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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they crashed servers from many of the world's largest banks, even took control of a dam in suburban new york and all of it from computers 6,000 miles away. the hackers have been traced to iran and indicted but no, they have not been arrested. >> it may sound like plot lines of a movie, but they're real crimes committed by real people in the real world. >> prosecutors say the impact on the global banking system was widespread from coordinated cyber attacks on the new york stock exchange to several of the world's most powerful financial institutions. the indictment charges seven iranians all said to be working for private companies at the direction of the iranian government. one hacker was able to take control of the bowman dam in ryebrook, new york, although he was unable to open its doors because the dam was offline for maintenance. >> but for that fact that access would have given this defendant the ability to
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control flow rate, an outcome that clearly could have posed a clear and present danger to the public health and safety of americans. >> reporter: prosecutors say it happened over 18 months between 2011 and 2013 when the site's crashed, untold numbers of bank customers not able to access accounts. although the men may never face justice, the obama administration was determined to identify the nation behind the attack. senator chuck schumer says the potential is disturbing. >> i think iran was sending a shot across the bow saying look at the damage we can do. >> reporter: today improvements are already underway, my administration has made cyber security a top priority he said and implemented new measures to safeguard our critical infrastructure in new york state. this is the kind of attack that keeps public officials awake at night. if hackers can open a dam, maybe they can shut down the power grid.
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israeli and american operatives are both believed responsible for cyber attacks on the iranian nuclear program. the arrested flight attendant is raising new questions about airport security. marsha reynolds was picked for a random screening in los angeles. police say she dropped a bag full of cocaine and ran to a flight for new york. reynolds turned herself over to authorities here and this afternoon faced a judge in downtown brooklyn. eyewitness news stacey sager is there with the latest. >> reporter: a judge did approve a secure board for marsha gay reynolds today but put a hold on that bond for one more day should prosecutors in california choose to appeal. no matter what happens her case is certainly raising eyebrows at airports from here to l.a. how did she get on an airport without anyone noticing and what time?
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but obviously she had security clearance because she is a flight attendant for jetblue. >> reporter: not after. this 31-year-old marsha reynolds suspended pending the outcome of her startling security breach caught with nearly 70-pound of cocaine last friday at l.a.x. during a random security check. what's even more incredible is authorities say she kicked off her gucci pumps, ran down an up escalator and got away flying all the way back here to jfk. >> the judge understood that she's not a danger to society. >> reporter: in fact, reynolds is an nyu grad, a former beauty queen from jamaica and currently a nursing student. today a judge approved a $500,000 secure bond for her on hold for one more day pending any appeal from california prosecutors. the bond reynolds' mother, pastor and fellow parishioner, but they were in no mood for our questions. >> get away. >> reporter: what happened?
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then they tomorrow to us shut up and walk -- told to us shut up and walked away. reynolds they say is a good person who made a mistake, but her case raises larger questions, mostly from the police union at the airport which has already proposed a 300-foot rule that they be stationed near the tsa. also realtime access to their security cameras and screening for all airport employees. now one more thing that came out in court today, prosecutors say reynolds definitely had a co-conspirator, a man with ties to jamaica who remains on the run tonight no, word on how much she may decide to cooperate with investigators as this case moves forward, but clearly the best case scenario for her after she heads back to court here tomorrow afternoon would be to walk out on $500,000 secure bond. live in downtown brooklyn at federal court, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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now in brussels in those terrorist attacks, first a surprising standdown of sorts in brussels. authorities leveled their threat, but some security experts say other attacks maying in the works and soon. now abc news is confirming a second subway suspect is on the run. prosecutors say there is a direct connection between the bombings in brussels that killed 31 and the isis paris attacks last year that killed more than 100. cops in farris right now are conducting -- paris right now are conducting raids they say have foiled an attack. mean while police say they know who the man on the right is seen with two suicide bombers, all three in u.s. terrorism databases or watch lists. the airport in belgium is shut down through monday, easter sunday one of the busiest travel days typically 600 flights a day at that airport. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is in brussels for us
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>> we feel like we could all be like those victims or the family, like we feel just part of it. >> reporter: it was a calculated terror attack targeting innocent lives that has shaken so many in brussels and around the world core. >> we will always be strong, peace and loving each other. we will always survive everything. >> reporter: in the aftermath now stands a beautiful mosaic of heartfelt notes, candles and flowers breathing new life into a city stunned by destruction tuesday. >> there's not any single word that could describe what we feel actually right now and we are here because we just wanted to show that we back up all the people that suffer from this situation. >> reporter: with at least 31 dead and hundreds more injured including several unaccounted for americans, the families of the missing have begun searching on their own at area hospitals.
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alex pendokski spent the better part of thursday here at the military hospital. >> there's a number of cases like that, with every one of them heart breaking and difficult for these families. they want information about their loved ones who are missing. we have folks on the ground and back here. >> reporter: now as the search for answers and quest for peace continues, belgian officials say they are stronger than ever before. >> we are not scared. >> reporter: there was an emergency meeting held earlier today and secretary of state john kerry is expected to arrive here tomorrow. in brussels i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. also in brussels abc news world news anchor david muir is live at 6:30 from brussels right after this newscast. hundreds of students and professors are demonstrating outside governor coumo's office in new york tonight. some of them laid down on the sidewalk. at least a dozen were arrested. they're protesting what they call disinvestment by the state over the past few years.
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without a contract for several years. at a vote 2016 and the war of words between republicans ted cruz and donald trump deteriorated into an all new low today. a super pac for cruz released an ad with a photo of trump's wife from a gq shoot from several years ago. trump struck back with a tweet saying he will spill the beans on cruz's wife. >> i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess where my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. he embodied the spirit of public service, an extraordinary new yorker who worked five decades trying to
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city flacks tonight are half staff to honor 83-year-old nicholas scoppetta, he investigated corrupt cops, fixed the broken agency that takes care of kids in trouble and headed the fdny after the 9/11 terror attacks. he was a remarkable man. >> reporter: nicholas scoppetta was a rare figure in city government, 47 years at city hall serving every mayor since john lindsay. he was also very well liked. >> he was just a class guy, always affiable and i felt honored to work with him. >> i don't know if there's anyone that ever served new york city in so many different distinct capacities with such great excellence. >> reporter: he's probably best known for rebuilding the fire department in the difficult days after 9/11. the fdny lost 343 men that day.
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mourning for sure. we had literally two, three funerals or memorial services a week. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg close scoppetta even though he had no firefighting experience. >> what he had was a knowledge of people, now to lead and pull people together. that's what the fire department needed right after 9/11. >> reporter: scoppetta also started the administration for child services, he himself also a foster child. >> he had a tough time. i'm sure it helped him. it's, of course, nothing anybody would want to experience, but it gave him a background very few people had. >> reporter: what scoppetta had was empathy and the capacity to help a department and city rebuild. he was 83. a memorial service is planned next week. dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> he was a great man.
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eyewitness news at 6:00 for this thursday night, an emotional meeting today between former come peter liang and the domestic partner of the man he shot and killed and wait till you hear what he told her. >> also ahead a health scare for students after they're exposed to tuberculosis by a matron on a school bus. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, clouds, fog and a spit of drizzle, 40s after 70s yesterday. we'll warm up.
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former nypd officer peter liang who was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of akai gurley today apologized to gurley's domestic partner. liang met with kim ballenger. liang was convicted of shooting gurley when liang fired at him unarmed into a dark stairway. >> his words were it was the last thing in the world that he intended and the last thing that he could have ever expected. >> ballenger neither accepted the apology. instead she said her life and the life of her daughter had been turned upside down. liang will be sentenced next month. a health scare for students out of rockland county.
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middle school students exposed to tuberculosis. >> the source? a school bus patron. it happened -- matron. it happened at two schools in the village of nyack. here's our reporter mark solis. >> i don't know enough about it, but it's always a concern when you hear tb. >> reporter: dozens of students have been exposed to tuberculosis. eyewitness news learned a school bus monitor who may have contracted the potentially fatal infection while out of the country fell ill two weeks ago. >> the patient became sick enough that someone else had the person evaluated by medical staff and the person was admitted to the hospital. >> reporter: the health department sent a letter to parents of students saying exposure was limited because it did not occur on school grounds. while juggling privacy concerns the vague wording has left parents wondering. >> we don't know, was it a student or staff member. so i'm a little concerned about that, not knowing. >> reporter: tb requires
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symptoms include cough, weight loss, fatigue and night sweats. the students are being administered skin tests, so far none testing positive. >> it doesn't even mean because that child was potentially exposed that the child will ever have tb. very treatable. >> reporter: the bus monitor who remains hospitalized is being treated with various medications and is set to -- said to be improving. just ahead lee is tracking tomorrow. stay with us.
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the envelope held by pricewaterhousecoopers has been opened. the winner of this year's world car of the year? the mazda mx5 miata. the prize was handed out today and the car also took home the trophy for best automotive design, the mazda picked over
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a4 and just by coincidence we ask you to watch our auto show special in the fast lane saturday night. you can also share pictures of your favorite rides of the auto show with us. >> that miata close up, the finish on that car and roof. >> it looks really pretty. >> were you guys voters? >> no. but i saw it up close and personal. it was like a supermodel was walking by, getting a lot of attention. it was real something else. in my eyes that's what it was. might be getting a little too enthused. >> maybe. as we look outside, you can see the low clouds over the george washington bridge and i'm going to take another shot here of new york harbor. the ceiling is a little higher toward new jersey. we are very fortunate to hold onto the sun through midafternoon. now the clouds have been
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it's chilly out now, 48 degrees, northeast wind at 6. you have the coat tonight. the high was 53. we're above average for the day but no 70s like yesterday. weather headlines, there's a chill in the air this evening and temperatures rise after midnight. it will feel more comfortable tomorrow morning, but you'll need to be armed with an umbrella. we get to 70 in the afternoon. the bunny is excited because we get a nice early spring weekend including easter. you can see the winds come off the chilly water. the yellow is temperatures in the 60s. we're about 20 degrees below yesterday's pace and if anything, the cooler air has come farther inland. eventually that will retreat. tomorrow morning we're at 57, maybe a rumble of thunder late morning to midday and the sun comes out in the afternoon and we have get to the mid-and upper 60s. there's a front straddled over the area right off to the south here. we're on the cool side.
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that will expose us to the milder air where it's been close to 80 in d.c. today. that mild air is coming back. here's the rain off to the west. some of that will be here tomorrow morning. the snow is staying well to the north. i think some of those brief heavy downpours could be here by late morning, not so much first thing in the morning, probably steadier north and west. there's the steady period of rain, maybe a band of showers with gusty downpours especially north during late morning. that clears out. clearing by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, may take all day east end of long island. then temperatures will respond. 48 tonight and rising. rain develops toward morning, might be a touch of drizzle this evening. rain through midday with a rumble of thunder, then breezy with afternoon clearing and we're near 70. we cool back down behind the cold front, 30s in the suburbs. your seven-day accuweather
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>> rob is doing some calculations about baseball season and when it starts. >> my deciphering has never been that good. keep your fingers crossed. 10 days to go when mets open baseball in regular season, a world series rematch at kansas city. today up against the astros in a spring training game, matt harvey pitching as he will in the season opener. he did get some nice help here. neil walker at second base starts the double play. if there's a play that sums up the game, here it is. houston's a.j. reed pokes one to center field, over the head of cespedes.
6:27 pm
stuck under the fence. problem is the ball is sitting right there. the umpire says what do you mean? reed gets the home run. things go downhill from there. harvey's six runs on seven hits, four walks in three inning. mets lose, final score 8-5. a split squad day for the mets. the rest of the guys in ft. myers play the red sox and get three singles in the 5th inning, scored a run off joe kelly. the mets lose this one 4-1. yankees and braves start in a few minutes. knicks take on the bulls at home in the garden, a rare back to back home series that opened last night in chicago. the rookie scored a career high 29 points and 10 rebounds. knicks led by as many as 22 in the 2nd half, won by eight. rematch comes up tonight here in town.
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thanks to lebron james who in an interview said he hopes before their careers are over he could play on the same team as carmelo anthony, duane wade and chris paul. he said he'd take a pay cut to make that happen. the comment got a lot of people talking. here's some talk from anthony and james. >> i don't know how realistic it could be. it whether or not definitely be cool if it -- it would definitely be cool if it happened, but we don't know how realistic it could be. >> i don't know. we still got years in this league. we'll see what happens. everybody dreams sometimes. everybody has fantasies. >> i'll take a pay cut if it happens. rg3 came in to speak with the jets. he will be wearing brown, cleveland brown. griffin signed a two year contract with the browns, a franchise that started 24 quarterbacks since 1999. the redskins moved on without griffin a couple years after playoff run, rookie of the year honors. injuries took their toll.
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washington. the browns money to revive his career -- hope to revive his career in cleveland. it's a new one on me in professional basketball, rockets and jazz last night, hayward on the free throw line and the mascot clutch brings out a recycling bin all to distract hayward, but it didn't work. launch. hayward will hit another free throw -- watch. hayward will hit another free throw. >> not oscar the grouch. >> apparently not. >> that ball still stuck? let's look at some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> a frightening attack in manhattan, what police say happened to a woman when some fake cops pulled her over. >> also could mammograms help catch another life threatening problem for women?
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more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news is coming up next. for all of us here have a good night. the terror attacks ss and what u.s. authorities have now discovered. they believe they know who that mystery man is. tonight, investigators say two of the suicide bombers, two brothers, had nuclear ambitions. ten hours of their own surveillance, now discovered. what they were recording. and the basketball player from the u.s., the image from the airport sceneeen around the world. tonight, our interview right here. the young father talking about his little girls back in michigan. the race for the white house. this donald trump tweet putting an image of ted cruz's wife next to melania trump. late today, ted cruz lashing out. >> donald, you're a sniveling


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