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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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live pictures of right now. we're told that a motorcycle crash after weaving in and out of traffic at 100 miles an hour, the motorcyclist was heading south on 17 when he struck the back of a car. he flew off of the motorcycle, which then slammed into a hotel. police say the motorcyclist suffered some significant injuries, but they do not appear at this point to be life threatening. again, route 17 south is closed to the area. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it. turning to staten island, police are looking for the man behind a triple shooting there, this as the husband and father of the two people who lost their lives is pleading for the suspect to turn himself in. >> he spoke to eyewitness news. stacy staeger is in mariners harbor with more. stacy? >> reporter: well, liz, you know this whole family is devastated. where we're standing right now is where this all played out. if you can imagine, a mother is
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she sees that her son is in trouble. she sees there is a man angry at him. that man has a gun. so she comes running out here to the street, but now both mother and son are dead and police are still searching for the killer. they were overcome with grief today here on roxbury street and so many questions. >> nobody should have to lose a mother! nobody should have to lose a kid for senseless violence! >> reporter: a mother and her son, gunned down in the street because of what appears to be a complaint over a car. police are still looking for the alleged gunman, 49-year-old anthony morales. authorities say he shot and killed 21-year-old anthony rivera after complaining that rivera owed him money for a car. rivera's dad says morales was always complaining about his car and recently he thought his
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but no one expected this. at least 15 shots fired and anthony rivera's 47-year-old mother who ran out to save him was shot and killed as well. >> she had enough courage to come downstairs, regardless of the bullets going on, to save her baby. that's what any mother would do for their child. >> reporter: authorities say morales is still missing, that he does have a criminal record and they want the public's help. so does the rivera family. >> he is a coward and i want them to catch him so bad. >> reporter: justice, their only option when their loss seems so great. >> go forward and don't be a coward. just come forward because you're going to get caught. you're going to get caught. >> reporter: police say anthony morales was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt, tan cargo pants, and black shoes. they also say he shot a third
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but stable condition in the hospital right now. they are asking anyone with information on this case to please call crime stoppers. we'll have a lot more on this investigation, coming up in another live report at 5:00. for now, live in the mariners harbor section of staten island, stacy staeger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stacy. the pentagon says during a raid in syria, u.s. special operation forces killed a man believed to be the second in command of isis. abdel rahman. defense secretary ash carter says troops were supposed to take him alive, but something unexpected made them force fire on his car. >> removal of this isil leader will hamper the organization's ability to conduct operations both inside and outside of iraq and syria. this is the second senior isil leader we've successfully targeted this month.
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finance minister of isis. secretary carter says his death hurts isis' ability to hire recruits and pay fighters. explosions across brussels today, as police carried out a series of raids following this week's deadly terror attacks. at least three people were taken into custody and two of those people were shot. take a look at this image on your screen. bomb disposal robot approached a man who was injured in one of those operations. with much more on today's developments in belgium, marci gonzalez. >> reporter: witnesses say the man was shot by police in front of his daughter. she was pulled away from him and they ordered him to push his 'bag away. that is when the robot was brought in. prosecutors say today's raids were related to the ones in paris last night. dramatic raids and arrests in belgium. an ongoing determined effort to track down anyone with links to the deadly attacks in brussels. [ sirens ] >> reporter: but the two
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carry out the bombings are still on the run, including this man shown with the two suicide bombers at the airport moments before this. the horrific aftermath of the scene where new york residents alex and sasha pin cow ski were among those killed. the dutch brother and sister seen here pictured on facebook, on the phone with their families when the bombs went off. justin and stephanie schultz from texas, and american missionary alex wells, near paris at the time of the attacks there. >> i don't know if i was born under a lucky star. he was definitely fortunate to have escaped with the injuries that i have escaped with at the airport, being very close to the bombs. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry in belgian meeting with officials, honoring the 300 injured and 31 killed.
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loss in mind that we will renew our vow to come together against a common enemy in order to keep our people safe. >> reporter: back to the brother and sister with new york ties who died in another tax, mayor de blasio released a statement, saying in part, quote, two young siblings from our city were taken from us far too soon. our hearts break for the family and friends of sascha and alex. we will not succumb to terrorism and we will not live in fear. while they were dutch citizens, the state department says two americans were also killed, but their identities have not been released. david? >> thank you. there was a terror attack today in iraq, where a suicide bomber killed dozens of people. the bomb went off during a soccer match at a stadium 30 miles south of baghdad. 29 people were killed, 60 more wounded. there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing, but isis has been responsible
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turning now to the weather, a cold night, a moderate morning, a rainy midday. so what's next, as many of us begin a holiday weekend. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside with the accuweather forecast. no coat? we like to save the best for last, liz. it's fantastic, feels great, around 70 degrees. much of the rain is pushing to the east. a little wet over long island, but we'll have a pleasant evening. this time of year, you have to have everything accessible in terms of the wardrobe, whether the coat or the umbrella. things are changing in a hurry. we look over lower manhattan. skies are trying to brighten across the harbor. we're at our high for the day, in the lower 70s. 350s in long island. the wind is coming off the water. we have showers there. then you look to the west and that's nice over new jersey, but 57 in monticello. cooler air is starting to work in over from the north and west. rainfall amounts have been fairly light. we did have downpours around the midday. you know if you were caught in one of those. now the rain is trying to move away. we still have showers over long
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now you're seeing a fair amount of breaks over parts of new jersey. the trend will be to clear out. look at the difference. we have 70s along the i-95 corridor, but the 50s in albany and williamsport and that's the type of air coming in through the night. next seven hours, if you're going out for your friday night, make sure you take the coat along. it will feel brisk later on tonight, especially after about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. this is what you need to know. we have a 20-degree drop coming tonight. many of our suburbs will be in the 30s by morning. but it's really a dry and seasonable weekend. it feels great, middle 50s. only concern, maybe some low clouds for sunrise services. otherwise, looks like a nice easter. certainly if you have a late morning or midday easter egg hunts, we're in great shape for that. seven-day accuweather forecast has its ups and downs and rain events. we'll tell you all about it in accuweather in a few minutes. back to you. >> lee, thanks a lot. a woman from the bronx says she's planning to sue the new york city police department after an officer shot and killed her dog. surveillance video captured the
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section of the bronx back on yvonne rosato claims she cracked open her door when she heard police in the building. she claims her pitbull officer walked toward the officer with her tail wagging, but the officer felt threatened and shot her dog in the head. >> i was begging him not to go. he was wagging his tail and he was really trying to hold on, but eventually he just stopped breathing. >> rosato confronted the officer, yelling "you killed my dog." that's when three officers threw her down and she was struck with a baton. she claims the beating stopped when her neighbor screamed "let her go." she has bruises from it all. rosato says the police in the end overreacted. much more, coming up at 5:00. in vote 2016, there is no end in sight to the nasty war of words between donald trump and ted cruz. today, cruz denied a story in
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accuses him of having several extra marital affairs. cruz blamed the report on donald trump and his, quote, henchmen. cruz went on to give trump new nickname. >> to peddle sleaze and slime, donald is fond of giving people nicknames. with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> meanwhile, the democratic presidential candidates are focusing on the issues. both bernie sanders and hillary campaign schedules. the democratic caucus in washington state will be held tomorrow. and one last note. today is the deadline to register in new york state's primary. you must be registered republican or democrat to vote in the primary. all applications must be postmarked by today. hundreds of people marked good friday by recreating what they believe was christ's walk to calvary by carrying a cross across the brooklyn bridge, on
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the annual walk includes scripture readings, hymns and reflections, commemorating what christians believe was the crucifiction of jesus. >> you know what the way of the cross is about. the whole world seems to be carrying its cross, right? we look at belgium, suffering and violence and persecution. seems like the whole world is carrying a cross. we need company when we're carrying our crosses. that's what this is about. we're in it together. >> good friday, the most solemn day on the christian calendar. a special mass was held at st. peters basilica. at the end, pope francis will therefore a blessing. >> live pictures happening right now. still to come, an ordinary drive down a new jersey highway changed in an instant. take a look at the chunk of metal that came flying through a car. we'll tell you what happened next. >> plus, a disturbing scene on a suffolk county street.
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. 4:14 right now. time to take a look at the roads on this friday evening. lot of people took off today. there's a big delay on route 440 in middlesex county, new jersey. looking at it, traffic is backed up from the garden state parkway to the outer bridge crossing. over the hudson river crossing, 40-minute inbound at the lincoln. 20 minutes on the outbound side. 20 minutes on the outbound at the toland. 10 minutes inbound at the george washington bridge. . a freak accident injured a teenager riding in a car in new jersey. a metal beam came up through
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route 1 in north brunswick, injuring the leg of that passenger. the 15-year-old boy was taken to the hospital. his injuries are not believed to be serious. investigators are now trying to figure out where the beam came from. an american detained for months in north korea has asked for forgiveness during the media presentation today. kim tong chal said he spied on the country and tried to spread the ideas of the outside world and religions with north koreans. no way of knowing if he was coerced to say that. the 62-year-old was detained back in october. north korea officials have not said how they will handle his case, but this comes nine days after a u.s. tourist was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. apple is asking to delay government demands for data from a locked iphone in a drug case in brooklyn. apple is asking for the delay while the fbi works to unlock an encrypted phone from one of the san bernardino killers. the fbi hopes to unlock that phone without apple's help. if it does, apple says the
4:16 pm
same unlocking method for the phone in the drug case. to a plane landing that felt more like a roller coaster ride, take a look at this plane's rough landing in oklahoma city. you can see it wobbling in the wind before it touches down. it can't square up. passengers on board at the time said they breathed a sigh of relief when they landed, thanking the pilot for getting them there safe. pilots say it's not unusual in oklahoma city because of the heavy crosswinds at that airport. every time you have to think, what's it going to be like this time! rough landing, right? >> right? >> seems like a hover craft at types. >> seriously! i would not want to be on board that flight. >> i want someone experienced flying to that area. my goodness. >> fair. good to see you don't have a rain coat on. some of us forgot their rain coat and umbrella earlier when it started to pour. >> reporter: i can only inform you as much as i can. i give you many reminders. >> i know. some of it gets in. some of it doesn't. >> reporter: full disclosure, i forgot my umbrella. [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: sometimes you don't listen to your own forecast. so it's really comfortable outside right now. in terms of needing your umbrella over long island, yes. for the most part, even though i can't rule out a brief sprinkle in the next hour our two, we're drying out and brightening up and it's supercomfortable. if you're headed out for the night, don't leave the coat at home. you'll need it later on, especially after 9:00 or 10:00. so right now we look over central park. we have a lot of clouds right there. look how 432 park is soaring into the low cloud deck. the humidity is starting to lower and southwest winds at 3, but gusts over 15 miles per hour. the pressure is now on the rise. cold front is moving through right now. we're going to see winds shift more westerly as we go through the night. normal high, 53. so running 18 degrees above normal again. record high, 79. only 8 degrees away from a record high. final number may be 72. so it's 57 in monticello. cooler air is starting to work into the catskills right now. that will come through during the evening hours.
4:18 pm
through eastern long island, but the reason we're in the 50s in islip and montauk, bridgeport, rain around the area and wind off the atlantic. you see where the front, is albany at 51. williamsport at 55. definitely a chill coming in the air. even by 7:00, we'll be almost right now. then by midnight, we drop another 10. around 50 degrees and about 41 by 7:00 a.m. 30s in many suburbs. tomorrow's a very pleasant day, in the low and middle 50s. definitely a cooler feel, at least nice and bright. good shower near the weather service office, near river head. couple of showers near huntington, long island as well. to the west, brightening skies over northern new jersey. so that will be the trend into the early evening hours. couple sprinkles working into old bridge and home dale and also jackson in ocean county. so there is one cold front going through now, but there's a reinforcing shot of chilly air over central new york state.
4:19 pm
during the overnight hours and really sends temperatures down. the rest of the weather map is pretty quiet over the country. we'll watch the rain and snow over the northern plains. eventually that will team up with moisture over the gulf of mexico and we'll see rain by early next week. everything will be slow to evolve. i think we'll stay dry through easter sunday. but get ready for rain first thing monday. watch this future cast. rest of the showers moving away, the clearing trend, all clear probably by eyewitness news at 11:00. nice mostly clear night. might be a little patchy low cloudiness at times during the day tomorrow. overall, mostly sunny, at worst partly sunny at times. the numbers are chilly tomorrow morning. we're near freezing in suburbs north and west. there's a chill in the air and during the afternoon, spring jacket is fine. wind isn't too bad, 6 to 12 miles an hour. temperatures getting into the low and middle 50s. clearing, brisk, turning chillier tonight. 41. 30s in most suburbs. the morning is chilly, definitely cooler than today. tomorrow night, partly cloudy. again, low clouds late tomorrow
4:20 pm
at 4:30, we got a look at the monday map. there's been questions with the timing of this rain. are we going back to rain with the monday morning commute? or will the rain hold off until the afternoon? we'll work on that timing, have your seven-day accuweather forecast, closer look at easter sunday, all when i come inside. nice to come inside. back to you. >> i have a feeling i'll be layering up when somebody's hiding eggs on easter sunday. >> somebody, yeah. >> somebody. >> i'll remind you. >> okay. >> almost messed that up. >> i know. >> thanks, lee. [ laughter ] also happening tomorrow, a sign that spring is really here. coney island's little park will hold its official opening day ceremony. the amusement park is offering the first 100 guests free rides on the famed cyclone roller coaster. the park is already open, but its opening ceremony was pushed back because of last weekend's snow. the park will be open on sundays and holidays until memorial day weekend, then open every day for the entire summer. >> love that story.
4:21 pm
dealing with snow. we have an avalanche caught on camera. terrified moments for us all to see. but what a man did right that helped save his life. >> plus, why a bride who agreed
4:22 pm
4:23 pm
. netflix has reportedly made a stunning admission about its video speeds. the "wall street journal" says netflix has been lowering the
4:24 pm
customers using at&t and verizon. according to the journal, netflix lowered the quality so customers wouldn't go over their data plans on tablets and smartphones. in a release, netflix says it will offer a data saver for its customers who use mobile apps. well, to say warner bros. has a lot riding on the success of the movie batman versus superman is an understatement. the company already betting a chunk of its future on follow- up movies based on this story. >> so lots of people in hollywood are very anxious to see how this movie that pits the strongest man in the universe against the black knight does at the box office. sandy kenyan is here to tell us whether it is worth your money. >> reporter: the last movie featuring the man of steel was a hit with everyone except the critics. so i wondered, would i like superman any better if he went up against batman? the answer is yes. and the reason lies with the guy who is playing the caped crusader.
4:25 pm
measure of depth and pathos to batman and his alter ego bruce wayne. this is a tale of innocence totally lost. so far gone that batman v superman is a story of two antiheroes. >> this bat vigilante is like a one-man rain of terror. >> reporter: the actions of the savior, known as superman, have cost hundreds of lives, raising questions about his motives. >> he has the power to wipe out the entire human race. >> reporter: at least his mom still believes in him. >> people hate what they don't understand. >> reporter: but the situation is ripe for exploitation by lex luthor, who finds a way to pit the man of steel against batman. >> fight night. the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. >> reporter: christian bale
4:26 pm
dark night. jesse eisenberg is a worthy villain, along with wonder woman and the others only disguising the simple fact the battle of batman v superman is contrived, as even jeremy irons as bruce wayne's butler seems to realize. >> he is not our enemy. >> reporter: their beef is based on a misunderstanding, but it's fun while it lasts. >> reporter: batman v superman, dawn of justice is at least 20 minutes too long and too violent for my taste, but i enjoyed it more than most critics who hated affleck and hated eisenberg in equal measure as much as i liked them. it's enough to justify the cost of seeing it on the biggest screen you can find. and don't forget, you can always see my reviews online, like today's review for my big
4:27 pm
disliked that one. that's at trying to keep it interesting, dave and liz! >> i want to apologize. we take turns writing some of the stories. i meant to write dark knight. i apologize. >> that's okay. it's dark. >> this one is black. >> thanks, sandy. a quiet suffolk county street rocked by violence. what happened when a stabbing victim went banging on doors, pleading for help? new details in the police investigation. >> also ahead, a rock & roll first. rolling stones are about to make music and political history.
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. it's 4:30. following breaking news in new jersey, two lanes blocked on route 17 south in ramsay, as police investigate a motorcycle accident we told you about earlier. we're told the motorcycle crashed after weaving in and out of traffic at going 100
4:31 pm
motorcyclist was heading south on 17 when he struck the back of a car. police say the motorcyclist suffered significant injuries, but they do not appear at this point to be life threatening. also new this half hour, residents on a quiet suffolk county street shocked to discover a man with stab wounds banging on their door begging for help. by the time police arrived, the man was dead, another injured. >> the dramatic scene played out in the town of west babylon. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. eyewitness news reporter mj burkette has more. >> reporter: the crime scene is now one quarter mile now long. police believe the whole incident was the result of a traffic dispute, that it began in this intersection, the intersection of straight path and commander avenue. one man was killed, another seriously wounded when men in both cars got out and confronted one another at about 9:30 this morning. the two victims were in the
4:32 pm
after the killers took off, the two men tried to get help, pounding on the door of one home where residents found the men dripping with blood. they called 911. one man later died and the homicide squad is now investigating. here's what the squad commander told us just a few minutes ago. >> we think it happened right here. we think both vehicles were traveling southwest on straight path. we think something precipitated the argument right here at the light. both got out of the car here and that's where the incident happened. >> reporter: police are not ruling out road rage as a possible motive. the identities of the two victims were not released. and the condition of the survivor could not be confirmed. we'll have much more on this developing story on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. live in west babylon, long island, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the n.y.p.d. releasing a sketch for a man
4:33 pm
minutes apart last saturday morning in the ridgewood section. one victim was shoved to the ground after the sex assault. the other had her purse stolen. well, several major corporations are condemning a new law in north carolina that critics say will discrimination, particularly against the lgbt community. along the major employers voicing disappointment, american airlines and disney, the parent company of wabc. the law prevents the state's local governments from passing antidiscrimination rules and instead imposes a statewide standard that leaves out sexual orientation and gender identity. demonstrators gathered today in charlotte to protest. >> we're going to come out and say we're here and this is what we voted for and we won't tolerate this. >> we've all got to band together and make this hopefully change. >> well, the law requires public school and university students to use only those bathrooms that match their birth certificates. democrats say north carolina risks losing billions of
4:34 pm
dollars by conflicting with antidiscrimination regulations. well, just president obama's historic visit, one of the world's most legendary bands will rock out cuba. the rolling stones have arrived in havana, ahead of tonight's open-air concert which is expected to draw up to half a million people. some fans started lining up early this morning. back when fidel castro first came to power, rock & roll was discouraged because it was considered culturally sub versive. the new york national auto show opens to the public today and that means a chance to get up close to the latest and greatest. >> time to start your engines. tim fliescher is on manhattan's west side with the very latest. >> reporter: certainly this promises to be a very, very exciting auto show.
4:35 pm
to see and a full family experience. an auto show extravaganza that seemingly doesn't end. >> looking around, seeing what's new at the car show, checking it out with the family. >> reporter: even before the doors opened at 10:00, there were long lines forming outside. early ticket sales show executives say had been stronger than last year. >> experts to tell you about the new technology, new features and wondering if they compare with the others on the list. we're expecting very, very busy show this year k. >> reporter: there are many interactive displays throughout the show for kids and adults. this is a full family experience, spending time to take it all in. >> i really like the bugatti. >> reporter: chrysler's new pacifica mini van was drawing a large crowd. the fernandez family is trying one on for size. their family has owned seven through the years. >> it's very roomy. you could fit a whole sheet of
4:36 pm
it's beautiful. >> reporter: fabian has a big family. >> i have four girls, so i would need the space. i'm not crazy about mini vans, but this one looks nice. >> reporter: the four-wheel drive factor is also tops on the list of some buyers. >> the more four-wheel drive capable it is, the better. that's the way i look at it as a consumer. definitely an important fact. >> reporter: then the muscle cars. joe deluca came to see 700- horsepower in the supercharger. >> incredible numbers. it's unreal. >> worth the purchase? >> a little pricey for my book, but if i had had the money, of course it would be. >> reporter: then as people ponder what they see, figure out what they might afford, there is always the car we dream about. >> asten martin. >> reporter: and luka fallon was dreaming about this bright
4:37 pm
>> birthday present for you? >> yeah. >> reporter: that would be my birthday present, for sure. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, we'll show you a new line of suvs, smaller suvs that are quite popular. reporting live at the auto show, tim fliescher, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks, tim. watch our auto special, in the fast lane, tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on channel 7. lee goldberg, amy freeze, all hosting. take a tour of the event and see the new vehicles at our website, abc 7 ny/auto show. coming up, would you spend $1000 on salad dressing? >> i've had a lot of people come and want to look at it. i'm, like, it's just a bottle of ranch. >> oh, no, no, no. this is not just a bottle. not just any kind of bottle. what would get people to spend so much money for this ranch?
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the bride-to-be is suing "say yes to the dress." today the judge said the show can go on. nick watt has the story. >> reporter: an excited bride, her dream dress, reality tv show. what could possibly go wrong? >> it really has kind of whirlwinded into this nightmare. >> reporter: allie will marry hunky hockey pro jeff in may. problem is, she'll appear in that dress on tlc's hit show "say yes to the dress" that airs tonight. >> i'm pretty sure every woman who has ever been married or dreamt about getting married can understand. see the dress. no one should see the dress! here's what happened. september 1, allie flies from her home in vegas to new york city, drops a reported 20 grand on a dress according to her legal complaint, one of the
4:42 pm
producers from "say yes to the dress" approached. their bride has bailed! would allie save the day? she agrees she says, only if it airs after her big day in may. she signs this appearance release. fast forward to february. she hears it's airing tonight. she pleads. producers won't budge, can't budge. yesterday, 32 hours until air, they are in a manhattan courtroom. >> what the judge decided was that allie, if this episode went through, went on tomorrow, would not be irrepairably harmed by it. >> reporter: the show can go on. tlc telling us many had had their episodes aired before the wedding. an air date is not promised or solidified at taping. >> everyone's already seen me as a bride before i was actually a bride. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> he made it so dramatic. [ laughter ] >> very dramatic.
4:43 pm
>> i'm sure she'll look beautiful both times. >> very nice. >> if it's re-run again, too. how much would you pay for some salad dressing? one man in texas paid a grand. yes, $1000 for a single bottle of salad dressing. josh tipton bought that bottle of ranch dressing from a pizza restaurant. it's been sitting in a wooden box at the restaurant for the last five years. that's because the owner has one rule. no ranch ever unless you're willing to pay $1000 for the bottle. >> so legendary, i kind of always thought about buying it. i never thought i might have the opportunity to. >> well, the money tipton paid went to a local dog shelter that was destroyed by a fire. tipton says he plans to never open the bottle, but keep it as a reminder to help others in need. >> went to a good cause. >> that's nice. >> viewers were telling me they tried salad dressing on pizza. never gonna happen. >> it's delicious. >> you've done this? >> not ranch. salad pizza! it's delicious! >> oh.
4:44 pm
>> people, help me! >> next you'll tell me you're cutting it with a knife and fork. don't get crazy. two skiers buried in than a avalanche. the one thing this guy did right to get out of this. >> and forget an end zone dance. coming up in the trend, this little guy b all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows. we came back for internet speeds so fast
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a . well, a skier caught in an avalanche catches the entire thing on camera.
4:47 pm
are uninjured during the entire incident. the colorado avalanche information center says the skier recording the video did two things that helped him to escape unharmed. he kept his hands out of the pole straps before the run. and he kept his feet downhill once he was caught up in that avalanche. i'm not sure if i would have the wherewith all to do that. >> right? you have to think of that. you got to be lucky enough to not have those two things. you don't have control sometimes the way you tumble. >> i feel like you want to swim your way out of those. >> that's true. >> they have those inflatable things. if you're taking the risk of skiing this time of year out west, you know your base is not solid. you're melting. they have had a lot of snow as of late. that can happen. >> not us. >> not at all. we're 70 degrees, a little rain. before we get to weather, and we're going to do easter history, let's play-- >> oh, it's as game show! >> let's play, do you recognize?
4:48 pm
creature in the lower right- hand part of the screen? >> that's the easter bunny! >> liz, who hides the eggs for an easter egg hunt? >> the easter bunny hides the eggs! >> we are good to go. >> all by himself! >> okay, lulu and serena! [ laughter ] warmest easter, 96 degrees. coldest, 12. wettest, back in 1958. snowiest, 1970. it won't snow this year. last year, 61. the average is 54. we might be right on the average. central park seeing a little bit of sunshine break through. more clouds to the east. we're at 71 and a southwest wind at 3 miles an hour. we're cool on the island because of the wind coming off the atlantic. rain near shelter island, near river head, couple of showers. near the hamptons, moving out over the next hour. still a couple of showers over ocean county and the jersey shore. we're turning cooler now in the catskills. next seven hours, big
4:49 pm
in the upper 60s to even 9:00, 10:00 when you're dropping to the mid-50s. it's a different feel. make sure you have the jacket later on. tomorrow morning, 41. 30s in the suburbs. certainly a different feel because the air is drier, chillier. you'll need the coat tomorrow despite the sunshine. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s during the day. in terms of the future cast, we have the showers moving away this evening and the partial clearing. look at the difference here at 9:00. it's 57 in the park, but it's 39 in monticello. that's the type of cool air. if you're out late tonight, you'll need that coat. chilly tomorrow morning. 30s in the suburbs. during the afternoon hours, temperatures into the mid-50s with a lot of sunshine. should feel good. travel forecast, if you're traveling for the holiday or if you've had friends or loved ones coming in, we're good in the northeast. showers in the southeast, especially southern georgia, northern florida. showers in the midwest, so there's some delays there, maybe through parts of st. louis or des moines. west coast is nice and quiet. clouds starting to move in in the northwest.
4:50 pm
the uv index will be at a moderate 5 and the pollen count goes higher tomorrow with the drying conditions and the gusty so 56 tomorrow. on sunday, easter sunday, might services. looking at future cast, notice how the low clouds are around early, then thin out during the day. partly sunny by midday. don't be surprised if it's overcast to start the day. then the rest of the afternoon should be just fine. have your umbrella first thing on monday. it's periods of rain and it may just get here right around daybreak and start to wind down mid to late afternoon. 58. brighter, beautiful middle of the week, warming it up. we could be near 70 by thursday. one more time, liz. who is that? >> can i tell you something? lulu and serena are so thrilled because they heard you say their name on television, but now they are outside looking because they think the easter bunny might be out there now! >> that's great! [ laughter ] >> my job is done. >> thank you. >> good stuff.
4:51 pm
>> yeah. >> i'm staying out of this one. [ laughter ] let's go into the trend. the loss of gary shandling, 66 years old. the second best selling author alive today wasn't always a sure thing. to help inspire other authors, she just released two of her rejection letters as proof of this. imagine the people who rejected j.k. rowling's work are kicking themselves. but rowlings says she has no hard feelings. she posted the letters to give struggling authors hope and not lose heart. makers of the batman versus
4:52 pm
project is a big hit. except it's getting terrible reviews. warner bros. has another batman that may save the day for them. >> yes, the breakout character in the lego movie batman is getting his own movie in theaters early next year. fans of aladdin got a treat in san francisco when a prankster took to the streets dressed as the hero, carpet- riding hero. how cool is that? looks dangerous. >> needs a helmet. >> at least a helmet. >> oh, gosh! >> for our purposes, it's very cool. finally, three stories featuring children that are viral hits. first off, this photo. delicious photo of mississippi captures a heart warming moment during nap time. two little girls holding hands. then 2-month-old isabelle, whose full head of hair is so
4:53 pm
it's making many adults jealous and prompting a couple of funny memes along the way. >> hilarious. >> cutie-pie. and this little leaguer. the batter was taking too long! come on! bust a move. eventually my batter will hit. i'm going to have some fun while i'm on bs '. >> or had to go potty. >> or maybe. >> as always, check out the trend online, #thetrend. >> i wanted to tell you since you did alad continue, a aladdin, that's ethan playing jafar. i'll get video. >> very cool. still ahead, lucky to be alive. >> without them, i wouldn't be here. he wouldn't be here. >> a man's trip to a local
4:54 pm
if not for quick-thinking firefighters. we'll explain, coming up. >> and here's a quick look at the delays at the hudson river crossing. it's 30 minutes inbound at the lincoln tunnel, 20 minutes outbound on the holland, and delays on the inbound george washington bridge. >> before we go to break, here's another look at the coliseum in roam, where pope
4:55 pm
it's your chance. it's your time. time to connect. time to show them they're everything. because, before you know it, they'll be all grown up. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore the new african adventure
4:56 pm
an emotional reunion as a man came face-to-face with the firefighters that saved his life. >> he was seconds away from death, but an "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis tells us
4:57 pm
actions gave him a second chance at life. >> to have people there to take care of you and save you and not know you, that's a blessing. >> reporter: because mike was counting his blessings, he came to fire station 13 to say thank you in person. last month, the 52-year-old suffered a massive heart attack. engine 313 responded. >> we cut his shirt off and applied our automatic defibrillator to him. >> reporter: once his heart was restarted, firefighters attached the machine that automatically and tirely administers chest compressions. paramedics rushed him there. every second counts. they responded more quickly than if they'd been at the firehouse. >> mikes what in bad condition, you know, face down, no pulse, wasn't breathing. >> reporter: he spent a week in
4:58 pm
released after that. he feels great. >> i came out 100%, so they did a great, great job. i believe in them so much. >> this just magnifies that great feeling that i go home with every day. you don't get this a lot. >> reporter: so today a lot of smiles all around. marcus solis, "eyewitness news." >> so great to see the smiles. >> mike looks great. good for him. good for the firefightersp. "eyewitness news" at 5:00 begins right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 heartbreak on staten island. a mother is shot and killed trying to rescue her son who was also gunned down. first, breaking news. two lanes south of ramsey are closed while police investigate a motorcycle accident. we're told that the motorcycle crashed after weaving in and out of traffic going about 100
4:59 pm
police saw the motorcyclist driving erratically and began the pursuit. >> the motorcyclist was heading south on 17 when he slammed into the back of a car. he suffered significant injuries, but they do not appear to be life-threatening. now to new details about the mother and son gunned down on staten island. tonight we're hearing from the woman's husband and father of the young man. the mother raced to rescue her son from an armed man on the street in front of their apartment and had her getting killed herself, which has neighbors outraged. stacey? >> reporter: diana, police are still searching for this gunman. they say he fired at least 15 shots out here last night. no one has seen him since. now a 21-year-old man and his mother are both dead. sister. trying to help her baby,
5:00 pm
>> reporter: this closely knit family suffering inconsolable grief today. a mother and her 21-year-old son murdered over what appears to be a complaint about a car here on roxbury street. it was just after 6:00 last night, authorities say this man, 49-year-old anthony morales was angry about someone damaging his car. also angry about money, and then gunfire. 21-year-old anthony rivera was shot in the head and lie dead in the street. >> my son was a great, great kid. he did nothing wrong to anyone. all he did was work on cars out here. >> reporter: witnesses say rivera's mother came outside to help her son and was shot and killed in the process. police still searching for morales around the area.


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