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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reynolds on hold for one more day. this is so california prosecutors can appeal this case if they wish. reynolds is a 31-year-old former beauty queen, a college grad. she was a flight attend ant for jetblue caught with nearly 70 pounds of cocaine in her bags during a random check at l.a.x. friday, but what's even more incredible is reynolds managed to get away, kick off her gucci shoes running down an up escalator and hopping a plane back to jfk and she did not turn herself in till days later. >> the facts will come out and everyone will be surprised. there's more to the story. >> reporter: how did she get on an airplane without anyone noticing and what time was it? >> i don't know the details of what time she got on the airplane, but obviously she had security clearance because she works as a flight attendant for jetblue. >> reporter: it came out today for jetblue. she has been suspended from her position there as a flight
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case is raising all sorts of security questions about the airport, now she was able to get on that plane so quickly and get away. we are going to have a lot more on that coming up in another live report at 6:00. also it came out in court today chechias a co-conspirator -- she has a co-conspirator who is still on the run. new developments tonight in the before us ams terror attacks, in -- brussels terror attacks, in the past few hours belgium has lowered its terror threat level but says another attack is possible. earlier today investigators revealed two of the attackers had been secretly videotaping scientists. we have more. we begin our coverage with a.j. ross in brussels for us. a.j.? >> reporter: a beautiful mosaic of heartfelt notes,
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to blow here breathing new life into a city stunned by terror and destruction tuesday. >> it's really like emotional. i think we are like falling apart for three days and today everything has come out now. it feels good to be able to gather. >> reporter: with at least 31 dead and over 300 injured the ripple effects of these devastating attacks have been felt all over the world and even here at home where the exact number of injured americans is still unclear. >> there are a number of u.s. citizens who are at large who are not accounted for and we have not been giving out a precise figure for obvious reasons on that. with any kind of mass casualty event, we try to talk about that a little bit whether it's a natural disaster or whether it's a terrorist attack. >> reporter: relatives of missing american alex penzokski spent the better part of
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hospital joining several other american families now in belgium searching for missing loved ones. >> there's a number of cases like that, every one of them heart breaking and difficult for these families. they want information about their loved ones who are missing. we have folks on the ground and back here. >> reporter: while authorities continue to search for answers and hunt down those responsible, hearts across belgium and the world remain united. >> there is not any single word that can describe what we feel actually right now and well are here because we just wanted to show that we back up all the people that suffer from the situation. >> that was a.j. ross reporting. now to the investigation, it's believed there were five attackers. three of them are dead. two are unaccounted for. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan has been following things closely. he's in the newsroom for us. >> belgian authorities are now saying there may be two people involved in planning and
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brussels who may have survived and are now on the run, but they are just two soldiers in what is looking more and more like a vast but highly capable terror cell that remains armed and anonymous and eager to kill. a father frantically searches through the carnage at the brussels airport for his son feared injured or killed in the explosion. the images there are haunting, bodies buried in debris, fires on the floor and acrid smoke suffocating the room, a modern 21st century airport suddenly reduced to rubble. this was brussels on wednesday and it is so far from over. >> i remember seeing an explosion. >> reporter: sebastian fellen is a professional basketball player who was injured in the airport blast. >> i turned my head and i saw all these people running and when i got there, i think i blacked out a little bit.
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kids to my right and both hands were up in the air. and then the whole time i was just shocked saying i got to make it. >> reporter: now the manhunt is on for the unidentified man believed to have been involved in the airport bombing. police announced today there may have been another person involved in the metro explosion as well also unidentified. the authorities now know that opportunities were missed along the way to prevent these attacks and some government officials may yet be held accountable. >> i offered my resignation to the prime minister. he this morning asked me to stay explicitly given the situation and the conditions we're in. in a condition of war we cannot leave the field and i accepted his request. >> reporter: europe now battles across border nexus of terror that has struck and
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belgium and may be on the run but still has republicans, hatred and fear on -- weapons, late red and fear on its side. >> -- hatred and fear on its side. >> i had to explain it to my 10- year-old, she plays tennis. i got to get through this because she needs already coach. >> the terrorists have a number of strategic advantages. they know european countries don't share intelligence and borders there are easy to cross and there is this. a computer post left behind by one of the suicide bombers shows he at least feared prison far more than dying. he just wanted to kill as many people as possible on his way to the grave. seven iranian computer experts linked to tehran are now charged with cyber attacks against american banks and a dam in ryebrook. they work for private security companies in iran this had done jobs for the iranian government.
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were targeted between 2011 and 2013 by these so-called denial of service attacks. they actually clog up servers. the fbi says the suspects may be out of reach in iran but that the indictments should have been looking over their shoulders. one hacker was even able to take control of the bowman dam in ryebrook. he is credited with rebuilding a devastated fdny in the years following the 9/11 attacks and tonight the department mourns the death of former new york city fire commissioner nicholas scoppetta. he died today of cancer. he was just 83 years old. he served as fire commissioner from 2002 to 2010 and he lifted the department from the loss of the 340 firefighters at the world trade center. former mayor rudy guiliani spoke to us today about the loss of his good friend. >> i had known that he was ill for quite some time, but i was still very upset and very personally disappointed.
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over 40 years and he also was a very important part of my administration. >> i interviewed him a number of times. he was quite the gentleman. he was a graduate of brooklyn law school. he served as deputy mayor and commissioner of investigation during four decades, a lot of service to new york city. the tugboat that crashed and sank in the hudson river with the body of a third victim trapped inside has been removed. a large crane pulled it up this morning. the boat hit a construction barge and sank near the tappan zee bridge in the early morning dark, of march 12th. the body of marry harry her hands has also been recover -- harry hernandez has also been recovered. the bodies of the other two crew members were recovered in the days after the accident. investigators hope to recover
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device as they try to determine what happened. we have breaking news, actor and comedian garry shandling has died. he was just 66 years old. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is in the newsroom with more. >> this one is a shock. the comedy of garry shandling rested on his insecurity and by making fun of his own failings and foibles he made us examine our own. the depth at the age 66 comes invest suddenly. -- death at the age 66 comes very suddenly. he was not known to be in poor health according to tmz noting the entertainer chatted with friends this morning in l.a. before a 911 call originated from his home later in the day. the website is reporting shandling died from a massive heart attack. he began writing sitcoms and broke out after a spot on johnny carson's tonight show. he was once considered a replacement for johnny when he
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to play a persian of himself on pay cable. his first effort -- a version of himself on pay cable. his first effort went further with the larry sanders show where real celebrities were featured playing themselves. shandling was nominated for 18 emmy awards for his efforts on this program and one in 1998 fittingly enough for co- -writing the series finale. tributes on social media are already pouring in. comedian amy schumer thanking shandling for his kindness to her and his generosity and for making her laugh. >> he was funny. thank you, sandy. stocks on wall street ending the trading day mixed. stocks wavered between modest losses and gains most of the afternoon. oil prices dipped again as concerns over excess supplies returned. the dow rose 13 points closing
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the nasdaq added four points. the s&p 500 fell less than one point. coming up a construction crackdown, we've got an exclusive construction workers fired for using alcohol and drugs while on the job. plus this. >> reporter: eyewitness news has learned peter liang met with the mother of a daughter to apologize, but did she that's coming up next. >> the push for tolls on the east rimple, what one lawmaker is doing to make -- east river, what one lawmaker is doing to make it happen. >> talk about an early commitment, one 8th grade lacrosse player already deciding where he's going to college. >> it was great yesterday in the low 70s, but now that's replaced with 50s and 40s across the area.
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between a former cop and the domestic partner of a man he shot and killed, former nypd officer meeting with the colleague. the meeting lasted just five minutes. we are in midtown with what was said. >> reporter: we just spoke with peter liang's attorney in midtown. this was the first time the two sides met face to face it. didn't last long. they did not have a whole lot to say to each other, but what they did say is something they both wanted to get off their chest for some time. >> he wanted the opportunity to say to her that he knew how painful this was and he was very sorry. >> reporter: peter liang's attorney, one of four people in the room, when the former new york city comet face to face for the first time with -- cop
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time with akai gurley's attorney. both sides say it had been in the works for a month describing the sitdown as quiet and somber. liang's attorney says at the end the two shook hands. >> his words were it was the last thing in the world that he intended and the last thing that he could investor expected. >> reporter: after liang apologized he said because your actions that night my daughter no longer has a father. i no longer have a partner. my life has been turned upside down and i'm a single parent. meanwhile as this was going on inside, outside the d.a.'s office dozens of demonstrators were protesting d.a. thompson's recommendation that liang avoid jail time, instead asking the court to sentence the former cop to six months home confinement and five years probation. gurley's cousin shayvon ford. >> that apology is not something that the family sells. that apology does nothing.
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peter liang from shooting and killing akai gurley. >> reporter: the rookie come was convicted last month of manslaughter -- cop was convicted last month of shooting and killing gurley. the bullet ricocheted off a wall and struck gurley in the chest. >> where was the remorse not only after he pulled that trigger, when he also stepped over that body, when he stepped over akai's body? >> reporter: gurley's family says liang is only apologizing now because he does not want to go to jail. liang's attorney says he's wanted to apologize from the beginning but was advised not to during trial because it could be used against him. peter liang will be sentenced on april 14th. >> thank you. the move ny east river toll plan is a step closer to becoming a reality that would
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the measure was introduced into legislation today and the plan would raise $12 billion cut back on traffic. vote 2016, tell cruz sounding off in a battle -- ted cruz sounding off in a battle with donald trump. now it's personal. the two are fighting over their wives. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> there was a photo of trump's wife in an ad from a gq shoot. trump said he will spill the beans on cruz's hillary clinton is talking security as she hits the campaign trail. today she took part in a national security roundtable in l.a. fellow democrat bernie sanders has a rally later today in washington state. pope francis used his holy thursday homily to address the
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pontiff telling the crowd at st. peter's that the greed of arms traffickers led to the vice, but he said god's mercy restores everything. then the pope washed the feet of 12 refugees from different faiths. here in new york cardinal timothy dolan spent the morning at a food pantry in washington heights. he said catholic charities food program feeds both the body and the soul. i get so laid back with this. i don't see the sun out there. where is it? >> a little cooler. we'll bounce back tomorrow to 70. the problem is the hurdle we have to jump to get there will be a band of gusty showers tomorrow. outside is a little shot light for miss liberty, kind of pretty actually. we've had some low clouds made for dramatic skies over the area, really been socked in over long island, parts of connecticut and jersey shore and now the low clouds are getting into new york city, 50 now, closer to 70 yesterday. the pressure is on the fall and
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after 71 yesterday, 52 in the park is the average. so normal isn't good enough anymore. we've gotten used to such a warm month. there are your sunrise and sunset times, sunset at 7:13 last year on this date, mostly sunny skies and about 45. you clearly see there is a front over the you've got 40s and 50s. yet see all these yellows here. that's 70s. we're due to warm up overnight. we're running a good 20 degrees behind yesterday's pace, but look at how that's confined to the tri-state area and southern new england. it's actually warmer upstate. we'll get in on a warming trend overnight. in fact, we hold steady in the low 50s during the early evening hours, mostly cloudy. at 7 a.m. it's 57. have to have the umbrella tomorrow morning for some showers and then maybe heavier showers middle of the day, maybe a rumble of thunder, mid- 60s. even with little to no sun in
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afternoon. the low clouds are with us during the evening hours. there's the wind and the front is sitting right here inching ocean border. north overnight. look what's going on on the southern side of that front in the 70s to near 80 in d.c., even 65 in philly now. that mild air is coming in. we have to watch this band of showers here. along with it are some brief heavy downpours. that will probably swing through late morning into the midday hours. it's probably just appear area of rainfall coming in he is -- an area of rainfall coming in especially north and west. this is sped up a little bit. it should move eastward and clearing during the mid- afternoon, mostly cloudy overnight, breezy. temperatures are actually rising. rain will develop late at night, 57 at dawn, 69 later in
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morning into midday but breezy with afternoon clearing. it actually turns colder tomorrow night, 41 degrees, 30 in many suburbs. what we're working on for 5:30, we want to time what may be a squall line late morning till middle of the day. how about the weekend? will ron hold off until monday leaving us -- rain hold off until monday leaving us with a dry easter? that's coming up in our next half hour. winona in hot water over signs at her home in manhattan. >> why he's being ordered to take down signs on the upper east side coming up. >> reporter: he's only 13, but he already knows where he's playing college lacrosse. i'm kristen thorn on long island and coming up i'll introduce you to the youngest male lacrosse player to ever commit to a college team. >> reporter: i'm testing a new mobility concept. that's what this little baby is right here. it's a new look at how we might
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all new at 5:00 a lawsuit that appears to be filed by the man who shot former u.s. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is bogus. the suit was filed last week in a phoenix court. it claimed convicted killer
5:25 pm
when shot almost 20 people killing six and hurting 13 including giffords. it is similar to another bogus lawsuit that appeared to be from the uber driver recently accused of shooting six people in michigan. madonna is in trouble with the city off signage outside of her home on the upper eastside. the d.o.t. is citing the townhouse on east 81st street for changes made to the driveway. the no parking in cement and paint are not allowed. it also says the signs don't comply with code. an 8th grader on long island already knows where he's going to college. brennan o'neill plays lacrosse and is so good he is already committed to penn state at least verbally. long island reporter kristin thorne spoke to him about his goals. >> reporter: 13-year-old brennan o'neil eats, drinks and sleep has across. >> any time i -- sleeps lacrosse. >> any time i can i have a stick in my hand.
5:26 pm
the 8th grader. he just made a verbal commitment to play for a division 1 college team, penn state. >> i love the big school with the big football, the big basketball and even lacrosse, but a lot of it was the amount of majors they have and just the way, the academic support they have, the way they do things. i just loved it. >> in my 18 years i've been here i've never had a kid his age with a skill set he has. >> reporter: you may be thinking isn't there a ncaa rule that prevents colleges from having a verbal commitment with an 8th grader, but there isn't. the ncaa does not prevent colleges to reaching out to students younger than the 9th grade. don't think brennan is resting on his laurels. he practices several hours every day. >> it's a very intense practice i usually have. it's around three hours, well, with these guys two hours and after sometimes i play even more.
5:27 pm
college won't just be all about lacrosse. he says he wants to major in business and become an accountant. in bayshore kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead on eyewitness news investigators exclusive, second avenue subway construction workers fired on the spot for using drugs and alcohol. tonight alarming questions of safety and sobriety. >> plus a village on long island accused of discriminating against people looking for housing, how nassau
5:28 pm
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talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot may still need a booster. an eyewitness news exclusive, it's happened again, drinking at city construction
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mix, drug use, but these workers were fired on the spot. last month the investigators uncovered workers drinking on the job, many taking liquid lunch breaks and then going back to work. >> now one major contractor is doing random testing and the results are astounding. >> eyewitness news investigative reporter jim hoffer with more. >> a confidential informer at the second avenue subway building say drinking is putting others at risk and say they know how to avoid getting caught simply by going home if there's word of any testing. still as we've learned, a recent surprise crackdown at the site led to a big crack in firings for substance abuse. during the last two weeks dozens of workers at the second avenue subway construction site had to line up at a mobile testing van similar to this one test. a whistle blower tipped us off
5:31 pm
undercover reports of workers at construction sites on the west side who were drinking heavily during their lunch breaks. the whistleblower wrote the second avenue subway job is out of control, pills, cocaine, liquor, pot. i have witnessed it all. it was confirmed to us that 82 workers were recently tested for drugs and alcohol. nine of them failed and were immediately fired. >> that's an extraordinarily high number it. this construction safety attorney says the association's own number show the drug alcohol rate at the site are 11%. >> it statistically shows you it's likely other people would have problems as well and obviously everyone ought to be tested. >> reporter: the president of e.e. cruz, one of the general contractors on the project, told us, "they will bring the testing truck back several more
5:32 pm
comfortable everyone is drug and alcohol free." he went on to say, "we want a safe workplace for everybody." but in one of several e-mails sent to us by the whistleblower he sucks that the random testing -- suggests that the random testing is not so random. he writes, "we have testing, but it's a joke. the foreman asks if you can pass before they send you to the truck. if not, they send you home." the general contractor tells eyewitness news to get around that they are now testing more often and at different times including early in the morning. we've learned that the nine workers fired were tested around 8 a.m. >> clearly shows you that this is a rampant problem and the question is why? these supervises must know what's going on. >> a -- supervisors must know what's going on. >> according to the mta more than 600 workers in the last three years were tested for
5:33 pm
failed. more than half of those failed in just the past few weeks, a spike that suggests a growing problem. leave learned the mta's inspector general is also investigating the situation. now this story came to us through a tip. you have an issue to investigate, please call our tip line, 877-tip-news. you may e-mail us at the.investigators >>reallyastounding,thankyou. >> really astounding, thank you. a second court of appeals ruled over a 25-acre area in garden city coming after a decade long battle. the court says racial opposition caused the village to insist on single family townhouses instead of multi- family zoning. >> now this decision means the door is open for everybody.
5:34 pm
county must now stand trial for steering affordable housing to low income communities. nassau county police believe they ended a month robbery free on long island. today they announced 40-year- old reginald tucker is charged with six bank robberies and two attempted bank robberies. investigators say a crime stopper's tip helped them link the cases. tucker may be responsible for four other robberies. >> we had a series of bank robberies and received tips and investigative information that assisted us in this investigation. he was already on parole for robberies and assault. >> tucker has pleaded guilty to the robberies. fierce fights against isis happening in two parts of the middle east right now. in syria government forces are battling their way into the ancient town of palmyra. isis has controlled this area since may last year. syrian troops managed to take back several hills including
5:35 pm
operation is underway now to take mosul back from isis. the iraqi army backed by a u.s.- led coalition is fighting in the northern part of that area. so far several villages near mosul have been retain. the supreme court battle heats up. vice president joe biden today increased the pressure on republicans to at least consider president obama's supreme court nominee. senate republicans have insisted they will not confirm him and most say they won't even meet with him. abc's lauren lister has more. >> reporter: vice president biden speaking at georgetown university with a message for senate republicans. >> deciding in advance simply to turn your back before the president even names a nominee is a plain abdication of the senate's solemn constitutional duty. >> reporter: president obama nominated 63-year-old chief
5:36 pm
supreme court last week. republicans vowed not to take action, majority leader mitch mcconnell justified it based on historical precedent to fox news. >> all we're doing, chris, is following a longstanding tradition of not filling vacancies of the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election year. >> there is no rule. it doesn't exist. >> reporter: but just once in the past centurial has the senate chose not to fill a -- century has the senate chose not to fill a supreme court seat opened up during an election year. in a quinnipiac poll judge garland's nomination was approved. in the wake of justice antonin scalia's sudden death in february the high court has been left with eight justices. scalia's seat will remain vacant until the senate confirms a nominee.
5:37 pm
without a ninth justice to break a tie, the lower court ruling stands, though it would not become national precedent. still ahead a teenager attacked inside a home, coming up the video that's gone viral, what police were able to learn about who was in it and the action that's been taken. >> new developments for the man who created a charity following the sandy hook school massacre, but he didn't use the money to help the victims.
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. police in new jersey are investigating a video that's gone viral it. shows a man severely beating a teenager. this video is hard to watch. it does show this man as a practitioner of mixed martial arts attacking the team inside a home at national park. police say they have identified all the people in the video and they say the teen is fine. tonight the police department
5:41 pm
take matters into their own hands. a man from tennessee who croated a charity following this sandy hook school -- created a charity following the sandy hook school massacre will plead guilty to stealing donations. robert bruce co-founded the foundation to raise money in memory of the victims. his partner tipped off authorities about the misuse of funds. she says bruce did not account for about $73,000 of the more than $100,000 the charity raised. the son of billionaire peter bryant is under arrest accused of pushing a port authorities police officer at kennedy airport. police say 22-year-old peter bryant, jr. was unruly and uncooperative when officers tried to question him. he then injured an officer during his arrest. brandt is charged with assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
5:42 pm
sex tape investigation are now speaking exclusively to abc news about the case. the pro wrestler sued gawker after the site posted a tape of him having sex with his friend's weave. hogan said he did not know he was being taped. the jury sided with him awarding him $140 million believing that gawker's first amendment argument was simply not valid. >> gawker made it clear to everyone that they were all about crossing the line, that the decision we make was absolutely correct. >> you believe he was emotionally distressed? >> if we were in the same circumstances, how would we feel about it? emotionally we would have devastated. >> he's still a human being. >> gawker is not giving up the fight. they are appealing. you'll need an umbrella next. >> a man steps in and helps take down a disturbed passenger on a train and tonight he's talking about his decision.
5:43 pm
show some cars take to the road i'm tim fleischer. i'll have a live report when eyewitness news continues. >> a major new development after the terror investigators discovering what else those bombers had their eyes on, 10 hours of surveillance recording.
5:44 pm
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the largest organ match centering in the u.s. opening its doors today to help educate the public about transplants, so important. the living donor education event was held in honor of national kidney month at the new jersey sharing network headquarters in new providence. this network enables those in need of a transplant or those
5:47 pm
find the best possible match. they are doing great work there. >> yes. >> right now i think you guys know i am being tested to see if i'm a match for my husband along with some other family members who we love. so we'll wait and find out. it takes a couple weeks, but we'll find out about a match and if our other family members are, too. >> timely story. you said it's going to warm up, get some sun? >> yeah. even later tonight. it's chilly now. we'll warm up later tonight, rain tomorrow morning and really warm tomorrow afternoon. outside right now has lowered evening during eyewitness news at 5:00 with the clouds filling in over new york harbor, 50, northeast wind at 14. i wanted to check the visibilities, though we're seeing lower ceilings over the twin forks and jersey shore as well. airport delays are running 30 to 45 minutes from laguardia to jfk not reporting delays.
5:48 pm
long island to near 70 in philadelphia. we've got that cool wind which will shift more southerly and warm us up overnight. hold steady during the evening hours and then temperatures bump up by morning to 57. have your umbrella for rain moving in during the morning commute. then a heavier shower late morning to midday and temperatures run at the 70- degree mark. this time tomorrow should be gorgeous. it's just getting through the morning hours. low clouds, cool, chilly this evening. here comes the rain tomorrow morning, probably steadier west. if you get an earlier exit tomorrow morning, maybe beat some of the steadier rains. late morning we could have a gusty shower that comes through, maybe a rumble of thunder, about to 60. we should clear the skies out in mid-afternoon and then near 70 during the afternoon to see temperatures tumble tomorrow night. air quality is good tomorrow. rain will knock down the pollen count. uv index is low early but higher later in the day. 69 goes down to 41 tomorrow
5:49 pm
seasonable, middle 50s. pretty good shape on easter sunday, a little concern for low clouds offshore, but i think it's a dry day. rain probably returns monday late in the day and we'll clear out tuesday and stay right where we should be for late march closing in on april. on sunday after a nice afternoon maybe you're spending out, head inside and watch our auto show special saturday at 7:00. we give you a great tour of all the new concept cars and the new technology. it's going to be fantastic. we're excited about that. >> you've been working on it very hard. >> it's been awesome. >> you've been having fun. >> my foot on the floor. >> we keep hearing about cars of the future, cars that can drive themselves and brake automatically in order to prevent collisions. >> some are still concepts. there's one on the streets now and it's a tiny electric car. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer got a chance to check it out.
5:50 pm
interesting car, but it's not a car that every driver will get behind the wheel of. this is for nissan certainly an experiment, but at the same time they hope it finds its own place on the road. drive this new mobility concept car into the future and it will take you down new york city streets like you've never experienced. >> it's got a lot of fun and pep to it as well. >> reporter: this street legal concept all electric is being tested by nissan's future labbe. >> to see how it can really help people that live in dense cities like new york and really for their short distances, last mile kinds of communities. >> reporter: here in the city where daily traffic congestion challenges even the best driving skills and where parking on clogged side streets leave you with very little room, this mobility concept just may be the ticket. adapted from a renault already used on the streets in the uk and france the nissan car has a
5:51 pm
in san francisco it's being tested as a shared services car where you might rent it an hour or a full day. >> a lot of its use is recreation a.m., a fun way to get around the city -- recreational, a fun way to get around the city, you have a friend in town. >> reporter: at 1,000 pounds and street legal it comes with a number of safety features. >> it has a tubular frame and classy. so it helps -- chassis, so it helps protect the inside passenger and it has an air bag. >> reporter: off we go. it handles really well. the passenger, future labbe director rachel nguyen sits wind me -- lab director rachel nguyen sits behind me when i drive. i can easily see driving this car to get to a train station. moving into columbus circle, this car could certainly hold its own. i don't think it's necessarily
5:52 pm
drive nice i must admit. the new mobility concept whatever they may call it clearly will meet a mobile purpose as we drive into the future. when the auto show opens tomorrow, i'll have special reports for you on eyewitness news. also i'll have the story of a hot new line of smaller suvs. reporting live at the auto show, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that looked pretty cool. >> thanks, tim. another reminder, in the fast lane, our special airs saturday at 7:00. we would love to see your pictures from the auto show. hope you go. 7 on your side is getting some well deserved recognition today. an award from the bergen county executive for what was called 7
5:53 pm
for consumer affairs principle. the prized distinction was given while the keynote address was delivered. congratulations. >> yea. nina. a hero on a subway train. >> video of the man from long island taking down a disturbed passenger went viral. tonight hear from him about jumping into action next. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00 several citizens in iran accused of working with their government in cyber attacks in new york, the attacks targeting a local dam and customers at nearly a dozen banks and financial institutions. >> plus a health alert and scare after a matron on a school bus has tuberculosis and exposes students to t.b., that and more next at 6:00. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable
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the next time you ride a train there's one passenger you might want standing or sitting next to you. >> he's the good samaritan who subdued an aggressive rider in los angeles. his heroics went viral and he's
5:57 pm
glassberg reports. >> you always have these instances where people act up or you hear some kind of disturbance, but it never escalates to anything. >> reporter: but saturday night this shirtless man made the riders on a los angeles metro train very uneasy. >> he went after the one guy with the bicycle literally where the guy had to have the bicycle up as a guard when he was punching and kind of pushing through the bicycle. you know, there were a few kind of bystanders. the women got kind of pushed over. >> reporter: after several minutes of this behavior, he felt compelled to intervene and with little trouble put the shirtless man in a headlock that. causes him to briefly pass out. the video went viral now viewed millions of times. he's originally from long island and now the 32-year-old is being called a viking, a hero. >> as i was on top of him i was just saying stay down. help is on the way. i'm not going to hurt you.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the conductor notified police. a female rider came first. >> she handed me the cuffs and i turned around and handcuffed him myself for a nice little citizen's arrest. >> reporter: but he knows the situation could have been very different. >> you don't know if they have a gun or knife or any kind of weapon on them, so you don't want to intervene and there's nobody else out there to help you. >> reporter: the shirtless man was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and cats consider merrick who is 6' 3, 2 -- cats merrick who is 6' 3, 230 pounds says just a man who is revolutionizing the health fitness industry by day, crime fighting by night. new developments in brussels. u.s. officials say three men involved in the attacks were on the terror watch list here in this country. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness
5:59 pm
cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. a flight attendant now charged with trying to smuggle millions of dollars worth of drugs onto a plane, tonight she faces a judge here in new york and we find out her resume also includes a stint as a former beauty queen and a track star for one of new york's most prestigious universities. but first a massive cyber attack in new york that targets dozens of banks and a water dam, now facing charges, seven people in iran. good evening, everyone, after the 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> these cyber attacks lasted months and prevented hundreds of thousands of bank customers from getting into their accounts online. >> the accused hackers in iran disrupting bank accounts over 6,000 miles in new york. now the u.s. government is going after them. >> eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is here with our lead story. >> prosecutors say these men
6:00 pm
they crashed servers from many of the world's largest banks, even took control of a dam in suburban new york and all of it from computers 6,000 miles away. the hackers have been traced to iran and indicted but no, they have not been arrested. >> it may sound like plot lines of a movie, but they're real crimes committed by real people in the real world. >> prosecutors say the impact on the global banking system was widespread from coordinated cyber attacks on the new york stock exchange to several of the world's most powerful financial institutions. the indictment charges seven iranians all said to be working for private companies at the direction of the iranian government. one hacker was able to take control of the bowman dam in ryebrook, new york, although he was unable to open its doors because the dam was offline for maintenance. >> but for that fact that access would have given this defendant the ability to


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