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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: this closely knit family suffering inconsolable grief today. a mother and her 21-year-old son murdered over what appears to be a complaint about a car here on roxbury street. it was just after 6:00 last night, authorities say this man, 49-year-old anthony morales was angry about someone damaging his car. also angry about money, and then gunfire. 21-year-old anthony rivera was shot in the head and lie dead in the street. >> my son was a great, great kid. he did nothing wrong to anyone. all he did was work on cars out here. >> reporter: witnesses say rivera's mother came outside to help her son and was shot and killed in the process. police still searching for morales around the area.
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>> he was only 21 years old. he was a baby. he was just starting his life. he was just about to start his first job today. >> reporter: a job as a security guard at a hospital where he ironically died. now the best his family can hope for is justice. >> what was he thinking? why woe do something like -- why would he do something like this? i just can't get over it. >> reporter: now, police say anthony morales also shot a third person, a man who remains in critical but stable condition right now. they say he was last seen in a gray t-shirt with tan cargo pants and black shoes. they are asking anyone with information on the case to call crimestoppers at 800-577-tips. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. police are trying to figure out what killed two
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parked car in hackensack. the bodies of a 29-year-old man and 24-year-old woman were discovered this morning in a chevy tracker parked with its engine running while outside an apartment building on overlook avenue. their identities have not been released. investigators think they may have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. in new jersey, a freak accident injured a teenager riding in a car. a metal beam came up through the floorboard and injured the leg of a passenger. the 15-year-old boy was taken to the hospital. his injuries are not believed to be serious. investigators are trying to figure out where the beam came from. spring showers earlier today. things have cleared up ahead of the meteorologist lee goldberg has a look at the forecast and it is sunny out there lee. >> reporter: ooh, it is fantastic. this is the best part of the day here. we will see changes again. this is the theme of our forecast here going back and
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late winter chill and early spring warmth. we look over new york harbor. this looks exactly like it did yesterday except the trend was to cloud things over. tonight it feels really good outside. we're in the lower 70s. the humidity is still up. we had 50s over long island because of the wind off the south. then you have the catskills starting to cool off because a cold front will make a sweep through the area this evening. we did get into heavy, brief downpours during the middle of the day. still showers over the twin forks. a sprinkle here and there over connecticut and over parts of suffolk county. look at what's happening off to the north and west. 49 to 54 from albany to williamsport. really chilly temperatures are coming our way. i think you'll feel the difference after 10:00. the humidity will be lowering. there will be a breeze out of the northwest and we'll be dropping 15, 16 degrees from where we are right now. so definitely a different feel.
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we have a 20 degree drop. many of our suburbs will be in the 30s by dawn. overall, really nice weekend. dry, seasonable. temperatures reach the mid- 50s. the only concern, low clouds sunday morning for sunrise services but it will be dry for easter. it turns great if you are planning on the late morning easter egg hunts. we've got rain returning on the accuweather forecast. temperatures up and down as we go through next week. the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. back to you for now. the number 2 man in isis and the money man is dead tonight killed by u.s. forces. secretary ash carter says abdel rahman mu stay if a was killed by special open forces in syria over the last two days. he said he was known as isis' finance minister. carter says his death will hinder isis' ability to operate inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> we've taken out the leader
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isil's operations hurting the ability to hire recruits. we are systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. >> secretary carter says this is the second senior isis leader that the u.s. has targeted this month. the isis' so-called minister of war was also killed. in brussels tonight, explosions and gunfire rang out in raids leading to more arrests. streets were sealed off as heavily armed officers searched neighborhoods. tonight, three arrests in connection to the airport and subway bombings. the u.s. confirmed at least two americans are dead. a brother and sister who lived in new york are also among the dead. jim dolan in the newsroom with the latest on the attacks. >> you think tensions are high in brussels right now? today police shot a man who was sitting right next to a young girl at a bus stop. the man was care rig a bag that police thought might -- carrying a bag that police thought might hold a bomb. after 31 people died in two
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police feel they can no longer afford the lux riff checking first. police swarmed the neighborhood in brussels today, arresting three men, shooting two of them. bomb technicians at the ready to handle a package one suspect had they feared might hold explosives. >> the police asked him to put the bag far from him. >> i saw fire in front of my face and around my body. fire literally almost engulfed the four of us. there was fire around us. >> reporter: mason wells is from utah. he has severe burns over much of his face and body. he was about 30 yards away when the first bomb exploded at the airport. >> i was really lucky to not have escaped this more than because i literally saw fire in front of my face. >> reporter: 31 people died in the two attacked, including sasha and alexander pinczowski who lived in new york. in a statement today, the
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"we remember her adds a warm, lively presence during her too- brief time with us. we felt that she had a great future in our industry. we will miss her tremendously." u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in brussels today. he said the attacks against europe are attacks against the united states. >> irthink it's an attack on america, an attack on europe, an attack on civilized countries around the world. it is an attack on people who weren't even here and who weren't killed because it is an attack on everybody's ability to move freely and move without fear. that's what the terrorists want. >> reporter: kerry said it is still too early to tell if there were failures in intelligence that allowed or led to the attacks in brussels. one of the suicide bombers had been flagged by turkey and the united states as a possible terrorist. the dead in belgium include residents of seven different
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another terror attack in iraq where a suicide bomber has killed dozens of people. it happened at a soccer match in a stadium 30 miles south of baghdad. 29 people were killed, 60 more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but isis had been responsible for several suicide bombings in and around the iraqi capital. the jetblue attendant carrying cocaine has been ordered to be released to home confinement on half a million dollars bail. she will remain in custody until april 7th when there will be a hearing in los angeles. tsa officials say recommended dropped the bag full of cocaine and ran when she was pulled aside for a screening. hundreds marked good friday by re-enacting good friday with what they believe was christ's walk with the cross.
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violence and persecution. it seems like the whole world was carrying a cross. that's what this is about. we're in it together. >> during the way of the cross, participants read scriptures, sang hymns and the large wooden cross made its way over the brooklyn bridge. in italy, pope francis led a service at st. peters basilica and now he's leading it in rome's coliseum. we're taking a live look. at the end, the pope will offer a blessing. still ahead, a dog shot and killed by police in the bronx. officers responding to a neighbor's home. coming up, we'll hear from the dog owner who says police went too far, and she has the video to prove it. >> plus, new accusations of sleaze and slime in the race for president.
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exchanging more nasty words today. >> plus -- >> i'm nina with channel 7. we just want to ask you about mr.
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after a week of down and dirty political fighting including attacks from wives to name calling, can you believe it's gotten even dirtier between ted cruz and donald trump, it's now gone to the
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dave, what a day. >> they have been in a nasty fight over their wives and today it got worse. the "national enquirer" out with a story claiming ted cruz is not faithful to his wife. cruz blasting the article as untrue and one planted by, who else, donald trump. in wisconsin today after a rally, ted cruz slammed donald trump, blaming him for the "national enquirer" story cruz denies of having several extra marital affairs. >> you know, donald is fond of giving people nicknames. with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> reporter: in a statement, trump shot back, "cruise' problem with the "national enquirer" is his and his alone. enwent on tongue in cheek that while they were right about several others, i certainly hope they are not right about liein' ted cruz.
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>> i believe his conduct convincing millions of americans that this man would be an embarrassment as president. >> reporter: this trump/cruz spat began when an anti-trump pac sent around this racy photo of trump's wife. trump later tweeted out an unflattering photo of cruz's wife heidi next to a glamour shot of his own wife. cruz was furious. >> donald, you are a initialling coward, and live heidi the hell alone. >> reporter: trump said he cherishes women. >> i respect women incredibly. i had a woman who was in charge. building of trump tower many years ago before it was even thought -- before anybody would have even thought of it. i did a fantastic job. >> reporter: trump may be facing a new problem. scott says the eventual gop nominee may not even be in the race right now. >> it's very likely someone who's not currently running.
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donald trump with a 26% favorable rating. 67% of women asked have an unfavorable view. the next big primary is wisconsin on april 5th. after that, new york. we're following breaking news. this is in new jersey. we've got news copter 7 over a house fire in lyndhurst. you can see a lot of smoke coming from the top of that building. don't have a good sight line here of firefighters on the scene, but we are told that they are on the scene at this point right now. there you see them. they are up on the roof there putting water on the flames. so they are going to continue to fight this fire right now. we know that this is a two- story home. no word on any injuries. we know roads have been closed as firefighters continue to fight that fire. as we learn more, we will, of course, pass it along to you. a reminder for voters in new york, the deadline to register in the new york state primary is today. you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote
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you still have time to register online at all mailed applications have to be postmarked by today and received by the board of elections not later than march 30th. apple is asking a new york judge to delay a government demand for data from a locked iphone in a drug case in brooklyn. apple is asking for the delay as the fbi works to unlock an encrypted iphone for the san bernardino killers. apple says the government can then use the same unlock method for the iphone in the drug case. >> back and form. lee has the accuweather forecast and wear all thinking sunrise service and big easter weekend for a lot of people. >> i think the weather cooperates but there may not be a lot of sun for sunrise services. >> it was sort of dicey today, cloudy, rainy. >> yeah.
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the day and we had the big showers during the middle of the day. now things are calming down. it's trying to brighten sunset. we're at 71, west wind at 5 miles per hour and pressure is now on the rise. rung 18 degrees above average. only 8 away from a record high as one of the warmest marches continues. it looks like it will be number 6 or number 7. there are the sunrise and sunset times. last year on this date, afternoon rain and 49 degrees. we had 52 in monticello. still nice and comfortable in the hudson valley with the breeze shifting out of the northwest. it's going to be a late day spike in connecticut and coastal long island with winds
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you get a land breeze and pop into the area later on. you know even though it feels like you can head out without the coats this evening, have it because by the time we get to midnight, you are looking at temperatures rung colder than -- running colder than normal right now. patchy low clouds early, north-northeast and middle 50s. this is the last of the showers leaving the twin forks. one little shower near bridgeport and nor walk and over to shelton. that's leaving and clouds are starting to break up off to the west. there's still a patch of clouds here. there's two cold fronts. one with a reinforcing cold front coming through central new york state. with than goes through, we have a nice area of real estate where things are quiet. i think that will take us through the weekend. this piece of energy here with lingering moisture from our front will team up to give us some rainfall on monday.
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here showing the showers moving away. you don't need the umbrella for the evening hours. it will clear out, but you do need the coat because it is getting chillier. it is basically a mostly to at most sunny part of the day. around 70 in spots now. we'll be in the 20s and low 30s tomorrow morning. about 40 in new york city and we'll recover in the low to middle 50s in the afternoon hours tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. clearing, brisk, turning chillier tonight. 41, 30s most suburbs. tomorrow is the high of 56. plenty of sunshine but noticeably cooler today despite the blue skies. then partly cloudy as low clouds are coming in at least for easter sunday morning. so here's what we're working on for 5:30. only in the low 50s, maybe even 40s for some tomorrow after clouds come in. low clouds will linger on easter sunday into the midday and afternoon. that's a look at new information on that. monday is all-day rain and hold
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timing on the rainfall coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you for now. still ahead on "eyewitness news" -- >> do you recognize this man? police asking for help identifying a patient found in queens. >> so you are in the market for a new suv? i'll show you some of the hot sellers. i'm tim fleischer. come along with me to the car show and see my live report. it's called the hot mama roll. don't you love that?
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little japanese and
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netflix has made an announcement about its video speeds. the "wall street journal" says it has been lowering the quality of its videos for customers using at&t and verizon. the reason it claims it was doing it so customers wouldn't go over data plans on tablets and smartphones. when it comes to cars, more people are buying smaller, compact suvs. so there's no surprise you will see lots of them at the auto show and lots of people there. tim fleischer is there with more. tim? >> reporter: diana, with gas prices at new lows, auto
5:24 pm
are looking again at the suvs, but now, a new line of suvs. smallest of this brawny new line of cars, subcompact suvs brag about being hungry for cargo and kids. for others it is a first step into an suv, but clearly, it's one of the biggest segments of the u.s. new vehicle market at about 14%, some analysts say. >> the sales of small suvs are really way up. >> reporter: mike quincy, an automotive specialist at consumer reports automotive test center now giving us the up close starting with the honda. >> good honda reliability but this has utility to go with the term sport utility vehicle. the inside has tons of room. >> reporter: this is nero, the newest suv unveiled by kia. it's a hybrid. >> it's good on kia for keeping an eye on green technology, keeping an eye out for fuel
5:25 pm
>> reporter: a very popular suv, mike points out,the buick encore. its list of technical advances is impressive. >> it certainly offers a lot of content here. the 2017 encore will have april thele car play and auto capability and talks about getting younger buyers. that would certainly bring in younger people. >> it is selling very well for buick. >> reporter: also new to the upscale mercedes-benz lineup, mike says the gmc coup takes a different styling cue. coupe. >> reporter: he couldn't help but take us to see the lexus rx, a top pick if you are ready to step up to the next level to mid-size suv. >> it's quiet. it's comfortable. inside. the hybrid model, get this gets 29 miles per gallon, the most of any suv we've ever tested. >> reporter: choices for you to
5:26 pm
the auto show has got a week long run, and the auto-makers have an awful lot to show you. reporting live at the javits center, tim fleischer, channel 7 action news. >> thanks, tim. good looking suvs there. >> join us for the hour long session in the fast lane at 7:00 tomorrow. when you tweet pictures from the show, use the hashtag bc7ny and abc 7ny, go for a virtual ride on the roads. we have video checking out the display at the auto show. a woman's dog gets caught up in a police call in the bronx. >> officers shoot and kill the pet. coming up, hear from the dog's owner and what she plans on doing next. >> plus, a mother of three thought that have killed herself, so why is her husband
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we are back with an update on the breaking news that we've been following in new jersey. a motorcycle crash causing delays on route 17. >> toni yates is live at ramsey. toni? >> reporter: yes, indeed. this pursuit began up in mahwah. police officers spotted the motorcycle going very fast on route 202. he tried to stop him, but the motorcyclist made it out here to route 17. they say that he was going even faster once he got to 17, topping speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. then ramsey police picked up the cycle going through their town, also along route 17. they tried to stop him, but before they could, they say the driver crashed near the maple shade motel. we have seen a damaged car also at that spot. it was back end damage. we are told that the
5:30 pm
was taken by ambulance to the hospital. he's reportedly suffered broken bones and possibly lost a limb. he has not been identified. no word on where he was coming from. at this point, there is on northbound route 17, there is slow traffic on the southbound lanes. there are two lanes still shut down while police continue their investigation. again, a motorcyclist, it seems like, was going very fast heading on route 17 southbound. they don't know where he was coming from or why he was going speeds of more than 100 miles per hour of course. the bergen county prosecutor's office and local police are out here continuing their investigates. for now, we're live here in ramsey. toni yates channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, toni. tonight, a grieving dog owner in the bronx is speaking out after a police officer shot and killed her pet. the deadly encounter was caught on camera.
5:31 pm
nypd. she says her pit bull named spike was harmless. >> reporter: nypd policy says cops are only allowed to use their weapon as a last resort to stop an animal attack. the dog's owner believes that her dog was never a threat and says this surveillance video proves that. >> reporter: yvonne said she couldn't have asked for a better dog in spike. she's scarred for life after watching her 4-year-old pill bull spike die in her arms after being shot by a police officer outside their home. the shooting and spike's final moments alive were caught on a security camera. >> i threw my body on top of my dog, you know, begging him not to go because he was wagging his tail and really trying to hold on. eventually, he just stopped breathing. >> reporter: on february 13th, police responded to a domestic violence call at a neighbor's apartment around 5:30 that morning. rosado opened her door.
5:32 pm
>> he was friendly. he was friendly. then i hear a pop. i see him, my dog just laying there twitching. >> reporter: neighbors who heard the gunshot and ran out to see what happened feel the officers reacted badly. >> just wrong. you didn't have to shoot him. he came out wagging his tail with an affectionate bark. >> it was like she was holding a child. it was heart wrenching. as for the police, it was like they were trying to cover it up almost immediately. >> reporter: rosado plans to file a grievance against the officers with the city's civil complaint review board. she also has a lawyer who filed a notice of claim for a possible lawsuit against the city. >> he fired his in an apartment stair well in a situation similar to peter liang who was convicted of manslaughter who accidentally hit a person in circumstances like this. he could have hit a person. >> my house feels dead when i
5:33 pm
there's no barking. there's no happy, you know, guy waiting for me, jumping on me. he's just gone. >> reporter: the nypd spokesman says this is being reviewed and the findings will be subject to an arms discharge review board. >> again, that was carolina lee reporting. police desperately need your help to identify a patient in new york presbyterian queens hospital. this man was found at a bus stop near 46th avenue in flushing on monday. they say he had facial injuries and could not talk. the man is asian and is believed to be in his 50s. he had on a white t-shirt, light gray hooded sweatshirt with a hood and the number 9 on the back. a new jersey court rejected a status over drink prices. a woman sued the restaurant in 2010 claiming the chain
5:34 pm
not posting drink prices on menus. two other plaintiffs eventually joined the suit. the judge granted class status on 2012. a state appeals court reversed that ruling. an american man detained in north korea has asked for forgiveness. he said he tried to spread the ideas of the outside world with north koreans and also said he spied on the country. there's no way right now of knowing if he was forced to say those things. the 62-year-old was detained in october. now to a murder mystery, a husband on trial after his wife died from a gunshot wound at home. her death was initially ruled a suicide, but years later, new evidence emerged leading authorities to charge her spouse. clayton sandal has the story. >> my wife just shot herself in the head! >> reporter: ashley lay dying from a gunshot wound to her head. her husband tom frantically calling 911.
5:35 pm
s me help me! >> reporter: only hours earlier, the couple dancing in the new year. five separate law enforcement agencies ruled her death a suicide. the case closed. >> the forensic analysis done did not support any indication that tom was in proximity of ashley when the shot was fired. >> reporter: but tom, a former colorado corrections deputy, is on trial for her murder. a grand jury investigation opened in 2014 when new witness statements emerged. one neighbor claiming he overheard him confessing the murder to his own parents, something they later denied in court. >> when i heard him saying oh, my god, what have i done, he said, i shot my wife. >> he is charged with second- degree murder. >> i didn't shoot my wife! i don't want her gone. i want her in here! >> reporter: his lawyer telling jurors the mother of three was unstable.
5:36 pm
suicide in 2012, and it's still a suicide in 2016. >> reporter: and that she had even written a suicide note the summer before her death. >> dear tom, i'm sorry for all that i've caused. i'm not happy about it. i'm sorry for your pain, but i can no longer go on living life. >> reporter: the prosecution claims that new year's eve night tom fallis had become irate with his wife. >> no one noticing her being anything other than happy and excited and now she's dead. >> reporter: fallis has pleaded not guilty. happening tonight, one of the world's most legendary bands is getting ready to rock cuba just days after president obama's historic visit. the rolling stones had arrived in havana ahead of tonight's open air concert which is expected to draw up to a half million people. some fans started lining up early this morning when fidel
5:37 pm
rock 'n' roll was discouraged because it was considered culturally subversive. a rabid raccoon surprising even health officials on long island. where it was caught coming up. >> plus, did a company lie about eye defect that causes appliances to catch fire? >> and i'm lee goldberg. the raise of sun are coming through the low clouds. we're in good shape as we go through the evening hours. temperatures will be dropping a little bit. wear at 71 degrees, but within
5:38 pm
20 degrees colder. imagine your body being buried while you're still in it.
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health officials confirming the first case of rabies on long island and nearly a decade. a raccoon trapped in nassau county tested positive for the disease. officials admit being surprised
5:41 pm
step up monitoring and testing in the area. u.s. consumer products safety commission has slapped a chinese company with its largest fine ever, $15.45 million over allegations that the company trayed to cover up a potentially deadly defect. necessity sold millions of dehumidifiers nationwide under 13 different brand names including ge and kenmore. u.s. regulators say fires caused by this defect have resulted in nearly $4.5 million in property damage. prosecutors are moving to drop domestic violence charges against picabo street. the skier was arrested in december after police say she pushed her 76-year-old father down two flights of stairs and locked him in a basement. a judge in utah is expected to grant a motion to dismiss
5:42 pm
apparently, she has agreed to say that >> absolutely. everything is getting expensive, including ranch dressing. this particular bottle cost a man $1,000. it's abouten in a wooden case for the last five years. five years? okay. the restaurant has a rule for their pizza. no ranch ever unless you spend a grand on this bottle. he did it for a good cause. it went to a dog shelter. the new owner says he says he may open the bottle. i might caution him on that. will the easter bunny need an umbrella? >> the forecast is coming up next. >> we're here to ask about warren miller's money. he lent the company $41,000. >> nina pineda goes after an
5:43 pm
own money to help pay the business bills then got stiffed.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
we are back with more breaking news for you on this friday. a teenager, a male teenager has been shot in harlem. that teen is in critical condition. this happened right about 5:00. the shooting happened on the grounds of the jefferson houses right across the street from ps-57. we don't know what led to the shooting. you can see from the live pictures police officers are still on the scene, and we do know that this teenager is in critical condition. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more
5:47 pm
we now turn to lee. it's pretty good, right? >> yeah. very comfortable in the early evening hours. our brooklyn cameras are the cam raft day. i can only describe it as looking hedgely out there. miss liberty has a front row seat to that. that looks beautiful. the wind is not too strong right now. the ferry ride isn't too bumpy. we had gusts with some of the showers that came through earlier, but that is just fantastic. the sunset tonight is at 7:14. we'll have more breaks in the clouds. there's also ominous clouds here but no showers. mostly cloudy and a west wind at 5:00. so easter sunday, the warmest easter sunday in april of 1976. it was 96 degrees. it was 12 degrees in 1923. 4 inches of snow in 1970. of course you can have a range of dates for easter sunday. last year was 61. the average high on march 27th, this year 54 degrees.
5:48 pm
speaking of mid-50s, that's where we are in montauk. we're starting to spike here over parts of central rhode island where we've gotten the showers before sunset. we pop into the 60s briefly. we're cooling down to 50 in monticello. if you are heading out, there is a big difference from the next couple of hours to let's say 10:00 to midnight. north by morning, 41 degrees, 30s in the suburbs. the problem is not sunshine tomorrow. we have wall to wall sunshine, a few patchy clouds around. a northeast wind and east wind off the water keeping us in the low to middle 50s. if you are right on the coastline, you can stop in the upper 40s. showers moving along this evening. could take still the next couple of hours to leave let's say montauk. otherwise, 10:00 in the north and west. chilly by tomorrow morning.
5:49 pm
west, but widespread 30s in the suburbs but comfortable and pleasant in the after moon. travel weather, if you are traveling for the holiday or if you have folks coming to the area, you are looking fine in the northeast with delays in the southeast, also into the midwest and clouds coming into the pacific northwest. no major systems. air quality is good tomorrow. the pollen count starts to spike again after being lowered today. on easter sunday, the only problem is that some low clouds are going to be with us first thing. as we go through the midday and afternoon, i thin these clouds will melt the way, slowest along long island. we're in the mid-50s on easter sunday but we're dry. i think there could be periods of rain all day long so have the umbrella early. winding down in the afternoon. tuesday we clear out. we're really nice mid-week next week. warming back up close to 70 by next thursday but showers come back into the forecast. so we're going to be normal to above normal to end march.
5:50 pm
>> we're helping the east are bunny. >> we're helping because we're going to have neighborhood eatsp. >> she's right. we are going to have sushi. it's sushi met with dominican food. it's kind of a fusion mash up, but it's all good. >> the owners of this restaurant are in inwood. if i could speak -- [ laughter ] >> the neighborhood had a japanese restaurant with a focus on sushi but wanted it approachable to the residents in that area. the results, mama sushi located at 237 diekmann street in inwood. >> i'm the mama. i'm the big mama.
5:51 pm
she's petite, but she whacks a punch. the difference is that her sue shy rolls often feature spanish ingredients that appeal to her customers from roast pork to yucca fries to the rice and beans approach. >> we use a lot of plantains, the sweet of a plantain with salty. it gives you a different flavor in the sushi. >> reporter: take the hot mama roll. she layers sea weed and rice with tuna and cucumber topped with the fried plantains. then comes salmon, avocado, and more tuna. chopped jalapeno, pickled ginger and spicy mayo finish it off. >> the sweet of the plantain gives it a twist. >> i never in my life thought i would see a place combined like japanese and dominican, but it works. >> it works really good.
5:52 pm
dishes at the hands of chef nunez. >> food's fan louse. the service is tremendous, and everybody's beautiful here. >> i enjoy doing this, and it's not only me. we are a team, and that's what may cause growing up in other places. >> reporter: the next may open in hamilton heights. for the hot mama roll recipe, go to so what do you think about plantains and sushi some. >> it's so good. >> like why didn't we do this earlier? >> why didn't we think of this before? >> i like the fusion here. it's working. still ahead, a company accused of stiffing a worker. >> the employee says he used his own money to foot the business bills but never got the cash back. sounds like a case for 7 on your side. we've got it up next. coming up at 6:00, a case
5:53 pm
two people in two cars get into an argument. knives are pulled, and now one is dead an the other hurt. >> a man suffered a massive he in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing,
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a company in newark is accused of turning its back on an employee who says he spent his own money to pay the business' bills. >> when he was left high and dry, he turned to nina pineda and 7 on your side. >> he works in his family-owned business for six years saying he did everything he was asked and more, even taking care of the owner's mother, staying with her during superstorm standee and making sure she was okay. now the employee is in financial ruin thaw thinking his employer would reimburse him for the huge bills he racked up. we're here to ask about warn's minnesota. he lent the company $41,000. >> reporter: a former employee is having no luck getting money back he says he lent the company over a year ago. >> $41,000.
5:57 pm
but he was so loyal to his former employer, when bills piled up, he charged them on his own personal credit card. what kinds of things did you charge some. >> everything from pse and g to equipment repairs. >> reporter: he says when owner kevin rafferty stopped reimbursing him, he had his boss sign this letter. he agreed to pay him $41,000 after the business was sold. >> never happened. building got sold. he had some baloney story. >> reporter: the next step, court. warren won the judgment. >> never got a dime. >> reporter: so we paid a visit. we're looking for kevin. who are you? >> i'm the boss. >> reporter: didn't get muchch a reception. hi, i'm here to speak with kevin rafferty. i'm nina with channel 7. we'd like to ask you about mr. miller's money. >> reporter: a week later, he liquidated all assets as an
5:58 pm
is one of dozens the company owes. in the filing, dublin lists debts totaling more than $2 million. new jersey transit bilked out of $200,000. kevin rafferty lists himself as being owed $1.4 million right above the unpaid debt to warren miller who says he even took care of rafferty's late mother and if she was still running things, the business wouldn't be in such bad shape. >> i'm sure if the mother was alive, i would have been paid. >> reporter: the attorney in charge of getting people paid back said they will begin the process of auctioning off the company's agenciests to the highest bidder. he had to drain his savings. he's retired. scrapped his plans to buy an apartment to pay off the debt on his credit card before his own credit got ruined. sade and diana? >> nina, thank you. the race for president sinking deep near the gutter. now allegations of affairs by candidates. >> how low can it go? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: tonight, a murder mystery on long island. a case of road rage. an argument between the occupants of two cars ends in a stabbing and a death. one man is killed and another is seriously hurt. good evening to you. it's 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. first, breaking news. a teenager shot now in critical condition. >> it happened outside of the jefferson houses complex in east harlem across from a school. >> carolina lee is live with more. >> reporter: bill and liz, we got an update about three minutes ago about the teen's condition, as you mentioned, in critical condition. the teen, according to police,
6:00 pm
as you can see, there is a very active police presence here in east harlem. this all happened around 5:00 this afternoon here at a new york city housing complex called the jefferson houses. this happened near a school, just across the street from 57. we do not have the circumstances surrounding this shooting, but it did happen here at third after near 115th street in east harlem. again, what led up to sha that shooting, we do not have that information just yet. again, a live look out at what's going on here. you can see dozens of police officers here at the scene and then across the street, there are people who are looking trying to figure out what happened. again, a teenager shot in the head. that teen in critical condition at harlem hospital. of course, we will continue to follow this and bring you the very latest tonight on


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