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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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from all of us, new worries about the i can. new at 11:00, why some -- about thetic. new at 11:00, why some women can't get birth control.
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new york's no. 1 news, eyewitness news. >> a mother's pain. a son lured to an apartment building, tortured and then killed. >> i need help and -- [ crying uncontrollably ] >> so they can't do it to somebody else. >> tonight she's pleading for answers and police are searching for killers. >> friends and family of a amani miller gathering tonight not only to remember this young man but find out why this happened and who is responsible. >> and josh is in brooklyn. josh? >> reporter: it's been nearly two weeks now since amani miller was butchered in an apartment building and since
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trying to figure out who did it and most importantly, why. tonight, an urgent plea for from his family to -- from his family for the public to help. >> i wouldn't wish this on my wester enemy. >> reporter: it has given way to sering, debilitating pain. >> he was murdered and i want this. i want somebody to say something. i want somebody to come forward and give me the peace that i need! >> reporter: her pride and joy, amani miller died a sadistic death this houses. they tortured him, stabbing him more than a dozen times repeatedly, including at least once in the head. >> everybody says how nice he is and how sweet he is and how humble. [ crying ] >> he's a good kid and did not deserve what happened to him. >> it's unfathomable that
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>> reporter: cops are as stumped as the family. mill her no criminal past and lived miles away in bedside. the crime happened at 2:00. no cameras and no one claims to have seen what happened. biggest leads so far have been talk around the neighborhood. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: the family returned to the bayview houses with megaphones begging residents to come forward. but so far, nothing. >> reporter: my son is never going to come back. but please say something! i need help! i need to catch who did this to my son! [ crying ] >> so they can't do it to
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>> reporter: they're hoping that the that people who may have seen something will report it. these calls are anonymous. we're live at the 69th precinct station house in brooklyn. >> thank you. an argument escalates with a teenager shot in the head in east harlem. he's now in critical condition. tense moments for his family who's keeping vigil at his side in the intensive care unit. the 16-year-old was shot on 3rd avenue near 115th street. the scene, near a middle school. so far, police have made no arrests. we're hearing from the first time of the 15-year-old injured and lucky to be alive in a freak accident in new jersey. a piece of metal 3 feet long slicing the floorboard of his dad's car and slicing his leg. he's in new brunswick for us.
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danger coming right at him. but there just wasn't enough time to avoid it. dylan patello says he could feel the pain immediately. >> the pain wasn't as bad as it is right now. i don't know why but it was a really sharp burning pain. >> reporter: it happened in the blink of an eye. devin speaking to eyewitness news over the phone from his hospital bed. he says the boom came under the car. then the pain. the pain coming from this massive chunk of metal that came through the floorboard of his father's toyota camera and then piercing him. they saw it but there wasn't enough time to swerve out of the way. >> it was a really loud, like, crunching noise. i didn't know what it was at first until my dad told me what it was. >> it made a loud noise. so i'm thinking my tire just
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same -- within a millisecond my son screaming. ow, ow, ow. apparently -- i can see the blood. i'm in shock. i don't even know how deep it is or what exactly it is, how sharp it is. how far did it go. >> reporter: this is a photo he took of that x-shaped piece of metal poking through the passenger seat. about a foot long and half a foot long. >> it was unbelievable that much metal went into my thigh. >> reporter: it took nine stitches for the huge gash on his side. dylan's father just grateful the injuries weren't permanent or fatal. >> he was a trooper. i think i was in bigger shock than he was. i mean, all this time he hasn't shed a tear or anything, you know,. >> reporter: wow. >> and he's been strong. >> reporter: he'll be kept here overnight for observation at
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he should make a full recovery but will need crutches. >> thank you. a motorcyclist in critical condition tonight after a high speed crash in new jersey. news copper 7 flew over the scene on 17th and ramsey. officers pursued the motorcycle after spotting it waving in and out of traffic going about 100 miles per hour. the rider slammed into the back of a car. now to vote 2016. just when you thought the republican primary campaigns couldn't get lower, the mudslinging between ted cruz and donald trump even dirtier tonight. they say trump planned the story of ted cruz having several extra extramarital affairs, saying the tabloids are often right.
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clinton campaigning tonight ahead of saturday's democratic caucuses. now to the investigation in the brussels terror attack. dramatic takedown of a suspect caught on camera. cellphone video caught the moment. officers with their guns trained on a man at a tram stop. they shot him twice in the leg even though he was with a child. two other people were also detained. meanwhile, we learned the funeral for two new york siblings killed in the terror attacks will be held next week in belgium. alexander pachowski year-old sister were heading back to new york city on tuesday. a congregation in new jersey tonight proving a
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as the people who are behind it. the first presbyterian church of englewood holding good friday services somewhere other than their church. >> reporter: bill, of course, there were tears at tonight's service. tears because so many people come here to that building, looked at the damage and did not know what to say. but tonight they remind one another that this church is built on the people, not the structure itself. [ singing hymns ] >> reporter: on this good friday, parishioners gave thanks, heartbroken by a fire that badly damaged their is 156- year-old historic church, home
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moments; weddings, christenings, funerals, more than a century worth of memories. >> the flames shooting from the steeple, it was horrifying. i just sat there and all i could do was cry. i was in shock. >> it is a devastation to the whole community for one thing. the community has come forward certainly. they have been very generous. >> reporter: first presbyterian church of englewood went up in flames tuesday. the fire destroyed the sanctuary just days before easter. pastor richard hall inspired the congregation with their woods at st. paul's episcopal church in englewood. he lifted their spirits with a cross pulled from the ashes from firefighters, a reminder they will be back and they will rebuild. >> this is the most beautiful discoloration i could imagine,
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what is a better example of what we will do than this? we will look different. we will be different. >> reporter: and pastor hong suspects this was an electrical fire and fire investigators believe this was not at all suspicious. easter services will be held at bergen this sunday at 11:00 a.m. and parishioners believe they'll be able to rebuild this church in just two months. reporting live, eyewitness news. >> hopefully so, thank you. pope francis on this good friday leading catholics to the way of the cross. it represents the path that jesus took with the cross before his crucify indication and death.
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and an uber easter to spread good will this weekend. they will pick up the uber tag for the first 5,000 passengers whose trip orgy nate in -- originates in hobo. 26 years after a horrific fire, that was the time of the biggest mass murder in u.s. history. they remembered the 86 people killed at the happy lines social club. on this night back in 1990, julio gonzalez deliberately set the club on fire and blocked the only exit. he was arrested on murder and arson.
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with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. i'm lee goldberg in the weather center. what a day today! temperatures in the 70s! here's your wake up weather. mostly clear and chilly but 41. 30s in the suburbs. we'll let you know if we warm up for sunday. accuweather is 2 minutes away. and statistics tonight revealing an alarming number of drone sightings near airports. there were 1 now 210 drone sightings -- 1,210 drone sightings by pilots. most alarming, the majority
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speaking of airplanes, a spring getaway to the bahamas starting with a rough landing for passengers on a jet flight. the pilot forced to make a hard landing with a nose skidding on the runway. the flight had taken off from washington, dc. fortunately nobody was hurt. we have new details tonight about the sudden death yesterday of the comedian gary shandling. he rushed to the hospital from his home in brookwood. they say cause of death was a heart attack. he was just 66 years old. a teacher under arrest after she was caught on camera knocking a special education student to the floor. officials in georgia say the boy just turned 4 and was not hurt. the teacher has resigned. car lovers, start your engines or at least start your
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>> so you'll be able to let this -- as long as you're hands are light on the wheel -- we have a lot of information on this. >> true autopilot. >> wow! >> we'll have a great time. it's totally worth the watch. >> good to know. >> hope you can join us. >> yes. here's a great video. watch this. top ten sunset if you ask me. >> nice! >> this was posted to instagram. >> beautiful! >> yeah, yeah, wait until the end. save the best until last. just beautiful day in general. so at 11:00, a little chilly now. we're at 52. the air is dry. the wind out of the north. the barometer is on the rise. and 72 degrees, the high today, was beautiful. clouds and showers in the middle of the day. light rainfall amounts. but some saw downpours. weather has 15 degrees down from the high but we'll be in the 30s by dawn. it's dry and seasonal. low to mid-50s.
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clouds for sunrise services and then it should be brightening up again for the easter egg hunt late morning in the afternoon. should be good. it's been as hot as 96 back in 1996. last year was 61. the average high on the 27th of march is 64. i think we're on that this day. we'll be 41 at 7:00 a.m. in the city but 30s in the suburbs. few patchy clouds. otherwise, mostly sunny day and upper 50s. clouds starting to break up right now. the front is right there. and here comes high pressure from the lakes. so you have gusty winds coming out of the lakes. even lows in the 20s possible. start out the day chilly, even near freezing north and west. there may be a couple of clouds from the northeast.
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afternoon. 41 at 7:00 a.m. mostly clear and chilly. upper 50s tomorrow! the wind's not bad. a northeast at about 6 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow night, partly cloudy skies early. but i then i think low clouds are coming on later at night. 56 saturday. but a closer look at the futurecast on easter sunday. there's some low clouds early. and then as we go through the day, i think the clouds will thin out. maybe a little stubborn south and west of new york city and long island as well. so amy and jeff will be watching that over the weekend. meanwhile, at least the rain holds off until monday. but i think the local the morning commute. periods of the day may clear out toward the evening commute. we'll finetune the timing. 58. tuesday and wednesday look like dry days. our outdoor activities are great. thursday, near 70. took rain out of the forecast. i think that'll wait until late day. we may get showers but it's mild late next week. the weekends mild next week.
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>> looks like around april 2nd or 3rd probably our last chance of snow. >> late winter and spring. >> exactly. coming up next, the zika virus and women who don't want to get pregnant can't get birth good morning, this is your captain speaking. it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light tailwind out of the northeast.
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contraceptives tonight in puerto rico amid the growing threat of zika virus. the cdc says tens of thousands of birth control are needed to help prevent unintended pregnancies during the zika virus outbreak. health officials say many don't use birth control because they can't afford it and many clinics don't stock it. video of a wild police chase. the suspect at one point so desperate he tried to carjack a motorcycle at a stoplight. look as he runs out with his doors open, knocks someone off the with his motorcycle. the suspect is sent back to his pickup. this happened in arizona. the chase ended when the pickup truck flipped over on its side. the suspect was -- no shock -- arrested. >> huh. rob powers, no shock, up with sports! >> getting to hockey. the nhl playoffs. still work to be done before we get there. straight ahead, the mad dash for position is done.
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we'll get you up to date on hockey. plus, baseball, good time to start showing their stuff.
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the final tuneup for pitchers before the real season starts. >> they're getting so close here! >> yes. >> can't wait! big league pitchers can make one more start in spring training games. that's about it. time for the regular season. and the pitchers should be ahead of the hitters. that's what we've always been told, right? the mets in port st. lucy today against the cardinals. two runs. five hits. six innings with nine strikeouts. enforced this spring, 19 teams
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and this ends in a 5-5 tie. all right. time for the yankees. locked in a battle with cc sebathia with the no. 5 starting spot. e.r.a. went up over 5.8. garner bangs one off the wall. he had a couple runs, hits, runs scored. it was rough for snider. yanks lose 11-10 in 10 innings. the nhl regular season is drawing to a close. teams trying to position themselves for what comes next. and tonight, a possible playoff preview. the islanders in tampa bay. first things first and that's tonight's game. it was a wild one. steven stamkos in the 2nd period down. boychuck way up front and made it 3-3.
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nicoli behind the break to make it 4-4. after that, lightning strikes three more times and the isle just never answer. they lose it 7-4. still a point behind. and a test for the devils tonight playing the capitals. scott wedgewood. third career nhl start for the devils. a shot last time. outstanding again this time. 159 minutes and 34 seconds without allowing a goal. but john carson gets him in overtime. 1-nothing! the devils lose to the caps. you know where carlson grew up? insurgence. college basketball's sweet sixteen will soon be at the heat eight and then final four and top two! notre dame beat wisconsin in a thriller. and the late games waiting to see how it wins. gonzaga against syracuse. syracuse women playing in their own sweet sixteen.
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carolina. tina roy. syracuse down 10 at the half and came back. alexis peterson hit it is 3. brianna hit it is 3. syracuse knock -- hits the 3. syracuse knocks off south carolina. and we have more spring training basketball. the cubs met the cubs. for real! joe madden had them come for a visit. >> awwwww! >> cubs ten weeks old! >> awww! >> as if spring training wasn't fun enough! [ laughter ] >> right? >> so cute.
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thanks for watching. jimmy kimmel is next. the morning news tomorrow morning. from all of us here, rob powers and lee goldberg who >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel!


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