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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and due to the unique circumstances of this case, a prison sentence is not warranted. he went on to say justice will be best served if mr. liang is sentenced to five years probation, six months home confinement, electric monitoring and performs 500 hours of community service. akai gurley's family attorney released a statement a short time ago as well, saying holding police accountable for wrongful acts is important for our community. we continue to have faith in our justice system. just moments ago, pba president patrick lynch released this statement, saying police officers are human being and as such can make mistakes while risking their lives to protect the community. criminalizing a mistake, even a tragic accident, discharging the service is no good purpose. he believes the officer should not have been indicted in the first place. sentencing scheduled for next month. >> we'll have reaction tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. now to the brussels terror attacks.
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bombings at the airport and train station may have been carried out by the same isis terror cell that attacked paris last november. >> here's the very latest. two of the terrorists were brothers with criminal backgrounds and authorities in turkey tonight confirmed they had captured one of the brothers near the syrian border last year then deported him back to brussels and warned belgian police that he was a terrorist. >> one brother died in the suicide bombing at the airport. he's in the middle of the picture. the other died at the train we've just learned that the terrorist on the far left of the photo, taken at the brussels airport, has been identified as najim laachraoui. the man on the right remains on the loose. 31 people dead. 300 now injured. more than 60 of them in intensive care. the state department says it knows about a dozen u.s. citizens who were hurt in the explosions. family and friends are desperately searching and people right there. a woman and her brother who live
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they were at the brussels airport but no one has heard from them since the attacks. tonight a large crowd once again gathered at the plaza in brussels to honor all of the victims. >> we have several reports tonight. aj ross is in brussels. kemberly richardson talking to a new jersey native who was at the airport during the attack. and jim dolan in the news room with the latest on the investigation. we're going to begin with aj and a traumatized city trying to be strong. >> in the quake of devastation, the people of brussels are latching on to hope, standing in solidarity, showing the world they'll not cower to terror. this has been an amazing outpouring with this growing memorial and hundreds joining on the steps here chanting at times "we are together" and "everything is going to be okay." >> reporter: resilient, hopeful, and united. hundreds emerge from their homes
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growing memorial in the city's center. letting their voices rise above the chaos and terror of yesterday, and now determined to show the world the city is strong in the face of adversity. >> i see everyone everyone has a smile on their faces. it means like it's not terror. >> reporter: from small heartfelt notes written in chalk to flowers, cards, and other mementos. an overflowing memorial is taking over the stairs and sidewalks and even the street nearby. >> i was writing in arabic. it means peace and love. kblp so much solidarity instead of hate, love. it really [ inaudible ] >> reporter: while the healing process will take time, the people of brussels say they will not be intimidated by fear.
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slaum is not the deeds. >> there every -- islam is not the deeds. >> everyone is smiling and having fun and putting on candles and that's a sign of hope. >> back here live, it's 11 p.m. local time and people are still leaving their homes coming here to lay down flowers, candles, other mementos remembering those lives lost and those injured in yesterday's attacks. they say they're finding strength and hope in coming together here tonight. live in brussels, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the investigation. we're learning much more tonight about the terrorists who pulled off the attacks. just a short time ago belgian officials confirmed to eyewitness news that najim laachraoui was killed in the attack at the airport. the two other suicide bombers who were brothers had lengthy criminal records but no signs
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jim dolan with the very latest. >> all focus now on finding the mysterious still unidentified man on the right in that photo. and anyone else who may have helped the men. the new information identifying him cements the connection between the paris attacks and the ones in belgium and points to a larger terror presence that still threatens the heart of europe. two savage attacks on the softest of targets, left brussels reeling. >> we just decided to go for it and get off the train and try to find safety. >> his first word, dad, then he paused and said you have no idea what i saw around me, the carnage. >> reporter: today the manhunt was on. the two men on the left of the photo both died in the airport explosion. notice the single glove each is wearing. that's where they kept the
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police identified him as najim, they believe detonated in the soccer stadium in paris last year. those bombs were identical to the ones used in brussels yesterday. the man on the far right remains unidentified and at large. it was used to make devices exactly like the kinds used in brussels and even more ingredients for those bombs. clear signs of a growing threat in the heart of europe. >> together with them we must and we will continue to do everything we can to protect our homeland and defeat terrorists wherever they threaten us. >> reporter: yet even before the attacks yesterday, the pressure on radical islamists is growing. it showed law enforcement was closing in. i don't know what to do, he wrote.
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longer safe, and if i sneeze, i risk ending up next to him in a cell. in the end, he chose death. taking so many innocent people with him. >> president obama said today defeating isis is his top priority, not exactly his tone, just a couple months ago. isis and its cells and its adherence have proven to be deadly around the world and thirsty for more blood. in europe they've killed scores of people in brussels and turkey and clearly have grander and more insidious designs. >> jim dolan on the investigation. among those who are still unaccounted for in brussels, a brother and sister who live here in new york city. two siblings were on the phone with their mother who lives in the netherlands when suddenly the line went dead.
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about their well-being with each passing minute. >> it's been more than 24 hours now. we know that there's a possibility the news when it comes may not be good. >> sascha graduated and alex currently attends marymount college on the upper east side. both are looking to make new york city their permanent home. >> amidst all this tragedy, a happy homecoming. we were there today when ashley arrived at newark airport to the loving embraces of her mom and dad and sister. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson the only reporter there for the sweet reunion. kim is at newark airport for us. >> reporter: ashley was in brussels on business. yesterday morning she was at the airport. she was actually heading to copenhagen to unwind for a couple days. she tells me at first she believed gunman had stormed the
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where can i hide? >> once the adrenaline leaves, you crash. >> reporter: this is the moment as she rushed to her family's arms after witnessing pure chaos inside the airport in brussels. >> you worry about her safety and you worry about her well-being too, not just her being physically safe but mentally in a good place. >> reporter: ashley was on business in brussels, the new last week. her dad sent her this text message, told her be aware of stay safe. she responded i will. those words mean so much more now, the 25-year-old was right inside the airport as terrorists bombed the building. ashley had checked her bags and passed through security. >> all of the sudden these people just start running around the corner with these looks of pure panic and fear on their faces. hundreds of people don't come running through a hallway because they're late for their flight. something has to cause that. >> reporter: at the time she tells me she had no idea what was going on. she thought gunman had stormed the airport.
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do i run in to a bathroom? where's the best place to go? but once people got to where we were, they kind of stopped which chasing them. >> reporter: ashley and many others were transferred from the terminal to this hangar. she reached out to her family in wyckoff and told them she was okay. >> now none of the little what ifs, like what if something else were to happen? it was all just gone. like okay, good, she's home. >> reporter: as for the men who did this -- >> you're not going to scare us. you're not going to stop us from living our life. we're strong people and we're stronger than you are. >> ashley tells me this could have all ended much differently. she was worried about brussels yesterday morning. she had her car service pick her up 30 minutes earlier. that got her through security and away from those bombs. for now we're live at newark, eyewitness news. >> the luck of the timing.
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eyewitness news, abc news, and abc7ny for the latest on the belgium terror attacks. david muir will have much more after this newscast. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll have the day's other news. a pedestrian with a right-of-way is hit and killed by an nypd van. why does the city say he's at least partially responsible for the accident? >> it's time to say adios, a-rod. alex rodriguez of the yankees revealing when he'll retire from baseball and it's not that far away. rob powers with the story coming up in sports. >> certainly feeling like baseball around here. nice mild afternoon. just some high clouds. we're in the low 70s right now. here's your next seven hours. nice mild evening but there's a wind shift there. means a lot cooler temperatures
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frightening video tonight of a 61-year-old teacher from brooklyn run over and killed in the crosswalk. and with the light by an off duty new york cop. >> a witness says the cop appeared to be using her cell phone, but now in response to a lawsuit from the victim's family, the nypd claims the teacher caused or contributed to his own death. >> the family is now furious. here's eyewitness news reporter rob nelson. >> reporter: this video shows the last seconds of felix casa's life, a beloved spanish teacher struck and killed by an nypd van
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williamsburg in july, 2013, at the intersection of broadway and hooper street. his still grieving brother spoke to eyewitness news today from cleveland. >> it's been stressful. and things have not been the same. >> reporter: felix did have the right-of-way and was within the crosswalk, but the city in legal papers blames the man for the accident, arguing he did not take reasonable steps to assure his own safety. that has kept this case in court for nearly three years. >> according to the city of new york, if you're crossing in a crosswalk with the walk light in your favor, you're assuming the risk of being hit by a car, and if you are hit by a car, you're at fault for the accident. >> reporter: the female officer was using a cell phone at the time but the city denies that and argues something inside that van blocked her view. >> there's really no excuse other than she's either distracted, not paying attention, or potentially looking at her phone. >> reporter: the lawyer for the
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by the city in this case goes directly against the mayor's vision zero program which aims to increase pedestrian safety. >> the police got a free pass here when they killed the man, not even so much as a ticket or a violation was issued. yet mayor de blasio is on tv talking about vision zero every day, how he's an advocate for pedestrian safety. >> stop this nonsense of trying to make my brother look like it's his fault. >> reporter: the case is not over just yet. it's due back in court next month. reporting from williamsburg, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00, are you looking for a cool new car? we have a sneak peek at cars at the new york auto show about to open to the public. >> looks like it will be warm enough outside to have the top down. >> if i had a car with a top down.
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for the first time ever you get a chance to see this porsche in person. it's the new 718 boxter. a porsche spokesperson tells us the car can get you from zero to 60 in 4 seconds. starts at just $55,000. what a bargain. one of many cars you can see at the new york international auto show. it starts this weekend, opens to the public friday. and not by coincidence. watch our show saturday. share photos using #nyias. rob powers is also in the show with amy freeze. >> we'll all be down there signing autographs, shaking hands. come on down, say hello. >> word is mr. powers is at the mercedes-benz display. >> oh, you're lucky. >> i'm going to be right next to her. hopefully top down today. we have a really nice evening setting up.
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evenings of the week. one world trade. just high clouds around right now. low clouds by morning. we managed to reach 71 degrees today. westerly wind around 7 miles per hour. average high, 52. we were only 5 degrees away from the record of 76 back in 2012. so a gorgeous evening ahead. some low clouds will creep in later on tonight especially in to tomorrow morning. there's a huge range in temperature tomorrow. we can go from 40s in eastern long island to 70s in interior parts of new jersey. most of us in the 50s. rain first thing friday. slow clearing and a nice early spring weekend coming up, includes a dry pleasant easter sunday. 70 in manhasset. west hampton has exposure to the atlantic obviously. 53 degrees, more of the area will have exposure to those easterly winds. much of the area will drop by about 15 degrees. the exception will be interior parts of new jersey tomorrow. partly cloudy overnight. partly to mostly cloudy to start the day tomorrow.
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easterly wind and limited sunshine will get stuck in the mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. see just the high clouds around right now. there's a front sitting north of i-90. 41 in albany. there are snowflakes not too far from rochester. now down to 40. 30 degrees colder. 150 miles to our north. that's the chilly air that's starting to come in. it's connected to the blizzard going on in denver with up to 2 feet of snow. this is the system cutting to our north bringing us rain. very nice evening tonight. not too bad tomorrow morning. watch how the low clouds coming in from the northeast. 40s eastward, 65 to 70. only across extreme northwestern new jersey. tomorrow it's a mostly cloudy day. 48 in montauk to about 72 in flemmington, new jersey. 56 in new york city. temperatures don't drop very much. rain develops toward morning. friday starts out damp. i'm a little concerned we don't
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om rob, you were there in the very early part of the spring when he talked about retirement. >> he says it's time to, quote, go home and be a dad. yankees slugger alex rodriguez telling espn today he'll retire from baseball after the 2017 season. two more summers in the sun and that will do it for one of the game's most polarizing figures. rodriguez says he will play out his current contract. he signed through next year.
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687 career home runs, a number tainted by p.e.d. use but think where this guy was this time last year. coming suspension. today rodriguez says he's off the field for good after the 2017 season. yankees playing a late afternoon game right now against the nationals. masahiro tanaka pitching. yanks trail 4th inning. it's 7-0. less than two weeks to go to opening day. bartolo colon, six scoreless innings but tulowitzki. tulowitzki had to leave the game. most likely not a huge deal. the jays scored three in the bottom of the 9th. the lifelong friend of yogi berra died today. baseball star, tv star. it was garagiola who hosted game shows, late night tv. had a nine-year career in baseball then 57 careers in
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he was big on the game of the week. joe garagiola dead peage -- dead at the age of 90. more rules changes approved at the nfl owners meetings. one-year trials to see how they work out. touchbacks on kick-offs come to the 20-yard line. also approved today, a one-year trial of a rule that calls for the ejection of a player after two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game. odell beckham, jr. received three in the game against the panthers. under this new rule, he'd have been gone after two. >> sportsmanship is important to us. it's important to our players. it's important to our teams and it's important to our fans. >> on the nba schedule tonight, first game of a back-to-back home at home series between the knicks and bulls. carmelo anthony sat out the last game with migraine symptoms but said this morning should be ready to go tonight. couple years ago anthony almost signed with the bulls as a free
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>> i try not to let my mind wander. i have enough things to worry about on my plate to be wandering and worrying about what could have been. big game for the rangers tonight. they currently hold a 2-point lead for second place in the metro division despite a 1-2-2 record in their last five games. typically haven't had a lot of luck against boston. if there's a time to get a big win at home, this would be it. >> when we play fast, i think we're tough to play against. we need that puck management. one of the key aspects of our game. >> islanders-senators later on tonight in brooklyn too. >> see you at 11:00. some stories we're working on. let's get to sade. >> coming up at 11:00, a brazen thief caught on camera stealing from a woman holding her grandson. wait till you see what he does seconds after the doors open. and a woman in connecticut claims doctors removed the wrong body part. we'll explain how it happened.
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>> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. have a great night. tonight, breaking news from belgium. the urgent manhunt, right now. and a major new discovery here. the all-out search at this hour. police in masks and full body armor, searching for the man the hat in that surveillance image from the brussels airport. there is also news tonight about two suspects, one at the airport, the other in the subway. authorities say both brothers and both blowing themselves up. and the startling reveal. how many times did authorities send warnings about these two men. also tonight, the computer discovered in the trash. the revealing message from one of the suspects. and the faces of the missing. americans among them. the families still hoping to find their loved ones. the brother and sister, the kentucky couple, and we go to find the young american who


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