over night. some clouds around, maybe a stray shower to the north and then skies will tend to brighter during the middle of the day. that's going to feel good during the afternoon. there will be more cloudiness north of the city. even with the cloud cover
5:51 pm
60s, maybe even a 70 across the interior parts of new jersey. tomorrow morning i see a fair the theme all day will be brighter to the south and more clouds to the north. during the afternoon hours the clouds are thinning out south and east of i-287, still in the low mid 60s in the hudson valley. bridgeport yet we're flirting with the 70 degree mark across the interior ports of new jersey. pollen count tomorrow moderate to high. uv index at a 4 and the air quality is moderate. after the 67 tomorrow we take a bit of a step back on thursday. what's happening is a front is actually backing in on the area. there's actually going to be some snow over northern new england. we don't have to worry about that. we have a cooler ocean breeze, some low clouds stubborn to leave the area. low 50s over connecticut. new york city should be 60 to 65. same thing in the hudson valley as well. a
5:52 pm
shot at rain will be late thursday night into the first part of friday and then the weekend is looking dry. mostly sunny on saturday, about 54 degrees. pretty typical this time of year. easter sunday i think we'll hold off the rain. sun mixing with clouds but middle 50s. a decent soaking next week but at least we'll get through the holiday weekend there. >> thank you, lee. a new push to band -- ban plastic
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
5:55 pm
a new push tonight to band plastic bags on long island. supporters say it means sense when protecting the community and environment. >> not everyone supports it. kristen thorn has details. kristen. >> reporter: hi there. in just about half an hour the suffolk down legislature here will hold a public hearing on the plastic bag plan proposal. when you
5:56 pm
opinions on the proposal. >> peter shedler made a conscious decision a year ago to start using reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones. >> i believe in not using those things because i think they litter the place. >> that's the idea behind a new bill. it would ban the distrue distribution of single use plastic bags. >> i can see limiting the use of them but banning it out right, no way. >> people could purchase brown paper bags from retailers for $0.10 each. >> the fee is not a tax. this helps to protect the business es so that when they have to buy the more expensive paper then they will be covered. >> plastic bags are already east hampton.
5:57 pm
of legislation. let's go it county wide. >> those with the plastics industry have spoken out across the country against these plastic bag bans. they say it makes no sense to get rid of a useful 100% recyclable product. a lot of people don't see it that way. >> plastic bags have taken an immense toll on our economy, our society. effects our wildlife, fish, birds. we use them for a few seconds and they stick around for a thousand years. >> reporter: if this all does go through people who are on food stamps would not have to pay the $0.10 for those brown bags or reusable bags. they would be able to get them for free. kristen thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristen. still ahead, more about the terror attacks in brussels and how new york is responding. >> eyewitness news at 6:00
5:58 pm
>> this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. isis strikes again. this time two deadly terror attacks in belgium. the first at the airport in brussels, then about an hour later a second attack at a train station. death, destruction and mayhem in a city that's headquarters for the european union. three dozen killed, 200 hurt. >> we will do whatever is necessary. >> belgium police carry out raids trying to stop more attacks. >> in our area the nypd now on heightened alert. you can see it everywhere, more heavily armed cops on the streets and now the mayor and the police commissioner riding subways this afternoon to try to reassure new yorkers. >> we refuse to be afraid, we refuse to change who we are.
5:59 pm
bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. in brussels tonight at the high est possible alert with all mass transit shut down. here's the latest. the numbers are changing but this is what we know right now. at least 31 people are dead, at least 250 others are injured. moments after the attack united airlines flight in newark landed at the airport. no one on that flight was hurt. >> new york heightening security at our airport. prosecutors releasing the pictures of three men behind the attack. two believed to have died in a suicide attack at the airport and the search is on for the one on the right wearing a hat. >> among the injured, nine americans injured. >> a.j. ross is in brussels and
6:00 pm
we're going to begin with a.j. >> reporter: bill, hearts across belgium are aching tonight for the lives lost and terrorist attack. this is as close as we could get to the maelbeek metro station. it's the european union. many reflect on the devastation of today. >> about 8:00 this morning in brussels two explosions ripped through the departure hall at the airport instantly turning a calm setting into a vision of chaos. >> so many people panicked, so many people cried. >> everyone was scared so everyone ran. >> eric miller of new brunswick was on a united flight that landed in brussels just after the explosions. >> i got a call from my driver that before the announcement came over the plane that two bombs exploded in the airport. >> about an hour later more carnage when a bomb exploded inside a subway station filled


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